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Happy New Year!!!

Posted on December the 31st.
Auld Lang Syne-posts 
Looking for a celebrity party to crash? Stars will be watching the ball drop tonight from a variety of vantage points.
New Yorker Denise Rich is throwing open her Aspen home, where guests including Natalie Cole, Joan Collins and husband Percy Gibson, Mariah Carey and Shannen Doherty will toast the New Year with Veuve Clicquot. 
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 31st.
The dream person to spend New Year's Eve with
In Romania, a fun question was asked to Romanian artists and politicians.  They needed to answer this question: "With who would you like to spend New Year's Eve?"  Vasile Dancu, President of the Agency for Governmental Strategies, Government of Romania, has a very good taste as he chosed Mariah.
Source for the original article: Evenimentul Zilei
Translation: Gilles - © Heroes of Mariah
Summary: Gilles - © Heroes of Mariah
Posted on December the 31st.
By Elaine Lipworth
Mariah Carey is enjoying a happier Christmas holiday – on the ski slopes in Aspen with Latin crooner Luis Miguel.
The couple split up and are apparently now back together, looking as though they’re madly in love. Carey spent 10.000 dollars on a bright red Dior ski suit.
No word as to whether the singer has bumped into her ex, music mogul Tommy Mottola who is also in town, skiing with his new wife Thalia.
Source: Scotsman (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 31st.
Mariah concert ( Korea )
MC Family has been kind enough to email and say they will help Around The World Lambs who are planning to come to the Busan Concert [13,feb,2004]
* Premium Ticket for the Busan show is about $137.50
* Contact : , + 82 - (0)195024737 (Chacha Jeon)
MC Family is getting a 5% discount (US$ 132) on about 100 very good VIP seats. If you would like to take up this offer email: for more information. [Until 4, Jan , 2004]
Source: Chacha Jeon by e-mail.
Posted on December the 31st.
Suspense goes on...  One more track for Mariah 
On the Belgian radio station Radio Donna, we can now follow day by day the countdown from the 2003 spot to the 1 spot.  This is called the Donna's Top 2003.  The listeners could send their 5 favourite tracks of all time.  Until now, here are Mariah's spots:
302 - Mariah Carey - Without You
708 - Mariah Carey - Fantasy
908 - Mariah Carey/Trey Lorenz - I'll Be There
1328 - Busta Rhymes/Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want
1391 - Mariah Carey/Westlife - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
1524 - Mariah Carey - Butterfly
1820 - Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas
You can check the Top 2003 here and then click on "de lijst".
Posted on December the 30th.
Carey weer terug bij Luis

Amsterdam - Mariah Carey heeft haar relatie met Latin-danser Luis Miguel weer opgepakt. De diva geniet momenteel van een 10-daagse vakantie met haar oude vlam. Hoewel de twee wel twee verschillende huisjes hebben gehuurd zeggen insiders dat ze erg veel tijd samen doorbrengen. 
Mariah en Miguel verbraken al twee keer eerder hun relatie. De laatste keer was in januari 2002. Vrienden van het stel hopen dat de relatie dit keer wel zal slagen. 
Source: De Telegraaf - Privé (All rights reserved)
Dank aan Maarten.

Carey à nouveau avec Luis
Amsterdam - Mariah Carey a repris sa relation avec Luis Miguel.  La diva profite en ce moment d'un congé de 10 jours en compagnie de son ex-boyfriend.  Malgré le fait qu'ils aient loué deux maisons différentes, des sources proches révèlent qu'ils passent beaucoup de temps ensemble.
Mariah et Miguel ont déjà rompu deux fois.  La dernière rupture remonte à janvier 2002.  Des amis du couple espèrent que cette relation sera durable cette fois.
Translation: Gilles - © Heroes of Mariah

Carey with Luis again
Amsterdam - Mariah Carey is dating Luis Miguel again.  The diva enjoy at this moment a 10 days holiday with her ex-boyfriend.  Despite the fact the two have rented two different houses, insiders tell that they spend a lot of time together.
Mariah and Miguel have already broke up two times.  Their last breakup was in January 2002.  Friends of the couple hope that this time the relation will last.
Translation: Gilles - © Heroes of Mariah
Posted on December the 30th.

Aspen heat
By Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson
It looks like Mariah Carey is back with Latin crooner Luis Miguel - they're enjoying a romantic Aspen vacation together. Carey has been shuttling between her rented house - which was a steal at $100,000 for 10 days - on Red Mountain and Miguel's, one mountain away. Miguel tipped off our spies this weekend when he stopped by the Baldwin Modern store, eyed a $20,000 Art Deco vase and said, "This would be a perfect present for Mariah." Carey, meanwhile, wanted to look fetching for her beau and blew $10,000 on Dior ski wear, including a red "devil" jacket with matching pants. "She was so sweet," one spy said. "She was so happy - she's clearly getting action." No word on whether Mariah has run into her former husband Tommy Mottola, who has been hitting the slopes with his new wife, Thalia. 
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Let's hope it's true .
Posted on December the 30th.
2003 brought a new IFPI Platinum Europe Award to Mariah
Mariah Carey's album 1s, released in November 1998 and awarded its first Platinum Europe the following month, has reached double Platinum Europe certification in May 2003.
Platinum Europe is the recording industry's pre-eminent music award in Europe. Launched in Brussels in 1996, Platinum Europe honours that elite community of artists who have achieved sales of 1 million copies of an album since January 1 1994. The award is now recognised as the established hallmark of success for artists in Europe.
Source: IFPI (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: For more information about the IFPI Platinum Europe Awards click here.
Posted on December the 30th.
Flu in da house 
No more updates today, 'cause I have the flu .  Please Mariah, little sweetheart, come and give me a hug .  Oops, better not, I don't want to give you my flu, you know that I'll give you my all, but not my flu , cough, cough... oops, I need to stop laughing, cough, cough.
Posted on December the 29th.
On the Belgian radio station Radio Donna, we can now follow day by day the countdown from the 2003 spot to the 1 spot.  This is called the Donna's Top 2003.  The listeners could send their 5 favourite tracks of all time.  Until now, here are Mariah's spots:
708 - Mariah Carey - Fantasy
908 - Mariah Carey/Trey Lorenz - I'll Be There
1328 - Busta Rhymes/Mariah Carey - I Know What You Want
1391 - Mariah Carey/Westlife - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
1524 - Mariah Carey - Butterfly
1820 - Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas
So, now we will see if Mariah has more spots in this chart .  Wait and see.
Posted on December the 29th.
All I Want For Christmas is You in 4fm's kerstop 44
The results of the votes are now known, AIWFCIY is number 5 out of 44 in the Christmas Top 44 of the Belgian radio station 4fm.
Source for the info: Elise by e-mail.
Posted on December the 29th.
Charmbracelet China Tour details
Date of concert: Feb 20, 2004
Venue: Beijing Capital Stadium
Price of tickets: $100, $80, $60, $30, $15
Recommended ticket outlet: Ge Hua Tickets Outlet
Support Act: Liu Jun & Zhao Kai
Source: Oracle from by e-mail.
Posted on December the 29th.
On MTV Europe in the European Top 20 of 2003, I Know What You Want is number 4 out of 20.  Thanks to Mariah, it's Busta's first European number 1 hit.
Posted on December the 28th.
Charmbracelet Tour Date
Mariah is currently in negociations to do a concert in Beijing on 19 February, 2004.
Source: Oracle from by e-mail.
Posted on December the 28th.
Mariah Carey Blackballed By Soho House
W magazine reports that word is, Mariah Carey was recently blackballed from the Soho House because of the size of her posse. "Nobody wanted to deal with her showing up with all those assistants and trainers and cousins and friends," a founding member of the club sniffed. "The whole point of this place is so that people don't have to deal with crap like that." 
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: I wasn't able to find this news on W magazine's site and I don't have the W magazine, so needs to be checked.
Posted on December the 28th.
Mariah Carey will perform at the JCC Jakarta
Jakarta - Since last November, it was reported that pop diva Mariah Carey will perform in Jakarta and several other countries in South-East Asia.
However several tour plans failed, because of various reasons.
However the organiser of the concert in Indonesia, Java Musikindo, continued to investigate and used various methods to bring the singer, who also acted with the actress Mira Sorvino in the film WiseGirls, to Jakarta.
Java Musikindo succeeded in convincing the agency's team and the management of Mariah Carey, to perform at the Plenary Hall JCC, Senayan, Jakarta.
For Java Musikindo, this Mariah Carey concert was the second concert that was advertised in the same month, the first one was the Korn concert, the rock group from Bakersfield, Los Angeles.
Source: Gatra.
Translation: Gilles - © Heroes of Mariah
Posted on December the 27th.
Mariah is the last artist who had a number 1 hit with a Christmas song released as a single
In het Nieuwsblad van woensdag (24 december 2003), stond het volgende:
Al tien jaar geen kerstplaat meer op nummer één
Tien jaar geleden scoorde Mariah Carey een absolute knaller met All I Want for Christmas. Sindsdien is een kersthit heel ver weg en draaien de radio's klassiekers als Last Christmas van Wham (1984) of de Lennon-Ono hit Happy X-mas uit 1971. Verder staat er ook nog in dat platenmaatschappijen niet meer willen investeren om kerstliedjes uit de brengen omdat die maar heel beperkt gedraaid kunnen worden en het is erop of eronder (ofwel wordt het een hit ofwel een flop).
Mariah is dus blijkbaar de laatste die een kerstliedje op single heeft uitgebracht EN er een hit mee heeft gescoord :-)
Source: Elise by e-mail.
Posted on December the 27th.
"Team Lamb"!

Hey Lambs, It's WiSeGuY from over at! Just thought you might like to know that we recently launched our latest project titled "Team Lamb"! Basically, "Team Lamb" is an organization that centers itself around fan unity! "Team Lamb" is all about the fans, coming together, to support Mariah! All of Mariah's fans are welcome to join! Members of "Team Lamb" will have access to exclusive projects, contests, chats, and much more! All of the fun begins at the start of the New Year! So what are you waiting for? If you're a die-hard Mariah fan, join today!
MariahInfo - - Team Lamb -
Source: Leo and WiSeGuY from by e-mail.
Posted on December the 27th.
Indonesia Tour promo poster
Source: Gatra (All rights reserved)
Thanks to Andrea and
Posted on December the 26th.
Aladerri was able to give his fan book to Mariah at the Las Vegas concert.
Chacha Jeon kindly invites us to Mariah's concert in Korea on February the 13th. thanks Chacha Jeon, I wish I could come .
Source for the infos: Aladerri and Chacha Jeon by e-mail.
Posted on December the 26th.
Here's what I found, in this article, it says that after the Asian dates and before the play in London, Mariah will give a concert in Dubai.
Music: KL stop for Mariah’s World Tour
Faridul Anwar Farinordin
You’ve probably heard that singer/actress Mariah Carey is coming to town for her first-ever concert in Malaysia. Scheduled for a one-night performance at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 22 (7pm), the show will be part of the Mariah Carey Charmbracelet 2003/2004 World Tour.
Hailed as the biggest-selling female recording artiste of all time, Mariah’s albums and singles have sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. She catapulted to stardom in 1990 with the release of her eponymous album that yielded a record-setting four consecutive No. 1 singles — Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and Someday I Don't Wanna Cry.
She followed up with albums such as Emotions, Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow (all under Sony Music) and Glitter (under EMI Music). 
To date, the Grammy Award-winning singer has had more No.1 singles than any female artiste, surpassing both the Supremes (with 12) and Madonna (11). She also has more No.1 songs than any currently-active recording artiste.
Charmbracelet is Mariah’s ninth studio album (the first to be released under her new label, Def Jam/Universal) and it has spawned hits such as Through The Rain, Bringing On The Heartbreak and Boy (I Need You).
So, how and where do you grab hold of the tickets for the glamorous diva’s show?
According to a spokesperson from the concert promoter Galaxy Productions, tickets are priced between RM65 and RM385 (subject to change) and will be available from the second week of January.
"We will kick off the ticket sales with priority bookings which will be offered only to MasterCard holders," he said. Cash purchases will be made available at selected ticket outlets a few weeks later.
As for the choice of Stadium Merdeka as the concert venue, the decision was made by the singer herself, he said.
"It was Mariah’s request to have an intimate concert with her fans in a smaller venue. We initially proposed the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil which has a seating capacity of 50,000. But her management decided on Stadium Merdeka. We’re aiming for 30,000 fans." 
After her concert in KL, she is scheduled to perform in Dubai before going on to London where she will star in a play at the West End." 
Mariah performed in Seoul, Korea and Shanghai, China last month as part of the World Tour before returning to the US to conclude the US-leg of the concert series in time for Christmas. The tour also includes Jakarta, Cebu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Pusan, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
Presented by TM Net, the Malaysian concert marks the first English international act brought in by Galaxy Productions, which has given us shows by top Asian singers in such as Jackie Cheung, Emil Chau, A-Mei and David Tao.
Source: New Straits Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 25th.
We hear...
That Tommy Mottola and both his current wife Thalia and ex-wife Mariah Carey will be in Aspen over the holidays, keeping their distance.
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 25th.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas little sweetheart .
Posted on December the 24th.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, tomorrow, it's Christmas  and guess what...  I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, all I want for Christmas is Mariah's happiness .
Posted on December the 24th.
Busan Tour 2004 Poster
Thanks to mariahkorea at FOMM.
Heroes note: Busan is also known as Pusan in English, it's the second most biggest city of South Korea and is the largest port of Korea.
Posted on December the 23rd.
Mariah Carey set to stir up a storm in Kuala Lumpur
By Li Ee Kee
Kuala Lumpur: Diva Mariah Carey, who was named the “World’s Best-Selling Female Artiste of the Millennium” at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo last October, is set to stir up a storm here in February. 
Travelling the globe since June to promote her Charmbracelet album, the singer who has sold over 150 million albums during her career, will appear for Malaysian fans for the first time at a one-night concert at Merdeka Stadium on Feb 22. 
The show, billed ‘An Intimate Evening with Mariah Carey – Charmbracelet World Tour 2004’ is part of a global extravaganza which has taken her across Asia, North America and Europe. 
After the scheduled Christmas/New Year break, Carey will complete her world tour in several Asian cities which, besides Kuala Lumpur, also include Guangzhou and Beijing in China; Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong; Cebu in the Philippines and Pusan, Korea. 
Since her unplugged version of “I’ll Be There” in 1992, Carey has become a household name among music lovers worldwide, winning accolades, which include two Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards and Billboard’s “Artiste of the Decade” award.
Renowned for her vocal prowess, especially her spectacular five-octave range, her career had not been a smooth ride all the way. Two years ago when Carey, afflicted with personal and professional problems, was subjected to the constant glare of the limelight. 
But her darkest days seem to be behind her after she embarked on her first world tour in more than three years, in support of her latest release, Charmbracelet. 
Her Malaysian concert is organised by Galaxy Production and presented by Celcom and TMNet. 
At press time, according to concert sources, Carey’s show permit for her Malaysian showcase is still being processed. 
Further enquiries can be made to Galaxy at hotline 03-2282-2020.
Source: The Star (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 23rd.
More pictures of the Las Vegas concert on the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Las Vegas, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Source for the picture: Sam Morris/Las Vegas Sun (All rights reserved).
Posted on December the 23rd.
Carey brings full range of gifts to Aladdin Theatre
By Spencer Patterson
The new millennium hasn't been particularly kind to Mariah Carey, but you'd never know it judging from the first few rows Saturday night. 
A few dozen diehard members of the beleaguered pop star's international fan club descended on the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts hours early. Many toted Mariah scrapbooks, photos of Carey and giant signs intended to attract the attention of the 33-year-old vocalist. 
"All the way from Mexico to see you," read one placard held high by a young man in a Santa Claus costume. 
Carey's fanatics, who filled much of the theater's front section, stood for most of the 1-hour, 45-minute concert, ballads included. They screamed when the singer reached her high notes, jiggled to her dance numbers and hugged one another after moments of brief eye contact with the headliner. 
Those seated nearby seemed less than thrilled with the display. But Carey reacted warmly, smiling at her devotees and inviting a few to the stage for quick handshakes throughout the show. 
Near the end of the night Carey dedicated her 1993 hit "Hero" to the "fans who have supported me through good times and bad." 
During the 1990s, Carey reigned as one of popular music's unquestioned superstars. The Long Island, N.Y., native had at least one single reach No. 1 in each year of that decade, a unique historical accomplishment. 
The past several years haven't been as rosy for Carey, however. Bizarre public behavior, romantic misfortunes, a reported rehabilitation stint and the disastrous movie/album project "Glitter" soiled her reputation, the last causing Virgin Records to buy out her contract. 
Carey acknowledged those dark days with a video montage during "My Saving Grace," a reflective cut from her latest album, "Charmbracelet." Tabloid headlines such as "Mariah's Breakdown" appeared on the screen as she innocently crooned the lyrics, "I've still got a lot to learn." 
During such quieter moments, Carey's famous five-octave voice sparkled. Her upper-register squeals brought cheers from the crowd of around 5,000, but her work in her lower ranges was really more impressive, sounding rich and vibrant.
Other times -- such as during an upbeat run through "Joy to the World," one of three Christmas songs performed -- a five-piece band and four backing vocalists overpowered Carey almost entirely. 
Two "duets" with nonpresent rappers Busta Rhymes and Ol' Dirty Bastard had an odd live-yet-not feel, with Carey's male counterparts shown singing their recorded parts onscreen. 
Carey was actually one of 16 onstage most of the night. Six dancers completed the ensemble, helping turn "Honey," "Fantasy" and other familiar tunes into full-stage production numbers. 
Carey's 15 castmates also helped pass the time while the star was off changing costumes, something she did nine times Saturday night. 
The outfits alternated from skimpy (pink hotpants and a blue tank top with an "Automatic Princess" decal) to stately (an elegant black cocktail dress). All were intended to accentuate Carey's shapely body, which was made quite visible with a variety of low-cut necklines and belly-baring bikinis. 
Revolving clothing aside, Carey's diva side kept a relatively low profile. An onstage attendant did hold her drink as she sipped from a straw early on, but by concert's end she managed to complete the feat all by herself. 
Dressed in a two-piece Santa getup, Carey finished with an encore of "All I Want for Christmas is You." Mariah's loyal fans felt the same way, and got what they asked for a few nights early.
Source: Las Vegas Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 23rd.
IT'S A SCREAM: Two of Carey's 'lambs' ruin concert experience
By Doug Elfman
For a while, I was supportive of the two freaky fans who screamed throughout Mariah Carey's concert on Saturday. On the one hand, I sympathized with them when people asked them to sit, not stand. Spending $200 on a seat should allow someone to get up and dance. 
I even appreciated it when they exaggerated their mouth openings to express how well they knew the words to each song as they swayed in the fourth row at the Aladdin Theatre. That was just living it up. 
But man, those two women, who looked to be in their early 20s, were The Most Annoying Fans of the Year. They ear-piercingly squealed "WHOO-HOOO" and "WHAH!" constantly. This wasn't merely the level of earsplitting that 'N Sync used to stir. It seemed to me they shrieked every 10 seconds during the entire hour and 45 minutes. 
These two fans apparently had seen enough Carey concerts to memorize the segment when Carey sang the names of her band members. They sang-screamed every name along with her, like this: "Lionel Cole! Woo-hoo!" Then they jumped up and down, and they waved their arms, and they hugged. 
Shortly after that, Carey was half-singing a supposedly true story about something or another, and the two fans screamed along to the words of Carey's story: "WE HAD A TOTAL AND COMPLETE MESS! WOOO!" Then they jumped up and down, and they waved their arms, and they hugged. 
For a moment, I thought Carey was peeved at them. She cautioned them several times not to scream out her punch lines before she got to the lines herself. They did so anyway. 
Then I realized that Carey couldn't be mad with the people she calls her "lambs." After all, she's the one who took a bath in her house on MTV and invited fans to show up at her home, which some of them did. 
Sure enough, near the end of this night, right before Carey hit the climax in "Vision of Love," she saw one of these two freaky women trying to reach her but who kept getting stopped by a security guard. Carey reached out and grabbed her hand. 
Carey even thanked them and "all the real, die-hard fans in the audience." That was nice and smart of her, I thought. But she wasn't subjected to those two women's screaming next to her all night. 
If you are wondering why I have spent so many words on the behavior of this happy twosome, it is because pop concerts are an interactive experience, unlike movies. And in rare instances, I get stuck seated next to a horror show such as this one, making me feel unable to evaluate the performer fairly. 
Fortunately, I had seen Carey perform in July at Caesars Palace. I was lured to Saturday's show at the Aladdin because it was said to be a holiday concert. This was not so. It was the same show as in July, except Carey threw in a few Christmas tunes. 
In July, the 33-year-old Carey wore eight tight costumes, including a rhinestone skirt and bra ensemble, pink short-shorts and a Harley Davidson T-shirt. This time, there were her eight outfits, plus a ninth, a slutty-Santa thing she wore for "All I Want For Christmas Is You." 
Carey used fewer dancers this go-round. Last time, she had 11, this time six. Once again, five band members and four back-up, gospel-trained singers breezed through her pop hits, inspirationals and ballads, from the good "Fantasy" and "Daydreamer" to the palatable "I'll Be There" and "Hero."
Carey went over well enough with most of the rest of the crowd to merit several standing ovations. I'm guessing they were surrounded by saner types.
What: Mariah Carey 
When: Saturday 
Where: Aladdin Theatre
Attendance: 5,000 
Grade: Might have been a "B" if I had heard her 
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Where was the security staff of the Aladdin Theatre?  In my opinion showing that you love and support Mariah is NOT beeing hysterical and spoil the concert for the others.  That's a question of "savoir vivre" and respect for the artist.  You don't need to steal her concert, to show Mariah that you love her.
Posted on December the 23rd.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy, it's snowing on Brussels today .
Posted on December the 22nd.
"What Would U Do" European promo
A big thanks to the fans who e-mailed me club and radio addresses, I don't know if I will be able to keep France in the "What Would U Do" European promo, due to the lack of interest from the French fans to support this track, the only help I received for France was from an US fan who speaks French, thanks to him . Thanks also to the only German fan who sent me some infos, I'll try to find infos for France and Germany myself.
No more updates today, as I will make the list and pass it on to Baby Ree Productions.
Keep checking for the updates and details regarding this promo.
Posted on December the 22nd.
Mariah Carey will still hold a concert in Jakarta
Last November Mariah Carey, who was reported to tour in Jakarta and few other South East Asia countries, failed to do that because of one or more reasons. That didn’t make Java Musikindo (Ed.: An Indonesian promoter, I think) give up just like that. Long and difficult negotiations after negotiations with the Agent / Artist Management during the last few weeks had been done by Java team to convince Mariah Carey to hold a concert in Jakarta.
Finally, Java Musikindo managed to persuade the diva to do a concert in Jakarta, with a contract signed on December 19, 2003. The Pop music diva concert itself will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2004 in Plenary Hall, JCC Senayan, Jakarta.
This will be the second international artist concert event for Java Musikindo in the beginning of 2004, after the Bakerfield, Los Angeles based artist Korn, who is planned to have a concert on Thursday, February 5, 2004 in PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta. Unfortunately, this morning we received news that Korn suddenly decided to cancel to bring Static – X as their opening act. Meanwhile, Korn concert will still be held with Bandung-based /rif as the opening act.
Mariah Carey is considered veteran in entertainment industry and a lot of her songs became hits. The singer with a spectacular (octave ? Ed: The literal translation is “octave voice”. Not sure what they mean with that) voice is very well-known in the world and has become American Diva for International pop music. (Ed: Not sure also what they meant with that).
About two months ago Mariah Carey held a concert in Singapore with the attendance of about 30,000 people.
Ticket can be ordered in Java Musikindo office, Plaza Mutiara 2nd Fl, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Phone: 57988623-5 or in the ticket boxes around Jakarta and Bandung.
Source: Java Musikindo.
Translation: Michael (fantasia2000) at FOMM.
Heroes note: There is still no official confirmation, so, as I said yesterday, wait and see.  Also, thanks to Michael for the translation, usually I make all the tranlsations myself, remember the Russian, Swedish, Italian and Chinese articles, but, I really didn't had the time to translate this one, as I'm busy with the "What Would U Do" European promo.
Posted on December the 22nd.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Las Vegas, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on December the 22nd.
Charmbracelet Tour 2004?
According to a pop-up and a ticker on Java Musikindo, an Indonesian music site, Mariah will gave a concert in Java on February the 15th. 2004.  This is not officially confirmed. Wait and see.
Source for the screen capture: Heroes of Mariah.
Posted on December the 21st.
Guys!!!  I saw him, I saw him  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I saw him, lalala , Santa was eating an hamburger in a fast food here in Brussels , lalala , but...  he had no beard , so, Kinou asked him why he had no beard and Santa said: "They stole it"  oh and also in that same fast food they played Can't Take That Away , it was surely a gift from Santa .  WOW, and when we left the fast food, Santa waived at us .
Posted on December the 20th.
More pictures of the Tucson concert on the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Tucson, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Source for the picture: Francisco Medina for the Tucson Citizen (All rights reserved).
Posted on December the 20th.
Here's what Mary wrote after the Tucson concert
Review: Carey belts out crisp, dreamy songs
Mary Bustamante and Sara Bustamante
Mariah Carey came to Tucson last night for her first concert ever here and my daughter, Sara, and I both went. 
It was supposed to start at 7:30, but the five-octave diva didn't make it to the stage until nearly 9 p.m.
Young people - those not in their 40s - apparently are used to this and can find almost anything to keep themselves occupied until showtime. 
Sara (Pointing to a child who looked about 4): "Look at that little girl over there, singing Mariah Carey songs to herself.
See, I told you that you didn't need to freak about getting here right on time." 
Others spent their time in sarcasm. "I could have gone to the Shania Twain concert in Phoenix and still gotten back in time for this one," someone nearby said. 
Sara and I stood on our chairs to see Carey when she finally made her entrance, surrounded by her entourage and security guards, from the back of the arena. 
Her angelic voice soon soothed the near-sellout crowd as she sang "Heartbreaker" and "Dream Lover," songs that made her a nearly overnight sensation at age 20. 
Then Carey left the stage and changed outfits. She did this nine times during the hour and 45 minutes of her performance.
Mary: "Maybe they were still ironing all those clothes and that's why she didn't get to start on time." 
Sara: No response, unless you count eye rollings. 
Sara definitely liked some of the clothing, or lack of it, more than I did. 
That aside, there was an exuberance and energy that showed her audience that the old Mariah Carey, the one before the nervous breakdown in 2001, was back and strong. 
The songs, including a sprinkling of Christmas carols, were crisp and dreamy and just what the crowd of "lambs," as Carey calls her fans, came to hear. 
The crowd got to hear some of the songs on her newest album, "Charmbracelet," including "Through the Rain," which like many of Carey's self-penned lyrics was fairly autobiographical. 
"Thanks to every one of you devoted fans for sticking with me through the good times and the bad time," Carey said. Then she dedicated her song "Hero" to them. 
Sara: "That was a bad concert, Mom." 
Mary: (feigned oblivion) "No, I really liked it." 
Again with the eye rolling. I may be in my 40s, but I do know the teenage definition of "bad."
Source: Tucson Citizen (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 20th.
Here's what Mary wrote before the Tucson concert
Mariah adding Tucson to her Charmbracelet
Mary Bustamante
It was third-grade girls I remember being most infatuated by Mariah Carey as she started the steep climb that, by the end of the 90s, had earned her the title of Billboard Magazines Artist of the Decade. 
Her Charmbracelet Tour brings her to the Tucson Convention Center tomorrow for the singers first concert in the Old Pueblo. 
One picture is forever fixed in my memory during the early Mariah Carey era: 17 little 8-year-old girls from my daughters school in sleeping bags strewn haphazardly wall to wall in the living room and our dog PJ gingerly making his way across the room, not stepping on anyones head. There were lots of giggles and chattering - and Mariah singing in the background. 
Those little girls, mine included, graduated from high school last year. Theyre young women now, having survived the trials and tribulations of those teens years and come out stronger for them. And it occurs to me that Mariahs career so far has mirrored their growing-up years. 
Back in those innocent years, the girls - and Mariah - just made you smile. They were so creative at that age, so willing to please. And so was she. 
"Mariah Carey writes all her own songs, really?" I asked my daughter, Sara, who was the one who introduced me to the singers five-octave voice and songs including "Love Takes Time," "Hero" and "Make It Happen." 
"Wow, see what girls can do when they work hard for something?" I told Sara. Mariah was an influence and an inspiration.
Years passed, and those little girls hit their teens and everything that went with it: boys, overwhelming temptations, boys, bad choices, boys and emotions they hardly were old enough to understand. 
You could be there for them, give them guidance and always empathize. Who hasnt been through that period? 
And as my daughters radio blared the emotional troubles of Mariah, I found myself empathizing with her. Even though she was well past those teenager years, wasnt Mariah paralleling them with her young fans?
I sympathized with her emotional state. I shook my head as the DJs and the tabloids talked about how she felt competitive with Jennifer Lopez. Lopezs movie, "The Wedding Planner," was a hit; Mariahs "Glitter" wasnt sparkling. (Too bad she couldnt look into the future to "Gigli.") I wondered, if only for a split second, how much of that silliness was true and how much was just hype. 
Then came the breakdown, the not-so-role-model-type antics and finally I just exclaimed what every mother of a teenage girl had on her mind: "Girl, what are you thinking?" 
But that was a couple of years ago. And it doesnt negate these facts: The singer is the top-selling female artist in history and has 15 No. 1 singles, two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. She even rushed past the Beatles as the artist with the most weeks in a row at the top of Billboards Hot 100 Singles chart. 
Since her breakdown, she has formed her own label, MonarC Music. And her often biographical music shows an emergence from her depression. 
In "Through the Rain," the first single from Charmbracelet, she sings: "I can make it through the rain/ I can stand up once again on my own/ And I know that Im strong enough to mend/ And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith/ And I live one more day and I make it through the rain." 
Mariah seems to have survived her period of trials and tribulations - and come out stronger for them. 
Some of those former little second-grade fans are planning to be in the audience.
Source: Tucson Citizen (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 20th.
Today, shopping day!!!!!  WOW!!!  With a little luck, I will see Santa in the stores!!! 
Posted on December the 20th.
Dueling vocals: Pop star showdown
Shania and Mariah, head to head in a catfight you can't quite call
By Anthony Broadman and Cathalena E. Burch
Two of pop music's ultimate divas are gracing Arizona stages Friday night, and neither was available for an interview.
So we decided that rather than rehash old biographies, we'd compare the pair, hit for hit, tryst for tryst, tantrum for tantrum to determine which of them - girl-gone-wild Mariah Carey or north country twanger Shania Twain - is the ultimate Diva Divine. 
Call it the diva donnybrook. Battle of the bellybuttons. Superstar smack-down. 
Let's begin. 
* I write the songs: Shania pens all her tunes with producer hubby Robert John "Mutt" Lange. The pair's golden formula has earned Shania almost 20 hit singles, including several No. 1 country songs and 22 BMI Songwriting Awards. 
Mariah has similar mojo in her pen, although she doesn't record only her own tunes. She's racked up 15 No. 1s and displaced the Beatles as the artist with the most cumulative weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. 
Advantage: Let's call this one a big pop draw. 
* Midriff: Both ladies have enviable midsections and know how to show them off. We'll give Mariah the edge, since she shows us more of her belly more often. But kudos to Shania, who maintained her quarter-bouncing abs after the birth of her son two years ago. 
Advantage: Mariah, but we wonder how that hot gut will look when she's 38. 
* Visions of love: Shania and Lange aren't ever seen smooching in public, but don't be stupid; you know she loves him. The couple are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary - a milestone considering rumors of marital doom have haunted them since they said "I do." 
Mariah, after divorcing Tommy Mottola (who traded up for Latin songstress Thalía), has been linked with several dream lovers - and some who were not so dreamy. It's an exclusive club, though: Yankee Derek Jeter, Lat-pop heartthrob Luis Miguel (payback for Thalía?) and Eminem - sort of the "Glitter" of her romantic life. For more on her rumored hookup with Mr. Mathers, listen to his song "Superman." Her stage show reportedly includes a couple of dudes dressed up like the rapper. 
Advantage: Shania 
* The buck stops here: If you skim down to the bottom line, Mariah wins with sales of albums and singles exceeding 150 million. 
That don't impress Shania much. If you look closely at the numbers, you have to give her cha-CHING! kudos. Her four albums have sold in excess of 60 million copies, including the history-making, 34-million-selling "Come on Over." It's the biggest-selling album ever by a female artist and the sixth-biggest-selling album of all time, equaling AC/DC's "Back in Black" and the Beatles' "With the Beatles." Her latest album, "Up," has sold more than 9 million copies. 
Advantage: Reluctantly, Mariah 
* Blowing off steam: Amid speculation that her marriage to Lange was on the fritz, Shania quietly slipped off to Switzerland in 1999, rekindled her romance and had a baby. 
Meanwhile, Stateside, Mariah flipped on MTV's "TRL," rock-starred her hotel room and holed up in a psych ward. 
Advantage: Shania 
* Fashion faux pas: Even though it's been several years, the image of Shania in fuchsia shorts, matching tube top, boots, tuxedo-cut coat, gloves and broad-rimmed cowboy hat still haunts us. 
Mariah used to do the whole cutoff-jean-shorts, curly-hair, good-girl thing. Then she went sort of bad girl. And once you go bad, you never go back. Her only clothing crimes are not wearing enough. Which we like. 
Advantage: Definitely Shania - and that's not a compliment. 
* I wanna be a star: Someone slipped Sony top dog Mottola Mariah's demo tape at a party. He listened to it in his limo, then ordered his driver to go back to the party so he could meet the then-backup singer. Mottola signed, then married Mariah. 
In a less-exciting legend, Shania's manager slipped a demo tape to Mercury Records, which signed the Canadian to a contract. 
Advantage: Mariah 
* Movie madness: Mariah made "Glitter." Shania did not. 
Advantage: Shania 
* Who loves you, baby? Shania is making her fans travel 200 miles round trip to see her in Phoenix Friday night. Mariah's fans just have to drive Downtown. 
Advantage: Mariah 
So who wins Diva Divine? 
You decide. 
Source: Arizona Daily Star (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 19th.

C'mon guys, our Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon works fine, let's continue until the first week of 2004!!!  It's our challenge, I know we can make it!!!!!!!
Bringin' On The Heartbreak is in this chart since 10 weeks .  Good job guys, thanks for Mariah .  Let's keep our votes and keep Mariah in this chart.  Let's make history!  So that, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will become the song which was the longer in a request chart without receiving airplay.  Ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and all the people you know to request Bringin' On The Heartbreak in this chart.  We want to keep Bringin' On The Heartbreak in this Top 50 chart the longest possible.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak in the Belgian charts:
Belgian chart for December the 21st.
Prima Donna
Mariah Carey - Bringin' On The Heartbreak - 36 (35) (week 10)
Don't forget to keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
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MTV Europe: Best Of Beautiful Babes 2003
Half hour on the most babelicious beauties to feature on MTV this year. (Text: MTV Europe)
MTV Europe just broadcasted and will broadcast again Best Of Beautiful Babes 2003 in which Mariah appears. 
Check the hour for your country:
Saturday, December the 20th from 21h00 to 21h30 CET and Sunday, December the 21st. from 12h00 to 12h30 CET.
Note: Here are the countries receiving MTV Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israël, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.
Source for the info: Elise by e-mail.
Posted on December the 19th.
Glitter dvd
De dvd van "glitter" aan 9,99euro staat in de free record shop (bron: de online site van free rec).
Source: Patrick by e-mail.
Posted on December the 19th.
Mariah makes girls dreams come true
A 16-year-old girl who had a leg amputated just six weeks ago has opened a concert for Mariah Carey. 
Mariah invited Becca Solodon to open the concert at the Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California, after she heard about the girl's plight.
Becca's leg was amputated because of a life-threatening tumour.
Source: MTV Europe (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 19th.
More pictures of the Los Angeles concert on the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Los Angeles, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Source for the picture: BoogieMcWoogie at FOMM.
Posted on December the 19th.
New, new, new
This concerns all the countries, please send me the infos for radios, clubs and DJs worldwide, so I can pass them on.
If you live in Belgium, France, Germany or the UK, you can help .  As I promote the latest single from Damizza Presents: Shade Sheist, Nate Dogg and Mariah Carey "What Would U Do", in these countries (at first) by sending promos to the radios in goal to get this single airplayed, you can help by giving me the name, e-mail and eventually address of radio stations in your respective countries which play this kind of music.  Thanks .  This is kinda urgent, as I will receive all the promo singles soon and I want to be ready to send them to the appropriate radios in the countries mentioned above.  Also, it would be great if you could give names, e-mails and eventually addresses of clubs and/or DJs in the countries mentioned above, so I can send them vinyls, thanks .
Many thanks in advance .
Posted on December the 18th.
We already knew that Nate Dogg was at the Los Angeles concert Mariah gave last night and that they sang What Would U Do togheter.  Now, I can tell you that Shade Sheist and Damizza where there at the concert too.
Source for the info: Baby Ree Productions by phone.
Posted on December the 18th.
Last night in LA
I made a little summary of what we know at the moment about the Los Angeles concert Mariah gave last night:
Apparently Mariah was sick 'cause she was really sweaty and she said at the start of the show she wasn't sure if she was gonna be able to do the show, but she made it.  Mariah seemed very determined to do the show.  She threw in a couple of extra songs too and the crowd was very supportive and she noticed it so maybe that helped her get through it.  She was so into the show despite being sick.  Nate Dogg was there as a special guest and they did "What Would U Do" 'cause Mariah said she heard the song was hot in Los Angeles.  She also sang Vision Of Love and Can't Take That Away.  Her voice was super despite her being sick.  She wasn't going to do Vision of Love but she decided to do it anyways for someone in the audience that she mentioned, I think it was some radio DJ. During the Band Intro she made it extra long and way funny. While talking about the skinny heffas she did this valley girl/dumb blonde type talking and it was funny as hell. The story was much longer than the usual thing she says. 
Apparently, Mariah ran to the bathroom to throw up or something.  A fan could see everything going on.  When Mariah changed into the red dress, a fan saw her and some of her helpers running with her somewhere.  She had her hand over her mouth.  The fan really think it's the flu Mariah has.  Her sweat was more like a fever sweat.
Mariah's voice went out in the middle of singing All I Want For Christmas Is You.  Mariah kept singing anyway and her voice was going in and out, but that was due to the flu symptoms.  Mariah's voice was better than at the other Los Angeles shows.
Thanks to the fans at FOMM who already posted something about the LA concert Mariah gave last night.
Posted on December the 18th.
Message from Aladerri
Congratulations to April Rodriguez, NV For winning one Single ticket to see Mariah live in concert at Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, courtesy of Aladerri.
The winner was randomly selected, between hundreds of lambs, but there could only be one winner. Aladerri hopes that the lucky winner enjoy the concert as her Christmas Present. I'd like to thank all the other Lambs around the world, who send your message for this Fan Book, attempting to break "the Guinness Book of World Records" your entries are great!
Unfortunately I haven't get any answer from them yet to see if this breaks the record or not, however if I get any feed back I will let you all know.
Thank you all Mariah's Sites for posting my invitation to this project you guys are great! and last but not least Thanks to all Magazines, Radios Stations, Television and News Papers, who helped promoting this, around the World.
This Fan book has over 600 entries!!!
But most important of all, Mariah will be really happy to receive it.
 Look for "Santa Claus" in the 4th row! @ Las Vegas Concert and wish me luck delivering this "Fan Book" to Mariah.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Aladerri
Source: Aladerri by e-mail.
Posted on December the 18th.
Mariah Invites Fan to Open
Cancer patient gets dream gig in Santa Barbara
Six weeks after having her left leg amputated, sixteen-year-old Becca Solodon stood in front of her hometown Santa Barbara crowd at the Arlington Theater Monday night as Mariah Carey's opening act. Clad in all black, Solodon sang a cover of the Lifehouse song "Simon," putting a triumphant cap on a year that began with a mysterious ailment. 
"My foot started hurting about a year ago and we went to a ton of different doctors, took X-Rays, I did physical therapy and nobody knew what it was," says Solodon. "Finally we asked if we could have an MRI and they found a soft tissue mass, a tumor the size of a marble and I went through surgery to get that removed and then they were like 'Yeah, everything's fine.' But then they called back five days later and said 'There's still some there and it's malignant.'" 
Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, Solodon underwent several chemotherapy sessions before having her leg amputated at mid-calf on October 31st, after doctors determined the operation was the only way to thwart the potentially life-threatening tumor. 
Solodon's path to the stage was paved by Damion Young, a songwriter and producer who has written songs for Carey and rapper Kurupt. A Santa Barbara native, Young helmed a recording session earlier in the year at Westlake Studios, where keyboardist Ronnie King (Offspring, Snoop Dogg) and a group of professional musicians backed Solodon in a fourteen-hour session. 
"I started telling her [Carey] that I met this little girl that changed my life," Young says. "I said that Becca made me realize why we do all this, because her only dream was to spend one day in the studio. And she was like, 'I'm on tour, what can we do?' I said, 'Santa Barbara,' and she said, 'Perfect. Opening act. Set it up. Bye.'" 
After performing "Simon" with King, in front of an audience that included her father, mother, brother, grandmother and a high-pitched contingent of classmates from Dos Pueblos High School, Solodon went backstage to meet Carey. "She said, 'Thank you for singing,'" says Solodon. "Oh, and, 'Hello.'" 
Colin Devenish
Source: RollingStone (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 17th.
Due to very strict copyrights rules from, I didn't posted this article, but you need to read it.
Did Mottola Pay $300G for Wife's Magazine?
By Roger Friedman
Click here.
Posted on December the 17th.
Cry me a diva
Rebecca Hardy
She has no hit record, no boyfriend and few true friends. At 33, Mariah Carey's wish for stardom to escape her dysfunctional childhood has fallen sadly short of the fairytale. But she isn't giving up on her girlhood dreams just yet.
When Mariah Carey was a little girl, she desperately wanted her life to be different, so each night she knelt beside her bed and prayed for God to make her famous. Today, she is about as famous as it gets. Her prayers were answered and the face of the world's most successful female singer and songwriter is everywhere, from magazine covers to videos, albums, T-shirts and TV shows.
There are times, though, that Carey hasn't been comfortable with that face. In fact, she's been pretty much uncomfortable with everything about herself. Hers wasn't an easy childhood. Her mother was white and her father part black, part Hispanic. They divorced when she was three, and Carey says she "felt like a freak". She missed her father dreadfully, never quite believing he loved her. She thought fame might change that. 
Carey lived with her mother, an Irish opera singer, and they moved 13 times to homes that were always poorer and more bohemian than anyone else's. The family stuck out like a sore thumb in their predominantly white neighbourhood on Long Island, New York. Crosses were burnt on the lawn and the family dog was poisoned. Her older sister Alison became a mother at 15, a drug addict and then a prostitute. She is HIV-positive.
Carey started singing at four and used to hide under the kitchen table, scribbling down songs when everything became too much. "People are still confused by my mixed-race background," she says. "They look at me all the time and ask, 'What are you?' I still don't know. When I was with my mother, who was white, people thought I must have a Hispanic father - they didn't realise he was black. When he picked me up they'd look at me as if I had three heads. I felt like a freak. I've just
watched a tape of me at 11 setting a poem to music. At times I look happy, but then I look into the eyes of this little girl and can see she was very sad. I can remember that little girl praying, hoping, wishing for stardom. I thought it was going to solve the dysfunction in my life. It doesn't, but I didn't know that - neither do the people who watch you on television. They see you in this fairytale and think everything is perfect, that you're living a happy-ever-after life."
Carey's early career was the stuff of fairytales. Plucked from obscurity as an 18-year-old by Sony music chief Tommy Mottola, whom she later married, she has sold more than 150 million albums and singles, with an astonishing 84 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certificates. In the US she is the only artist since the 1920s to have had a No. 1 hit year after year for a decade and she has two Grammy Awards.
The fairytale, though, wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Carey's marriage was desperately unhappy. She divorced and has since had two relationships, but neither of them has lasted. Two years ago, she suffered an "emotional and physical breakdown" and walked away from a $160 million, five-album contract with Virgin Records. Carey is only 33. She doesn't have a boyfriend and says she can count her true friends on the fingers of one hand. One of them has told her she's "the most tortured optimist" she knows.
During her first tour since the breakdown, we meet at a restaurant in the Trump Taj Mahal hotel in Atlantic City. Carey is wearing the tiniest of tiny pink-and-silver sequin dresses. It's 2am and she's drinking a glass of wine. She has just finished a concert and says she is "feeling depleted". She's actually exhausted, having spent an hour-and-a-half on stage belting out hit after hit. She has an astonishing voice that spans five octaves and sings with a huge passion and gutsy defiance. Off-stage, she seems smaller, defensive; vulnerable even. She picks at a plate of antipasto, but there was a time she forgot to eat; in fact, she stopped taking care of herself altogether and ended up in a heap on her mother's kitchen floor.
This is the first time she has spoken about her breakdown. She'd been working herself hard after signing with Virgin where record bosses demanded their $160 million of flesh. Her affair with Latin American singer Luis Miguel was ending. She felt unloved, lonely and lost. Indeed, just before being admitted to hospital she left a poignant message on her website: "What I'd like is just a little break, or at least one night of sleep without someone popping up about a video or something."
She says now, "You think this is a long day. I'd be on a day like this and then I'd be on the phone until five or six in the morning, and I'd be so wired from working I wouldn't be able to sleep. Then, I'd have to get up and do a photo-shoot at 8am.
I did that consistently for two months and I broke down physically. It's been written that Luis broke my heart and caused the breakdown. It's just not the truth. He did not break my heart. I wish I could say that was the reason it happened. I broke my own heart by treating myself less than humanely and working myself into the ground.
"The day it happened they were trying to get me to do a video. I couldn't because I hadn't slept in five days and looked horrible. I tried to explain but nobody was listening. I got in my car and started driving. I was going anywhere I could to get away from my management, the label, from people who wouldn't stop pushing me. I decided to go to my mother's house to rest and relax, but it didn't happen. I hadn't been eating and my blood-sugar level was low. I got there and passed out on the kitchen floor.
"My mother dialled the emergency services. She didn't understand that you don't do that with a famous person because it creates a scandal. I was in hospital for about a week-and-a half. I only saw my mother and my brother. I didn't want to see people because I wasn't looking my best. It wasn't a matter of me losing my mind. Anybody would have cracked under that pressure. The pain we go through, I think it happens for a reason. I don't want to sound cliched, but I'm going to have to. I believe that whatever doesn't break you makes you stronger."
Carey was 18 when she was introduced to Tommy Mottola, the president of CBS Records (later Sony) at a party. Working as a waitress and session singer, she'd gone with a friend who thrust Carey's demo tape at Mottola. He took the tape and left, played it in his limousine and was so stunned he went straight back to the party, but Carey had gone. Within three days he'd tracked her down and signed her to an eight-album deal. Carey, a virgin, became his lover too.
In 1993, having left his wife and children, Mottola married her and the couple moved into a mansion in New York. Mottola was powerful, possessive, controlling, and that home soon became a prison of sorts to Carey. He dictated the clothes she wore, her hairstyle, where she went and with whom. She was even escorted to the loo. Indeed, although her first album sold more than five million copies and included four No. 1 singles, Carey says she did not begin to guess at the fame she'd achieved until a year or so later when somebody stopped to ask for her autograph - she wasn't usually allowed out.
"I don't think I'll ever truly feel as if I've made it," she says. "People who experience fame from an early age tend to feel it in a different way to me. When I first became famous, I didn't feel that I was because I was sheltered in that relationship with someone much older and very controlling. I didn't go to clubs and have people acting towards me the way they do when they know you're famous. Someone asked me for my autograph when I was 20. It was a feeling of validation. In the beginning, Tommy was a sort of father figure who represented stability to me. But he became too overwhelming, too overbearing, too stifling. It was enough to kill anybody's spirit.
"For a long while I was trapped. I was with his record company. My manager and my lawyer were his best friends. I was a kid. They were powerful men. I didn't have a father who was managing me. I didn't have a mother who was taking care of me.
I was a teenager alone in New York and scraping a living together when we met. I did think I was in love for a while. We were together so long before we got married. I thought if we did he would lighten up on me and wouldn't be so controlling."
She says Mottola was her first lover and she had only had two others since they split. "I didn't want a baby at 15. I don't have casual sex and I've never had a one-night stand. It's to do with self-respect. I never want people to say, 'Oh, I had her for one night. Ha ha.' I've only had a few relationships because I have to be with the right person. I've seen a number of people in the past week and I ask, 'Can I ever see myself being with this person for a long time?' If the answer is no - if I'm not feeling head over heels, yippee - why bother? I don't want to get into something and feel rejected. I don't want to feel I gave myself to someone in every way and then found myself all alone."
Carey's marriage ended in 1998. It was a particularly difficult separation. "Tommy would say the most abusive, inappropriate, terrible things. It became very ugly. If I hadn't left I don't think I'd have survived. It was a choice of staying and completely losing myself or leaving. I was at the brink." A confidentiality agreement prevents Carey talking about exactly what brought matters to a head, but she does say, "There was an event that happened in front of too many people that was really humiliating.
It fired me up enough to say, 'I can't do this any more'. I went to stay with a friend and didn't go back to the house. That in itself was a huge thing. Somehow I got the courage. If you put an animal against a wall long enough, they're going to cower and die or they're going to break out. I broke out."
Carey was 18 when she met Mottola and 26 when they split. The fallout inevitably affected her relationship with Sony.
Eventually she left, possibly with the help of rival Jennifer Lopez. A snippet of music licensed to Carey appeared on a Lopez album released by Sony. The two have reportedly been at loggerheads since. "Weird stuff went on with a song. That's what started the whole thing," says Carey, "I wish Jennifer all the best. It's not worth my time to waste energy on her. I wish I could have stayed with Sony, but it was too incestuous."
It was also vicious. There were stories made up claiming Carey was promiscuous; that she was difficult, demanding, losing it.
She signed with Virgin four months before her breakdown. It was a snap decision and one she regrets. "I went with the wrong company and I have to take the blame. It was driven by money because I've always been afraid the rug could be pulled out from under me. I never felt like a person with money because of how I grew up. It was the wrong move. They'd never had an artiste like me - a singing diva."
Carey was admitted to hospital suffering an emotional and physical breakdown four weeks after finding herself stuck on a punishing promotional treadmill to publicise her album Glitter and the film of the same name, in which she starred. The album was released on September 11, 2001. The timing was appalling and the album sold two million, hardly a flop, but not in her usual league. Her relationship with Virgin soured. "I was not fired. I was not let go," she says. "It was a mutual agreement. They wanted to start changing things within my contract. They thought, 'Maybe she's lost it. Maybe she's not going to be able to make records any more. Let's change the deal'. I wasn't going for it."
Indeed, since hitting rock bottom two years ago, Carey has demonstrated a steely determination to get back on top. She has been driven, she says, since she was a baby. In her first year of school, a friend told her, "When you sing it's as if there's music behind you." She stored up these precious words of praise and remains visibly touched when complimented about her voice.
She lost herself in music last year when her father died from cancer. She says, "We'd just started to build a close relationship when he found out he was ill. He was an aeronautical engineer and didn't understand my wish to be a star. I was always trying to prove myself to him. I didn't need to do that, but I didn't find out until the end of his life.
"In the end he couldn't really speak. I found out from his friends that he used to tell them how proud of me he was. My father only had a couple of CDs. When he was dying I found out one of them was mine. I didn't think he'd heard any of my songs. It was an amazing discovery. He saved everything I'd ever given him, right down to cards I'd made him when I was three. One of the last things he said to me was that he was proud of me."
Carey is finally beginning to feel comfortable in her skin. "People can be lonely in the middle of a crowd and sometimes I am guilty of that. When everybody's pawing you and saying come and meet this person, come and meet that person. You feel it isn't about the real you and that can be very lonely. People have their own agendas. Some people want to be close to you and lie and say they've slept with you and you think they were a good friend. Others want to be around you to be a financial drain.
"There was a lot of weird stuff going on between labels. I was just one young woman going up against corporations and then having people saying, 'Forget her. She's not the person she was'. I'm not. I've been through the wringer, but I'm now at a place of strength and power. I'd prayed for so much and it got bigger than me. I had to get back to being the person I used to be.
Now I'm finally back in touch with that little girl who was able to pray and hope."
Source: Sunday Herald Sun (All rights reserved) (Melbourne) - December 14, 2003 - Sunday magazine; Pg. Z04
Thanks to sophiamb200 at FOMM.
Heroes comment: One of the best articles I've ever read, one of the best journalists and probably one of the most moving articles.  Thank you Rebecca.
Posted on December the 16th.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak is in this chart since 9 weeks .  Good job guys, thanks for Mariah .  Let's keep our votes and keep Mariah in this chart.  Let's make history!  So that, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will become the song which was the longer in a request chart without receiving airplay.  Ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and all the people you know to request Bringin' On The Heartbreak in this chart.  We want to keep Bringin' On The Heartbreak in this Top 50 chart the longest possible.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak in the Belgian charts:
Belgian chart on December the 14th.
Prima Donna
Mariah Carey - Bringin' On The Heartbreak - 35 (28) (week 9)
Don't forget to keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
Posted on December the 16th.
"What Would U Do" European promo
Thanks to the fans who already e-mailed me club and radio addresses, we still need club and radio addresses for France and Germany, so I can send the promo cds and vinyls to these countries too.
Posted on December the 16th.
Treasury of Christmas: Evergreen
Track Listings
1.The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)-C. Dion
2. O Holy Night - Mariah Carey
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Kenny Loggins
4. Silver Bells - Martina McBride
5. I'll Be Home For Christmas - Vince Gill
6. Do You Hear What I Hear? - Destiny's Child feat. Kelly Rowland
7. Joy to the World - Michael Bolton
8. O Come All Ye Faithful - Luther Vandross
9. Baby It's Cold Outside - Vanessa Williams with Bobby Caldwell
10. White Christmas - Donna Summer
11. Sleigh Ride - Neil Diamond
12. Silent Night - Gloria Estefan
13. I Wonder As I Wander - Linda Ronstadt
14. Jingle Bells - Willie Nelson
15. Three Ships - Cyndi Lauper
16. Last Christmas - Wham!
17. What Child Is This - John Denver
18. Away in the Manger - Mannheim Steamroller
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 16th.
Evergreen: The Time-Life Treasury Of Christmas
Evergreen: The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas - Time-Life Music 
"Evergreen" features such big-name balladeers as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross and Vanessa Williams, along with Vince Gill, Neil Diamond and John Denver, but it's uneven. 
The best: Destiny's Child, with Kelly Rowland's lead vocals, on "Do You Hear What I Hear." 
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 16th.
Tupperware and Mariah Carey
We are in the grip of a nationwide container mania. We have Tupperware and Rubbermaid. There's Hold Everything and a chain called The Container Store. Soon the earth will need a special caddy to organize its container franchises. 
This is creating conflict in our home. We don't need conflict in our home, as we've got nowhere to put it. My husband, Ed, is one of those people made nervous by the thought of throwing things away. 
My stepdaughter recently informed us that Mariah Carey's closet is as big as our house. "So our house is the size of a closet?" I said, sounding hurt. 
"No." She gave me the implied duh. "I mean it's the size of Mariah Carey's closet." The conversation went on in this vein for a while. 
I told Ed I expected to get up in the morning and find Mariah Carey wandering forlornly through the dining room in her underwear. He raised a brow. "Wake me, will you?" 
Source: Reader's Digest (All rights reserved) (extract) - MariahDaily.
Posted on December the 16th.
Vote hot, hot, hot for Mariah!!!
Click here.
Thanks to roi17 at FOMM for the link.
Posted on December the 15th.
More pictures of the Portland concert on the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Portland, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Source for the picture: MariahDaily.
Posted on December the 15th.
Op kun je stemmen voor een top 44 van kerstliedjes, Mariah staat ook in de lijst met AIWFCIY, je moet een top 4 doorgeven, samen met je gegevens.
Source: Elise by e-mail.
Posted on December the 15th.
As a Christmas Present Aladerri will be making one lucky fan's day on December 20th, where this fan will get the opportunity to see Mariah perform live in concert at Aladdin Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. If you're interested, all you have to do to win is email him at  and submit your message for Las Vegas Fan Book, with the subject line "My message for Mariah & free ticket" if you already have, you can re-send it with that subject line.
When submitting your e-mail, be sure to include your full name, age, mailing address, and home phone number. Please note that you must live in the Las Vegas area or be able to provide your own travel to and from the venue, as hotel accommodations and airfare are not part of this contest. Backstage passes are also not part of this contest. Entries are due in by Wednesday, December 17, 2003 at 9:00pm Central Time. The winner will be randomly selected to receive a free single ticket (Section 103, Row F, Seat 1) Wednesday night and will be announced shortly after.
Good luck Guys! Aladerri
Source: Aladerri by e-mail.
Posted on December the 15th.
Very important
If you live in Belgium, France, Germany or the UK, you can help .  As I promote the latest single from Damizza Presents: Shade Sheist, Nate Dogg and Mariah Carey "What Would U Do", in these countries (at first) by sending promos to the radios in goal to get this single airplayed, you can help by giving me the name, e-mail and eventually address of radio stations in your respective countries which play this kind of music.  Thanks .  This is kinda urgent, as I will receive all the promo singles soon and I want to be ready to send them to the appropriate radios in the countries mentioned above.  Also, it would be great if you could give names, e-mails and eventually addresses of clubs and/or DJs in the countries mentioned above, so I can send them vinyls, thanks .
Fans from other European countries, I will maybe need your help in the near future, as I will maybe extend my promotion to other European countries.
Many thanks in advance .
Posted on December the 14th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - San Jose, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on December the 14th.
The sounds of the season are also affecting Hot Digital Tracks, as the contemporary classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey jumps 21-9 with 2,500 paid downloads.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on December the 14th.
Due to very strict copyrights rules from, I didn't posted this article, but you need to read it.
J-Lo, Ex-Manager Back Together Again?
By Roger Friedman
Click here.
Posted on December the 13th.
I'm in a good mood today, so I'm gonna sing all day long , do you want to sing with me?  C'mon guys, I want to hear this song right now, everywhere, worldwide :
I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I nee-eed (and IIIIIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIIIIIIII) don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree-ee, I don't need to hang my stocking there upon the fire pla-aace, Santa Claus won't make me happy with a toy on Christmas day-ay, I just want you for my own-nnn, more than you could ever kno-owww, make my wish come tru-uuu-uuueeeeee, all I want for Christmas is youuuuu-ouuuuuuuuu-ouuuu-ouuuuu-ouuuuu, youuu-ouuuuu-ouuu, baby 
Posted on December the 13th.
Mariah invites Becca Solodon, l6, recent amputee, to open Santa Barbara Show
Music Biz Pals Rally to make cancer victim’s dreams come true
Los Angeles, CA -  Becca Solodon, l6, who just 2 weeks ago had her leg amputated due to the progression of her
cancer, will be the “opening act” for Mariah Carey on Monday, December l5, at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara.  Carey personally extended the invitation to Becca, after hearing about her condition from producer Damian Young, who has produced Carey and is part of a group of recording industry professionals spearheaded by Sam Frankel and Jerry Heller of HQZ Management which organized support of Becca’s dream of becoming a recording artist.
A student of Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, Becca plays guitar and piano and has been singing for as long as she can remember.  She suffers from soft tissue sarconia, a progressive cancer the victims of which are generally teenagers.  Last month, Becca’s condition came to the attention of Frankel and the legendary Jerry Heller.  Frankel put together a recording session, with Damian at the production  helm, Ronnie King (producer and keyboard player of Offspring), and a slew of studio musicians who donated  their time so that the high school student could record a song before she underwent  surgery for the amputation of her leg. 
“I was so inspired by Becca’s determination in the face of her illness, we marshaled the forces to get her into the studio before listening to her voice,” says Frankel.  “We had a great day.  And low and behold, when Becca started to sing, she blew us away.  She’s was great!”  Becca says, “It’s amazing unbelievable that I was able to record.  I’m a member of my school’s jazz choir and have performed live, but I didn’t realize how much work that went into the recording process and how much fun it was going to be.”
Becca recorded “Simon”, hit track by platinum recording group Lifehouse, and she will perform it on Monday when she open for Carey.   “I was stunned when she asked me.  I was just blown away…..I think I’m just gong to stand because I can’t move a lot,”Becca explained.  I am very excited.  I have butterflies – but since it’s Mariah, that’s appropriate.”
Becca performs with Mariah on Monday, December l5, at The Arlington Theatre, 1317 State Street,  Santa Barbara, CA 805963 4408
Source: Gawker (All rights reserved) - Thanks to MusicIsMyDrug21 at FOMM.
Posted on December the 13th.
Nice Christmas design at MariahsWeb, take a look, also there are three surprises .
Posted on December the 13th.
Mariah Carey hits right note belting out holiday favorites
By Patrick MacDonald
Fortunately, it was a Christmas-themed concert, so Mariah Carey actually had some good songs to sing in her busy, glitzy, slightly daffy show Wednesday night at McCaw Hall. 
Among the disposable, forgettable hip-hop and disco numbers were such welcome carols as "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" and "Joy to the World." The big closer had Carey, in the briefest of Santa suits, being carried on the shoulders of two of her dancers while belting "All I Want for Christmas Is You." 
As expected, the evening was as much a fashion show as it was a concert. There were at least 10 costume changes, ranging from a glittery pink and silver leotard to a gold lamé gown; cut-off-to-almost-nothing jeans and T-shirt; a shimmering black evening gown; a low-cut, sexy red dress; and pink short-shorts with tiny top. 
She could afford to show lots of skin. She looked in great shape, as she entered the hall by gliding down Aisle E, surrounded by bodyguards. Her thousand-watt smile was radiant, and so was her long, copious blond hair. 
It was the first diva extravaganza in beautiful, classy McCaw Hall. The glittery production, with its big multilevel stage, could hardly fit. Although the hall is relatively small — with a seating capacity of about 2,900 (it was close to sold out) — and sightlines are good from every level, there was a huge video screen showing the stage action and other visuals (mostly Carey music videos). An annoying camera on a big crane often blocked a view of Carey — but she looked great on the big screen. 
With so many costume changes, a good part of the show was turned over to the dancers, singers and band, while Carey retreated backstage. Those numbers were OK. But nobody paid big bucks to see them. 
The carols weren't the only decent songs. In one of the quietier moments, she sat in a big, overstuffed red chair and sang "Through the Rain" quite nicely, with few vocal affectations. "Hero," one of her many songs with an uplifting, you-can-make-it theme, was also well sung. The best song was a cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," a duet with backup singer Trey.
Again, it was a slow number, in which Carey's remarkable voice could shine. 
Too much of the time she wailed through tacky disco songs, the worst of which featured no-talent rappers like Busta Rhymes and O.D.B. on film. Why she attaches herself to such losers is a mystery. She has the talent to sustain a career like that of Tina Turner or even Barbra Streisand. But she keeps making bad song choices, which is why her career has stalled. Unfortunately, there were too many of them in the show.
Source: The Seattle Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 12th.
Billboard chart update
Chart: Top Electronic Albums
Title: The Remixes
This week: #1
Last week: #1
Weeks on chart: 8
Thanks to MariahsRod at FOMM.
Posted on December the 12th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Seattle, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page updated with the Setlist, click here.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Portland, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on December the 12th.
Great letter published on
Dear Africana Editor, 
After recently reading the letter received from Tiara Dungy I feel sick, disgusted and personally insulted by her attitude towards celebrities and their ethnicity. 
To comment on Michael Jackson is one thing, the man obviously has mental issues of some sort regarding his upbringing, gender, and race, whatever...but to comment on Mariah Carey and her race is another matter. 
I'm not particularly a Mariah fan but one thing I will say is that as a mixed raced person myself Mariah has stood as a positive role model. To say that the highest selling female artist of all time, only outsold by Elvis Presley, is of mixed heritage is something that I am amazingly proud of. Who, 50 years ago, would have ever thought something like this was possible, especially seeing as all her close rivals are white women? 
Mariah Carey, contrary to popular belief, has never denied her mixed heritage. She has always, from when her career started, spoken openly and honestly about it. You only need to see her numerous TV appearances over the years to see that. Thousands, if not millions, of people see Mariah as a role model for people of mixed heritage, which is something dear to Mariah's heart, and something she is amazingly proud of. 
I've been fortunate to come into contact with Ms. Carey on numerous occasions. Her closest friends are black.
She uses the name Carey in her private life (not that that was her black father's name anyway — I suggest Tiara refer to her sources again). 
Her music has always incorporated Hip Hop and R & B and I defy anyone who claims that she hasn't been a major presence in that world...she's statistically the biggest cross over artist off all time. Her first single, "Vision of Love," entered the R & B charts long before it entered the Hot 100 in 1990, and her most recent hit with Busta Rhymes in 2003, "I Know What You Want," debuted at #1 in the Rap/R & B charts and #3 on the Hot 100 as well as going to #1 position in numerous countries around the world 
Mariah doesn't ever say she is black. She's mixed. She's always maintained this and is immensely proud of the fact. She appreciates her black side as much as her white. As a mixed raced person I, among many others, view her as a positive role model for a collective of people that are often overlooked and labeled by society. 
As a mixed Jamaican/English male I respect both of my cultures equally. As much as English traditions are immensely important to me, my black heritage is just as important. I continue to learn my blood history, my respective countries history — not just Jamaica's but black history as a whole — and enjoy and absorb this information so that one day I will be able to teach my children the pride I feel in having black as well as white blood. I will be able to teach them my pride in black history, how black people, although they still suffer and face a lot of injustice — something that I myself face — have come a long way from as little as ten years ago. 
Anyone who doesn't wish to acknowledge the fact of mixed heritage needs to wake up. Mariah Carey is one of the few people who have acknowledged this and campaigned for recognition and for that alone she will continue to have my utmost respect. 
Paul-Joseph Winter
Source: (All rights reserved)
Thanks to bOYinEEDmC at FOMM for the link.
Posted on December the 12th.
More pictures of the Seattle concert on the Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Seattle, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Source for the picture: Grant M. Haller/Seattle Post-Intelligencer (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 11th.
Carey fills first Seattle performance with color, emotion
By Gene Stout
Mariah Carey made her Seattle debut with a colorful, choreographed, Christmas-themed musical extravanganza Wednesday night at McCaw Hall.
The Grammy-winning pop singer went through more than a half dozen costume changes, closing her show in a skimpy, two-piece, red-and-white Santa outfit, featured in a sultry rendition of "All I Want for Christmas Is You."
Some of her songs were bland and forgettable, but Carey exuded a sensuous, good-natured charm throughout the 100-minute show, mixing the right amounts of sweetness and sass. Her famous five-octave voice soared to the rafters, thrilling an audience that spanned several generations. But the sound was somewhat cluttered, occasionally burying her beautiful voice under an avalanche of keyboards.
Carey started her show nearly an hour late, offering concertgoers little more than a brief warmup set by three unidentified girl rappers. But when the pop diva strolled down the center aisle in a bejeweled pink costume, fans leaped out of their seats to cheer her grand entrance. It was a moment for which local fans had waited more than a decade.
Carey's show featured a five-piece band, a bevy of costumed dancers and four background singers led by Trey Lorenz, who joined her in a duet of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" late in the show. The multi-level stage, which included a wide staircase and a large video screen, was decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths, old-fashioned street lamps and potted poinsettias.
The video screen showed dramatic closeups of the singer, as well as video and film clips and French poster art from the early 20th century. Carey showed her vulnerable side during the inspirational, autobiographical "My Saving Grace" while childhood and young adult photos, magazine headlines about her nervous breakdown and other career images played on the video screen.
The singer settled into an oversized blue chair for a rendition of the wistful "Through the Rain," the lead song from her current album, "Charmbracelet." She followed it with the aching ballad "My All," from her "Butterfly" album.
"Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," Carey's first Christmas song of the evening, featured the singer in a gold, floor-length gown. A red gown slit to the upper thigh was the costume for a soaring, gospel-style "Joy to the World."
Personal empowerment was a common theme in the show. "Is everybody out there reaching for a dream?" Carey asked before launching into the inspirational "Make It Happen." The crowd jumped to its feet, singing along while the singer strutted around the stage in pink satin shorts and a turquoise top emblazoned with the phrase "Automatic Princess."
During the final song of her main set, Carey strolled into the crowd, shaking hands with fans, posing for a couple of snapshots and collecting a bouquet of flowers before returning to the stage and descending a staircase at the rear.
The encore was among the most colorful moments of the show. While fake snow fell from the rafters, Carey sashayed down the staircase in her two-piece Santa outfit, flanked by two dancers holding white teddy bears. She teased the audience with her slinky moves and infectious grin.
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 11th.

Source: eBay (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 11th.

Pop stars help soothe Goh's path to a gold
By Marc Lim

They may not know it but Mariah Carey, David Tao and Leon Lai played a big part in helping Singapore to their first wushu gold at the Trinh Hoai Duc Sports Centre yesterday.
Not that the pop stars have turned wushu exponents. Rather, they helped a tense Goh Qiu Bin stay relaxed when the noise from a 5,000-strong crowd threatened to disrupt his concentration. 
'They were so loud and cheering wildly for the local boy that I could not stay focused,' said Goh, who took the gold in taijiquan.
His score of 9.33 was just ahead of team-mate Yang Yong Kai's 9.28 and Malaysia's Chin Foh Nan on 9.21.
'So I just put on my ear phones and tried to stay relaxed.'
The songs not only helped him relax but also helped him perform an almost flawless routine.
He said: 'I blocked out the noise during my routine and found myself following the rhythm of the songs I was listening to. My movements became smoother and I executed all the difficult moves with relative ease.'
The 21-year-old, who won the taijijian title at the Kuala Lumpur Games two years ago, said he had expected to win because of good preparation during the build-up to the Games.
'During the last Games, I still had school to worry about,' said the national serviceman.
'This time, I was fortunate to be able to train full-time after my Basic Military Training and from today's results, it has paid off.'
He will again rely on the pop stars today as he aims to win another gold in the taijijian event.
Jennee Sae Tang and Leo Rui Yan have also been tipped to do well in the women's taijijian and changquan respectively. 
Said team manager Koh Kim Kok: 'We are looking good and are expecting a few more golds to improve on the solitary gold we won at the last Games.'
Source: TheStraitTimes (All rights reserved)
Source for Goh Qiu Bin's picture: (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 11th.
Mission for Belgian fans, don't give up
Bringin' On The Heartbreak is in the Prima Donna chart since 8 weeks .  Good job guys, thanks for Mariah .  Let's keep our votes and keep Mariah in this chart.  Let's make history!  So that, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will become the song which was the longer in a request chart without receiving airplay.
Posted on December the 10th.
It was already Christmas in Portland!!!
Yesterday in Portland, Mariah gave the first concert of the additional US dates.  It was already Christmas in Portland when she sang 4 Christmas songs.  Thanks to BananaCakeCrybaby at FOMM, we have this setlist:
Through The Rain
My All
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Gloria (In Excelsis Deo)
I Know What You Want
My Saving Grace
I'll Be There
Friend Of Mine
Silent Night<<<freaking awesome
Joy To The World<<sounded just like the album, AMAZING!
Make It Happen
Butterfly (Outro)
All I Want For Christmas Is You

In his excitment, he forgot to mention the Band Intro, also Belle and Naenae were the opening act.
Posted on December the 10th.

J.Lo, Medina make up
Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson
All is forgiven between Jennifer Lopez and ex-manager Benny Medina. Last week, Lopez dropped her suit against Medina - which charged him for improperly acting as an agent - and Medina dropped his countersuit. "They are and always have been best friends," said our spy. Lopez may also want to go back to doing business with Medina, who flourished after she left. Not only did he sign Mariah Carey, Mya, Brandy and Ricky Martin, he also brought Cellboost (available in Staples) to the United States and started Kicks Café chain of coffee stores in Wal-Mart. No word on what this means for Lopez and Ben Affleck, who notoriously hated Medina.
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 9th.
Cool ideas for Christmas gifts
On this link you will find auctions for cool Mariah Signed Memorabilia.  Among these, you can bid for the white dress Mariah wore during the Charmbracelet Tour .
To see all these cool Mariah Signed Memorabilia, click here.
Posted on December the 9th.
Top 2003
Al een Top-5 voor onze TOP 2003 doorgestuurd?  Ook jij kan met je vijf favorieten aller tijden het verschil maken.  Stuur ze door naar!
Source: Björn by e-mail.
Posted on December the 9th.
Mission for Belgian fans, don't give up
Bringin' On The Heartbreak is in the Prima Donna chart since 8 weeks .  Good job guys, thanks for Mariah .  Let's keep our votes and keep Mariah in this chart.  Let's make history!  So that, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will become the song which was the longer in a request chart without receiving airplay.
Posted on December the 9th.
Mariah has been nominated on the Top 10 @
All you have to do is follow this link:
And press as many times as you wish to vote where it says "All I want for Christmas is you" 
Whoever get's the most hits will be the winner! and I hope with your help this will be Mariah! Thank you! Aladerri
Source: Aladerri by e-mail.
Heroes note: Everytime you listen to the little sound clip, you vote.  What's strange is that the sound clip is from All I Want For Christmas Is You (So So Def Remix feat. Jermaine Dupri & Lil' Bow Wow).
Posted on December the 9th.
Charmbracelet, the story of the season
Suzy Menkes
If you are giving a jewel as a holiday gift, make sure it is filled with charm. Make that charms. For the bracelet with dangling miniature sculptures is the story of the season.
Whether it is a thick chunky chain with a cluster of charms or just one elegant heart as if on a fine gold thread, an idea for adornment that had been seen mainly as a children's play thing is suddenly the essence of cool.
Once Mariah Carey named her album "Charmbracelet," Jennifer Lopez was pictured holding up a Louis Vuitton chain and all Hollywood was mad for the look, it was only a matter of time before the big jewelers produced their version of a style that had been out of fashion for half a century.
Two things seem to have come together: the fun of "bling-bling" - named for the onomatopoeic chink of heavy (gold) metal as worn by flamboyant rappers - and the desire to personalize objects in a homogenous fashion world.
The charm of a charm is that it is a souvenir, a private secret and above all something that you assemble for yourself on its chain.
Traditionally it was filled with tokens of love between sweethearts or reflected family mementos.
Hence the predominance of hearts, from Tiffany's diamond-encrusted high jewelry to the tiny tinkling hearts you might find on the Internet. Click on the site of C.H.A.R.M (for Charms Have a Real Meaning) at charmco. com or visit and a wealth of images and letters allows you to spell out - figuratively or literally - a message.
The charm crosses boundaries. You can find classy versions in 18-karat gold from Dior or inexpensive gold- or silver-plated versions on main street. There are pieces that are small and cute - even kitsch if you include the tourists' dangling Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or London bus. There are also pieces so refined and elegant that they are strung with precious stones.
In contrast to feminine, girly looks, there are thick chains with chunky charms, perhaps in the gothic style of the Los Angeles-based Chrome Hearts - a favorite of Karl Lagerfeld. Heavy-metal accessories come too from Hedi Slimane at Dior, who has been responsible for re-launching male jewelry.
Charm bracelets were last in fashion in the postwar 1950's, when women retreated to hearth and home. Then subjects were sweet and wistful, including messages from loved ones and such whimsical images as ballerinas.
The idea of the charm as something to ward off the evil eye had a more somber history in the memento mori images of skulls and bones in Catholic countries. Another historical influence was the language of gemstones, when names or love messages were spelled out: as in "Adore," from amethyst, diamond, onyx, ruby and emerald, and "Teresa," from topaz, emerald, rhinestone, emerald, sapphire, aquamarine. To that was added the complex - and now mostly forgotten - "language" of stones, when gems are associated, like flowers, with particular characteristics: pearls for tears or jet for mourning.
The Victorians fueled the vogue for sentimental pieces - not least Queen Victoria herself, who until her death wore a bracelet with the picture of her dead husband, Prince Albert.
The young queen had a taste for souvenirs, wearing bracelets set with her children's portraits and strands of their hair in lockets. She asked Garrard, the crown jeweler, to make a gold miniature bracelet with "Louise," her daughter's name, spelled out in gems. Albert's death in 1861, when Victoria was only 42, set off a spasm of mawkish commemoration: She gave their daughter Beatrice a model of her dead father's eye for her sixth birthday.
Sentimental pieces run through British royalty, from the charms engraved with love messages given to Wallis Simpson by the future Duke of Windsor to the "D" for Diana that the future Princess of Wales was given by her family on her 16th birthday.
The Windsors' souvenirs - a Cartier diamond slipper charm commemorating the death of their Irish terrier, Slipper; bracelets filled with ruby and emerald crosses, and the intertwined W and E initials for Wallis and Edward - underline the personal secrets that can be hidden in a wristful of charms.
Source: International Herald Tribune (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 9th.
Company started with chandelier, is now a powerhouse
Patricia Dane Rogers
One day about 25 years ago, Joe Niermann came across a slightly-the- worse-for-wear 19th century iron chandelier with crystal swags, reportedly found in a New Orleans convent. 
Niermann, who had opened a business restoring antiques in Memphis, did what he could to fix the piece, but turned to another pro, metal smith Mike Reid Weeks, for help with the ironwork. The two repaired the battered beauty, decided to produce a copy of the design and promptly sold nearly 30 of their versions to local designers for $1,500 each. 
Demand for antiques, clearly, was greater than the supply, so the two added a few neoclassical-style metal tables to the line, piled their wares in a truck and talked their way into the Atlanta and Dallas design centers.
Thus was the beginning of Niermann Weeks, a home furnishings company near Annapolis, Md., that's become a major source for distinctive high-end adaptations of 18th and 19th century painted consoles and steel beds, crusty garden urns, distressed mirrors, decorative accessories, lighting, wallpaper and textiles. 
In all the best houses. 
Today, draperies made of Niermann Weeks fabric hang in the Clintons' house in Chappaqua, N.Y., and in the vice president's recently redecorated residence in Washington. A-list New York designer Mario Buatta has chosen Niermann Weeks pieces for homes of clients Barbara Walters and Mariah Carey.
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on December the 7th.
Celebrity skin
By Audrey N. Carpio
Mariah Carey uses Laura Mercier Warm Ivory Foundation, Baby Lips Lip Colour and Coffee Ground Eye Colour.
Source: (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on December the 7th.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak is in this chart since 8 weeks .  Good job guys, thanks for Mariah .  Let's keep our votes and keep Mariah in this chart.  Let's make history!  So that, Bringin' On The Heartbreak will become the song which was the longer in a request chart without receiving airplay.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak in the Belgian charts:
Belgian chart for December the 7th.
Prima Donna
Mariah Carey - Bringin' On The Heartbreak - 28 (20) (week 8)
Don't forget to keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
Posted on December the 6th.
Who's really on fire
Marty Hughley
Shania and Mariah: just how hot are they? Read on as we take their respective diva temperature readings. 
Sales: Twain's 19-million-selling "Come on Over" holds the record for the top album in the United States by a female artist. But Carey's total worldwide album sales are a whopping 150 million, to about 50 million for Twain. The newest material by either has sold comparatively poorly, but Twain's "Up!" followed an unprecedented hit, and Carey's "Charmbracelet" counts as a rebound from the 2001 dud "Glitter." 
Shania -- four flames (career), three flames (current) 
Mariah -- five flames (career), two flames (current) 
Awards: Let's stick to the big ones in which they've both been nominated. Carey has two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards; Twain has five Grammys and six AMA trophies. Grammys trump. 
Shania -- four flames 
Mariah -- two flames 
Voice: Twain's singing is an effective part of her overall package as an entertainer and she sounds more at ease than ever vocally on "Up!" But Carey is a natural wonder who has imprinted her style on a generation of pop and R&B followers. Her main weakness is that with a voice of such extravagant capability, she too seldom knows when to leave well enough alone. 
Shania -- two flames
Mariah -- four flames 
Critical reputation: Frankly, the media isn't an especially hot spot for either. But Twain's detractors tend to view her as a charming, if calculating, trifle. Despite (and sometimes because of) her big voice, Carey tends to raise hackles, and then out come the rhetorical knives. 
Shania -- two flames 
Mariah -- one flame 
Performance: Well, do you like drama or are you just out for a good time? Do you want singers to pour out their souls onstage for you or should they be too busy getting you up and into it? Carey and her music aren't strangers to fun, but she's selling emotion. Twain's relentlessly upbeat stage manner is a high-efficiency way to send the customer home happy. 
Shania -- three flames 
Mariah -- two flames 
Stage productions: Twain downplays the whiz-bang technical aspects of her concerts, but her frame of reference must be Siegfried & Roy. Sure, she doesn't go for the huge, goofy moving sets as some arena acts do, but there'll be fireworks, flashpots, confetti cannons, big-screen video and as much sonic augmentation as the speakers will hold. Carey is playing smaller halls on this tour but reportedly is laying on the full-size glitz, with 11 dancers, vibrant sets, lots of costume changes, puppetry -- even onstage portraiture (by a clown, no less). 
Shania -- four flames 
Mariah -- four flames 
Babeosity: It's a slugfest of bare midriffs, low-cut tops and come-hither poses! Uh, oh -- and girl-next-door perkiness! It's hard to deny (though Twain tries) that fabulous looks played a big part in establishing the immense popularity of these stars. And while both seem to enjoy playing dress-up and using what they've got, neither one goes all Kylie Minogue with it. In fact, we'll give the edge to Twain mostly because she has the confidence not to work the babe angle as hard as Carey does. 
Shania -- five flames 
Mariah -- four flames
Source: The Oregonian (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 6th.
Dueling divas
Dreamgirls Mariah and Shania are on fire!
Marty Hughley
It's a pop fan's dream week, a double-diva delight for mainstream ears. During a period of just three days, Portland will host concerts by two of the most popular female singers ever: Mariah Carey on Tuesday night at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Shania Twain on Thursday in the Rose Garden. 
Both shows likely will offer all the essentials of big-time musical entertainment. There'll be spiffy sets and lighting, costume changes by the stars, thoroughly planned and choreographed performances and, of course, hit after hit after hit. 
But perhaps most of all, what Twain and Carey each delivers is a dream. Having cut their paths from humble beginnings -- Twain grew up poor in rural Ontario, raising her siblings after the death of both parents; Carey supported herself early on as, in her words, the "world's worst waitress" -- to fabulous fame and wealth, they embody the aspirations, or at least the fantasies, of countless mirror stars. Yet more importantly, they connect with their millions of fans by selling idealized images of love and life that speak to the desires of their listeners. 
Judge them however you like -- by No. 1 chart hits, sales figures, media presence, influence on other performers -- but there's no disputing that Twain and Carey have reached a rare level of success. 
True, both of them have had recent career downturns. Especially Carey, whose reputation and sales power still haven't fully rebounded from 2001's double debacle of her public meltdown and the resounding flop of the "Glitter" film and soundtrack. Twain's latest album, "Up!," is posting healthy sales figures in the millions, but so far it pales next to the runaway popularity of 1997's "Come on Over." Even so, you'd have to say their work lives have been charmed. 
When performers achieve the sort of colossal recognition that Twain and Carey have, a lot of factors are at work. 
Looks aren't everything 
For starters, there's talent; in Carey's case, a voice of uncommon range, power and control, in Twain's a Garth Brooks-like knack for the crowd-pleasing package of tune, attitude and upbeat presentation. And though Twain tries to discount the importance of looks ("There's a lot of beautiful singers who don't make it," she told Rolling Stone), surely she and Carey have been boosted by their beauty. They look like stars. 
And we might guess that looks and talent weren't hindrances to them in acquiring patronage. Or, should we say, establishing productive partnerships. In the mid-1990s, Carey was married to Tommy Mottola, at the time arguably the most powerful executive in the music business. Twain found a husband and creative partner in writer/producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who'd previously crafted megahits for acts ranging from Def Leppard to Billy Ocean. Twain and Carey might have broken through without such advantageous relationships, but they also could have wound up as beautiful singers who didn't make it. 
To their credit, Twain and Carey each brought a striking sound to their respective genres at just the right moment. Carey brought back a kind of soulful, powerhouse vocalizing that had ebbed from pop and R&B through the plasticized 1980s. Twain's unabashedly simple songs and brash, high-sheen pop-rock productions blew away the wheezing remnants of Nashville's early-1990s neotraditionalism. She got her foot in the country music door but quickly made herself at home throughout the popular music house.
And there's even more to it 
Yet even beyond talent, looks, connections, style and timing, their successes can be attributed to how well they sell a dream. 
It is not the same dream. 
The operative dream in Carey's work is about weathering emotional storms to find true love. Her songs are infused with soaring passions and often a sweet naivete, her elaborate melodic decorations meant to convey depth of feeling, whether that feeling is desire, vulnerability or self-righteousness. Album titles such as "Butterfly" and "Rainbow" offer girlish metaphors for transcendence, and the accompanying photos strive to balance an "ain't I hot" sexuality with an "ain't I sweet" air of innocence. 
The world of Shania Twain songs is one in which no obstacle is a match for the singer's pluck, perseverance and positive outlook. Romantic satisfaction, a lover's trust and devotion, independence, unlimited career choices, a big night on the town -- all are part of a woman's prerogative. Men are expected to behave. But in return, the lucky guy gets a tender-hearted woman who'll assure him he's "still the one." When she's not too busy being sassy and assertive and fun-loving, of course. 
Perhaps these images somehow are rooted in the biographies of the women who have created them. Carey's is the yearning and hopefulness of someone allowed to indulge her girlishness into her 30s. Twain's image is both more tenacious and more playful; hers is the determined optimism of someone forced to grow up too fast. 
But wherever they came from, the ideal of the grand romantic or of the quasi-feminist go-getter have proved at the very least to be powerful enough for Mariah Carey and Shania Twain to make their own dreams real. 
Source: The Oregonian (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 6th.
Mariah Carey's McCaw concert is her first in Seattle
Been there, done that.
That's not something Mariah Carey can say about Seattle. She's never performed here. That's despite a career that has produced 15 No. 1 singles and garnered two Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards. Carey also topped the national charts in each year of the 1990s, the only artist to do so.
But all of these achievements came with a price. In the summer of 2001, the pop/R&B singer suffered a headline-grabbing physical and emotional breakdown -- caused by extreme exhaustion -- throwing her future as a recording artist in doubt and landing her in the tabloids as another fallen idol. "No one was looking out for the human being inside the machine that pays everybody," she told Vibe magazine earlier this year.
Now Carey is back with "Charmbracelet," out on a new label, Monarc/Island Records. Her extraordinary voice gets a good workout on the songs "Through the Rain," "Yours" and "The One." Another album, the throbbing, dance-oriented "Mariah Carey: The Remixes," also came out this year. 
Wednesday's concert will give Seattle fans their first opportunity to hear the singer's extraordinary voice in action at a first-rate concert venue, McCaw Hall.
In January, Carey will begin rehearsals for the London stage adaptation of the comedy "The Sleeping Prince," which was the subject of the 1957 film "The Prince and the Showgirl," starring Lawrence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Carey also plans to star in the movie "Sweet Science." Both projects will allow the singer to redeem herself as an actress. Her 2001 movie, "Glitter," was a flop. 
Mariah Carey performs Wednesday night at 8 at McCaw Hall. Tickets are $49.5-$79.50 at Ticketmaster. A limited number of Golden Circle tickets are priced at $150. 
-- Gene Stout
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 6th.
She may have no taste, but there's no denying Mariah Carey has great talent
By Patrick MacDonald - Seattle Times music critic

Mariah Carey has one of the great voices in popular music. Her seven-octave range and dramatic vocal delivery make her performances, either live or on recordings, powerful and bracing. 
That incredible voice has allowed the R&B diva to sustain a career for more than a decade. But now she's in a slump. Her last two CDs, "Charmbracelet" and "The Remixes," were critical and commercial failures. Her semi-autobiographical movie debut, "Glitter," was a flop, as was the soundtrack. EMI paid her $28 million to get her off the label. And she suffered a nervous breakdown in 2001. 
The only bright spot in her recent career has been in the disco/dance charts, where she's had 13 No. 1 singles in a row. But the brain-numbing thump-thump-thump of disco is seldom heard outside the club culture. And a No. 1 in disco doesn't mean much in sales; the honor comes mostly from DJ spins. 
The knock on Carey has always been that she's all sheen and no substance. She can belt lyrics with amazing energy and unique vocal phrasing, but there's seldom any emotion behind it. She seems more interested in showing off her voice than making a song work, making it mean something. 
Carey has yet to find a song equal to her talent. She prefers vapid hip-hop and rap, such as the dreck on the two-disc"Remixes" album. That album alone shows that she has talent but no taste. None of the songs on it will have any shelf life. 
Her love of style over substance will probably be writ large at her show. You can bet there will be too many costume changes, too much stage business, and too many dance routines that will look like every other dance routine. Count on a slick session band and talented backup singers who will fill in her vocals while she does her dance moves. 
This will be Carey's first show in Seattle, so you can also be sure that those fans who have waited a decade to see her will go wild, no matter what she does. She'll arrive and leave to standing ovations; that's a given. But the talk afterward will likely be about her clothes and the opulent production, rather than the music. 
Concert preview 
Mariah Carey, 8 p.m. Wednesday, McCaw Hall, Seattle Center; $49.50-$150 (206-628-0888, or; information, 206-684-7200, 
Source: The Seattle Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 6th.
Ok guys, you know that I live in Belgium, right?  Well, here it's Saint Nicolas (Saint Nick) who brings toys and gifts to all the nice children in the night of December the 5th to December the 6th.  So, this night is THE night.
Sing with me: "I won't make a list and send it, to the North Pole for Saint Nick" (Mariah sing this in AIWFCIY)

Oh grand Saint Nicolas, patron des écoliers, apportez-moi des pommes dans mes petits souliers, je serai toujours sage comme un petit mouton, je dirai ma prière pour avoir des bonbons, venez, venez Saint Nicolas, venez, venez Saint Nicolas, venez, venez Saint Nicolas, tra la la.

Sinterklaas kapoentje, leg wat in mijn schoentje, leg wat in mijn laarsje, dank u Sinterklaasje.

Posted on December the 5th.

Mariah Carey, who sometimes splits Christmas and New Year's twixt hot weather and cold, will visit Santa in Aspen. Friends, family, skiing, rented house. Until then it's touring Vegas, Arizona, Portland, Seattle, Santa Fe and points West.
Cindy Adams
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Mariah little sweetheart, don't forget to wear a lil' scarf when you will go outside in the snow .
Posted on December the 5th.
All things music: USA TODAY's Elysa Gardner
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1 p.m. ET - Everybody's got something to say about the music industry. What's your view on the latest releases? The state of radio? Are you happy with current releases, or are your tastes more old school? USA TODAY music critic Elysa Gardner is here to elaborate on her picks and pans, and to hear what you've got to say on the subject of music.
Canton, MI: I'm a really big fan of Mariah Carey. She used to be so successful--she would sell millions of records and her songs peaked much higher on Billboard. Now, radio isn't even playing her, what is going on? Will she ever return somewhat to her status in the mid-90s? What do you think of her and her newer music compared to other female artists? 
Elysa Gardner: I've interviewed Mariah several times, and I think that what people don't get about her is that she's really an insecure and self-critical person -- or has seemed that way to me. She's less a diva than a perfectionist, I think, and is very easily hurt when people talk trash about her. That can really affect someone's longevity, if the person isn't thick-skinned ... But I think it's beyond question that Mariah is the most influential female pop singer of the past 15 years. Listen to any female singer with chops under the age of 25 -- Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce -- and you'll hear the influence.
Source: (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on December the 5th.
Remind: Stem voor Donna's top 2003
Björn herinnert om te stemmen voor de Top 2003 op de site van Radio Donna. Ga naar
Posted on December the 5th.
I posted this article to show that unlike a lot of singers and bands, Mariah DID go to the Philippines!!!  Let's see now, if the Philippines press will trash Limp Bizkit.
Terror threat cancels Bizkit tour
Rap-rock band to skip Southeast Asia due to terrorism fears
Singapore, Dec. 3 -  Limp Bizkit has canceled the Southeast Asian leg of their world tour, citing terrorism fears in the region, local media reported Wednesday.
“The band wishes to extend their deepest apologies to their fans in Southeast Asia and promise to return once security for their fans can be assured,” concert promoter Michael Hosking told the Straits Times newspaper.
The newspaper said the American rap-rock band cited U.S. State Department warnings of “increased security risks” for the no-show. Hosking told the newspaper that appearances in the Indonesian resort island of Bali, Thailand and the Philippines have also been scrapped.
Western governments have repeatedly warned of possible attacks in the region by the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah militant group, blamed for the October 2002 attacks in Bali that killed 202 people and the Aug. 5 bombing of Jakarta’s JW Marriott hotel that killed 12.
Southeast Asian governments have said the warnings were uncalled for and hurt the region’s vital tourism industry.
Source: MSNBC (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Awwwww, poor Mister Manda, he will not see Limp Bizkit in his airport .
Posted on December the 4th.
Mariah, my dear little sweetheart, I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.  I dive in your eyes and I drink your smile.
© Gilles (All rights reserved)  Don't steal my little text, I already gave it to Mariah .

Mariah, mon petit coeur, je t'aime aujourd'hui plus qu'hier et bien moins que demain.  Je plonge dans tes yeux et je bois ton sourire.
© Gilles (Tous droits réservés)  Ne volez pas mon petit texte, je l'ai déjà donné à Mariah .

Mariah, mijn klein schatje, ik hou van jou meer dan gisteren en minder dan morgen.  Ik duik in je ogen en ik drink je glimlach.
© Gilles (Alle rechten voorbehouden)  Steel mijn tekstje niet, ik heb het al aan Mariah gegeven .
Posted on December the 3rd.

Very, very important
C'mon guys, ask your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and all the people you know to request Bringin' On The Heartbreak.  This time, it's VERY important.
Don't give up, let's show the "nice" radios that we support Mariah, even if Bringin' On The Heartbreak is not on their playlist.  Keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
Posted on December the 3rd.
No other news at the moment, except the usual trash.
Posted on December the 3rd.
Reports Of Mariah's Shoe Excess Greatly Exaggerated
Mariah Carey's rep is throwing cold water on reports out of China that the singer arrived in the country with 60 pieces of luggage and 350 pairs of shoes. "According to Mariah's management, none of this is true," the rep insisted.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 3rd.
Very important
Don't give up, let's show the radios that we support Mariah, even if Bringin' On The Heartbreak is not on the playlist.  Keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
Posted on December the 2nd.
Go on Mariah's official site
Vote for Mariah!
VH1 is counting down The Top 40 Videos of 2003 and we need you to vote for Mariah's Bringin' on the Heartbreak
featured in the Top Video Cover Song of 2003 category.
Posted on December the 2nd.
Stacy Gray. Stylist to the Stars
Yeah…you've heard it a million times. Especially in New York. "I'm Stylist to the Stars". But rarely do you run across a stylist with the talent and roster to back it up. 
Stacy Gray started five years ago as a hair stylist but has made the leap to hair, make up and all around groomer. A native of South Bend, Indiana, now residing in Brooklyn, New York, Stacy has made her mark in the big apple. She has done hair for Eve, Tweet, Aaliyah and Mariah Carey; make up for Alicia Keys, 3LW, Brandy, Destiny's Child and grooming for the likes of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Master P., Musiq Soulchild, Carl Thomas and Allen Iverson.
Keeping her talents multifaceted makes Stacy one of the most requested stylist in the industry, styling various videos, TV commercials, album covers and numerous trade magazines. Although many of her clients have celebrity status, you can get the same look. Stacy's work is featured throughout the September issue of Honey Magazine, with before and after shots of Honey readers and weaving techniques and maintenance tips.
"What I love about my job is, I always have to see the beauty in people first, which allows me to accentuate it. " says Stacy. 
Even though she does it all, her first love is hair. Weaves, precision cutting, coloring and naturals. If you'd like Stacy to give you a "Celebrity Status" look, you can make an appointment with her at 917-462-3691. 
With Stacy Gray, you don't have to be a star to have star status.
Source: SocialStep (All rights reserved)
Posted on December the 2nd.
Did you know that there was a David Morales Mega Remix?
David Morales Mega-Remix
Incognito-Crazy for you / Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross-The best things in life are free / Madonna-Deeper & Deeper / Ce Ce Peniston-Finally / Adventures of Stevie V-Dirty cash / D:Ream-U R the best thing / Janet Jackson-When I Think of you / Alison Limerick-Where love lives / Gabrielle-Give me a little more time / Toni Braxton-You're making me high / Backstreet Boys-I want it that way / Mariah Carey-Honey / Jennifer Paige-Crush
Heroes note: I'll give you more details about that, soon .
Posted on December the 2nd.
Very important
Please, keep voting for Bringin' On The Heartbreak, go on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak promo page for all the details.
Posted on December the 1st.
Charmbracelet Tour DVD or no Charmbracelet Tour DVD, that's the question
Today, I received the confirmation from Universal France that they never confirmed the release of the Charmbracelet Tour DVD, they only confirmed the shooting of the concert in Paris.  Also, they really don't know when it could be released, if it will be released and by who it would be released.  Wait and see.
Posted on December the 1st.
In a League of Their Own
Dressed up and trimmed down, NBA and NFL jerseys are going out on the town
By Andrea K. Walker - The Baltimore Sun
Jessica Santana isn't much of a basketball fan, doesn't have a favorite team and can't name a lot of the players. But during Michael Jordan's final home game last spring, the 22-year-old bartender was at the MCI Center in Washington wearing her own version of Jordan's No. 23 jersey - a V-neck top with the sleeves cut off and a clingy skirt that ended a couple of inches above the knee.
"I just like them for fashion," Santana said of the jersey dresses - she owns three.
Jerseys, a popular slice of the $34 billion U.S. sportswear market, once were worn almost exclusively by sports-obsessed men and by youngsters emulating their favorite athletes. But women have begun making their own fashion statements in team jerseys of the professional football and basketball leagues.
The dresses first appeared in music videos, but rocketed in popularity last winter after Mariah Carey wore a long dress made of Jordan's jersey while serenading the retiring superstar during a halftime show at the National Basketball Association All-Star Game.
Individual women and retailers began taking the typically oversize boxy shirts and, with the help of a good seamstress, turning them into trendy - and sometimes risque - dresses, halter tops and miniskirts. The popularity of the dress has helped catapult women to the next new marketing niche for sports companies and athletic leagues. A jersey dress costs anywhere from $89 to $300.
The NBA launched a product line called "nba4her" this year. It features jersey dresses designed by Reebok International of Canton, Mass., one of the largest athletic clothing makers, and by G-3 Sports, a New York sports apparel company run by Carl Banks, a former linebacker for the New York Giants. (Check them out at the NBA store on
The league's female wear division began by selling a basic sleeveless, knee- length dress, but robust sales prompted it to expand the line for the holidays. It now includes longer dresses and retro jerseys featuring the names of retired stars. It also plans to expand to matching purses and other accessories.
"It's taken on a whole life of its own," said Gena Gatewood, an NBA spokeswoman who specializes in global merchandising. High school girls began contacting the NBA looking for jersey dresses to wear to their proms last spring, Gatewood said, after Carey was photographed in two versions of the Jordan dress: a mini of Jordan's former Chicago uniform designed by Philadelphia-based Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co., and a floor-length model fashioned from Jordan's Washington Wizards uniform.
The NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan recently brought a seamstress on staff to custom-make one-of- a-kind outfits for women.
The NFL has sold a small selection of women's wear since the 1970s, but in the past year ramped up its offerings to include jersey dresses, fitted T-shirts, pajamas and panties with team logos. Reebok and G-3 also make jersey dresses for the football league.
The Baltimore Sun is a Tribune Co. newspaper.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Mariah has again created a trend .
Posted on December the 1st.
Holiday hits on the radio
Many people let the radio pick Christmas music for them. Here are the songs that will be played most on WSTW-FM (93.7). "Do They Know It's Christmas?," Band-Aid. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. "The 12 Pains of Christmas," Bob Rivers Comedy Corp. "All I Want for Christmas," Mariah Carey. "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy," Bing Crosby and David Bowie. "Please Come Home for Christmas," Eagles. "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)," John Lennon. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," Bruce Springsteen. "Christmas Eve-Sarajevo 12-24," Trans-Siberian Orchestra. "Christmas Wrapping," the Waitresses.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: I bet that we will again hear All I Want For Christmas Is You on the Belgian radios and in the stores .
Posted on December the 1st.
Apparently it seems that the "CandyLand" tidbit has been made by a fan.  As I told you, I wasn't able to check this tidbit of Entertainment Weekly, as I don't have the magazine and you need to be a subscriber to read articles on their website.  So, MComeback02 at FOMM give us a scan to show us it's a real tidbit, consider this as a joke.  That's not very smart, if the fans start to make up tidbits.  For me, the title "CandyLand" is not a problem, the only problem is the stupidity of some fans.
Posted on December the 1st.


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