August 2006 - Heroes of Mariah
Mariah at the VMA's ?
Will Mariah attend the VMA's? 
Well, PR Web just published that "WOW! Creations" the marketing company offering celebrity VIP Gift Bags for Award Shows list Mariah among the celebrities who will receive a bag at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Let's cross the fingers for Mariah, maybe she finally will win her Moonman.
Posted on August the 31st.
We're hanging in New York with Mariah Carey!
ET's RYAN DEVLIN is behind the scenes with Mimi herself, Mariah Carey, in New York talking romance, music, touring and taking home six prestigous BMI Awards!
Mariah's album The Emancipation of Mimi, which has sold 9 million copies, has been honored with six BMI Awards, including Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.
"I've been writing my own songs my whole life so it's a weird thing. If you're not strumming a guitar or behind a piano people don't think of you as a songwriter because all they see is the diva thing," she says. "I feel like songwriting is more my thing than singing is. I know that sounds bizarre to people who didn't even know I write my own songs!"
The star can put those awards right next to her three Grammys, two Soul Train Music Awards, four VIBE Awards, an American Music Award, five Billboard Music Awards and four Radio Music Awards for the best-selling album. 
Mariah is in the midst of her North American tour, which she reveals isn't always fun.
"It's like, two days before, it's complete silence and boredom for me -- everyone else is living it up and I'm there with a humidifier and writing notes," she says of preparing for each show. "You're kind of in jail, but then you go on stage and that's your fun."
And when she's not on stage, she's hard at work.
The award-winning singer reveals to Ryan that she is indeed working on her follow-up to The Emancipation of Mimi.
"I'm definitely trying to start working on my new album," she says. "I'll wake up with new concepts and ideas. I have to have my tape recorder right next to me!"
But she does admit that when she's not in the recording studio, she does enjoy a little down time and doesn't even mind getting recognized.
"You have to accept it," she says. "You asked for it and you got it, and you have to deal with it."
Click here to watch the interview.
Source: ET Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.
US fans: Catch Mariah on ET
Be sure to watch "Entertainment Tonight" for coverage of the BMI Urban Awards and an exclusive interview with Mariah. Click here to find out your local showtimes.
Source: Mariah
Posted on August the 31st.
BMI Awards tidbits
The funny thing, of course, is that BMI’s Urban Awards was like a pop-up version of this column’s observations for the last few years. Every “song” is “written” by a dozen or more people.
Sometimes when the winners came to the stage it looked like a convention. When Mariah Carey — who was there and looking hot in a short, tight black cocktail dress — won for “We Belong Together,” she was trailed by an entourage that resembled one of those cell phone network commercials
And what of Mariah? They gave her special crystal awards — none of that cardboard stuff — for several of her hits from last year, plus a few she didn’t pick up in years past.
“I’m sorry I didn’t come here in ’92 and ’98,” she said, recalling her Big Diva years with Tommy Mottola. “I wasn’t really hanging out then,” she said wistfully, that whole period seeming like a distant — and maybe upsetting — dream.
Source: FOX News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 31st.
Venus and Superstar Mariah Carey Award 'Legs of a Goddess' Title to Lauren Jaramillo
Performer and Songwriter Mariah Carey Congratulates Best Legs Counterpart in Venus' Fourth Annual Search for Best Legs in America

Venus, a recognized authority on women's legs, along with superstar Mariah Carey, today named Lauren Jaramillo, 21, of Belleville, N.J. the national winner of the fourth annual Venus "Legs of a Goddess" contest.
Ms. Jaramillo received the coveted title after defeating thousands of other women across the country. Contestants vied for the honor and a $25,000 grand prize at select locations this summer in conjunction with Ms. Carey's sold-out concert tour, The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour.
Contestants were asked to strut their stuff on a catwalk and "strike a pose" for judges who were looking for a woman with toned, shapely legs who exuded a confident, vibrant personality. "General Hospital" leading lady and "Dancing with the Stars" season one winner, Kelly Monaco, served as celebrity guest judge for the contest.
When notified that she had won, Ms. Jaramillo said, "I can't believe Venus chose me as the national 'Legs of a Goddess' winner. This is so exciting!"
Ms. Jaramillo currently works at a fitness club in her area and has a passion for movie trivia and fashion. She hopes to someday pursue a career in fashion merchandising.
"This contest is a great way to bring the Venus brand to life," said Kara Salzillo, External Relations Manager, Venus. "Over the years, we've seen some impressive legs -- and our national winners have not only had beautiful legs, but also a great sense of self. It's wonderful to be able to reward that distinctive combination of beauty and spirit."
Mariah Carey, who captured three GRAMMY® Awards for her celebrated album The Emancipation of Mimi, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, kicked off the nationwide Venus "Legs of a Goddess" contest on May 30 when she was immortalized with a 16-foot high likeness of her perfect legs. Ms. Carey received the title of first ever "Venus Celebrity Legs of a Goddess" and unveiled the replica during a ceremony at New York's legendary Radio City Music Hall, home to some of the most famous legs in the world.
The "Legs of a Goddess" contest celebrates the Venus brand and its portfolio of razors. Venus offers a diverse collection of razors that caters to the needs and shaving preferences of every woman. The Venus line includes original Venus, Venus Divine, Venus Paradise, Venus Disposable and Venus Vibrance.
Source: Yahoo! Finance (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.
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How sad is this 
Ticketmaster is almost giving the tickets for Mariah's concert in Wantagh away.  Today they offer tickets at $10US (WBLI $10 Ticket Promotion) and a free 1 year subscription to the Entertainment Weekly magazine .
Posted on August the 31st.
Mariah at the BMI Annual Urban Awards

Click to enlarge.
Source: Yahoo!News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.
Congrats Mariah !!!!!! 
BMI Honors Mariah with 2 Awards
BMI Honors Mariah Carey, Babyface, L.A. Reid, Kanye West and Many Others at Star-Studded Urban Awards in NYC
U.S. performing right organization BMI saluted the premier r&b, rap and hip-hop songwriters, producers and publishers at its 6th Annual Urban Awards held Aug. 30 in New York City. Hosted by BMI President & CEO Del Bryant and Atlanta Writer/Publisher VP Catherine Brewton, the red carpet was hopping at the star-studded ceremony, which took place at the famed Roseland Ballroom.
Mariah Carey took home two of the night's top honors, including Song of the Year for her smash "We Belong Together" and Songwriter of the Year, which she shared with Miami-based producers Bigg D and Jim Jonsin.
Song of the Year "We Belong Together," which Carey co-wrote, ruled the top of multiple charts for months after its release in 2005, relaunching the five-octave singer's career back into superstardom. Carey also picked up her third BMI Songwriter of the Year award at the ceremony for placing three songs on the most-performed list ("Don't Forget About Us," "Shake It Off," "We Belong Together").
For a complete list of 2006 BMI Urban Awards winners, please visit
Source: Business Wire (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 31st.
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BoxScore Numbers for Mariah
"The Adventures of Mimi" Box Scores
Billboard has just published the boxscore for Mariah's concert in Philadelphia.
Date: Friday, August 11, 2006
Venue: Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, PA (Live Nation)
Gross: $979,702
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 15,160 / 15,160
Sellout %: 100%
Ticket Price Range: $129.50, $19.50, $9.99

Previously published:
Date: Saturday, August 5, 2006
Venue: American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL (Live Nation)
Gross: $1,074,620
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 13,156 / 13,156
Sellout %: 100%
Ticket Price Range: $129.50 - $19.50

Date: Monday, August 7, 2006
Venue: St. Pete's Times Forum - Tampa, FL (Live Nation)
Gross: $714,455
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 13,354 / 13,542
Sellout %: 98.6%
Ticket Price Range: $125.00 - $19.50

Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Venue: Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
Gross: $660,595
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 11,226 / 13,288
Sellout %: 84.5%
Ticket Price Range: $129.00 - $19.50

Total Gross: $3,429,372
Source: Billboard - Mariah Daily
Posted on August the 30th.

Emotions at the US Open
There were of course a lot of emotions during the US Open, but it's not about that I'm talking about, in fact they played "Emotions" on the big court during the break of a match this afternoon, David saw it on Belgian TV channel La2 (for the speaking part of Belgium).
Emotions à l'US Open
Il y avait probablement beaucoup d'émotions pendant l'US Open, mais ce n'est pas de celà qu'on parle, en fait "Emotions" a retenti dans le gros stade pendant la pause d'un match de l'US OPEN en direct sur La2.
Source for the info: David on our forum.
Posted on August the 30th.
"Say Somethin'" and "We Belong Together" in Belgian show trailer
On Belgian TV channel VTM for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium), "Say Somethin'" and "We Belong Together" are broadcast in the trailer for the show " Wie word the man van Wendy?"
"Say Somethin'" en "We Belong Together" in Belgishe show trailer
"Say Somethin'" en "We Belong Together" spelen gedurende de trailer voor de nieuwe show "Wie word de man van Wendy?" 
Source for the info: Laetitia by e-mail
Posted on August the 30th.
I think it's over for us international fans, apparently Mariah will not Tour for us and it's depressing 
- Fan Jake Wheelan from New Jersey, told us: "I came to see Madonna a few weeks ago and paid $360 (£190) for my ticket. "Here, I've got the best seats for less than half the price - and the show's 100 times more fun." 
- "I wish I could take this tour to the UK - I love that place, but the timing just didn't work"
Mariah rocks!
She's used to receiving lavish gifts from besotted admirers, but even Mariah Carey didn't expect £3million of diamonds to arrive before her sell-out concert in New York. 

The chart beauty was preparing to greet 20,000 fans in Madison Square Garden last Wednesday when a special envoy arrived, dispatched by Prince Azim, the son of the Sultan of Brunei, who's worth £25billion. 

"We were sent by private jet to deliver this gift," a representative of the 24-yearold, who's third in line to the Sultanate, announced - as he presented an eight-carat flawless diamond and platinum necklace and matching ring.

It sure beats a bunch of wilting roses from a garage forecourt! 

Overjoyed by the gift, the singer, who has sold more than 100 million records, channelled her pleasure into a fabulous show. 

Her amazing set featured 18 hits and guest appearances from rap moguls Diddy and Jay-Z, who was so impressed by the diva's glassshattering vocals that he bowed down to Mariah on stage. 

Highlights included Fly Like A Bird, featuring a full gospel choir, and Dream Lover, which was dedicated to rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard who died following a drugs overdose in 2004. 

Fan Jake Wheelan from New Jersey, told us: "I came to see Madonna a few weeks ago and paid $360 (£190) for my ticket. 

"Here, I've got the best seats for less than half the price - and the show's 100 times more fun." 

The generous superstar was so thrilled to be back in her home city she splashed out £30,000 on Cristal champagne for her family and friends - including 3am - at an exclusive aftershow bash. More than 150 revellers, including her brother Morgan and former opera singer mum Patricia, helped Mariah celebrate her triumph. 

Sipping a glass of Pinot Grigio wine - "Champagne's bad for my voice so I can't have any on tour. Make sure you have some, though!" 

- Mariah told us she's sleeping for 15 hours a day in a humidification chamber. 

It is to ensure her eight-octave voice can survive the rigours of her Adventures Of Mimi tour. 

Breaking doctor's orders to speak exclusively to us as we partied till 4am at New York's 77 bar, she said: "I sleep in a room full of humidifiers and am on total voice rest between shows - I'm not even supposed to speak.

"It's very hard but this tour means a lot to me and I want everyone who comes to have an amazing time." 

Reflecting on her astonishing comeback - her Emancipation Of Mimi album was the biggest-selling record of 2005, just three years after she was paid £15million to quit Virgin Records - she said: "Before I go on stage I try not to think about the dark times or it can all get too much. 

"I know I'm blessed and I'm grateful to every person that stuck by me." 

She went on: "I wish I could take this tour to the UK - I love that place, but the timing just didn't work. 
"I've got to start filming a movie called Tennessee later this year, then I start work on a new album.
"The UK fans are some of my favourites, though, and I want to get back there as soon as I can." You and us both, Mimi! 
Source: 3AM (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 30th.

Awesome East Rutherford review added on the concert page.
Michael sent me his review from the show, it's the most complete one I read until now, check it out.
Posted on August the 30th.
Mariah Weekend on VH1 Europe
VH1 Europe is dedicating this entire weekend (Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd) to Mariah! During the weekend, fans will be able to enjoy many Mariah shows including her "MTV Unplugged" performance, MTV Cribs episode and Making the Video specials for "It's Like That," "Get Your Number," "Say Something" and "Boy (I Need You)." Click here to view the complete airing schedule.
Posted on August the 29th.
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Source for the banner:
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Katrina, 1 year later and nothing has changed

"Justice!" Tonisha yelled. "Get away from the door! You want to get hurt?" Justice slouched in the back seat and pouted. Tonisha fiddled with the radio, trying to distract her so she wouldn't cry. "Justice!" she called. "It's your song!"
It was Mariah Carey's "Fly Like a Bird." The song is a prayer for strength: "Don't let the world break me tonight…. I pray you'll come and carry me home." Justice bobbed her head to the beat, her braids swaying back and forth. Then she put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my arm. Soon, she was asleep.
Source for the extract: KTLA (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes note: Please guys, click here to read the entire story, it's a must read.  While some people are complaining about "only" having a 1 hour concert, some great people and kids can only hear Mariah on the radio of their car.
Posted on August the 29th.
Mariah at BMI's Icon Award tomorrow
Mariah Carey, Pink, Diddy and Busta Rhymes will raise a glass - and maybe their voices - tomorrow at Roseland when Babyface and L.A. Reid are honored at BMI's Icon Awards.
Source: New York Daily News
Posted on August the 29th.
Eric from MC Archives let me know he releases his All Mariah magazine no. 3, for all infos and details head over to his site.
Posted on August the 29th.
Malaysian fans!!!!!
Win concert tickets
MIX FM is giving away a pair of concert tickets to Mariah Carey’s Adventures of Mimi Concert in Hong Kong. 
All you have to do is be the nominated caller through on 03-9543 3322 when you hear the cue to call. 
Then, you have 30 seconds to identify as many song titles as possible after the MIX FM announcer reads out one line from Carey’s songs.
Source: The Star (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 29th.
If this happens, it's serious, 'cause the media will not only trash Mariah but also make fun of her, unless it comes with a Press Release explaining what happend
Mohegan Sun consider a possible refund
The Mohegan Sun Arena box office received so many complaints that they will contact the promoter for the Tour (in this case Live Nation), about a refund for all complaining attendees.
If it's some random person who complained, well there's nothing we can do, if it's fans who complained, it's a SHAME.
Source for the info: Tobby by e-mail
Posted on August the 28th.
Connecticut press again...
Mariah Carey concert disappointing 
"Ever get the feeling that you've been cheated?"
Johnny Rotten asked that of the audience at a particularly disastrous Sex Pistols concert in 1978 shortly before that group imploded.
Had the same question been posed to the fans as they filed out of the Mohegan Sun Arena Friday night after Mariah Carey's concert, the answer would have been a resounding, "Yes."

The pop diva gave a show that lasted just 75 minutes and, more unbelievably, she was off stage for about 15 of those minutes. And this for an event with a top ticket price of $150 and "cheap" seats going for $90.

It's a shame, too, because it was quite the spectacle while it lasted. Although I can't claim to be a big fan of the singer, I was interested in checking out a big-time pop concert where I wouldn't leave wondering whether the singer was actually singing.

When she was on stage, Carey delivered a nice run-through of songs from her latest multi-platinum album, The Emancipation of Mimi, and a few of her older hits.

Obviously, a lot of money was spent on the stage, which, dare I say it, glittered. There also was a full band and a handful of dancers with her and a large screen so she could sing along to the videos of the hip-hop stars (Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, etc.) that appeared on her songs. The concert itself was great fun and Carey almost had me forgetting the traffic nightmares on the way to the casino and the fact that the show started a half-hour late. I even thought her giving the spotlight to singer Trey Lorenz for three songs was just a minor annoyance. But the major annoyance was yet to come.

After she performed "We Belong Together," she said her goodbyes to the crowd and left the stage to get ready for an encore that would send everybody home feeling thoroughly entertained.

It was an encore that would not happen.

There was a feeling of confusion throughout the arena when the house lights went up. Could that really have been the end of the concert? Did I really pay $150 for that?

Again, the answers were "Yes" and "Yes."

It's just too bad that Carey decided to shortchange her audience in this way. It took what was shaping up to be a perfectly fine evening and left her fans feeling a bit cheated.

What a rotten thing to do.

The set list
It's Like That/Heartbreaker/Dreamlover/Shake It Off/Stay the Night/I'll Be There/Fantasy/Don't Forget About Us/Always Be My Baby/Honey/I Wish You Knew/Hero/We Belong Together 
Source: Connecticut Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 29th.

Wouch.... seems like this critic didn't try to find out what happend that night
Mariah Carey Way More 'Heartbreaker' Than 'Hero'
The people at Mohegan Sun got robbed Friday night.

It wasn't the people at the gaming tables or those in front of the blinking slot machines, but everyone sitting in the arena for Mariah Carey's concert. 

Oh, where does one begin? How about she was a half hour late coming to the stage? Or that she did three costume changes in a matter of minutes? Or maybe that her deejay played more songs than she performed. 

No, I think you really want to know that many of Ms. Carey's fans shelled out $150, that's ONE HUNDRED FIFTY smackers, for a show that lasted barely an hour. Don't believe it? Here's how it went down: 

8:34 p.m., the curtain comes up and the audience is treated to a two-minute video about how Ms. Carey's life is similar to a roller coaster. She performs "It's Like That," "Heartbreaker," and "Dream Lover," the last with a hot Biggie Smalls remix to "Juicy" before she leaves the stage. While she's gone, no music is played and the audience just sits and waits.

Ms. Carey returns wearing the same outfit, but has added a pair of dark shades to the ensemble. What was the point in leaving? One more song, and then she leaves again. 

Her deejay plays nine or 10 old school cuts, then she returns and performs two more songs, including a duet with Trey Lorenz. 

Then, by this time I could barely contain myself, Ms. Carey had the audacity to leave the stage. Again. 

Lorenz takes over and performs three songs. Ms. Carey returns to perform four more songs, then there's another deejay interlude. The Diva reemerges to sing the last verse and chorus of "How I Love You, Baby" along with "Hero" and "We Belong Together." At 9:45 p.m., the chorus of "Butterfly" comes on, Ms. Carey tells the crowd how much she loves us and exits. She should have just rolled her eyes, snapped her fingers and said, "Don't even think about asking me to sing another song!" Then, we really couldn't have been mad at her because she warned us. 

But she didn't. Not only did her backup singers and band walk off the stage, but the house lights came on. 

No chance for an encore or for the fans to chant or shout her name. All you saw were mouths hanging open and heads shaking in disbelief. A sampling of the exit polls: 

"I spent $300," said the couple sitting behind us. "I could have lost that on the table, brother." 

"We came for Mary J. Blige. She did two hours and barely left the stage," said another lady. 

Ms. Carey, you did a disservice to your fans. The next time you think about coming back to the Constitution State, think about the sour taste you left in our mouths. Everyone in that audience deserves a refund. And you owe Connecticut an apology.
Source: The Day - Brad - Mariah Daily
Posted on August the 28th.

Australian Mariah anti-fan club on the way 
A first-year WNBA player after four seasons of professional experience in Australia, Erin Phillips wasn't going to be uncomfortable playing one game to determine who moves on. That's what she's used to come playoff time.
"Back in Adelaide, it was just one shot," she said. "If you don't win, see ya later. Go home, maybe next year. All these series and stuff like that is all new to me."
Apparently the hype surrounding Mariah Carey did make its way back home. After the team collectively took in Carey's show Thursday at Mohegan Sun Arena and were mostly disappointed, Phillips is aspiring to create an anti-fan club for the pop star.
Source: Norwich Bulletin (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Damn, I have no time to create an anti Erin Phillips site 
Posted on August the 28th.
Finally, the media needs to admit they spread false quotes!!!
Oops on Mariah, and other false tales
Mike Devlin, Times Colonist
Last week's 10 Things column about celebrity dum-dums drew kind words from some readers (thank you; money's in the mail), but one group of negative responses in particular put our grey matter into a tailspin.
No one likes to be wrong, but apparently our reprinting of an infamous Mariah Carey quote (about wanting to stay thin like kids in Africa, but without "all those flies and death and stuff") was indeed that. Wrong.
We, like Ms. magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, British publications VOX and The Independent, and BBC Radio One before us, believed the quote to be true. Unbeknownst to us, it was part of an Internet hoax instigated by now-defunct online magazine Cupcake, which printed a malicious fake interview with Carey in 1996. Our bad fortune.
Source: Victoria Times Colonist (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 28th.
Mariah Carey performance brief
By Donnie Moorhouse
Uuncasville, Conn. - Let's be brief. 
After all, that is the word that best describes Mariah Carey's performance at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Friday night. 
The entire show lasted from roughly 8:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. and with costume changes, deejay performances, and a three song medley from one of her backup singers, Carey spent less than 45 minutes on the stage. 
For contrast purposes, 45 minutes is usually the minimum amount of time granted to an opening act. It's only half as long as the ride from Springfield to Uncasville. On some weekend nights the line at the buffet can be longer than Carey's show. 
While some could argue that 45 minutes is quite long enough for a lot of performers passing themselves off as concert draws these days, Carey actually seemed to be getting at least a passing grade when she thanked everyone and waved goodbye. 

She had the crowd on her side (they quickly turned), a major production (dancers, singers, live band, and a half dozen video screens) and the goodwill that comes with successfully executing a viable "comeback." 
Things looked bleak for Carey at the turn of the century when she split with music executive Tommy Mottola, flamed out in an attempted movie career with the laughable "Glitter," and was dumped by Virgin Records. Her recent "The Emancipation of Mimi" release has put her back on the charts. The corresponding "Adventures of Mimi" tour could return her to punch line land. 
What's longer than a Mariah Carey concert? Just about anything. 
The show started with Carey narrating a video about her "rollercoaster" life before the curtains opened to reveal Carey in revealing short shorts and bikini top singing "It's Like That." 
Rapper Jay-Z joined in via video screen during "Heartbreaker" and Carey carefully walked down a grand staircase to the bottom half of the multi-tiered stage to sing "Dreamlover." 
There were a couple of diva-like moments, particularly when Carey admonished a crew member between songs. 
"Get that light off me you dummy," she said, before remembering her microphone was operable. "Oops, just kidding." 
After a strong cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," sung as a duet with backup singer Trey Lorenz, Carey left the stage to let Lorenz solo for three songs. 
While the performances, two covers of Luther Vandross and a reprisal of the current Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy," were entertaining, giving a backup singer eight minutes in the middle of a show is just a bad idea. 
Carey returned in one of the five costumes she donned for the event, and worked through hits like "Hero," "Fantasy," and "Honey." She closed the show with "We Belong Together" and did not return for an encore. 
Source: The Republican (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 28th.

Fan reviews have been added on the East Rutherford concert page.
Posted on August the 28th
Continental Airlines Arena concert tidbits:
- Full show, but unfortunately far from sold out, people were able to go from their "noosebleed" section in the sections near the stage, 'cause there were so many empty.
- Mario made a special guest appearance because it was his birthday. He did 'Let Me Love You' right before he did a duet with Mariah for One Sweet Day.
- They didn't do the Spike Lee skits.
- The pastor was there for "Fly Like A Bird".
- Someone in the crowd had a sign 'Vote or Die' 'Jack for Rellys' which was cute and Mariah pointed it out.
- The MIMI sign for Shake It Off broke so they had this circular thing in the middle of the stage.
- Mariah was hoarse and a bit out of breath the whole time.
Additional infos thanks to Mariah Daily
- Fans Amy and Jakki held up a sign that said, "We have your 8th grade yearbook." Mariah, sounding not too happy about it, said to them, "If you hold that sign up at me again, I'm going to have to go down there and be angry with you!" 
- Mariah sang "Hero" to an 8-year old handicapped girl in the front row who they had to help sit up. The young girl cried as Mariah sang a verse to her.
Source: Danny - Josh - Nicole - idoggy
Posted on August the 28th.
Heroes of Mariah in French too soon!
As there's a high request, Heroes of Mariah will have a news section in French too very soon. 

Heroes of Mariah bientôt en français aussi!
Suite à une forte demande, Heroes of Mariah aura une section de nouvelles en français pour bien sûr tous les francophones du monde, je vais essayer de faire de mon mieux pour vous traduire l'essentiel des nouvelles mondiales et vous donner les 
nouvelles relatives aux pays francophones.  Alors que vous soyez Belges francophones, Français, Canadiens francophones, Suisses francophones, enfin tous les fans parlant français, ceci sera pour vous.
Apparemment mon style vous plait, alors on n'y changera rien.  Immense tendresse pour Mariah, un support inconditionnel, de l'humour et des coups de gueule, ça vous va?  Rendez-vous bientôt 
Posted on August the 27th.

The Mohegan Sun Arena case
It's the story which is in minds of a lot of fans at the moment, so it really became a "case" .  We will probably never know what happend exactly for the show being shorter, but before putting names on Mariah (yes, yes, I know some do it ), you need to know Mariah met a lot of some contest winners, a few fans, etc.. before the concert, and for some unknown reason the last people in row (people who didn't won a contest and were not on the list, they only got passes at the entrance) weren't allowed by Rob (her bodyguard) to meet Mariah anymore.
Also, the Mohegan Sun Arena is property of the Mohegan Tribe (Native Americans, that we name Indians here in Europe), and is known for their strict rules, all activities in the Arena must end by 10pm.
Posted on August the 27th.
Rumor alert: Mariah had a vocal chords surgery?????  well at least, it's what Entertainmentwise claims (but it's a UK site,'s a high level of rumor alert)
Shayne Ward To Have Surgery This Week On his vocal chords...
Shayne Ward is to go under the surgeons knife after getting nodules on his precious vocal chords.
The news is every singers nightmare and a friend told the News of the World: “Shane is absolutely gutted. This is something every singer dreads".
His manager Louis Walsh confirmed the news saying that the X Factor winner his opening to be back in business in just over a month. 
He said: "He's having the op on Thursday. It's the team of doctors who've performed on Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.”
“We're confident he will be singing again in six weeks."
Source: Entertainmentwise (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 27th.
Support Mariah
Some US fans can't stop complaining, typical , you guys have the chance Mariah performs in your country, so stop it!!!!
You claim you have the right to complain since you bought Mariah's cd and the typical :"I'm entitled to express myself", well if your way to express yourself is bashing Mariah, you have nothing to do anymore in the fan community.  And worse are the non-US fans who act like lil' monkeys," if the US fans say it, I say it too", pathetic , you didn't even attend the shows and still think you know if all from what you heard on some recorded files (believe it or not, I didn't hear any concert performance until now, I want to keep the surprise just in case the Tour heads over to Europe later, and guess who will be the luckiest one, you or me?).
Don't complain about the setlist, if you wanna hear what you want, listen to a cd or take a mic and sing yourself.
Don't complain about some shows being shorter than others, you don't know the reason and neither do I.
Don't complain about the outfits, Mariah likes them, did she ever said to a fan that she doesn't like the way he/she dresses?
Don't complain because you didn't met Mariah after the concert, some fans waited hours late in the night just for her smile.
Don't complain about the money you spent, nobody forced you to spend it.
I'm not brainwashed, I just love Mariah as an artist and person, she's the most wonderful person I met until now in my life.
You know what?  A friend of mine, fan of Madonna, told me once: "Madonna is a bitch with her fans, but her fans are the best.  Mariah is the sweetest artist with her fans, but her fans are the worst", well today I know what he meant.
Posted on August the 26th.
June Ambrose: Fashion Therapist and Stylist
June Ambrose, author of the forthcoming 'Effortless Style,'
The fashion maven who defines style with words like "energy" and "persona" often finds that, "one of the biggest misconceptions is that fashion or style is about a makeover, but it's really about personal development. What I do is more personal than it is creative," says Ambrose, founder of Mod Squad. "There has to be trust; a sense of knowledge about who your client really is inside."
Ambrose's beneath the surface approach has her asking clients everything from: "What are you trying to convey to the masses?" "Who are you?" "What do you identify with, an old movie reference, a comic book character or is it abstract art?" To: "What makes you feel sexy ... thongs, panties, boxers, briefs?" All of these little intimacies help me to interpret what they want to become," she insists. "It also helps me mask all the insecurities and overcome all the things that hold you back from ultimately finding yourself in your look."
For style to truly become effortless, it must be addressed in all aspects of one?s life. "It's a full package; from your home to the types of sheets you use to the way you condition your body.
Source: AOL Black Voices (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 26th.
Non Fan winners meet Mariah in Boston, maybe they will buy her cds now.... click on the pic to enlarge.
Sweet, sweet fantasy wedding for couple 

At the end of June, Melanie Anderson was working on the budget for her September wedding.
“I came up with this unbelievable amount that we were still coming up short,” said Anderson, 28, of Nashua.
Two days later, she got a phone call from KISS 108 telling her she had won a new Mazda Miata convertible.
Several weeks earlier, she had been listening to the radio and had been the 25th caller, winning tickets to see Mariah Carey in concert. That made her eligible to win the car. “I didn’t really think much of it,” she said.

Anderson and her fiance, 32-year-old Tony Neve of Nashua, were treated to Carey’s concert at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston on Monday night. Right after Carey finished performing, Carey herself handed the keys to the new wheels to Anderson.
When the Danvers, Mass., Ira Mazda dealership offered to buy the car back, Anderson, a labor and delivery nurse at the Elliott Hospital in Manchester, happily accepted. She is using a portion of the $18,500 check to cover her wedding expenses.
The big day is Sept. 30. She and Neve are tying the knot in Scarborough, Maine.
“It felt like a gift,” said Anderson. “It took off a lot of stress from my family, because my family always wanted to give me a dream wedding.”

Meeting Mariah Carey was a bonus.
“I’m not a super-huge fan, I don’t have any of her CDs or anything . . . but it was pretty surreal,” Anderson said.
Carey gave both Anderson and Neve hugs before posing for photos.
“She was bigger and taller than I thought she would be,” Anderson said.
During the picture-taking, Anderson said Carey kept running over to look at the digital camera to see how the snapshots came out.
“She didn’t like a couple of the pictures, so she had us erase stuff,” Anderson said. “She straightened out my hair and fixed Tony’s collar and made sure we looked OK.”
Anderson had a ball meeting the diva, as did her fiance.
“He asked her for a second hug on the way out,” she said.
Source: Nashua Telegraph (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 26th.

Not enough time between the shows
- "Mariah was performing yesterday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, the show was about 70 minutes.....but yeah, I bet Mariah wasn't feeling well physically or vocally. She gave her all in NYC and must have been a little strained.  Even if she skipped "My All", "Vision Of Love", "Fly Like A Bird", "Make It Happen" I still feel lucky as she sang "Stay The Night" which is one of my favs. She only did one snippet the one for "I Wish you Knew". There was no B Stage and no encore,  I remember "Butterfly" coming on and looking for Mariah and she was already gone... 
Everyone next to me was sitting there like.. where's the encore.. I'm like.. Butterfly is always the last song.. house lights in 5, 4,3,2 1.. Time to go home."
- "We appreciate that Mariah is doing the tour to showcase her talents live for us, but it makes you wonder why she allowed the promoters to schedule so many shows so closely together. In past tours MC never did so many shows and she never did any with less than 2 days rest in between. They keep pushing how this is Mariah's most ambitious tour to date, but failed ambition is not better than doing the usual 15-20 shows and nailing every single night. 
Everyone knows that Mariah has an amazing voice and it has to be a strain to belt out all those fantastic notes night after night. But she is a professional who has been in the business for 16 years. She should have told someone from the get go that she is doing too many shows too closely together. This is the same lady who 5 years ago had a physical breakdown from exhaustion. She vowed to never let anyone pressure her to overwork herself again. It's kind of sad that someone on this tour is causing her to go back on that promise and have to go out there and sing every other night. The tour is taking a lot out of MC. I'd actually rather have her cancel my show and perhaps reschedule months later than have her come out not feeling well and have to cut the show short." 
Source for the infos: Tony and Tim by e-mail
Posted on August the 26th.
DVD for European fans
We already knew that according to the Swedish site, "MTV Unplugged +3" and "Mariah Carey" will be released on DVD on October 2.
Now, it's HMV UK which announces the release of the "Mariah Carey" DVD for September the 25th. at a good price of  £5.49, you can already pre-order it.
Belgian fans, I'll keep you updated as soon as I've contacted Sony Belgium.
Posted on August the 25th.
Mariah reveals a lot
If Mariah Carey said it once, she said it a dozen times during her Madison Square Garden gig the other night. Mariah, honey, we believe you. But guess what, your fanatically devoted fans don't care. They love you as a diva. They love you breaking down. They love you coming back. They love you hitting those stratospheric notes. Mariah, whose hair is pretty stratospheric too, wore her usual selection of bodacious body-revealing get-ups, which can lead one to miss some of those big notes. Questions? Will that bodice burst? Will we see all the junk in the trunk? 

Mariah is very laid-back, and talks to her audience as if they are sitting next to her at a table in a restaurant. Some people think that's too casual an approach. But . . . yes, the fans love her intimate chatting. She is a sweet girl, who had a rough childhood, adolescence and young adulthood, including a tempestuous marriage to Tommy Mottola. Her stardom and those fans mean everything to her, and it's obvious in every breath she takes. 
Source: Liz Smith for the New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 25th.

High-Octave fuel
Go to your darkest fear, the cold-sweat stuff you awake to in the night, like being thrust onto the stage of Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people wearing only your underwear and 6-inch stiletto heels, to sing impossibly high notes. 

Welcome to a night in the life of Mariah Carey. 

The voluptuous singer - who, despite being a hometown girl, rarely plays the city - spun a greatest-hits set for fans at the Garden Wednesday night that featured soaring vocals, questionable fashion decisions and a little help from her rap mogul friends - Jay-Z and Sean Combs. 

Besides her abilities to overcome personal adversity and hit glass-breaking notes so high only bats and dogs can hear her, Carey has the skill to make people smile. 

No, really. 

One just had to look at the fans sitting nearby. All had this non-New York goofy grin that made them appear as if they just got to go to Camp Mariah for vacation. 

It wasn't just the women in the house, many of whom have actually benefited from Carey's long-established summer camp program for girls, or the guys who ogled the singer's boudoir booty display. Stone-faced Jay-Z, a guy who only shows his teeth to clench a Cuban, was grinning the biggest, dopiest schoolboy smile as he worked an early-show duet of "Heartbreaker" with Carey. 

At the close of the tune, the rapper, who bows to no one, kowtowed to Carey with outstretched arms and a crooked smile - their chemistry was terrific. 

Minus the terrific chemistry, much the same could be said of Combs, who ran out of the wings to join Carey in the final throes of her hit "Honey." Combs popped a few "yo yos," gave a shout-out to the greater metropolitan area, folded his arms and eyeballed Carey over the tops of his shades. 

Carey was thrilled that he joined her, but he added little to the performance beyond the puffiness of his ego. 

Part of the charm of Carey's show was the general looseness of the concert. The two-level stage looked used, as if it had been picked up cheap in the Czech Republic. The between-song DJ-ing lent the affair the air of a bad bridge and tunnel club. Carey even had to stop the show at one point because a clergyman she invited to do the spoken-word part of "Fly Like a Bird" missed his cue and had to be found backstage and ushered into the spotlight. 

But M.C.'s deal isn't about cheesy sets, weird fashion or even celebrity guest stars. It's about the voice. And for the first five songs, including her duet with Jay-Z, Carey didn't blow anyone away. 

Where she finally found her groove was when she reprised her first No. 1 single, "Vision of Love." She warbled through the lows and used all of her five octaves to reach the song's summit. 

Who knew the word "love" could be stretched and contorted into an opus unto itself? She managed to repeat that performance passion during her late show rendition of "Hero." 

At 36, Carey seems to be very comfortable in her own skin. She was relaxed throughout her 20-song set, which featured a good but not great cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There." Other fan favorites included "Fantasy," "Don't Forget About Me" and "Always Be My Baby," which Carey performed from a secondary stage set up on the floor at the center of the Garden. 

Carey did make a mistake by giving up a chunk of the middle of her set to backup singer Trey Lorenz. Despite his ability to carry a tune, Lorenz was unable to command the audience, and his mid-show mini-set just put sand in the concert's gears. 

Still, this was a very successful, fan-pleasing concert that made you wonder why Carey doesn't play her hometown more often.
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 25th.

Sean Paul about Mariah: "I'm very proud to open for her"
"I would love to release a song called 'Never Gonna Be the Same,' " Paul said of a tune he's already released overseas. "It's a song I wrote about a friend who passed away. I did a video for it already in Jamaica, in the streets and the neighborhoods that we used to walk together. And so it's a real special video. And I hope to have it here."
Paul wrote the song after a fellow musician named Daddigon was gunned down early last year on the streets of Kingston. The lyrics also mention others he has lost over the years, including an aunt and girlfriend. Violence in Jamaica is a topic Paul plans to address on his fourth album, which he's writing now and will release in the spring.
In the meantime, he's still on the road with Mariah Carey. "I'm very proud to open for her," Paul said backstage at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards (see "Britney Introduces K-Fed, Nick Lachey Scores 'Awkward' Award At Teen Choice 2006"). "I'll be doin' the tour with her until September 11. I've been away from home a long time, so in September I'm gonna try to go back home and chill out in the sun and do my own thing."
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 25th.
Rumor alert as it's coming from a UK paper
Mariah Carey is ready to kiss and make up with fellow singing diva Christina after a bitter war of words. Mariah now back on top reveals, 'I think that it's silly. I have just heard her new album – it's great. She is a talent and we should work together.'
Source: Metro (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: yeah right, who's next??? J Lo??? Madonna??? 
Posted on August the 25th.
Canadian fans: "Backstage With Mariah" on Muchmusic
"Backstage With Mariah" to air on Saturday at 6:00pm 
Much Backstage With Mariah 
- Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of an international world tour and what it takes to put one together? MuchMusic’s Matte Bable travels to Miami, Florida to bring you an EXCLUSIVE backstage look at Mariah Carey's "The Adventures Of Mimi" tour. He hooks up with all of the major players that make the magic happen on stage - the dancers, the singers, the choreographers, as well as special interviews from DJ Clue and musical director Randy Jackson, and of course, the diva herself, Mariah Carey! Catch Mariah as she dishes the dirt on the tour, her love life, her massive comeback and Matte finally finds out exactly what that word 'diva' means!
- Born To Be - Mariah Carey at 6:30 pm 
Source for the info: Muchmusic - deanie
Posted on August the 25th.
Mine Again goes for Urban Adult adds on Tuesday
Source: All Access - Josh at fomm
Posted on August the 25th.
The Missing Pastor, and Other Onstage Ordeals
Give Mariah Carey a chance for a concert that should be a victory lap, she’ll make it feel more like a roller coaster.
The lights at Madison Square Garden were dim on Wednesday night. Mariah Carey wasn't onstage yet. But her recorded voice was booming through the speakers, dispensing clichés to the cheering crowd.

For instance: "Sometimes life can be kind of like a roller coaster." And, from time to time we all get "a moment of peace." Also, our lives are "part of God's bigger plan." And finally, inevitably, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

At the time it seemed as if Ms. Carey was talking about the ups and downs or her life and career. Her recent years in the music-industry wilderness are by now a big part of the Myth of Mariah, even though in retrospect they don’t seem all that dire. "Glitter," the movie and the album, were absolute bombs, but the semi-successful follow-up album, "Charmbracelet," was pretty good, and it demonstrated that there would probably always be a million or so people willing to buy a pretty-good Mariah Carey album. Still, it was last year's "Emancipation of Mimi" (Island Def Jam) that really put her back on top, and she's clearly relieved. During Wednesday's concert two of the most effusive dedications went to L. A. Reid and Doug Morris, the executives who helped make "Mimi" last year's best-selling CD.

How could we have known, at the beginning of a totally entertaining and slightly weird night, that Ms. Carey's clichés would come true, right there onstage? The show included a few guest appearances (Jay-Z and Da Brat during "Heartbreaker"; Diddy during "Honey"), lots of ovations and all the costume changes you'd expect. But it also gave Ms. Carey a chance to demonstrate her singular talent for embellishment, vocal and otherwise. Give her a molehill, she'll make you a mountain. Give her a chance for a concert that should be a victory lap, she'll make it feel more like - yes - a roller coaster. There were plenty of not-quite-life-threatening ordeals that must have made Ms. Carey stronger.

She chided DJ Clue, who had his own podium next to her band, when she mentioned his name and he didn't respond with an appreciative scratch or shout-out. She saw an expression she didn't like on the ever-smiling face of Trey Lorenz, her duet partner (for the Jackson 5 hit "I'll Be There"), and wondered aloud whether he was in a bad mood. And before nearly every song, she fretted about the dire threat of throat-parchedness; luckily, her water bottle was usually in exactly the right place.

Her concert, like the great "Mimi" album, emphasized club jams over ballads. Early on, a show-stopping rendition of "My All" came back to life as a thumping house track. And she often emphasized the extremes of her vocal range: the smoky low notes and the smoke-alarmy high ones.

Throughout, she betrayed a charming anxiety about pleasing the crowd. After "Vision of Love," the song that made her a star, she said, "At first I wasn't doing my first single, 'cause I was like, I don't know if people want to hear it, or whatever." And before "Don't Forget About Us," she said, "Thank you for making this my 17th No. 1 single." But who's counting?

In recognition of the importance of following God's plan, perhaps, she sang "Make It Happen," a bombastic disco-gospel inspirational that compresses many of her tendencies into a four-minute song. And she tried her best to stick to the plan during "Fly Like a Bird," which was supposed to begin with a few words from a pastor. Ahem. Pastor? For a few tense, strange minutes he was nowhere to be found.

"I'm not trying to be a diva," Ms. Carey said, adding, ominously, "We went over this." Eventually he showed up: another crisis averted.

Near the end, Ms. Carey sang "Hero," and she dedicated it to a friend whose father had recently died. She seemed to tear up, so she made a request: "If you want, sing along with me."

In true Mariah Carey style, she sang that request instead of saying it. And in even truer Mariah Carey style, she added some further instructions: "Just for the first part. So I can get it together."

And the crowd followed her instructions to the letter. Surely that qualifies as a moment of peace.
Source: The New York Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 25th.

A Force To Be Reckoned With
To some music lovers, Mariah Carey's voice sounds like that of a whining dog, whimpering and squealing through four-minute ballads and three-minute peppy dance tunes. But to others, her voice is a stunning instrument.

To say that Mariah Carey has gone through some hard times is an understatement: She spent the late 1990s and the first half of this decade dodging rumors of suicide attempts and mental breakdowns. On top of that, she suffered from mediocre record sales and the seeming lack of a good fashion stylist. She giggled and rambled during live public appearances, and in an episode of MTV's "Cribs," she spent an hour touring her New York penthouse, changing outfits for every scene, dunking herself in a tub of bubbles, and hopping on a fitness machine in plastic high-heels. In short, she didn't seem together. At all. But the public's memory is fickle, and those tough times made it easy to forget that in the 1990s Ms. Carey had broken nearly every important musical record for a solo female artist.

Her self-titled debut album, released in 1990, landed four no. 1 singles, including the legendary ballad "Vision of Love." Ms. Carey balanced balladry and adult contemporary pop with a deft hand at songwriting and a five-octave voice that she could manipulate into any mood she wanted. Her next effort, 1993's "Music Box," was a perfect example of the balance she could achieve.The singles "Dreamlover" and "Hero" were complete opposites: "Hero" was an indulgent, Josh Grobanesque ballad full of sentimental, heartwarming proclamations, while "Dreamlover" was a sexy come hither pop song. Until 1997, Ms. Carey kept up her success, showcasing her maturing songwriting and production skills on singles like "Fantasy" and "Always Be My Baby."

"Butterfly," from 1997, was Ms. Carey's hip-hop breakthrough: Although the first single from that album, "Honey," produced by P. Diddy, was smart and succinct, her early relationship with hip-hop was ultimately rocky. The albums "Rainbow," "Glitter," and "Charmbracelet" were forgettable. Ms. Carey needed help musically and personally. Her call for rescue was clouded by her continually weird antics, and the debacle of signing the biggest record contract ever — $80 million with Virgin Records — only to be dumped by the label after one release.

It was easy to think, early in this decade, that Ms. Carey wouldn't bounce back — in fact, it was probably easier to think that the singer and her ballads were dead and gone, relegated to the video cycle on VH1 Classic, than to imagine her gathering the energy to make another comeback. But this is a singer-songwriter who was the first female artist to debut at no. 1 on the singles charts. Not even Whitney Houston did that. And she did it her own way. On the song "Fantasy" she used a Tom Tom Club sample. Now, she could have gone mainstream and used a Talking Heads sample, but instead she went obscure — and she hit gold. Why couldn't she bounce back with pay dirt?

With last year's "The Emancipation of Mimi," she did just that. The songwriting skills of the hip-hop extraordinaire Jermaine Dupri helped Ms. Carey hold her own for the first time in her hip-hop career.Like other vocalists, such as Mary J. Blige, Ms. Carey used Mr. Dupri's uncomplicated lyrics to her vocal advantage, carrying songs like "We Belong Together" to emotional arcs without going overboard. Remixes of "Shake It Off" and "It's Like That" appeared on multiple mix tapes, further legitimizing her return.

Unsurprisingly, this comeback was accompanied by doubts about whether or not she would succeed, as well as by even more than usual criticisms of her appearance. Sure, her dresses are a little too short sometimes, but "Mimi" proved that despite such slip ups, her musical abilities are still as strong as ever.

As she swings through the East Coast on her current tour (appearing at Jones Beach during Labor Day weekend), fans can step back and appreciate the struggles that Ms. Carey went through to get to where she is now. Wearing a black bandeau on stage is probably not the best idea for an outdoor concert, but as long as she can belt out "Vision of Love" and "We Belong Together" in the same set, she is still a musical force to be reckoned with.

August 27 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J., and September 3 at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater.
Source: The New York Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 25th.

My thoughts go out to Rachel
Rachel's dad passed away and Mariah dedicated Hero to her at the MSG concert.
Posted on August the 24th.
Chicago's B96 gives aways front row tickets to Mariah's sept 11th concert in Chicago
When they will play "Don't Forget About Us" on Saturday between 5pm and 6pm, the 96th. caller at (312) 591-9696 wins a pair of front row tickets.
Click here to see the rules.  Good luck to all Chicago area fans 
Source for the info: Jay on our forum.
Posted on August the 24th.
Something's missing in Mariah's show
Mariah Carey is no longer a punchline. 
A few years ago, she looked like a diva on the decline, with increasingly dissapointing record sales and a growing reputation for strange behavior. But her early 2005 album "The Emancipation of Mimi" became a hit, and she returned from career limbo. Now, at the age of 36, she is once again an A-lister. 

At the start of last night's concert at Madison Square Garden, she showed a video of a rollercoaster, and discussed the "ups and downs" and "twists and turns" of her life, concluding: "It's all part of God's bigger plan for me" and that "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." 

The show had all the ingredients for a triumphant homecoming. Carey's voice was as strong as ever, and she hit her famous high notes with ease. The house was full, and - reflecting the turn toward hip-hop Carey took with "The Emancipation of Mimi" -- rappers Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Da Brat and Jadakiss made surprise guest appearances. (Other rappers, including the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, "collaborated" with Carey via video.) 

Still, it felt like something was missing. 

Carey doesn't present an overwhelming visual spectacle like Madonna or Janet Jackson. And while there were some exciting musical moments -- usually at a song's climax, where her voice explored a sonic stratosphere her contemporaries simply can't reach -- she often seemed to be going through the motions between them. And the show had too many breaks in the action (dance interludes, DJ mini-sets) to gather much momentum. 

The evening peaked with "Fly Like a Bird," where the presence of a 40-member gospel choir seemed to pump Carey up. This number also had an awkward moment, though, when a pastor who was supposed to deliver a spoken intro didn't show up, and Carey, clearly annoyed, had to stop the song and wait until he could be found. 

"This is not staged," said Carey, who also mused, "Maybe he didn't like a first outfit." She had worn a black bikini, under a sheer cape, with stiletto heels, at the start of the show, though at this point, she had changed into a more modest gown. 

Another highlight was the pop confection "Fantasy," performed on a small stage in the middle of the arena. The moody, understated "My All" was a nice break from Carey's usual bombast, though she repeatedly returned to surging power ballads, including "Hero" and "We Belong Together." 

Jay-Z made his appearance early on, rapping on "Heartbreaker," but the crowd cheered so heartily it was almost impossible to hear him. As Carey sang, he graciously bowed and waved his arms, as if to say, "We are not worthy." 

P. Diddy showed up later in the show, taking the stage for part of "Honey," but didn't do any actual rapping. 

Trey Lorenz, who sang with Mariah on her 1992 cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" and is in Carey's current band as a backing vocalist, stepped out front to help her with this song. He also accompanied her later in the show, on a medley of hits, and performed his own medley during one of her costume changes. 

Lorenz, who announced that his next album will be called "Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz," pointed out that Carey's '95 hit "One Sweet Day" still holds the record for most weeks at No. 1, while Carey herself, earlier in the show, had identified "Don't Forget About Us" as her 17th No. 1 hit. This was something that divas really shouldn't do: remind people how mind-bogglingly popular they are. 

It seemed as if Carey, despite her success, is still experiencing some nagging insecurity. That's the thing about rollercoasters: there are moments of calms, but you always have to brace for the jolts to come. 
Source: The Star-Ledger (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 24th.

Pictures, pictures, pictures
Wow, the MSG concert pictures are great, I added some new ones in the New York concert page.
Also, go take a look at Mariah Carey Live for a lot of great pictures and if you wanna see all Mariah's outfits of the Tour until now and all untagged pictures, go take a look at Cat's site,
Thanks to Angie for the pics
Posted on August the 24th.
Discount Tickets: Mariah Carey - Chicago, IL 
Mariah Carey
United Center, Chicago, IL
Mon., Sept. 11th, 2006
Special limited time offer available now - purchase a 4-pack of balcony tickets regularly priced at over $200 for just $96 plus a service charge!
Special Offer Code: LIVENATION
Ticketing LINK
Source: LowCountry
Posted on August the 24th.
One more Japanese concert added 
Mariah Carey plays to sold-out Madison Square Garden
Mariah Carey played to a sold-out Madison Square Garden last night as part of her "The Adventures of Mimi" tour, which comes to Japan in October. 
Her latest album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," heralds a shift in her musical influences, and proved her new hip-hop credentials. Taking to the stage in black lingerie and high heels, she was joined by a high-powered supporting cast of hip-hop stars including Sean Paul, Diddy and Jay-Z. 
Carey plays her first show in Japan at Nagoya's Rainbow Hall on Oct. 18. An extra show to be held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on Oct. 16 was added today.
Source: MSN-Mainichi Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 24th.
Mariah in full voice for state visit
Many may try to sing like Mariah Carey, but area vocal coaches and instructors recommend against it.

Those emulating their favorite star can injure their voices if they force hitting those shrill notes, or even low ones below what comes comfortably, experts advise. Aspiring artists should develop their own, individual sound and skills, they say. People aren't just born with powerful voices and the ability to sing regularly and comfortably in whistle range, the highest register of the human voice, as Carey can.

Carey boldly promotes her instrument in the title of her current, 40-city world sojourn, "The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour," which makes its only Connecticut stop Friday at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Some credit genetics, even destiny, in Carey's fairy tale-like rise to fame. Born to an opera singer mother who named her for Lerner and Loewe's 1951 Broadway song, "They Call the Wind Mariah," Carey later wed, and divorced, Sony Music President Tommy Motolla.

True singing stars like Carey, vocal coaches say, get their chops from a blend of training and their innately pleasing and distinct voices.

Carey's deep, sultry, low notes and seemingly superhuman high-end wailing may seem effortless, but her voice has been cultivated over years -- beginning with coaching from her mother growing up.

"It's just like an athlete. Were you born able to run the 500-meter dash?" said Marianna Vagnini, a Naugatuck voice instructor who has traveled as a professional soprano and will begin teaching students at Waterbury Arts Magnet School this year. "When Mariah Carey came out, she didn't sound like anyone else, which is what made her."

Echoed Richard Gard, a composer, musician, teacher, producer and conductor who oversees the music department at Naugatuck Valley Community College in Waterbury: "It helps what you're born with. I'd say more than a good voice, you might be born with a distinctive voice."

Both Gard and Vagnini tutor students to find their own voices, rather than emulating Mariah's, Sinatra's -- or anyone else's for that matter.

Once a singer has found his or her own sound, proper training can expand performers' abilities to span the scale. But not quite to the seven-octave range Carey's publicity handlers have said she can achieve. Several vocal coaches have expressed doubt over the supposed seven-octave voice.

"You'd have to be about 10 feet tall to have that range," said Gard, explaining the capacity for seven octaves as close to a grand piano's capability, from bottom of the keyboard to top. He called a three-octave range both huge and rare. 

A Web site that aims to debunk urban legends even has addressed this topic, with the entry granting Carey perhaps six octaves. Others are not as generous, estimating Carey's range at anywhere between three and five octaves.

Other artists who have been said to possess extraordinary range in excess of three octaves include Peruvian singer Yma Sumac, whose Web site claims her as at least once capable of five octaves, and Julie Andrews, whose voice has been categorized by sources as in the four- to five-octave range.

"The human voice is a miraculous instrument," said Vagnini, adding that whatever Carey's range, she ranks undeniably among those with voices that impress. "She definitely raised the bar in what people expect to hear in a pop singer. She's certainly a bright light in pop history."
Source: Republican-American (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 24th.

MSG tidbits: fan review
Mariah was great...JayZ...DaBrat...Diddy...Dj Clue...Styles P (I think)...Jadakiss, were all on hand! It was AWESOME...although the rappers didn't do much lyrically...JayZ had long forgotten his rhyme in Heartbreaker, but was bowing down to Mariah as she hit the high notes...which you couldn't even hear b/c everyone was GOING CRAZY!!! It was SO AMAZING to see them all there. 

The poor crew lighting guy got his ass handed to him by Mariah (unwarranted though). Mariah stopped Fly Like A Bird b/c the lighting guy didn't put the spot light on the Pastor. However, it turned out that the Pastor was actually lost somewhere back stage. Mariah was LIVID...stating how they went over this and it was supposed to be a special moment! Then someone politely came up to Mariah and informed her that the Pastor was missing. Mariah replied, ohhh...maybe he didn't like my first outfit, CUTE!!! 

Although, she demanded they go find the Pastor...'give me a time when you will have him out here'...'I need to know how long'...'In MINUTES'....Mariah definitely had a DIVA MOMENT!! After several minutes the Pastor was found and the show went on.
Source: kaboyz
Posted on August the 24th.

Jadakiss was at the New York concert too
He didn't perform with Mariah, but he did one of his song while Mariah was changing into her blue dress.
Source for the info: fullmoon83
Posted on August the 24th.
Mimi is so-so
Voice soars but no sizzle
She has the most athletic voice of her generation, able to leap octaves in a single bound.
But at Mariah Carey's rare Madison Square Garden concert last night, she proved yet again that force and flexibility in no way guarantee emotional depth or connection.

In her usual style, Carey approached each song as a rigorous exercise, bending and stretching notes extravagantly, elaborating each melody with as many ornate phrases and fancy filigrees as she could conceive. 

Essentially, Carey was doing with her voice what Madonna does with her body. 

Carey meant such moves to make up for the fact that, unlike most modern divas, she doesn't dance. She doesn't even move with much grace. But at least she poses with a certain campy charm.

Long attuned to modern trends, Carey made sure that last night's show wasn't just about music. She had a passel of backup dancers to shimmy and shake, a deejay to fiddle around between numbers, and enough costume changes to fill a segment on "Project Runway."

Unfortunately, such distractions often wound up harming the show's pace. Seldom did Carey perform more than two or three numbers before vanishing backstage, while DJ Clue, or some video backdrop, carried the day.

The deejay motif carried over into the songs. Perhaps nervous about her age (36), Carey put even more youthful hip-hop inflections into her music at this show than on her CDs. 

Both Jay-Z and Sean (Diddy) Combs showed up as guests. But the style wasn't always flattering, often slowing the beat and flattening Carey's already narrow melodies. Songs like the opener, "It's Like That," made such severe concessions to the beat, there wasn't much room left for the tune.

By contrast, Carey's vocals certainly showed range. The woman can hit most any note on the scale. The deeper question is, should she.

On hit after hit (from "Dreamlover" to "Honey"), Carey threw her voice around with the giddy abandon of a crazed seal leaping through hoops.

It's a supremely influential approach. "American Idol" would be unimaginable without it. But for all her physical dynamism, Carey in concert generated no heat.
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 24th.

Mariah Carey hits the Garden, just like that
Appearing on a highly stylized, Art Deco stage set, Mariah Carey kicked off her sold-out concert Wednesday night with "It's Like That," from her blockbuster new album, "The Emancipation of Mimi." Clearly, one thing Carey has been emancipated from is her clothes.

Even by Carey's standards, her outfit was revealing: black, bikini-style lingerie wrapped in a sheer, billowing cape and high heels to match. Carey has been promising spectacle on this tour, and she obviously meant to deliver.

The concert marked the first of three area dates for Carey (she's scheduled to play Continental Airlines Arena Sunday and Jones Beach on Sept. 3). It also helped mark a new phase in her career. Once a soft pop singer, Carey has become a full-fledged hip-hop artist.

Carey has long dabbled in R&B and soul, and on past albums she's enlisted the help of Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and others from the hip-hop world. But "The Emancipation of Mimi" (Island), featuring production by Jermaine Dupri, The Neptunes and others, is a whole new ball game. Carey sings in rap-inflected cadences, serves as her own breathy chorus crooner and proves she knows how to ride a bass-heavy dance track.

It's no accident that Carey chose another crossover hip-hop artist, the Jamaican dance hall singer Sean Paul, for her opening act. Paul showed up with a live band and ran through a 40-minute set that touched on pretty much all of his hits, from the lilting "I'm Still in Love" to the hard-hitting "Temperature," from his new album "The Trinity." He's not much of a performer, but the strength of his material was all that seemed to matter to the crowd.

Like a true hip-hopper, Carey called in more than a few favors for this show, bringing out Da Brat, Trey Lorenz and Diddy to assist her on songs. Power 105's DJ Clue manned the decks. The biggest surprise of the night was Jay-Z, who showed up to sashay his way through "Heartbreaker." As Carey hit her famous high notes, Jay-Z stretched out his arms and bowed repeatedly.

The second-biggest surprise was who almost didn't show up. After changing into a floor-length gown, Carey brought out a choir from the True Worship Church of East New York to perform on "Fly Like a Bird," but stopped the song short when the Rev. Clarence Keaton failed to walk on stage and deliver a mini-sermon. "I'm not trying to be a diva, but we went over this," Carey called out to her crew. "He's not here? Maybe he didn't like my first outfit."

Carey may not be emancipated from temper tantrums, but with "Mimi" she's found an appealing new way to express herself. 
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: "He's not here? Maybe he didn't like my first outfit." 
Posted on August the 24th.

Jay-Z, Da Brat and P Diddy joined Mariah to celebrate the Adventures on stage.
Posted on August the 24th.
Madison Square Garden pictures
Check for more on the New York concert page.

Source for the pictures: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 24th.
Trey's songs on the Tour
Thanks to Andrea, we know Trey sang Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy", Luther Vandross' "Never Too Much" and "A House Is Not A Home" at the second Atlantic City concert.  We don't know yet if these songs will be part of his new album.
Posted on August the 23rd.
Ticket give away in Washington DC
A few radio stations in Washington DC are giving away ticket to MC's verizon center show on 9/7. hot 99.5, 93.9 kiss fm wkys and 95.5 wpgc.
- Hot 99.5: Hot 99.5 is hooking you up with YOUR choice of tickets!!! 
All you gotta do is listen for your cue to call, be caller #9 at 1-877-995-HOT1 and you'll score YOUR choice of concerts!! You can choose Mariah's concert.  You can also qualify to be in the running to win the Bangin Hot Jeep Wrangler from Courtesy Chrysler Jeep in Rockville.
- 93.9 KISS FM : The station offers you a chance to go to the concert in style. Text 93.9 KISS FM followed by M-A-R-I-A-H, the grand prize winner wins a spot in the station's VIP suite at the concert for you and four friends with the Samsung A930.
Source: Desiree by e-mail
Heroes note: A special thanks to Desiree who share the contest infos from her area with everyone, that's a real fan attitude 
Posted on August the 23rd.
Madison Square Garden fan info
"Because of Mariah's concert tonight, the part of the tour where you get to sit in the arena was not offered as they're setting up, however we were able to sit up in the upper levels and look down. Saw the stage setup, and the MIMI sign for Shake It Off, and they had the bathroom scene skit on pause on the big screen...
Also passed by a sign that said "DJ CLUE AND DA BRAT DRESSING ROOMS LOWER LEVEL" and also passed by a room marked "MC Accounting" and "Jay-Z".
Source: Jonny
Posted on August the 23rd.
DVD infos 
According to the Swedish site, "MTV Unplugged +3" and "Mariah Carey" will be released on DVD on October 2.
Source: David aka mcflyingfree
Posted on August the 23rd.
Review: Carey puts talent, and more, on display
It kind of made sense that Mariah Carey opened Monday night’s show at the TD Banknorth Garden with, of all things, a rollercoaster.

In a voiceover accompanying the onscreen rollercoaster ride, Carey described the ups and downs that have defined her 15-year career-record-breaking hits and massive popularity, massively huge missteps (think "Glitter") and hideaways from the public at large.
But Carey didn’t become the best-selling female artist of all time by accident. And if her latest album, the multi-platinum monster "Emancipation of Mimi," wasn’t proof enough that she’s back at the top of her game, then Monday night’s two-hour set was.

The newly svelte songstress appeared onstage clad in a fuschia bikini and sheer black pseudo-cape to the tune of "It’s Like That," a hip hop-flavored number that signaled her rise from the ashes in 2005.

Video appearances by hip hop icons throughout the performance hinted at Carey’s crossover appeal, with Jay-Z mugging onscreen during "Heartbreaker," the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard rap-growling on "Fantasy" and Mase getting face time on the heavy funk of "Honey."

As good as those songs were, Carey was at her best during slow to midtempo ballads like "Don’t Forget About Us," the gospel-tinged "Fly Like a Bird" and "Always Be My Baby," her first song with hitmaker Jermaine Dupri.
Fans who had recently jumped on the Mimi bandwagon-and judging by the age of the audience, there were many-were unfamiliar with the inspirational "Make It Happen," not to mention her first single, "Vision of Love."

Thankfully everyone knew the words to the Jackson 5 classic, "I'll Be There" featuring Carey’s protégé Trey Lorenz, who hung around to perform a tribute to the late Luther Vandross during one of Carey’s four wardrobe changes.

Those wardrobe changes, along with backup dancers, a live backing band, and a winding staircase onstage, certainly didn’t hurt the ambiance Monday night.

But it was The Voice, five octaves of glass-shattering power, that carried the show, never better than on Carey’s final song, "We Belong Together."

Tearing up the ballad in a skin-tight gold gown and stiletto heels, Carey proved she remains one of few female performers with sex appeal and a set of pipes to match.
Source: The Sun Chronicle (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 23rd.

What are the best and worst concerts you've seen this summer?
Lovell: Best show was Mariah Carey. She came out and performed immaculately. Didn't miss a note. She went beyond my expectations. She looked fabulous. I'd take her home with me any day. I like her body, I like the way she sings.
Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 23rd.
Camera policy at the concerts
Everyone know when it's written "no cameras" on your concert ticket and they tell you many times to not take pictures or record the show, it means don't do it.  But a lot of fans try to fix this wonderful evening on picture or on film, we all can understand it.  The security guys at each venue try their best to check purses, bags, etc... but they underestimate the fans
As the security is maybe too busy watching the show themselves, there's a person you can't fool.... Mariah.  At the Montréal concert, Mariah noticed a guy who was recording and she said something like "Are you recording my show? My eyes are pretty sharp huh?" 
Posted on August the 23rd.
Mariah Carey connects in diva-licious concert
Mariah Carey's "The Adventures of Mimi Tour" made a stop at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston Monday night and brought with it hits, hotties, and of course, lots of glitter. 

The crowd of mostly teen girls was warmed up by the sexy voice and suggestive moves of Sean Paul, who performed a string of his hits, beginning with "Like Glue." Along with his four backup dancers, he brought enough energy to the stage to have everyone out of their seats during his entire 45-minute set. 

After a long 75-minute intermission, the curtains -- adorned with the initials "MC" in pink glitter -- opened to reveal a stage fit for a queen: Mariah had arrived.

Beginning with her hit "It's Like That," Carey announced her mission for the night -- "I came to have a party" -- and the crowd's deafening screams showed they were ready for just that. Decked out in skimpy purple-glitter booty shorts and crop top, Carey hit those infamous high notes and delighted the crowd with their favorite songs, old and new. 

The elegant two-level stage came complete with four video screens, a star-filled backdrop with a disco beaded curtain and was topped off with "MC" right in the center. It was a perfect fit for the diva who has poise and confidence, as Carey clearly did. 

There was a sweet moment when Carey slowed it down and sang the ballad "My All" as she stood on the stairs in a single spotlight. Shadows of a couple dancing behind a screen set the mood for this older hit, as fans sang along with the song about wishing for one more moment with the one you love. 

With a quick change back to the upbeat "Shake It Off," lights spelling "Mimi" came down onto the stage. Carey danced in front of them, teasing the audience with a moment of pole-dancing. 

She took it way back with her first single from 1990, "Vision of Love" and told the audience that second show of her career was in Boston and was the best of her life. She chatted with fans as if they were all good friends and even took a moment to sing "Happy Birthday" to a male fan in the audience. 

Carey made a number of diva-style wardrobe changes into sexy-yet-elegant dresses that still didn't stint on glitter. Midway through the show, she moved to a smaller stage in the middle of floor and the audience went wild with the chance to get a better view of their idol. 

As the show drew to a close, Carey dedicated "Hero" to anyone who has been through any tough situation and had the audience singing along and waving their hands in the air. For an upbeat ending, a full gospel choir in white robes joined Mariah and her dancers on stage for "Make It Happen." 

Carey then graced the stage in a skin-colored, full-length dress for the encore song, "We Belong Together." As she said good night to Boston and walked off the stage to "Butterfly," glitter cannons exploded sending pink and purple butterfly shaped glitter over the audience -- a graceful ending for a diva-licious evening. 
Source: Lowell Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 23rd.

Mariah on Z100 yesterday
Mariah was on around 6:20pm, for about 12 mins.  They talked about the Tour, the Garden, Jones Beach, the Gillette Legs of a Goddess contest where you could win $25,000. They talked about camp Mariah and the Fresh Air Fund,  about how some of the kids from the Fresh Air Fund would be at the Jones Beach concert on Sept 3, for Mimi's Beach Party. They talked about Spike lee. They talked about her pink RAZR. They talked about Jack, and the Relly Awards, then they played We Belong Together.
Source for the infos: miragemm
Posted on August the 23rd.
Mariah chat with Z100's Romeo, not for non US fans....
Here we go again, it's borring now, I just went to listen if I by any chance I could hear the moment where Mariah is supposed to call, but non US fans are not allowed to listen.  Back in time we were allowed to listen, but not anymore.
Z100 sucks!!!!! 
Posted on August the 22nd.
Madison Square Garden tomorrow!!!!
Traffic forecast for Wednesday, Aug.23
Whether you're catching the Mets' opening pitch or seeing if Mariah Carey stays on pitch, leave enough travel time because the sites of these attractions will be crowded.
Madison Square Garden will be busy Wednesday night with Carey performing at 8. Expect delays in the vicinity of33rd St. and Sixth to Eighth Aves. 
AROUND THE DIAL: Mariah Carey chats with Romeo on WHTZ tonight, 6-10 p.m., you can listen live by clicking here. European fans, for us it's between 12h00am and 4h00am, if you can't sleep you know what to do 
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.
Boston concert pictures

Click to enlarge
Source: Boston Herald (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.
Carey on: Mariah proves comeback’s complete

Not too many pop singers can finesse massive crowds in their underwear.But Mariah Carey isn’t your everyday pop singer. 
When Carey’s 2001 release, “Glitter,” bombed commercially, she probably couldn’t have sold out your local Best Buy. Even in her intimates. But with the muscle of her recent Billboard blockbuster, “The Emancipation of Mimi,” behind her, Carey had the TD Banknorth Garden packed with her usual fan base: kids, moms, dads, thugs, chicks, players and everyone else in between.
But a spectacle on par with Carey can’t be unveiled without a proper intro. Her mere presence calls for a worthy opening act, which last night came from Jamaican dancehall dynamo Sean Paul, who is for many to reggae what Carey is to r & b. 

He racks up hit singles the way UPS drivers collect parking tickets. Jamming through dancehall hits such as “We Be Burnin’ ” and “Get It On,” Paul energized people who came to hear him as well as Carey die-hards waiting patiently for their hero. 
 Carey’s intro was hysterically dramatic. She emerged to a recording of her waxing poetic about how life is like a roller coaster. When her fans finished wiping their tears, they braced for the show. 
In a salute to rappers who have laid verses on her most popular tracks, Carey paid homage to MCs she’s collaborated with.During “Heartbreaker,” Jay-Z cameos filled the video monitors, and for “Fantasy,” deceased rap star Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s verse was given a full salute. 

But Carey’s catalog is even more impressive than her vocals and the MCs who have complemented her choruses. For every dance track she flung in the beginning of her set, she unfurled a “Vision of Love” or “Hero.” Her fame might have briefly faded from 2000 to 2003, but Carey’s vocal chords never left the building. 
 No track triggered more tears and screams than “Always Be My Baby,” a song Carey let her fans sing most of. Halfway ballads such as “Honey” inspired tears, but it took her hit “Hero” to trigger the night’s most significant emotions. 

There are rumors about how Carey resents her fans and how she disrespects the backroom talents who engineer her career. But at a venue as mammoth as the Garden, none of that seemed relevant so long as she reigned over the crowd as expected.
Source: Boston Herald (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.

Carey is glittery and golden at Garden
For all her diva posturing, Mariah Carey is just another giddy fan inside that curvaceous body she likes to display at all times.
And the best moments during last night's 95-minute installment of Carey's current tour -- ``The Adventures of Mimi: the Voice, the Hits, the Tour" -- at the TD Banknorth Garden were when she let that exuberant music lover out to play alongside the bombshell with the glass-shattering voice.

Whether it was the offhand, almost unconscious, rapping along with video of duet partners like Jay-Z and the late ODB, the teasing of her band and dancers, or the singing of a sincere ``Happy Birthday" to a devoted sign-waving fan, Carey was at her most likable when she seemed to be enjoying herself as opposed to counting in her head how many hip shimmies she had to do during ``Shake it Off."

Of course those hip shimmies ( Carey's and those of her considerably more rhythmically gifted sextet of dancers), the peek-a-boo costumes, the mammoth silver-and-white stage dotted with a quintet of video screens, and the big hair were all part of the spectacle one expects. And the singer worked the stage with as much grace as a scantily clad woman in towering heels can.

The pageantry was a bit silly at times, including the requisite intro video of Carey comparing her life to a roller coaster and then falling through the clouds. Trey Lorenz made an ``entrance" to huge cheers for Carey's lovely cover of the Jackson 5's ``I'll Be There," but he had been on stage all night as part of her trio of backing vocalists. (A medley by the genial Lorenz meant to promote his forthcoming album somewhat defeated the purpose by consisting solely of covers of Luther Vandross and Gnarls Barkley, but presented an excellent restroom break for many in the crowd.)

The generous set list drew on her collection of 17 number one hits, with emphasis on her more recent rhythm and blues successes. Mariah and the crowd, 12,232 strong, followed every impressive trill, belt, and canine whistle with rapt devotion and vigorous sing-alongs.

She hit her breakthrough anthem ``Vision of Love" early and strong, summoning up a gospel grit that felt earned and would recur on songs like ``Fly Like a Bird," the raucous, choir-assisted set-closer ``Make it Happen," and, during a medley, an earthy duet of ``Thank God I Found You" with Lorenz. That one particular felt like a glimpse at what takes place on the tour bus, two friends harmonizing with easy joy.

The more calculated balladry of ``Hero" and up-tempo, breezy numbers like ``Heartbreaker," ``Fantasy" -- sung on a B-stage near the back of the arena -- and ``Honey" lacked that same grit, but the former drew a fervent ovation and the latter trio got the hips moving and the crowd jumping. ``We Belong Together " ended the show in a spurt of hitching dance grooves and glittery purple confetti.
Source: Boston Globe (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.

Mimi cartoon t-shirt
Zack made a picture of the cartoon t-shirt he bought in Atlantic City

Click to enlarge.
Posted on August the 21st.
Boston concert tidits
- Not ONE Spike Lee video was played.
- New purple ensemle for It's Like That
- Mariah sounded awesome, her voice was great.
- Mariah was surprised that people knew the words to Can't Let Go and she let the audience sing one line and then she turned to Trey and said "omg they really do know it"
- During Can't Let Go she said her record company made them take the high note off the radio edit of the song when it first came out becuz "oh no that note was too high for radio" and now she can "do whatever she wants" so she sings the high note long and strong.
- Mariah said we were the best night yet, especially after some other experiences she had at "places that will remain unnamed."
Thanks to Greg, STiMeY62483, voltronxv
Posted on August the 21st.
Ouch!!! Why is the US media so mean???? 
Review: Mariah is The Voice, but not much else
When you're talking about Mariah Carey, it all starts with the voice. Or, as she billed it herself on the tour that rolled into the TD Banknorth Garden last night, The Voice.

It was in good shape last night, but it's one thing to have such a force of nature; it's another to know what to do with it. And I'm not talking about the oversinging she's so often accused of; that's her deal, and if you can't get used to that, well, this deep into her career you've given it a fair shot. (It only grated on the encore, "We Belong Together.") She's still head-and-shoulders above the generation of American Idol doofuses trying to follow in her footsteps.

But on the hip-hop-influenced material that's come to dominate her recorded output, such as the set opener "It's Like That," "Heartbreaker" (with video rap cameo from Jay-Z) and "Fantasy" (with video rap cameo from Ol' Dirty Bastard), she fell victim to the Van Halen syndrome -- imitating one's imitators and undermining one's own strengths -- sounding like any one of a number of thin-voiced contemporary R&B divas, with a couple of the trademark Carey helium notes thrown in so you know whom you're dealing with, but to not much other discernible effect.

The Voice was used to better effect on opulent R&B such as the old hit "Dreamlover" and "Fly Like a Bird" and "I Wish You Knew" (from last year's The Emancipation of Mimi album), when she wasn't singing like she had something to prove, which unfortunately isn't nearly as often as you'd think it would be at this stage of her career. This is the stuff very few singers Carey's age or younger are doing, because very few can handle it. But there wasn't enough last night, and too many forgettable recent hits.

The pacing of the show was a bit of a mess. The middle of the set was loaded with filler, including a DJ spotlight and a three-song set from "I'll Be There" vocal partner Trey Lorenz. The end of the show was bogged down with another DJ spotlight, snippets of songs such as "I Wish You Knew" and forced banter from Carey before finishing up with "Hero" and "Make It Happen."

When The Emancipation of Mimi came out last year, more than a few people wondered exactly what it was she claimed to be emancipated from. Similarly, the introductory video to last night's concert featured footage of a roller coaster with a voiceover from Carey about how life was like, well, a roller coaster. Ups and downs, hold on, that sort of thing.

That was pretty much it for the philosophizing, and while that may have been just as well, most of the material seemed to come from a mindset most commonly expressed in the margins of a notebook during third-period algebra: Look inside you and be strong. I'm gonna shake you off. Baby, don't forget about us. Make it happen.

Which is a shame. At this point, with her raw talent, Carey should be leading, not following. Sure, Emancipation was last year's top seller. But last night's show didn't leave the impression of a young singer baring her soul or an older singer baring her scars. Or much of anything. Except The Voice.
Source: Providence Journal (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 22nd.

No Teen Choice Award for Mariah 
If you want to see the list of the winners, click here.
Posted on August the 21st.
New merchandising up on Fanfire (the official Tour store)
They now added 2 new Limited Edition Canvas Print.
- The Ocean Breeze Limited Edition Canvas Print and Columns Limited Edition Canvas Print 

Source: Fanfire
Posted on August the 21st.
Even if Mariah denied it, some people still think it's true, anyways....
Mariah Carey’s Anti-Aging Diet
Mariah Carey is known for her unusual diets.  Case in point: just this past winter she shed a surprising number of pounds by consisting on a diet of plain fish and soup. Certainly that was odd enough. But with word now coming out about the most recent change in her eating habits, one has to wonder, has she finally stumbled upon her most oddball diet yet?

Along with her nutritionist, Carey has reportedly created a diet plan that includes eating purple foods three times a week. That’s right. And before you start scratching your head and wondering how on earth eating purple foods can help you lose weight, you should know, that weight loss is not the goal of this particular diet. Instead, Carey is munching on the likes of grapes and plums in the hopes that they will help to prevent signs of aging. But don’t roll your eyes just yet. According to research, this purple food diet may just be the smartest one Mariah Carey has ever tried.

In fact, according to Dr. James Joseph, Chief of the Neuroscience Laboratory at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center for Aging, purple and blue hued foods actually do contain anti-aging properties, though he prefers the use of a different term. “We call it healthy aging,” he explained. This same line of thinking extends far beyond blue and purple foods and includes any fruit or vegetable that is bright in color. So what is behind this anti-wrinkle cure?
Click here to read the entire article and you'll know how to avoid wrinkles
Source: Black Voices (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 21st.

Second Atlantic City show, according to the fans who attended the show, Mariah's voice was awesome, but Atlantic City sucks (sorry for the real fans who attended, but it sucks) .... check out the fan review for this concert in the Atlantic City page.
Posted on August the 21st.
Last week I told you that the young Russian tennis player, Svetlana Kuznetsova attended Mariah's concert in Montreal on August the 15th., well she was not the only tennis player at the show, as we can now read on Cyberpresse, Kim Clijsters, Gisela Dulko, Anastassia Rodionova et Andreea Vanc went too 
Posted on August the 21st
And POW to all the haters (some media, simply haters and some "fans"), well done Jasmine!!!
Jasmine's Juice
By Jasmine Dotiwala
“This is one singer who actually sounds just as amazing, if not better, live”

The phrase: “We came, we saw, we conquered,” can now place a photo of Mariah Carey next to it in the dictionary because on August 5, 2006, MC proved that she has not only whipped her critics and detractors into place with her numerous number ones, won award after award in the past year and sold more copies of her latest album than ever before in her career. Now she's blown away her fans with her current live gigs… and oh-how she's doing it! 

Her biggest, most doting fans queued up all night, so there were layers of fans 20 deep surrounding the Miami Arena hysterical with anticipation for the opening night of Mariah's Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour. 

Its been at least three years since most of the world saw MC perform live, so her fans came from far and wide – literally from all over the globe – and were on their feet all night. 

Since Miami she's been on a steady roll around the US killing the audiences at every venue. Even when MC was around an hour late the fans were jumping up and down not caring. 

The crowd was made up of every kind of person from every walk of life; kids, road boys, mums with toddlers, old folks, pregnant women, hip hop heads. You name it, everyone showed up. 

After Busta Rhymes and Sean Paul warmed up the crowd for her on different dates, the crowd was so hyped they did Mexican waves the size of which a European fan like me has never witnessed. 

When you go to an MC gig you're going as much for her sexy, provocative outfits as you are to hear her legendary vocals. On this show they both blow you away. There were enough clothes changes for a whole London Fashion Week. 

But that didn't matter because as she ran off to slip into another saucy outfit, the girls giggled with delight at each new one while some of the boys got very hot and flustered watching her naughty looks. Her more than able backing singers and dancers entertained us with their unsurpassed skills. MC's dancers led by the wonderful choreographer Rachel McIntosh flipped and shimmied for all they were worth and had us whining around in our seats trying to imitate them (unsuccessfully). 

MC's mate DJ Clue spun and mixed for all he was worth as MC stopped for mini breaks to change or catch her breath or take sips of water, which she felt she needed to apologise for. Why I don't know. Girl, we know you can’t belt out those melodic tunes on pipes that are dry like the desert! 

Randy Jackson, Mariah's musical director (and always has been, but in US is famous for his judging role of American Idol) was on hand to ensure MC's music was on point all through the show. 

There were loads of musical high points during the show which showcased MC's vocal ability, and occasionally it seemed she would shatter with the hollering that was escaping her lithe body. 

MC had her friends/featured artists on her hits, such as Busta, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard join her via the technology of video clips onstage but it was director Spike Lee who swung it on home with a series of video clips highlighting the crap from the media and haters that MC always has to contend with – while MC just smiles as it plays. 

A diva wouldn't be a diva without the long, 007-style gowns and MC's were put together by stylist June Ambrose who called in hot looks from every designer who wanted to dress MC. Ultimately, however, the clothes were made as one-offs. The outfits were untouchable and while the press may have just showed the public shots of MC in batty rider shorts, let me reassure you that the gowns and sexy dresses were much more dominant in this show than hot pants. 

She not only managed to run on and off stage in a variety of outfits but her singing was complete with all the vigorous stamina you'd expect from her. This is one singer who actually sounds just as amazing, if not better, live.

MC recreated the Lady Marmalade vibe with her perfectly natural curves in a metallic red burlesque costume as she straddled and worked a chair so hard it practically melted under her, and rolled through hit after hit as the night sped past. 

If older fans were worried she would only bang out the old tracks they were pleasantly surprised as she worked in every hit including Dream Lover, Honey, My All, Shake It Off, Fly Like A Bird, Fantasy (during which she ventured into the crowd), Thank God I Found You, Hero and her cover of The Jackson 5's I'll Be There. 

We can only pray that after its US and Asian run it will finally make its way to Europe. You know if you want it you gotta demand it readers. Holla at MC on her site now. 

Finally congratulations to Damon Dash’s wifey and my pal Rachel Roy who was given the award for Outstanding Contribution to American Fashion by Iman this past month at the Bollywood Fashion Awards. It was her first accolade. Big up sista!
Source: The Voice (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 21st.

Will Busta still be guest on "The Emancipation of Mimi" Tour???
Busta Rhymes has already been open act and was normally open act again for some concerts (Houston, Dallas, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Phoenix), but last night Busta was arrested on assault charges. I don't know yet and nobody knows at the moment if Busta will be released soon or if it's just an administrative arrest.  In any case it will disturb Mariah and who knows she already knew it at her second AC concert, it could explain many stuff.
Much luv and support Busta!!!!!!
Posted on August the 20th.
C'mon US fans, you need to do something!!!!!!
Albany far from sold out
"A friend of mine who works at the Pepsi Arena in Albany says that Mariah only sold about 4,000 tickets and it holds 16,000 to 17,500 and the show is in 2 weeks"
Source: Keith
Posted on August the 20th.
More Atlantic Cityconcert #2  tidbits
- The show was rushed.
- Mariah didn't feel well (it's maybe why the show was short) but she sounded good.
- I attended the 2 concerts, this one was different. I was standing the whole time singing the songs with her. I was right next to Gabby when Mariah pointed at her and said that her emsamble was cute. And it was!! This is the second time Mimi tells complements her about her clothes. Lucky Gabby. I didnt really see alot of people standing up when she was belting those notes. They said she was feeling sick. I believe it. 
Source: Keith - Felix
Posted on August the 20th.
Atlantic City Concert #2: Setlist and Tidbits
Mariah performed in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Trump Taj Mahal earlier tonight, her second show at the venue. Mariah was still feeling under the weather from the concert on Thursday, August 17th but inspite of this, she put on a great show.
- The show started at 9:15pm. Mariah was only on for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
- The casino crowd was dead. Some mostly sat through the whole concert.
- She cut out "Fantasy," "Make It Happen," "One Sweet Day," "Can't Let Go," "Thank God I Found You/Make It Last," the bathroom video skit and a whole wardrobe change.
- Trey Lorenz sang 3 songs instead of his usual 1.
- No encore. She sang "We Belong Together" as her last song and was still great!
Source: Frank - MariahDaily
Posted on August the 20th.
Mariah at the StarAc 6?
Rumors are flying around on several StarAc blogs, Mariah is rumored to attend a show, StarAc starts on September the 1st. until December.  If we know Mariah starts shooting "Tennessee"  in November, it seems difficult to make it to the StarAc, we can always speculate on the fact that Mariah is a Universal artist and they could make a deal, but before getting all excited, let's wait.. You can read the info on this blog (in French)
Mariah à la StarAc 6?
Les rumeurs vont bon train sur plusieurs blogs de la StarAc, on signale Mariah parmi les invités pour cette saison commençant le 1er septembre et se terminant en Décembre.  Sachant que Mariah sera en tournage pour "Tennessee" à partir de Novembre, il semble assez difficile de participer à cette StarAc, on peut évidemment spéculer sur le fait qu'étant une artiste Universal, ils arrivent à faire un deal, donc on attend avant de s'exciter.  Vous pouvez lire l'article sur ce blog entr'autres.
Source for the info: Arnaud by e-mail
Posted on August the 20th.
"Tennessee" news: "It's a sad ending"
In a recent interview, Lee Daniels told the pre-production for Tennessee has started in June and July and will start up again in November after Mariah's tour.
Tennessee is different from his trademark as it is a musical.
"Tennessee" is uplifting and it's like a Terms of Endearment. It's a sad ending but not what you'd expect from the beginning.
Heroes note: aaaahhh, "a sad ending".... do you think? ..... ahhhh no, please, not that 
Posted on August the 19th.
Still tickets to win
US fans, there are still tickets to win for a lot of shows, f.y.e is offering you a chance to attend a concert in your area.  I'm sure you all bought your tickets already, but you can always ask your friends and family to enter, let's show f.y.e there's some interest.
Source for the info: Desiree by e-mail
Posted on August the 19th.
What's wrong with Mariah Carey?
She's a multimillion-selling artist who's had trouble filling even modest concert halls. She has a rabid fan base, yet her biggest Hollywood movie became a box-office flop. And though she racked up eight Grammy nominations this year, she took home none of the major awards.

For such a hugely popular artist, Mariah Carey sometimes seems awfully unpopular.

The Greenlawn native boasts the bestselling album of 2005, "The Emancipation of Mimi" (Island), and she'll be playing to a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden Wednesday. But ticket sales have been somewhat soft for other shows on Carey's current tour, one of her biggest yet with an initial 31-date schedule. Already, she has canceled an additional date at the Garden plus three arena dates in Denver, Seattle and Hershey, Pa. As of last week, fans could still get lower-level seats at New Jersey's Continental Airlines Arena for Carey's Aug. 27 show. (Carey has added dates in Canada and at Jones Beach, and at least six shows have sold out according to Live Nation, the Los Angeles-based company handling the tour.)

Does this mean Carey's career is in trouble? Hardly. But it's a good example of how even the world's biggest pop stars must carefully navigate the choppy waters of the music industry. Since releasing her self-titled debut album in 1990, Carey, 36, has enjoyed envious success and embarrassing failures, at times almost simultaneously. Yet the singer with the glass-shattering voice and a prima donna reputation always manages to come out on top.

"She's known for demanding what she wants," says S. Tia Brown, associate editor at the celebrity magazine In Touch Weekly. "No one can argue that she hasn't matured into a smart businesswoman."

Carey's track record as a live act is only part of her overall picture. Generally, her tours have been infrequent - one every few years - and limited to a handful of dates in big cities. Carey played just five shows on her first tour, in 1993 (with "American Idol" host Randy Jackson on bass) and she didn't tour again until 1998, when she booked only four dates, according to the concert-industry publication Pollstar, based in Fresno, Calif.

By the time Carey embarked on a more ambitious 28-date tour in 2003, she had long neglected many of the country's "fly-over" cities. Initial plans for an arena tour, including stops at Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum, were scrapped in favor of smaller, theater-sized venues. Even then, only 10 dates sold out, according to Pollstar. One show, at the 15,800-seat Woodlands pavilion near Houston, ended up less than half-full. And in Portland, Ore., Carey sold just 1,437 tickets at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall - about 53 percent of capacity.

"She doesn't have the established audience of people who have seen her before and are anxious to see her again," Pollstar editor Gary Bongiovanni says. "You can play New York and Chicago over and over again and have a great following there. But whether that'll translate to other markets is another question."

There's also the question of what Carey brings to the stage. Though famous for her vocal acrobatics and sheer lung power, "she's not known for giving a particularly entertaining live show," says Brown of In Touch Weekly. "She's not a physical entertainer like Madonna or Janet Jackson. You're entertained by her voice."

Let's elaborate some more

Carey may be trying to change that. Her 2003 tour seemed geared toward the eyes as well as the ears, with plenty of costume changes, fanciful stage sets, faux paparazzi and a troupe of dancers. The current tour is being touted as the "most elaborate concert production of Mariah's career," according to a press release from Island. (The label declined to comment.)

Carey is facing a tough concert season, says Alex Hodges, executive vice president for House of Blues Concerts in Los Angeles. The summer tour business is down about 10 percent over last year, he notes, and Carey's sales may be affected by some of the big-name, high-priced tours that have already come though. "Madonna has taken a lot of the money out of the marketplace," he says.

She will survive

Still, Carey has survived far worse than slow ticket sales. In July 2001 she was hospitalized for "extreme exhaustion" after behaving oddly during public appearances (including one at the Roosevelt Field Mall, where she reportedly railed incoherently against Howard Stern). That same year, her semi-autobiographical film, "Glitter," performed so poorly at the box office - it earned just more than $4 million - that it became a punch line for late-night television hosts. Carey's label at the time, Virgin, soon took the remarkable step of paying her to leave, shelling out $28 million.

Carey's album sales began shrinking slightly. The 2002 disc "Charmbracelet" went platinum, but her earlier discs tended to go multiplatinum. That's likely because Carey was moving away from soft pop and toward a more R&B-inflected sound, says Geoff Mayfield, charts editor at Billboard magazine. It seemed like a misstep, but Carey might have been ahead of her time.

"In today's climate, R&B and hip-hop is extremely popular, and it's one of the primary ingredients you hear when you listen to Top 40 stations," Mayfield says. "That wasn't the case in the late '90s or the early part of this decade."

The success of "The Emancipation of Mimi" is partly because of its now-popular hip-hop flavor, with tracks featuring Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Jermaine Dupri. But Mayfield says the two-year gap between albums also helped.

"She kind of needed to go away and let the audience breathe, let herself breathe creatively," Mayfield says. "The best advice for trying to make a turnaround would be difficult for someone who's accustomed to being in the limelight, and that's: 'Go away.'"

Dampening Carey's comeback was her treatment at February's Grammys. She was nominated for eight and took home three, but they were lesser awards that weren't televised. The major prizes - such as album, record and song of the year - went to others. Carey lost best female pop vocal performance to Kelly Clarkson.

Was this another defeat for Carey? The week after the awards ceremony, "Mimi" jumped seven spots up the Billboard chart, from No. 14 to No. 7, and went on to sell 5.7 million copies. For anyone following Carey's turbulent career, it was further proof that her clouds always have a silver lining.


How does Mariah Carey's career add up? Let us count the ways:
1990: Year Carey's self- titled debut was released on Columbia Records

1993: Year of Carey's wedding to Sony Music president Tommy Mottola

23: Her age at the time of the wedding

43: His age at the time

$80 million: Estimated worth of Carey's contract with Virgin Records in 2001

$28 million: Amount Virgin Records reportedly paid Carey to leave in 2002

$22 million: Production budget for Carey's movie "Glitter"

$4.2 million: Domestic ticket sales for "Glitter"

28: Dates on Carey's 2003 tour

10: Sold-out dates on that tour

1,841: Tickets sold at the 4,278-seat "Fabulous" Fox Theatre in St. Louis, the lowest turnout on that tour

3: Grammys Carey won in February

5.7 million: Copies sold of Carey's latest disc, "The Emancipation of Mimi"

1: That album's rank on 2005's best-selling list

Sources: Box, Pollstar, Nielsen SoundScan


Mariah Carey plays a sold-out show 8 p.m. Wednesday at Madison Square Garden; Sunday, Aug. 27, at Continental Arena in East Rutherford, N.J., tickets are $17.50-$150; and Sept. 3 at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, tickets are $29.50-$157.50. Call Ticketmaster at 631-888-9000 or visit Sean Paul opens all shows.
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: "What's wrong with Mariah Carey?" nothing.... it's just US people don't get it and are way too erratic, switching from an artist to the other, like Pink said once: Other countries are not like the US, once they love you, they love you forever....
Posted on August the 19th.

Carey struts her stuff at Trump Taj Mahal
Love her or hate her, pop singer Mariah Carey's current live show, “The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour,” gives people plenty to talk about.

Carey performed the first of two shows on Thursday at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, her first appearance here in almost three years. She's back at the Taj tonight.

The vocalist's attire drew immediate attention. Carey, 36, arrived on stage to sing her first song, “It's Like That,” in what looked like a black bra, short shorts and a black, see-through cover-up.

Carey's fans love to see her strutting and posing in clothes that cling to her body as if holding on for dear life, but as she closes in on middle age, some may wonder how much longer she'll have those curves to show off.

Even though Carey employs three backup singers, two female and one male, and she can duplicate the vocals from her records in a live setting, not everybody appreciates the bird-like sound she makes when she takes her voice to the top of her range.
For someone known for her vocals, Carey sings no songs in an acoustic setting. Synthesizers and backup singers join her even on ballads.
Carey, the biggest-selling female performer of the 1990s, also wanted the audience to know that people talking behind her back comes as no surprise or shock to her.

A video segment during the show features a handful of women in a ladies room. They say bad things about Carey, like how she thinks she owns the greatest legs in the world, and how they heard she allegedly underwent cosmetic surgery, etc. In the video, Carey emerges from a bathroom stall. She says hello to the women, and they say hello back. Each side pretends that Carey didn't hear what the women said. When Carey leaves the ladies' room, the women mock-sing one of her songs.

Carey's fans can say this video segment shows the down-to-Earth qualities of Carey, how she knows women gossip about her.

The singer's critics can argue that during a 95-minute show this just demonstrates Carey's insecurities. An attractive woman, a five-time Grammy winner, and a multi-millionaire, who transformed herself from someone unknown into one of the most famous vocalists in pop music, why should she care what people say about her?

Carey modified her show to fit the 5,000-seat Mark G. Etess Arena. She usually performs in arenas with 10,000 seats or more. She typically leaves the stage, walks through the crowd, and sings songs from a second stage in the back of the room, but she didn't do that here.

The vocalist's admirers should like this show. Carey sings her biggest hits from her comeback CD, “The Emancipation of Mimi,” including “We Belong Together,” “Shake It Off” and “Don't Forget About Us” and many of her No. 1 pop hits, including “Vision of Love,” “Fantasy,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Honey” and “Hero.” A DJ played old-school and new hip-hop hits to keep the crowd pumped during her several outfit changes. Five video screens provided a great view of the stage to everyone in the arena.

For people thinking of seeing Carey for the first time out of curiosity, this tour may not show off her skills to best effect.

At the end of the night, nonbelievers may feel like they ate at McDonald's for 90 minutes. It was enjoyable while you were doing it, but in retrospect, you could have spent your time better doing something else.
Source: Press of Atlantic City (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 19th.

#1 Fan
When Ruth met Mariah

One of Mariah's biggest fans gets the opportunity of a lifetime: to meet her idol!
You can watch the video at this link, you need a Yahoo account to watch it.
Source: Yahoo! Music - Joey
Posted on August the 18th.
Carey's not just a femme fatale but also a trooper, and her years of delivering hits, even with a midcareer dip, have resulted in hard-won consistency.
Mariah Carey: Emancipation elation
Mariah Carey has an unusual body for a modern-day pop goddess — voluptuous and solid instead of willowy and elastic. It's a singer's body, not a dancer's, built to house the multi-octave pipes that have allowed the 36-year-old singer to rule the radio dial for 16 years.

Carey showed off that body at the opening of the North American leg of her tour that comes to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday.

At Miami's American Airlines Arena, she was swathed in artfully cut out chiffon gowns and sequined hot pants that Ann-Margret would have enjoyed in her prime and used a burlesque dancer's straight-back chair, a winding staircase and other props to prove that she could move those long legs and that curvy torso.

But Carey never let choreography get in the way of what her body was there for: to help her sing in ways that have, as she said with a modest shrug near the end of the 90-minute-plus concert, "changed people's lives."

No one works as hard to balance inspiration and flash as Carey, who started her career selling the ageless appeal of pure vocal prowess only to sustain it by turning herself into a trend-savvy hip-hop home girl.

This new production seeks to meld the uplifting Mariah and the modish one by surrounding a traditional prima donna's turn with the accouterments of urban music.

There were acrobatic dancers; video clips of rappers with whom Carey has collaborated, such as Jay-Z and the late ODB, and references to milestones in her transformation from girl next door to hot mama, including the sailor suits of her 1997 video for "Honey" and the video catfights of her "Heartbreaker" era .

From the moment she entered in a black bikini with boy-cut bottom and a chiffon cape, offering up her trademark high notes and striking poses with her masked male dancers, Carey treated the evening like a qualifying round that she was determined to win.

It's an old showbiz trick to interrupt major production numbers with asides that humanize the goings-on, and whether that or basic nerves motivated Carey's asides, it worked: When she did stumble, as on the unusually challenging mix of big dance moves and rapid-fire vocalizing during the reggae-inflected "Shake It Off," it made the show feel alive, not unprofessional.

Especially satisfying were the duets Carey shared with backing vocalist Trey Lorenz; when these longtime singing partners traded high notes on the ballads "I'll Be There" and "One Sweet Day."

Carey was happiest simply singing and, in doing so, allowing her fans to consider their own perhaps unemancipated potential. It's a function singers have served at least since the coloratura came into style in opera — the female voice carries the listener beyond the humdrum of her daily imaginings.

When Carey moved to a small stage mid-arena, she got the crowd climbing on seats to cheer her holding one last note on the poignant "Don't Forget About Us" until it seemed like she would break.

She never broke. Like the silver-screen queens she admires, Carey's not just a femme fatale but also a trooper, and her years of delivering hits, even with a midcareer dip, have resulted in hard-won consistency.
Source: The Journal News (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 18th.

Let's cross the fingers.... last year Jack didn't won the Relly but he won the WUDA 
Nominees Announced for the Fourth Annual Relly Awards
Mariah Carey's Dog 'Jack' Earns Second Consecutive Nomination!
The full list of nominees has been announced for the Fourth Annual Relly Awards, "Live with Regis and Kelly's" gala awards show airing on September 22, 2006.
Repeat nominees from last year include "Live" hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, actor Mark Consuelos, late night host Jimmy Kimmel, actor Ted McGinley, and, in the Best Non-Human Guest category, purple dinosaur Barney and Mariah Carey's dog, Jack. (Word is that Carey has been lobbying for a repeat nomination since her beloved Jack Russell terrier was passed over in 2005 by porcine princess Miss Piggy.)
Source: Buena Vista Television - Yahoo! Finance (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 18th.
Atlantic City review by SOHH's well known Soul Man
The Voice, The Hits, The Tour
Mariah Carey is incredible. 
I was going to write this long elaborate love letter to Mariah Carey after seeing last night's concert in Atlantic City. I was going to get into how she has 17 number one hits or how "One Sweet Day" featuring Boys II Men is the longest running #1 single on Billboard EVER... EVER, but I won't. 

What I will do is talk about how with all the mediocracy in R&B over the past few years it is refreshing to witness true talent genius first hand. Yes Mariah loves short skirts and showing tons of cleavage. Yes she is narcissistic. But witness that vocal ability live and you wouldn't have it any other way. Hands down, that bitch can sing! She can get breathy and inflate notes and in less than a second within the same syllable deflate them and deliver a clarity thats like water. Not only that, she understands the technical aspects of music. Her conversation is as much about rainbows and butterflies as it is about chord progression and singing in lower registers when she is hoarse.

What I also always knew but found important to mention is Mariah is all about her fans. In a game where you become insanely wealthy and people worship the ground you walk on, its great to not see it go to one's head. As much as Mariah loves herself that narcissism stands second to her love of her fans.

The music industry has become such a 'performance culture'. Background dancers and props and fans and such. Lately her televised performances have been inconsistent. (re: last year's BET AWARDS) but what I noticed is when Mariah is 'performing' she sounds a little strained... but when she isn't paying attention to the cameras that 5 octave massive voice falls out of her mouth effortlessly. No shake, no scratching, no reaching for notes that aren't there. 
Source: SOHH
Posted on August the 18th.

Yesterday's concert setlist, reviews and picture posted in the Atlantic City page
Posted on August the 18th.
Congrats to Uwe from Mariah-Carey-Fan, this awesome German fan site is now online since August 1998, with only one and same webmaster since 8 years. Congrats friend 
Posted on August the 18th.
Svetlana Kuznetsova went to Mariah's concert
The young Russian tennis player, Svetlana Kuznetsova attended Mariah's concert in Montreal on August the 15th.  She writes in her blog that is was a good quality show and that Mariah's voice was really good, but unfortunately she had to left at 10:15pm 'cause she needed her hours of sleep to play a match the following day.
Svetlana is currently #7 in the Top WTA.
Posted on August the 17th.
A Mariah song featured in a book (part 2)
I posted this morning that a Mariah song was featured in "I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard" (see this morning's news).
A nice fan (thanks Garfield) e-mailed me the name of the song, it's "Without You".  The author should be careful before he makes fun of a song, as this is not a Mariah song, it's a cover of Harry Nilson who covered the original by Badfinger duh....
Posted on August the 17th.
Let's all cross the fingers for Atlantic City tonight
I just checked and I can't believe Atlantic City is not sold out for any of the 2 dates, c'mon it's a very small venue 
Posted on August the 17th.
Pepsi Smash Live not for us (non-Americans) 
Ok guys, this morning I was happy to post we could watch some performances from the Pepsi Smash, but as I was in a hurry, I hadn't time to watch it myself.  I'm just back home from a nice walk, I checked my e-mails and saw a lot of you international fans are not allowed to watch the performances 'cause they are not in the US.  I'm not allowed to watch them either.  Thank you so much Pepsi and Yahoo! Launch .  That said, I'm gonna drink a nice, refreshing Coca-Cola 
Oh, I almost forgot, I'm happy for the US fans who can watch it.
Posted on August the 17th.
4 Japan concerts out of 5, sold out 
While there's still a problem to have soldout concerts in the US until now, here's finally an excellent news, the Japanese public always shows Mariah a lot of love.
- Oct18, Nagoya : Sold Out - Nagoya Rainbow Hall - Seating Capacity: 10,000 
- Oct20, Saitama - Saitama Super Arena - Seating Capacity: 37,000 (almost sold out)
- Oct21, Saitama : Sold Out - Saitama Super Arena - Seating Capacity: 37,000 
- Oct24, Osaka : : Sold Out - Osaka Jo Hall - Seating Capacity: 16,000 
- Oct25, Osaka : : Sold Out - Osaka Jo Hall - Seating Capacity: 16,000
Source for the info: Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on August the 17th.
A Mariah song featured in a book
I Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard
I Hate Myself and Want to Die is an amusing book written Tom Reynolds who has chosen the 52 most depressing songs you've ever heard and explains in detail why each deserves to be on the list. It's wriiten in an ironic way. Reynolds points out the difference between a sad song and a depressing one. " Sad songs offer the listener empathetic comfort, reflection, and wisdom. Depressing songs just make you want to stick a Glock 9 in your mouth.
A Mariah song is featured with the story behind in that book, if one of you guys find out which song and what's the story, please let me know, thanks.
Posted on August the 17th.
Pepsi Smash Live 
A while ago, I told you to keep an eye on Pepsi Smash's website as they announced performances of the July 29th.concert at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, no need to check everyday anymore, today is the day!!!!!!  Click here and enjoy 
Posted on August the 17th.
Another Toronto review
Hairy Carey
It feels unkind and gratuitous to say anything mean about Mariah Carey - the woman's been through enough after her very public fall from grace in 2001, which featured an album that flopped, a feature film that flopped and a very strange appearance on MTV's Total Request Live.

I will say this, however: you'd think after all these years of dressing like a drag queen the woman would have learned to walk in heels. Her hour-and-a-half show was nerve-racking as she minced precariously across the stage. 

It was obviously a practical rather than diva-like move to stop two lines into Vision Of Love so as to draw attention to a stiletto heel-sized hole in the stage. She was glad to have an excuse to start the song again, admitting she missed the first line anyway. 

Despite the massive production of her Adventures Of Mimi tour – lights, dancers, singers, band, video screens and constant wind blowing across the stage and through Carey's hair – the whole business was a bit awkward and strange. Yeah, Carey is the queen of the vocals. She's got a fantastic, amazing voice as she showcased again and again running through her, what – 17, 18 – number one hits, pulling out the high-pitched vocal gymnastics wherever required and sending the gay guy next to me into squealing fits. 

But Carey herself is awkward and strange, which is actually part of her charm. She's cute and quirky, keeping up chatter with the audience, insisting she doesn't want us to think she "didn't want to put on a good show." 

She often seemed dwarfed by the trappings of her stage show and her band. The show lost momentum whenever she disappeared for one of many costume changes while a DJ played medleys of party tunes. 

Her duet with Trey Lorenz, I'll Be There, was lovely but then we lost momentum again when she left for another costume change and Lorenz sang a tune off his upcoming album (Mimi Presents Trey Lorenz). He has a fine voice but it wasn't big enough for the venue and he should have taken off the sunglasses. 

Finally, launching into Hero, Mariah suggested anyone who didn't like the song could take a bathroom break (I don't know if she was being facetious or seriously insecure). When the end came it came with a burst of purple confetti.
Source: Now Magazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 17th.

Fan story: Waiting for Mariah outside her hotel in Montreal
Chris waited in front of the hotel where Mariah stayed in Montreal. 
Here's his story: "About 15-20 other fans were also waiting. 2 black escalades and her tourbus were parked  in front of it so I waited and waited,  usually artists leave for the show between 4-6.  I see one of her security guy walking in and out of the place and he looks super friendly talking with people taking pictures and stuff.
There's  this one girl with a Mimi cd and he takes it and brings it in the hotel,  he then comes back a few minutes later and ask everybody if they have something to get signed. I gave him my butterfly laminate and 5-6 other fans gave him stuff, at that point there was 100 people there but mostly just people who were walking by and saw us and decided to wait too. They were not "real" fans,  they handed the security guy stuff like blank paper to get signed but he turned them away. 
It was about 6.30 at that point we see them taking the luggage into the bus including Jacks sleeping basket and so we waited 7.00 waited 7.30 waited 8.00. At that point Sean Paul was already on stage the show was at 7.30. Finally a Mayback parks between the 2 escalades, security tell us to move back now its 8.30.Her security guy finally brings back our stuff, it is all signed in Blue sharpie, and then the roar of the crowd.  Mariah finally comes out of the hotel,  hair and make up already done for the show its already 8.55 at that point. Sean Paul was already done and it was intermission at the venue. Jack was walking infront of her, she was holding the leash, she took off her sunglasses on the hotel steps and walked to her car.  She looked AMAZING. 
Now it was time to run to the venue like a madman I got there at 9.10.
It was a great day thanks a lots to her security guy for getting my butterfly laminitate signed!!!!!!
Posted on August the 16th.
Sam Moore and Mariah "It’s Only Make Believe" LISTEN now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and GRAMMY® Award winner Sam Moore -- the voice so identified with his classic hits "Hold On! I'm Comin", "I Thank You," and of course "Soul Man" -- recently completed an astonishing new solo album project Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational. Bass player/record executive/talent judge Randy Jackson served as producer for Moore, long famous as the seminal voice of the duo bearing his name. Jackson created the current and contemporary sound as a backdrop, but Sam's voice and energetic presence are front and center. Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational also serves as the final recording for the late, consummate keyboard and recording great Billy Preston. 
The 12 tracks on Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational, feature the one and only "soul man" with support from over 20 of his superstar friends and fans including Jon Bon Jovi, Bekka Bramlett, Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Nikka Costa, Sheila E., Fantasia, Billy F. Gibbons, Vince Gill, Van Hunt, Billy Preston, Robert Randolph, Paul Rodgers, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Travis Tritt, BeBe Winans, Steve Winwood, Wynonna, and Zucchero. The diverse album Sam Moore: Overnight Sensational also showcases Sam's love for country music on songs written by Garth Brooks and Conway Twitty. 
E-Card: click here.
Listening Party: click here.
Real: click here.
Windows Media: click here.
Source: Special Ops Media by e-mail.
Heroes note: "It’s Only Make Believe" is the seventh track in the Listening Party.
Update: I forgot to tell you guys, it's at around 12 min. on the Listening party, stop e-mailing me and listen 
Posted on August the 16th.
Translation I made of the article below
Mariah in exceptional shape ("gonflée à bloc" can't be translated)
A divorce, a breakdown, a breach of contract, a double failure musically and on screen would kill anyone, but not Mariah Carey.  We saw the proof in the Bell Center, where "Mimi" stopped yesterday evening.
Her life is a rollercoaster. 
This was shown on video before her entry on stage, one hour later than planned.  Her success is massive (160 million albums sold in her 15 years career), her failures (only 5 million cds for Glitter) and her non expected rebirth.
And there she is, on top of a rococo stair.  More in flesh than in bones (personal note: sorry it sounds weird in English ). Black shorts and top, silk vails, blond curly hair in the wind, sexy smile and a little wink: Mariah seduced the 13.150 people attending her concert (parents and children, couples more or less young, group of friends).
It's with her hit "It's Like That" from "The Emancipation of Mimi" that she opened the show. It's very well chosen as the song suggest a rebirth "No stress, no fights, I'm leavin' it all behind".
First generation fans were not forgotten, after "Vision of Love", the diva alternated new and older hits (I'll Be There, Honey, Butterfly).  And let's not forget the killer slows: My All and Hero.
From her rebirth album, still in the Billboard top 200 after 1 year, "Shake It Off", "I Wish You Knew, "Fly Like A Bird" and the unmissable "We Belong Together" were among the 20 titles for the show.
Mariah's show took place in the setting of Love Fire (Feux de l'amour), curtains, butterflies, strass.
From what we saw of the show (the half) and the body of the American Cinderella (almost all), spontaneity and natural were not part of the show, it was more a video than a concert.
But still, after one song Mariah's voice warms up, she hit some high notes here and there to show the audience she still has it, not only in her bra but also in her lungs (personal note: sorry, it makes me laugh again).
We need to admit that Mariah's voice still covers 8 octaves, passing from ultrasounds to very deep notes.  It's official - but not especially for sensible ears - Mimi is really back.
One hour after Sean Paul and his sexy dancers, Mariah came with her underwear and butterflies to the relief of some parents a lil' shocked by Sean Paul's "sexy ladies".  Mariah's show was a real pleasure for her fans from Montreal who didn't forget her during the bad years.
Source for the article in French: Cyberpresse (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 16th.
Mariah Carey gonflée à bloc
Un divorce, une dépression, une rupture de contrat, un flop musical doublé d'un flop au cinéma tuerait n'importe qui. Pas Mariah Carey. La preuve sur pièce, au Centre Bell, où la tournée de «Mimi» s'est arrêtée hier soir.
Sa vie est en montagnes russes. C'est d'ailleurs ce que montrent des vidéos avant son arrivée sur scène, une heure après l'horaire prévu. Ses succès ont été massifs (160 millions d'albums vendus en 15 ans de carrière), ses échecs cuisants (seulement 5 millions d'exemplaires pour Glitter) et sa résurrection... inespérée.
Puis la voilà, en haut d'un escalier délicieusement rococo. En chair plus qu'en os. Short et brassière noire à paillettes, voilage de soie transparent, boucles blondes au vent, sourire coquin et clin d'oeil en option: Mariah n'a pas lésiné sur les effets pour séduire ses 13 150 spectateurs (parents et enfants, couples plus ou moins jeunes, bandes d'amis).
C'est d'ailleurs avec son dernier succès, It's like that, extrait de The Emancipation of Mimi, qu'elle entame le show. Ça tombe bien, la chanson évoque une résurrection. «No stress/ No fights/ I'm leavin it all behind», chante-t-elle, accompagnée de trois choristes et d'une troupe de danseurs.
Les fans de la première génération de Mariah n'ont pas été oubliés. Après une interprétation de sa première chanson, Vision of love, la diva a alterné nouveaux et anciens tubes (I'll be there, Honey, Butterfly). Le tout, sans oublier les slows qui tuent : My All, et Hero.
De l'album de la résurrection, toujours dans le palmarès des 200 albums du Billboard un an après sa parution, Shake it off, I wish you knew, Fly live a bird et l'incontournable We belong together figuraient parmi les 20 titres programmés pour la soirée.
Alors, Mariah, quétaine ou pas quétaine? Sans surprise, le spectacle de Mariah Carey est campé dans un décor digne des Feux de l'amour: rideaux de mousseline, escaliers ornés de papillons, strass à tous les étages.
À en juger d'après ce que nous avons pu voir du spectacle (une petite moitié) et du corps de la Cendrillon de l'Amérique (à peu près tout), l'improvisation ou le naturel n'étaient pas à l'honneur dans le show, plus proche d'un vidéoclip que d'un concert.
Et pourtant. Après une première chanson, la voix de Mariah Carey s'échauffe. Gratte une octave par ci, par là. Histoire de montrer à son public qu'elle en a, non seulement dans le soutien-gorge, mais aussi dans le coffre.
Force est de reconnaître que la voix de Mariah peut toujours couvrir huit octaves, passer des ultrasons aux notes plus graves. C'est officiel - bien que dommage pour les oreilles les plus sensibles - : Mimi est de nouveau sur les rails.
Le vernis kitsch auquel la chanteuse nous avait habitués a d'ailleurs été atténué grâce à l'effet hip-hop reggae de Sean Paul, qui assurait la première partie du show. Il a offert une interprétation minutée mais plutôt convaincante des titres de ses albums Dutty Rock et The Trinity, dont le très attendu Hey Sexy Lady. Déhanchements de danseuses en slip noir compris.
Une heure après débarquait Mariah, ses sous-vêtements et ses papillons. Au grand soulagement de certains parents, échaudés par l'audace des «sexy ladies» de Sean Paul. Et au plaisir de ses fans montréalais, qui ne l'avaient pas oubliée pendant sa traversée du désert.
Source: Cyberpresse (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 16th.
Mariah's miracle
Any diva worth her salt will make you wait. While she didn't overdo it, Mariah Carey proved she's still got a little royalty complex, taking the stage at 9:30 last night, 45 minutes after her scheduled start time of 8:45.
It was nothing, really - a minor delay. But with her history of melodrama, and given that, 16 years into her career, she was playing her first Montreal show, there was anticipation in the air.
"Life is like a roller coaster," she said, in a pre-concert video, after the lights went down. "Everyone has to face their fears. Like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, ins and outs. And when the scariest part is over. Suddenly everything stops, and there is a moment of peace."
She was relatively at peace last night, before an excited crowd of 13,000 - no small feat for a superstar who, just a few years ago, was suffering a credibility crisis of epic proportions.
Last year's The Emancipation of Mimi was Carey's comeback album. And this was her comeback tour. From the beginning, there was a mild cringe factor.
She came out to the club-bumping sounds of It's Like That, wasting no time in baring her notoriously full figure. Clad in black lingerie, kinda covered by a sheer black gown, she slinked about the stage with a calculated step to match her tentative coo.
She broke the spell mid-song with a warm, "What's up, Montreal?," then belted out an ad lib. It was the first of several (but not too-too many) displays of her trademark power and range.
Whether Carey is no longer able or no longer willing to unleash the full force of her five-octave range is open to debate. Regardless, it was a mature Mariah who held court last night.
Playing songs from throughout her career - while noticeably omitting her 2001 collapse, Glitter, and its quick-release, apologetic 2002 followup Charmbracelet - she emerged with her dignity intact.
This, despite a near "wardrobe malfunction" midway through the night. She had made her way through the crowd to sing her Ol' Dirty Bastard-assisted hit Fantasy, from a dancefloor-size stage at the back of the room.
After no more than two minutes, she walked right back off, and backstage, apologizing over the P.A.
"This is called winging it," she said when she re-emerged. "The twins didn't want to stay where they were supposed to."
Though it interrupted one of her biggest songs, it was a welcome bit of spontaneity. As fun and efficient as the show was until that point, it did feel a bit like Carey was walking on eggs.
But she was doing fine. On the strategically balanced set list were 1999's Heartbreaker, with video cameos by Missy Elliott and Jay-Z; the big ballad My All, from 1997's Butterfly; the smoothed out groove Shake It Off (in front of a huge, lit up
MIMI backdrop); and her early career hit Vision of Love.
Throughout, she kept herself in check, unleashing a rebel wail now and then, but for the most part, playing it cool, and coy. Her fans loved every minute, and she loved them back.
"This is the best audience I've ever had," she said, with passable conviction.
Dancehall reggae posterboy Sean Paul opened up with a rousing set of party anthems. Flanked by energetic, scantily clad dancers of his own, he got the crowd more excited than most opening acts can dream of.
Source: The Gazette (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 16th.
Watch Mariah's interview on LOGO now
You can now watch most of it online, click here and enjoy.
Thanks to LOGO, if all channels did that it would be so great!!!!!!
Posted on August the 16th.
Montreal concert tibdits
Last night Mariah performed in Montreal.
- The setlist was the same as in Toronto.
- Mariah had a wardwore malfunction during "Fantasy", she got on the mini-stage for like 30 seconds and then she went back down and disapeared for a few seconds. She then got on the main stage and she was like 'cut it! cut it! CUT IT!' and then they stopped the music. She said she had a wardrobe malfunction and that the twins didn't want to stay in tonight. 
so she said if we wouldn't mind, she would go backstage change into something else and come back to the mini-stage to sing the next two songs properly haha. It was hilarious!
Source: Simon - Dino
Posted on August the 16th.
"The Ultimate Luther Vandross" will be available on August  22nd.
The cd includes "Endless Love" with Mariah.
Posted on August the 15th.
Mariah in Toronto: "I hope you're not video taping this show"

Mariah made a request that NO CAMERAS even be allowed into the venue- so anyone that brought a camera had to have it checked in at a special "camera check in" where you can then pick it up after the show. 
If you take one photo- they will give you a warning- 2nd photo u take- YOUR CAMERA IS GONE!!!!
Mariah saw someone video taping the show and she said "I hope you're not video taping this show!" 
There where about 4 secuirty guards that then JUMPED on him- in the middle of the floor- about 8 rows back! 
Source: Alexsander
Thanks to e_mariah01 for the pictures.
Posted on August the 15th.
Stand up for Mariah!!!!!!
Thanks to some fans on a message board, Mariah is now bashed for her Tour outfits on TMZ (AOL), if it makes you as sad as I am, please click on TMZ's site to read the article and to leave a comment to show your love and support to Mariah.  Our girl deserves it, she works hard to please her fans and....
Mariah doesn't deserved that and certainly doesn't need that at this moment of her Tour!!!!!
Posted on August the 14th.

Some "fans" should better shut their mouth
Will it ever stop????  Poor Mariah, she's happy to Tour to please her fans and how is she rewarded????
A crap site posted comments from a "fan" message board regarding Mariah's outfits for the Tour, I didn't wanted to post the link this morning as it was a crap site, but as it's the one who came up everytime you searched Mariah news on Google, it now made its way on TMZ (AOL Entertainment) and that's worse, as TMZ receives hundred of thousands visits a day.  TMZ even putted its own grain of salt by adding Mariah's Official messageboard in their comments.
I'm really sad for Mariah.  She's now bashed in the press 'cause of a messageboard which used to be dedicated back in the days (damn Anderz, what did they make of your nice messageboard?).  Thank God it's been a while I don't go there anymore, it prooves I was right.
Posted with sadness and angriness on August the 14th.
LIVE: Mariah Carey Amazes And Befuddles 
Mariah Carey has always come across as a plucky survivor with questionable style and an amazing voice, and during a nearly two-hour performance at Toronto's Air Canada Centre last night, the diva delivered equal amounts of pluck, questionability and amazement. 
Despite overhyped media reports of $10 million U.S. brooches, nine time-consuming costume changes and unfashionable lateness, The Adventures Of Mimi: The Voice, The Hits, The Tour was a pretty modest experience. The production was no more elaborate than your average figure skating TV special and the self-deprecating 36-year-old seemed intent on creating a relaxed atmosphere as she belted out 16 of her career hits, including "Dream Lover," "Always Be My Baby," "Fantasy" and "Honey," plus a few numbers from last year's comeback album, The Emancipation Of Mimi. 

The show opened with a confessional video of sorts. Over the image of a rollercoaster, Carey told the sold-out crowd, "Obviously it's no secret my life has been like a rollercoaster ride" æ a reductive reference to her tumultuous career in the public spotlight, which has included a high-profile divorce from Tommy Mottola and a bizarre nervous breakdown and subsequent hospitalization in 2001. "It's all part of God's bigger plan for me," she concluded, before suddenly appearing in a gust of wind from beneath the stage, clad in a sequined black bikini top, matching booty shorts and sheer cape. 
Launching into "It's Like That," she remained easy to spot among the tangle of back-up dancers, thanks in part to an omnipresent wind machine that violently tossed her gigantic, curly hair wherever she went. Carey doesn't really dance so much as swoop, flow and float around the stage. But a Mariah Carey show isn't about slick dance moves, it's all about her voice. All five of her octaves were in top form, dazzling the crowd with several ad-libbed arias. 

Peril was nearly averted during mid-set track "Vision Of Love." "Stop the show," she commanded, apologizing profusely. "There's a hole in the stage just about the size of a stiletto heel." As a roadie scrambled onstage to plug the hazardous hole, Carey coyly confessed she'd flubbed the first line of the song anyway and continued on. 
She hit every high note during a rousing version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," and brought out Trey Lorenz, the vocalist who originally performed the song with her back in 1992 on MTV Unplugged. The show then ground to a halt as she disappeared backstage to change outfits, leaving Lorenz to perform a filler song from his forthcoming album. He naturally gravitated towards an over-eager group of girls conveniently seated in the front row who had red and white pompoms and a placard that read, "I love Trey!" 
Carey reappeared on a smaller stage at the centre of the audience to energetically perform three numbers. It was definitely the high point of the evening, as the show began to lose some momentum shortly thereafter. 

Following another costume change, she returned in a turquoise evening gown and stopped the show once again, passive aggressively reprimanding the band for playing the wrong song in the wrong key. The crowd fell awkwardly silent. Clearly distracted, she pointed into the audience and said: "That ain't a video camera, is it? I've got slick eyes," and began rambling about a "Keith Sweat remix." 
To turn the silence back into raucous screaming, she performed an impromptu few bars of a song only hardcore fans would recognize and brought Lorenz back to join her for a few bars of "One Sweet Day" and a full version of "Thank God I Found You." 
With the 11 p.m. curfew fast approaching, Carey rounded out the set with "Hero," "Make It Happen" and an encore of "We Belong Together." 

It wasn't a perfect show, but then Mariah doesn't pretend to be perfect, that's part of her charm. She turned the awkward moments around, hit all the high notes and kept the wind machine cranked up to 11. Who could ask for more?
Source: ChartAttack (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.

Carey shows fans how to shake it off
You gotta love Mariah Carey. What other performer would stop their show to point out a hole on the floor of the stage "about the size of a stiletto heel," then admit to having missed the first line of the song anyway, further acknowledge various goofs — including almost falling down — in the first quarter of the 90-minute set, and shrug it all off with a sweetly confident "You know how I am?"
It could be that Carey, 36, has learned the dangers of perfectionism, given the exhaustion to which she attributed her very public emotional breakdown a few years back. 
Or perhaps, she's been nudged about some of the unflattering reviews (citing late starts and uneven singing) of The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour, which kicked off in Miami last weekend.

"I didn't want Toronto to think I didn't want to put on a good show," she said of her confessions, which came at the tour's fifth outing last night at the Air Canada Centre.
It helped that the New York native made these admissions clad in a butter yellow, low cut, bare back, midriff baring gown and then delivered a standout version of 1990's "Vision of Love" — the first of her 17 No. 1 singles.
And to the reassurance of those holding tickets for Carey's Aug. 29 return date, as last night's sold-out crowd can attest, the pop songstress remains in the fine five-octave form that made last year's The Emancipation of Mimi a three-Grammy winner that moved 10 million copies — besting rapper 50 Cent for the year's top seller.

The concert began with video footage of a roller-coaster ride with a Carey voiceover that alluded to the ups and down that marred her personal and professional life for the first half of this decade: divorce from then-Sony boss Tommy Mottola, starring in the movie musical Glitter which tanked, being released from Virgin Records and erratic public behaviour that was widely documented and labelled a meltdown.
With the taped announcement, "after all the hysteria everything is up," Carey stepped out in a glittery black bikini top, matching boy shorts and a transparent cape, singing "It's Like That." Backed by an elaborate stage, six dancers and a seven-piece band, she performed many of her hits, including "Heartbreaker," "Dream Lover" and "Fantasy."
She was joined by erstwhile R&B crooner Trey Lorenz, with whom she'd recorded the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" for a pleasing rendition of the song. Unfortunately, she then conceded the stage to him to showcase a song from his forthcoming album. Momentum lagged, since few know the South Carolina native outside of the 1992 collaboration with Carey and he didn't even try to make nice by removing the I'm-so-cool sunglasses. 

The other downside was a videotaped skit of a quartet of catty women dissing Carey in a washroom about her emotional problems and possibly fake boobs and legs. That was overkill for someone who's shaken off the naysayers to come within three songs of the Beatles No. 1 hits record. And let's face it — she didn't have such a substantial bosom in her 1990 debut.

But overall, Carey is a delight. 

She is a bit quirky, and she can't really dance — her tendency is to preen and prance — but she sings her ass off and is a whole lot of fun to watch. And she really does try to connect with her fans, even performing two songs on a ministage in their midst.
Costume changes were well down from the eight on her 2000 tour and the healthy looking, no skinny Mimi has toned down the skank. In fact, it was dancehall reggae opener Sean Paul and his sexy frenetic dancers who pushed the boundaries of decency last night.
Source: The Star (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.

Haha, I found it back 
On May the 16th. 2006, this was Mariah's reply to that woman:
In response to Aguilera's comments, Carey told Access Hollywood, "I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her, when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior. 
"It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain," Carey added. "It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers."
And, I posted what really happend on January the 30th. 2003:
"Mariah Warns Christina About Battle With Booze
Mariah Carey has reached out to Christina Aguilera to urge the hard partying pop tart to seek help before she spirals into a full-blown alcohol and partying addiction. She told XXX-Tina, "You're going to end up burned out at 30, like I was!" The scene happened at the party Mariah tossed after the American Music Awards, where Aguilera got so plowed that she nearly lost her skimpy top. Mariah played big sister to the younger diva, begging her not to buckle under the pressures and temptations of young stardom that Mariah herself nearly flamed out on. Carey ordered her handlers to sneak the drunken Aguilera past photographers by covering her with a towel. Even while covered up, Christina continued boozing under the towel! But her cover was blown when her glass slipped and shattered on the sidewalk outside. 
so what? What do you have to say now X-Tina?
Like a friend of mine says: "The nicest you are, the more they spit in your face" and that's so true 
Posted on August the 14th.
A little too much
She brought The Voice but should have left the excesses at home
Long before Jilly-come-lately starlets like Lindsay Lohan were keeping tabloids alive on the back of their foibles, failed relationships and trips to the hospital for exhaustion or "asthma", there was Mariah. 

Few have fallen as fast or from such a height as Mariah Carey, who went from the top-selling female artist of the '90s to fodder for Leno and Letterman in roughly a year. It's not without a certain amount of karmic coincidence that her album Glitter, drawn from the universally panned film of the same name, was released on Sept. 11, 2001. Ouch. 

That bad timing was only the beginning of the bad times for Carey, and the first few years of the new millennium were famously unkind to the 36-year-old girl with the glass-shattering pipes. But Mariah's now on the comeback trail, and given the roars and screams coming from the packed ACC concert bowl last night for the Toronto stop of the Adventures of Mimi tour, fans old and new are still here to welcome her. 

First the good news: Carey's still got THAT VOICE. After hearing hundreds of American Idol rejects emulate her show-offy high-register warbling, one would think the source material would now be poison to the ears. Not so. Carey can still show those wannabe punks how it's done. Bow down to your queen. 

Now, the bad news. It wouldn't be a Mariah Carey concert if it wasn't an exercise in excess, but too often Carey was overwhelmed by her band, her back-up singers and the two-tiered stage with its lighted staircases, wind and fog machines and the giant Mimi sign lowered from the rafters. Her voice may be huge, but her presence was at times disappointingly small. 

After an opening video which expressed the profoundly original sentiment that life can be like a roller-coaster, Carey emerged from a hole in the stage, dressed in a black bikini, flowing cape and stilettos, to the strains of It's Like That. Yes, it certainly is. 

That segued into Heartbreaker and then Dreamlover, giving Carey the first (but by no means last) opportunity to bust out her trademark ear-tickling squeal. But while the voice is still there, Carey could use a lesson or two in how to pace a live show. Yeah, we expect the costume changes, but is there no way to do it that doesn't involve killing the momentum? The DJ interludes were fine and certainly crowd-pleasing, but the video skit and other filler should be chucked. 

And stopping Vision Of Love a couple of lines in to tell the tech guys about a problem with the stage smacked of old school diva-tude. "There's a hole in the stage right here, just about the size of a stiletto heel!" said Carey, a smile on her face but not in her voice. How she noticed it with all the distracted fiddling she was doing with her earpiece is a wonder. 

But the woman who has sold more albums than the Beatles doesn't get where she is by disappointing her fans. Her very next song, Fly Like A Bird, was a testament to what her voice can do, and I'll Be There, a duet with Trey Lorenz (who then took the stage solo while Mariah went off to don her third costume in 45 minutes) was deliciously sweet. 

Sliding back and forth between the old (Hero, Honey) and the new (Don't Forget About Us, We Belong Together), Carey cherry-picked from her bulging catalogue of monster hits for the concert's 90-plus minutes. 

At one point she took to a mini-stage smack-dab in the centre of the bowl to do Fantasy and Always Be My Baby, much to the crowd's delight. And during Make It Happen, a full 32-person gospel choir backed her up. Hallelujah!

But overall, the show had too many rough edges, too much of the band in the sound mix and too many non-Mariah distractions. It's nice to see you back, Your Royal Mimi-ness. But next time you visit, could you please travel a little lighter? 

Opening act Sean Paul, enthusiastically professing equal love for the T-dot and the ladies (and, presumably, the T-dot's ladies), got the crowd on its feet early with his sweaty, freaky dancehall reggae beats. Backed by a small army of musicians, DJs and athletic, bootylicious dancers, Paul thumped through the likes of I'm Still In Love With You, Temperature and Get Busy. And no costume changes required. 
Source: TorontoSun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.

Toronto concert
Reviews, pics, etc... will be posted in the Toronto page, the first review is already there.
What surprises me is the follow tidbit shared by JusT BlAzE MC :
"she started the song and missed the first line cuz there was a hole in the stage she made the band stop playing and fix the hole. Mariah almost fell three times on stage, she even mentioned it LOL then finally she had them stop the song to fix it, she said it was about the size of a stiletto heal so she could get stuck in it."
, damn, Toronto fix your holes!!!!!
Posted on August the 14th.
Mariah makes cover of today's Toronto Sun
Here's the pic of the cover, let's hope we will be able to read the article later today.
Click to enlarge.
Source: Toronto Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.
Philadelphia concert
Carey can't dance, but sure can sing
Mariah Carey is a singer, not a dancer, which puts the mega-selling pop diva at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to mounting an arena-size spectacle like "The Adventures of Mimi" tour, which played to a not-quite-sold-out Wachovia Center on Friday.
Pop stars are expected to be buff, athletic entertainers leading phalanxes of gymnastic dancers as they tirelessly work oversize rooms, giving their all while simultaneously offering glimpses into their inner lives between song confessionals and videotaped interludes.
"The Adventures of Mimi" - the sobriquet comes from Carey's nickname, which also supplied the title of The Emancipation of Mimi, the best-selling album of 2005 - altered that strategy slightly.
Her stage presence is ungainly - she doesn't walk, much less dance, with grace - but Carey's famously frilly four-octave voice provided the athletic oh-wows, and she moved slowly about the stage in a series of hubba-hubba underwear and evening-gown ensembles, singing 16 years' worth of palliative pop and R&B and hip-hop-flavored hits.
Carey's string of successes is impressive: from 1990's "Vision of Love" to this year's hortatory "Fly Like a Bird," described as "so inspirational to me."
But hits are not enough to hold together a career-summarizing arena show. There must be a narrative arc. The thematic glue in this case, lamely proffered in a video voice-over intro, is how Carey's life is "like a rollercoaster," from her marriage and divorce to record exec Tommy Mottola to her emotional breakdown after the failure of 2001's Glitter to her triumphant return with Mimi.
Later, another clip displayed the night's one flash of wit, showing a group of fans dishing on Carey in front of a ladies-room mirror, questioning whether her breasts or even her legs ("I hear she's had them stretched") were real.
The 90-minute show was overly busy in its staging and choppily paced. But though Carey's singing is more noteworthy for its dexterity than its character, she connected with her intergenerational audience throughout, most engagingly in a series of duets with rappers (Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, the late, great Ol' Dirty Bastard) who joined her on video screens. She hit all the high notes, and did succeed in transforming the creamy ballad "We Belong Together" into a frighteningly intense declaration of obsessive love.
DJ Clue kept the crowd moving during costume changes, proving to be as skilled a crowd-pleaser as his boss as he spun snippets of Snoop Dogg and Salt 'n Pepa and exhorted the crowd to make some noise by demanding that "all the ugly people be quiet."
Source: Philadelphia Enquirer (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 14th.
Christina still bashing Mariah
"One of my main goals is to try and help women to love each other. I think it’s really sad women seem to feel the need to be so competitive and jealous and threatened," wise woman Christina Aguilera preaches in the new Allure magazine, on stands Aug. 22. Sooo, I guess Mariah Carey isn’t a woman then? In the very next paragraph, X-tina takes yet another stab at Mimi since her GQ diss. 
In GQ mag earlier this year, Christina moaned that her childhood idol "was never cool to me. To the point that one time we were at a party and I think she got really drunk and she had just really derogatory things to say to me… But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated." 
When asked how she feels about Mariah today, the kinder, gentler Christina says, "She hasn’t been nice to me, no, but, honestly, I don’t want to give her any more attention by even talking about it. Like I said, sometimes honesty is my downfall." 
Source: Kiss Kiss & All That - MariahConnection
Heroes comment: Christina dear, it was not that way, you were drunk and Mariah even saved you from the papparazzi, let me find the story tomorrow huh. Seems like you try to get attention for your new album 
Posted on August the 13th.
Hollywood's A-List Celebs Choose Yacht Charters for Total Escape
There's no better way to attain privacy and avoid the paparazzi
Vacations are all about rest, relaxation, and, of course, indulgence. And when it comes to Hollywood's biggest stars, you can count on them to take it up a notch by spending time in exotic locales, on some of the world's most luxurious yachts.
Mariah Carey - One of Yachting's Biggest Fans
For whom in the world of entertainment's elite does the siren song of the sea call the loudest? When it comes to charter savvy, two frequent floaters stand out from the pack: Mariah Carey and P. Diddy. Forget Stella and her groove, these two have dropped anchor from SoBe to Saint Tropez. 
Anyone who reads the tabloids while on line at the supermarket can tell you that the multi-octave Carey has had her ups and downs, both personally and professionally. Her film, "Glitter", was a dud, and her hectic workload put her in the repair shop for a physical and emotional tune-up. Through it all, the pop diva's prescription for keeping it real has been fresh sea air and the creature comforts of private yachts. Indeed, wherever and whenever possible, this chart-topper has opted out of hotel stays and used yachts as overnight respites during concert tours. 
"When her schedule permits, Mariah loves to get away on boats," claims her travel coordinator, G. Kates. "She feels the warm, salty air is good for her vocal health." According to Kates, Mariah especially loves yachts with on-deck Jacuzzis. "Who wouldn't love relaxing in a warm hot tub, gazing at the stars, with nary a paparazzo in sight?" he asks rhetorically. 
Ever the explorer, Mariah has enjoyed both weekend getaways and multiweek retreats on yachts in South Florida, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. This two-time Grammy winner has logged more nautical miles than most ships' captains! 
The self-indulgent Carey has even been known to combine the best of two great holidays, by renting both a shoreside villa and a luxury yacht at the same time. As one Hollywood insider reports, "You can host a bash in your villa then slip away with your 'real' friends out the back door and onto your boat." 
Mariah has even been known to request yachts that will allow her to bring along her two beloved pet pooches. Ah, la dolce vita!
Source: Linux.SYS Con (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 13th.
And contests go on.... Chicago area fans, win a Meet and Greet!!!!!
Win tickets and Meet and Greet Passes to Mariah Carey's "The Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour" on September 11th 
It's Mariah Carey's first tour in three years. . .and she's coming to the United Center on September 11.
See Mariah in premium taken to the concert in style - by limousine - and meet Mariah Carey!!!
This is sure to be the most elaborate concert production of Mariah's career!!"
Go to any of the 18 Chicagoland Discovery Clothing locations between August 14 and September 3 and register to win! 
Source: B96- Discovery Clothing
Posted on August the 13th.
US fans, enter now to see Mariah in Dallas
Enter here to win 2 tickets to the September 16th. show in Dallas!
Includes airfaire and one night hotel stay.
Good luck 
Click on the pic to enlarge.
Source: CircuitCity - Isabel
Posted on August the 13th.
Philly columnist  updated his tidbit
This morning, I posted what he wrote in his column, now he updated it, maybe he was among the ones waiting to see Mariah after the concert 
" Mariah Carey, who sang Friday at the Wachovia Center, called down to the Rittenhouse Hotel's VIP desk for a director's chair to sit in while her hair was done. The Adolf Biecker spa sent one up, pronto. Carey kept some fans waiting two hours after the show for a promised autograph session. She emerged at 1:30 a.m. Saturday after being holed up in her dressing room with Antonio "L.A." Reid, the music exec who engineered her comeback, and his aides"
Source: Source: Philadelphia Inquirer (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: It seems until now, the concerts doesn't have a good coverage in the local press, most of them seems to ignore it..... strange.
Posted on August the 13th.
All pictures from the Tour book
Janel from ButterflyWorldMCwas so kind to take pictures of each page of the Tour book for everyone to see.
Click here and enjoy 
Thanks Janel, you're the best!!!!!
Posted on August the 13th.
Mariah in 2007 Guiness World Book of Records
According to Angel, Mariah is featured in the 2007 Guiness World Book of Records for her 17 #1 Hits.
Posted on August the 13th.
Mariah in Philadelphia
The security service was everywhere to avoid fans could take pictures, apparently on Mariah's (read her team) request.
Hopie asked politely if she could take 2 pics, only 2 pics to the security guy next to her, he agreed.

Thanks to hopie
Posted on August the 13th.
Mariah Carey, who sang Friday at the Wachovia Center, called down to the Rittenhouse Hotel's VIP desk for a director's chair to sit in while her hair was done. The Adolf Biecker spa sent one up, pronto.
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 13th.
Mariah on Canadian "Much Music"
Canadian "Much Music" broadcasted an interview from Mariah in Miami where she said she wanted to be back in the studio right now, but would be going back into the studio in a couple months.
Source: sugar_rae
Posted on August the 12th.
C'mon guys, vote for Mariah at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards
Best R&B video - "Shake It Off" 
Click here to vote. 
Please guys, vote as much as you can, Mariah deserves it 
Posted on August the 12th.
Tour book and stuffs
Janel brings us the pictures of the Tour book and some stuff she bought at the Philadelphia concert last night.
Also, her fan report is now added in the Philadelphia page.

Click to enlarge.
Source: Janel from ButterflyWorldMC
Posted on August the 12th.
Trey's new album "Mr Mista"
After more than a decade, we finally will be able to enjoy Trey Lorenz's new album.  It will be on sale on September 19, 2006.  And as already reported by a fan earlier it states "Mimi Presents, Trey Lorenz" (see Tampa review).
Source for the cover: Amazon
Source for the info: Bine aka mariahzbee on fomm
Posted on August the 12th.
Philadelphia concert
The Philadelphia page has been updated with the setlist and fan reviews
- Mariah sang "Vision Of Love"
- L.A. Reid attended the show.
Posted on August the 12th.
HBF, Mariah's official fan club announces presales as "coming soon" for the Hong Kong concert.
Not a Member? Join now!!!
Posted on August the 11th.
Tour boxscores
Here are the numbers so far for the Tour
Date: Saturday, August 5, 2006
Venue: American Airlines Arena - Miami, FL - Live Nation
Gross: $1.074.620
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 13.156 / 13.156 
Sellout %: 100%
Ticket Price Range: $19.50 - $129.50

Date: Monday, August 7, 2006
Venue: St. Pete's Times Forum - Tampa, FL - Live Nation
Gross: $714.455
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 13.354 / 13.542
Sellout %: 98.6%
Ticket Price Range: $19.50 - $125.00

Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Venue: Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA - Live Nation
Gross: $660,595
Attendance/Capacity of Building: 11.226 / 13.288
Sellout %: 84.5%
Ticket Price Range: $19.50 - $129.00

Thanks to Chris for the infos
Posted on August the 11th.

Remind: Vote for Mariah at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards
Best R&B video - "Shake It Off" 
Click here to vote. 
Please guys, vote as much as you can, Mariah deserves it 
Posted on August the 11th.
Tunis: The truth!!!!!
Recently, to be exact 10 days ago, I told you that I woudn't talk about Tunis anymore as I was disgusted by what I found out.  Why was the second concert so different?
The task of a webmaster isn't always easy when it comes to choose the news to post without harming Mariah.
A lot of you know me enough now to know I never hide anything, not the good nor the bad, even if sometimes it happens in my own country, fortunately this wasn't in my country. 
As a lot of you e-mailed me and still do, and as it now reaches the press, I decided the truth couldn't harm Mariah, it can only show how disgusting the stuff was with the complicity of a part of the press and all the Tunisian parties involved.
Warning, This is not meant to critisize the true Tunisian fans.
The welcome at the airport with Tunisian fans waiting with cool posters...  it was fake.  Some young people were hired as extras to welcome Mariah at the airport and received posters specially made for the occasion and a free concert ticket, they had to make believe at the warm welcome of Tunisian people, don't forget the concerts were held to promote tourism.
The first concert sold pretty well, almost sold out, near 40.000 people (even if there were a lot to benefit from free tickets given by their offices, but this happens everywhere), excellent concert, good atmosphere, perfect.  Everyone was happy.
The problem comes for the second concert, remember they needed to attract tourists in Tunisia for more than 2 days.  Mariah has nothing to do with it, she's paid for 2 concerts and it isn't her problem the way it will happen.  The problem was the following, due to a bad organization, late infos and let's admit it the expensive prices to go to Tunis didn't help bring enough people to Tunis.
And the worse happend, most of the Tunisians who wanted to attend the concert did it the Saturday and the tourists only went to that concert too, they thus needed to fill the 40.000 seats for the Monday concert with.... with who???
I repeat this has nothing to do with the fact it was Mariah, the promotors would have had the same problem with any other star, especially with a US star due to the Lebanon events as Tunisia supports Lebanon to the fullest, but that's politic and I don't want to go into that. 
To fill the contract clauses, a certain amount of audience was needed and to fill the stadium, well they gave free tickets in bars in Tunis inviting people to go to the concert.  At 21h30, they even opened the doors of the stadium to everyone for free and the news spreaded quickly across the city, a lil' local festival was even deserted by young people to come for free at Mariah's concert (that's the only good news). Some people were even in the VIP bloc and everywhere in the stadium without any Tunisian security control, that's scarry.
The result of all that is that the audience that night wasn't probably all "good" people, pickpockets were there and some fans were victims of these people.
It's done, I told what makes me sick since more than 20 days.  Mariah gave her second concert for a few real fans and a bunch of fake people.
I repeat again to make it clear, it has nothing to do with Mariah, in the same circumstances, it would have happend with any other star, 2 X 40.000 people was way too much for Tunisia.  I also want to tell again to avoid any misunderstanding, there are some real fans in Tunisia!!!!
Posted on August the 11th.
Tunis: La vérité!!!!!
Récemment, plus présisémment il y a 10 jours, je vous avais dit que je n'allais plus parler de Tunis car j'étais dégouté par ce qui s'est réellement passé là-bas.  Pourquoi le second concert était-il si différent du premier?
Le rôle d'un webmaster n'est pas toujours très aisé lorsqu'il faut choisir les nouvelles à poster sans que cela ne nuise à Mariah.  Beaucoup d'entre vous me connaisse assez maintenant pour savoir que je ne cache jamais rien, ni du bon, ni du mauvais, même si parfois cela se passe dans mon propre pays, heureusement ici cela ne s'est pas passé dans mon pays.
Comme vous avez été si nombreux et êtes encore si nombreux à m'e-mailer au sujet de ce qui s'est réellement passé à Tunis, et que cela fait maintenant son chemin dans la presse, j'ai longuement réfléchi et j'ai décidé qu'après tout cela ne sait pas nuire à Mariah, cela peut simplement nuire à une certaine presse tunisienne et toutes les parties tunisiennes impliquées.
Attention, ceci n'est nullement pour critiquer les vrais fans tunisiens.
L'accueil à l'aéroport avec des photos de fans tunisiens attendant avec de jolies affiches, c'est bidon.  Certains jeunes ont été
embauchés comme figurants pour accueillir Mariah à l'aéroport et ont reçu les affiches déjà fabriquées pour la circonstance et un ticket de concert gratuit, il fallait faire croire au chaleureux accueil du peuple tunisien, n'oubliez pas qu'au départ ces concerts étaient prévus pour promouvoir le tourisme.
Le premier concert était pratiquement sold out, près de 40.000 personnes (même si beaucoup d'entre eux étaient bénéficiaires de tickets offerts par leur société, mais bon, cela arrive partout), excellente prestation, bonne ambiance, parfait.  Tout le monde était content.
Le problème vient pour le deuxième concert, souvenez-vous qu'il sagit d'attirer les touristes en Tunisie pour plus que 2 jours, Mariah n'a rien à y voir, elle est payée pour deux concerts, et ne se préoccupe pas des à côtés ni des buts.  Le problème donc est que vus la mauvaise organisation, les informations tardives et admettons-le les prix pour se rendre en Tunisie n'ont pas favorisé l'afflux espéré par les organisateurs. Et ce qui devait arriver arriva, la plupart des Tunisiens voulant assister au concert l'avait fait le samedi et les touristes ne voulaient assister eux aussi qu'à un seul concert, restait donc à remplir les 40.000 places du lundi avec.. avec qui?  Ceci n'a rien à voir avec le fait que ce soit Mariah, les organisateurs auraient eu le même problème avec toute autre star, surtout une star américaine vus les événements du Liban, pays supporté par la Tunisie, mais je ne m'étalerai pas sur des faits politiques.
Pour remplir les clauses du contrat, il fallait un certain nombre de personnes présentes dans le stade et pour le remplir et bien on a distribué des places gratuitement le soir même dans les bars de Tunis invitant les gens à se rendre au concert.  A 21h30 on a carrément ouvert les portes du stade gratuitement et le mot est passé dans toute la ville et même jusqu'à un petit festival local que des jeunes ont déserté pour venir voir Mariah (c'est la seule bonne nouvelle).  Certaines personnes se sont ainsi retrouvées dans le bloc VIP et même partout dans le stade sans être soumis à la fouille, ça donne des frissons dans le dos.
Il en a résulté que le public présent n'était peut-être pas vraiment tous des gens "bien", les pickpocket étaient de la partie, des fans en ont fait les frais.
Voilà, j'ai laché le morceau, cette rage qui me démange depuis plus de 20 jours, il fallait que ça sorte.
Mariah a donné son second concert devant une poignée de vrais fans et une bande de vendus.
Je répète que dans les mêmes circonstances cela se serait produit pour n'importe quelle star, deux fois 40.000 personnes était beaucoup trop pour la Tunisie.  Je tiens aussi à préciser que je ne veux pas généraliser, il y a quand même des vrais fans en Tunisie!!!!!
Posted on August the 11th.
Fans Canadiens, terminez la soirée par une party!!!
Une after party aura lieu après le concert de Mariah à Montréal le 15 Août de 22h00 à 03h00 au club "Unity", 1171 Ste Catherine E à Montréal, téléphone: 514-523-2777
Cette party est organisée par le promoteur "Gillett Entertainment Group", et le club "Unit".  Entrée gratuite si vous êtes munis de votre billet de concert, et cadeaux assurés.
Montreal fans, after party!!!!
An after party will be held after Mariah's concert on August the 15th. in Montreal, from 10pm to 3am.   It's at the club "Unity", 1171 Ste Catherine E, phone: 514-523-2777
The party is organized by the promotor "Gillett Entertainment Group" and the club "Unit".  Free entry with your concert ticket and prizes give away.
Thanks to Vivi for the info.
August the 11th.
Californian radio sends a winner to New York
Ventura radio Q104.7 sends a lucky winner to New York!!!
She'll see Mariah Carey on her "Adventures of Mimi Tour" with special guest Sean Paul in New York City and get $1000 spending cash!
Click on the pic to enlarge.
Posted on August the 10th.
Mariah and fans backstage at Pepsi Smash
Mariah met fans backstage after the Pepsi Smash concert on July the 29th. at the Kodak Theater 
Click here to see the entire gallery.
Source for the info: curiouslillamb
Posted on August the 10th.
Indecency fine for Pussycat Dolls
Authorities in Malaysia have fined the organisers of a recent Pussycats Dolls concert for flouting decency laws, a local newspaper has reported. 
Promoters Absolute Entertainment have been fined 10,000 Ringgits (£1,436) for allowing the female US act to perform "sexually suggestive" routines. 
The penalty was imposed by the council which manages the Kuala Lumpur suburb where the event took place on 26 July. 
Malaysia has a history of censoring films and banning musicians. 
In 2003 US rock band Linkin Park were banned from wearing shorts while performing in the country, while in 2004 singer Mariah Carey was asked to comply with dress regulations. 
Source: BBC (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 10th.
Take a look at the Atlanta page, it's updated with a bunch of pictures

Posted on August the 10th.
A grateful Mariah Carey plays Philips Arena
Mariah Carey decorated her stage Wednesday night at Philips Arena with her initials. They were designed in an interlocking symbol, a cross between the Chanel logo and a hood ornament, and they represented her status as a pop music luxury brand. 

Carey has had her ups and downs, as an extended video metaphor involving a roller coaster reminded us. But she’s back on top now, having had the best-selling album of 2005 — “The Emancipation of Mimi” — with the help of Atlanta songwriter/producer Jermaine Dupri.

Dupri appeared onstage multiple times Wednesday night — he came out before Carey to get the crowd pumped up, joined her for a run through “Shake It Off” and shared the stage with Da Brat during a lull in the action. Dupri is a sparkplug of a man, an instant jolt of energy, and Carey thanked him profusely throughout the night.

The show had some disjointed moments and questionable fashion decisions, but Carey was warm and gracious and generally in good voice — she cheesed it up with fans, hit her famous high notes and seemed pleased to be there.

She began the show wearing a spangly black bra and matching boy-shorts, accessorizing with a cape. Later she wore a yellow dress with a deep slit. Her hair fell in waves down her back. Her midriff was well-ventilated.

Carey sometimes seemed unsure whether she was supposed to be onstage or off. And there was a clumsy moment about halfway through the show in which she started “Always Be My Baby,” stopped to sing a bit of “Your Girl,” then went back into “Baby.” But moments like these were kind of endearing — they revealed Carey to be human, as opposed to a robotic diva. 

Among other songs, she sang “Hero,” “We Belong Together,” “Dreamlover,” “My All” and “I’ll Be There.” And if some of the show’s most exciting moments came from a DJ spinning tracks by local rappers D4L, Young Jeezy and Young Joc, well, this is Atlanta — what do you expect?
Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (All rights reserved)
Click here to access the newspaper's picture gallery
Heroes note: They seem to praise more JD than Mariah.... whatever 
Posted on August the 10th.

Atlanta concert
The Atlanta page has been updated with the setlist and a fan review.
- JD was there for "It's Like That", "Shake It Off" and "Honey Remix"
- Da Brat performed her verse in "Heartbreaker Remix"
- Honey So So Def remix with Da Brat and JD 
- Mariah didn't perform "Breakdown" and "I Know What You want"
- When it was "Always Be My Baby", Mariah started,  then stopped and said she messed up and that these two girls 
needed to come to the stage and do the dance so she sang "Your Girl" to give them time but they didn't show up so she finished "Always Be My Baby".
- Can't Let Go, Thank God I Found You/Make It Last, One Sweet Day both with Trey, it was a compilation of three because Mariah  said she didn't have time.
Watch a lil' vid from Atlanta, thanks to mariah illusions (it's very short 'cause his camera died)
Posted on August the 10th.
Join Adam Bomb and Phone Hottie Mariah Carey!!
Join Adam Bomb and Phone Hottie Wendy as they broadcast the show live from the Mariah Carey Concert on Wednesday! All the Hits Q100 will have plenty of free stuff..and you never know if we will have backstage passes!
Source: Q100
Heroes note: Guys, I listen online now (it's 1:30am here), and they are in front of the arena, they talk with fans and describe the atmosphere.  It's too late for me now, I need some sleep but you can listen live here.
Posted on August the 9th.
Atlanta concert tonight!!!!
Posted on August the 9th.
A new Tour date has been added
Oct 28, 2006 Hong Kong, China at the "Tamar Site Arena"
As we know the Rolling Stones performed there for an audience of 13.000 people, we can expect that for Mariah it will be the same.
Source for the info: Mariah
Posted on August the 9th.

Did we know Tommy sang?
I simply had to post it.... while surfing to find some news about Mariah, I came across a news about Tommy Mottola and....
He started in the music business as a singer, under the name "T.D. Valentine", his career was very short, but he had 3 songs released in the late 60's (Evil Woman, Love Trap and Allison Took Me Away).  Later he made a cameo vocal apperance as an Italian dude on Wyclef Jean's "The Eclectic" album.
I'm sorry, but this made me laugh a lot today, especially with Kinou running around our house claiming: "I'm T.D. Valentine, I'm a crooner, I'm a star, woohooooo" 
Posted on August the 9th.
New York area fans: Win tickets to see Mariah at the MSG
Newsday subscribers can now enter for a chance to win. 
PRIZES: One (1) grand prize winner will receive two (2) tickets to Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden, New York City on Wednesday, August 23, 2006, dinner for two (2) at the Blair Perrone Steakhouse, 885 Second Avenue, New York, New York 10017 (worth up to three hundred dollars ($300)), round trip limousine transportation via Champion Limousines to and from the concert; and one (1) CD copy of Mariah Carey "The Emancipation of Mimi". Approximate value of Grand Prize is $1420. Twenty-nine (29) runners up will each receive one (1) CD copy of Mariah Carey "The Emancipation of Mimi." Approximate value of each runner up prize is $18. Prizes are non-transferable, non-negotiable and not redeemable for cash, credit or merchandise. The Sweepstakes Entities are not responsible for prize delivery delays for any reason. No substitute prizes are available; however, the Sponsor may, at its discretion, award substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Winners are responsible for all accommodations not specified in these official rules.
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 9th.
Miami and Tampa concerts page updated with new pictures
Posted on August the 9th.
Guys, be patient, I'll reply to all the e-mails you sent asap, and new Heroes of Mariah members will receive their welcome e-mail soon too 
Posted on August the 8th.
Virtual Ticket is up on Mariah's official site!
Visit the Virtual Ticket page and activate your Virtual Ticket Membership. You will be able to see exclusive members-only photos from the Adventures of Mimi Tour and reviews of the shows. 
We will be keeping you updated on Mariah's travels from the Adventures of Mimi Tour. Photos, reviews and setlists from the Miami and Tampa shows are already up so activate your membership today!
Source: Mariah
Posted on August the 8th.
- Atlanta: Legs of a Goddess
There will be a Legs of a Goddess contest in Atlanta just before Mariah' concert. The winner will meet Mariah and advances to the finals among other prizes. Registration at 6 p.m. Contest at 7 p.m.
Source for the info: City Scout events

- Atlanta after party: additional infos
A few days ago I posted infos about the official Atlanta after party, here's some more info. The official record company after party is setted up by local gay party promoters Ovah Productions, who host a benefit for Mariah's Fresh Air Fund after the show.  The party will now take place at "Halo Lounge", 817 West Peachtree St NW , Phone: 001 404 962 7333 instead of at the private estate of Dale Gardner.
The entry is $20 US.  The party will be hosted by DJ J-Luv and DJ Dr. Katz
It's not known for sure if Mariah will stop by after the concert, but hey,  if you have nothing better to do, you can give it a try and enjoy a party with your friends.
Source for the info: Mike from Halo Lounge

- Atlanta: Win with Q100 today!!!!!
Qualify with a pair of tickets to see Mariah Carey this Wednesday at Philips arena and to win an Autographed Ipod loaded with the entire Mariah Catalog! 
from 3pm to 6pm with Dylan
Adam Bomb from the Bomb Box makes you win tickets too and will be at the Mariah's Show tomorrow 6p-11p during The Night Show. 
Posted on August the 8th.

Tour book added on Fanfire
Mariah Carey Tour Book Pre-Sale
Pre-Order your tour book for The Adventures of Mimi. This book is packed with pages of high quality, stunning photographs of Mariah. 
Orders placed today will be shipped by the end of August.
Price: $20.00
Source: Fanfire
Posted on August the 8th.
New Joints From Monica
Monica- "Why Her", a track clearly produced by Jermaine Dupri, sounds like a slower version of "Turn It Up" a track he produced for Johnta Austin's upcoming album... which is nothing but a faster version of Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together". Jermaine... I see you. You getting real comfortable.
Source: SOHH
Posted on August the 8th.
Despite glitches, diva delivers the treats
Mariah Carey's performance at the St. Pete Times Forum on Monday suffered from a late start and some technical difficulties.

TAMPA - She has been a prodigy and a punchline, a pinup girl and a poster child for the pitfalls of celebrity excess. But throughout a 16-year career that has been just as curvy as that ample figure she likes to flaunt, Mariah Carey has always been able to rely on one true constant:
Her all-world pipes, a vocal gift that's downright superheroic in these prefab days of pseudo pop stars a la Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.
That's a nice talent to have, and Carey sure knows it. Her show at the St. Pete Times Forum on Monday - just the second night on her current U.S. tour - suffered an array of bumps and clunks unbe-fitting a polished diva. The show started way late, the seven-piece backing band was far too loud and obtrusive, and her dance troupe often scuffed around like a gang of misfit mimes. 
But thanks to an array of high-wire vocal derring-do, the 36-year-old Long Island native never lost an adoring crowd of 16,493 fans for too long. 
After being the biggest-selling female artist of the '90s, Carey had rough start in the '00s. That is, until 2005, when her comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi, sold 10-million copies on the way to besting rapper 50 Cent for the biggest-selling disc of last year.
Carey's glammed-out spectacle reflected that regained confidence and rebooted ego. On an epically scaled stage framed by a giant "M," Carey first appeared in black bikini and matching cape to sing 2005 hit It's Like That. For her next numbers, Heartbreaker and Dreamlover, she was criminally drowned out by her band including three background singers far too high in the mix - that is, until she battled back by uncorking some of those patented glass-shattering vocal acrobatics. Why, it was like Superman using his heat vision - um, in a bikini. 
Rehearsal vibe or not, the show had a lot of sun spots. Carey, still in that black bikini, wiggled and posed in front of a giant flashing "MIMI" sign as she cooed out current smash Shake It Off. After she shed her bathing suit, she appeared in a perilously low-cut, leg-flashing yellow dress for smoldering come-ons Stay the Night and Fly Like a Bird. And in a likably self-effacing moment, Carey offered a gorgeous version of the Jackson 5's I'll Be There as an apology for a show she admitted was still "a work in progress."
Because one stage isn't enough to contain the power of Mariah - especially when she's dressed in a hiptastic ensemble of low-slung jeans, tight tube top and naughty pumps - the singer and a few of her mimes took to a checkerboard stage in the middle of the audience for a showstopping mini-set that included sweet club hit Fantasy and chummy sing-along Always Be My Baby.
The show lost momentum during the myriad costume breaks, when Carey would show a goofy video or have a DJ scratch out some hits. But Mimi would unfailingly get things going again, especially when she sang big-time ballad Hero in a cleavage-enhancing aqua dress that made her look like the Little Mermaid's stripper sister. 
Of course, Mariah's hubba-hubba routine was downright Victorian compared to opening act Sean Paul, the Jamaican-born hitmaker whose dancehall reggae is all about dance-floor freakiness. In case you missed his subtle point, Paul flanked himself with clothing-averse dancers who crawled and writhed and gave each other piggyback rides (no, really). His band was loud, his beats were big and his verbal toasting was randy, as he grinded through such smashes as (When You Gonna) Give It Up to Me, Get Busy and Temperature.
Source: St Petersburg Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 8th.
Mariah Radio Interview in Atlanta
Those living in the Atlanta area can to tune in to WWWQ - Q100.5 on the morning of Wednesday, August 9 to hear Mariah's interview with Q100.5's DJ Dylan.
Source: Mariah
Posted on August the 8th.
Fly Like A Bird is #1 again on Urban AC 
Source: Chris
Posted on August the 8th.
Miami afterparty
Mariah Carey arrived fashionably late to her concert after party last Saturday at Nocturnal---2:30 am specifically. But hey, at least she actually showed up! Carey was escorted through the club's main entrance where she was greeted by throngs of admirers. She arrived on the arm of her manager/producer Benny Medina and partied with multi-platinum performing artists/collaborators/ friends  Busta Rhymes, Timbaland  and Pharrell  Williams. No signs of sometime Miami resident and ex hubby Tommy Controlla--er, Mottola. After posing and smiling for the camera, Carey got down to serious partying with The World Famous DJ Clue spinning hits from her two decades of classics. Then she turned to someone and asked, remind me again why I call myself Mimi?
Posted on August the 8th.
Tampa tidbits and pics
Compilation of several fan reviews
- The Miami show was definitely longer, but Tampa's was better.
- The crowd seamed more hyped up for Mariah.
- Mariah sang snippets of "Can't Let Go" and "Joyride".
- Mariah didn't sang "Breakdown"
- Trey sang a song of his new album coming out on September the 19th., according to another fan there's a single which will be called " Mimi Presents, Trey Lorenz....".
- Later at the end of the night Mariah leaved on bus and Jack was there 

Thanks to Brendan for the pics
Posted on August the 8th.
Mariah Carey Soars In Performance
A vast arena sat in utter silence barely a mile from where Mariah Carey made her first Tampa appearance three years ago.
Then, attempting to revive her brilliant career after an emotional breakdown, the buyout of her huge contract with Virgin Records and a regrettable film debut in "Glitter," Carey was reduced to entertaining a pocket-sized audience of 2,261 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.
These days, the Long Island songbird is flying high again, as witnessed by a diverse crowd of 16,493 Monday night at the St. Pete Times Forum.
"If I mess up, I mess up," Carey told her adoring fans at one point, "but I love you anyway."
They loved her right back through a typically flawless program that included scores of ear-piercing C notes.
Carey vowed "The Adventures of Mimi," her first concert tour since 2003, would provide renewed excitement. Adorned in a sultry black sequined ensemble, she immediately began to deliver with "It's Like That," among the finishing touches on her 2005 Grammy Award-winning contemporary rhythm and blues album, "The Emancipation of Mimi."
The 36-year-old pop diva also sang Billboard chart busters "Don't Forget About Us" and "We Belong Together" from the same project, which expanded her collection of top singles to within three of the record 20 held by The Beatles.
Carey delighted longtime followers during the 90-plus-minute engagement with a string of other No. 1 hits, including "Dreamlover," "Always Be My Baby," "Hero" and "My All."
Other highlights from the singer, songwriter and record producer included performances with longtime duet partner Trey Lorenz of the romantic ballads "I'll Be There" - which lifted them atop the U.S. and Canadian charts in 1992 - and "One Sweet Day."
An hour into the show, replete with dazzling costumes, videos and other special effects, Carey suddenly broke into "Fantasy" on a small lighted stage halfway across the arena floor, then walked through the seating area back to the main stage.
Dancehall reggae artist Sean Paul opened the show
Source: The Tampa Tribune (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 8th.
Tampa concert tonight!!!!!! 
Posted on August the 7th.
Us fans who attended the concert, please post your comments to reply to this..... stand up for Mariah!!!!!
The Adventure with Mimi
We hear that Mariah Carey's tour which kicked off at the American Airlines Arena last Saturday was definitely an "Adventure with Mimi." Fans were treated to the usual pomp and circumstance of an A list concert tour. The set design was amazing, the pyrotechnics were awesome, the collaboration with Busta was hot. But a couple of highs could not save the entire show. Mariah, who is as recognized for her writing as she he is her voice, allegedly forgot the words to My All , even as the crowd was singing along with her. She didn't sing during Breakdown and it was only okay because the "playback" tape gave us her ad libs. Mariah lost her spot in Honey while trying to give the crowd a little extra, u know like the real Diva's do. Speaking of Diva...Mariah complained that the fans on stage weren't working during the concert. I am sure she wanted her super long extensions to flow like the goddess she thinks she is. She also switched up mics a few times in the middle of the show. The icing on the cake was the speech about how this was the first show and that there were some things they had to worked out, but she really loved Miami. Shouldn't that be in rehearsals Mariah? Some fans even were overheard asking if she had been "partying" before the show. 

Can someone please tell us why in the hot crispy hell DJ Clue, who's the Dee jay/hype man on the tour, was about 5 mins slow to do everything. Look at your cue sheet DJ Clue! After all this time he's still shouting that same tired line: " Dee jay clue, World Famous , Desert Storm!" I hope Randy Jackson, who is the tour director for the Adventures of Mimi, sat all of these industry veterans down and had one of those American Idol style pow wows with them. 

We imagine it went something like this, "Mimi dawg...What happened? You didn't give it your best? The crew just wasn't prepared tonight. We don't want fans demanding a refund especially considering Madonna killed two shows last weekend and Shakira's up next?" That's the way we imagine it anyway. Don't forget about us Mimi as you make your way to your next concert destination. 
Source: Miamist (All rights reserved)
Click on the link above to post your comments, thanks 
Posted on August the 7th.

Mariah-Oh-Meter: Rate Her Look

Exhibit A: The Adventures of Mimi Tour, Miami Saturday night
For this outfit, I'd rate Mariah an eight. She's not quite off the charts, because she's got her top and bottom both fully-covered (to which we say: Bravo, Mariah!), but that streaming chiffon—not to mention bare belly—definitely makes this borderline lingerie. 
Exhibit B: After-concert party, club Nocturnal
What, no plunging neckline? Or sky-high slit? Post-show, Mariah tones things down to a five, in a minidress that actually looks like it's the right size. 
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate Mariah's oh-factor in these looks?
Source: People (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.
The Miami Tour section has been updated, go take a look at the new pictures
Posted on August the 7th.
Mariah arriving at the after party at Nocturnal in Miami

Wanna see more? HQ and untagged, it's on Cat's site
Posted on August the 7th.
Mariah Carey Tour Kickoff: The Voice Outshines Costume Changes, Video Clips
Miami show shoots for spectacle, but Carey and her pipes are main attraction.
Opening night of Mariah Carey's Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour could have been subtitled The Videos, the Costumes, the Waiting. But when Carey set aside the spectacle to focus on her music and reach out to focus on her music and reach out to fans, she hit her stride — and those high Cs.

It could have been first-show jitters, but on Saturday night, the singer seemed preoccupied at the start of the concert — as if she forgot that the reason her fans had gathered (some from as far as Portugal and Peru) was to hear her sing, not to see how many outfits she could squeeze into. Carey's backup singers and dancers carried on while she changed, DJ Clue tried to keep the momentum going, and Spike Lee (via his mini Mimi movies about all the rumors and gossip the singer is always facing) tried to distract from the fact that for chunks of the two-hour show, Mariah was onscreen, but not onstage.

Perhaps her fashion-minded fans didn't mind — after all, Carey did show off a lot of skin, wearing a black bikini with a cape, two different gowns with exposed midriffs, and a metallic red burlesque number that lent itself to lots of straddling poses behind a straight-back chair during "Breakdown". But it wasn't just Carey's cutout gowns that had something missing — being offstage for 10 minutes at a stretch meant the set list also got the cutout treatment, reducing several songs to snippets.

On a duet with her backup singer and fan favorite Trey Lorenz, she didn't have time to sing the entire "One Sweet Day" with him so they started the song at the bridge. And though Carey claims "I Know What You Want" — her hit with opening act Busta Rhymes — she didn't seem to know that the crowd wanted was to see them perform the song together. Busta had included the song in his set, exhorting the ladies to sing Carey's part, and teased that he'd be back later. But when it was Carey's turn onstage, she opted to have the rapper "appear" via the music video they shot together in 2003. Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard also participated in much the same manner during "Heartbreaker," "It's Like That," and "Fantasy," which was more understandable — especially in the case of ODB, who we hope is in rapper's heaven — but Busta?

Carey was clued in that her fans wanted to hear a lot of inspirational numbers, so she packed the set with "Make It Happen," "Fly Like a Bird" (which came with a backing choir), and "Hero," which she said wasn't planned, but so many people had told her it had "changed their lives," that she "can't do a show without it." Those are all big numbers, and no one sings it better than Mariah — she hit all the high C notes with ease — but it was when she brought the show down a notch halfway through the set that she seemed happiest.

Standing on a platform in the middle of the floor seats, Carey was able to reach out to the fans and they to her. One girl even threw her purse to Carey as an offering — whatever happened to the days of bras and roses? As if in exchange, Carey tossed her sunglasses out to the sea of grabbing hands. "I'm in the middle of the people," she said, amazed, as if to herself. Though "Don't Forget About Us" and "Always Be My Baby" are meant to be love songs, she sang them as if they were love letters to her fans, sending her dancers away so it would be just her and her adoring public for a moment. "We didn't really rehearse this," she apologized, but having a spontaneous moment was exactly what she needed to get back on track.

While all the glitz and glamour of the lights, the dancers, the video screens, the costumes, and the confetti are what we expect from a diva of Carey's stature, it's something far less extravagant that her fans wanted — all they could talk about while filing in and out of the venue were the songs. It sounds simple enough, but Carey doesn't let it be simple — not when she can make holding a note, as she did in the encore of "We Belong Together," a major accomplishment. Clutching herself tight as if she could bottle it up inside somehow before she had to ultimately let go, she found her release, her purpose. "I didn't make it easy," she said, after letting the last strain fall away. And if it were easy, no one would be in awe that despite everything else — first-night glitches, gossip and all — she nailed it.
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.

Mariah braves security to meet her fans on her way to Nocturnal (afterparty)

By the time we got out of the venue it was 12:15. We went immediately around by her busses and waited awhile. Finally after about 2 hours of talking to M's limo drivers, she came out with her security staff on her way to Nocturnal. She immediately went to go into her car (benz) but after waving and all 9 or 10 of us saying, pllllleeeease come over and talk to us, she decided to run over. Her security said no, no no, but guess what? M did not listen and ran right over to us. She hugged us, shook our hands and chatted. She looked incredibly beautiful words cannot describe how beautiful she is in person. This is my fifth time meeting her, and I cannot even begin to tell you how freakin' PERFECT the woman looks/is. Just absolutely gorgeous. We asked for pictures, and her security staff was very rude and kept saying no. At one point he even grabbed my arm and pushed me back... I was like, ummm not going to harm her... and she smiled and said I know honey... she then shook my hand and squeazed it real hard. She was so down to earth, yet again.  After being told we could not take pictures by her bosy guards (Rob) she said, well, yes, how about a group shot? lol and he said no... very sternly.... she continue to pose and I handed my camera to the other bodyguard and he snapped the picture. It was a great night. for it being 3am, and her being so cheery and nice and sweet to her fans.... she is something else.
Click on the pic to enlarge
Source: Brendan
Posted on August the 7th.
Wouch..... Australian Yahoo! reporter makes a bad review and wants Mariah to become a "Celine Dion" 
Mariah Carey begins tour looking ridiculous
Somewhere along the line, someone in the highest echelons of the music business apparently told Mariah Carey that a tight red jewel-encrusted leotard with a lampshade-style fringe-skirt was a great idea.
The so-bad-it's-good diva act tends to work best when a costume is genuinely imaginative, it fits spectacularly, and the star is in on the joke (Cher, Madonna). Carey, on the other hand, seems to have no idea how ridiculous her progressively more tawdry array of bedtime attire has become -- and how sadly it all detracts from the things she does well. After all, she can actually sing.

Carey's 2005 "The Emancipation of Mimi" was a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum chart-topper through which she reclaimed her career while displaying a level of authority that had eluded her in recent years.
Yet onstage Saturday night during the first show of her new concert tour at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, her message to fans seemed to have almost nothing do with "emancipation" or "strength" or "growth" -- or any of the token buzzwords associated with a woman who has recently broken free from whatever it was that was keeping her down.
Rather, this is a show about stripper poles and dangerously high stilettos, hot pants and hair extensions -- all of it thrust onstage in a way that says, "Unless you're naked and grinding up against something, you're nothing."
And to look at the many female fans on hand (young teens to roughly early-30s), also spilling out of their lingerie, shiny gold bikini tops and micro-minis, it seems this is a notion that some women clearly want reinforced by a superstar.
When the show finally began, about an hour late at 10 p.m., there were rappers and dancers, moving staircases, blinding lights, an audio/high-def-video assault, several incoherent short films and a DJ -- all heaped on top of an essentially standard diva extravaganza (i.e., sing song, change outfit).

Those who unwittingly came for an evening of innocuous pop quickly realized that they have not been keeping up with the times. That Mariah -- the one who sang such hopeful songs as "Vision of Love," "Emotions" and "One Sweet Day" -- disappeared a long time ago.
Still, there were glimpses of that performer during such confections as "Dreamlover," "Heartbreaker" and "Fantasy" -- and also during a stellar cover of the 1970 Jackson 5 hit "I'll Be There," a hit for Carey in 1992.
With her wide-ranging vocal ability, Carey, now 36, certainly could have taken the standard pop singer route -- aging up to adult contemporary status, then following Celine Dion over to Vegas. Instead, she's won praise for becoming a singer who mixes it up on songs such as "We Belong Together" and "Say Somethin"' with freestyle producers and rappers like Snoop Dogg.
It works for her and the fans who adore her. Let's just hope all those 15-year-olds remembered to change clothes before they got back home. 
Source: Yahoo!Music Australia (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.

Sharing Carey experience
AT 36, Mariah Carey is looking as good as ever.
The diva opened her show on the weekend in Miami and, like a classic showgirl, she still has it. 
As well as a James Bond-themed segment, the singer had numerous costume changes, which included a sparkling “Miami blue” dress and matching sequined microphone. 
Carey’s place as the best-selling female performer in the US in the 90s took a dive after after she lost favour with the public in 2001 coinciding with the pasting of her film Glitter.
But last year’s chart-topping The Emancipation of Mimi has helped the songbird rebuild her reputation. 
The Miami crowd was close to a sellout for her Adventures of Mimi show, opening with new hit It's Like That, after a warm-up by hip-hop legend Busta Rhymes. 
No word yet if the tour will head Down Under. 
Source: Herald Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.
Adventures of Mariah
Carey's comeback tour is a major improvement over past performances.
Mariah Carey has given her fans every reason to jump ship and every reason to keep paying attention. The pop singer's crackup of a few years ago -- a perfect storm of bad career choices and personal trauma, complete with rumors of a suicide attempt -- could have turned her into a cautionary fable. Instead, the movie-musical Glitter and related disasters became the setup for her triumphant return.

The back-from-the-brink storyline has become a part of the Mariah show, no less than the well-received music on her latest album, The Emancipation of Mimi. Carey, 36, acknowledged as much on Saturday at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, opening night of a tour dubbed "The Adventures of Mimi." Between songs, Carey starred in a video sketch in which a group of catty clubgoers spots her at another table and, not quite out of earshot, dredges up the tabloid details of the last few years. 

The newly emancipated Carey declines to take the bait. But she made a better case for her recovery by singing. Live performance has not always flattered the best-selling female artist of the 1990s. Her rambling, borderline bizarre concert at this same venue six years ago was, in hindsight, a warmup to her troubles. For all the arena-shaking power of her voice, Carey has often seemed oblivious to the basics of timing and song choice.

Saturday's show wasn't entirely free of those tendencies. Carey didn't come on until almost 10 p.m., nearly an hour after a lively opening set by rap star Busta Rhymes. But she sang robustly for a capacity crowd, worked well with her eight-piece band and chose most of her material smartly. She opened with an upbeat trio of hip-hop-flavored songs, It's Like That and remixes of Heartbreaker and Dreamlover. 

The rap cameos on Heartbreaker -- from Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Da Brat -- were in the form of video footage. Carey, her band and her production crew had no trouble integrating these pre-recorded audiovisual tracks into the live mix. 

The show's biggest surprise was an appearance by r&b singer Trey Lorenz, Carey's original duet partner on a 1992 cover of the Jackson 5's I'll Be There. That hit recording came from a seven-song EP, MTV Unplugged, one of the brights spots in Carey's thin concert history. Carey and Lorenz sang it again on Saturday, not quite as vibrantly as they had 14 years ago, but still with a likeable warmth. Lorenz joined the back-up singers for one of the concert's best moments, a soaring version of the Mimi album's jazz- and gospel-tinged closer, Fly Like a Bird.

The only obvious stumble came late: Make It Happen, a motivational song, was oddly low-key and not the rousing pre-encore finish it was intended to be. But the comeback single We Belong Together made for a strong and nicely symbolic encore.
Source: Sun Sentinel (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.

Emancipation elation
Mariah Carey's 'Adventures' tour showcases a well-toned and well-honed talent.
Mariah Carey has an unusual body for a modern-day pop goddess — voluptuous and solid instead of willowy and elastic. It's a singer's body, not a dancer's, built to house the multi-octave pipes that have allowed the 36-year-old singer to rule the radio dial for 16 years. Carey showed off that body, toned and tanned, at the opening Saturday night of the North American leg of her tour. At American Airlines Arena, she was swathed in artfully cut out chiffon gowns and sequined hot pants that Ann-Margret would have enjoyed in her prime and used a burlesque dancer's straight-back chair, a winding staircase and other props to prove that she could move those long legs and that curvy torso.

But Carey never let choreography get in the way of what her body was there for: to help her sing in ways that have, as she said with a modest shrug near the end of the 90-minute-plus concert, "changed people's lives." No one works as hard to balance inspiration and flash as Carey, who started her career selling the ageless appeal of pure vocal prowess only to sustain it by turning herself into a trend-savvy hip-hop home girl. This new production — entitled "The Adventures of Mimi," in reference to her multiplatinum 2005 album, "The Emancipation of Mimi" — seeks to meld the uplifting Mariah and the modish one by surrounding a traditional prima donna's turn with the accouterments of urban music. There were acrobatic dancers; video clips of rappers with whom Carey has collaborated, such as Jay-Z and the late ODB; and references to milestones in her transformation from girl next door to hot mama, including the sailor suits of her 1997 video for "Honey" and the video catfights of her "Heartbreaker" era (the clips now featured assert she's grown beyond all that). Her mixmaster, the eminent DJ Clue, was the night's most prominently featured musician. In the end, though, flowing gowns and sequins won out over booty shorts, which was wise, since it's the warmth she brings to awe-inspiring glamour that makes Carey's fans love her.

From the moment she entered in a black bikini with boy-cut bottom and a chiffon cape, offering up her trademark high notes and striking poses with her masked male dancers, Carey treated the evening like a qualifying round that she was determined to win. Preoccupied with the inevitable glitches of a fledgling tour, she revealed her emotions through a running patter that could have seemed neurotic but actually served to create intimacy within an otherwise dauntingly big-scale event. It's an old showbiz trick to interrupt major production numbers with asides that humanize the goings-on, and whether that or basic nerves motivated Carey's asides, it worked: When she did stumble, as on the unusually challenging mix of big dance moves and rapid-fire vocalizing during the reggae-inflected "Shake It Out," it made the show feel alive, not unprofessional.

Some elements will surely be tightened up as the tour commences toward the West, where it concludes in October. DJ Clue's expert spinning got the party-hearty Miami crowd hopping during costume changes, but the frequency of these intermissions affected the night's pacing. The dancers haven't quite figured out how to assert themselves within a show inevitably ruled by Carey's voice; unlike most of today's concert spectacles, this one was best when the interplay was limited to the singer and her sympathetic backing band (Carey's musical director, incidentally, is that singer's champion, "American Idol's" Randy Jackson). Especially satisfying were the duets Carey shared with backing vocalist Trey Lorenz; when these longtime singing partners traded high notes on the ballads "I'll Be There" and "One Sweet Day," Carey really eased into her performance. She was happiest simply expressing her gifts and, in doing so, allowing her fans to consider their own perhaps unemancipated potential.

It's a function singers have served at least since the coloratura came into style in opera — the female voice, reaching far beyond the confines of ordinary speech, carries the listener beyond the humdrum of her daily imaginings. As Carey put it in the song she described as the most personal on her latest album, great singing makes the soul "Fly Like a Bird." Carey's Miami audience, a wide-ranging mix including grade-schoolers with their parents, South Beach clubbers and pregnant women with husbands in tow, grooved to DJ Clue's beats, but they really got excited on the midtempo numbers whose climaxes gave Carey room to soar. When Carey moved to a small stage mid-arena, she got the crowd climbing on seats, not to check out her "Charlie's Angels" sunglasses but to cheer her holding one last note on the poignant "Don't Forget About Us" until it seemed like she would break.

She never broke, no matter how fretfully she muttered about not being able to hear the band or apologized for taking sips of water. Like the silver-screen queens she admires, Carey's not just a femme fatale but also a trouper, and her years of delivering hits, even with a midcareer dip, have resulted in hard-won consistency. On this anxious night, she proved herself a solid talent and was best when she allowed herself the pleasure of her own strengths.

Busta Rhymes, one notable rapper with whom Carey once dueted, opened the show with a strong, funny set that betrayed not a bead of worried sweat. Delivered with the assistance of a sparse crew (one other MC and a DJ), the voluble Mr. Rhymes flirted obscenely with women in the front rows, pulled out hits from his long career and relentlessly plugged his new album, "The Big Bang." It's too bad Carey didn't invite Rhymes to share in her set's rendition of "Give It to Me," the song they recorded together; it could have made for another fun, relaxed moment. But perhaps the rapper had found and fled with another female friend by that point.
Source: Los Angeles Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 7th.

Official Atlanta after party
A few days ago I posted infos about the official Atlanta after party, here's some more info. The official record company after party is setted up by local gay party promoters Ovah Productions, who host a benefit for Mariah's Fresh Air Fund after the show.  The party will be held at the private estate of Dale Gardner, 5049 Northside Drive.
Atlanta fans, if you see flyers somewhere, please send a scan or picture... I'm not sure there will be flyers as it's likely a private party, weird....
Posted on August the 6th.
Listen to a small clip of the song
"It's Only Make Believe" special guest vocals by Mariah Carey & Vince Gill with Sam Moore
We knew Mariah would be featured on Sam Moore's new album "Overnight Sensational", you can now listen to a small clip of the song on Amazon. Click here.
Source for the info: Jason on fomm
Posted on August the 6th.
Review: Mariah Carey concert hits sour notes
Here is a life lesson Mariah Carey apparently missed during the Adventures of Mimi: the harder you try to make people like you, the less they will.
It's understandable the Glitter-girl has some issues after being criticized, ostracized and written off for forgotten in the past few years. But those critics were not among the fans who paid from $19.50 to $129.50 to see her show at the American Airlines Arena on Saturday night.
The fans wanted to watch the diva resplendent in high notes and high heels, basking in the glow of her deserved and surprising comeback. They wanted to see Ms. Mimi singing her heart out, not ceding the stage for up to 10 minutes at a time to let DJ Clue spin other people's hits like it's a South Beach club.
They wanted to hear her breathe new life into the 17 No. 1 hits that rank her second to only the Beatles.
She's too talented, too successful, too weighed down by Grammys to be anything but a star on stage. But on the first night of her tour, she opened her set with a video of a roller coaster and a monologue about the ups and downs of life. She apologized repeatedly for minor gaffes in the act, such as sipping water and asking that the fans be turned on and the music turned up.
She showed video skits of women trash-talking her in a club, and then in a toilet stall.
News flash, Mimi. No one cares anymore. Your life is on the upswing. Forget the story line so we can concentrate on the good times.
The music stands for itself. She took us back with Always Be My Baby and Hero and Dream Lover and her Jackson 5 remake, I'll Be There.
She kept us going with chart-toppers from last year's The Emancipation of Mimi album, Fly Like A Bird, Shake It Off, We Belong Together and, the opener, It's Like That.
And the audience especially liked it when she relocated from the stage to a platform surrounded by fans on the floor. She looked poised and confident ó so close, riding the range of her vocal skills. Her smile looked genuine.
It was all about the music.
The show didn't end until close to midnight, largely because it took Carey almost an hour to get on the stage after Busta Rhymes finished his opening set. The break was so long, in fact, that the distracted stadium completed 7 1/2 revolutions of the wave.
Busta, whose career has lasted almost as long as Carey's, was an entertaining opener with everything from Scenario, his 1992 duet with A Tribe Called Quest, to his 2003 hit with Carey, I Know What You Want.
Source: Palm Beach Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 6th.
Great fan review from de Miami concert
MizzMariahBFly06 wrote the best review I ever read.  I added it  in the Miami Tour section
Posted on August the 6th.
Mariah Carey shines as tour opens in Miami
The Mariah Carey saga is one of the most intriguing stories in pop-music history: After riding her five-octave voice to become the best-selling female performer of the 1990s, she suffered a spectacular public meltdown in 2001.
The songbird signed an $80 million deal with Virgin Records, but quickly sabotaged her success by posting suicidal messages on her website, appearing on MTV's Total Request Live dressed in a T-shirt and nothing else, and starring in the universally ridiculed movie Glitter. Virgin ended up eating $28 million of her contract just so she'd go away.
Carey's personal life never dipped so low as that of her diva rival Whitney Houston, but until last year's chart-topping comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi, Carey had become a laughingstock in the music business.
Saturday night at downtown Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena, Carey showed a near sellout crowd that she and superstardom definitely still belong together. This kick-off date of her Adventures of Mimi tour had plenty of glitter, but only the good kind.
The only negative was the hourlong wait after opening act Busta Rhymes energized the already packed house -- but Carey's fans didn't seem to mind. Just before 10 p.m., the crowd roared as a radiant Carey, classy, composed and in complete control, kicked things off with her lively new hit It's Like That.
Unlike her 2000 tour, which opened with a 10-minute video featuring Carey's evil twin Bianca, who tries to hurt the ''good Mariah,'' her Mimi show emphasizes substance over inane skits. The sequined singer -- even her microphone was decked out in matching sequins -- took her adoring fans on a tour through all her biggest hits, including Dreamlover, Honey, My All, Shake It Off, Fly Like A Bird, Fantasy (during which she ventured out into the crowd), Thank God I Found You, Hero and her soaring cover of The Jackson 5's I'll Be There.
But she wasn't done: For her encore, Carey came out in a sparkling ''Miami blue'' dress she said she bought especially for the Magic City and closed with a bang, singing her monster hit We Belong Together and Butterfly -- a fitting ending that represented her metamorphosis from washed-up diva to reborn superstar.
Busta Rhymes was a fitting warm-up, performing Give It To Me (his duet with Mariah) and peppering his rapid-fire rap set with shout-outs to Don't Cha (his hit with the Pussycat Dolls) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Give It Away.
Source: Miami Herald (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Some major errors, but it's ok, they don't trash Mariah 
Posted on August the 6th.
Concert tidbits
- Due to some technical issues during "Don't Forget About Us", Mariah only performed three songs from the second stage: "Fantasy" (remix),  "Don't Forget About Us" and "Always Be My Baby". 
- Mariah talked to the crowd many times and even said she loved being on the second stage since thats where the heart of the people where at.
- Mariah threw her sunglasses in the crowd (like at the Pepsi Smash concert)
- There were no Tour programs, but they will be available after the third show.
- It was well packed but not sold out, estimation 90% which is a lot.
- Some ungreatful fans who bought a Butterfly package started yelling outside as there was no Meet & Greet : "Go tell Mariah her fans who paid a lot of money want her to come out and meet us!" 
Source for the infos: Nick - Lisa
Heroes note: It wasn't written anywhere that the Butterfly packages included a Meet & Greet.  Mariah gave her all 2 hours long and some can't still be happy.....
Posted on August the 6th.
Miami concert

More pictures are posted in the Miami Tour section.
- It's Like That
- Heartbreaker
- My All 
- Dreamlover
- Breakdown
- Honey
- Shake It Off
- Fly Like A Bird
- Stay The Night
- I Know What You Want
- Fantasy
- Don't Forget About Us
- Always Be My Baby
- Your Girl (part)
- I Wish You Knew (part)
- Hero
- I'll Be There
- Make It Last (part)
- One Sweet Day (part)
- Make It Happen
- We Belong Together
- Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
Source for the pics: Yahoo!News
Source for the setlist: Nick - Alex - Lisa
Posted on August the 6th.
In a few hours, the US leg of "The Emancipation of Mimi" starts in Miami.
Good luck Mariah!!!!!!! 
Posted on August the 5th.
Official Tour Merchandising
You probably all received your Mariah newsletter with the link in it, but I couldn't resist to post the pictures of the merchandising.  From a canvas to t-shirts, hoodies, hats, whistbands and key chains, the items are great 
You'll find the description of each item in the special Tour merchandising section.

Source: Mariah by newsletter - Fanfire
Posted on August the 5th.
Keep an eye on Pepsi Smash's website
Check regularly, as here's what they announce on their site:
"Don't miss Mariah Carey live from Hollywood's Kodak Theater! See her concert performance soon, only on Smash."
Posted on August the 5th.
Miami official after party
Yesterday, I told you DJ Clue was going on tour with Mariah ans was all excited.... Today we can see the flyer for the official after party which will be held at Nocturnal Night Club, 50, 11th. Street in Miami.
Nice way to end an awesome night. Who knows if Mariah isn't too tired she may stop by for a min.  Miami fans, enjoy!
Source for the info: Ernesto aka DJ Clue
Click to enlarge
Posted on August the 4th.
Mariah Downloads
HBF members can now download tour icons, wallpapers and avatars on 
Source: Mariah
Posted on August the 4th.
Interesting article about DJ Clue
After all, his various careers have been going well. His remix of Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together," which featured Jadakiss and Styles P, was one of the songs of last summer, while his remix of Carey's "Don't Forget About Us," with Fabolous and Styles P, was a powerhouse last winter. He continues to roll out his successful line of underground hip-hop mix tapes, as well as working on a major label mix-tape CD, which should be out in November. He became one of the first DJs to move into the world of video games, landing a prominent spot in the latest Grand Theft Auto installment. He has even become the artist-and-repertoire director for UrbanWorld Wireless, wrangling ringtones for the cell-phone-content company.
Click here to read the full article
Source: Newsday (All rights reserved) (extract)
posted on August the 4th.
Madison Square Garden tickets available again and great seats for Miami
Just out of curiousity I was checking the availibility for the MSG concert on Ticketmaster, since a long time there were only Auction tickets available, but today it seems they putted again a lot of tickets on sale. 
Also, I checked for the Miami concert which is tomorrow, I was able to get (if I wanted), 2 tickets Floor 1, Row 8, really close to the stage.  So, it seems they make good seats available again.
US fans, tickets are still available for almost all dates, make some publicity in your area, talk to your neibourgs and friends and convince them to go see the concert 
Posted on August the 4th.
Butterfly packages are on the way
Drea received her Butterfly package today and was so kind to make pictures of it
Click to enlarge.
Source for the pics: Drea.
Posted on August the 4th.
Miami heat
Mariah Carey sips her way to cool Thursday in Miami, where the singer will kick off her much-anticipated Adventures of Mimi tour on Saturday.
Click to enlarge.
Source: People - Natalia23 at fomm.
Posted on August the 4th.
DJ Clue on Tour with Mariah
Here's DJ Clue's bulletin he sent on his MySpace: 
Source: DJ Clue by MySpace bulletin
Posted on August the 4th.
Atlanta: official after party
Wednesday, Aug. 9
With 17 number one hits and record-setting international sales, Mariah Carey hits Atlanta with her ‘Adventures of Mimi’ tour. The official after party by local gay party promoters Ovah Productions follows.  8 p.m. at Philips Arena, 1 Philips Drive.,; After party doors open 10 p.m. at the private estate of Dale Gardner, 5049 Northside Drive.
Source: Southern Voice Online (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 4th.
Mariah ripe for ribbing, at any price
Humorist Andy Borowitz wrote a satirical piece in 2002 about everyone's favorite diva, Mariah Carey. The highlights: 
In a controversial interrogation tactic that one prominent human rights organization says "borders on torture," CIA operatives in Afghanistan have been showing al Qaeda prisoners the Mariah Carey film Glitter. 
"There are things one does in times of war that one would not do in times of peace," Donald Rumsfeld said. "Making people watch a movie with Mariah Carey in it is one of those things." 
That's an entirely cruel, utterly unnecessary and brutally unfair rip on Carey, who performs Monday at the St. Pete Times Forum.
It's also mighty funny.
And it's hard not to follow Borowitz's lead when it comes to Carey, because she just seems so, well, hateable.
Granted, Carey's enormous levels of success throughout the '90s aren't enough of a reason to hate her. But then there's the diva behavior, concert tickets that run up to $125, the short-lived marriage to her record label's president, the affiliation with Iraqi insurgents ...
Okay, I made that last one up. But it didn't seem all that out of place, did it?
For me, the Carey kicker is the song Heartbreaker, which you might remember as her previous hit Fantasy with, well, slightly different words. And Fantasy, of course, sampled the Tom Tom Club tune Genius of Love so heavily it was as much a cover as an original.
But I'm going to try to cut Carey some slack. Among other things, it can't be easy growing up a mixture of so many ethnicities, including, one presumes, Martian.
And give Carey this: She certainly looks much younger than her 36 years, credited to a weirdo diet that mostly involves eating purple things, such as eggplant and plums and prunes. (Prince, watch your back.)
True, while everyone else was relishing in Carey's infamous breakdown following the Glitter fiasco, all right, I was too.
So it's kind of nice that Carey's rebounded - her album The Emancipation of Mimi ripped up the charts, as did singles We Belong Together and Don't Forget About Us. And though Carey's not my cup of tea, she has a few songs I don't mind so much, like Always Be My Baby, and, okay, that's the only one.
Does that make her worth $125 for a show? I don't know. But tickets start at $19.50, so you can make the call with your wallet.
Mariah Carey performs at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the St. Pete Times Forum, downtown Tampa. Tickets are $19.50-$125. Call 287-8844
Source: City Times (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: I didn't cut any sentence, so you can see how stupid some US media still act (see "the affiliation with Iraqi insurgents ... Okay, I made that last one up. But it didn't seem all that out of place, did it?",), smart huh????
Posted on August the 4th.
Mariah Turning Into Superhero, James Bond On Upcoming Tour 
Singer's outfits will also incorporate $10 million brooch, 7-inch high heels.
Mariah Carey is reinventing herself again. Actually, to be exact, nine more times.
The sexy songstress will play a handful of roles when she kicks off her new tour Saturday in Miami. 
Think superhero-meets-modern-James-Bond-meets-old-Hollywood.
For the jaunt — Adventures of Mimi: The Voice, the Hits, the Tour — the R&B sensation will at times tone down her sometimes over-the-top style, wearing flowing gowns and menswear-inspired tuxedo styles designed specifically for her by celebrity stylist June Ambrose.
(Click to enlarge to see sketches of Mariah's red-hot tour fashion.)

"The show starts off very 'Blade Runner,' with black-and-white, racy looks where Mariah looks like an R&B superhero," said Ambrose, who cites Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli as inspirations. "And then her lightness comes out and she is emancipated with bright colors, showing off her great goddess legs, ready to celebrate and party."
Carey will have nine outfit changes throughout the show but only brief interludes in which to morph into them. "My inspiration was creating an R&B hip-hop musical," Ambrose said. "The show is cabaret-like: fun, racy, sexy, but subtle. I designed the outfits to look theatrical. The concert starts out like a black-and-white affair, and then she strips away all the rumors and she's born again."
Ambrose said Carey will be wearing things you "wouldn't normally see her in," like a white men's blazer. "When would you ever see Mariah in a men's blazer?" she said. "This is to give her a James Bond look. It's very mod, very sleek."
Ms. Carey will shake off that blazer real fast for "Breakdown," at which point she'll reveal garters and a black off-the-shoulder leotard encrusted with Swarovski crystals.
Ambrose calls a similar outfit, which Carey will wear toward the end of the show, one of her favorites. "It's dyed perfectly to her skin, but it looks like she's naked," Ambrose said. "It looks like there are stones bouncing off her flesh. She looks like a million bucks." And let's not forget those blinding, one-of-a-kind legs. Don't worry, guys: There will still be lots of skin. "She does this really burlesque, fiery number that's very sexy," Ambrose said.
Other sultry costumes include a sky-blue, Halston-inspired goddess gown; a sunflower-colored chiffon floor-length stunner; and a wine-colored Diana Ross-style gown, worn with a $10 million Harry Winston brooch. "Mariah's body is voluptuous," Ambrose said. "It's about her finding her sexuality and nothing else."
Also added to the mix are 7-inch stiletto high heels in black patent leather designed by Paris shoemaker Courtney Crawford. "They're super-high, super-sexy, but she can definitely jump around in them," Ambrose said.
We'll be seeing a little old-school Mariah when she transforms into a superhero-like costume that features a long silver cape with the word "Mimi" displayed on the back, blindfold and platform heels. She'll then take off the cape and reveal a pair of cute knickers (with butterflies on the back pockets, natch) and a crop top. "That's the round-the-way girl look," Ambrose said. "She's the most accessible in those looks."
While this may be Ambrose's first time styling one of Mariah's tours, it's not her first time at the rodeo. She's already worked on tours for Diddy, Missy Elliott and R. Kelly. Ambrose was the inspiration for Diddy's red metallic suit in the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money, Mo Problems" video, Missy Elliott's signature blinged-out Adidas tracksuits, and Jay-Z's first suit for the "Can't Knock the Hustle" video.
"I was there when hip-hop went from black-and-white to color," said the Antigua-born designer, who started out in the promotions department 15 years ago at Uptown/ MCA Records and later styled bands like the Backstreet Boys.
Ambrose will also design Jay-Z's costumes for his upcoming world tour and said she's looking overseas for inspiration.
"I want to look at some European designers, maybe some Japanese hip-hop and animation looks," she said. "It's going to be more melodic. It's him coming back, from executive to hip-hop. I'll be going into the styling lab."
And check it out: Ambrose will reveal her industry-insider secrets in her book "Effortless Style," in stores October 1.
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 3rd.
Mariah on cover of Belgian magazine
As announced yesterday, Mariah is on this week's issue of Ciné Télé Revue (Belgian edition).  The magazine contains nice pictures, but the article is not interesting for fans and even relate some false facts.  Anyway, it's always a pleasure to see Mariah on cover of a Belgian magazine .  So, be sure to grab your copy today.
Posted on August the 3rd.
You're no Mariah
So spare us the screechy high notes when you take the floor at karaoke night. Leave those higher octaves to a professional.
Still nursing the wounds from my first full season following American Idol, I have come to a painful, altogether head-splitting conclusion: 
Mariah Carey is, without a doubt, the worst thing to happen to amateur singing since the karaoke machine.
Now hold on a sec, Mimi fans: That's not a slap against your preferred pop diva. Not at all. 
With all her bubbleheaded antics and deep-end decolletage, it's easy to forget that Carey, who's high-heeling her way to the St. Pete Times Forum on Monday, is a tremendous talent. 
Ever since the Long Island native crooned onto the scene with 1990's breakout hit Vision of Love - with that mind-blowing five-octave finale, no less - she has been one of the great singers in the pop canon: her breath control, the showoff trills, the high-note gymnastics.
I like her. I really do.
The problem, however, is that for all her talent, the 36-year-old is first and foremost a STAR, the very epitome of pop opulence in today's celebrity-dependent culture. And thus, millions of young women and men wake up every morning and figure that, simply by imitating Carey's vocal derring-do, they too can wind up on the cover of People or on MTV Cribs.
They also might have a shot at winning American Idol, the most-recent stars of which will perform at the St. Pete Times Forum on Sunday, the night before their role model.
Forget about learning how to interpret a song and phrase a chorus and gently massage a note. The kids just wanna wail.
"They always want to hit that big (bleepin') note," says Dave McKay, a DJ on local country station WQYK-FM 99.5. McKay receives amateur recordings all the time, many of which feature painful Mariahesque imitations. They just don't get it, he says. By copying an established singer, McKay adds, "(amateur singers) are doing themselves a disservice."
Note-stretching vocal histrionics first came into vogue during the Whitney Houston administration, when 1992's I Will Always Love You was played on every radio station every minute of every day. But as newcomer Carey quickly became the biggest-selling female solo act of the '90s, she soon became the choice of imitators everywhere.
Carey's dizzying effect on young singers has become even more intense lately thanks to the 10-million-selling album The Emancipation of Mimi, the biggest selling album of 2005 and the comeback disc that rocketed her back into the celeb stratosphere.
Her presence is now felt everywhere from karaoke night at Applebee's to the most popular show on television.
Depending on how you feel about public humiliation, the best/worst parts of American Idol are the audition shows, which normally break down into three distinct parts:
(1) The Talented Kids - (2) The Weird Kids - (3) The Mariahs. 
The Mariahs are the hardest ones to watch, mainly because most of them think they're reeeaaally good. The poor, disillusioned hopefuls plant themselves in front of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson - then proceed to stretch, break and mutilate every note of a song, often Mariah's Hero, a tune that has ruined more throats than smoker's cough.
But not all the ersatz Mariahs get booted off early. Idol's most recent runner-up, Katharine McPhee, has a fine voice, but she too often wanders into Mariah territory, usually with disastrous results. 
Jeff Berlin, 53, owner and president of Clearwater's Players School of Music, sees the Mariah Effect all the time. A world-renowned electric bass player - who once turned down a job in Van Halen - Berlin says a lot of young singers today want to be instant stars.
"All of the Mariah Carey wanna-bes have missed the fact that Mariah is the real article," says Berlin. "It's a youthful enthusiasm. People want to become a star without doing the work that it may take to become this. . . .They don't know music. They don't understand the facts, the meaning, the elements of what makes music. Music is not involved in a person's pursuit of stardom. They end up singing and performing in the most unmusical manner imaginable."
Sometimes, however, the pain of mimicking Mariah isn't just emotional. It's physical, too.
Dianna Prichard, a Tampa vocal coach, says trying to warble like Mariah can cause physical harm. "More and more of my young students are showing up with vocal nodes," says Prichard, referring to polyps that form on the vocal cords from oversinging. "It's every age now, but especially the young ones. They all want to belt. But until you're vocally comfortable, it can be very damaging."
Source: St. Petersburg Times (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 3rd.
New Mariah interview on LOGO
Mariah Carey sat down with MTV News' John Norris for a brand-new 2-part interview for The Advocate Newsmagazine on LOGO -- MTV's new LGBT sister-station. 
Mariah talks about "The Adventures of Mimi" Tour & her phenomenal success in 2005 & 2006 -- but she also talks about connecting with her gay fans, homophobia in hip-hop, Mort & Ernie - the gay couple friendly with her & her mother, and lots more stuff of interest to Mariah's gay & lesbian fans & all her fans in general!
The Advocate Newsmagazine on LOGO with Mariah Carey
8/15 9pm - 8/16 1pm - 8/17 7am - 8/19 10am - 8/21 2pm - 8/22 5am 
plus many more repeats scheduled from August through October.
To find out if LOGO is available in your area, go to

Source: LOGO on Mariah's boards
Posted on August the 3rd.
Mariah on cover of Belgian magazine
Mariah will be make the cover of the Belgian magazine "Ciné Télé Revue" which will hit the stores tomorrow, be sure to grab your copy .
Mariah en couverture du magazine Ciné Télé Revue (édition belge)
Mariah sera en couverture de l'édition belge du Ciné Télé Revue qui sera en magasin dès demain, passez dire un petit bonjour à votre libraire
Source for the info: Freakydavid on our forum
Posted on August the 2nd.
I couldn't resist to post that one  It's the first time I see a journalist advertising a concert that way 

Dear Mariah Carey, 
I've thought long and hard about writing this letter, and to be honest, I'm still not convinced it's the best idea. After all, you're not exactly the most "stable" person in music, and, well, I've had enough crazy in my life to know when I shouldn't be messing with crazy. Nevertheless, crazy chicks are freaky chicks, and God knows, I love me a freaky chick. You know, just as long as they don't go all nutty like a candy bar on me — like you did on Eminem. I mean, really, were you surprised when he played your voice-mails live? If anything's going to happen between us, do I have to worry about you writing "Clown II"?
Then again, it's that nuttiness that draws me to you. Not that I want to find a dead rabbit boiling on my stove, but the fact that you'd do such a thing is... it's kind of hot — not as hot as your body, mind you, but hot. By the way, where did you get that body? Back in the day, you used to be this cute, virginal thing completely asexual outside of my fantasies. Now, you ooze sex. I bet you sweat sex — it's like some kind of pheromone to you. The Emancipation of Mimi? That sounds like code for "I want to get freaky." And sometimes, I swear you're singing directly to me. 
But I'm confused. I mean, I like you and I want to get to "know" you better. But do we really belong together? I can't say for sure yet. That's a decision that requires a lot more alone time. So how about if we vacation together — just you, me, and your wardrobe? I doubt you need more than a carry-on since everything you own couldn't collectively clothe a family of dwarfs. If our boat sank and we were stranded on an island together with nothing but your wardrobe to protect us from the elements, we'd have maybe half a tent. But that's all right. I know you might be battier than the Batcave, but maybe, just maybe, you're the right kind of crazy for me. So let's give this a shot, Mariah. 
Yours, possibly,
Cole Haddon 
P.S.: I forgive you for Glitter. Really. Mariah Carey performs with special guest Busta Rhymes at 8 p.m. Saturday, August 5, at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Tickets cost $17.50 to $127.50. Visit Source: New Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 2nd.
Mariah Carey
By Alexandra Quiñones
Mariah Carey. Glitter. No other combination of words evokes images of four-inch stilettos, dresses of about the same length, and a near-shattering fall from grace quite like those three. The past few turbulent years in Carey's career have made it difficult to believe that one of the media's biggest punching bags was also named best-selling female artist ever by the World Music Awards and most successful artist of the 1990s in the United States by Billboard magazine. The singer's five-octave vocal range and five hard-earned Grammys have been largely overshadowed by a very public emotional breakdown, commercial failures, and a flagrant increase in the hoochie department. But recently (and largely owing to the well-received release The Emancipation of Mimi) the embarrassing stain that Glitter and other public mishaps have left on Carey's otherwise successful career have been almost completely washed away. Emancipation marks a return to inspiration after a notably dry season. After sixteen years, fourteen albums, and incredible highs and lows, the ever-evolving queen diva has regained a supportive audience willing to worship her in all her vocal glory.
Source: Miami New Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 2nd.
Mariah, Madonna and Fans
By Roger Friedman
Mariah Carey kicks off her summer tour on Aug. 5 in Miami. Sadly for Madonna’s fans, who are obsessed with a non-existent feud between the two performers, I will not be able to make Carey’s premiere or even her New York date. I’m sure she will do very well.
Source: FOXNews (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 2nd.
It will be the last news I will post about the Tunis concert, I've read enough on Tunisian forums and know what really happend there at the second concert (that fans attending the concert don't know) to definitely close the door on related news from there.  That last one from a kinda travel guide is interesting.
Hannibal's Hometown Hosts Fest
If you were listening in school when the teacher droned on about Roman history maybe Carthage rings a bell. It's not just a chapter to memorize for a test, but a fairly impressive travel destination as well. The huge multi-site collection of Roman ruins in northern Tunisia is a short train ride north of the capital Tunis, and attractions include the Antonine Thermal Bath ruins, where you can still imagine the opulent surroundings where emperors might have bathed many centuries ago, and of course a typical Roman amphitheater.
This theater is still used today for the Carthage Festival, a music and arts fest that's taken place for 42 years and counting. Running from mid-July to mid-August, in 2006 there will be theater pieces, dance, concerts and even poetry readings from Tunisia and as far afield as the USA, France and Korea. Nobody super-famous reached the playlist this year, but previous performers have included Ray Charles, Youssou Ndour, Joe Cocker and Louis Armstrong. After Mariah Carey's mixed reception in Tunisia last week, (can you believe some commentators thought she was too sexy?) she might not make the bill next year either, but keep the Carthage Festival on your list of possibilities when you're roaming the world.
Source: Jaunted (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 2nd.

Tropical Storm Chris could become hurricane
It could hit Miami by the week end.  US fans, keep an eye on this and take care while you travel to the concert.
Posted on August the 1st.
"Say Somethin" in Belgium
- Thanks to you, Belgian fans, "Say Somethin'" finally entered the Radio Contact "Hit Contact 50" (French speaking part of Belgium) at # 38.  It took us a while (almost 2 months), but we can be proud, it entered in their chart, it's all what we wanted, keep requesting.
- Beho FM Hit Tip ( French speaking part of Belgium) - 10 (11)
- Radio Noorderkempen is the best for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, click here and where you see "Artiest", type Mariah Carey and then "Kliek hier" (between "Artiest" and "Titel") and ..... loooooook
- Jim List 40 ( Dutch speaking part of Belgium) - 28 (33)
All links to request on radios and TV channels can be found on the Heroes of Mariah "Say Somethin'" promo page.
Posted on August the 1st.
Are you looking for HQ untagged pictures?
Cat offers you HQ untagged pictures in her forum, go take a look, you can find the ones below in High Quality in her Tour section and untagged!!!!!

Click to enlarge.
Posted on August the 1st.
Not Mariah related, but, as I know some of you guys think Mariah should avoid hanging with rappers, look what happens with non-rappers...
Bullets fly at Jermaine Dupri party
Three revelers wounded during early morning shooting at Atlanta Peach Ballroom.
Shots rang out at a So So Def Records party in Atlanta Sunday night, resulting in at least three patrons of the club being hospitalized with gunshot wounds.
Police say the shooting at Atlanta Peach Ballroom on Buford Hwy was sparked when one man in the packed club tried to steal another man’s chain. Suddenly, bullets started flying and three women were hit with gunshots. They were rushed to Grady memorial Hospital.
According to, the party was the culmination of a series of weekend events sponsored by So So Def, the label founded by hip hop mogul Jermaine Dupri.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on August the 1st.
Stars bounce back
Up next for Daniels is "Tennessee" with Mariah Carey, who must not be judged on the campfest that was "Glitter." She was actually very, very good in "WiseGirls."
Source: Liz Smith for the New York Post (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on August the 1st.


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