April 2008 - Heroes of Mariah

There's a New Queen of Pop
Mariah Beats Madonna 

The war is over and there’s a new queen of pop: Miss Mariah Carey.

How do we know?

Hitsdailydouble.com is reporting that estimated first week sales for Madonna’s Hard Candy album will range between 275,000-300,000.

Mariah’s “E=MC2” sold 475,000 in its first week and was Carey’s biggest debut ever.

In addition to that, Madonna’s numbers are a slide downwards from her last album, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," which 350,000 copies its first week out and went on to sell 1.7 million copies in the U.S. That was three years ago.

So what happened? Kabbalah and Malawi didn’t help, neither did dependence on Justin Timberlake singing like Michael Jackson on the debut single, “4 Minutes to Save the World.”

Madonna is also hobbled by the Warner M. Group’s broken marketing machine and the company’s sinking stock. It’s a good bet that Wall Street analysts will be asking about “Hard Candy” on next week’s conference call with Bronfman and Cohen.

Madonna will keep pumping “Hard Candy” tonight at 10 p.m. with a six song set at the Roseland Ballroom that may feature a whooping Timberlake and the 50-year-old singer wearing leather chain mail.

If it’s anything like her Roseland performance several years ago, though, on Monday, November 6, 2000, I wrote that night: that stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna's pal Rupert Everett, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner with his boyfriend, Matt Nye and actor John Leguizamo were all there, but the hoi polloi dressed like a Rocky Horror Halloween.

There were a lot of rhinestones and cowboy hats. There were also drag queens of every size and shape, boys in dresses, the whole thing. No one would have been surprised to see deceased Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell rise from the dead.

The show that night lasted 20 minutes. There were almost no live instruments used except in a semi-acoustic "Don't Tell Me," which had a cadre of cowgirl violinists and was the best number of the five. Otherwise, it was all deadly pre-recorded synthesizer. As one security guard said, "Four days work, and it was just 20 minutes?"

The show had a forced feeling. There was no spontaneity. And if Madonna really cared for those thousands of fans who'd been hanging around for three hours, a couple of her hits wouldn't have been so hard to perform.

We’ll see how different tonight’s show is…
Source: FoxNews (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 30th.

"Tennessee" review
Ah, the road film. The formula is tried-and-true: usually two people, taking to the back roads of America in order to get somewhere by a certain time or for a particular reason. Along the way, cars break down, trains are jumped, and quirky characters are encountered. It can be funny, sweet, or darkly dramatic. But the formula rarely strays. Because of this, the key to a good road film is what happens during the journey. You want to see lessons learned, growth, and bonding. But you also want to see interesting characters and maybe a good car chase thrown in, too.

Tribeca seems to have at least one of these films every year. Last year it was Chasing 3000. This year, it's Tennessee, a slow-moving but sweet story of two brothers who go back home to find their abusive father; what they find, though is that there's more than one reason to go home.

The story is pretty straightforward: in 1993, after finally confronting his alcoholic, abusive father, Carter Armstrong (Adam Rothenberg) escapes from Tennessee to New Mexico with his mother and little brother Ellis. Fifteen years later, the mom is dead, Ellis (Ethan Peck) has leukemia, and Carter is not a bone marrow match. Ellis suggests that they go back to Tennessee to find their father for a possible marrow donation. Carter, who sacrificed a future as a college football star to protect his family, reluctantly agrees. 

So they set off on the road in Carter's taxi. Along the way, Ellis befriends Krystal (Mariah Carey), a diner waitress who decides to join the brothers in order to escape her own abusive relationship, with state trooper Frank (Lance Reddick of The Wire). The usual spiritual journeys ensue, with Frank's relentless pursuit of his wife thrown in for good measure.

Watching Tennessee, one can tell that director Aaron Woodley is in love with the varying landscapes in these United States, as he takes loving wide shots of terrain ranging from the dessert of New Mexico to the lush green hills of Tennessee. It makes for a great backdrop for the story, which is low-key in every sense of the word. Even the menacing specter of Frank isn't played up any more than it needs to be. In essence, Woodley makes sure that the exploration of how people can overcome their pasts and redeem themselves is at the forefront of his film.

The performances are what's most notable about the movie. Rothenberg plays the booze-addled Carter with the right combination of self-pity, rage, and restraint. His Tennessee accent goes in and out, but otherwise, his performance is fine. Reddick is realistically scary as Frank. Peck, in his first film role, is remarkable as Ellis, stoic in the face of his illness, but with a sense of responsibility that his older brother never really had. And, if anyone was worried that Carey was going to overwhelm the picture with her star power, there was no need to worry; she properly eschews her glam persona to play Krystal, whose dreams have also been squashed by abuse. She even sports a passable Texas accent, which is no small feat for a girl from Long Island.

As you'd expect to see in most road movies, there are some leaps of faith that need to be made in order to ensure that the journey is completed. It's interesting that none of the stories end the way a person would expect, but sometimes those twists work and sometimes they don't. But those details shouldn't dissuade you from checking the movie out. Tennessee isn't action-packed, but it has a story that should keep you engaged from start to finish.
Source: Joel Keller for Cinematical
Posted on April 30th.

Mariah on The View on May 5
Mariah will be joining the ladies of The View on Monday, May 5 and HBF is giving one lucky member and a guest a chance to attend the show.
The show tapes on May 5, but will air on Friday, May 9. 
Good luck to all the HBFers 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 30th.
Mariah Stays On Top For Second Week
For the second week in a row, Mariah Carey's E=MC2 is the best selling album in the country. It sold another 181,889 copies, according to SoundScan, which pushes it well over the gold mark in just two weeks in stores.
Source: FMQB
Posted on April 30th.
Exclusive News from Universal Hong Kong: Touch My Mimi In Tokyo
Touch My Mimi In Tokyo
Universal Hong Kong is running a big lucky draw campaign on retail and online / telco platforms for Mariah's new album.
Winners will have the chance to meet Mariah in person in Japan in early June when she goes there for album promotion.
Stay tuned with all retailers and digital / telcos including 3 (Hutchison), SmarTone-Vodafone, PEOPLES, One2Free, MOOV and HMV online & kiosks.

All promotion campaigns will kick off from 1 May onwards.
Click here for details

Also, HMV is selling the album that includes an additional sticker and application form for this lucky draw.

Universal Hong Kong's official promo site for the new album.

Hong Kong TV Commercial for the album on YouTube.

Click to enlarge.
Source: Bernard by e-mail
Posted on April 30th.

So, it wasn't smart to send me e-mails telling it was not reliable when I posted the info 3 days ago and the confirmation 2 days ago 
And another update on Mariah's concert in Dubai 
Universal Music has this week confirmed the world-renowned artists will perform at Dubai Festival City with back-to-back concerts on May 15 and 16. 

Promoting her new album, E=MC2, which this week hit the top of the Billboard charts, Carey will perform first on Thursday, May 15, followed by Fergie the following evening.

Ticket prices have not yet been announced but are expected to go on sale online from tomorrow. Here and here.

Rebecca Brianceau, of Universal, Dubai, said the label was extremely excited to be bringing two such wonderful artists to Dubai back-to-back. 

‘So excited’
She said: “We are so excited about the concerts and cannot wait to welcome the ladies to the UAE. We are expecting great things on both nights.” 

The venue holds a capacity crowd of 15,000 and tickets for both concerts are expected to sell out in a matter of days. 
Mel Tyler, General Manager of Midas Promotions, has said the people of Dubai are in for a real treat. 

Carey is expected to perform hits old and new with a few “extras” thrown in for good measure according to organisers.

Carey has performed in Dubai before singing to a sell-out crowd at Dubai Media City.
Source: Gulfnews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 29th. errrr, no 30th. already 

E=MC² in the US
Final sales: #1 with 175,899 copies
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on April 29th.
Mariah's concert in Dubai: more infos 
Like I posted yesterday, Mariah's concert in Dubai is confirmed and "its going to be spectacular…".
Mariah will perform at Dubai Festival City on May 15th.  Tickets are expected go on sale from Thursday.
US partner company for the concert is "On Golden Pond Pictures"
Posted on April 29th.
"Tennessee" review (focused only on Mariah)
Mariah Carey, "Tennessee"

Albums sold: Over 160 million worldwide.

Previous acting experience: "Glitter," the straight-to-DVD "WiseGirls"

Role believability: We're inclined to believe that Carey's early moments in the film, as a forlorn waitress longing for a better life, might've been inspired by the fact that shooting in New Mexico was probably not that exciting to Mimi. And once we see her sitting by the side of the road in front of the Route 66 Restaurant where she works with a notebook, humming, we know "Tennessee" isn't going to be a real stretch for Carey as an actress. The same can't be said for her character's plunging neckline.

Stunt double justification: Mariah can't drive...sort of. For a relatively slow speed chase away from her husband, who just happens to be a state trooper, Carey's character Krystal manages some nifty wheel work to evade a fast-approaching tractor. Although Krystal gets away by hopping a train, Carey can't escape the end credits, which reveal that she had a stunt driver.

Huh? Moment: There are a few, but if we have to choose, the gem is when Krystal overhears a guy who she just met telling someone on the phone how great she is — she's really nice and boy, she should go to Nashville with him and his brother. He then asks her to greet the mystery person on the other end of the line. When she picks up the phone and realizes no one's there, she continues the conversation. The runner up for this category is Carey's delivery of the following phrases: "You don't know your limits. You know what happens to people who don't have limits? They cross the line." 

Interesting character quality: Teaches the guys how to drink tequila shots at an Oklahoma dive bar.

Does she sing? Well, yeah. In fact, the more cynical members of the audience might wonder if the only reason Carey signed on was to sing "Right to Dream," a sort of "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" for those old enough to be in the latter category, but who've come of age since watching Britney Spears cover the same territory in "Crossroads." Never mind that Carey's coming out moment happens during a Nashville talent competition where her R & B stylings seem strangely out of place. 

Scene partner from acting royalty: Ethan Peck, grandson of Gregory, plays the leukemia-stricken man who, along with his brother, invites Carey's character to Nashville.

Hit song that needs reevaluation after "Tennessee": "Shake It Off," because really what else can Carey do?

Should she give up her day job? No, though we'll give her some credit, since the three gentlemen sitting next to us during Sunday night's screening of "Tennessee" came ready to laugh, complete with a flask of booze, which they managed to get to the bottom of without even letting out a chuckle. 

Source: The Independant Film Channel (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 29th.

Mariah makes another road-trip flick
Seven years after making what is widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever, Mariah Carey is back with another road-trip flick.

But her new movie, "Tennessee," has little in common with 2001's "Glitter."

Premiering at New York's Tribeca Film Festival last Saturday, it follows two brothers seeking their estranged father. On their travels, they meet Krystal, a waitress played by Carey.

"Mariah said, 'This is going to be refreshing for me; this is actually something that I want,' even knowing that it was a gritty, hard shoot," director Aaron Woodley told Reuters in an interview. "Some people even told me that they forgot it was Mariah Carey when they were watching the film."

In 2001, Carey released the semi-autobiographical film "Glitter," which was a commercial and critical flop. She also appeared on MTV's Total Request Live, nearly disrobing in front of a baffled Carson Daly, amid rumors of a nervous breakdown.

Carey, 38, has spent the years since atoning.

"The whole 'Glitter' experience was very, very hard to go through, but I learned a lot from it," she said in a statement.

In 2005, the Long Island, New York native made a big comeback with her multiplatinum album "The Emancipation of Mimi" and won rave reviews for her performance in "WiseGirls," a comedy-drama that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

"She's not a diva and she came to work -- and work hard she did," said "Tennessee" producer Lee Daniels, who acknowledged: "People do feel negatively about her as an actor."

But that didn't stop him from offering her the lead female role. Daniels, producer of the Oscar-winning film "Monster's Ball," said he saw Carey in "WiseGirls" and decided "it was clear that she's a very talented actress."

Source: Reuters (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 29th.

Mariah: No glasses, no pix 
Mariah Carey was in full diva mode at the party for the premiere of her "Tennessee" at the Tribeca Film Festival's Cadillac Lounge at Tenjune on Saturday. On the walk-in, when she dropped her sunglasses on the red carpet, she quickly turned her back to the wall of photographers until she'd slipped them back on. Then she was escorted inside through a back door, but it still took her 30 minutes to make her way to her table, where Zoe Kravitz and Ben Kingsley were waiting to congratulate her.
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 29th.
Some vids for you
- Access Hollywood - Interview at The Empire State Building, click here.
- AP - Tennessee Premiere Red Carpet Interview And Movie Scenes , click here.
- Extra TV Online - Long interview on the rooftop of the Empire State Building, click here.
- E! News & Daily 10 - Mariah Attends Tribeca Film Fest For Tennessee, click here.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 29th.
E=MC² US sales
CHART DATE: 04/28/2008 
LAST UPDATE: 04/28/2008 13:51:23 
NOW IN: 45.86% 
#1 - 98,239 copies
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Heroes comment: Dammit, I think HitsDailyDouble is messed up, it stays at 45.86% 
Posted on April 28th.
The Tennessee After-Party at the Cadillac Lounge at Tenjune
Ever since Mariah Carey, several years ago, requested myself and another still photographer to walk backwards and photograph her as if we were shooting a music video, I have had a healthy dose of respect for her special kind of, shall we say, self-absorption and focus! The variety of guests at her after-party for the Tribeca Film Fest Tennessee premiere, held at the Cadillac Lounge at Tenjune, was equally enthralling -– from the newly toned Da Brat to the newly married and mellowed Ben Kingsley to the lovable Lyn Whitfield to hottie Nick Cannon to baby-faced temptress Zoe Kravitz, whom we can’t seem to get enough of!
Source: Word Up (All rights reserved)
April 28th.
Mariah talks about "Tennessee"
Click here to watch it.
Posted on April 28th.
OK Magazine: Mariah Carey Interview

Why aren’t you complaining about getting older like most women?
I feel like the same person I was when I was 18. Every day I’m here on this earth I’m going to learn something, whether it’s dressing up for two hours before you go on stage or just maybe I had a bad moment but I pulled it off. To me, you can’t let the hurt turn to hate and bitterness, otherwise I would really not be in a good place. You can’t go through hell and come out of it if you haven’t felt a little bit of heaven.

Do you have any regrets?
I think one of my mistakes was getting married so young. I got married to Tommy Mottola under a lot of pressure. I don’t know how you would describe my marriage. It was a kidnapping in a golden cage. I look at the past and I keep the good memories. There have been bad and good times.

Why do you think you’re a prude?
It’s definitely because of childhood traumatic stuff. The whole not wanting to have a baby as a baby. I never wanted to feel violated and I know that’s kind of a weird thing to say but that’s how I am.

You’re a prude even though you wear some pretty raunchy outfits?
That is all for the show but when it comes down to it I’m very protective of myself. I feel that I should have known better but I was was young and naive. I should have been more able to say: “No. I’m not going to be pressured into doing something.” To get out of that required an enormous amount of strength. I’m healed now but there will always be an defensiveness in me when I think someone is trying to be too controlling.

You were going to go naked for Playboy but at the last minute you decided to pose in underwear and a bathing suit…
I have to admit that I didn’t want to cause a scandal. A lot of my fans wouldn’t have liked it if I posed nude and that’s the reason. I pose for fun, not money.

What’s your favourite way to spend money?
When you’re out in public, you’re always working. You’re at dinner and there’s a little kid who comes up to you and asks for an autograph. You’d think their parents would tell them; “Not now, she’s eating!” But they don’t. I’m not going to be rude and hurt a little kid’s feelings. When I go on vacation I spend money. I have a great time and go to an island an get a yacht. These things are expensive. I’ve spent my money on real estate, and jewellery becomes an investment too because if you buy big stones they become more valuable. You’re talking to somebody who grew up with nothing.

Do you go to church very often?
I would like to go more but it’s a trip to go out to Brooklyn and it’s a very humble church. My pastor is just a regular guy who wants people to be there because they want to be there. It’s across the street from the housing projects so most people would never expect me to go there. It’s probably the most real I feel in my life when I get to go.

Are you at your happiest right now?
The only thing that’s not easy at the moment is to do with my voice. My throat doctor lectures me about my vocal chords because they’re very unique. The reason I can hit the high notes is that I have nodules. I don’t want to have them removed because they create the sound. If I’m tired they’re not as strong as they should be so I need constant hydration- water and sprays. I can’t do a lot of the parties because of it.

Full interview and scans are up on MariahConnection
Source: OK Magazine - MariahConnection
Posted on April 28th.

Nick Cannon about Mariah
"I can't even know what to say. She's probably the most festive, remarkable person I've ever met. Good friend." 

Click here to watch the lil' video.
Nick Cannon Squirms When Asked About Mariah Carey Engagement Rumors, Says She's A 'Good Friend'
Is Mariah Carey wearing actor Nick Cannon's engagement ring? 

Well, based on sightings of the two holding hands — and photos of Carey wearing a big ring Saturday night during a New York afterparty for her new film, "Tennessee" — various media reports, including one that appeared on People.com Monday (April 28), suggest that she may be. 

So, when Cannon stopped by the MTV News offices Monday to promote his film "Ball Don't Lie," we just had to ask him about his relationship with the pop diva.

First, the actor danced around our questions about the Carey rumors, saying that the singer's "a great person."

When pressed for more, he positively squirmed, adding, "I can't even know what to say. She's probably the most festive, remarkable person I've ever met. Good friend." When pressed further about the rumors, he said, "Rumors happen. They do." 

Carey has long been rumored to be dating executive Mark Sudack, a member of her management team, but buzz about her and Cannon gained momentum on April 15, when People.com ran a piece entitled "Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Night Out in Vegas." The article claimed that the two flew into Sin City on a private jet and were later spotted at a nightclub, getting "cozy" at one of the VIP tables. 

Then, on Monday, People.com added more fuel to the fire, claiming that Carey was seen sporting a "humongous, gleaming ring" at the afterparty. The report further claims the two held hands for most of the soiree, and that they barely left each other's sides all evening. 

Whether or not it's all a bunch of hoo-hah, when asked by MTV News about a possible engagement, spokespeople for both Cannon and Carey had no comment
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 28th.

Mariah Lights Up Empire State Building
On hand to take part in the ceremony with Mariah were Lynn & Davidia, two lucky members of Mariah's official fan club Honey B. Fly. If you would like a chance to meet Mariah and attend other events such as this, sign up for Honey B. Fly now!

Yesterday at the Empire it was sooo hot!!! Mariah was completely relaxed and 
she wasn't rushed so it was nice to meet her in a setting like that I won the tickets so me and Davidia were the only ones, besides the press, that went up to the top of the Empire with her... we actually went in the elevator with AJ who used to work on BET and now I think he is on E and he chatted with us for a little. Da Brat was there and Nick Cannon. After all the press was done, they brought Mariah over to us and she just stayed with us for about 10 min. I showed her my phone and she grabbed and she is like awwww how festive!! And then we take 2 pics and she is like are you sure you like them? Because we can take more if you don't like them... so I told her anything with you and me in it of course I will love lol and she laughed... it was so nice to have her in a relaxed environment because we could actually chat a little and no one was telling us no don't do this don't do that it was just so much fun!

Yesterday was the best day with Mariah ever! When we got to the Empire there was Press everywhere waiting for Mariah. It was so cool. I seen Maryann and said hi. L.A. Reid, Benny, Shawn, Mark, Rachel, Da Brat, AJ where all there. Everyone kept complimenting me on my shirt. All Mariah's people were all laid back which I really enjoyed. Lynn and I got interviewed by a few Press. One of them asked us why do we like mariah? U know we gave a flantastic answer! One of the best parts was going at the top of the Empire State Building with Mariah. We spent a good time up there with her. Pic time was the best lmao. Mariah told me she remembered me. I am the lamb from FL. She was like "I just seen u on monday" Of course she loved the bandaids. The cool thing about this all It was Mariah's first time at the top of the Empire State Building and Lynn and I got to experince it with her. Thanx Lynn for having me as ur guest. Thanx HBF. Yo Gina! u rule! (thanx for the autograph poster and TMB single)
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 28th.

Mariah left a voice message on her Official Site! Enjoy 
Posted on April 28th.
Concert in Dubai confirmed!
"its going to be spectacular…"
Posted on April 28th.
Mariah not a diva, say co-stars
Mariah Carey is not a diva, according to the co-stars in her new film.

Starring newcomers Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck, Tennessee is about two brothers who embark on a journey to find their estranged father. On the way, they meet Mariah, a waitress running away from her abusive husband.

"She was great, and a hard worker," Ethan Peck told us at the film's world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Director Aaron Woodley was also struck by the singer.

"Directing Mariah was wonderful. She was a joy to work with," he said.

"Being in a film with very little money that we had, we had very little time. Things had to move very quickly, and she was incredible. She was so prepared to hang on every time. There were times when we were chasing the sun, and she would do it in one take. She was just lovely, and very little diva-like behaviour."

He added: "After meeting her, she said to me, 'I don't want all the bells and whistles. Whatever all the other actors have, that's what I'm going to have. I don't want anything more than anyone else'."

Lance Reddick, who plays Mariah's abusive husband, admitted he had initial concerns.

"The biggest, most dramatic scene that I had with her was on the first day," he said. "That was scary, but she was so open and so wanting to do the work."
Source: Evening Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 28th.

Rumor alert
Nick Cannon at the "Tennessee" afterparty at Tenjune
Actor Nick Cannon who's featured in Mariah's video, reportedly skipped his own afterparty for "Ball Don't Lie" to join Mariah at the Tenjune bash to celebrate "Tennessee".  The party was at Tenjune, but the Nick Cannon presence could be a rumor.
Posted on April 28th.
Heroes of Mariah contest winner 
Thanks to Heroes of Mariah e-team votes, Touch My Body is still #5 on Radio Sud's Top 30, I know the goal was to bring the track at #1, but some of you vote everyday since weeks, so I feel I need to give out the prize, and the prize goes to Stéphanie L. from Châlon sur Saône.
Posted on April 28th.
"Bye Bye" video premiere postponed!!!!!
2 days ago, fans at HBF posted Mariah won't attend TRL and BET for the premiere of "Bye Bye".  Yesterday it was confirmed by e-mail to several fans who had tickets to attend the show that Mariah won't be there on Monday.  Thanks Aimee on HBF for the head ups.
Guys, the premiere is postponed!!!! 
Posted on April 27th.
Mariah confirmed to perform at the Festival City in Dubai
According to XPress, Mel Tyler, General Manager of Midas promotions confirmed Mariah and Fergie will perform in Dubai.  The event will take place on May 15 and 16 with back to back shows headlined by Mariah Carey and Fergie of the Blackeyed Peas.
Posted on April 27th.
"Tennessee" at Cannes Film Festival
The Marché du Film is the most important meeting of professionals worldwide. It’s here that meetings, negotiations and deals take place, in parallel to the Festival de Cannes. Global vision of the film production world, the Marché du Film offers a unique platform for the cinema industry. Favouring the creation and consolidation of professional relations on an international scale, the Marché du Film brings efficiently together creative and financial dynamics.

Tennessee Market Premiere
16 May at 20h00
18 May at 12h00
20 May at 10h00
Source: Elephant Eye Film - Festival de Cannes
Posted on April 27th.

New "Tennessee" scenes
Yesterday's Access Hollywood featured Tennessee:
Click here to download it

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on April 27th.
Good Morning America Rehearsal 
On YouTube: Part1 - Part2 - Part3
Download:Part1 - Part2 - Part3

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on April 27th.
"Tennessee" premiere after party

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found MariahSource
Thanks  Sihame on our forum
Posted on April 27th.
Mariah to perform at the on the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan
Mariah will perform at the Japanese MTV Video Music Awards at the Saitama Hall on May the 31st.
Source: MTV Japan - Akuro by e-mail
Posted on April 26th.
Mariah at the premiere of "Tennessee"today, Tribeca Film Festival.

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found on SweetMariah
Thanks To Cat
Posted on April 26th.
Winner announced tomorrow!!!
Thanks to your/our votes, Touch My Body is still #5 on Radio Sud's Top 30, I know the goal was to bring the track at #1, but some of you vote everyday since weeks, so I feel I need to give out the prize.  The winner will be announced tomorrow.
But we keep voting ok?  It's here.
Posted on April 26th.
Touch My Body on Belgian radios, congrats to the Heroes of Mariah e-team, well done guys 
- #3 (-1) on City Music (after 5 weeks at #1, it went #2, now #3), keep requesting!!!!
-  #5 (=) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- Komilfoo Hitlist, not available yet, the track was #1 last week, request here!!!!
- #14 (+5) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #20 (+4) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #12 (+4) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here , the track is also in the "Sterren plukkers", request here, and in "De Blauwe Maan", request here.
- # 12 (+4) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #22 (+15) on Vivacité Tip Top 40, request here.
- #4 (+4) on Radio M.i.G. Top 30, request here
- #19 (entry, this week's chart NA yet) on MIX FM Top 40, request here.
- #13 (+4) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
- #16 (entry) on Radio Antipode, request here
- #5 (+3) on Radio Victoria Halse 50
- #24 (26) on Radio Bingo's Top 30
The track is added on:
- Radio Contact since 3 weeks, please request here.
- NRJ, please request here.Antenne - 070/77.6543 
- Fun Radio Cat. A (most played tracks), please request. Studio - here.
- Radio Antipode, Playlist A (most played tracks), request here.
- Chic Radio, please 1 click on "j'aime".
- Top Radio, please request here.
- Q-Music, please request here. and other links on the promo page.
- Radio Noorderkempen, enter "Mariah Carey" in "Zoek een artiest en/of titel in de playlisten" and you will see!!!! too bad they haven't a Top List.
- FM Brussel
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page.
Posted on April 26th.
No more updates until tomorrow (today) evening, I really need to enjoy on a nice sunny day (hopefully)
Posted on April 25th/26th.
Empire State Building tonight
Mariah: "I'll be looking at the lights on the Empire State Building the whole weekend".

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 25th.
Private concert in Dubai
According to ABC News, in mid-May, Mariah will jet off to the Middle East, performing at a private concert in Dubai.
Posted on April 25th.
Mariah went to see Gone with the Wind  in London
Currently playing the lead role of Rhett Butler in Trevor Dunn’s musical adaptation of Gone with the Wind on the London Stage, Darius Danesh is getting lots of coverage as the new Heartthrob in Great Britain. Happily and faithfully living with the stunningly beautiful Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge he is nevertheless being noticed for his onstage charisma, good looks and tremendous voice which has seduced British audiences since Darius was first noticed in the British Pop Ideal Contest. Scottish by his mother and Iranian by his father, Danesh is quite comfortable and proud of both his roots and is certainly emblematic of the rising generation of Cosmopolitan Diaspora Artists. His latest Fan is no other than the single US Pop Star Mariah Carey who admired his performance on the London Stage.

Mariah told Britain's New! magazine she was impressed with former 'Pop Idol' star Darius Danesh's role as Rhett Butler in new London musical 'Gone With The Wind'. 
She said: 'Darius is a great-looking guy. I liked him a lot.' 
Source: Persian Mirror (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 25th.

Tons of pics 
The team of SweetMariah posted 135 pics of Mariah at the GMA and already 16 of her at the Empire State Building, all untagged.  Go take a look!!!
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on April 25th.
Empire State Building lights
Mariah turns on the lights to the Empire State Building in the lobby of the Empire State Building. 

Click to enlarge
Source: Diva Report - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on April 25th.
Mariah on Live with Regis & Kelly 
Click here to download it (thanks to Josie)

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 25th.
Quotes of the day 
" "A little creative. I try to bring something new to the moment every time."
" Stop singing my part...now baby..." 
Posted on April 25th.
E=MC² in Belgium
As usual in Belgium, the album debuted slowly but makes a big jump this week 
Ultratop (official sales)
- Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
#25 (+13)
- Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium)
#17 (+31)
- Wallonie
Top 100 - #36
Top 100 Soul/RnB - #2

Touch My Body in Belgium
Ultratop (official sales)
- Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
#33 (+7)
- Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium)
#14 (+9)

Posted on April 25th.

Fire the GMA sound enginer!!!!! 
After an incident, Mariah replied with her usual humor
"A little creative. I try to bring something new to the moment every time."   Go girl!!!!!! 

Mariah's backing track flops on Live TV
Mariah Carey was left squirming with embarrassment in front of thousands of fans and a live TV audience of millions on Friday morning (25Apr08), when a backing track failed during a performance.
The R&B star was giving a performance on U.S. show Good Morning America, but the music started too soon, before Carey was ready to begin her rendition of Touch My Body in New York City's Times Square.
Carey turned away and regained her composure before joining the song and beginning her descent down a staircase onto the stage.
Her problems mounted as the track continued to skip and repeated the first few lines of the song over and over again.
But, in true superstar fashion, Carey finished the song with style and afterwards grinned, telling the crowd and TV audience, "A little creative. I try to bring something new to the moment every time."
The TV appearance began a day of celebrations for the star, whose new album E=MC2 landed the top spot in the Billboard chart.
Later on Friday, Carey flicked a switch on the Empire State Building's famous lights to illuminate them with her favourite colours lavender, pink and white.
Earlier this month (Apr08), the 38-year-old reinforced her status as the most successful female solo artist of all time, when Touch My Body became her 18th number one, taking her past Elvis Presley, and just behind the Beatles, who managed 20 hit songs. 
Source: Contactmusic (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 25th.

Good Morning America Download
All 3 videos are up for download on SoMariah
- Touch My Body
- I'm That Chick
- Bye Bye 
Source: Shima from SoMariah on our forum
Posted on April 25th.
Mariah on GMA pics

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found MariahSource
Thanks  Sihame on our forum
Posted on April 25th.
Live from NY: GMA stage at 6:53 am EST
Thanks to our NY correspondent 

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 25th.
Belgian fans: Win Mariah's E=MC² and an exclusive "Touch My Body" vinyl!!!

Enter now on Ultratop (the official Belgian charts website, this contest is in the French speaking part of Belgium section).
Posted on April 25th.
Bye Bye: Hot Shot on Billboard Hot 100
While Touch My Body stays at #5, Bye Bye enters the Billboard Hot 100 as Hot Shot at #23. 
US fans, keep requesting and even if you have already the song on your album, buy it once again on iTunes, what's 99 cents!!!!
Posted on April 25th.
The relay 
While Europeans are sleeping, US fans take the relay, click here to download the Bye Bye sneak peek.
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on April 25th.
Sneak peek of Bye Bye!!!!!! Some parts are in London!!!
Click here to watch it and enjoy!!

Click to enlarge
A big shout out to the guys of yardie4life
Source for the info: Alan by e-mail
Posted on April 24th.

Mariah on paps blacklist, if only it was true 
TMZ reports that paps are putting Mariah on their blacklist, I'm sure most of them are already on Mariah's blacklist 
The poor creatures are mad they waited 2 hours to take pics and they are mad Mariah wore sunglasses in LA, these ignorants don't even know why Mariah was late and if they don't know how a lot of flashes hurt the eyes, maybe they should try it on themselves.....
Posted on April 24th.
Hate it or love it, it's gonna happen!!!!!
It seems a lot of US citizens (and especially New Yorkers) are not really pleased with the Empire State Building lighting to honor Mariah.
Even MTV (can you believe it) published a dumb arrogant lil' article. How strange... hate in the media is always towards Mariah.  It's her home country, it's her home city, they should be proud to have an artist like Mariah.  Oh well, in any part of the world there are haters and dumbasses, and the US is no exception!
Posted on April 24th.
GMA commercial 
Click here to download it, Mariah is really cute.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 24th.
As I reported yesterday (thanks Ronie), Mariah will also be on BET 106 & Park Monday

MTV's TRL & BET's 106 & Park Monday, April 28
Mariah will be appearing on MTV's TRL at 3:30 ET/PT  & BET's 106 & Park at 6:00pm ET/PT, both on Monday, April 28th for the premier of her new video for Bye Bye directed by Justin Francis and featuring an appearance by actor Nick Cannon.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 24th.

Mariah Concert Viewing Event for Boston & Atlanta Fans
Mariah isn't just taking over Times Square for her special Good Morning America/Listerine summer concert series event this Friday; we are bringing it to Atlanta & Boston too! 

If you live in the area of the below locations and can be there at 7:00AM on Friday, April 25 come on down wearing your most fabulous Mariah t-shirt or bring your most festive Mariah sign and join in on the celebration of what is going to be the hottest GMA performance of the year! While Mariah won't be there in person, the Good Morning America Camera crew will be there at the simulcasts, capturing fans watching the event!

Boston Location:
Location: Burtons Grill(very close to Fenway Park)
1363 Boylston St. Boston, MA
5:00am - 9:00am

Atlanta Location:
Taco Mac
240 West Ponce de Leon
Decatur, GA 300030
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 24th.

US fans, win passes to see Mariah Perform Live on Good Morning America!!!!
New 103.5 KTU (NY) Interview

Click here to listen it.
Click here to download it (thanks to Josie)
Mariah In The Studio With Cubby Morning Show 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics and banner: KTU (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 24th.
Need your help here!!
Mimi is Artist of the Month on the Malaysian hitzfm chart, let's keep her at #1.  Only 1 click!!!!
Source: Qistina by e-mail
Posted on April 24th.
Lil' vids for your collection 
- TRL News - E=MC2 debuts at #1 - Click here.
- Extra TV - Mariah Celebrates E=MC2's #1 at Mr. Chow in Manhattan  - Click here.
- Daily 10 - Mariah Talks Babies - Click here.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 24th.
Sexy and adorable Mariah in NY last night
Mariah leaving a private party at Mr Chow last night
Mariah leaving her celebration party for her latest CD "E=MC2" held at Mr Chow on April 23, 2008. New Tork City.

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found MariahSource
Thanks  Sihame on our forum
Posted on April 23rd.
Press Release
Mariah Carey's E=MC2 Album Enters at #1, on Career-High First Week Soundscan Sales of 463,000!!!

'Bye Bye' is next - impacts at Pop, Rhythmic and Urban radio formats and is #1 most added across the board
APRIL 25th ON ABC TV: Mariah returns to Good Morning America for traffic-stopping live outdoor concert at New York City's Times Square

An unprecedented pre- and post-release campaign -- including appearances on NBC's Saturday Night Live, MTV's The Hills, BET's concert special, FOX's IDOL Gives Back and American Idol, and The Oprah Winfrey Show -- maximized exposure for international superstar Mariah Carey and her current smash hits, the #1 "Touch My Body" and #1 most added "Bye Bye," resulting in a massive #1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart for E=MC2 (in stores April 15th), weighing in with first week Soundscan sales of 463,000 units. E=MC2 also debuts #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart and #1 on the Top Digital albums chart (Mariah's first-ever #1 digital album debut with over 50,000 scanned!). E=MC2 represents the biggest first week debut of Mariah's career!!!

"Mariah's an inspiration, the true definition of a star," said Antonio 'L.A.' Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group. "She continues to amaze us with every incredible new album she creates. Now Mariah has added another plateau of success to what has become her virtually unapproachable track record on charts around the world. She proves beyond a doubt that with talent, ambition, and sheer force of will, all things are possible."

TV appearances continue this Friday, April 25th on ABC, when Mariah returns to Good Morning America for a live outdoor concert with New York's Times Square as her backdrop. Three years to the month since she first shut down traffic outside GMA's studios on 44th Street to celebrate the release week of The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah will once again welcome thousands of fans to the event, slated between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. She then hurries uptown for a guest appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly.

Mariah reached an historic career achievement earlier this month when "Touch My Body" became her 18th #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 - surpassing one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1's. "Touch My Body"'s two weeks at the top marked Mariah's 78th and 79th cumulative career weeks at #1, which tied Elvis' long-standing all-time high of 79 weeks at #1, as calculated in Billboard. At the same time, Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits.

"Touch My Body" took over the #1 spot with an all-time record-setting 286,000 debut week on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart. The video, directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner, and featuring a cameo by Jack McBrayer (30 Rock's Kenneth Parcell), stays in rotation on VH1, VH1 Soul, BET and 106 & Park, and FUSE; as well as #1 at Yahoo Music Video. "Touch My Body" also topped the AOL video charts for several weeks.

Clear Channel Online played a major part in the Mariah Carey promotion, simultaneously launching "Touch My Body" as it went to radio. The song was played over 400,000 times in one week and debuted at #1 on the On-Demand Chart. Tracks from E=MC2 were also featured in Clear Channel's Sneak Peak promotion a week before the album was released.

"Bye Bye" impacted across-the-board at Pop, Rhythmic, and Urban radio formats on Monday, April 21 and is #1 most added across the board.

Leading up to the release of E=MC2, "Touch My Body" was one of two songs (along with "Migrate") that were performed by Mariah last month on NBC's Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jonah Hill, the show to be re-run on May 3rd. Earlier this month, Mariah gave a special performance of "Touch My Body" and "We Belong Together" after the season premiere of the MTV reality series, "The Hills." The episode set a year-to-date record as the highest rated telecast on cable TV.

On April 9th, Mariah joined an all-star cast for the second annual "IDOL Gives Back" two-hour TV special, a music celebration raising awareness and benefiting various U.S. and international charities. The following Monday, April 14th, Mariah appeared as special guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, chatting with the host and performing "Bye Bye." The next day, as E=MC2 was released, Mariah began a two-night stint on American Idol, serving as musical mentor to that week's finalists on night one, and performing "Bye Bye" on night two.

"Touch My Body" was produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart, and fellow Island Def Jam artist The-Dream. Other guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC2 include Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills and James Poyser. The album is executive produced by Mariah Carey and Antonio "LA" Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group.

The 11th studio album of her career, E=MC2 follows-up The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah's worldwide 10 million selling #1 album, which generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), two #1 singles, and countless more honors during its 18-month stay on the charts. Released April 12, 2005, Mimi was an industry phenomenon for the mega-platinum award-winning superstar. Soundscan's biggest-selling album of the year, it brought total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to over 160 million worldwide, making her the top-selling female recording artist in history.

Source: Island Def Jam - PR Newswire - Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 23rd.

New pics: Mariah going on radio promo in NY

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found on SweetMariah and MariahSource
Thanks To Cat and Sihame on our forum
Posted on April 23rd.
Mariah on TRL and on BET's 106 & Park this Monday April 28 th.
Mariah will appear on both shows this Monday to premiere "Bye Bye".
Be sure you to be there (if not inside, at least outside) to support our girl.
Source for the info: Ronie
Posted on April 23rd.
Let's cross the fingers for "Tennessee"
Just like yesterday, I was searching for some infos about "Tennessee" (by the way, thanks to the ones who didn't credit my research for the pics (I say research, not the pics, I didn't took them myself) and proudly posted them on forums like if they found them themselves, if you are ashamed to claim you visit Heroes, then don't visit it at all ). 
Anyway,  it seems the Tribeca Film Festival is not the greatest place to premiere a movie, co-founded by Robert De Niro to revitalize downtown Manhattan after the September 11 attacks, the Festival has become more a fest for all stuffs than a Film Festival.  There's even a sport day.  This year's ticket prizes have been reduced from a ridiculous $18 to an only slightly ridiculous $15 for evenings and weekends.
The great majority of scripted movies get small theatrical releases or go straight to video.  However sometimes a film presented at the Tribeca Film Festival can earn a big success, it was the case of  "Transamerica" which earned $13 million and Oscar nominations.
Also, studios use the festival as a media platform and a gauge of public sentiment.
Let's thus cross the fingers for "Tennessee".
Posted on April 23rd.
Results are in: E=MC² sold 475,607 copies in its first week
Congrats Mariah 
At these difficult  times for the music industry (with piracy), it's an awesome result.  Knowing The Emancipation of Mimi debuted at 406,330, it sounds really promising, it's only the beginning, I'm sure the album will do better and better in the following weeks.
Posted on April 22nd.
New "Tennessee" pics
The Heroes of Mariah "Tennessee" promo page has been updated with new pics.  Click here to access the page.

Thanks to Blackfilms
Posted on April 22nd.
E=MC² US sales charts
At this moment (Last update: 04/22/2008 09:06:55), 74.21% of the sales are in, E=MC² is #1 with 323,628 solded copies.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on April 22nd.
GMA, Regis and Kelly, Mariah will then make her way onto the Empire State Building for a lighting ceremony 
Press Release:
Mariah takes over New York - Friday April 25!!
This Friday April 25, Mariah will take over New York City when she performs on Good Morning America AND lights up the Empire State Building!!

Mariah will start what will be a huge day of promotion when she takes over Times Square with a live outdoor performance for Good Morning America in front of 1000's of fans who will be joining her to celebrate the release of her new album E=MC²!!

Where: Times Square, 44th street and 6th Avenue in NYC 

When: Friday April 25 at 8:00am

Following this, Mariah will then make her way to the infamous LIVE with Regis and Kelly talk show and then onto the Empire State Building for a lighting ceremony to commemorate the release of her new album E=MC²!!

In an unprecedented partnership between Island Def Jam Music and the Empire State Building NYC, to mark the release of the new Mariah album E=MC² the floodlights at the top of this iconic landmark building will light up in the signature MARIAH pink and purple colours!! 

While the official ceremony will take place during the day, the building will light up from sunset (approx 7:30pm) to sunrise this Friday April 25, and then again on Saturday and Sunday.
Source: Universal Music by e-mail
Posted on April 22nd.

Dammit guys, what have you done, or better said NOT done
Thanks to our/your votes Mariah's Touch My Body climbed every week a few spots to hit #4 last week on Sud Radio's Top 30, unfortunately this week the track dropped 1 spot.  Touch My body is #5 in the Top 30, it's still great, but I expected better.  C'mon don't tell me you haven't time to vote once a day, you have time to download every freakin' show and more..... Our girl gave us 18 years, give her at least a few minutes of your time.   Let's give it a last try, this is open to fans from every country, you vote once a day and send me an e-mail, if the track reaches #1, you'll be eligible to win a a Touch My Body promo cd + a Touch My Body single + a Touch My Body Remixes promo cd.  Let's make this happen!!!!!
Click here to vote now!!!
Posted on April 22nd.
Mariah at a Private Party in Cannes in May?
Rumors are flying around Mariah has been invited to perform at an upcoming Cannes Film Festival party Lady Victoria Hervey is throwing in France next month.
Posted on April 22nd.
Rumor: She Wanna be like Mariah ?
UK singer Leona Lewis 's team has reportedly contacted Carey's trainer Patricia to help tone the singer's body. Carey recently credited Gay with helping her reach the figure she had when she was 16.
"Leona has done brilliantly in the US", said a source, "but some of her team think she needs to be a bit sexier if she wants to have the longevity of female artists like Mariah, Janet Jackson or Madonna.
"They think that having Leona train with Patricia would be a treat for her because she adores Mariah. 
"She will go to Patricia’s base in the Caribbean for some intensive sessions and then Patricia will visit her regularly to continue the project."
Source: Digital Spy (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Trying to sing like Mariah, trying to look like Mariah, what's next????
Posted on April 22nd.
Bye Bye next single in Belgium
Great news for Belgium and Belgian fans 
As soon as the Belgian fury for Touch My Body calms down a lil', Bye Bye will hit radios AND stores!!!!!
Source: Universal Music Belgium
Posted on April 22nd.
E=MC² US sales charts
At this moment (Last update: 04/21/2008 18:57:18), 46.81% of the sales are in, E=MC² is #1 with 232,726 solded copies.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on April 22nd.
I don't have the results of the Sud Radio Top 30 yet, as soon as they come in (if Mariah is #1), the winner of the contest will be announced.  Keep voting and send me an e-mail, you can win a Touch My Body promo cd + a Touch My Body single.  C'mon, vote here .
Posted on April 22nd.
Mariah Honored by the City of Los Angeles
Mariah received a congratulations proclamation from the city of Los Angeles when a long time Mariah fan was able to meet Mariah before the Hard Rock Cafe CD signing and present her with the official proclamation from the city of Los Angeles and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Mariah was congratulated on her 18th number one hit and for releasing E=MC2 and the Mayor declared April 15th the official Mariah Carey day in Los Angeles.

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 22nd.
German chart
Mariah debuts with E=MC² at #7 on the German album charts this week (issue date: 25.04.08)
Source: Helen from Mariah Lounge by e-mail
Posted on April 22nd.
French fans: NRJ and Mariah makes you win an iPod 
Click here to enter the contest.
Source for the info: Louis by e-mail
Posted on April 22nd.
2 videos with Nick Cannon
In an interview with Hot 97, Mariah says she shot two videos with Nick, one for Bye Bye and the other for Love Story.
Click here to download it.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 21st.
Power 106 Interview: Big Boys Neighborhood Breakfest With MC
This interview aired today and was pre-taped in LA last week.
Click here to download it.
Posted on April 21st.
Mariah is Taking Over Times square
Attend Mariah's Good Morning America Performance on Friday, April 25th in Times Square
Mariah is taking over Times Square for a special Good Morning America performance on Friday, April 25th and Mariahcarey.com wants you to be there!

Good Morning America is offering Mariah fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Mariah perform brand new music from her amazing new album E=MC2 right in the heart of Times Square! There will be a designated audience section for fans to view the show on a first come first serve basis so set those alarm clocks and bring all your friends on Friday, April 25th to see Mariah shut down Times Square and deliver what will surely be the hottest Free Concert of the year!

If you are in the NYC area and are available from 6:00am - 9:00am on Friday, April 25 then you are eligible to attend Mariah's Good Morning America Free Concert in Times Square! Fans must be at 44th street and 6th Avenue at 6:00AM SHARP on Friday, April 25 where you will be lined up and escorted by a GMA representative to the reserved audience section in Times Square for Mariah's performance. 

Remember the audience section is a first come first serve basis for all Mariah fans so you and your friends should get there early!!! 

Your only requirement to attend is that you are at 44th street and 6th Avenue in NYC at 6:00AM sharp on Friday, April 25th. You may bring as many guests as you like and be sure to wear your cutest Mariah t-shirt and bring your best homemade Mariah sign to show your support for the lovely Miss M.

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 21st.

Heroes of Mariah Launch Party
Some of you asked for details about the Launch Party we organised for non-fans to discover the album.  You can now read the report at the following link.

Posté le 21 avril
Download and pics: Mariah on Power 105.1 FM 
Mariah went on Power 105.1 FM in New York City around 9:17 this morning and stayed on for about 40 minutes chatting with Ed Lover and meeting fans.
Click here to download the full interview (thanks to Moony)
Listen to Ed Lover's interview with Mariah Carey, as she talks about her new album "E=MC²" and shares the journey of her historic career with some of her biggest fans! 
- Part 1: Miss 18 herself... in the studio with Ed Lover. Listen to Mariah talk about her new puppy, her new album, and how she picked the songs for it. Also, hear how she feels about Oprah and more.
- Part 2:Mariah has a surprise for Jay Z... Find out how Mariah would describe the album E=MC². How she felt when she found out that she was number one, and more.
- Part 3: Mariah talks about how the songs that don't make it on the album. How does she take care of her voice so she is always vocally ready.
Lady O askes some personal questions, and more.

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: Power 105 (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 21st.
2 days ago, I posted Jasmine's article from last week which I almost missed (see April 19th.) now here's this weeks one
Mariah’s emancipation
I am convinced that there is a systematic plan to shut down our culture.
There are no nightclubs in central London that will accommodate our UK acts for gigs. So, in turn, DJ’s can’t break urban artists with the music-lovers like they did back in the days when there were clubs like Subterania and Fresh and Funky. So that’s the live side gone.

Now, I hear that a company called Global are buying GCAP who own Capital Radio and Choice FM, and that they may change Choice’s name and axe some of the shows.

They have already kicked our music out of most of Galaxy FM (who are owned by Global). They might do the same to Choice. What’s going on? I hope I’m wrong. Speak now or forever lose our culture!

One person that is supporting Choice is our girl Mariah. Even though she wasn’t scheduled to turn up at their 18th birthday party a couple of weeks back, she came by near the end of the night and picked up her Choice Hall of Fame award from Choice boss Ivor Etienne. 

My mate, DJ George Kay was supposed to interview her on the radio that morning but it didn’t happen in the end. So MC was determined to make it up to Choice and George, coz she’s sweet like that. 

Earlier in the week, Mariah spoke to MTV and we grilled her on all things music. A few folks were surprised by the fly title of the album E=MC2, which is very clever and funny coz MC hates maths. Whilst she may be a musical genius, she certainly isn’t a maths one! 

MC laughed and agreed “It’s like emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two. This is a 100% of me, having fun. People ask me all the time: ‘How do you make music that people continue to respond to?’ You have to just keep being real, keep being you. Stay true to who you are from the beginning.” 

A lot of people haven’t understood Mariah’s new single Touch my Body. But in my opinion, you have to understand her humour to understand her musically. She added: “Touch My Body is exploding all around the world. It’s a song that really does express my personality, and you watch the video and get a bit of a glimpse of who I am as a person.” 

“So, the concept of the video is basically, a ‘compu-nerd’ comes to help me fix my computer and then he goes into fantasy-land and I’m right there with him. I love adding the element of humour because: why take this so seriously? They’re only videos!” 

MC also told us it was frightening before her last album came out because no one knew how successful it would be. “I didn’t know what was going to happen with The Emancipation. I was, of course, hoping for success, but the fact that it was such a massive worldwide phenomenon– I was so grateful and thankful to God for that gift.” 

She added that if you liked the last album, that was your first course at dinner and we should “treat the new album as dessert.” 

For those who keep suggesting that MC has only, in recent years, thrown herself into the more hip-hop side of things, she scoffs: “It’s so funny because ever since I did my first remix with ODB, people have been saying ‘Wow, you’re doing this new hip-hop thing.’ And I’m like: ‘It’s not new, it’s what I’ve always loved. I’m just allowed to do it now.” 

“And a lot of people didn’t know some of those hip-hop collaborations because they didn’t listen to hip-hop radio or buy remixes. So now, yes there’s a lot of hip-hop flavour, but there are definitely very powerfully sung, emotionally rich ballads.” 

She then added: “Its definitely a lot more fun being Mariah Carey in 2008 than it was when I first started out because I was very young and people were kind of bossing me around and telling me what to do and it was more difficult to be myself. But, now, being able to make the music that I love, whether it’s singing a big ballad or doing an up-tempo record, that makes me happy.” 

Then, Da Brat, who was hanging out with MC, added her thoughts on singer Leona Lewis, who many have been calling ‘the new Mariah.’

Brat said: “I was actually listening to her music in my dressing room and I saw a glimpse of her. To me, she is good, but doesn’t compare to Mariah Carey at all. Simon Cowell has good taste and he can blow artists up, but I just don’t think anybody compares to Mariah.” 

So with that, we all toasted everyone that MC has ever inspired and then went off to celebrate another two milestones with MTV. 

Firstly, it’s 20 years of YO MTV Raps and we’ll be bringing that to your MTV Base screens very soon. And congratulations go to MTV Base’s Trevor Nelson, as it’s the 10-year anniversary of The Lick on MTV. Big! The urban landscape in the UK would be so different without The Lick. Ten years and we’re still going strong, peeps!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on April 21st.

Soul R&B now available in Belgium

On April 3rd., I posted the cover of the Soul R&B magazine I received at the Press Conference in Paris, I bought a copy yesterday here in Brussels and to my great surprise, the magazine came with a CD containing "Touch My Body" feat. Rick Ross & The Dream 
Posted on April the 20th.
The Observer Music Monthly
Yesterday I posted the article/interview which was posted online by The Guardian.  Today I bought my copy (even several copies for a future contest on Heroes of Mariah).  The mag contains 7 pages about Mariah with great new pics and some other lil' pics. I'll only post some of the pictures and in low quality, as I think it's not fair to post it all in full as long as it's on sale.  Enjoy!!!!!  Oh by the way, the pictures were taken at Studio Rouchon in Paris on March 31st. (this is where Mariah came from middle in the night by foot).

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 20th.
Win E=MC² with Fun radio Belgium
I'm sure you have the album (maybe several copies ), but you can always tell your friends who didn't buy it to listen to Fun radio from April 21 to April 25 to win the album.
Posted on April 19th.
Touch My Body on Belgian radios
- #1 on City Music (after 5 weeks at #1, it went #2, is #1 again thanks to you), keep requesting!!!!
-  Sud Radio's Top 30, non available yet, we are impatient as the track was #4 last week  keep requesting!!!!!
- Komilfoo Hitlist, not available yet, the track was #1 last week, request here!!!!
- #19 (+4) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
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The track is added on:
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- Radio Noorderkempen, enter "Mariah Carey" in "Zoek een artiest en/of titel in de playlisten" and you will see!!!! too bad they haven't a Top List.
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page
Posted on April the 19th.
I almost forgot to check Jasmine's article, with the street promo, the Launch Party and stuff, I almost missed it, if it wasn't I went to check if a new one was up, I would have missed this one....
Jas + MC= Partying²

As you can imagine, this past month has been one long party without much sleep for me!
Firstly, as my girl Estelle hit the number one chart spot in the UK and her album last week did so well, we were celebrating for a whole week. 
We’ve fought for so long to prove that if the wider industry supports UK black acts, we can do just as well as others in all music genres! 
Estelle’s moment has given us all so much hope for the future and for that alone, her tenacity has to be respected. Her album launch party at London’s Paper nightclub saw anyone who’s anyone in the scene turn out to support her and it was a real jam down with guests raving hard until they threw us out! 

Next up, the feeling-haggard-with-no-sleep look took on new proportions for me as my girl Mariah was in town. Much fun was had this last fortnight! 

As she flew in on a whirlwind from Paris to be greeted at her hotel by hundreds of fans, her schedule was manic from the minute her platformed Prada shoes touched British soil. 

On MC’s first night, we planned dinner at posh eatery, San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge where myself, MC’s homie Da Brat, Universal Music’s Lee Ellen Newman, Matt Voss, Rob Pascoe and MC's crew were joined by all the hard workers at Mercury and Universal for a lovely Italian feast. 

Midway through the meal, we had a hotline call from the really big dogs at Universal in New York, who called to reveal that MC had beaten her own record of 17 number one hits in the USA and was now jointly tied with Elvis. Two more number ones and she’ll beat The Beatles! 

Next up, I attended Choice FM’s 18th birthday bash, hosted by Alesha Dixon and Simon Webbe. It was an amazing night with celebs all dressed for the red carpet. There were also strong performances from Kelly Rowland, Jay Sean, Ciara, Simon Webbe and more. Also in the house were Craig David and all the Choice FM DJ’s looking slick. 

To be honest, whilst it was a lovely evening, I was exhausted from the lack of sleep. And then, like the Cinderella story, MC pages me at midnight to tell me she’s finished working and to ask where I was. 

I replied, and next thing I know she says: “I’ll come and hang out with you at the Choice FM function and then scoop you up and take you home.” 

She arrived with Da Brat as the whole ballroom floor was doing the electric slide and then Choice FM present her with the first ever “Hall of Fame” honouree. What a coincidence, eh readers? 

Straight afterwards, we bounced back to their hotel where we ordered food, put on our pyjamas, shrieked lots and swapped “boyfriend gossip.” 

Before we knew it, it was 5am and I had to shower, get my car off the single yellow line outside and get straight back to work, whilst MC had two hours sleep before fitting in another 18 hours of straight promotion. 

That night we attended her studio recording for The Friday Night Project on the South Bank, where hosts Justin and Alan had us wetting ourselves laughing. The show was fun and MC threw in a few sharp, fast comments of her own. 

Then, we were all whisked to the second posh eatery of the week, Cipriani for a 30-strong group dinner to celebrate MC’S 18th number one hit in the USA. 

We all got a little greedy with the Cipriani calamari, coz it was so yummy. (Even in one of London's finest restaurants, we still craved 'the deep fry'). 

The champagne flowed (and overflowed) and my cup really did ‘runneth over’ with laughter, stories and fun.

Alongside Matt Voss (Universal), our host for the night and Mariah’s manager Benny Medina (the managers of all managers) gave a very suave speech about MC. She then she returned the favour and before we knew it, we were all getting emotional!

Benny brought nuff Polaroid cameras and we all remembered just how much fun it can be to snap away.

Brat had us all laughing when the photos slowly developed and we could see her face popping up in the background, sticking her tongue out. 

Many, many Polaroid pictures later, we all staggered back to MC’S penthouse suite at Claridge’s, before collapsing with exhaustion at 5am and getting ready for another manic day. 

My first job today is to wait until the record store opens to cop Mariah’s new album E=MC2.The title is deep but true. Our girl is truly a musical genius! 
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on April 19th.

Mariah Carey

The ultimate pop princess enjoys a very intimate encounter with Paul Morley 
It's an hour or two before midnight. For some people in some situations this is seen as the beginning of the day. 'Here's the thing,' says a chatty, relaxed Mariah Carey, clad in costly stretchy skintight black from neck to ankle, wearing shoes that blend the architectural and substantial with the glossy and ephemeral. Her legs are coyly folded underneath her body. Her long hair is tightly pulled back from her face, which is expertly made up to conquer tiredness and appear fresh. Her skin glows with success. There is no hint of any dubious celebrity tightening or enhancing around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Her figure implies a certain amount of almost surreal attention has been paid to maintaining fantasy curves. Oddly, when in the presence of pop performers whose image has been defined for many years by cliched magazine covers, glamorous videos and spiteful internet gossip, you find yourself checking out such things.

The singer turned 38 a few days before, and maybe this is the reason she's got a comfortable sofa all to herself. I'm on a stiff-backed dining chair to her left at the correct journalist distance from her superstar shape. We are alone in the dimly lit room except for a member of her management team who sits a careful few metres away from us concentrating on a laptop as though he isn't listening to a word we say.
'Here's the thing,' confides Mariah, softly, extremely skilled at talking about herself to a total stranger and pretending it's a very natural thing to do.

'Here's the thing,' firmly decides Mariah, definitely not clutching any fluffy animals.

'Here's the thing ... As a human being, this is a very abnormal state to be in,' admits Mariah Carey about where she finds herself these days, trying out new ways to say things that she has found herself saying for years, for her benefit as much as anyone else's.

'To have people meet you who have already formed an opinion of who you are prior to meeting you based on these sweeping generalisations that they have read, well, not that it doesn't happen in other jobs but clearly it happens more in this job ... which happens to be a job even though people don't think of it as a job, but it is ...'

She laughs one of her sudden, winning laughs. She has many laughs for all sorts of purposes: some defensive, some cute, some really quite lusty, some fake, some perfectly calculated to woo the listener, some to demonstrate that she's got charm, some because she just likes to laugh, some to make you see that she is very aware of the absurdity of her situation and the fact that she's Mariah Carey, which if it is a joke and there is a world where it has been turned into a joke then: 'I get the joke. Most of the time I am not taking stuff too seriously. Sometimes I will have a serious or cathartic moment when I am writing a song and doing whatever ... but the truth is that this is freaking entertainment, you know, and I get "the joke". A lot of the things I do are done with a wink.'

When she uses the phrase 'the joke' - and it is another one of her favourite phrases - she likes to represent with her fingers and her eyebrows that she is placing quotation marks around the words. Sometimes she will use the phrase 'quote unquote' occasionally in collaboration with the finger and eyebrow movement, when she is using certain of her other favourite phrases, or when she wants to indicate her suspicion of certain words, or when she is describing how there are those that 'get her' and those that 'love to take a shot at her'. When she talks about those that hate her, mock her, repeat lies or even just unsettling truths, because of what she wears, or because of what they've read, or because of her obsession with butterflies, or because she's always late, or because she has a personal masseuse on call 24 hours a day, she wears an expression that communicates much of the following:

1. Everyone is always passing judgment on me based on an image of me that's not even real! Well, judge not, less thou be judged!

2. 'Everyone has to have something that makes them easy to categorise. It makes people very uneasy if they cannot put you in a box. First of all me being bi-racial already makes people a little freaked out - it messes with their head, it always has and it always will.'

3. When I go to church, I can have that Mary Poppins look going.

4. I have a real connection with my fans, truly fans, who have listened to albums and not just seen a couple of videos and read some tabloid stuff. They fill a void like an unconditional love type of thing. I know that sounds strange but it's true.

Eventually, as long as you have been invited, you get to meet Mariah Carey. You may have to wait a few hours, as the closer you get to meeting Mariah Carey, particularly when she's got a new album to sell, the more you notice that there are other people waiting to meet Mariah Carey. Many of these people don't know that they're not the only ones waiting. I have been given a time slot of 5.30 in the early evening. I notice that other people expecting to meet Mariah have been given the same time slot. We are all waiting in the George V Hotel in Paris; naturally, because this is as much fairy tale as routine business, Mariah is occupying the most expensive suite in the city.

Five thirty comes and goes. It appears that journalists are slowly getting to meet Mariah and talk to her, no doubt, about her one time 'complete emotional breakdown', the tragic Glitter movie and subsequent fallout, her aborted multi-million record deal with Virgin, the question of whether she was the creation, prisoner and possession of her former husband, Sony president Tommy Mottola, her immense Nineties success, her 1998 divorce from the controlling Mottola, her notorious princessy behaviour, her insecurity, the falling from her pedestal in 2001, her five-or six-or seven-octave range singing, her surprising 2005 comeback with the club-pop classic The Emancipation of Mimi.

There are so many journalists waiting to see her some of them go in two at a time. Eventually, after five hours, which I spend in splendid meditation, it's my turn. I follow the Sun, whose 5.30pm slot turned into a 9.30pm slot. There is a sudden sense of urgency as I am ushered through the grand hotel lobby, not towards the most expensive suite in hostelry history where some of Mariah's outrageous, or mundane, secrets might be strewn across a vast luxurious bed, but a more anonymous conference room. Arranged in various states of boredom, patience and attention outside the room are signs of an entourage, a gathering of what Truman Capote called 'social protection' when he wrote about Marlon Brando holding court in a Japanese hotel in 1956. The entourage helps give the impression that even though nothing exciting is going on, this particular hotel corridor by the toilets is the most happening place on the planet.

A door opens, and there - flash - in an ornate Parisian room the size of a basketball court smiling out of her skin like her day's just beginning is Mariah Carey. She looks like she'd be tall even without her earth-defying heels. She does not look like she's just been through hours of repetitive interviews. She seems indifferent to any idea that the schedule is running five hours late, or even that there is a schedule. The only thing that gives away the fact she's been talking all night about such things as her spaced-out TV appearances, the strange, bewildered messages she left on her website in 2001, the death of her strict Venezuelan father in 2003, her Grammy awards, her Long Island accent, on marrying again, on lack of sleep and hardly ever eating, working with Jermaine Dupri and Will.i.am on her skilful, sparkling genre-blending new album, her new video directed by Brett Ratner, her mysterious breasts, her time in rehab, is the rich huskiness of her voice.

She seems pleased to see me. This might be because I am officially the last interview of the day. It might be because it's her job to seem pleased. It might be her way of apologising for keeping me waiting, or she can sense, with the extra-sensory perception of the private jet set famous, that I consider the five-hour wait to be a vital part of the international superstar thing and I'm pleased to see her. Under the circumstances, I would have considered punctuality disappointing, and was quite happy to let time and to an extent space dissolve while I waited so that by the time I get to meet Mariah Carey I'm disorientated enough to feel I have entered the correct metaphysical zone. A grim-looking nutritional shake with bendy straw is handed to a hungry Mariah, who sighs a little pretend-sadly 'Lovely, lovely, lovely ... I so totally want to eat French fries ...' in a way that instantly communicates:

1. I am very plain and simple in my taste, although I am not averse to luxury.

2. I really want to have some fun, and I'm a fun girl, but I guess I'm working.

3. I am not really going to eat French fries in front of someone I don't know.

4. It tastes really foul but what can you do?

5. I'm in control of fame, it is not in control of me.

6. I will answer your questions with a particular kind of honesty that gives nothing away about anything other than the fact I know how to conduct an interview whatever the angle. I will seem eager to please not because I necessarily am but because it makes for a better story. I don't want any trouble. I'm not bitter. I'm happy. I just want to be nice. Don't be nasty. I believe things will in their own way turn out for the best.

Within minutes of us meeting, despite or perhaps because of the third person in the room, Mariah is remembering when she would be less relaxed in such an interview. 'We're having a conversation, whereas back in the day, if this was happening, my answers would just be one word or one sentence. That's what I was told to do. People around me didn't want to think that I had my own thoughts. Whatever. I'm not going to delve into that and give a "woe is me" moment. It's done, who cares, whatever, but at least I'm sitting here with you being myself and even if I never see you again you are seeing me at this moment as me and I don't really know how to be more down to earth as I feel now ... I mean, I've met a lot of famous people and a lot of them have disappointed me because I'm a huge fan and maybe they're in a bad mood on the day but they don't look you in the eye ...' She looks me in the eye. 'And there's no one there.'

She wants me to know that with her, when you look here in the eye, there's someone there. I do notice this within seconds of being with her - and also that she's harder, in a pleasant, straightforward way, and more sophisticated, brighter and aware than the tabloids and the celebrity bloggers would want you to believe. 'I'm still the same person I was prior to quote unquote fame and people maybe expect me to be twisted by the fame situation and are actually disappointed if they find out I'm not. They prefer it that I have been.' She looks at me, and smiles a steel and silk smile that is all of the following:

1. Resigned.
2. Defiant.
3. Distant.
4. Friendly.
5. Knowing.
6. People have said so much about me at this point that who really cares.
7. 'Jay Z "gets me". He knows that there is a person with a good heart and a sense of humour and a talent who can look good in a picture every now and then ... and it's OK to be all those things!'
8. Melancholy.
9. Guileless.
10. Shrewd.

A couple of days later, Mariah and supporting company are in London. The entourage seems to change size and personnel by the hour, depending on what business needs to be done and how far from midnight it is. Engineered attention-seeking promotional stunts have been carried off with the necessary tabloid-rousing aplomb. Various early morning radio interviews have been cancelled. The simple excuse I am given is that Mariah and entourage were up late drinking champagne in celebration of her 18th US No 1 - which takes her past Elvis, and two behind the Beatles' all-time record. The cancellations cause tabloid outrage in those convinced that this confirms Carey is obnoxious, fragile, narcissistically deranged and addicted to attention even if it is negative.

Early afternoon, I line up among management, record company, Coca Cola-with-bendy-straw-fetchers, nail technicians, hair, make-up, dancers, musicians, in a corridor curtained off from the studio where the raucous, gaudy Paul O'Grady is recording one of his Channel 4 teatime shows. A live audience is having hysterics at a mundane conversation between John Barrowman and O'Grady. Mariah, looking nervous and jumpy in the studio but just dreamily disconnected on screen, performs her super light, electro-lithe YouTube inspired new single 'Touch My Body'. Sat politely chatting with O'Grady and Barrowman, she wears a moist white smile whipped up into an incandescent emptiness that says:

1. I'm no threat to anyone. Honest.
2. I'm not the girl you think I am.
3. I haven't a clue what they're talking about.
4. I can fulfil my duties as mildly damaged middle of the road diva even as my mind wanders.
5. I'm alone. I'm trapped. The media is so powerful, its grasp so insistent and seductive. The image is the message.

In Paris, I've been given 45 minutes, but I don't take that for granted, and assume from the start that the next question I ask is going to be the last question I'm allowed. For my first question, which might be it, I decide not to ask anything about her white opera-singing Irish-American mother Patricia, about the time Mariah thought Marilyn Monroe was speaking to her through her piano, how most of the female contestants on pop talent shows try to emulate her voice, her love for Ol' Dirty Bastard, her relationship with Eminem, what she spends her money on, the lovely song on her new album about her father, the brave one about Mottola, the bright one or two or three about love and/or sex and/or about playing at being Mariah singing about love and/or sex - if anyone needs to know any of this, there is plenty of information instantly available on the internet.

We're sat in front of a large blow-up of the cover for her new album E = MC2, which uses the idea of a sultry, provocative Mariah draped in nothing but a feather boa. Selling yourself so blatantly as a sex object surely distracts from you being taken in any way seriously as an entertainer, or the kind of expressive, inventive soul singer you want to be seen as, and plays into the slimy hands of those who like to reduce you to a cartoon, a figure of fun, a dumb female money-making puppet.

'To be honest, I just like to have fun with my covers. It's like playing dress up. I call myself eternally 12, because I am, and if I was 12 that would be the photo I would like to have of me. I have pictures of me at eight on a piano wearing a boa. But at nine I was reading Norman Mailer on Marilyn Monroe ... The funny thing is ... and you're probably going to be, "Yeah, right," but honestly, this is how I would dress whatever I did, if I was a waitress or whatever. I dress this way not because I'm a promiscuous person ... and on the album cover I'm just selling the idea that I like the boa and it's festive and it's got freaking pink lettering because I like pink and I've turned Einstein's Theory of Relativity into my album title. It's not that deep, it's not that tacky. It is what it is. I've taken so long to be able to have fun with this, so I am now.'

But does the 12-year-old dressing up, and rumours of tantrums, emotional meltdowns, and babyish demands, help explain to people that you are an award-winning songwriter in control of her image, music and career?

'Here's the thing. Calling yourself eternally 12 and wearing a boa is one part of who I am. Then there's the writing of certain songs that I do feel could enhance people spiritually and there is real talk, real words from me about people in my life that I am trying to say something positive to. This is something that is very personal and very real to me. So clearly, I am somewhat of a conundrum and I know that there is a dichotomy between a lot of what I do and the visual presentation. If I had a guitar in my hands all the time and my hair was really wild, there might be more credibility, but half of those people are acting up anyway. The minute they get the chance they lose the guitar, they throw on a bra top and a pair of low-waisted jeans, get a blow out and put on make-up. The thing with women performers is unless you see them behind a piano for the first eight videos that they do then you are not going to think of them as a songwriter if they look remotely pleasing.

'If you're a solo woman and you want to be taken seriously without playing a guitar or sitting behind a piano you have to dress obscurely or differently and not too sexy. If I tried to change my image to get more credibility, well, even though praise the Lord I have accomplished what no other woman has in the music business, most people don't want to believe that I'm capable of anything other than being the person they think I am.'

The day after the O'Grady show I watch her rehearse in another studio for an appearance presenting The Friday Night Project, C4's crude version of America's Saturday Night Live. A non-neurotic, matter-of-fact, dutiful and mostly shut-off Mariah is treated by ingratiating hosts Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr as decorative bait, stooge, sidekick, moll, younger sister, hostess, alien, superstar, target, camp icon, and delicate flower. Collins seems determined to nickname their stoical guest Fine Ass Carey.

Game Mariah reads from the autocue a series of weak, squalid jokes and works hard to put up with the slapstick joshing without slipping into the touchy, demanding diva mode everyone in the studio seems on the look out for. The one real glint of potential, frustrated prima donna behaviour is when the production wants to musically represent her with her melodramatic bland soul version of Nilsson's version of Badfinger's 'Without You'. She politely grimaces, hoping without wishing to hurt anyone's feelings that they don't go to heavy with the 'Without You' because :

1. That song did a lot for me but it's not really representative of me as an artist. 'Fantasy' in 1996 was a classic moment in music and I'm saying that in a humble way because people have told me, in terms of the pioneering fusion of hip hop and the song, it was groundbreaking because there was me having huge success in the pop charts and there was Ol' Dirty Bastard, who was in the hottest, grimiest rap group ... It became the norm for R&B stars to combine melodies with rapped verses after me. Other people have pointed out that it was me who established R&B and hip hop as the sound of pop. Right back in 1993 on 'Dreamlover' I was using freaking loops.

2. A lot of my collaborations have not been on the radar of people who only look at the pop charts.

3. It is the vain, virginal-vamp, straining to impress, panic-stricken voice of the early Nineties, Sony Mariah, the one people confuse with Celine Dion, which seemed to contain no knowledge, and no soul, and no life. Her new downbeat, digitally detached voice, for her trickier, wittier 21st-century sound, a Tamla-techno hip hop cabaret, pulses with synthetic subtlety, wired intimacy and computer-generated mystery. It's more artificial but more emotional, less real but more sincere.

4. She didn't write it. She would like them to use something she's written, even if it's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

I tell Mariah that I'm surprised she's doing all the Euro interviews, telling her soapy story again and again. I'm amazed that she's booked in for all the lightweight radio programmes and the trite trashy TV shows - surely all this will undermine her picky-perfectionist determination to be seen as something special.

'You mean it's like I'm doing what a new artist should be doing ? You're not wrong, but I want this album to be successful. It's a science these days reaching the people you need to reach, and you have to do what you have to do. I don't want to get into a saga that's been told 20 million times but no one seems to remember it ... I grew up without a lot of money .... We moved around a lot when I was a kid and my father's black and my mother's white and I had a lot of issues as a kid and we moved 12 or 13 times, whatever it is. I don't want to be inaccurate but the point is that I always had this fear that the rug could be pulled out from underneath me at any time ... And so I think that got carried over. I'm a hard worker and that's part of it ... I'm almost afraid of losing what I've got. I'm very ambitious. People say MC, no one works like you.'

Doing the trashy stuff might not be the best way of keeping what you've got.

'It's what you have to do now, find ways to stay in the public eye without giving away your real life. Honestly, every time you walk out of the door it's a YouTube moment, it's a blog moment, a whatever website moment. When you appear in public it instantly travels the world ... The self-promoting situation in the world now has reached the next level - it's people's relationships, it's porn videos - and I have to find whatever ways to compete with that ... I'm doing promotional shows but the other people use their lives as promotional vehicles. I don't want to say anything negative about anyone else but other people just have their relationships in order to promote their careers and enhance who they are and be talked about in the tabloids. I do what I can to make sure whatever is said about me in the tabloids, it still connects to the music.'

As I watch the Friday Night rehearsal surrounded by crew and entourage, Mariah sits next to me, removing herself for a moment from the role she's been playing. I'm surprised she even recognises me. Perhaps someone has whispered in her ear about the presence of a journalist.

She's wearing shoes of such elevated flamboyance it makes you proud to be a biped. She stretches out her legs on the seat in front of her, sucks on the bendy straw in her non-diet Coca Cola, and asks me how's the story coming. She asks this because :

1. She really wants to know.
2. She knows it will look good in the story that she sits next to me and asks how the story's going.
3. She's probably heard I wanted to ask her some more questions and she's given me the opportunity, even though this time I've probably only got a minute.

I tell her that I'm at that point in the story where I asked her what she makes of Leona Lewis at No.1 in America, representing all the blank Cowell-driven Mariah Carey wannabes that there's ever been.

Mariah keeps a perfectly straight face. 'Honestly there has been so many "this is the new her" ... and I'm like, "OK, show me the new her. Can she come and work for me and be my double?" And I'm not talking about this particular girl, because I only heard her once and I didn't really see a true similarity, particularly in the style of music. It is what it is and they have compared me to so many people who are not really singers and they're certainly not writers. If I was to focus on this and really dwell on that, it would really bring me down and so I just try to pray for, like, OK, lose the spirit of jealousy, it's not a good one - envy is a really powerful thing. Not good. I don't have anything to be concerned about because there is no new me. I am me until the day I die. Whenever that is, that is when it is.'

Are you worried about getting old and being replaced by younger, fresher candidates ?

'I'm eternally 12 and I'm going to stay 12 for ever by saying it for ever! I may change how I dress or how I change my hair or whatever but the point is that you look at people who I look up to and who can still stand on a stage and command your attention, be it Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross. You look at them and you think, "You can grow up without losing your place," and I'm hardly putting myself on the same level, it's just that we're all Aries ...'

You seem happy with how old you are considering you're always saying you're a 12-year-old.

'It's because I'm not getting old. Because if you think and act old and look old then you're old but if you don't then you ain't .... OK!!!!!'

You can almost see the exclamation marks pour out of her mouth, confirming that my time is up and that she can rejoin her entourage, if not travel back to her life.

Mariah sits next to me before she has to return to the Friday Night Project rehearsal. By now she has replaced Leona Lewis at No.1 in America. For a moment we're both quiet, not sure of our roles outside the 45 minutes in Paris. I have no idea who she really is, just a fair idea of who she is when she plays at being the sweet, kind, slightly anxious and insubstantial, sexy singing Mariah her fans and those who make money from her like her to be. I tell her she's honest and revealing in interviews and songs, but really, that's still just a mask. She gives nothing away about who she actually is. She answers as a self-conscious 38-year-old mind and media manipulator who skilfully runs her own successful business in the friendly disguise of a professionally immature pop star.

'Well, if you want to come out with me and my friends on a festive night then you can see who I am on a night like that .... Look, for the media, if I was to be in this interview with all my friends around me laughing it up and joking it with our private jokes, just like if you were spying on anyone at home with their best friend and family on their private lives, they'd be like, "Who's that? Why are they acting like a totally different person." Why? It's because I'm with people who love me and who don't judge me ... The media are always judging me, that's their job, so I have to hide behind whatever and have fun as much as I can, and make my music. That's my job.'

She gets up and returns to "the fun". She waves goodbye to me with her 12-year-old wave, walks down the steps without throwing a tantrum, and gives me a final look that says:

1. Here's the thing, whether you like it or not, I'm quite good at my job.

· E=MC2 is out now on Universal
Source: Guardian UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 19th.

Various media report fans booed Mariah at the LA signing session.  According to friends who were there, some reporters, photographers and random people booed 'cause they were upset at Mariah being late !!!!  However my friends told me some people were very upset 'cause they didn't get their "promized" autograph, but they don't know if these people really were part of the 1000. They saw people arriving late and didn't even had an album and negotiated with the FYE people to get in.   C'mon, we all know the real fans were there in time, first ones in line.  Don't believe all you'll read in the medias in the upcoming days.  How much celebrities do you know who would sit there for hours and hours to sign, giving a nice lil' word to everyone.  Mariah is not a machine, she worked as hell in the past weeks and even if she was tired (she said it to my friends), she stayed there with her great smile, she joked, she sang, the fans sang, it was a great night!!!!! 
Posted on April 19th.
Mariah Interview On Japan Mezamashi TV
Go on Shino' site LoveLoveJack, there's an interview up to download.
Arigatou Shino 
Posted on April 19th.
Touch My Body Being Used In HIV Testing Commercials
"Touch My Body" is currently being used as the soundtrack to the www.itsyoursexlife.com (partnering with MTV) commercials, which promote HIV testing. The commercial has "Touch My Body" playing while a slew of phrases appears on screen like, "what you download", "where you hang out", "when you wake up", etc. and ends with "when you get tested". 

It tells you, "you can control almost everything in your life, take control of your sex life. Get tested. To learn more text your zip code to KNOWIT and find a testing center nearest you". 
Source: homertilicus
Posted on April 19th.

Mariah with JoJo from KIIS on Guitar Center Studio interview
Click here to listen to the interview.

Click to enlarge
Source: JoJo from KIIS - Josie
Posted on April 19th.
Mariah on cover of UK's Observer Music Monthly

The cover star of this Sunday's Observer Music Monthly is Mariah Carey with an interview by Paul Morley inside. 
Not sure about Mariah's real diva status? We weren't either, although we'd read all the tabloid reports about how she flies her dog everywhere first class, travels with 11 bodyguards and 100 pairs of shoes and expects Egyptian bed sheets and a red carpet on arrival at her hotel.... And then we tried scheduling our photoshoot...
One of our art directors, Jamie Sage, picks up the story:
In the end, we waited seven hours for her to arrive and then 20 people turned up with a film crew and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in tow (Mariah's manager Benny Medina is the real life boy from the 'hood, taken in by a rich Beverly Hills family). But what else were we expecting?
This was our fourth attempt at shooting Mariah. Previous sessions had been arranged in London and New York. Then it was scheduled to happen in LA: a dog was given a mohawk especially for the occasion.
Now, on a wet spring night, we're in Paris. Her own lighting man comes over to 'check out what you've got going on'. 'I like it,' he says and proceeds to change what we've spent most of the day setting up. 
Photographer Jan Welters starts shooting and Mariah's entourage, which includes a make-up artist, hairdresser and body make-up artist, come out to hang and feel the vibe. 'I just wanna listen to house music today,' says Mariah, so dance mixes of tracks from her new album start bubbling loudly from the speakers. 
If she takes any direction at all, it's through Benny. What he says goes.
'How about she stops pouting?' I ask. 'We don't do moody, but we DO do bitch,' says Benny.
Between eating sushi and drinking wine, all the flunkies start boogying around, shouting: 'exactly Mariah,' as she turns her head; 'that's what I'm talking about Mariah,' as she put her hand on her hip; 'yeah Mariah, yeah,' as she turns to the left. 
'More wind,' says Benny, and someone runs to crank the machine up. 
Benny gets on everyone's nerves by trying to be the stylist, lighting guy and photographer all in one. Apparently he's even taken the camera off a snapper before and started taking the pictures himself. Every five minutes her film crew comes over to ask to get a few of their own shots.
We're told to finish at 2am because Mariah has a 10am flight to London. Everyone screams, claps, and whoops. Lives have been saved, miracles have happened etc.
The next day, after the shoot, word comes through from Mariah's camp that it was one of the best she's ever done. It was certainly one of the most ridiculous I've been on.
Source: Guardian Unlimited (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 19th.
Some stuffs for you
If you're bored tomorrow, here's something for you:
- Access Hollywood - features her Bye Bye performance on AI, reports E=MC2 sold 500,000 copies. Click here.
- Extra TV - Mariah's diet, contains a VERY short clip of an interveiw backstage of AI on her diet.  Click here.
- American Idol Extra  - Mariah on working with the contestants.  Click here.
- E! News Mariah Slims Down  - Shows her meeting up with the AI contestants and talks about her diet.  Click here.
- E! Online Interview at Backstage of AI .  Click here.
- The Insider.  Click here.
- Mariah at the Signing session.  Click here.
- Making of E=MC² and Up Close.  Click here.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 19th.
More updates tomorrow as I'm totally exhausted after the Launch Party, nite, nite 
Posted on April 18th/19th.
Jay-Z Jumps On Upbeat Mariah Carey Remix
'Young Hov and Mariah crank it up,' JD says of 'Bye Bye' remix.
Jermaine Dupri made the most of some recent time in the studio with Jay-Z, having Hov lay guest vocals for an Usher track and a Mariah Carey remix. 

The Carey remix is a reworking of "Bye Bye," the second single from her E=MC2 LP. On the original, Mariah sings about losing family members, but JD hints that the remix will be more upbeat. 

"The remix for the Mariah record is crazy," Dupri said Friday (April 18). "Young Hov and Mariah crank it up, and myself, JD — a.k.a. Barry Bonds — cleans up." 

When asked if it was awkward to remix such a melancholy song, Dupri said we'll forget about the sad sentiments. 
Source: MTV
Posted on April 18th.

Too bad Belgium doesn't add iTunes sales as official sales
As if it wasn't enough our sales are divided in 2 parts (2 communities in Belgium), the iTunes sales aren't added to the official sales. E=MC² is doing well on iTunes, but it isn't add to the official sales.
Anyway, here are the official sales charts:
- Wallonie
#38 (entry)
- Vlaanderen
#48 (entry)
- Wallonie
Top 100 - #13
Top 100 Soul/RnB - #2
Posted on April 18th.
I'll not be that much around today, as it's the E=MC² Private Launch Party and we need to decorate, making tons of sandwiches and so on....
See ya later, and please vote here, it's important!!!! Do it now or I'll hunt you down 
Posted on April 18th.
LA signing session

Click to enlarge
Source: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 18th.
Second sneak peak of "Tennessee" surfaces 
A second lil' scene of "Tennessee" is up on MariahDailyJournal.
Posted on April 17th.
YM Magazine Contest Launches Today
Mariah is giving you the chance to win a pink iPod nano, 0 Sephora gift card and an autographed copy of her new album, E=MC2!
To Enter Click Here
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 17th.
"Touch My Body" drops to #5 on Billboard's Top 100
Mariah's "Touch My Body" drops  4 spots to #5 this week.  We are not gonna complain, Mariah has her 18th. #1 with the song and will probably (surely) have a #1 with E=MC² next week.
Posted on April 17th.
Unofficial remix!!!!! R. Kelly's way to catch people's attention on his upcoming album
R. Kelly Remix Of Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body'
R. Kelly has jumped on Mariah Carey's #1 song "Touch My Body." 

"Hey, it's the remix killer, and I think she wants me to feel her," Kells sings. The Pied Piper also boasts about shining, drinking and two-stepping in the club. And he promises to kiss any place on Mariah's body she wants: "Girl, if you let me, I'm gonna touch it/ But if I touch it, I'm gonna wanna hit it." Later, he mimics Mariah's bridge: "If some honies up in here that want me to touch her body/ Touch it/ Let me hear you say, 'I-i-i-i do.' " 
Source: MTV
Posted on April 17th.

BET The Relativity of Mariah
- Part 1 (Migrate & Touch My Body): Click here.
- Part 2 (Shake It Off, Love Story, & We Belong Together): Click here.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 17th.
American Idol Bye Bye Performance
Click here to download it.

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Josie
Posted on April 17th.
Lil' "Tennessee" footage download
Click here to download the lil' "Tennessee" footage posted yesterday 

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 17th.
Mariah at American Idol last night

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Sihame from MariahSource on our forum
Posted on April 17th.
Mariah and Da Brat partying in Vegas
Take a look at the April 15th. news, I posted a lil' something about that party.  Enjoy the pics thanks to Sihame

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Sihame from MariahSource on our forum
Posted on April 17th.
Watch a lil' footage of "Tennessee" 
Click here to watch it.
Source: NYmag - Gratte de reve on our forum
Posted on April 16th.
With Huge First Day, Mariah On Track For No. 1 Debut
Mariah Carey looks certain to debut at No. 1 on next week's Billboard 200 with "E=MC2," based on massive first-day sales from the nine chains that report to Nielsen SoundScan's Building Chart.

Unweighted sales for the Island Def Jam album are at 154,000 units on the report released today (April 16). That's more than five times the total garnered by the current chart-topper, Leona Lewis' "Spirit" (Syco/J).

By comparison, Carrie Underwood's "Carnival Ride" (Arista Nashville) had first-day sales of 150,000 and wound up shifting 527,000 in its first week.

Billboard estimates that the merchants who report to the Building Chart -- Trans World Entertainment, Starbucks, Best Buy, Circuit City, iTunes, Border's, Target, Anderson Merchandisers, and Handleman Co. -- represent 80% of the U.S. retail market.

Carey's last release, 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi," debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 404,000 copies.
Source: Billboard (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 16th.

Watch sneak peaks of Mariah's interview
Your Chance to Shop Like Mariah!
To celebrate the release of Mariah Carey's new album E=MC2, AT&T blue room is giving one lucky fan the shopping spree of a lifetime. Let the blue room buy you all those shoes you've been wanting but couldn't squeeze into your budget!  The winner will also receive an autographed bottle of Mariah's new perfume, M by Mariah! Contest ends 5/11/08. 

Also be sure to check out the AT&T blue room weekly music series as Mariah Carey takes fans behind-the-scenes in a special interview about her new album. "This album is so much about fun, and freedom and just the continuation of me feeling emancipated." 

To enter the contest to win a shopping spree from Mariah Carey and watch her exclusive interviews, visit www.attblueroom.com/music

For sneak peaks at Mariah's interview, check out http://youtube.com/watch?v=bF8gs5w16pw and http://youtube.com/watch?v=PbG2-1A-VzQ.
Source: Jackie on behalf of AT&T by e-mail.
Posted on April 16th.

Wanna win a Touch My Body promo cd???? VOTE!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!
If Mariah wins 3 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, she will be #1!!!!! If Touch My Body is #1 next Saturday, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd + a Touch My Body single.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted"each time you voted until Friday night 
Posted on April 16th.
A Win Called Mariah
Can Carey’s New Island/IDJ Album E=MC2 Hit 600k?
Everywhere you turn, Mariah Carey’s in your grill.
She’s on Oprah, two American Idols, in your e-mail, on your computer.

Her new Island/IDJ album, E=MC2, looks like it will sell over 500k, based on one-day sales reports, though last night’s Idol appearance could send it even higher. Wonderers are wondering if 600k is within reach. Needless to say, it will be #1 next week by a wide margin.
Source: Hits Daily Double
Posted on April 16th.

Carlos Santana on Mariah
Kevin Johnson: Who's on the list of performers you'd like to work with?
Carlos Santana: Sting, Prince, Mariah Carey, Ben Harper, Yo-Yo Ma, El Nino, and a lot of unknown people in the street and their garages.

KJ: You're featured in a Macy's commercial with Carey. What was it like working with her?
Carlos Santana: She's a little girl, with the body of a woman. When she opens her mouth, it's like a 5-year-old. She's so delicate and sensitive, and needs that constant hug of reassurance. She needs to be told that what God gave her is powerful.
Source: STLtoday (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 16th.

E=MC² on iTunes Belgium
April 16th.
-Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
Top 100 Albums: #4 (+1)
Top 100 Albums Rnb/Soul: #1 (=)
Top100 Rnb/Soul
Migrate #14 (Entry)
Bye Bye #30 (Entry)
O.O.C. #31 (Entry)
Touch My Body (Album Version) #32
I'm That Chick #33 (Entry) 
-Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium)
Top 100 Albums: #4 (=)
Posted on April 16th.
British rapper/singer Estelle Defends Mariah's Diva Demands
British rapper/singer Estelle has hit back at critics of pop superstar Mariah Carey - insisting the diva has earned the right to make outlandish demands.
Carey has a long held reputation for making bizarre requests and travelling with an oversized entourage.
But Estelle is convinced that when an artist is as successful as Carey, they should be allowed to demand special treatment.
She tells British magazine Closer, "I think Mariah should demand whatever she wants - if I'd sold 160 million records then I'd do the same. I think when I've sold 60 or 80 million records I'll ask for a flying white pig. I'll be like, 'And I need it in my dressing room NOW!'" 
Source: Contactmusic (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 16th.
First, my apologies to Mariah Carey
First, my apologies to Mariah Carey. I thought she would be a disaster as a coach and that a week devoted to her songs would be a mountain of melisma overload. Carey appeared focused and helpful, giving those who seemed receptive very specific suggestions as far as melody, runs, and arrangements. And with only seven songs to hear and most of the kids wisely choosing from her earliest hits, we avoided the recent run of hip-hop influenced songs that have very little melody for other singers to dive into -- they might be good singles, but they don't make good songs. (It's the Grammy distinction between Record of the Year -- ie. best single -- and Song of the Year, ie best standard. Maybe you like her current hit "Touch My Body" as a single but it's not a song that you'd want to hear lots of people sing, unlike, say "Hero.") 

Carey by the way has sold 160 million albums worldwide, 62 million of them in the US. (Clearly, she's even bigger overseas. I remember my dad's adult amah/maid in Hong Kong absolutely loved Mariah Carey with the intense devotion only a teenager in America could begin to approach.) And as they mentioned on Idol, she just past Elvis Presley with the most #1 hits by a solo artist and will soon pass the Beatles for the all-time record. Generally dismissed by critics, it's telling that two of the seven songs performed tonight weren't written by her. (I would have sworn someone would tackle the Motown gem "I'll Be There" as well just to avoid her songwriting.) Again, even if you like her music, those high-pitched notes that "sell" them are nigh on impossible to hit.
Click here to read the entire article
Source: The Huffington Post (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 16th.

Mariah Carey proved to be the most instructive American Idol mentor
Mariah Carey proved to be the most instructive American Idol mentor/coach since Season 5, two years ago, when Barry Manilow coached Chris Daughtry to a series standout I Walk the Line.

Carey, currently riding the nation's top single, Touch My Body, did more than simply gush and applaud the remaining seven hopefuls who were faced with singing her octave-stretching pop and R&B tunes: She had precise musical ideas for how to make a song better for each individual voice.

As such, many of the Idols rose to personal bests.

Like Jason Castro, who found his inner beach bum- Jack Johnson on one of Carey's earlier hits, I Don't Wanna Cry. In a world of acoustic laid-back strummers finding favor with music fans like Johnson, Jason did something that sounded contemporary, and he'll likely be rewarded with a popular iTunes download Wednesday morning.

David Archuleta took the pop star's advice. ''Try and take the last note up an octave,'' on When You Believe, she urged. In doing so, he turned in a flawless rendition, one that felt warmer than the original Carey/Whitney Houston duet. Brooke White, on piano, stripped the bombast from Hero and made it a genuine singer-songwriter gem. The judges, however, fawned over David Cook who turned in a predictable rock arrangement of a nonrock tune -- and did so in clothes that looked as if they had been slept in since Dolly Parton week.
Source: Miami Herald (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 16th.

Mariah on American Idol (Mentoring of Contestants)
These files only include Mariah's parts and contestants performances. Judges' comments are excluded.

Part 1 - click here
Part 2 - click here
Thanks to Moony
Posted on April 16th.
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, E=MC² on iTunes Belgium 

Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
Top 100 Albums: #5 (+23)
Top 100 Albums Rnb/Soul: #1 (+1)

Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium)
Top 100 Albums: #4

Posted on April 15th.

Mariah on the cover of Dutch magazine Veronica
Source: Universal Music NL - B-Fly on our forum
Posted on April 15th.
All Mariah's favs on iTunes US

Fav Tracks, colllabs, vids, and what's on her iPod

Click on the caps to enlarge
Source for the info: Gratte de rêve on our forum
Posted on April 15th.

Mariah at Universal Citywalk and Hard Rock Café, California!


WHO: International superstar Mariah Carey, who recently celebrated her 18th #1 hit single, “Touch My Body,” from her highly-anticipated upcoming album, E=MC² comes to Hard Rock Café at Universal CityWalk.  Thousands of dedicated fans will be lined up all day on CityWalk to meet the songstress in-person. 

WHAT: Mariah Carey will be at Universal CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood, The Entertainment Capital of L.A., for an autograph signing of her new album E=MC² and memorabilia donation to the Hard Rock Café.

Following the donation, Mariah Carey will walk the red carpet to the CityWalk stage to sign autographs for fans wearing wristbands.  Music store F.Y.E. will be on-site to give out wristbands beginning at 9:00am to the first 1,000 guests who come with their pre-purchased E=MC² voucher from participating F.Y.E. stores. 

Her appearance at Universal CityWalk comes hot off of several high-profile appearances including, The Oprah Winfrey Show on April 14 and American Idol on April 16.  Her album, E=MC², debuts on April 15. 

WHEN: Thursday, April 17
Hard Rock Café Memorabilia Donation begins at 5:45pm 
Autograph Session begins at 6:00pm

WHERE: Hard Rock Café at Universal CityWalk 1000 Universal Center Dr, 91608
Source: Jane from Special Ops Media by e-mail
Posted on April 15th.

E=MC² Private Launch Party in Brussels
A private launch party for E=MC² will happen in Brussels on Friday April 18th. from 6pm to 11pm.  If you would like to attend, please send me an e-mail 
Posted on April 15th.
Mariah in Vienna in May?
According to an Austrian news site, Mariah might attend the Life Ball in Vienna on May 17th. at the Vienna City Hall.
The 16th Life Ball blasts off into the vastnesses of outer space and uses this imagery to explore the social issues of Aids in all its societal aspects and, at the same time, to emphasize “universal” togetherness.
Source in German: News.at
Posted on April 15th.
Mariah with Da Brat in Vegas
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Night Out in Vegas
In her current single, "Touch My Body," Mariah Carey jokes about a secret, romantic rendezvous. But is the pop singer having a real one? 

Carey's rep denied to PEOPLE last week that the singer and actor Nick Cannon are dating, but the duo looked cozy at a party Monday night in Las Vegas. 

After landing by private jet, the pair headed straight to Privé Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, where Cannon, who stars in one of Carey's videos, was scheduled to deejay. Making their way to a VIP table, the pop diva whispered into Cannon's ear just before he took to the turntables.

With her BFF Da Brat by her side, Carey – wearing over-sized sunglasses and dressed in all-black – danced to the music as she sipped water and white wine, then feasted on hamburgers, chicken fingers and French fries. And for dessert? A chocolate cake for Da Brat, who was celebrating her 34th birthday. 

"We have a very special person in the house tonight," Cannon called out on the microphone. "Happy birthday, Brat."
Source: People (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 15th.

What to Expect From Mariah Carey on American Idol

American Idol judge Randy Jackson tells Us Weekly that producers have been trying to get Mariah Carey on the hit Fox show for the past couple of seasons.
Their time has come.

Carey, 38 — whose new disc E=MC2 drops today — pops by the show tonight to mentor the seven remaining contestants.

"She's going to bring a wealth of knowledge about singing to these kids," says Jackson of the newly svelte singer, who will also perform. "It's amazing for us to have her on.
"She's kind of what the show's about — she's that girl who grew up in New York, who struggled to become that singer."

Now, Jackson says, "she's won the Holy Grail. She sold 175 million albums! I don't know if anyone will ever get to that point ever again because the music business is in such disarray."

On tonight's show, contestants will perform songs from Carey's extensive catalogue.
So will David Cook belt out "Vision of Love?"

"You never know!" Jackson tells Us. "Just because you're a rocker or a country singer doesn't mean you can't sing these songs - you adapt them to what you do best."
Adds Jackson, "I'm sure these kids will have a good time." 
Source: HHE
Posted on April 15th.

Idol’s Musical Director Dishes on Mariah Carey’s Mentorship
“This week is going to be harder than anything on the guys and they’ll have to prove themselves,” Michael Orland says 

Do the remaining American Idols possess the pipes to properly belt a Mariah Carey song?

Over 20 million viewers will find out April 15 when the singer appears as the guest mentor, coaching the contestants who select tunes from her songbook. Carey – who surpassed Elvis Presley’s record of 17 No. 1 singles when her “Touch My Body” hit #1 on the Billboard charts earlier this month – will also appear on the results show.

On Saturday, Carey met with the top 7 singers in Los Angeles to discuss their choices and offer advice on the competition.

Idol’s associate musical director Michael Orland sat in on the session, and tells Us the male performers are in for a rough week vocally. “This week is tougher musically because Mariah’s songs are so much better suited for a female vocal. This is when the guys are going to get to prove [their worth],” Orland says. 

However, with guidance from Carey, Orland is optimistic each of the contestants will shine. “They are all like sponges; they just can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I am excited to see what Mariah has to offer them and they are loaded with questions,” Orland confirms. “They want to know what kind of prep she has to do, what she has to go through.” 

Orland says the contestants kept emotions in check if one of their peers selected a song they had been eyeing.

“This [selection] was pretty open to anything Mariah has recorded. So it was pretty wide. A lot of contestants contemplated doing one of the lesser well-known ones, but it’s a risk. If you do it differently and bring something new to it, I don’t think it matters how well known it is for a Mariah Carey song. Originally, when the contestants first hear the songs, the grab the familiar. But as they listen to more, they go, ‘Maybe that is not right for me.’ 

It’s no secret that judge Randy Jackson is a Carey pal and colleague, but how will Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell react to the top 7’s selections? “I can’t wait see if the judges are going to say ‘I don’t think you should be singing Mariah,’ and for the contestants to say ‘I don’t have a choice!’ Orland jokes. 

One of Orland’s picks to wow Cowell & Co. Tuesday night? None other than Idol’s boy wonder, David Archuleta. “It is so natural,” he says of the 17-year-old fan favorite’s vocal talent.

“It’s always hard to sing a Mariah song - she is like the queen of vocals. And I love all the contestants, but David is trying new things, and everything he tries – even just fooling around and playing - works. It’s like ‘Where is that coming from?!’” 
Source: US Weekly (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 15th.

Mariah advises water work outs
Forget the gym, the best exercise, according to Mariah Carey, is to be done in the water. 

"What's great about working out in the pool is that the water acts as resistance, so you're actually exercising twice as hard without feeling it," the 38-year-old singer told Oprah Winfrey on her show on Monday morning. 

The star also revealed she tries to work out for at least an hour a day and has a personal chef who also doubles as her fitness trainer. 
However, when it comes to eating, a little of what you fancy is key, she said. 
Mariah - who advocates her 'morsel' diet, which involves eating only a tiny piece of forbidden fattening food - told Oprah: "That was just my stupid thing that I made up but I think it's good. 

"I really don't want to give up mac and cheese and little bits of good fried food that we all love and who does? So the point is, you take a little tiny morsel of it, and talk while you're eating or whatever. But I'm not saying that everybody wants to do it!"
Source: Metro UK
Posted on April 15th.

Mariah Carey Soundcheck

Welcome to Soundcheck
An original performance series created to give you a chance to go behind the scenes with some of your favorite Artists.
About the Show
Ready for the return of Mimi? Soundcheck gets up close and personal with musical superstar Mariah Carey. The talented songbird opens up to us about starting out in the business, the importance of giving back - and her highly anticipated new record, 'E=MC2.' Plus, we're giving you an exclusive sneak peek of brand new tracks, including "I'm That Chick," "Bye Bye" and "I Wish You Well." Log on to www.walmart.com/soundcheck for headlining acts, noteworthy new artists and all the latest music releases.
About Soundcheck
Soundcheck is an original performance series where you get up close and personal with your favorite artists. Check out live performances and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from original in-studio sets - all filmed exclusively in HD. Log on to www.walmart.com/soundcheck for headlining acts, noteworthy new artists and all the latest music releases.
Mariah Carey Soundcheck session:
Soundcheck homepage:
Source: Eric from M80 on behalf of Unilever by e-mail.
Posted on April 15th.
Mariah on Oprah

- Preview - Part1 -Part2- Part3- Part4 - Part5 (Bye Bye and ending).

New commercial for the album aired during the Oprah show

Click here to download.
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on April 15th.

Mariah was on B96, listen now
Mariah was really festive and funny during an interview on B96, you can listen to it by clicking here.
Click here to download it.

US fans: Win a shopping spree from Mariah

To celebrate the release of Mariah Carey's new album E=MC2, AT&T blue room wants to treat you like a diva with your very own shopping spree! Let us buy you all those shoes you've been wanting but couldn't squeeze into your budget! Mariah Carey has had more #1 songs than any other female recording artist in history, and now you can go shopping for those big ticket items just like her! To top it off, you'll also win a bottle of her new perfume - M by Mariah - autographed by Mariah herself! Be sure to pick up Mariah's new album E=MC2 and check out all her exclusive footage right here in the AT&T blue room.
Source for the infos: Rudy by e-mail
Posted on April 14th.

Empire State Building Purple/Pink/White to honor E=MC²
From the list of the upcoming Tower Light themes
Honoring a Great New Yorker: Mariah Carey Breaks Records With E=MC2 Album Release.
April 25 -April 27, 2008  Purple/Pink/White* 
*Colors are listed from bottom to top as they appear from the street.
Source: Empire State Building - Andy by e-mail
Posted on April the 14th.
Wanna win a Touch My Body promo cd???? VOTE!!!!! 
We didn't reach our goal this week.... If Mariah wins 3 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, she will be #1!!!!! If Touch My Body is #1 next Saturday, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd + a Touch My Body single.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted"each time you voted until Friday night 
Posted on April 14th.
Belgian fans from the Dutch speaking part of our country needed to keep me updated with the iTunes charts for both "Touch My Body" and E=MC², I can't check it myself, it redirect me automatically on the Wallonie one.  Thanks 
Posted on April the 14th.
E=MC² on iTunes Belgium
April 14th.
Top 100 Albums: #28 (Entry)
Top 100 Albums Rnb/Soul: #2 (Entry)
Posted on April 14th.
Touch My Body in Belgium
Itunes today
Top 100: #16 (+3)
Top 100 RnB/Soul: #1 (+1)
Weekly Radio updates, well done guys!!!!!!
- #2 on City Music (after 5 weeks at #1 it's now at #2), keep requesting!!!!
- #4 (+1) on Sud Radio's Top 30 keep requesting!!!!!
- #1 (+33) on Komilfoo Hitlist request here!!!!
- #23 (+17) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #34 (+9) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #21 (entry) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here , the track is also in the "Sterren plukkers", request here, and in "De Blauwe Maan", request here.
- # 21 (entry) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #24 (entry) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
The track is added on:
- Radio Contact since last week, please request here.
- Fun Radio Cat. B, please request. Studio - here
- Radio Antipode, Playlist A (most played tracks), request here.
- Chic Radio, please 1 click on "j'aime".
- Q-Music, please request here. and other links on the promo page.
- Radio Noorderkempen, enter "Mariah Carey" in "Zoek een artiest en/of titel in de playlisten" and you will see!!!! too bad they haven't a Top List.
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page
- "Touch My Body" already reached  #5 in the Dag Top 5, keep voting here.

Posted on April 14th.

MTV 52/52 Mariah week commercials
Click here to download a zip file that containing 7 commercials + the commercial for Thanx 4 Nothin'
Click to download the commercials for:
- Version 8 - Touch My Body - That Chick Video 1 - That Chick Video 2 - Love Story - Migrate.
Or you can choose to download a zip file containing the 6 files posted above.

Click to enlarge
Source: Josie
Posted on April the 14th.
E=MC² Heroes of Mariah Street Promo
You can now read the report of the Street Promo we made Saturday.
You can also watch a lil' vid and see pics of the Street Promo.  Enjoy 
Click here to access the E=MC² Heroes of Mariah Street Promo page.
Posted on April the 14th.
Mariah's 'Bye Bye' Available Today at iTunes!
Hot off the heels of her 18th # 1 song comes the brand new Mariah Carey single "Bye Bye" which is available for download at iTunes NOW!
Source: MariahCarey.com
Heroes note: This is for iTunes US and the news was posted yesterday on Mariah's official site, so it's available since yesterday 
Posted on April the 14th.
New design on Mariah's official site!!!  Go take a look 
Posted on April 14th.
No Morales remix
Ladies and gentlemen......Unfortunately my mix of "Touch My Body" will not be released due to Mimi's schedule.
She didn't have time to redo the vocal. The mix that I'm playing is w the original vocal. The record company felt that by the time that the record was finished it would be too late to release it. No hard feelings, I understand. BUT............ Hmmmmmm!!!!! It's too bad since I'm really happy w the idea and the response to it has been phenomenal. Oh well maybe the next one?
Source: David Morales on his MySpace
Posted on April 14th.
Exclusive pics of the nerd!!!! Stay tuned 
Posted on April 13th.
Don't worry I'm not insane (not totally yet ), I only wanted to ask Jona (the DJ from Sud Radio) to update the Top 30 
Posted on April 13th.
French fans: Win the "Touch My Body" maxi single
Due to unexpected plan changes, the "Touch My Body" single won't be sold in French stores, Shima from SoMariah makes a contest for a French fan to win the maxi single, go quick on her site and good luck
Source: Shima from SoMariah by e-mail
Posted on April 13th.
Some vids for you
- Preview of Monday's Oprah

Click here to download

- BET Commercial for MC2 The Relativity of Mariah

Click here to download
Source: Moony
Posted on April 13th.

Street promo: done
I'm totally exhausted, it was a long day..... startin' at 10h00, got home at 19h00.  As usual a page will be up with pics and a footage 
I met a friend I didn't see since 2 years (hi Patrick), a French fan came especially to meet us (hi Fred), I met some new fans (hi guys), ok, I'm off before I start to tell you the entire street promo .  I'll reply to all your e-mails asap.
Nite, nite 
Posted on April 12th.... hum no April 13th.
Touch My Body on Belgian radios
- #2 on City Music (after 5 weeks at #1 it's now at #2), keep requesting!!!!
-  Sud Radio's Top 30, non available yet, we are impatient as the track was #5 last week  keep requesting!!!!!
- Komilfoo Hitlist, not available yet, the track was #34 last week, request here!!!!
- #23 (+17) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #34 (+9) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #21 (entry) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here , the track is also in the "Sterren plukkers", request here, and in "De Blauwe Maan", request here.
The track is added on:
- Radio Contact since last week, please request here.
- Fun Radio Cat. B, please request. Studio - here
- Radio Antipode, Playlist A (most played tracks), request here.
- Chic Radio, please 1 click on "j'aime".
- Q-Music, please request here. and other links on the promo page.
- Radio Noorderkempen, enter "Mariah Carey" in "Zoek een artiest en/of titel in de playlisten" and you will see!!!! too bad they haven't a Top List.
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page
- On TMF today, "Touch My Body" was #5 in the Dag Top 5, keep voting here.

Posted on April 12th.

Touch My Body Official charts in Belgium
April 12th.
- Ultratop Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) #26 ( best entry of the week) 
- Ultratip Wallonie (Airplay French speaking part of Belgium) 1 (+9) 
Source: Ultratop - David on our forum
Posted on April 12th.
Please keep requesting "Touch My Body" on every link posted in the promo page, Mariah gave us 18 years, give her 18 minutes.
Posted on April 11th.
French fans!!!!!
After AdoFM, Skyrock announces a contest too to win a trip to NY for the Good Morning America.  Good luck!!!!
Source for the info: Mimifan on our forum
Posted on April 11th.
Street promo tomorrow!!!!!!
The Heroes of Mariah street promo will take place tomorrow in the city center of Brussels, it's gonna be O.O.C. .  If you're in the city center tomorrow, come and say "hi", we will have plenty of gifts in our bags, we will give away official E=MC² posters and 1 E=MC² USB key will be given away if you migrate to Mediamarkt (rue Neuve) in the afternoon, so don't hesitate, you won't miss me (Kinou took care of it ).
See ya tomorrow? 
Posted on April 11th.
Video for Bye Bye
It seems the video for Bye Bye has been shot in downtown LA on April 7th. and 8th.
Source for the info: justlikehoney
Posted on April 11th.
Many album reviews
Many reviews of the album are posted on the net, if you want some just google it..... Some are good, some not that great, but after all we don't care, what counts is what we think, what we felt when we opened our cd today (well most of European fans), when we heard the entire album for the first time with a kind of ritual, these moments are just magic, no words are needed.....
Posted on April 11th.
E=MC² in 2 versions tomorrow in Belgium, run to your music store, migrate to your home, sit down and relax and......
Posted on April 10th.
Still busyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to set up the street promo which gonna be great   I'll reply to your e-mails as soon as I have a min.
Posted on April 10th.
Wanna win a Touch My Body promo cd???? VOTE!!!!! If Mariah wins 4 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, she will be #1!!!!! If Touch My Body is #1 on Saturday, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted"until Friday night 
Last week Anne won her promo cd.
Posted on April 10th.
Once again, here's the proof Mariah is not a demanding Diva, look how the reporter changes from his first impression......
'My dog has a bigger ego' 
It's been a long, long wait – five hours to be precise – hanging around for the world’s biggest diva. 

In the Premier League of prima donnas, Mariah Carey is a legend. 

Ahead of Madonna, J-Lo and even Posh, she is the ultimate demanding pop star. 

Outside the luxurious Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris, diehard fans have been camping all day and into the night to catch a glimpse of her. 

Even the drizzle doesn’t dampen their spirits. 

After two hours without even a peep from Mariah’s people, I’m starting to feel a kinship with the bedraggled hordes. 

Finally, we’re summoned to the grand meeting room which I enter through a bustle of stylists, managers and bodyguards. The room is bathed in the dim light of flickering candles and there’s an ornate gold easel bearing a huge canvas of the album cover for Mariah’s latest album E=MC2. 

I’m carefully positioned on the left side of a sofa by one of her management team to “get Mariah’s best side” as another huge and scary-looking man comes in to inspect the room. 

After checking cushions and curtains, he looks straight at me with an accusing glare. I nervously offer him my open bag to be checked until her publicist explains he is only here to check the room’s ambience and candlelight levels. But we’re only here to do an interview! 

Then the door opens and everyone jumps to attention and starts to leave the room as pop royalty glides in. 

Though tottering might be a better description as Queen Mariah is wearing a pair of gravity-defying Agent Provocateur platform shoes. 

Then suddenly, psssst, she sprays me with something and for a minute I wonder if I have been disinfected as another prerequisite of meeting such a superstar, until I am overwhelmed by floral scent. 

Through the evaporating mist I see the white pearly smile of Mariah holding a bottle of perfume. I’ve been hit by her M By Mariah Carey signature perfume.

“Do you like it?” she asks as we sit on the sofa, carefully taking my all-important left side of the sofa. 

“Oh, you just sit where you like — anywhere. It doesn’t matter where they’ve told you to sit.” 

Mariah Carey’s last album, 2005’s The Emancipation Of Mimi was a career high. It showed the girl from Long Island who had the world at her feet, then lost it, was back. 

E=MC2 has a similar vibe. Urban, hip-hop and this time, even reggae (on Cruise Control, featuring Damien Marley). 

Another album from credible Mariah who this time is light-hearted and enjoying her work. She co-wrote and produced the record alongside an array of eminent names including Bryan-Michael Cox, Danja, Jermaine Dupri, Swizz Beatz, Tricky Stewart, Scott Storch, Stargate, T.I., and will.i.am.

Mariah made history with single Touch My Body last week, overtaking Elvis Presley’s total of No1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. She is now second only to The Beatles. 

The accompanying video (featuring a scantily-dressed Mariah alongside Talladega Nights comedian Jack McBrayer) and the Einstein theory album title are, the singer explains, examples of her sense of humour that critics always miss. Laughing, she tells me: “People who take me seriously as a diva have a serious lack of a sense of humour. 

“Einstein’s theory? Physics? Me? Hello! I even failed remedial math. I could not pass seventh grade math even in the lowest class with the worst kids. Of course I’m poking fun. 

“Have you seen the Touch My Body video? C’mon. Clearly you must see the humour in that. Even the lyrics, ‘I will hunt you down’. If anyone doesn’t get the joke by this time then they are an idiot.”

The title E=MC2 refers to Emancipation of Mimi to the second power. 

“Basically I’m freer on this album than I’ve ever been,” she coos. 

“Some of the songs on the last album were cool but maybe not quite as neat as this album. 

“It was actually Jay-Z who told me people needed to see me, what I’m really like. He knows my sense of humour and even my own little words, my own lingo and so it comes across on these songs, like on OOC which stands for Out Of Control.” 

The hip-hop Mariah seems a world away from the ballad singer who scored a UK No1 in 2000 with Westlife and the cheesy cover of the Phil Collins song Against All Odds. 

She shrieks: “Aargh! It gets so annoying when people make out I have gone all hip-hop just to get in on a trend. I sang with Ol Dirty Bastard, may he rest in peace, back in 1996 for the remixed version of Fantasy. 

“I love him and I miss him. Working with him was a highlight for me because it was such a random union. But for younger kids on the street, that’s the version of Fantasy they know — the line ‘Me and Mariah’.”

E=MC2 contains some of her frankest lyrics. Bye Bye is an emotional song about the death of her father, who she hardly knew. 

On Side Effects, her marriage to and escape from ex-husband, label boss Tommy Mottola, is laid bare with lyrics including Sleepin’ with the enemy that he was smothering/So I broke away and finally found the strength to breathe. 

Mariah explains: “If somebody has the control over you, you’re still going to be angry but it’s about letting it go. It was therapeutic. The track just made me think of where I am now. It’s my story. There is a line about living in a private hell. It is what it is and when I think about it, it stills gives me a weird feeling. 

“I was emotionally cut off in a lot of ways and I still have trust issues. 

“Certain things still really get to me, like people trying to make decisions for me. But I hope that song can heal people who have been in abusive relationships. It’s not saying ‘pity me’ — it’s my song for what I went through.” 

In 2001 Mariah suffered a very public breakdown and her career was deemed over. Her semi-autobiographical film and album Glitter flopped and she had been dropped by Virgin, who she had signed to for a reported $80million after breaking away from Mottola’s label, Columbia. 

Mariah says she has no regrets. “Honestly, I think it was one of the best things that ever happened to me because when you go through something, you come out of it stronger.

“From 2001 to 2005 I had a four-year blip in a career in which I’d already accomplished so much. I look at the scandals other people are in the paper for, well I’m sorry but I barely did anything. 

“So they wrote me off, so what? It’s not my problem. I just proved that you can never write yourself off. Ever.” 

Mariah at 38 (though she never admits to her age, referring to being “eternally 12”) is mentally and physically at her best in years. She recently underwent a strict training programme and lost nearly two stone, her 5ft9in tiny size eight frame is evident in the figure-hugging dress she wears today. 

“I think people should be a size they’re comfortable with but when you’re constantly having your picture taken and on TV like I am, well I could see I really did need to lose some of the bulk. 

“I might be doing a workout video, which will be a big joke anyway, but I can show how I did it. I still have curves though.” 

Mariah laughs off recent comments about her five octave voice not being in the same shape as it was. 

“I think critics should listen to the album and the last two songs in particular before they say anything about my voice. 

“I think I broke the world record for highest notes and I don’t want to sound arrogant but my voice has always been naturally kind of lower but people always expect me to talk like that (puts on high voice) all the time. 

“I have all different parts of my register that requires maintenance and always has. It doesn’t bother me as I know what I can do.” 

Mariah today seems more relaxed and fun than the difficult diva she is portrayed as, and she rolls her eyes at the dreaded D-word. 

“Ha ha, my dog Jack has a bigger ego than me! We forgot his papers and so had to take him off the private plane. He growled at the flight attendant as he was carried off. 

“He’s really started to think he’s the star now.”
Source: The Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 10th.

'Idol Gives Back' mixes laughs, songs and appeals for cash
The show concluded with Mariah Carey, backed by "Idol" judge Randy Jackson on bass, hitting those patented impossible notes on her own inspirational show-stopper "Fly Like a Bird." Carey, who's made news recently for surpassing Elvis Presley's record for career No. 1 singles, is the universal goddess of the "Idol" era: genre-crossing, biracial, with her perfect tan and golden tresses suggesting agelessness.

Millions of Americans probably couldn't resist throwing coins at her feet. And if that failed, there's always Jimmy Kimmel to make them snicker, loosen up and donate.
Source: Los Angeles Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on April 10th.

No updates 'til tonight as we are busy setting up the street promo, even Mamy Lamb will help us making stuffs 'cause we are in a last minute hurry, if some of you, Belgian fans, wanna take part, it will probably happen this Saturday April 12, I'm waiting for confirmation and autorisation from the city mayor offices .  Drop me an e-mail if you wanna take part.
Posted on April 10th.
Touch My Body: Another week at #1 
Posted on April 10th.
Interview Le Grand journal on French TV channel Canal + 
Click here to watch it, unfortunately it's dubbed in french but you can still hear Mariah. Well done girl!!!!  It was not simple knowing since a long time Mariah was insulted by those 2 woman every time they talked about her.  Maybe now they saw her in real, they will change their mind 
Posted on April 9th.
Wanna win a Touch My Body promo cd???? VOTE!!!!! If Mariah wins 4 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, she will be #1!!!!! If Touch My Body is #1 on Saturday, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted"until Friday night 
Last week Anne won her promo cd.
Posted on April 9th.
URGENT, help making Mariah Artist Of the Month
Number 1 Hit Station in Malaysia wants you to choose the next artist of the month, just one click and YOU can make it happen, c'mon guys, it's here and now,  at the moment Mariah has only 9% of the votes.
Source for the info: Qistina by e-mail
Posted on April 9th.
UK fans: Win the Limited edition W910i Walkman phone with Def Jam artists music and videos
2 days ago, I posted the info of Def Jam Recordings providing content and celebrity appeal for a limited edition handset from Sony Ericsson to be offered through The Carphone Warehouse in the UK:

"The limited edition white and gold W910i Walkman handset and matching MPS 75 speakers in black and gold will be available exclusively from The Carphone Warehouse in the UK from 8 April."

You can now win this Limited Edition with Kiss!!!!
We’ve got together with Sony Ericsson and Def Jam….to offer you lots of chances to win the Jam packed W910i.  Hit the streets bouncing to a compilation of Def Jam’s finest on the limited edition W910i Walkman phone. It packs enough tracks, videos and interviews to keep you entertained wherever you’re steppin’ to.

Tune in every morning next week (week commencing 09.04.08) and prove your urban music knowledge for the chance to win.  We'll be playing a collage of urban tracks, including some Def Jam tunes, and you need to identify as many as you can to win. 

Fully loaded with a host of multimedia functions, you just have to reach for your phone to see hear and play whatever you’re into.  The W910i is crammed to it's gold rims with music and videos from DefJam artists - including exclusive videos from Chingy, Rick Ross and Rocko.  Plus 8 music tracks - including Ludacris, Rihanna and Ne-Yo and a video interview with Mariah Carey on her new single 'Touch my Body'.

Daily Prizes:
Everyday, one winner will scoop a limited edition W910i 
Sony Ericsson walkman phone with a load of def jam merchandise and music on CD to go with the handsets.
Source: Kiss London
Posted on April 9th.

Mariah Talks About E=MC²: Track by Track
This album is so much about fun and freedom and just the continuation of me feeling emancipated. It's sort of like Emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two. Like, this is me, a 100% of me, having fun and just being real. People ask me all the time: 'how do you stay relevant? how do you stay current? how do you make music people continue to respond to?' You just keep being real, keep being you, stay true to who you were from the beginning.
Touch My Body
This is so amazing, to just feel like how fast "Touch My Body" is exploding all around the world. I'm just so thankful because it's a song that I love so much and a song that really, you know, does express my personality. If you hear that song, you watch that video, you get a little bit of a glimpse into who I am as a person. I feel so close to that song, most of my really close friends - that's their favorite song, 'cause it's fun and it's cute, and it's not like, taking itself too seriously, you know what I mean? It's just like, you know, the 'touch my body' part is the sexy part and it is what it is but I love the humor in the song.
When Brett Ratner said that he was gonna do this video with me, there was a writers' strike and he had some time and he was really feeling the record, the idea of Jack McBrayer came up and I was like "that's amazing 'cause he is hilarious", so the concept of the video is basically like he comes over as "CompuNerd" to help me fix my computer and then he goes into fantasy land and I'm right there with him. I love adding the element of humor because why take this so seriously? They're videos!

Last Kiss
"Last Kiss" is a very special song to me. When I hear that song, and I hear my first, the first "feel so empty inside, since our last kiss goodbye", it's like, I feel like an eight year old kid, like this is me as a little girl, singing. I was playing it at a party for a friend of mine who happened to have Quincy Jones as one of her guests there and we were all listening to the songs and then Quincy asked me to rewind that song and play it over again and I said "Well, he is Quincy Jones! 'Thriller' and 'Off The Wall'! And if he's asking me to play a song over, I should pretty much take that as a humongous compliment and I did, and it makes me really happy 'cause that's my favorite song.

I'm That Chick
When I did "That Chick" with Stargate, I was so excited to be in the room with Stargate because L.A. Reid had said he really wanted me to get in a room with them and I am a fan of their work and they were such cool guys, such really talented, truly good people. It's sort of that song you want to listen to as a girl, you know, you wanna look at yourself in the mirror and go [sings] "I'm that chick you like". It's like preparation for a night out of feeling fly.

Bye Bye
Sometimes when I'm writing a song like "Bye Bye", it does come from such a raw place that I'm like, I'm actually crying while writing it, or thinking about it. But sometimes I will hear it and go 'I feel like this is gonna touch a lot of people.' And that's why it's important, that no matter what's ever happened to me throughout my career, that I stay the course and continue to write and try and reach people who need it, because I know that I'm one of those people. When someone does that and they write something that touches me, I'm like indebted to them forever.

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time
"Lovin' U Long Time" was one of the last songs I wrote for this album. I sat down to write it and thought 'let me just make this a care-free record.' It's kind of a party record to me, just like not caring too much about anything else that's going on but you living in the moment. 

Cruise Control
"Cruise Control" was the second trip I took to Atlanta to work with Jermaine. What it really means is, it goes [sings] "Might need to go slow, I don't know, Why ease up on the break, Every time I see his face". Basically, you need to slow down, because everytime you're around this guy, you're going a little too fast, 'cause he's the wrong type of guy for you to be with, but you know that, but you don't know how to handle that. So it was cool to kinda co-write that with JD and with Cri$tyle, because you know, it's coming from a woman's point of view and also coming from JD's point of view of making the track really hot.

For The Record
"For The Record" - the song, is one of my favorite songs on this album, it's one of those songs that the people who really are fans of mine, who really know my music really well, tend to gravitate towards because it's not only is it kind of a real-life story, but I've used a lot of my own songs in the bridge to tell the story. Towards the outro I say "For the record, You'll always be a part of me, No matter what you do" - that's "Always Be My Baby" and we kinda go through, you know, "Can't nobody say / I didn't give my all to you", the real fans who listen and then hear: "I told you underneath the stars", they'll know that's for them. I'm really happy that people are feeling the song.

Love Story
I love Jermaine Dupri as a person and I love him as a fan, I'm a fan of his work. One of the funny things about Jermaine is when I say something to him, he just runs with it. I said on the beginning of "Love Story" - I really want this beat to be hard, like do not make this too soft. I wanna stay true to what I love most which is Urban music and R&B music, and I feel it's the same thing that JD loves, and so basically, Jermaine did his ad-libs on the beginning of "Love Story" before we mixed it, and he said "MC said 'JD you gotta make it knock!'" right? and then he waits a few beats and goes "You hear that?" So basically, what I asked him was 'make it really hard', like it's almost like a rap record, but it's a ballad, and I think that's where our success comes from because we understand each other on that level and because we grew up on the same type of music.

Side Effects
"Side Effects" is a song that I wrote because it was necessary for me to write it. You know what? I've been through too much at this point. I want happiness and I want pure and real love, but the side effects of what other relationships have put me through caused me to kind of be on the defense a lot of the time and if somebody isn't like mature enough or caring and loving and open-hearted enough to understand how to deal with that, then it's tough. But this is a song for people who need that. It's also about, anyone who's been in an abusive relationship and I just wrote it 'cause I wanted to let those people feel a little bit stronger.

"O.O.C." is a song that, well, we went in with Swizz Beats and I actually wrote that song with my friend Da Brat. And it's so amazing to write with someone who is also a rapper because she comes with a different set of, with a different perspective. And then we can put our minds together and come up with something really unique and cool and I think we both kinda understand each other in terms of where we come from as writers and so "O.O.C." seems to be like a favorite of a lot of people and that surprised me, because that night when we left the studio, I was like 'I don't know, how Swizz feels about it, I don't know, whatever' but I really like it.

Thanx 4 Nothin'
"Thanx 4 Nothin'" was the first ballad I wrote for this album, this song is gonna resonate with people who are really going through like a bleak moment in their relationship, where it's like 'Yeah... fantastic. Thanks for nothing.' Like, you know what that is. I'm being really sarcastic. It's a sarcastic moment in the land of "Mariah Carey songs". People listen to the song when Jermaine says in the beginning "this is for all the women who are sick and tired of being played." He knows it. [laughs] That's what it is.

I Wish You Well
"I Wish You Well" is in the tradition of songs like, I would say, "Outside", "I Am Free", these are album cuts from different albums that unless people are really fans, they won't know, but mainly I would say "Vanishing" from my first album because it's just piano and vocal and background vocals. Basically it's about coming to a place within yourself where you, no matter what somebody does to you, you can forgive them, and even if you're a little bit bitter about it, you say your peace and you let it go.
Source: unknown - MariahDailyJournal - Sergei - Andy by e-mail
Heroes note: You can watch and download the interview on MariahDailyJournal
Posted on April 9th.

Mariah sets down with Soundcheck Wal-Mart for an exclusive interview
Wal-Mart is still disallowing downloads from labels Warner Music Group and Sony BMG, thanks to a negotiation impasse surrounding DRM-free licensing.  In the meantime, the retailing giant is aggressively pushing a pair of new releases across its digital and physical stores.

The first involves Mariah Carey, currently signed with Island Def Jam (UMG). Carey is now preparing the release of E=MC2, a follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi. 

Ahead of an April 15th street date, Wal-Mart is offering an in-studio Carey interview, and instantly delivering an MP3 of "Touch My Body" alongside an album pre-order.  The interview is being layered into Wal-Mart's in-studio series, Soundcheck, sponsored by Degree.

Mariah Carey Interview (Wal-Mart Soundcheck)
Source: Digital Music News - Soundcheck Wal-Mart (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 9th.

Mariah's New Album
By Roger Friedman
Mariah Carey’s “E=MC2” comes out on Tuesday, it’s the follow up to her smash 2004 “Emancipation of Mimi” album which had a bunch of hits on it. And let me tell you, even I’m surprised. “E=MC2” might be an even bigger chart-topping monster.

A few weeks ago I told you I’d heard some tracks, and went through them. But now the album is done and sequenced. There are songs on it. Remember songs? You will be in love with “Side Effects,” one of several real R&B tracks with a gorgeous vocal, a cool rap by Young Jeezy, and lyrics that should make Mariah’s ex, Tommy Mottola, do a spit take.

In the song, Carey sings about “waking up scared some nights, still dreaming about the violent times.” Is it about Mottola? The lyrics begin: “I was a girl/You were ‘the man’/I was too young to understand/I was naïve/Believing everything you told me.”

And apparently she’s still living with “side effects” from “the private hell we built” — “sleeping with the enemy/aware that he was smothering every last part of me.” She even addresses Mottola directly: “Said you were strong/protecting me/then I found out that you were weak/keeping me there under your thumb.”

Mottola may be hearing that song a lot on the radio since “Side Effects” has a top 40 hook. The Young Jeezy rap only makes it better.

Even more than “Emancipation,” “E=Mc2” sounds like a jukebox full of singles for the best summer party ever. “I Stay in Love” is a killer ballad, and “Wish You Well” is a gospel-tinged ode to Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” that shows off the best of her range. Another track, “Bye Bye” is almost a sequel to Carey’s long ago hit with Boyz II Men, “One Sweet Day.”

The almost certain no. 1, I think, to extend Carey’s long string: “I’ll Be Lovin’ U A Long Time,” in which her production team marries a sample from DeBarge with the hook from “Hill Street Blues” and adds just enough of a new twist to create the most elusive thing of all: a radio smash. “OOC (Out of Control)” is set to shake up dance clubs.

Carey has two weeks on the charts to herself until Madonna comes rolling through with her “Hard Candy.” Already the Material Girl is getting a massive amount of airplay for her single with Justin Timberlake. The one two punch of Mariah and Madonna might be just what the nearly dead record biz needs to pick itself up before it’s too late.

Source: FoxNews (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 9th.

Mariah Carey's "Bye Bye" - Her 19th #1?

Nothing is ever a sure bet to be a #1 hit, but it seems like Mariah Carey's new single "Bye Bye," the second from upcoming album E=MC2, is about as close as it gets. Co-produced by Stargate and co-written by Johnta Austin, one of the writers behind the mega-smash "We Belong Together," the song has a universal lyrical appeal and the instant feel of a Mariah Carey classic.

Mariah states the topic of the song upfront singing "This is for my peoples who just lost somebody." Loosely based around Mariah Carey's loss of her own father, "Bye Bye" has a universal appeal that may even bring some listeners to tears. Mariah is expected to perform the song Monday, April 14th on Oprah and again Wednesday, April 16th on American Idol's Idol Gives Back charity event.

Listen to this all but guaranteed major hit below, and let us know your opinion.

Listen to "Bye Bye."
Source: About Bill's Top 40 / Pop Blog (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 8th.

If you really really can't wait anymore and don't want to be a pirate
If you can't wait anymore but don't want to enter the pirate game and disrespect Mariah by spreading her album on the net, you can listen to 4 songs on radio
Z107's website.  I didn't listen, I want to discover the album when I'll have it in my hands with the booklet and all.  I don't blame the ones who didn't have the patience and  will to wait the release of the album, however people who leaked it and helped to spread it make me sick.
Posted on April 8th.
VOTE!!!!! If Mariah wins 4 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, she will be #1!!!!! If Touch My Body is #1 on Saturday, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted"until Friday night 
Last week Anne won her promo cd.
Posted on April 8th.
Touch My Body on official Belgian charts
Ultratop -Official chart of the week - 5/04/2008
Ultratip: #10 (Entry)
Ultratip: #7 (Entry)

- 5/04/2008
Top 100: #18 (-1)
Top 100 RnB/Soul: #1 (=) 
- 6/04/2008
Top 100: #15 (+3) 
Top 100 RnB/Soul: #1 (=) 
- 7/04/2008
Top 100: #12 (+3)
Top 100 RnB/Soul: #1 (=) 
Source for the infos: David
Posted on April 8th.

Radio Contact Belgium has finally added "Touch My Body" to their playlist, request the track!!!
Posted on April the 8th.
E=MC² mobile web tag
Yesterday, I told you about this tag which was shown at the Press Conference in Paris. This web tag will give you direct access to web content, videos, pictures, etc...  Each tag is unique and this one is the E-MC² tag and will soon be seen in French magazines, metro stations, etc...  This is not only available in France, it's for all of you as long as you have the application on your cellphone, see how to download the free application here:
1. Launch the application
2. Scan the tag
3. Access the contents
And voilà!
Here's the E=MC² tag in high quality

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Hugues from MobileTag
Posted on April 8th.
"Touch My Body" enters German charts
"Touch My Body" has a really good debut on the German single charts this week. Entering at #22, the song is the highest new entry of the week!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterfliesarefree by e-mail
Posted on April 8th.
E=MC² Poster in London Underground

Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: Albert
Posted on April 8th.
US fans: Win tickets to a private event with Mariah

Power 106 is hooking you up to attend a private event with Mariah Carey!
Enter for your chance to attend an intimate event with Mariah Carey and Big Boy's Neighborhood. Brought to you by Kevin Jewelers.
Source: Power 106
Posted on April 8th.
Mobile Tag
At the Press Conference in Paris, I met the guys from Mobile Tag who setted up a giant promotion for the release of E=MC² in France, with your cellphone you will be able to take a pic the E=MC² tag everywhere and access to media content.  The tags will be in magazines, in metros in Paris, etc... but if you take a pic of  the tag with your cellphone on a PC screen everywhere in the world, it will give you access to the media content too. I'll post the high quality E=MC² tag tomorrow 

Click to enlarge
Posted on April 7th.
Discover "Bye Bye" legally!!!!!   If like me you haven't heard it yet, go quick to Mariah's official site ,  you need to click on the Music Player until you hear it as Touch My Body is still there too.
Listen to Mariah's New Single 'Bye Bye'!
You know no one can deliver a ballad better than Mariah--and she delivers yet again with her heartbreakingly beautiful new song "Bye Bye." 

"Bye Bye," the 2nd single from the most anticipated album of the year, E=MC?, is available for your listening pleasure on MariahCarey.com

"Bye Bye," which also hits U.S. radio stations today was written by Mariah Carey and So So Def/Island Records recording artist Johnta Austin, and produced by Mariah and the Norwegian hit-making duo Stargate. 

Mark your calendars..."Bye Bye," the follow up single to Mariah's record-breaking 18 #1 Billboard Hot 100 single Touch My Body will be available to download at iTunes Monday, April 14. 

Set your Tivo & DVR's...Don't miss Mariah perform "Bye Bye" live on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, April 14th and again on American Idol on Wednesday, April 16! 

Listen to Bye Bye now! On Mariah's Official site.
Posted on April 7th.

Good luck guys!!!!
HBF members: Attend Mariah's Oprah Taping
Mariah will be taping an episode of Oprah in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, April 14, and HBF is giving away a pair of tickets to the event to one Honey B. Fly member. 
HBF Members: Attend Mariah's April 17 CD Signing in Hollywood, CA
Want to be amongst the first to have your CD signed by Mariah at her April 17th City Walk Hollywood CD signing?
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April 7th.
Fly Like a Bird at "Idol Gives Back"
From the pictures we got from the performance, we all supposed Mariah sang Fly Like A Bird, it was indeed what Mariah sang:
"Randy Jackson proved that he does, in fact, know Mariah Carey when he played bass for the diva on "Fly Like a Bird," the final guest performance of the night. Carey was at her over-the-top best, with a full gospel choir and the high notes that made her famous."
Source for the info: MTV
Posted on April 7th.
Def Jam in UK Mobile Deal w/Sony Ericsson

Def Jam Recordings is providing content and celebrity appeal for a limited edition handset from Sony Ericsson to be offered through The Carphone Warehouse in the UK:

"As part of the deal, which is understood to be a first in the UK, Sony Ericsson will be preloading handsets with audio and video content from the record label’s artists, which incude Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Nas."

"The limited edition white and gold W910i Walkman handset and matching MPS 75 speakers in black and gold will be available exclusively from The Carphone Warehouse in the UK from 8 April."

Here’s the list of the phones pre-loaded content: 

1) Ne-Yo - Do You
2) Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo - Make Me Better
3) Chingy - Gimmie Dat f/ Ludacris and Bobby V 
4) Rick Ross - The Boss 
5) Rocko - Umma Do Me 
6) Mariah – ‘Touch My Body’ podcast 

1) Janet -  Rock With U
2) Rihanna and Ne-Yo – Hate That I Love You
3) Ne-Yo – Because Of You
4)) Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead
5)) Ludacris – Money Maker
6)) Fabolous – Diamonds
7) Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boys. 

Source: The Carphone Warehouse - Absolute Gadget (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 7th.

Mariah Carey's Movie Magic
Has it really been almost seven years since Mariah Carey’s tragic film debut in “Glitter”? Even now, nothing can erase the memory of the unintentional hilarity of that misbegotten project. That is, almost nothing.

A year after “Glitter,” Carey co-starred with Mira Sorvino in “Wise Girls,” a Mafia comedy that debuted on Showtime. That film showed Mariah could do comedy, was actually funny when not saddled with having to be Mariah Carey in a film.

Now comes “Tennessee,” a mixed bag drama that will open during next week’s Tribeca Film Festival. If you remember an old Kevin Costner movie called “American Flyer,” this is a similar idea: two brothers, one of them is terminally ill, on a road trip to find their missing father. Along the way, they meet Mariah, an aspiring singer, who joins them for a while on their mission.

This is what you want to know: Carey is very good in the role as Krystal, even though I think it’s the wrong part for her. She should be doing comedy. To her immense credit, she somehow relaxes her naturally cherubic face to portray an abused wife who has a dream. “Tennessee” is full of clichés, but Mariah provides the least of them. She hangs in there even when the drama is more contrived than real.

And she does sing, just a little bit, but that’s what almost undoes the film. Mariah Carey cannot play a wannabe. She opens her mouth and The Voice comes out. Luckily, in “Tennessee,” it’s just one song. But as in “Wise Girls,” she’s better off not playing a singer unless the character is a star, a la “The Bodyguard.”

Mariah’s two co-stars are Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck, two actors who seem to be having a good time with her. No one is embarrassed here, and there’s no invocation of “Glitter.” Still, the director and screenwriter are treading in really derivative territory, making “Tennessee” more likely to join “Wise Girls” on cable and video.

A lot of famous singers over the years have dabbed in films, from the successful (Barbra Streisand) to the failed (Madonna). Mariah falls somewhere in between. At least she doesn’t have to quit her day job. Her new album, “E=MC2,” is out next week and poised to be a huge hit. In her 19th year working in the public spotlight, Carey could be doing a hell of a lot worse!

Source: FoxNews(All rights reserved)
Posted on April 7th.

Mariah performs at the "Idol Gives Back"
Mariah performs at the "Idol Gives Back" show at the Kodak theatre in Hollywood on April 6th.. The "American Idol" special charity event benefits relief programs for children and young people in extreme poverty.

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 7th.
Winner announced
In the Heroes of Mariah "Vote on Sud Radio" contest, one winner was picked at random, mimithatchick is the lucky winner of the Touch My Body promo cd, please e-mail me your postal address.  Congrats 
Posted on April 7th.
Mariah at the DSDS show in Germany

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: 20 minutes (All rights reserved)
Posted on April 6th.
Signing session in LA on April 17th.
CD signing session at Universal City Walk on April 17th.
Valid receipt must be presented at the event to gain access.
All infos can be found at the following link.
Click on the pic to enlarge
Source: FYE - Andy by e-mail
Posted on April 6th.
Touch My Body gains 4 spots on Sud Radio, and is now #5, well done guys!!!!
The winner of the Touch My Body promo cd will be picked at random tomorrow.
Posted on April 5th.
Mariah has no luck 0n German TV

When it's not that Oliver Pocher guy who insults Mariah during a show (remember how we spammed him and the show until they apologised), it's now a DSDS (German Idol) contestant who have no respect for her, the kid was maybe not informed what it is to be a singer who's in promo tour, if one day he wants to become a singer himself he better changes his pretentious attitude 
After all, who cares what that kido says, Mariah has great fans in Germany and I'm sure they are happy!!!!
Anyway, enjoy some pics of the show thanks to Sandra from berlinista
Posted on April 5th.
Touch My Body on Belgian radios
- #1 on City Music (5 weeks at #1!!!!), keep requesting!!!!
-  #5 (+4) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- #40 (entry) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #34 (entry) on Komilfoo Hitlist, request here!!!!
- #43 (40) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.

Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page
Posted on April 5th.

Touch My Body Official charts in Belgium
Ultratop: 5/04/2008 
Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium) - Ultratip: #10 (Entry)
Flanders (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) - Ultratip: #7 (Entry)

Itunes 5/04/2008
Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
Top 100: #18 (-1)
Top 100 RnB/Soul: #1 (=) 
Source: Ultratop - David on our forum
Posted on April 5th.

Mariah arriving at the RTL Studios today
Mariah arriving at the RTL Studios for "Deutschland Sucht den Superstar" (the German version of Idol)

Click to enlarge
More untagged pictures can be gound on SweetMariah
Source: Elise from SweetMariah
Posted on April 5th.
Elvis' site says King still holds No. 1 title
You won't find Mariah Carey's name mentioned in the news announcement at the official website of Elvis Presley Enterprises, just some timely stats asserting that Presley should be credited for 18 No. 1 singles during his lifetime.

So has Carey merely tied the King, not slipped by him, on the list of all-time hit makers?

"They're wrong," Geoff Mayfield, the king of Billboard's hallowed pop charts, said Friday. Presley took 17 singles to No. 1.

The discrepancy stems from the double-sided hit "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog" and partly from the fact that the Hot 100 chart, which has long been the industry standard for such accolades, didn't exist in 1956 when that single came out. The pre-1958 numbers that appear in Joel Whitburn's series of pop music chart stats often reflect a combination of listings that predated the Hot 100.

Like the baseball-stat freaks who argue that Babe Ruth's home run record should still stand because the season was lengthened after his career ended, some Elvis fans, and the Elvis Presley Enterprises site, consider "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog" as two No. 1 hits. Whitburn's "Top Pop Singles, 1955-2006," drawn from Billboard's charts, lists it as a single entry, and Mayfield said it's the only example on which fans and Billboard experts differ.

But as far as Billboard is concerned, since both songs appeared on a single disc, it's one hit. Period.

Source: Los Angeles Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 5th.

Design Mariah Carey's Album Cover Based on the Title E=MC²
Mariah Carey wants fans to show their artistic talent and design her album cover based on the title of her album! Contestants can upload their designs via the Slide widget. All appropriate designs will be displayed on Mariah's Myspace page. People will get to vote on the best designs!

The grand prize winner will receive 2 tix to an upcoming Mariah Carey performance along with their design in poster form, with their name credited and Mariah's signature, along with a signed CD from Mariah. In addition they will win her fragrance M by Mariah Carey. 

Five (5) Second place winners will win their design in poster form with their name credited as well as Mariah's signature, signed CD from Mariah and her fragrance M by Mariah Carey. 

Please note, this will not be the final album cover, Mariah just wants you to show her what you've got! 

Visit Mariah's Myspace page for details on how to enter. EMail Your Designs with the subject :E=MC2 Design to: mariahcareycover@gmail.com
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 4th.

Mariah on French "Journal de 20 Heures" on TF1
This video was apparently scheduled to air the evening of the press conference in Paris, to shut down all the rumors of journalists being mad and leaving, the lil' footage and interview aired tonight.  The TF1 crew was even in Mariah's car when she left the press conference.
We were still busy with our evening meal when my grandma (Mamy Lamb) who lives on the same floor in the same building suddenly rang at our door "TF1.... Mariah... now", running like a teen .  Anyway, click here to watch the vidéo.
Posted on April the 4th.
Mariah's E=MC² goes Green
Press Release
The Ultimate 'Green' Album Package Sprouts Wildflowers! Universal Music Enterprises Teams With Wal-Mart for Special Album Packaging 
The insert in more than 20 Universal Music Group (UMG) titles available now at Wal-Mart as a part of Wal-Mart's "Earth Month" promotion is so earth-friendly that, when properly planted, the special seed paper will actually bloom into wildflowers. From the uniquely organic insert to environmentally sustainable packaging for new albums from Sheryl Crow, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Counting Crows, and the effort is further proof that green is growing fast in the music industry.

All of the albums from Universal Music Enterprises (UMe), the U.S. catalog and special markets entity for UMG, will be offered in the new REPAK(R) CD package, an all paperboard option containing third-party certified, renewable recycled board and recyclable paper. The REPAK's design features a unique recessed cavity to hold the disc snugly and safely in place, completely eliminating the need for a plastic hub or tray. It is part of the greenchoice(TM) Environmental Solutions program from Shorewood Packaging, a business of International Paper. For the previously released compilation albums, the new packaging will replace the jewel box version of each title. Those albums (see list below) will also include the wildflower insert offering three free digital downloads from a select number of UMe catalog tracks.

In 2006, UMe launched the first completely paper-recyclable (sleeve and tray) packaging in the music industry. A major new step in providing environmentally-friendly packaging, the initiative continues both companies commitment to improving packaging. Since then, more than 10 million nearly carbon neutral packaging have used special eco-friendly materials with Ume reducing the CO2 emissions and carbon footprint by 2400 tons. This lower carbon footprint does not include the reduction of CO2 emission during the transportation due to the lower weight of the special packages (half the weight compared to a jewel case).

Said Mike Davis, Executive Vice President & General Manager, UMe: "We have a long-standing commitment to being 'green' and we're proud to continue to lead the music industry in addressing environmental issues."
The new albums, which will sport the new packaging and contain the insert, are Sheryl Crow's Detours, Mariah Carey's E=MC2, Janet Jackson's
Discipline, and Counting Crows' Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings.
Posted on April the 4th.

London: Bungalow 8 nightclub party
A party was held at Bungalow8 in St. Martin's Lane hotel in London after the premiere of the Rollin Stone's documentary Shine A Light, Mariah was the star of the night as everyone wanted to get in to meet her.  An unfortunate Pixie Geldof was not able to attend as she's not 18 years old (rules are the rules in the club).
Mark Ronson, the Arctic Monkeys, the Klaxons and TV presenter Alexa Chung were also at the party.

Mariah expressed an interest in buying a “light room” at the adjacent St Martin’s Lane Hotel – to use whenever she stays in London.
Compilation of various UK articles
Posted on April the 4th.

London Choice FM 18th Anniversary Party
On a video posted on her Youtube, Kelly Rowland says she performed at the London Choice FM 18th Anniversary Party, she says Mariah and Ciara xere there. 
Click here to watch the video.
Posted on April the 4th.
Dream Lyrics
When there's a scandal, the Dream knows Page Six will hear about it. In his remix of Mariah Carey's single "Touch My Body," the singer/songwriter - who jumped to fame when he wrote Rihanna's hit "Umbrella" - sings about having a steamy tryst with the star. "If there's a camera up in here, it might leave when I do. If there's a camera up in here, it might go right up to you," he raps. "So tell me what to say when they find out about me and you. 'Cuz Page Six is callin' us out, and I cannot deny it when I'm up here with you."
Source: NY Post's Page Six (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 4th.
Mariah pops in!
The RnB singing legend caused chaos in the streets of London yet again, when she came to see Scott at Radio 1.
Click here to watch the video
Click on the pics to enlarge

Source: Radio 1 (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 4th.
Diva Mariah sends up her image in TV comedy sketch
Touch My Body singer Mariah Carey has always stressed her reputation for making extravagant demands and lavish lifestyle are just a bit of fun.

And this week the good-humoured chanteuse, who's currently in London promoting her latest album E=MC2, proved that's the case when she filmed an appearance for Channel 4's The Friday Night Project. 

In this week's episode of the hit comedy show Mariah - who's been known to fly her beloved pooch Jack around the world on private jets and apparently cancelled her UK breakfast show interviews because she's "not a morning person" - sends herself up as part of a comedy sketch. 

Sitting on a gold throne the star, who has just scored her 18th US number one, shows she doesn't take her reputation too seriously. 

"I just put it all on, it's just fun and games!" she insists. "People take it so seriously and they expect me to be a certain way." 

Adds the mischievous singer: "If people don't get my sense of humour by now they never will. I truly am just a normal person, I just want to have fun and make music."

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: Hello Magazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 4th.

VOTE!!!!! If Mariah wins 4 spots in the Sud Radio Top 30, I'll offer you a Touch My Body promo cd.  C'mon, vote here today.
Send me a lil' mail with the subject "voted" 
Posted on April the 4th.
More updates this evening, as I'm really busy to set up the street promo for the album
Posted on April the 4th.
London madness continue!!!!!
Mariah is surrounded by hundreds of fans everywhere she goes in London. Mariah is all over the UK and the paparazzi go crazy for her. She looks fabulous.
Here she's spotted at Cipriani London to celebrate her 18th. number 1 "Emancipated #1".  When she came back to her hotel at the early hours today, many many fans were still waiting for her in front of the hotel.

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics and infos: Mike by e-mail
Posted on April the 4th.
Massive stadium gig in June and secret intimate venue later....
Rumour has it of that Mariah Carey will be playing a massive stadium gig in June, as well as secret intimate venue later in the year.  Keep checking www.mariahcarey.com for updates... 
Source: Mercury UK by newsletter
Posted on April the 3rd.
Stay tuned for a gift from a person I met at the Paris press conference pre-party, it's a new technology gift for worldwide fans 
Posted on April the 3rd.
Mariah will make the cover of Soul R&B
Mariah will be on the cover of April/May issue of French magazine Soul R&B with also an article inside titled " Mariah Carey, La Vie en Rose".
Posted on April the 3rd.
Mariah in Germany
Mariah will arrive at the Hotel in Bergisch-Gladbach tomorrow in the afternoon (about 2pm), she will practice with the contestants later in the day in the DSDS-Villa.
Source: Tom - Uwe from Mariah-Carey-Fan - Helen on our forum
Posted on April the 3rd.
Did I miss something?

Maybe this came up somewhere while I was in Paris, dunno... anyway, several medias say Nick Cannon will appear in one of Mariah's new music videos.
If true, I guess it can only be for "Migrate" 
Posted on April the 3rd.
Belgian TV about Mariah surpassing Elvis
Click here to watch the video, Dutch speaking fans can also read the article 
Source for the info: Laetitia by e-mail
Posted on April the 3rd.
Album snippets on Amazon
If you wanna keep the surprise until you get the album in your hands, don't click.
Source for the info: Daniel by e-mail
Posted on April the 3rd.
Mariah spotted at restaurant San Lorenzo in London celebrating her Emancipated 18th. #1
Mariah was spotted partying at exclusive restaurant San Lorenzo until the early hours of yesterday morning - celebrating topping the US charts with new single ‘Touch My Body’.  The breakfast show interview on Capital FM was postponed.  Her interview with BBC Radio 1 on the 'Jo Whiley Late Morning Show'.at 11am was also postponed until today.

Click on the pics to enlarge
More pics can be found on SweetMariah and Mariah-Source
Source for the pics: Cat from SweetMariah- Sihame from Mariah-Source on our forum
Posted on April the 3rd.
Mariah makes today's top searches on Yahoo!

Click to enlarge
Posted on April the 3rd.
Mariah on cover of French magazine "davibe" in April
At the press conference in Paris, I talked with the journalist from "davibe", he told me Mariah would make the cover in April.
The magazine will be available in France (of course), Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the Dom Tom.
Posted on April the 2nd.
Mariah scheduled to appear at Choice FM Awards?
Leading UK Urban station Choice FM is holding an award ceremony at Sheraton Hotel: Park Lane today.  Mariah is rumoured to be attending to pick up an award for her musical achievements around 11.00pm.
The hotel is located at: Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX 
The event is being hosted by her close friend Jasmine!!!
Source: Mariah Connection UK 
Posted on April the 2nd.
Videos of Mariah in London
UK "The Sun": Click here to access it.
UK "ITN": Click here to access it.

Belgium: The sexy formula of Mariah Carey
Belgium "Belga": Click here to access it. (in French with subtitles when Mariah talks)
Belgium "Belga": Click here to access it (in Dutch with subtitles when Mariah talks)
Posted on April the 2nd.

Madness in London

Click on the pics to enlarge
London stands still for Mariah
The Mariah Carey show brought chaos to the capital yesterday. 
The diva was in London performing promotional duties ahead of the release of her new album.
Lucky for her she was flanked by an army of heavies who guarded her from mobs of screaming fans. 
She arrived at Selfridges in a taxi, complete with her naked body sprawled across it, before being greeted by hundreds of her eager fans. 

Over 250 people had camped out over night in the hope of meeting the superstar who sat behind an antique table, worth a reported £50,000, that she asked to be flown in from New York. 

In an interview, she did make light of her diva reputation. 
Mariah said: "I just put it all on, it's just fun and games. People take it so seriously and they expect me to be a certain way. 
"If people don't get my sense of humour by now they never will. I truly am just a normal person, I just want to have fun and make music.
"If you never lose who you are prior to the fame then that's how fans relate to you. That's why my fans are so dedicated."

Mariah brings London to a halt 
Mariah Carey arrived in central London Tuesday night and literally stopped traffic. 
Oxford Street, the busiest shopping strip in the capital, came to a virtual standstill as the singer promoted her new album E=MC2. 
Police barriers stopped vehicles going past Selfridges as hundreds of fans waited to catch a glimpse of the star. 

She said: "It's really cool that they would do this and it's great to see so many people show up." 

After the grand entrance fit for a Prime Minister or President, the American star - who arrived two hours late - was ushered inside by store staff and members of her entourage. 

Two floors of the biggest department store in the UK were shut down for her arrival alone and Mariah looked in great shape in a tight mini skirt, black low cut top and 4inch black heels. 
Of the new songs, she said: "I just feel like getting a lot of these out there to the world. Some of them I wrote to heal myself, some are just party records but they all are very personal to me." 

Mariah's career spans over two decades. And at 38 she still looks the same as when she first started out. 
"I'm eternally 12 because it's from within," she joked. "It's all about where you are spiritually." 

X Factor winner Leona Lewis has been dubbed the new Mariah but the star was quick to shoot down any similarities. 
"They've been comparing people to me for the longer than I can remember, I'm just like, 'Whatever'," she shrugged. 
"If they're the new me can they come and do my interviews for me or get in the studio and write one of my songs? Seriously though, I love everybody, it's not a competition for me." 

Mariah's new album E=MC2 is out on 14 April.
Source: The Sun BBC(All rights reserved) (extract)

Posted on April the 2nd.

Mariah in front page and inside Belgian newspaper
Today's Belgian newspaper "La Dernière Heure" has a lil' pic of Mariah in front page and a big article inside.
Source for the infos: Alexandra - David
Posted on April the 2nd.
With 'Touch My Body,' Mariah Carey surpasses Elvis in No. 1 singles 
With her 18th chart-topper "Touch My Body," Mariah Carey has passed Elvis Presley for the most No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and is now second only to the Beatles.

But while the diva was in full celebration mode after learning of her latest milestone, she was also quick to put her accomplishment in perspective.

"I really can never put myself in the category of people who have not only revolutionized music but also changed the world," Carey told The Associated Press on Tuesday via phone from London. "That's a completely different era and time ... I'm just feeling really happy and grateful."

Carey's single is the new No. 1 single on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart: The song also is No. 1 on the trade magazine's digital download chart thanks to a precedent-setting 286,000 downloads in its debut week. She had been tied with Presley with 17 No. 1 singles; the Beatles are the all-time leaders with 20.

Carey said being in such company was gratifying not only because of her personal success, but what it meant for women and minorities.

"For me, in my mind the accomplishment is just that much sweeter," she said. "In terms of my ethnicity, always feeling like an outsider, always feeling different ... for me it's about saying, 'Thank you Lord, for giving me the faith to believe in myself when other people had written me off.'"

"Touch My Body" is the first single off of Carey's upcoming album "EMC2," due out April 16. It is the follow-up to her Grammy-winning disc "The Emancipation of Mimi," released in 2005, that year's best-selling album with five million copies sold; it marked a huge comeback for the multiplatinum superstar after personal and professional setbacks.

Like that album, Carey said "EMC2" continues her sense of freedom and rebirth: "It's like emancipation of Mariah Carey to the second power and beyond."

Carey, 38, said this is the most enjoyable point of her nearly two-decade old career, and that's her priority these days, not trying to set sales records or even making pop history.

"I've gone through enough of my life worrying about that kind if thing," said Carey.

"I want to encourage anyone else out there who feels like maybe they can't overcome an obstacle, I feel like I'm living proof ... never lose your faith," she added. "I'm seriously a grateful individual right now."
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 2nd.

Mariah stops traffic in central London during whirlwind UK visit
Singing sensation Mariah Carey brought London's Oxford Street to a standstill on Tuesday as hundreds of dedicated fans who'd queued overnight stopped traffic to catch a glimpse of their idol.

Police barriers prevented vehicles from driving up the busy central London road, and Mariah herself was delighted by the enthusiastic reception. "It's great to see so many people show up!" she said. 

The stunning chanteuse, who's on a whirlwind visit to the UK promoting her new album E=MC2, was in the capital to sign copies of it at department store Selfridges. For the occasion, the Touch My Body singer requested a special £50,000 antique table be flown over from New York for her to sit at. 

"Mariah certainly looked like a queen in her castle," revealed an onlooker. "She was sat on a throne worth £1,000 and surrounded with cream roses and butterflies!" 

The previous night the 38-year-old chanteuse had dropped by Gordon Ramsay's eaterie. And Mariah, who arrived at the Mayfair restaurant at the late hour of 2.30am, was yet again greeted by hordes of fans - one of whom presented her with a bouquet of pink roses. 

The Butterfly songstress, famed for her extravagant behaviour, has been playing down her reputation as a diva while in London. "I just put it all on, it's just fun and games!" she insisted. "People take it so seriously and they expect me to be a certain way. If people don't get my sense of humour by now they never will. I truly am just a normal person, I just want to have fun and make music."
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Posted on April the 2nd.

Congrats Mariah!!!!!!!!!! Record -Breaking: Emancipated 18th. #1
And thanks to the fans (including international ones) who voted and requested day after day !!!!!!!!!!

18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s, 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s , 18 No. 1s 

Touch My Body Is # 1 On The Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

"Touch My Body" nets record-setting 286,000 debut week on Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart. 

• April 9th: Mariah joins all-star international cast on FOX's second annual Emmy-winning IDOL Gives Back two-hour charitable TV special
• April 14th: Mariah special guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show
• April 15th: E=MC2 new album arrives in stores
• April 16th: Mariah performs on American Idol as musical mentor to finalists

(April 2, 2008 - New York, NY) International superstar Mariah Carey reaches a once-in-a-lifetime career achievement as her current single "Touch My Body" goes to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week and becomes her 18th career #1 hit - surpassing one of the most enduring chart records in Billboard Hot 100 history, Elvis Presley's 17 #1's. Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 50 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits.
"Touch My Body" takes over #1 with an all-time record-setting 286,000 debut week at #1 on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart and a Hot 100 Airplay radio audience now over 115 million.
"Touch My Body" is the first smash from Mariah's highly anticipated hot new album E=MC2, arriving in stores April 15th. Pre-orders are now underway for E=MC2, with iTunes customers receiving "Touch My Body" instantly with their pre-order.
"Touch My Body" was one of two songs Mariah performed last month on NBC's Saturday Night Live (show to be re-run on May 3rd). Last week, Mariah gave a special performance of "Touch My Body" and "We Belong Together" after the third season premiere of the MTV reality series, The Hills. The episode set a year-to-date record as the highest rated telecast on cable TV, with 5 million viewers tuning in.
On April 9th, Mariah will join an all-star cast for the second annual IDOL Gives Back two-hour TV special, a music celebration raising awareness and benefiting various U.S. and international charities. The first special raised million last year, and won a prestigious Governor's Emmy Award. On Monday, April 14th, Mariah will appear as special guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, preceding the E=MC? album release day on the 15th. The next night, April 16th, Mariah will perform on American Idol after serving as musical mentor to that week's finalists.
"Touch My Body" was produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart, and fellow Island Def Jam artist The-Dream. Other guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC2 include Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills and James Poyser. The album is executive produced by Mariah Carey and Antonio "LA" Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group.
The 11th studio album of her career, E=MC2 follows-up The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah's worldwide 10 million selling #1 album, which generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), two #1 singles, and countless more honors during its 18-month stay on the charts. Released April 12, 2005, Mimi was an industry phenomenon for the mega-platinum award-winning superstar. Soundscan's biggest-selling album of the year, it brought total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to over 160 million worldwide, making her the top-selling female recording artist in history.
Mimi featured "We Belong Together" (Grammy winner for Best Female R&B Vocal and Best R&B Song) and "Don't Forget About Us," Mariah's 16th and 17th #1 singles respectively - which tied Elvis Presley's 17 #1's. "Touch My Body" now surpasses Elvis as Mariah's 18th #1 hit, and positions her as the only active recording artist with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits. "Touch My Body" also marks Mariah's 78th cumulative career week at #1, as she closes the gap on Elvis Presley's all-time high record of 80 weeks at #1.
Source: MariahCarey.com

Make Billboard Chart History
Mariah Carey, leapfrog over Elvis Presley in the Billboard charts record book this week.

As expected, Mariah Carey moves past Elvis Presley and into sole possession of second place for most No. 1s in the rock era, as "Touch My Body" soars 15-1 on the Billboard Hot 100 to become her 18th chart-topper. With her album "E=MC2" yet to hit retail, Carey might equal the Beatles' record of 20 No. 1s before her set runs its course.

"Body's" blast to No. 1 is fueled by a record-setting debut week digital tally of 286,000 downloads.
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Posted on April the 2nd.

VOTE here, if Mariah wins 4 spots in Saturdays Top 30, I'll give a promo cd away, it's here and NOW 
Posted on April the 2nd.
Updates this afternoon or in the evening, I have a meting in the City Center of Brussels to set up the street promo for the album.
I'll also reply to the tons of e-mails you guys sent me.
Posted on April the 2nd.
New promo picture
This is a picture from Mariah at the signing session today in London, look at the picture behind Mariah 
More than 200  untagged pictures from Paris and London are up on SweetMariah.
Click on the pic to enlarge
Thanks a lot to Cat from SweetMariah
Posted on April 1st.
Brown holds on at No. 1; Usher, Mariah to battle next week
Usher's Love in This Club couldn't quite knock Chris Brown's With You out of the No. 1 spot on the national radio airplay audience chart, and next week it faces a new challenge. 

Brown, who racked up his sixth week at No. 1, according to Nielsen BDS, Arbitron and Radio & Records, will drop out next week. But Usher may not have a free pass to the top -- Mariah Carey's Touch My Body, which had been lagging behind Usher, gained more listeners this week and is now right behind the R&B idol at No. 3. (And don't discount Ray J's Sexy Can I, which is considerably below the top 3 but is gaining rapidly.)

The annotated top 10:

1-1 last week  Chris Brown, With You (down 6.8% in total audience): Falling fast (same rate as last week, which was enough to save him), will be No. 3 (or, outside chance, No. 4) next week.

2-2  Usher, Love in This Club (+12.4%): Had a great week for gaining audience, just not enough to surpass Brown or to stay comfortably ahead of Mariah.

3-4  Mariah Carey, Touch My Body (+16.1%): Accelerated impressively, up from a 10.7% gain last week, and now is only 5 million audience impressions behind Usher, setting up a ferocious competition for the top next week.

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Posted on April 1st.

Mariah arriving at the signing session at Selfridges

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Posted on April 1st.
Outside the Claridge's in London today

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Posted on April 1st.
Carey convoy rolls in

The diva has landed. 

Mariah Carey arrived at her hotel last night with a fleet of five cars and a separate van just to carry her luggage.

Mariah and her hefty entourage were mobbed as they arrived at the hotel by fans who had braved the cold to stay out until her 2.30am entrance....

Even a Rolling Stone wants to spend some time with her...
The superstar, known for her love of extravagance, is thought to be lodged in a £5,000-a-night penthouse suite in Claridge’s for four nights while she’s in town to promote new album E=MC².

And it seems even her promotional work has to have extra drama. The singer’s representatives have also applied for a special police licence so she can walk down the red carpet at her album signing for fans at Selfridges at 4.55pm today.

In between radio interviews and appearances on The Paul O’Grady Show and The Friday Night Project, she is expected to have some time to meet up with London-based friends such as Sir Richard Branson and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. 

theBuzz hears Mick has invited her to the screening of the band’s documentary Shine A Light on Wednesday, while Roberto Cavalli wants her to be in attendance at the launch of his new vodka at Mo*vida.

There are some people she might be less keen to see, however, such as Reggie Yates who, as theBuzz revealed yesterday, was apparently hang up on during a Radio 1 interview over the weekend and Leona Lewis, who she was dismissive of in a radio interview yesterday. 
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Posted on April 1st.

Mariah to perform "Touch My Body" on T4

Posted on April 1st.
Diva Mariah Has a Huge Hang Up
Mariah Carey is well-known for being a diva and she continued that trend as she abruptly ended a phone call with Radio One presenter Reggie Yates.

Reggie was left open-mouthed as the phone was hung up after he told the Heartbreaker that she had only sold over 80 million albums.

While many artists would be more than happy with that momentous figure, Mariah, also known as Mimi, was left slightly miffed. “Is that right?,” asked Mariah, 38, when Reggie stated the amount. “Was that just 80 million worldwide? I don’t know if that’s accurate…”

Cue dialling tone.

Reggie joked: “I think she took that as an insult!” D’ya think?

Looks like in the space of a minute, loveable Reggie managed to wipe out almost half Mariah’s record sales.The prolific recording artist has recorded more than 11 albums in her career – her last offering The Emancipation of Mimi sold 10 million and in 1995, sales for Daydream totalled 25 million worldwide.

Sources say the phone was dropped by a label executive listening in on the call.

But for Reggie, it was an embarrassing end to a conversation that had so far been going extremely well. The pair had bonded over mutual love of comic actor Will Ferrell and the Touch My Body star was affectionately calling him ‘Reg’.

As Mariah is in town to promote the release of her new single and album E=MC2, it’s probably best that you stay out of her way Reg…

Source: The London Paper - Text: Mariah Connection UK
Posted on April 1st.

Mariah in the UK

The Mariah Carey carnival was in full swing today as the diva caused carnage in London sparking rows with photographers and headaches for assistants with a list of lavish demands. 

As the singer swung through hordes of shoppers in Covent Garden her bodyguards came close to brawling with a pack of paparazzi. 

One eyewitness, drummer Dan Hydes, said: 'I was just waiting for a friend when her big black limo rolled up.' 

'Her bruisers got out of the car before her and clashed with a stack of photographers anticipating her. One really aggressive one sized right up to a snapper and it had to be defused.' 

Meanwhile a major logistics operation is in full swing for her CD signing at Selfridges department store this afternoon. 
Source: Metro UK (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 1st.

Mariah will attend German "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"
Mariah will attend a German show called "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (kinda American Idol), the show will take place in Cologne this Saturday.
Source in German: Abendblatt
Posted on April 1st.
Mariah on French radio Skyrock just before leaving for London

Posted on April 1st.
Back from Paris... so happy
I'll not post anything about Mariah's visit in Paris, nor the press conference, I know it has been done, just one lil' thing,  at 0:30 am on Sunday Mariah left the hotel for a photo shoot, she came back at around 3:30 walking in the Avenue George V only surounded by a few members of her staff, at that moment we were only 5 fans waiting to greet her and these moments were amazing 

Video at the Pont Alexandre:
- Click here to access the link to a vid posted by X17 (the guy/fan was not very smart)
Posted on April 1st.


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