February 2008 - Heroes of Mariah
Introducing M by Mariah Carey Gold Deluxe Edition

Wrap yourself in liquid gold.
Introducing M by Mariah Carey Gold Deluxe Edition, the purest and most luxurious form of the M by Mariah Carey fragrance collection. 

While packaged in the same beautifully shaped bottle as M by Mariah Carey, it is now dipped in a lavish metallic gold. Inside this stunning bottle is the most sensual form of the original fragrance and Mariah's favorite, the parfum. For a limited time only, experience the sensual notes and floralcy of the Tahitian Tiare flower that embody this magical fragrance, and lavish yourself in the Glamour of Gold.

A $ 595.00 value. Yours for $ 75.00. Available in fine department stores. 
Source: M by Mariah Carey
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Posted on February the 29th.

US fans, listen to your local radios, it seems Mariah is startin' to call several radios
Posted on February the 29th.
Mariah Called New York's WKTU 103.5
Mariah was on air with DJs Hollywood and Goumba on WKTU 103.5 FM in New York at around 3:40pm ET today talking about her upcoming album, E=MC²; "Touch My Body" video; the "M" Gold edition fragrance; among other things.
You can download the interview on MariahDailyJournal
Source: fomm - Josie - Bobby - Mariahdailyjournal
Posted on February the 29th.
Mariah Migrates From Hip-Hop To Disco On New CD
As previously reported, Mariah Carey has set April 15 as the release date for her 11th studio album album, E=MC².  The first single, "Touch My Body," is already a hit, and the hilarious video featuring Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock is making the rounds as well. Rolling Stone reports that Mariah's new work jumps from Hip-Hop-flavored jams like the Young Jeezy-assisted “Side Effects” to bright, catchy disco-infused tunes like “That Chick,” with a few ballads mixed in as well. Guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC² include Jermaine Dupri, Scott Storch, Will.I.Am and Bryan Michael Cox.

Nate "Danja" Hills, who produced "Migrate" (featuring T-Pain), told Rolling Stone that the track "definitely opens up towards the end of the song and shows what Mariah does. It’s a different array of her vocal range on this record, but she keeps it pretty mid-range and then toward the end she lets loose. She was singing in the room, and I was just blown away by how good it sounded without her even trying. It’s incredible, I see why she is who she is."

In other news, Mariah is one of the artists featured on Randy Jackson's first solo album, Randy Jackson's Music Club Vol. 1, due March 11.
Source: FMQB (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 29th.

B-96/Chicago APD/MD Erik Bradley On Mariah 
Mariah’s new CD is LOADED with major, major radio smashes. Historically speaking, this could turn in to a legendary release for her and I predict it will. She’s definitely at the very tip-top of her game and as great as she’s ever been. The first single, “Touch My Body” is a runaway smash and the toughest part of having this many great songs on a project is trying to figure out what the follow-up single(s) should be. It’s a blessing and a darn good problem to have though. I’m sure everyone would like to have that “problem”!  As far as scoop, I’m not one to gossip but I’d expect that she’ll be touring on this record, it’s too good not to – it has to be heard live, and for other scoop you can go to MariahCarey.com! 
Source: FMQB (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 29th.
German TV channel VIVA will premiere the video
The "Touch My Body" video will premiere on German music TV channel VIVA on March 3rd.
Source in German: Universal Music Germany by newsletter
Posted on February the 29th.
More on Mariah on American Idol "Idol Gives Back"
The date to save is Wednesday, April 9th.
The mission is to raise even more money for starving and underprivileged children in Africa and America.
Source: AmericanIdol
Posted on February the 29th.
Mariah to perform on American Idol
At yesterdays American Idol show there was a bit of Idol self-promotion. A couple of quick announcements about the first show with the final 12, which will feature songs by Lennon/McCartney and a special exit song recorded by former "Idol" champ Ruben Studdard. There was also giant promo for the "Idol Gives Back" show, which will feature performers including Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Brad Paisley, Daughtry, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg and Carrie Underwood. 
Source: RealityTV - AllYourTV - The Trades - and a lot of you guys by e-mail
Posted on February the 29th.
More about "Push"
Sooooo, now we know Mariah's character in the movie is a social worker.
Posted on February the 29th.
Mariah talks about her movies
Mariah Carey had a whole lot more to talk about when our A.J. Calloway stopped by during her appearance on BET's "106 and Park," and "Extra" is giving you all the outtakes! What Marilyn Monroe-inspired gift did Adam Sandler send Mariah after she made a cameo in his latest film? 

Click here to download
Source: Josie and Moony
Posted on February the 29th.
Some vids 
- Extra TV featured the premiere of the Touch My Body video on BET 106 & Park and their backstage interview with Mariah, click here.
- Mariah Inside & Leaving the TRL studio, click here.
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 28th.
And another one 
Belgian Radio 2 puts Touch My Body in their new releases, please click here to listen to the track and give it some hits and.... request!!!!!   All links to request are up on the Heroes of Mariah promo page.

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Posted on February the 28th.
Vote for "Touch My Body" on TRL!!!!!
Click here to vote.
Posted on February the 28th.
Remind: French fans, it's here and now!!
French Mariah Club has launched a contest to help "Touch My Body" becoming #1 on SkyRock.  Click here to access the contest.
Posted on February the 28th.
Good news in Malaysia!!!
Touch My Body  is currently 3rd on the Hitz Top 30 chart.  Keep voting!!!
Source: Qistina by e-mail
Posted on February the 28th.
The Return of Mariah Carey
From OK!Magazine
In the video for Mariah Carey's new single "Touch My Body" the singer croons alongside an awestruck Jack McBrayer from NBC's 30 Rock. 
"I love Tina Fey," Carey tells Extra about her decision to put McBrayer's character, "Kenneth the Page" in the video. "I love 30 Rock and he's hilarious on the show." 
So would Carey ever like the hit show to return the favor and give her a cameo?
"It would be fun," she says coyly.
Carey is back in the spotlight, promoting a new album after a relatively quiet last few years. It's titled E=MC2, but don't think the singer is channeling her inner Einstein.
She explains the title stands for "Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power." "We're taking this to the next level," Carey says. 
Mariah tells Extra she attributes hard work and self-dicipline to getting back in shape for her upcoming album, saying "It's not about late night with the macaroni and cheese and fried chicken, as we have experienced in the past."
If you're a member of MYOK, please leave your comments about the video at this link
Posted on February the 28th.
Some vids 
- Access Hollywood (the links to watch posted this morning) - click here to download.
- Access Hollywood and E! news mention the video - click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 28th.
Mariah Carey is a Promotional Machine
She has a new fragrance on the market, and pretty soon she will be releasing a new album.  Translation: 2008 may be Mariah Carey’s biggest year yet.
The “We Belong Together” singer was furiously promoting her new single “Touch My Body” yesterday with trips to two major media outlets - MTV’s Total Request Live and BET’s 106 & Park.
At the TRL studios, Mimi looked ghetto-chic in a red see-through top over a black bra coupled with some beat up jeans.
Over at BET, she went a more glamorous route, with a shiny black spaghetti strap shirt and some black leather pants.
Her new album “E=MC2” is scheduled to drop on April 15th, following a 5.8-million-selling, 3-Grammy-winning “The Emancipation of Mimi.”
Enjoy the pictures of Mariah at BET and MTV studios yesterday (February 27). 

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossipgirls
Posted on February the 28th.
New movie "Push"
At this moment, we don't know exactly yet, which character Mariah will play.
"Push" is also directed by Lee Daniels, the movie was shot in New york between October 2007 and January 2008.
Synopsis: In Harlem, an overweight, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.
According to the novel on which the movie is based, Claireece Precious Jones endures unimaginable hardships in her young life. Abused by her mother, raped by her father, she grows up poor, angry, illiterate, fat, unloved and generally unnoticed. So what better way to learn about her than through her own, halting dialect.
From an article from "Variety": Story concerns Clareece "Precious" Jones, an overweight, illiterate African-American teen in Harlem. Just as she's about to give birth to her second child, Jones is accepted into an alternative school where a teacher (Patton) helps her find an alternative path in her life. Mo'nique plays the girl's mother and Kravitz plays a nurse who shows kindness to Jones.
Sidibe won the role of Precious after 300 young girls auditioned in casting calls around the country.
Posted on February the 28th.
The single, a possible Tour, Tennessee, new movie "Push", the Gold edition of M
Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson talked with Mariah after her visit to MTV's "TRL, Mariah talks about her single, her trainer, a possible Tour, a new movie "Push", the Gold Edition of "M", the video for "Touch My Body", how she can preserve her private life.
Click here to watch part 1
Click here to watch part 2
Source: Access Hollywood
Posted on February the 28th.
Billboard, Touch My Body climbs to #34 
- Billboard Hot 100
34. Touch My Body  - (up 23)
- Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop 100
18. Touch My Body -  (up 2)
- Billboard Pop 100
38. Touch My Body - (up 8)
- Billboard Pop 100 Airplay
22. Touch My Body - (up 12)
Source: Billboard - Andy by e-mail
Posted on February the 28th.
BET 106 & Park 
- Click here to download.

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A big thanks to Moony
Posted on February the 28th.
- Backstage before coming out. - click here to download
- Appearance. - click here to download

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A big thanks to Josie
Posted on February the 28th.
Backstage at TRL today

Click to enlarge
Source: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 27th.
Premiere of "Tennessee"
Like Mariah announced it today, "Tennessee" will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.  The Festival will take place April 23rd - May 4th..
Keep an eye on the Festival's official site.
Posted on February the 27th.
Please even if you downloaded the video somewhere, keep watching it on the official sites and soon on Yahoo! and AOL, your hard drive doesn't count on stats and charts 
Posted on February the 27th.
Vote for "Touch My Body" on TRL!!!!!
Click here to vote.
Posted on February the 27th.
Mariah on TRL
Mariah stopped by the MTV studios today to premiere the "Touch My Body" music video on TRL. During her interview with MTV's Damien Fahey, Mariah talked about her upcoming album E=MC², explained the title's meaning (Emancipation equals Mariah Carey squared) and noted that "Migrate", a collaboration she did with T-Pain for the new album, is the first time T-Pain has worked with a female singer. Mariah also delivered exciting news to her fans: the much anticipated movie premiere of "Tennessee" will take place in the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 27th.
Some screencaps
Here are some screencaps I made from my favourite moments, well I had to choose, 'cause I wanted to post the entire video image by image 
The caps are untagged so you can use them in forums, e-mails, etc... if you want 

Click to enlarge
Posted on February the 27th.
THE video 
Click hereand enjoy!!!!!!!!
Source: Island Records - Dennis by e-mail
Posted on February the 27th.
Mariah on Extra and Access Hollywood Thursday
This Thursday, interview segments with Mariah will air on both Extra and Access Hollywood. Make sure to check your local station timetables and tune in, as they'll be discussing Mariah's new video and the new album E=MC2! You don't want to miss it.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 27th.
VH-1 Commercial of the Touch My Body Video 

Click on the cap to enlarge
Click hereto download the commercial
Source: Josie
Posted on February the 26th.
US fans, Get Mariah's New 'Touch My Body' Ringtone
Ring-bling! The new ringtone for 'Touch My Body' has been unleashed on Mariah's top fans first! 
Click here to buy it!
Those with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and ATT can also text MARIAH7A to 30303 to get the "Touch My Body" ringtone.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 26th.
TRL Spankin' New Ladies Week
Tune in to 'TRL' this Wednesday, Feb. 27th, when the diva herself premieres her new video, 'Touch My Body,' off her new album 'E=MC².'
Wednesday: Things are looking good for Spankin' New Ladies Week on Wednesday. Real good. As in Mariah Carey-good. The show-stopping singer will be here to premiere her brand-new video, "Touch My Body."

Click to enlarge
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 26th.
On the set of the "Touch My Body"video on MTV Cispy News
MTV France aired a lil' footage taken on the set of the "Touch My Body" video (we can expect a "Making the Video )

Click on the cap to enlarge
Click here to download it
Source: Alex on our forum
Posted on February the 26th.
Touch My Body will be played all day long Wednesday
BET 106 & Park played a portion of the Touch My Body video and made an announcement that BET would be playing it all day long on Wednesday starting at 11AM.
Click here to download it
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 26th.
Support Touch My Body in Malaysia
Help Touch My Body enter the Fly FM Top 30, it's hereand now!!!! (you need to enter the phone number 03 followed by 8 numbers
Source: Qistina by e-mail
Posted on February the 26th.
Touch My Body Sneak Peak
Click here to download it

Source: Moony
Heroes note: When I said a good fan would cap it for us
Posted on February the 25th.
Touch My Body caps and video!!!
Click here to watch the video on YouTube (warning the video plays to fast probably due to the encoding on YouTube)
Click on the cap to enlarge

Thanks to mcfan91
Posted on February the 25th.
Exclusive Mariah Carey Video Sneak Peek 
Click here to watch it 
Drumroll please…not only does Mariah Carey have a beautiful voice and an incredible new album coming out (and we should know, we just listened to it), she’s also got a great sense of humor. In this sneak preview of Mimi’s video for her first single off of E=MC², “Touch My Body,” she invites the delightfully dorky Jack McBrayer (who you might know as Kenneth from 30 Rock) to, uh, touch her body, have a lingerie pillow-fight and play frisbee. And that’s just from the 45 seconds we’ve seen!

Come back on Tuesday at midnight when we’ll have the full premiere for “Touch My Body.”
Source: VH1 Blog - Jesse and Dennis by e-mail
Heroes note: Only US residents are able to watch it , hopefully a good fan will share it with everyone 
Posted on February the 25th.
TRL and BET the same day 
Mariah on BET Wednesday
Mariah will be appearing on BET this Wednesday, February 27 to present her video for 'Touch My Body,' and HBF is giving away a pair of tickets to the taping to 2 HBF members.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 25th.
Mariah Auctions for Charity 
Click here to bid on an autographed Mariah Carey "The Emancipation of Mimi" CD. This CD is auctioned by Seattle's 106.1 KISS FM radio station. All proceeds will be donated to Seattle Children's Hospital. 

A Mariah Carey dress will be auctioned in eBay UK as a part of the "27 Dresses Celebrity Auction" starting on March 4th, 2008. The dress will be auctioned to raise money for The Lavender Trust which funds Breast Cancer Care's support and information for women in their twenties and thirties affected by breast cancer. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 25th.

News from Spain: No physical single
Universal Spain announced that "Touch My Body" will NOT be released as physical single in Spain, it will only be released on iTunes end March.
The new album "E=MC²" will be released on April 15, same date as in the US..
Source: Universal Spain - MariahConnection Spain - Jordi by e-mail
Posted on Februry the 25th.
Mariah on April 2008 Allure
Mariah will grace the cover of the April 2008 issue of Allure magazine that hits newsstands on March 25. The accompanying cover story is entitled, "Mariah Carey - Part Butterfly, All Bombshell."
Source: MariahDailyJournal - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on February the 25th.
French fans!!!!!
Please check the promo page made by the French Club of Mariah to request the track in France, it's here and now!!!!!
Posted on February the 24th.
"Touch My Body" Special K Remix
AllAccess has added a dance remix of Touch My Body, it's a Special K remix.  Born on the West Coast, he represents the new sound of dance music and most of the time he's djing in Vancouver. By the way, David Morales was at the STEREO in Canada yesterday and probably played the rough remix, anyone heard it?
Anyway, you can listen to Special K's remix by logging on on AllAccess.
Posted on February the 24th.
"Touch My Body" added to Belgian radio Must FM too, keep them comin' 
The track is now added on Must's playlist, please request the track!!!!  Links to request can be found on the Heroes of Mariah TMB promo page.

Posted on February the 24th.
"Touch My Body" enters at # 92 in the Top 100 Airplay France!!!!
Source: Charly 1300 - TheLittleLamb on our forum
Posted on February the 24th.
Mariah was just on the Australian radio2dayfm, Kyle & Jackie O were supposed to air the interview last week but postponed it until today, nothing interesting, they are just crappy DJs for asking these kind of questions 

Kyle & Jackie interview
Today Kyle and Jackie interviewed Mariah for their syndicated Australian radio show. Some of the subjects touched upon are as follows:

* Rumour 1: Substance abuse such as the current "cocaine" one, to which says she doesn’t use that type of substance.
* Rumour 2: Insured body for $10million? Mariah said she didn’t know what happened at the time of "Glitter."
* Rumour 3: J.Lo feud - Mariah says she does not know the women, but there was some issues in the past, but no feud.
* New single and the video concept.
* Mariah talked generally about her "highs & lows."
* Mariah says she only met Britney once and then she was a "nice & wonderful" person. 
* Mariah said she just played something on Marilyn Monroe’s piano.
* "M" by Mariah Carey.
* Touring: Mariah really wants to tour in Australia especially because of the amazing fans and past wonderful experiences such as singing with Olivia Newton John & swimming with dolphins.
Source for the infos: MariahConnection Australia
Posted on February the 24th.

Dutch fans!!!!!!
Radio station FunX added "Touch My Body", in the XTips section, Mariah is currently at #8 with 4 stars out of 5.  Please click here to vote for the track and here to request it.
Source: Heroes of Mariah - B-Fly on our forum
Posted on February the 24th.
"Touch My Body" remix
Quentin Harris let me know he's doing the keyboard work for David Morales on the record.
On another side, we are all waiting for infos and feedback about the rough mix (without new vocals) David Morales played in STEREO Club this weekend.
Posted on February the 24th.
One more link to vote in Malaysia
Yesterday, Qistina send me this link to vote for "Touch My Body" on Hitz FM, there's another link on the same radio station where you can vote for the track too, it's on the Hitz Top 30 chart, c'mon guys, do it!!!!!
Source for the info: Hazim by e-mail
Posted on February the 24th.
Brazil news
The Adventures of Mimi DVD has been #1 since a month in Brazil.
"Touch My Body"debuted on national Hot 100 at #58
Source for the info: Ninha by e-mail
Posted on February the 24th.
M Gold Edition
The Gold edition perfume bottle is on sale at several Macy's across the US, check your local Macy's asap 'cause this is a very limited edition.

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: mimi247
Posted on February the 23rd.
Belgian fans: City Music is now playing "Touch My Body" too 
The request lines will be added to the Heroes of Mariah "Touch My Body" promo page later today.
Posted on february the 23rd.
"Touch My body" in Malaysia
Touch My Body climbed to number 4 making it the highest debut in the hitz urban 10 chart.  Click here to vote for the track.
Source: Qistina by e-mail
Posted on February the 23rd.
"Touch My Body" David Morales remix: "It's 3am and I'm now working on a rough mix idea"
Like it was rumored and expected, David Morales is making a remix of "Touch My Body".
Here's what he posts on his MySpace blog:
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 7:52 AM
Letting all u Mariah Carey fans know that I'll be working on her new club remix of her new single "Touch My Body". It's always a pleasure working with her. She's the real deal!
Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 1:10 AM 
It's 7:05pm and I'm in the studio w Quentin Harris laying down some tracks for Mariah's "TOUCH MY BODY" it's coming out so funky! I'll be recording vocals w her at her house on friday I can't wait! I wish I had it for this wknd to play at STEREO. Oh well I'll have to wait to debut it at the WMC.
Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 10:10 AM 
I just got home from the studio and I want to say that "Touch My Body" is coming out lovely. I can't wait to get her to sing to the new track. After working with her for 14 years now (yes we did "DREAM LOVER" in '93) it's always a challenge to go to the next level. But knowing Mariah, I'm sure she'll work it! ok I'm going to bed now. That's all for now.
Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 9:10 AM
It's 3am and I'm now working on a rough mix idea so that I can play at STEREO this wknd. That's how excited I am about it. I will play a rough mix w/o her new vocal on it. It will be the record of the wknd!
Source: David Morales blogs - DJRom by e-mail
Posted on February the 23rd.
Mariah on TRL Wednesday 
Mariah will be appearing on TRL this Wednesday, February 27 to premiere her video for 'Touch My Body,' and HBF is giving away a pair of tickets to the taping to 2 HBF members.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 22nd.
"Touch My Body" on NRJ Belgium
It's starting on NRJ Belgium, the track was already played last week on NRJ's Total R&B and the station now plays the track too and posted the info on their website yesterday. Top Radio keeps playing the track. Belgian fans, if you know a radio who plays the track, please send me an e-mail, also keep requesting on all radios!

Click to enlarge
Posted on February the 22nd.
Exclusive! Mariah Carey E=MC² Preview
Yesterday, Island/Def Jam honcho L.A. Reid hosted a few journalists in his office for a special preview of Mariah Carey’s upcoming E=MC² album, tentatively due April 15. While Reid looked on, Mariah’s A&R man and long-rumored beau Mark Sudack played 12 of the album’s cuts from his laptop, often passionately (and adorably!) singing along. On the album, there was drama, there was death, there was disco. What follows is a track-by-track breakdown of our impressions of the album. Note that this isn’t the final track sequence, that L.A. ticked off the producers list to us but it is by no means etched in stone and the tracks that we heard weren’t always mastered.

One final note: so much of this album is sung in Mariah’s chest voice. The vocal gymnastics and whistle notes, while there (’cause, duh, it’s Mariah!), take a backseat to clear, purposeful singing, and Mariah sounds better for it. Oh yeah, Mimi’s back.

1. “Migrate” (co-produced by Danja) – After announcing itself with Mariah’s patented whistle notes, this club track gets to bangin’ and it takes that task really seriously. It’s about as meta as a banger gets, with Mariah explaining during the chorus how her night goes: “From the car to the club / We migrate / From the bar to the V.I.P. / We migrate.” And so it goes, from the party to the after party, from the after party to the hotel. There’s a slight autotune effect on Mariah’s voice on the last “migrate” of each chorus, which I assume is to put her on equal ground with the man she shares the mic with here. T-Pain, mercifully shows up for just a guest verse – this is not a full-blown duet. It’s a feisty track, with tough Storch-esque beats that Mariah’s bravado attempts to match: “If you’re inked up thuggin’, that’s what I like,” she says. See, I always thought she went for the pretty boys. Already we’re learning stuff!

2. “Touch My Body” (co-produced with Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and The-Dream) – There isn’t much to say about this ultra-femme track that wasn’t said when it leaked. Hard to believe that that was only a little more than week ago – in the time since, it’s become so ubiquitous that it’s kind of hard to imagine what radio was like before it. Even L.A. seemed taken aback by how quickly it has caught on – he described the track’s out-of-the-gate success as virtually accidental.

3. “Last Kiss” (co-produced by Jermaine Dupri) – One of the album’s many declarations of eternal love, this one is “We Belong Together, Part 35.” It’s nice but extremely safe. One thing that’s very much in its favor are Mariah’s vocals, which are nimble as they are in “We Belong Together” (she changes up her flow more times than I could count) and maybe more robust than they’ve sounded in over a decade. There’s a nice little duet at the end of this one between Mariah’s full chest voice and her higher register. Of course, if she didn’t show off that stellar natural resource, this wouldn’t be a Mariah Carey album.

4. “Lovin’ You Long Time” (co-produced by DJ Toomp) – Pure and utter joy is this one, which is most reminiscent of the lovely Mimi outtake “When I Feel It.” Except this one’s, like, 10 times better. The chorus of DeBarge’s “Stay With Me” is the foundation of this track (as opposed to the verses, which provided the foundation for the single remix of Biggie’s “One More Chance” and Ashanti’s “Foolish,” among tracks). However, the sample sounds more weathered, and overall, the track comes off as a ‘60s throwback rather than an ‘80s one. One hundred percent feel-good and packing in a killer breakdown and conclusion that’s a wall of Mariah voices, this was the first song that felt like the work of unstoppable pop genius.

5. “Thanx for Nothin’” (co-produced by Jermaine Durpri) – A mid-tempo ballad that sports a beat rougher than anything Jermaine Dupri has laid down for Mariah and a guitar line not unlike Mimi’s “So Lonely” (though this track is more sassy and less dour than that), “Thanx” suggests that Mariah and Jermaine aren’t sentenced to live in the shadow of their former glory and can actually make relatively new sounds together. Lyrically, this break-up track is a cross between the self-deprecating “Mine Again” (“I never knew enough about you, babe / And I guess I only have myself to blame”) and the streetwise posturing of “Get Your Number” (“Seems like all I do is think about your pseudo-romance / While you’re somewhere burnin’ diesel in the streets, havin’ laughs”). Mariah packs in so many lyrics that she barely has time to sing them, and sort of just growls them. It’s not nearly as ridiculous as that description might make it sound.

6. “That Chick” (co-produced by Stargate) – Instant. Classic. An absolutely brilliant disco track that plays on Mariah’s strengths and sexiness without ever crossing the line into indulgence. It’s slick, it’s chic (and Chic, with its slap-you-on-the-ass bass line), it’s silly (“La da da a oooh wee-wee” goes the bit between the chorus and the verses) and it carries a killer middle 8 that’s as exhilarating as the one in Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” (you know, the best part of one of the best songs ever that goes, “Don’t you know nowwwww / Is the perfect time…”?). Mariah makes references to 2Pac and Biggie, compares herself to ice cream and the lottery and maybe even references the long-lost track from the Charmbracelet sessions “Touch the Sky.” Oh, and also she delivers the most her line of her career, complete with a 10-cent word: “I brings that levity.” Maybe one day they’ll bottle the essence of Mariah, but until then, we have “That Chick” and I seriously am counting down the days till I can hear this track again. This needs to be a single, like, now, and Mariah needs to dust off those “Heartbreaker” remix roller skates for the video, pronto.

7. “Cruise Control” (co-produced by Jermaine Dupri) – Another J.D. track that deviates from what could have been a detrimental pattern, this is a reggae-lite extended car metaphor (“I need a caddy wit some cruise control,” belts Mariah). The chorus consists of her spelling out, “C-R-U-I-S-E control” and the second verse finds Mariah adopting a Jamaican affect for kicks: “When da door open I de gals pon de block / They be hop-on, to rob the clock / Me say no mam / Step up step up / Bottle broken / Tink I’m jokin’.” Seriously, she says that. Damien Marley gets a guest verse, and I have to say, his shtick is a little more convincing.

8. “Side Effects” (co-produced by Scott Storch) – You know how sometimes Southern rap almost has a heavy metal feel? Mariah and Storch exploit that by turning out a Southern-fried power ballad that’s a thinly veiled portrait of her time under Tommy Mottola’s reign (“Hell we built, and I dealt with it…Kept my tears inside ‘cause I knew if I started, I’d keep cryin’ for the rest of my life with you / I finally built up the strength to walk away / Don’t regret it…”). For someone as guarded as Mariah is publicly, it’s shockingly frank (she alludes to “violent times”) and really naked (the titular side effects refer to the toll the relationship has taken on her: she’s “still a little depressed inside” and “still a little defensive thinkin’ folks be tryin’ to run my life”). This is another highlight, and having a rapper so associated with drugs (Jeezy) on a track called “Side Effects” that isn’t about drugs at all, only makes things cleverer.

9. “Love Story” (co-produced by Jermaine Dupri) – Anther ode to endless love (“This ain’t no fairy tale or fiction / This is truly ours for eternity”), this ballad is more of the baby-making ilk. It’s like Prince-lite with a synthesized beat a la “The Beautiful Ones,” but not as effects-laden (i.e. the beat doesn’t have the backwards sound). The melody is reminiscent of Mimi’s “Joyride,” and that should give you an indication of how sweet this track is.

10. “OOC” (co-produced by Swizz Beatz) – This one has a pummeling thump so pronounced, it’s somewhat surprising that it’s not the work of Stargate or Tricky. “OOC” stands for “out of control,” and while the track isn’t exactly wild, it’s a fun mix of The-Dream’s “Ditch That N…” with a melody like Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style.” Besides the hypnotic refrain of “Forever and ever,” the track is most notable for including the word motherf***er. As in, “I know y’all motherf***ers feel like we / When you’re messin’ with the one true lova / That makes you OOC.” Hardcore!

11. “Bye Bye” (co-produced by Stargate) – When Mariah first started promoting Mimi, she described “We Belong Together” as a cross between “Breakdown” and “One Sweet Day.” That description is infinitely more appropriate for “Bye Bye,” a song about death that’s “for my people who just lost somebody,” “for my people who lost their grandmothers” and seemingly for Mariah’s departed father, Alfred Roy (“You never got to see me back at No. 1”). It’s nice that Mariah’s on a confessional kick, although a track with the “We Belong Together” sonic template and lyrics tailored appeal to everyone on such a basic level seems like too easy of a combination for someone as established as Mimi. This one’s like insurance – in case nothing else is a hit, here’s a sure-shot. But ultimately, it turns out that the album is too good for that.

12. “I Wish You Well” (co-produced by James Poyser) – We were told that this was hot off the presses and a very rough version of the song, but even in its unpolished state, it was a stunner. A piano ballad that features Mariah, some gospel-tinged backing vocals, a piano and that’s it, this track is a throwback to the fan-favorite “Vanishing” from her 1990 debut. Part feisty (“You can’t manipulate me like before”) and totally spiritual (Mariah name-checks a bible verse in the chorus, although I couldn’t catch exactly what it was, and she ends the song repeating, “The Lord is my salvation / I will trust in him”), “I Wish You Well” will have fans wetting themselves. It’s gorgeous and in its simplistic way, the type of risk that Mariah should take more often.

The risky moments on the album (”Lovin’ You Long Time,” “That Chick,” “Side Effects” and “I Wish You Well”) bode well for the future. Though E=MC² feels extremely safe, there’s enough variation to signify some artistic growth. She’s cranking out hits and that’s fine because that’s what she’s always done (hitmaking is her medium), but when she goes out of the Top 40 comfort zone, the album truly soars. Over 10 years after she first sang about it, it’s only now that Mariah has worked up the courage to really spread her wings. The next question is: how high can they take her?
Source: VH1 Blog
Posted on February the 22nd.

"Touch My Body" in The Netherlands

On Juize FM, Touch My Body is still #1 of the HotJamz (for the 2nd week!), and the track is the MOST REQUESTED track at this moment! They always show a Request Top 5 on their homepage. Since last Monday we're able to request the song. It started at #2, but the whole week the track was @ #1, and is still #1!
Click to enlarge
Source: B-Fly on our forum
Posted on February the 22nd.
E=MC² in Europe
Earlier this month Universal Belgium announced the album will be released in Belgium on April 11, Universal Italy confirmed the same date to Ila and Dan from GlitteringMariah and Universal Holland confirmed April 11 as well by newsletter.
Posted on February the 22nd.
Capital FM interview
Yesterday Mariah was on the phone with Johnny & Denise from Capital FM (see the news below).  Here's the link to download the interview, these guys were cutting Mariah while she was still talking.... 
A big thanks to span 11 who did all that work for us all
Posted on February the 22nd.
Promotion is startin'!!!!!!!!  First interview was for the UK
Mariah interviewed on Capital FM this morning
Mariah was on the phone this morning with Johnny & Denise on the Breakfast show at around 8am! Apparently she spoke for a good 5 minutes chatting and bantering with them about the new single and album and about the perfume. She also talked about coming to the UK and about The Brits last night! 
She was asked about Leona Lewis and she said she has been so busy with the album that she doesn't know who she is!!! The radio has today's stream up on their website and a nice fan from fomm will listen to the entire 3 hours show to make a file for us all to listen 
Source for the info: Charli
Posted on February the 21st.
Australian Radio DJ'sinterview Mariah
Kyle & Jacki O from 2dayfm were waiting to interview Mariah today, the interview will be broadcast next Monday.
Source for the info: sxcbadboy69 - Ben
Posted on February the 21st.
Mariah in St Barth in January 2008

Click to enlarge
Source: MariahConnection
Posted on February the 21st.
Will '=' Equals?
It's been almost two years since a Mariah Carey song debuted on the Hot 100, but the hiatus is over as "Touch My Body" (Island) opens at No. 57. It's the highest-debuting Carey single since "It's Like That" entered at No. 53 the week of Jan. 29, 2005 and it is the first Carey song to chart since "Say Somethin'" peaked at No. 79 in May 2006.

"Touch My Body" could turn into an historic recording for Carey. If the song reaches the No. 1 spot, it will be Carey's 18th chart-topper on the Hot 100 and it will push her past Elvis Presley's 17 No. 1s in the rock era -- which would make her second only to the Beatles, who have 20 No. 1s to their credit.

Extending that "what-if?" scenario a bit further... if "Touch My Body" achieves pole position and there are two other No. 1 songs on Carey's forthcoming "E=MC²" release, Carey will tie the Beatles for the most No. 1s in the rock era. It should be noted that Carey's most recent album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," contained two chart-topping tracks: "We Belong Together" and "Don't Forget About Us." If "E=MC²" equals "Mimi," Mariah will be one tantalizing No. 1 hit shy of the Beatles' record.
Source: Billboard(All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 21st.

Wendy Williams responds to Mariah about the reference to her in Touch My Body
"'Cuz they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview..."
Click here to listen and/or download. Wendy loves the track, explain it and wants Mariah to go on her show.
Thanks to Rashmi for the link
Posted on February the 21st.
Funny stuff
Censored version of "Touch My Body" on US radio Hot 97
When you hear "Touch My Body" on Hot 97, you don't hear the full track, they edited out "Wendy" .  Can we say they don't like Wendy Williams 
Thanks to Kelly for the info
Posted on February the 21st.
Mariah's "Touch My Body" #57 on Billboard's Hot 100
"Touch My Body" is Hot Shot Debut!!!!
Source: Billboard - andrew by e-mail
Posted on February the 20th.
Access Presents Exclusive Mediabase Chart Recap (2/10-16)
- Top 40: Flo Rida Dominant; Brown Red Hot; Sparks Fly; Mariah Debuts
MARIAH CAREY (Island/IDJMG) is back with a vengeance as "Touch My Body" debuts at 35* with only a partial week of airplay.
- Rhythmic:Brown On Top; Rihanna, Kingston Top 10; Mariah, Usher Debuts 
MARIAH CAREY (Island/IDJMG) scores one of two big debuts this week as "Touch My Body" enters at 30*.
- Urban: Cole Rises To #1; Ross Rises; Mariah, Usher Among Debuts 
MARIAH CAREY (Island/IDJMG) enters at 29* with "Touch My Body." 

There was also a cute banner today 

Source: AllAccess e-mail
Posted on Febrauary the 20th.

The Adventures of Mimi on Blu-ray Disc
I told you earlier this month, "The Adventures of Mimi" on Blu-ray Disc will hit the Belgian stores on March the 31st.  There's more news.....

US  new releases

The Adventures of Mimi : 3 Disc Deluxe Edition
Street Date Apr 2008 
The 2 first discs are the same ones of the DVD released in 2007
Disc 3 - Bonus Interactive Disc ($55 Value)
* Exclusive Virtual Store
* Free Virtual Ticket Subscription
* Free Ringtones
* Tour & Ticket Updates
* Free Single Download

The Adventures Of Mimi Blu-ray Disc special 3 Discs
Same as the DVD with the same special Disc 3 Bonus Interactive Disc 

Click on the covers to enlarge
Posted on February the 20th.

Touch My Body blowing up Billboard Charts
Billboard.com writes: Mariah Carey makes a triumphant return to the charts with her new single Touch My Body. After less than six days at radio it blasts onto a whopping four airplay charts. "Touch" storms CHR/Top 40 (No. 32), Rhythmic Top 40 (No. 26), Urban (No. 23) and Urban AC (No. 39). By debuting on the CHR/Top 40 chart, Carey takes the lead for most hits in the list's 15-year history: "Touch" is her 26th entry, breaking a tie with Madonna. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 20th.
The Silver Lining

Mariah Carey, in a sexy silver dress, works the camera while on the Los Angeles set of her new music video "Touch My Body," directed by pal Brett Ratner and guest-starring 30 Rock funnyman Jack McBrayer. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Click on the pic to enlarge
Posted on February the 20th.
Ryan Seacrest & Brett Ratner on Touch My Body Video
Listen here.
Download here.
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 20th.
That's how we like it 
Radio "Touches" Mariah

Click to enlarge
Source: AllAccess
Posted on February the 20th.
Perez Hilton: the big fat gossip who won't shut up
I don't go on Perez's site, 'cause I don't like to read all the crap he has to say. I came accross a British article/interview where he says he became rich and famous thanks to people who like rumors and gossip and go read the insults he writes on his site (we knew that, thanks) 
You're warned, everytime you give his blog a click you help him getting more rich and famous.
Posted on February the 19th.
US airplay audience chart, according to Nielsen BDS, Arbitron and Radio & Records
Next week's top 10 contenders - It would be foolish to ignore the initial impact of Mariah Carey's Touch My Body, which hits the chart at No. 22 in one of the highest debuts yet recorded.
Debuts on the top 100 - Nobody comes close to Mariah's No. 22 debut, of course, but another superstar, Usher, scores an unusually high entry at 51 with Love in This Club. 
Source: USA Today - (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 19th.
Belgian fans, request "Touch My Body" or I'll hunt you down 
Posted on February the 19th.
Brett Ratner Talks About "Touch My Body" Video
Brett Ratner, the director of the upcoming "Touch My Body" music video called in to KIIS FM 102.7 in Los Angeles today at 9:05am PST and revealed some interesting facts about the video to Ryan Seacrest and the morning show crew. Ratner also confirmed that the video is scheduled to premiere on TV on Monday, February 25, 2008.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

Ryan Seacrest: "Touch My Body", it's Mariah Carey's new track. Randy Jackson's been working on this with her. Lots of buzz about Mariah's entire album. Single is called "Touch My Body" [Ryan plays the song and sings along with it]. So the video's gonna be coming, they're actually making the video or just completed the video, and Brett Ratner, famous movie director, is doing the video with Mariah, so it's gotta be great, I wanted to know how provocative it's gonna be, what do you do when you have lyrics like "Touch My Body" and Mariah Carey, what do you do? And what does she touch? That's what I wanted to ask him, so here he is. Brett, how are you baby?
Brett Ratner: I'm good, how are you guys?

RS: I'm good. Are you in the process of several things at once here?
BR: God, because of the strike... I love doing music videos, as you know, I'll never stop doing them as long as they keep asking, and Mariah of course is my buddy and she said "Brett, you gotta come hear my album, I want you to do this video" and I swear to God, she completely blew me away. I think it's the best album she's ever done. You know, I did "We Belong Together" so, I think she's won like three Grammys for it and I used of course my guy Wentworth Miller from my show "Prison Break".

RS: That guy pisses me off because he's too good looking. 
BR: I know, right?

RS: We don't need him in our town.
BR: So I knew there was no way, unless I got you to be in the video, there was no way to top Wentworth Miller in this video.

RS: Well the problem's my abs are so big and tight right now. And I started talking about what the video, I listened to the lyrics, what the video might be like, and I read that you were gonna do the video, so now I'm dying to know the storyboards.
BR: I know, three people called me, they were like "they're talking about you and the video" and I said - you know what? I gotta call them and fill them in because it's too good.

RS: Is it that hot? 'Cause it could be so hot.
BR: This is like, I don't wanna exaggerate, but this is like when "Thriller" [by Michael Jackson] first came out. The anticipation.

RS: Is she wearing red?
BR: She's wearing red in one outfit. But I gotta tell you, I said, "you know Mariah, we gotta do..." - people don't know this, but Mariah is hysterical. I mean, she keeps me laughing all the time, and this record is kind of funny, it's called "Touch My Body", and to me I mean it was funny because I thought "There's no way we could do the video with just like the cute guy like Wentworth Miller and you singing to him "Touch My Body", people are gonna laugh." So I said let's really go with one of the funniest guys in the world, who I love, is this guy named Jack McBrayer, who's on 30 Rock. You know this guy? 

RS: Yes, and that's a great show!
BR: He is hysterical. So we called him up, and it turns out, you know we call somebody and they're like "yeah, we don't wanna do music videos" but he turned out to be a huge Mariah fan, and he showed up, and I don't wanna give too much away but I gotta tell you, he is one of the funniest guys I've ever worked with. Ever. I mean hysterical.

RS: How does he get to be funny in a music video?
BR: Well, because his character, all I can say is that he fantasizes about what it would be like to be with Mariah.
RS: As do I.
BR: [laughs] And because Mariah, first of all, looks better than she's ever looked, I don't know if you've seen her in public. Have you seen her at all?

RS: Yeah, something's happened. I keep asking her what she's doing because I wanna do the same diet.
BR: No, it's ridiculous, she's been working out every day, she has this trainer that she flew in from St. Barths and this woman is like beating the hell out of her and her body, because she has an incredible body but she was always kind of like voluptuous, now she's just like fit. And she was like, we gotta show this body. So without kind of making fools of ourselves, we really took this all the way. Because we have a comedian like Jack, when it becomes fun and funny, you can go as far as you wanna go.

RS: When is this coming out bro?
BR: I just finished it last night, and I think the debut is next Monday [Feb. 25]. The problem is the record is so big right now, people are like "finish the video, finish the video!"

RS: That's the thing, we played the song a few days ago, and the video usually comes soon after, but you gotta rush this, right? 
BR: I rushed it, we shot it in two days, I mean we've been talking about the way we do it is like we're two kids in a candy store. It's like ridiculous, 'cause the record company's really not involved, Mariah just called me and I flew to New York, I like literally, we spent like every night together for a week, like literally throwing ideas around, and then in the last minute we just came up with this idea, we flew back here [Los Angeles], and shot it, and I tell you, I've never had so much fun shooting a music video. When you guys see it, you're gonna flip out. You know what it is really? Truth is, it's a movie. It's not a music video, it's literally a movie. I love it. And by the way, the rest of her album is ridiculous. I think it's the best album she's ever done by far.

RS: E=MC2.
BR: MC².
RS: Oh, they didn't give me a little two, there's a big two. By the way girls, a squared would be a little two.
BR: By the way, we have dialogue in this video, it's hysterical.
Source: KIIS FM - MariahDailyJournal - Andy by e-mail
You can download  the audio on MariahDailyJournal 
Posted on February the 19th.

Funny stuffs
Did you guys noticed when you receive an e-mail with the subject "Touch My Body", it's high spam alert 

On another side, this could be funny if it didn't came from a big Cali station, Power 106 in LA thinks Mariah's new track is called "Touch Myself" , since a few days they keep that title, I sent them an e-mail yesterday, hope they will correct it soon.  Anyway, click here to vote for Mariah at Tito's Top 4@4 and here for the Top 8@8

Click to enlarge
Posted on February the 18th.

Just rumor and gossip here!
Mariah's property in the Bahamas
BUYER: Mariah Carey
LOCATION: Island Road, Windermere Island, Bahamas
PRICE: $4,900,000 (last list)
SIZE: 4,000 square feet (approx.), 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms
Click here to see pictures and don't read the crap article, anyway the blogger says "Just gossip and rumor here. We can not prove this house was purchased by Miss Mariah Carey"
Source: The Real Estalker - mariah2g
Posted on February the 18th.
Please vote for Mariah
She's not doing that great on this Spanish site, Click here, then " Deja tu opinion ", then " Me gusta ".
Source for the info: TheLittleLamb on our forum
Posted on February the 18th.
Yayyyyyyyyy, NRJ Belgium plays "Touch My Body" 
Yesterday evening "Touch My Body" was played in Total RnB. Time to request guys!!!!!!
All links to request can be found on the promo page.  It's here and now or I will hunt you down 
Posted on February the 18th.
"Touch My Body" Newsday's Song of the Week
SONG OF THE WEEK. It's nice to have Mariah Carey doing what she does best. Her new single "Touch My Body" (Island Def Jam) is in that "We Belong Together" sweet spot, a midtempo R&B ballad that lets MC show off her vocal abilities, but not too much. Crafted by Carey, with help from The-Dream and C. "Tricky" Stewart, "Body" has just enough street-wise touches to sound current and just enough balladry to make a bid for timelessness. It's probably the best opening single she's had since "Heartbreaker" introduced "Rainbow" in 1999, which is a good sign for her much-anticipated "E=MC2" album, due in April.
Source: NewsDay
Posted on February the 18th.
Bill Lamb gives"Touch My Body" 4 stars!!!!
In his Top and pop reviews, Bill Lamb gives 4 stars out of 5 on About.com
The Bottom Line
This is unlikely to be a knockout smash hit on the magnitude of Mariah Carey's 2005 comeback "We Belong Together." However, with a career record of 17 #1 pop singles, Mariah Carey does not need to hit a grand slam every time out. That said, "Touch My Body" is simple, sexy elegance from one of the most enduring of pop stars. Mariah Carey has mastered that most difficult of feats in the pop world - aging gracefully.

The simple, graceful elegance of Mariah 's performance
Clever, sexy lyrics
Finger snapping beat
Musically so slight it may be easy to forget

Written by Mariah Carey and Terius "The-Dream" Nash
Produced by Mariah Carey and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart
Released February 2008 by Island Records

Guide Review - Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
At age 37, it would seem that Mariah Carey might have to struggle to remain relevant in a pop music world that reveres youth in the form of a Chris Brown or Rihanna. On the contrary, Mariah Carey makes stardom look effortless and sexiness sound eternal. On her latest single she has delivered a simple, elegant performance that has already sent pop radio programmers scrambling to add "Touch My Body" to their playlists. 

Terius "The-Dream" Nash, and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, key members of the team that helped make "Umbrella" a smash, deliver songwriting and production with a sure-handed if light pop sensibility. Lryically, "Touch My Body" is overtly sexy without being dirty and clever in its warning to keep the song's tryst off YouTube. The gentle finger-snapping beat will send countless fans dancing in private reveries.

Mariah Carey has described her upcoming album E=MC² as the dessert to The Emancipation of Mimi's main course. If "Touch My Body" is representative of what is to come, the chefs have hit the target just right with sweet, frothy sexiness that will titillate the palate while never feeling too heavy.
Posted on February the 17th.

More pics of the video shoot 
Great pictures from Mariah Carey's next video clip 'Touch My Body' (hopefully better quality ones will comes out soon) 

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: Sihame from Mariah-Source on our forum
Posted on Febrauary the 17th.
TAOM DVD at #1 on Brazil for 3 weeks 
It's been already 3 weeks that TAOM got the first position on the top selling DVDs at HOT 100 Brasil.
Click here to see it by yourself.
Source: Hot 100 Brazil - Cesar by e-mail
Posted on February the 17th.
Mariah in NY on February the 13th.
Probably on her way or her way back from the photo shoot.

Click to enlarge
More pics can be found on MariahConnection
Source: Andrew by e-mail - MariahConnection
Posted on February the 16th.
Remember, I told you about Cristyle aka Cri$tyle early January 
Press Release
ATL Songwriter the "ink" behind Mariah’s new single
(Atlanta, GA) So So Def/EMI signed songwriter Cri$tyle aka "the ink" is the latest to join a short list of creative geniuses guaranteed to deliver a Billboard single.  Cri$tyle penned Mariah Carey's 2008 comeback single 'Touch My Body' alongside super-producer C.Tricky Stewart.  The mid-tempo track exudes sex appeal captures Mariah's signature sound while adding a bit of hip hop flavor.  "Cri$tyle is in one word....phenomenal, "Carey says of her newfound muse.  "I'm so glad Jermaine hooked us up.  I know all the songs we've written together are going to be stonewinners--smash hit grooves."  In addition to the single, 'Touch My Body', Cri$tle penned, 'Cruise Control' produced by Jermaine Dupri and 'Love You Long Time' produced by DJ Toomp and 'HEAT' produced by Will I. Am on Carey's spring 2008 release E=MC2.
Since signing with Jermaine Dupri's Dieniahmar publishing last year, the twenty-four year old has interpreted the tracks of producers such as Dre, Rodney Jerkins and Jermaine Dupri into forgettable melodies for A-list divas such as Janet, Mariah, Jennifer Lopez and Natasha Bedingfield. Currently Cri$tle is in the studio with R&B darling Brandy and powerhouse diva Beyonce.
"It's her time. 2008 belongs to Cri$tyle," says mentor/friend Jermaine Dupri. The singer turned songwriter says the last year has been the equivalent of living a dream. "It's a blessing, but music has been my drug of choice for as long as I can remember," Cri$tyle admits.
'Touch my Body' made its radio debut Tuesday, February 12th to rave reviews. Cri$tyle also has the current singles on teen sensation Tiffany Evans and international superstar Natasha Bedingfield.

Source: Cristyle by MySpace blog
Posted on February the 16th.
"Touch My Body" premiered in Belgium
The track was played today on Top Radio, as far as I know it's the first radio to play it, if you Belgian fans know another station which played it, please let me know .  Ok, so now you know what you have to do, it's right here and now 
Posted on February the 16th.
More updates tonight, I'm going to enjoy some sun (even if it's cold outside), otherwise I'll soon be a zombie 
Posted on February the 16th.
"Touch My Body" in Malaysia
The track is played on Hitz.fm, you can vote for it on the Hitz Urban 10 chart. Click here to vote.
Source: qistina by e-mail
Posted on February the 16th.
Good news in The Netherlands!

"Touch My Body" is offiicially added to the playlist for this Sunday (tomorrow). It will air between 21.30-22.00h on Radio 538 in the program Juize.  AND on Juize FM, "Touch My Body" is HotJam, which means they will play the song A LOT!
Click on the cap to enlarge
Source: B-Fly on our forum
Posted on February the 16th.
DeBarge's "Stay with Me" sample
We heard from Roger Friedman that "Loving You a Long Time," samples DeBarge’s "Stay with Me", that song was already sampled on a few Hip-Hop, RnB tracks like The Notorious B.I.G. "One More Chance [Remix]", Mary J. Blige "Don't Go, Big L "MVP", and Ashanti "Foolish". But I'm sure Mariah and JD added that special touch to make it sound even greater. Click here to hear a snippet of the original song.
Posted on February the 15th.
Pic of the "Touch My Body"video in UK's Daily Mirror

Click to enlarge
Source: MariahConnection UK
Posted on February the 15th.
Mariah on her way to the photoshoot on Wednesday
Click here to download a lil' footage from TMZ
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 15th.
Universal Germany asks German fans to support "Touch My Body" by requesting it on radios!
Source: Universal Germany by newsletter
Posted on February the 15th.
"Touch My Body" premieres in Finland
Touch My Body premiered today in Finland on YleX, Finnish fans can request song at this link.
Source for the info: Teemu from MC Fin by e-mail
Posted on February the 15th.
Mariah calls the TMZ guys "slicksters"
In NYC: Mariah Carey walks the streets ... and she's calling us "slicksters."
Source: TMZ
Posted on February the 15th.
 Mariah's back on touch
After a wait of three years for more of her winning warbling, Mariah Carey fans can at last breathe a sigh of relief.
We’ve got one of the first shots from the video for new single Touch My Body. And it shows her back at her BacoFoil best.
The diva, 38 next month, will be touring to promote her album E=MC2 (we see what she did there).
But for the shoot she stayed close to home, opting for a Beverly Hills mansion. She be back all right!
Source: Daily Star
Posted on February the 15th.
Roger Friedman reviews the album
On Thursday I spent more than an hour at Island/DefJam Records previewing the new CDs from Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. Each is highly anticipated, and with good reason. They’re pretty damn good.

Carey’s CD, "E=MC2," probably is the more anticipated if only because her prior release, "Emancipation of Mimi," was such a phenomenal success. Buoyed by several hits including "We Belong Together" and "Don’t Forget About Us," "Emancipation" spent months on the charts and won a number of Grammys. It re-established Mariah as a superstar after her failed "Glitter" project and subsequent "Charmbracelet."

"E=MC2" (a play on the previous album’s title) should have a pretty big impact when it hits the world on April 15. Already the single "Touch My Body," with its refrain, "I will hunt you down," has taken off on the radio. It doesn’t hurt that it bears a resemblance to "We Belong Together." But the new single is catchy in its own right and has an independent hook designed to be addictive.

I heard eight other tracks on Thursday, but since the album isn’t sequenced I can’t tell you where they fall in order. In the order I enjoyed them came first "Bye, Bye," a powerful ballad that should be a single and probably will close the album. It’s a natural singalong in concert, too, which could make it not only wildly popular but a possible Grammy contender next year. Look out.

The next most commercial number is "Thanks for Nothing," a witty and rueful tune with another great melody, courtesy of Jermaine Dupri and Carey. As on "Bye Bye," Carey’s vocals are superb. Her infamous eight-octave range has suffered a little wear and tear over the years, but Carey still can flutter from great highs to mellow lows like no one else.

Some other highlights included "Cruise Control," featuring Damian Marley with a driving reggae subtext; "Migrate" with T-Pain, which should be a single and perhaps the album’s kick-off track; "Last Kiss," with Dupri on vocals; a breathy disco dance hit called "I’m That Chick"; and out-and-out pop song "Loving You a Long Time," which samples DeBarge’s "Stay with Me" and recalls the melodic riff of the "Hill Street Blues" theme music.

From track to track I kept thinking that Carey and her crew have put a lot of work into making "E=MC2" not just a hit, but a sustainable success. There’s enough in the package that it will last as long as "Emancipation," spinning off singles, remixes and videos.
Source: Roger Friedman from FOX (All rights reserved)
Posted on Febrauary the 15th.

Mariah Carey invaded Lenny Kravitz’s Crosby St. apartment building on Wednesday, commandeering the penthouse suite and roof to shoot the cover for her upcoming album, “E = MC2.” Arriving in a black Maybach with three SUVs in tow, the diva sported custom-made Van Cleef & Arpels diamond butterfly rings and Christian Louboutin heels.
Source: Daily News
Posted on February the 15th.
Good news!!!!!!!!
On French radio AdoFM, "Touch My Body" was #2 yesterday Feb.13) in their Ado Family Love List.
Source for the info: mallo on our forum
Posted on February the 14th.
UOMO Producer Tricky Stewart Scores Mariah Carey 1st Single 'Touch My Body'
"Touch My Body," Written and Produced by UOMO Producer Tricky Stewart, Mariah Carey, and The-Dream Hits Radio This Week

Mariah Carey, the most successful female recording artist in history with total album, single and video sales of more than 160 million worldwide, and Island Def Jam Records announced this week the most eagerly anticipated album of the year, E=MC².

The first single “Touch My Body,” written and produced by Tricky Stewart, Mariah Carey and The-Dream, blasted worldwide on February 12. The release of her new album is due in stores April 15.
Tricky Stewart and Redzone Entertainment, who have an exclusive international management agreement with UOMO Media, are having an exceptional year to date. Winning the Grammy in the Best Rap/Sung category for Rihanna’s “Umbrella” featuring Jay Z, has made these producers some of the most sought after commodities in the industry. By rolling out hits for artists such as Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion, Tricky Stewart and Redzone have shown consistency with which they create top selling music.

“We congratulate Tricky and Redzone on the commercial release of another great piece of work and are confident that the single ‘Touch My Body’ will be a chart topping success,” commented Mr. Camara Alford, CEO and Chairman of UOMO Media.
Source: UOMO (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 14th.

French fans, it's here and now!!
French Mariah Club has launched a contest to help "Touch My Body" becoming #1 on SkyRock.  Click here to access the contest.
Source: Mariah Fan Club by e-mail
Posted on February the 14th.
SOHH's TOP 5 Love Songs of the moment for Valentines 
1. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
2. J. Holiday - Sonner You Get To Love
3. Alicia Keys - Wreckless Love
4. Kelsy Davis - Me and My Window
5. Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent
Source: SOHH Blog
Posted on February the 14th.
"Touch My Body"enters at #78 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop 
With just one day of airplay, Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" (Island) earned enough airplay to jump onto the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 78.
Source: Billboard
Posted on February the 14th.
Take a look at Mariah's official site, at this link you will find a lil' site for E=MC², there's a beautiful picture from the same photo shoot as the one for the single.
Posted on February the 14th.
Japan " E=MC² " Release Date
Japan announces the release of "E=MC²" on April 9
Source: Universal Japan - Shino from LoveLoveJack- Moony
Posted on February the 14th.
"Touch My Body" premieres in Germany
Touch My Body has premiered on German radio JamFM (Berlin) this morning at 8:21 am (German time). MC's songs in the past also premiered first in Germany on this station. Soon a request site for German radio stations will be online again on MariahLounge for fans to support and request the song on their local radio station.
Source: Helen from MariahLounge by e-mail
Posted on February the 14th.
Mariah Carey Producers Talk New Album, "It Feels Like It's Going To Be Better Than 'Emancipation'"
R&B diva Mariah Carey returns to the spotlight this Spring with her newest release E=MC². SOHH caught up with the Grammy award-winning producers Bryan-Michael Cox and DJ Toomp - who collaborated with M.C. on the project - to get the details on the album that everyone is buzzing about. 

E=MC² follows Mariah's hugely successful 2005 Grammy award-winning album, The Emancipation of Mimi, which sold over10 million copies worldwide. While that success will be difficult to match, the album is already generating praise from mega-hitmaker Jermaine Dupri, who claims the quality of E=MC² surpasses Carey's last album, and the other producers she's worked with on the album. 

"I'm telling you she's in a great space, man. It feels like it's going to be better than Emancipation," Bryan-Michael Cox told SOHH exclusively. "She has a lot of the same producers. Jermaine gave her some really incredible records. I came in and gave her some real dope records. She got some really really dope stuff." 

DJ Toomp, who just took home a Grammy for his work on Kanye West's Graduation, agrees. "It's incredible," he says. "I've only heard snippets of a few songs but Jermaine Dupri, pulled me to the side and was like, 'Yo man, we bout to be here [at the Grammys] next year too.' He's like, 'You're on a classic album and you got a classic song.' So it feels good." 
Source: SOHH (extract)
Posted on February the 14th.

"Touch My Body" already a hit on French radio Ado FM!!!!
Thanks to French fans, 24 hours after the premiere,  the track is already a great succès on Ado FM, the station will now make a contest to celebrate and support the track. 
You need to send a video of you dancing on Mariah's new joint.
The DJ's already started with it
You can win prizes and there's also a VIP list, so that at every event or gift Mariah related, the VIP listeners will be privileged 
To take part, go on  www.adofm.net in the "ado family" en then "participe" 
Source for the info: Emeric from Ado FM by e-mail
Heroes note: C'mon guys, it's all good for Mariah, it will create hype, are you shy? no problem c"mon!!!!! and for the big mouths on forums, it's time to show your support, c'mon it's now!!!!!!!!! 
Posted on February the 14th.
Today, Valentine's Day 
Mariah, my dear little sweetheart, I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.  I dive in your eyes and I drink your smile
Posted on February the 14th.
Belgian fans, the "Touch My Body" promo page is up!!!!!
Click here to access it and start requesting now, more radios will be added soon
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, perfect day to dedicate the song 
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" won the battle in Portugal
On Portuguese radio "cidadefm", the track won today's battle and that way will be added on their playlist.
Source for the info: Ricardo on our forum
Posted on February the 13th.
E=MC² will be released on April the 16th. in Finland
Source for the info: Universal Finland - Teemu from MC-Fin by e-mail
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" premieres in The Netherlands
Juize FM (the station which was the very first one which said "Touch My Body" would be the single) premiered the track today!!!!
Source for the info: B-Fly on our forum
Posted on February the 13th.
A new member in da house!!!
It's still time to join!!!! 
Moral Contract - United Fans Against Piracy, click here to read and join.
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" US airplay 
- Rhythmic: 181 spins
- Pop: 218 spins
- Urban: 89 spins
- Urban AC: 9 spins
- Hot AC: 2 spins
Total Audience Impressions: 7.021 million
Source: Mediabase - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on February the 13th.
Brett Ratner about "Touch My Body" and Mariah
“Mariah is musically at the top of her game and has never looked better,” Ratner assured AllHipHop.com. “This will be our 5th music video we have collaborated on and definitely the best one yet visually, as well as musically. The video for “Touch My Body” is the perfect combination of fantasy and comedy with Mariah looking more beautiful than she has ever looked, ever.” 
Source: AllHipHop
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" in Belgium
Main radio stations received the track, stay tuned for the Heroes of Mariah request promo page.
Posted on February the 13th.
Click to enlarge
Source for the pic: Universal France by e-mail
Posted on February the 13th.
French fans, remember it's "Touch My Body" day on AdoFM today
The station plays the song every hour and listeners are invited to vote for the track which is streamed on their site.
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" everywhere
The track is now played in a lot, I mean a lot of stations accross the US and even in a few other countries. You all know your local radio station, so it's time to request!!!!!!
Numerous reviews, some good ones, some bad ones are published, I'm not gonna post them, if you want to read them type "Mariah carey" in search engines and make your choice.....
Also, last and not least, I still don"t get why people pirate the song, put it up on their website and so on, just listen to the radio or listen here on Island Def Jam' site, it's not that complicated and then buy the track when it will be released.  Look what happened with "Lil' L.OV.E.", the track went nowhere due to piracy, do you want it to happen with "Touch My Body"?????????
Posted on February the 13th.
"Touch My Body" already made its way in France 
AdoFM was the first French radio to premiere the track at 10:30 pm, 1 hour before Fun Radio and NRJ which played it too. 
Tomorrow, AdoFM will play the song every hour and listeners are invited to vote for the track which is streamed on their site.
Source for the info: Cynthia and JC by e-mail
Posted on February the 12th.
Just in!
B96 just announced 89% of the listeners love the title!
Posted on February the 12th.
It's everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just type "Mariah Carey" in search engines and you'll see it
Posted on February the 12th.
B96 just premiered "Touch My Body" at 9:18pm (Euro Time), I told you to listen startin' 2pm CT (9pm European time).  They played it 2 times in a row and will play it more and more, listen here if you missed it.
Touch My Body, Touch My Body"
Posted on February the 12th.
Touch My Body Video Shoot
Mariah was in Los Angeles this weekend to shoot the video for her much anticipated single "Touch My Body." The video was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner ,who previously directed Mariah's "I Still Believe," "Heartbreaker," "Thank God I Found You," "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" videos. "Touch My Body" co-stars actor Jack McBrayer, known for his role as Kenneth on NBC's 30 Rock. 

Click to enlarge
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 12th.
Street Beat
"Touch My Body" review
“Touch My Body”

How does an artist follow-up one of their biggest selling albums that included two number one singles when most had written the artist off as a causality of being relevant or not? If you’re Mariah Carey, you keep it simple, and that’s one thing MC has done with her debut single from her forthcoming album, E=MC². “Touch My Body” (co-written and produced with Tricky Stewart and The-Dream) is the perfect lead track to re-ignite her most passionate fan base, who've kept her relevant through good times and bad… times are pretty good for Mariah nowadays!  This mid-tempo track is pure fun, sounding at times reminiscent of another Carey gem, “Always Be My Baby,” but yet different enough to sound like something totally fresh and new. Mariah’s vocal range is also kept in check and fits the song to perfection. The hypnotic “Touch My Body…My Body” hook is sure to stick after one-listen. While the thought of Mariah Carey exceeding expectations remains a question, simply because the bar she’s set is so high, matching them is a good way to start. This “body” of work sounds like a hit! BET ON IT! 
Source: Burkes' Best Bet on FMQB (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 12th.

Mariah on MTV's Total Request Live
According to TV Guide, Mariah will be on MTV's Total Request Live on on February the 25th. 
MTV Mon, Feb 25, 3:30 PM ET/PT
Spankin' New Ladies Week
Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and other divas bring their new music to the air all week long. 
Source: TV Guide - Andy by e-mail
Posted on February the 12th.
The UK Press Release can be found on MariahConnection UK
Posted on February the 12th.
Press release

Performer and songwriter Mariah Carey has set April 15th as the in-store date for the most eagerly anticipated album of the year, E=MC2. The 11th studio album of her career, E=MC² is the follow-up to The Emancipation Of Mimi, Mariah's worldwide 10 million selling #1 album, which generated three Grammy awards (including Best Contemporary R&B Album), 2 #1 singles and countless more industry honors during its 18-month stay on the charts. 

The first single from E=MC² is "Touch My Body," written and produced by Mariah Carey, C. "Tricky" Stewart, and The-Dream, hit radio stations worldwide on February 12th. 

The video for "Touch My Body" was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner, and internet, cable and network premieres for the video will be announced in the weeks ahead. 

In addition to C. "Tricky" Stewart and The-Dream, other guest producers joining Mariah on E=MC2 will include Jermaine Dupri, DJ Toomp, Stargate, Will I Am, Bryan Michael Cox, Nate "Danjahandz" Hills and James Poyser. E=MC² is executive produced by Mariah Carey and Antonio "LA" Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group. 

The Emancipation Of Mimi, released April 12, 2005, was an industry phenomenon for the mega-platinum award-winning superstar - Soundscan's biggest-selling album of the year, bringing total sales of Mariah's albums, singles and videos to more than 160 million worldwide, making her the most successful female recording artist in history. Mariah is now positioned as the only active recording artist in the 48 years of the Hot 100 (which began in 1958) with the potential to surpass the Beatles' all-time high of 20 #1 hits. 
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on February the 12th.


Posted on February the 12th.
Mariah's new album: "E=MC2"
Mariah Carey does the math for 'E=MC2'
Mariah Carey has set April 15 as the in-store date for her new album, E=MC2. The first single, Touch My Body, makes its debut worldwide today. The video, which premieres later, was directed by feature filmmaker Brett Ratner. 
Source: USA Today blogs

Mimi set to release E=MC2
Mariah Carey has set April 15 as the in-store date for her new album, E=MC2. 
The first single, Touch My Body, makes its debut worldwide today!
The video, which premieres later, was directed by filmmaker Brett Ratner a.k.a. former beau of Lindsay Lohan and Serena Williams.
Stay tuned for a listen!
Source: Faded Youth Blog
Posted on February the 12th.

Ok, my post was confusing (or should I say, Kinou's post ), you can listen to the premiere of "Touch My Body" on  B96 starting 9pm for us Europeans, but don't worry if you miss it, they will play the track several times and other US radios will play it starting 12:30am (European hour).
- Z100
- B96
Click here to find more radios.
Posted on February the 12th.
"The Adventures of Mimi" to be released on Blu-ray Disc
"The Adventures of Mimi" on Blu-ray Disc will hit the Belgian stores on March the 31st.
Source: Universal Music Belgium by phone
Posted on February the 12th.
Kev's webcomic

Guys, check this out, it's great, well done and funny 
Click here to access The Diva Chronicles and enjoy 
Source: Kev from The Diva Chronicles by e-mail
Posted on february the 12th.
It's todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 
I'm so freakin' excited (like all Mariah fans), it's THE day and the new adventure is startin'.  I'm so ready and I have too much energy today (which doesn't happen often when I have a cold ).  Anyway, to pass our time and workin' out our excitement, Kinou came with a wonderful idea: "I'm gonna start the big spring cleaning and you're gonna help me"  wonderful idea indeed .  Anyway we already cleaned a part of our crib while blastin' Mariah's music and here are some pics to help you pass your time 

Click to enlarge
Posted on February the 12th.
"Touch My Body" premieres tomorrow!!!!!!!
As expected B96 makes hype for the premiere of "Touch My Body", today they said on air to listen tomorrow starting 2pm (Central Time) as they will play the track earlier.
So tomorrow you can listen by clicking here.
European fans, 2pm Central Time is 9 pm for us.
Source for the info: B96 - a lot of you guys by e-mail (too many to post all the names )
Posted on February the 11th.
Grammy Party Report
The stars are no different from anybody else who watched the Grammy Awards. Herbie Hancock winning Album of the Year, Amy Winehouse's speech and Kanye West's performance were all hot topics as Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Nas, Kelis, Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson and several other heavyweights filled club STK in Hollywood for the Entertainment Weekly Grammy afterparty. 

In the stars' VIP section, Nas and Kelis' space was next to Chris Brown's and Rihanna's. Across from them were Jay, Beyoncé and Michelle Williams next to L.A. Reid's and Usher's tables. Owen Wilson sat at his table drinking water. Funny enough, it seemed like the entire party filed in from various parts of the club to the spacious VIP area. As you can imagine, things got tight. 

"I think DJ Cassidy DJs just for me," L.A. Reid said of the night's planned spinners, Cassidy and Jermaine Dupri. "He plays everything I wanna hear. JD better keep up." 

Dupri never did make it to the ones and twos — he was too busy partying with Janet. You could see JD dancing in a circle when Cassidy threw on newcomer O'Neal McKnight's "Check Your Coat." 

"Hey, haaaaaay!" Dupri yelled with a smile. 

Chris Brown had his sights set on dancing as well. 

"If I see Janet or Beyoncé, any of them, I'mma get all up on 'em," he joked before he went into the party doing some exaggerated gyrations. 

Usher talked to Jay-Z, manager Benny Medina escorted Oprah's friend Gayle King, and Beyoncé greeted Star Jones with a hug and kiss. 

"Hey, mama," Ashanti, holding Nelly's hand, said to Michelle Williams. The Destiny's Child member gave her a hug and a smile.

Busta Rhymes embraced "Girlfriends" star Golden Brooks, then started talking to DJ Felli Fel. Meanwhile, Mario popped up, holding down the table that was previously set aside for Nas and Kelis. 

As the night went on, some stars left while more streamed in from other parties. Jay and Beyoncé slid out, and when Chris Brown and Rihanna were leaving, Usher stopped C. Breezy. 

"Hey, man. Where are you going?" Ush said with a smile. The two joked for a while before giving each other a farewell handshake. Mariah Carey came in shortly after. 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February the 11th.

Other new pics: Mariah at Entertainment Weekly's Toast to Antonio LA Reid 
It's Pics' Day today, this morning we had the ones from Mariah leaving the Beverly Hills hotel, now we have the ones from Entertainment Weekly's toast to LA Reid.  Among the guests were also, Kanye, Usher and his wife, JD and Janet, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Rihanna and Chris Brown, Ashanti and Nelly, Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Nas, Amerie, Babyface and....... Perez Hilton......

Click here for more pics.
Source for the pics: WireImage (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 11th.
Mariah Carey's mid-life crisis diet
Looking toned, trim and glowing with health, Mariah Carey was recently snapped frolicking on a beach in the Caribbean.
There was no sign of the plumpish curves that were apparent last year, when the singer stepped out in a tight-fitting black dress.
And it is all down to Mariah - who turns 38 next month - changing her lifestyle in a bid to keep pace with younger stars.
Her decision to shape up came after she ballooned from a UK size 8 to a size 14 six months ago. For Mariah, it was a crisis point.

A source close to the star tells us: "She kept having to raid old closets for bigger clothes or buy new stuff.
Finally, she just said to herself: 'You're stronger than this - you can be any size you want.'"

Mariah is not alone in hitting a low as she nears 40. New research by Warwick University found that women are programmed to get depressed as they hit their 40s, confirming the theory of a "mid-life crisis".
The good news is - as Mariah proves - it's never too late to regain your sexy shape by making diet and lifestyle changes.
Mariah lost two stone and regained her fab figure by following a low-fat diet of fish, soups, veg and fruit - lots of blueberries, plums and grapes, which contain anti-ageing antioxidants.

She told a friend: "I discovered that I actually like munching on carrots, celery and even broccoli.
"I still eat a lot of bland fish and soups but I've almost cut out the snacking on chips and cookies.
"That stuff was really adding to the weight-gain and giving my skin an unattractive, waxy look.
But I don't miss the junk food at all now."
Thrilled with the results of her new regime, she told a friend: "I'm muscular and have a butt and thighs, so I'll never be as skinny as Paris Hilton.
"But I think I look good and I feel good, too. I hope I'm turning a few heads for a while to come."

How to follow Mariah's diet
Pick one of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners below with two snacks a day.
Ditch ready meals for fresh foods to reduce your daily intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat.
Eat regularly to keep energy levels stable.
Steam or poach rather than fry.
Swap hard cheeses for soft ones such as goats' cheese.
Try to eat fish, three to four times a week - make two of them oily fish.
Eat only skinless chicken and limit your intake of red meat.
Porridge made with skimmed milk and a handful of mixed berries.
Muesli with mixed nuts and seeds, and a low-fat yoghurt.
Banana and blueberry smoothie made with skimmed milk.
Homemade soups made from brightly-coloured vegetables but no cream. Try using pumpkin, tomato, broccoli, celery, watercress and red pepper. Serve with a wholegrain roll - no butter.
Poached salmon with ovenroasted red pepper and courgette.
Fresh tuna steak with tomato salsa sauce and green salad with red grapes and pomegranate seeds.
Two-egg omelette using Omega-3 enriched eggs, with goats' cheese and red onion.
An apple
Two plums
10 red grapes
Celery and carrot sticks with hummus
Glass of purple grape juice
Handful of almonds
Source: Mirror (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 11th.

New pics: Mariah Leaving The Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday
Click here to see the pics, Mariah is joking with Robert and looks absolutely great and relaxed.
Stay tuned for more pics later today.
Source for the info: Elise on our forum
Posted on February the 11th.
- Hollywood Uncensored - Saturday, on Hollywood Uncensored they did this little thing called "rules for when to wear sunglasses when you're a celebrity", one of the rules was "If your name is Mariah, it's okay to wear sunglasses at night" and they also showed some footage - click here to download it.

- Grammy Red Carpet - Lipstick Mark On Mariah's Cheek - Natasha Bedingfield talks in her red carpet interview about kissing Mariah and leaving a lipstick mark on her cheek - click here to download.
Source: Else and Moony on our forum
Posted on February the 11th.

"Tennessee" premieres Spring 2008

According to Elephant Eye Films, "Tennessee" is now set to premiere in Spring 2008.  The NY based company that produces, distributes and sells independant movies has also another poster up for "Tennessee".
Click on the poster to enlarge
Source for the info: TheWholeStory on fomm
Posted on February the 10th.
More details on the "Touch My Body" video
As posted this morning, Mariah is shooting the video Saturday (today) and Sunday in Los Angeles and Jack McBrayer, Kenneth from 30 Rock, will be in it.
Now,  some more details were posted on MariahDailyJournal, the director of the video is Brett Ratner ("I Still Believe", "Heartbreaker", "Thank God I Found You", "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together")
Auditions were held for some parts in the video on Wednesday, February 6 in Santa Monica. One of the roles required a "geeky" looking guy.
Posted on February the 9th.
DJ Toomp talks about "Lovin' You Long Time"
The Frank & Wanda Morning Show
In an interview with Atlanta radio V103, DJ Toomp talks about the song he produced for Mariah's new album:
It's an extreme banger, the name of the song is "Lovin' You Long Time".  Right now, we are definitely pushin' for it to be first single, a few people in the office are pushin' for it also, so we will see, I'm just crossin' my fingers for that.  I'm definitely on the album, so you know what I'm sayin', first that was the hope, I was hopin' I could make the album, now I'm hoping that it's released as first or second single. So I figure that's kind of powerful as far as you know, how I've been workin' on my career, just being known for Hip Hop and finally gettin' my first R&B placement on Mariah Carey, come on, you know what I mean!
Click here to watch the interview on YouTube.
Source for the info: TheWholeStory on fomm
Transcript: Heroes of Mariah
Heroes note: Obviously, the interview is not recent.
Posted on February the 9th.
Feb. 7: VH-1 Women Who Rock 
Mariah came in #17.  Video collectors, click here to download the vidéo.
Source: Moony
Posted on February the 9th.
Mariah is shooting the video
Mariah is shooting her video Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles. Jack McBrayer, Kenneth from 30 Rock, will be in it.
Source for the info: Webby aka Tom on fomm
Posted on February the 9th.
Mariah Carey - Fans protest upon the delays 
Several fans from fomm  made artwork and siggys to protest against the delays, just for fun 
Take a look by clicking here.  It will make your day 
Source for the slideshow: Murat
Posted on February the 9th.
DJ Toomp is smiling
With the Grammy's coming up Sunday (February 10), everyone's in Los Angeles preparing for parties and promotion, while others are celebrating. 
One individual really happy as the 50th Annual Grammy's come around is Tank, because he's up for two awards -- for the first time in his career.
To celebrate the accomplishment, Tank threw a coming out party at Hollywood's Area nightclub, drawing the likes of Chloe Kardashian, Rick Ross, DJ Toomp and several others.
For those unaware, Toomp contributed production to West's latest release, including the singles "Can't Tell Me Nothing," "Good Life," and album cut "Big Brother." Like Tank, the producer is very confident Grammy Awards will be sitting on his mantle after Sunday's ceremony.
"It feels good to be winning another Grammy," Toomp told BallerStatus.com. "I won one last year with T.I. for 'What You Know.' Here I am again. It's definitely a blessing.
"First of all, being nominated for a successful album like Graduation and working with one of the best producers like Kanye, collaborating and coming out with a masterpiece. I think we had the hottest album of the year," he continued.

Before Grammy's and chart-topping singles, though, Toomp DJ'd for Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew in the early 90s. Now, more than 15 years later, and lots of hard work, he's finally earned his spot among producer elites. It's something the producer says keeps his grounded.

"That was definitely a long journey. There was definitely a lot of accomplishments and lessons I've learned, as far as in and out of the business. It's a beautiful thing. It's a blessing to be here honestly," he exclaimed.

Toomp is currently working with artists on his label and continuing to produce tracks for artists like Mariah Carey, G. Malone and others.
Source: Ballerstatus (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February the 8th.

Perfect Valentine's Day and The 'I'm Not Ignoring You...' Door Hanger !
Step 1: A little M by Mariah, the fragrance created especially by Mariah, is sure to warm up your Valentine’s Day and Night. 
Step 2: "Adventures of Mimi DVD"– Share Mariah’s Adventures with a friend or loved one, or enjoy a serenade from Mariah all to yourself. 
Step 3: New! The "I’m Not Ignoring You..." Door Hanger. Perfect for those moments when you want some alone time. (HBF members, remember to log-in through MariahCarey.com to receive your discount for this item .) 
Head over to Mariah's official site for details

Click to enlarge
Source: MariahCarey.com newsletter
Posted on February the 8th.
Shannon and Mellissa have just started out and are looking for Mariah fansites to be listed in their site, so webmasters this is for you 
Click here to access Unchained Butterfly on Mariah-Fans.net and become a member.
Source: Shannon and Melissa by e-mail
Posted on February the 8th.
IDJ execs talked about Mariah's album
A member of "Janet's Xone" forum was invited to the 'Discipline' listening party on Jan. 6th. here's a part of what he has to say.:
"One of the guys in front of me asked The Exec how he felt about the Janet project. He said he felt good about the project, but "wishes they had more time" (not sure what that meant). He said that they were hoping that the album will have a good opening week like 20 YO did, but that the goal was really to sustain good numbers following that. They wanted an album that would have longevity and he mentioned selling 2 million. He went on to compare to MC's last album and that he wanted something like that so he could retire soon (they were kinda laughing and seemed good hearted about it). From there, they went on to talk about Mariah a little so I stopped paying attention."
Source: JanetXone - Anna by e-mail
Posted on February the 8th.
"M" Gold Edition for US fans
The very limited "M" Gold will hit Macy's very soon, only 150 bottles where made. The golden colour bottles will costs $75 US.
Please, call your local Macy's for more details.
Source for the info: luvmariahcarey
Posted on February the 7th.
No, it's not the cover!
(Well, as far as I know....)
I received several e-mails from fans asking if the "All Access" countdown artwork would be the cover of "Touch My Body".  Huh, guys, when was last time you went to Mariah's official site, that artwork is there since "Mimi", it's also the artwork of the "Say Somethin'" promo single 
Posted on February the 7th.
Mariah's "fake nose" for Tennessee is eveywhere in all languages 
Of course they don't quote: "A source close to Daniels denied the production had suggested she wear a fake nose.
Posted on February the 7th.
"Touch My Body" impacting US radios countdown
Click here to watch the countdown.
Source for the countdown: All Access
Source for the info: Danny on HBF
Posted on February the 7th.
"You Don't Mess with the Zohan" review by a blogger
Mariah appears 5-6 minutes in the movie and sings the National Anthem
I was actually really looking forward to this movie coming out after seeing a preview for it and knowing that Apatow was involved in the screenwriting. So I was pleased to get an opportunity to watch a special screener of the film tonight.

Just for those who don't know, screeners don't always have the perfect color, sound or special effects. Screeners are also commonly used because the film company is afraid that the film is going to bomb and they want to get a chance to try to repair it before its later release.

Upside for this film is that it's pretty much a very solid comedy that doesn't need much tweaking. Much like the earlier Sandler films of lore where he was a goofy f*cker who managed to get himself into implausible situations and work his way out of them (think HAPPY GILMORE), he is an impossibly strong Israeli operative who just wants to get out of the war business and become a hairdresser.

What I liked the most is that while they could have gone the very homosexual stereotypical route, they don't. Instead, Zohan is portrayed as being the stud that he is, just no longer a buff agent and now a hairdresser. 

What's not listed here is that Emmanuelle Chriqui is in the cast and I can't deny the power of that woman's beauty. The romance between her hair salon owner character's and Zohan is muted and seems a distraction at best, but I really like that she's in the movie.

The audience was pretty much going nuts for the majority of the film (the action sequences are insanely funny and interestingly choreographed) and I can't deny that I wasn't one of them. While the film peters out after the declaration of the (mostly) unnecessary romance, it gets funnier to watch Mariah Carey take a poke at her image later in the film and ends with a chipper finale that should leave most people properly satisfied.

All in all, this should be a very big (and well deserved) summer hit for Sandler. And it's been long coming to see him go back to his old "Why don't you go to your home? Are you too good for your home??" days.
In the comments section Zara adds in reply to a poster:
"She appears as Mariah Carey and not as a character, so it's a plus to watch the Israelis and Palestinians (who in reality are both in love with the woman, as it appears the only thing they can agree on, oddly enough) at a hacky sack match fall all over her as she sings the National Anthem.
Or, in simpler terms, she's in it for about 5-6 minutes at best."
Source: IMDB External Reviews - Zara's blog - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on February the 6th.

Album still planned for April
Unless there are major changes, Mariah's new album will be released on April the 11th. here in Belgium.
Source: Universal Belgium by phone
Posted on February the 6th.
New Album Listening Party In Japan 
The album title hasn't been decided yet. It's not "That Chick". 
The Universal Music Japan staff said that the album release was almost decided in April. "Wednesday" is generally a release date in Japan. Japan will become the first release in the world. Therefore, the release date of USA will not be April 1.
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on February the 6th.
French and Belgian fans, make sure to pick up your copy of "Closer"
Mariah is featured in French magazine "Closer" with pics of the Caribbeans. 
Also, on Closer's website there's a lil' vid of Mariah at Van Cleef & Arpels in Beverly Hills.
Click here to download it.
Source for the infos: TheLittleLambOfMimi on our forum
Source for the vid: Alex on our forum
Posted on February the 5th.
Mariah makes Yahoo's home page 
And if you click here, you'll access at Yahoo's "omg!" page where you can see pics of  Mariah shopping at Beverly Hills. Lovers and Haters leave their comments.

Posted on February the 5th.
Nothing is chosen
As of today, nor the album title, nor the release date of the upcoming album are known and/or confirmed.
Source: Several European Universal offices by phone
Posted on February the 5th.
Another vid of Mariah shopping at Van Cleef & Arpels Boutique on Rodeo Drive
Click here to download the vid.
Source: Lulop - MariahConnection - Moony - Alex
Posted on February the 5th.
Mariah Carey's role in 'Tennessee': It coulda been ugly 
Nicole Kidman famously won her Oscar "by a nose" - but don't expect Mariah Carey to let a fake schnoz come between her and her public.

A source tells us that her character in "Tennessee," produced by Lee Daniels, had to be significantly de-glammed - which didn't go down too well. 

"Mariah is the nicest person to work with; everyone loves her," says the snitch. "But she was uncomfortable being uglied up for the part." 

Carey plays a Southern waitress who sets off with two brothers in search of their father. While she consented to cornrows, she passed on the fake nose and bushy eyebrows that had been conceived for the part. 

"When she saw the nose, she called her people and decided against it," says the source. "She was not a diva about it, but she did seem very insecure about her appearance." 

(A source close to Daniels denied the production had suggested she wear a fake nose.) 
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 5th.

Recently Mariah rented a mansion but the owner went mad with her complaining about the rules like no parties, he made her move out 
More info will be posted as soon as my insider gives me the sources, probably later today
Source for the info: kinou by e-mail
Posted on February the 5th.
"Zohan" trailer during the Super Bowl
There were dozens commercials during Super Bowl yesterday, some of them went up as much as $2.7 million each for a 30-second shot 
Anyway, according to "Defamer" website, the trailer for "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" aired during the game yesterday, I guess not many Mariah fans like the Super Bowl, as it wasn't reported (until now).
Posted on February the 4th.
Confusing situation!
A lot of different dates for the release of Mariah's new album are now impacting the web, some blogs post a May release while others "confirm" an April release, today leading UK music industry publication, "Music Week," says "That Chick" is now scheduled for release in June, 2008.(TBC), there's a scan of it on MariahConnection UK
Also, regarding the premiere of Mariah's new track, some DJ's claim it has been pushed back, while some others claim it will premiere tomorrow. 
A lot of fans (the ones who check internet every day) are confused more than ever.
Again, nothing has never been officially confirmed, we will hopefully have a Press Release soon,  also, keep an eye on Mariah's official site for official news (and no, this is not a diss towards any fan site  ), unless they want to take us by surprise 
We only have to wait and see
Posted on February the 4th.
French and Belgian fans, make sure to pick up your copy of "Public" and "Voici"
Mariah is featured in both magazines.

Click on the scans to enlarge
Posted on February the 4th.
Carey is "Good Morning America"
Mary J. Blige's commercial rival and aesthetic antipode is Mariah Carey, another R. & B. singer who is selling remarkably well deep into her career. Carey, who is the more successful, offers the inhuman power of her voice, a knack for producing hit records, and undying optimism. If Carey is “Good Morning America”—all cheer and reliability—Blige is what comes later: the daytime talk show noisy with recrimination and redemption.
Source: The New Yorker (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February the 4th.
Mariah in French magazine "Public"
There's a full page with 3 pictures of Mariah in the Caribbeans in this weeks French magazine "Public".  Hopefully, I'll find it here and will be able to make scans.
Source for the info: Shima on our forum
Posted on February the 3rd.
E! Forbes 20 Cash Queens of Music 
Click here to download the vid of E! Forbes 20 Cash Queens of Music

Source: Moony
Posted on February the 3rd.

Posted on February the 1st.
Mariah is still in studio finishing the record
If you look carefully at the video, you'll notice 2 things which make us think it was taken since Jan. 28
- Mariah wears the Van Cleef & Arpels necklace she bought in LA a few days ago!!!!!!
- Mariah's friend and choreographer Rachel has exactly the same hair length and hairdo as that same day.
Posted on February the 1st.
Video: Mariah in studio with JD
Click here to watch the video, have fun and open your ears 
Click here to download the vid (thanks to Moony)
Source for the info: MariahCarey.com - SexForYaStereo on fomm
Posted on February the 1st.
New album is "All About The Club Bangers"
Publicist and writer Jessica Huie talks about attending the listening party for Mariah’s new album in the new edition of Pride Magazine:

`It’s that time of year again, when the Def Jam honchos rub their palms in glee and calculate how much their prize signing, otherwise known as Mariah Carey, is gonna bank them when her new album hits shops.

Mariah’s UK publicist(and coincidentally my very first boss) invited me to her playback session at the Mayfair hotel in London, where chairman of Def Jam and all-out music legend Antonio `LA’ Reid had flown over to introduce both Mariah’s and Janet Jackson’s new albums to the UK press.

This is Mariah’s 11th studio album, and considering the last offering, The Emancipation of Mimi, sold 7 million copies in the US alone and helped stabilize the prospects of the record label, you can understand LA taking a hands-on interest in his cash cow.

T-Pain, Young Jeezy and Damian Marley make an appearance on the album, which is called That Chick, and where the previous album excelled with the We Belong Together anthem, this year’s record is all about the club bangers. Rest assured, Mariah’s got another hit on her hands.

LA invited me down to the after-party, which was being held at the Crystal nightclub, where he’d bought the club for the night, but Jack Frost and the January blues got the better of me, so I declined. 

LA’s been hot news this week, having stood firmly behind Def Jam artist Nas and the controversial decision to call his new album Nigger. Reid said: `Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand behind him. Nas is prolific, he’s a genius-an amazing artist of respect.’ Never one to shy from controversy, the attention on the album is sure to enhance sales, and between God`s son, Mariah and Janet, 2008 has got LA smiling all the way to the bank.
Source: MariahConnection UK
Posted on February the 1st.

Prince is such a Diva
B'day blessing
PRINCE demands royal treatment even at a friend's birthday bash. The diminutive funkster refused to go into his old pal Benny Medina's 50th birthday bash at Medina's Hollywood home last weekend until the host walked him in personally. Prince had to wait for a few minutes while Medina, a creator of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," was dragged off the dance floor where he was boogieing with Mariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson and LA Reid. Later, in front of Ashley Olsen, Sanaa Lathan, Lionel Richie and Denzel Washington, Prince was given a $375,000, 5.04-carat vivid canary diamond ring by jeweler Pascal Mouawad.
Source: Page Six (All rights reserved)
Posted on February the 1st.
Pregame action features all-star celebs 
- Paris Hilton kicked off four days of celebrity-filled Super Bowl parties Thursday night as the rich and beautiful descended upon the Valley of the Sun.
- 50 Cent was performing, pitching Vitaminwater and probably taking swipes at rap rival Kanye 
- West at a club just down the street. West was hosting his own party across town.
- Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and Eva Longoria were invited to attend Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens' party.
- Diddy will be as ubiquitous as Tom Brady during the days leading up to the Super Bowl. The hip hop mogul, who will host two parties over the weekend, was scheduled to perform last night at the Axis/Radius club in Scottsdale.
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on February the 1st.
"Touch My Body" now impacting on February 19th.? 
According to AllAccess, Mariah's new single is now previewed to impact radios on Feb 19.

Source: All Access - The Rebirth Experience on fomm
Heroes note: When I told you to keep an eye on Mariah's official site for confirmation and real infos , that's why it's her official site, they will not post different infos every 2 days 
Posted on February the 1st.


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