May 2008 - Heroes of Mariah
"Bye Bye" and "Touch My Body" both in the Top 30 on Belgian Sud Radio
Even before the official launch on Belgian radios, "Bye Bye" enters Sud Radio's Top 30 at #30, while "Touch My Body" moves from #13 to #12 again.
Huh.... for which track do we need to vote now?????  For now, vote for the one you want at this link.

The track is also added on Komilfoo's playlist, request here
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"Touch My Body" on Belgian radios
- #3 (-2) on City Music, keep requesting!!!!
- #12 (+1) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- TBA (40) Komilfoo Hitlist, request here!!!!
- #17 (-4) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #26 (-2) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #9 (-2) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here
- #9 (-2) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #33 (-6) on Vivacité Tip Top 40, request here.
- #15 (-5) on Radio M.i.G. Top 30, request here
- #19 (-8) on MIX FM Top 40, request here.
- #35 (-6) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
- TBA (27) on Radio Antipode, request here
- #27 (=) on Radio Victoria Halse 50
- TBA (20) on Radio Bingo's Top 30
- #28 (=) on Must FM Top 40
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, all link can be found on the promo page.
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More pics of Mariah's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 31
"I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" live
You can download Mariah's performance of "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" and other videos from Japan on MariahDailyJournal.
Posted on May 31
Mariah at theVMA's in Japan today
Mariah received the award for Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008 at Saitama Super Arena today and performed "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time".

Click on the pics to enlarge
More pics can be found on MariahSource.
Source: Sihame from MariahSource on our forum
Posted on May 31
Japan schedule remind
- MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008 - today.
As reported earlier this week:
- Meeting and signing session at the Venus Fort shopping centre in Odaiba on June 1st. at 14h00. (2pm)
- Press conference on June 2nd.
Posted on May 31
Touch My Body live on Music Station in Japan download
Yesterday we had the link to watch it, today we have the link to download it thanks to Gratte de rêve on our forum.
Posted on May 31
"Migrate" makes Top 10 on Belgian radio
On Belgian radio Studio 33, "Migrate" made it to #6 on the Top 10 most requested tracks this week.
Posted on May 30
Mariah in the official Belgian charts
Touch My Body
- Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium): the track is now since 8 weeks in the official Belgian sales chart and is #27 (-2) 
- Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium): the track is #4 again on the RnB/Soul category on iTunes
Unfortunately the album is out of the official sales chart in both parts of our country, but climbs again at #6 (+5) on the RnB/Soul category on iTunes (Wallonie).
Posted on May 30
Gorgeous new picture 
Mariah On The Maxim Hot 100
Like wine, Mariah gets better with age. Exhibit A: Her "Touch My Body" video, in which the 38-year-old hitmaker struts in lingerie that might make you blush. Want your lady to smell like Mariah? M by Mariah fragrance is just .50 for a 3.3 oz bottle!
Heat Factor: Mariah brings sex appeal to this month's You Don't Mess With The Zohan.
Click on the pic to enlarge
Posted on May 30
Touch My Body live on Music Station in Japan
Click here to watch Mariah performing "Touch My Body" live on Japanese Music Station.
Source for the link: MC Family
Posted on May 30
Event photographer Bill Jones upset at the premiere of the Zohan
Last night Adam Sandler and crew headed down the carpet for the World Premiere of "You Don't Mess With the Zohan." 
The majority of the cast showed up sans Alec Mapa, Chris Rock and the much anticipated Mariah Carey. African-American mainstay event photographer Bill Jones was a bit upset as he said his main reason for coming to the premiere was to shoot Miss Mariah Carey Cannon. Oh well, we still had Adam and Rob on the carpet.
Source: Peter Gonzaga (Celebrity photographer)
Posted on May 29th.
Mariah's kimono shopping and interview on Mezamashi TV
Click here to watch it. (thanks to Honrai)
Click here to download it.(thanks to Elise)

Click on the caps to enlarge
Posted on May 29
Mariah taped an interview on Mezamashi TV
After arriving at Narita, Mariah went straight to a restaurant. On Day 2, she taped an interview for Mezamashi TV in the presence of about 200 fans.
She answered some questions from the fans. The taping lasted for about 30 minutes, and the fans got M by Mariah Carey postcards and perfume samples at the end of the taping.
Source: Shino from LoveLoveJack
Translated by a nice person 
Posted on May 29
May 28 Mariah At The First Pitch Ceremony & Mariah Mention
- Click here to download.
- Shino from LoveLoveJack posted the video of Mariah throwing the ball, click here to watch it, that's cute and hilarious at the same time.  Click here to download it. 
Thanks to Moony and Shino
Posted on May 29
The biggest joke of the year !!!!!
When Gratte de rêve posted the info on our forum, I couldn't stop laughing, I checked the info as it seemed so.... 
Well guys, "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" will be released in France on August 20 under the title .... .................."Rien Que Pour Vos Cheveux"  (which means "Only For Your Hair).  It's too much..... I can't stop laughing .
Suddenly, I was afraid.... I just went on Sony Pictures Belgium's site and bingo....   the French speaking part of Belgium will have "Rien Que pour Vos Cheveux" too (*me is ashamed).... thank god the Dutch speaking part of Belgium will keep the original title, pfewwww, saved!!!!! 
Posted on May 28
Japan update
A press conference will be held on June 2.
Source for the info: Akuro by e-mail
Posted on May 28
Montréal hopes to welcome Mariah part 2
As I posted last week, several Canadian medias (in French) reported that Nick Cannon will be guest DJ at the Time Supper Club in Montréal to celebrate the opening of the Grand Prix on June 6. and Montréal is hoping to welcome Mariah as the newlywed are inseparable. Macy Gray and Pamela Anderson are expected to attend the festivities on June 4 and 7.  Today, The Suburban reports the following:
Grand Prix weekend is almost upon us so get ready for some big stars to light up the city. Last year the Time Supper Club brought pop star Fergie to town. This year rapper/actor Nick Cannon will perform. He is expected to bring his wife, diva Mariah Carey, along.
Posted on May 28
Japanese fans to meet Mariah on June 1st.
Mariah will be at the Venus Fort shopping centre in Odaiba on June 1st. at 14h00 (2 pm).
Fans will gather on the main entrance of the shopping center at 11h00 (11am). 1 ticket per person will be given until the amount of people who can enter is reached.  Fans are expected to line up on May 31st. and spend the night outside the shopping center.  They ask all people to be patient and to follow the rules given by the admission staff.  People who don't follow the rules will not be able to enter or can even be taken out of the center once inside.
Source: Venus Fort
Posted on May 28
Mariah throws the first ball 
Mariah throws first ball before the start of Japan's professional baseball game between Yomiuri Giants and Rakuten Eagles in Tokyo today.

Click to enlarge
Source: Yahoo! (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 28
More vids
2008 05-26 ITN Mariah & Hubby Step Out In Japan
2008 05-26 Reuter Javno.TV - Mariah Arrives in Japan
2008 05-26 E! News Couples News
2008 05-26 Extra TV - Star Crazy At The Beach
2008 05-27 The Insider - Wedding Dresses
Click here to download it
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 28
Vids from Japan
2008 05-26 Access Hollywood - Mariah & Nick Arrive In Tokyo Today 
2008 05-27 Daily 10 - Mariah & Nick Arrived in Japan Yesterday 
2008 05-26&27 TMZ TV Mariah & Nick @ LAX on May 25 
Click here to download

Personal videos of Shino from LoveLoveJack, go take a look.
Thanks to Moony

Mariah in streets of Japan
Click here to download it.
Thanks to Nadia
Posted on May 28

'Bye' Week 
Mariah Carey notches her 20th career Rhythmic top 10 as “Bye Bye” (IDJMG) rises 11-9, extending her record among females; runner-up Janet has tallied 15 top 10s. Carey also moves within one of Ludacris for the chart’s all-time best top 10 total. 

The format icon/newlywed claimed her first top 10 (and first of seven No. 1s) with “Dreamlover.” Of the acts with at least 10 top 10s at the format, only Janet and R. Kelly have had head starts over Carey. Before “Dreamlover” bowed in August 1993, R. Kelly launched with Public Announcement on “Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)” on the premier Nielsen BDS-fed Rhythmic chart dated Oct. 3, 1992, while Janet first appeared with “That’s the Way Love Goes” in May 1993. 
Source: Radio & Records -
Posted on May 27th.

E=MC² in the US
#7 with 42,976 estimated copies solded.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on May 27
"Mariah Makes More than Cameo in Zohan" says Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

So I just got back from the Toronto Premiere of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (I am the lead promo hair stylist for the movie here in Toronto) and Mariah Carey makes more than a cameo in the movie!

Let me start off by saying the movie is hilarious and everyone must go to see it! I cannot remember the last time I heard an entire audience laugh so hard and at so many times throughout the movie!

The lead Zohan, played by Adam Sandler, is a terrorist who wants to become a hair dresser in NYC. He wears in virtually every other scene of the movie a Mariah Carey T-shirt, the promo shot from Rainbow but also the promo T-shirt from The Adventures of Mimi Tour where she is wearing the purple baby doll dress.

In about three-fourths into the movie, Mariah makes her first appearance. Everyone is at the Hacky Sack game in a large stadium and after the initial announcements on players and special guests, they announce Mariah Carey is there to sing the national anthem. She does, and sings a couple of lines, incredibly of course! She is wearing a hot pink mini dress with a ridiculous amount of cleavage (which they mock later - Mariah fully acknowledging and making fun of with). She looks magnificent, not as slender as she is right now but all in all healthy, glowing and happy! Cut to a few minutes later and I am surprised to see Mariah appear again!

This time in her dressing room being prepped by her hair stylist (real life stylist Lew Ablahani) while a fight breaks out. It cuts back to her many times until almost the final credits and every time they cut back to her she is seemingly so more and more like a diva! She pokes fun at herself as well as others in the movie. All in all, Mariah played an excellent job in doing herself or at least as most people perceive her to be.

Source: Alexander Christopher  - Toronto Longoverdew - André by e-mail
Correction: Source: MariahDailyJournal too, dammit guys when you e-mail me something give me all the sources 
Posted on May 27th.

Malaysia needs some help:
- Mixed Up 20 (vote for TMB and Bye Bye).
- Freaky Fly 30

- Skyrock, Touch My Body is #11 today, you can still vote for the track as it's commercially released now. French fans, you can find links to vote on the French Club of Mariah.
- Enjoystation, the number one French webradio is now playing Bye Bye.

Fnac France lists a limited edition of E=MC² to be released on June 19. No more infos are known at the moment.

Source for the infos: Hazim - Bilel - Stéphanie by e-mail
Posted on May 27th.

Japan Loves Mariah!!!
According to an insider’s report, she caused chaos on the streets of Daikanyama on Tuesday when she stopped into a the Kamawanu boutique along with an entourage that included a hair stylist, makeup artist, film crew, and security guards.
Witnesses told press that fans lined the streets in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the “Honey” songstress, to the point that she finally had to leave the scene without signing autographs, taking pictures, or even stopping to say hi.
Heroes note: Before I hear the critics coming, please take note this was not an organised event for fans, they went there only to try to see Mariah. 

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossip Girls
Posted on May 27
Mariah at LAX and her arrival in Japan
Click here to download 2 lil' vids
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 27
TMZ has a video up of Mariah and Nick at the LAX (Los Angeles Airport) before leaving for Japan
Click here to watch it.
Posted on May 26
Video of Mariah arriving in Japan
Mariah Carey shows her new hubby in Japan
Singer Mariah Carey en her new hubby Nick Cannon arrived in Japan for the MTV Awards.  It's the first time the new pair appears together outside the US.  Many fans welcomed the pair at the airport.
Click here to watch the video.
Source in Dutch: Leeuwarder Courant
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on May 26
Mariah arrives in Japan
Mariah and Nick are greeted by fans upon their arrival at Narita International Airport in Narita, near Tokyo, today Monday, May 26.

Click to enlarge
Tons of untagged HQ on SweetMariah
Posted on May 26
I'm gonna try to reply at your e-mails asap, I had trouble accessing my mailbox since 2 days and now there are tons 
Posted on May 25
Mariah to throw out first pitch at baseball game
American singer Mariah Carey, 38, will throw out the opening pitch at the Yomiuri Giants v Rakuten Eagles match at Tokyo Dome on May 28.

NTV said Carey will take part in the ceremony to promote her new album “E=MC²” from which the network’s baseball telecast theme song “Lovin’ you long time” comes. Carey is scheduled to come to Japan at the beginning of next week.
Source: JapanToday
Posted on May 25

"Touch My Body" on Belgian radios, congrats again to the Heroes of Mariah e-team which keeps voting to hold the track in the charts while waiting for Bye Bye 
- #1 (=) on City Music, keep requesting!!!!
- #13 (-3) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- TBA (40) Komilfoo Hitlist, request here!!!!
- #13 (-3) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #26 (-2) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #7 (+2) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here
- #7 (+2) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #27 (-7) on Vivacité Tip Top 40, request here.
- #10 (-5) on Radio M.i.G. Top 30, request here
- #11 (+4) on MIX FM Top 40, request here.
- #29 (-10) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
- #27 (-7) on Radio Antipode, request here
- #27 (=) on Radio Victoria Halse 50
- #20 (-2) on Radio Bingo's Top 30
- #28 (=) on Must FM Top 40
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, all link can be found on the promo page.
Posted on May 24
Bye Bye #4 on BET 106 & Park today 
C'mon guys, keep voting!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Andrew for the info
Posted on May 23
Mariah would like to attend this years US Open
"When a reporter told Sharapova she is singer Mariah Carey's favorite tennis player — and that Carey wants to go to the U.S. Open this year.

"Oh, really? Well, I'll get her a ticket, no problem. Maybe not box access but she'll get a good ticket," Sharapova said playfully. "She'll get a front-row seat in exchange for a good ticket at her concert."
Source: International Herald Tribune (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes note: The US Open will take place August 25th - September 7th in New York
Posted on May 23

Mariah in Japan event!
If you live in Japan, you'll want to try to get in on these special upcoming Mariah events:

Mr. Karube from Mezamashi TV will be taking Mariah kimono shopping at a store called Kamawanu in DAIKANYAMA at 7pm on Tuesday May 27!

On Sunday June 1, Mariah will be making a special appearance at the Venus Fort shopping centre in Odaiba. Find out more details when it is officially announced on the Venus Fort website on May 28!
Posted on May 23

Belgian charts
Vlaanderen (Dutch speaking part of Belgium)
- E=MC² re-enters the official Belgian sales chart at #47
- Touch My Body climbs 2 spots to #25 in the official Belgian sales chart
Wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium)
- E=MC² #14 in the iTunes RnB/Soul category
- Touch My Body holds a good #5 spot in the iTunes RnB/Soul category
Posted on May 23
Montréal hopes to welcome Mariah
Several Canadian medias report that Nick Cannon will be guest DJ at the Time Supper Club in Montréal to celebrate the opening of the Grand Prix on June 6.  Montréal hopes to welcome Mariah as the newlywed are inseparable. Macy Gray and Pamela Anderson are expected to attend the festivities on June 4 and 7. 
Posted on May 23
Mariah's Japanese Promotion Schedule update
May 26: Airport arrival
May 27 : Secret location live ( The winner of the album purchase contest )
May 28 : First pitch ceremony in Japanese professional baseball game ( @ Tokyo Dome )
May 29:
May 30 : Music Station (Japanese Music TV) 
May 31 : MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008
June 1:
June 2:
June 3: Mariah leaves Japan
Source: Universal Music Japan - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 23
"Zohan" commercials on TV
3 different commercials aired on US TV, click here to download the 3 in one file.  We know the Zohan is a Mariah fan, there are some new scenes in which he wears Mariah t-shirts. 

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Moony

New Zohan trailer
You can watch a new trailer for "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" on the movie's official site.
Thanks to Taz
Posted on May 23

Bye Bye feat. Jay-Z  impacts Belgian radio 
As usual, our favorite DJs from Radio Noorderkempen are showing love to Mariah, the remix of Bye Bye is added to their playlist.
Posted on May 22
Bye Bye #8 on BET 106 & Park today 
C'mon guys, keep voting!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Moony for the info
Posted on May 22
Damizza's new project out in June 
The new project will be online in June and will be filled with Damizza's biggest hits with Westside Connection, Kurupt and Fat Joe, we can also expect never heard before tracks and mixes featuring. Mariah Carey, Nate Dogg and Fabolous. 
Stay tuned for "The West Coast President: Government In exile" on download for free this June. 
Source: Baby Ree Europe - Street Renegade
Posted on May 22
Mariah had a photoshoot for "Elle"
When Nick Cannon was dragged away by wife Mariah Carey from Foxwoods, where he was hanging with Sean Combs and Quincy Jones, it wasn't to join her at home. Carey wanted her new hubby to keep her company at a photo shoot for Elle magazine, according to insiders. "Nick came running to her side very early Sunday morning and stayed with her until 5:30 a.m. when they wrapped," said the source. "They were super affectionate." Also on hand was Carey's personal assistant, who brought a blender and continuously "made protein shakes for Mariah."
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 22
Dancer Lauren Gottlieb about Mariah
Lauren Gottlieb also known as Misha, who is currently touring with Mariah Carey, revealed that a scheduled concert in Dubai that she was rehearsing for had recently been cancelled. When asked about Carey’s personal life, Gottlieb only said, “I think she's just enjoying being married right now."
Source: Buddy TV - New York Post
Posted on May 22
Mariah's Japanese Promotion Schedule update
May 27 : Secret location live ( The winner of the album purchase contest )
May 28 : First pitch ceremony in Japanese professional baseball game ( @ Tokyo Dome )
May 30 : Music Station (Japanese Music TV) 
May 31 : MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008
Source: Sanspo - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 22
Mariah's Japanese Promotion Schedule

May 27 : Secret location live ( The winner of the album purchase contest )
May 30 : Music Station (Japanese Music TV) 
May 31 : MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008

These are the promo events until now, but Mariah could stay 1 week in Japan.
Source: BARKS - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 21

From UK's Pride Magazine May issue

Mariah interview: “The Surreal World of MC”

The nicest diva in the music industry, Mariah Carey is back with a vengeance, boasting a brand-new album and a slender physique. She talked to a tipsy Jessica Huie about the stress of dieting, the importance of friends and her relationship with God.

Last night Mariah Carey got me drunk.

I’d turned up at a studio located by the Hudson River, in Manhattan, for an 11:30pm interview with one of the globe’s biggest superstars. Three hours later…I was still waiting.

Gazing out from the 14th floor of the Hudson Studios, I took in the breathtaking magnificence of the New York skyline by night, mentally quizzing the woman whose comeback from an emotional breakdown seven years ago sensationally saw her The Emancipation of Mimi album sell 10 million copies worldwide, cementing her iconic status in pop history. Exciting stuff. Despite the jet lag that has crept in 24 hours after landing at JFK, I couldn’t wait to get a peek inside the wonderful world of MC.

At 3am I get the okay to go through for the interview. Three French journalists are waiting behind me- one dozing on the couch, another downing espressos to ward off exhaustion, the third obviously annoyed that Mariah’s publicist has given me the okay to take his slot and conduct the interview before sleep gets the better of me.

I’m asked to sit behind a large black screen on a director’s stool. Mariah is sitting on the other side. I feel like I’m about to audition for American Idol. I’m handed a glass of wine, which I down quickly in the hope that the alcohol will awaken my dreary senses a little.

I’m called in, and there she is, a slimmed-down 5ft 9in vision of loveliness, even at this ridiculous hour. Don’t believe the hype or the paparazzi’s unflattering tabloid pictures: Mariah Carey is gorgeous in the flesh, although after my interview I’m not altogether convinced that she knows it.

She stands to give me a hug and I’m bounced by her ample bosom. However, aside from this one surgical enhancement, there’s no evidence of the alleged £150,000 liposuction that is supposed to have resulted in Mariah’s fabulous new body.

“I know the whole UK is freaking out that I had some crazy plastic surgery done, but hit this,” and she motions for me to hit her thigh, which is rock-hard from hours of lunges and toning squats. “Honestly. It’s working out and diet. Look at what I’m eating right now: olives! It makes me upset that people think I’ve had surgery ‘cos let’s discuss how annoying the dieting process was. My girls will eat really good fried food, and I also love sweet plantain and rice and peas, but I can’t eat it! If I eat it, it’s this small [she signals to a coin-size portion]. Do you want some wine?” I respond that I do, and so my professionalism (along with my sobriety) begins its speedy decline.

Half an hour later and my carefully planned line of questioning is forgotten. The situation isn’t helped by the fact that we are sitting in a darkened room lit only by scores of scented tea lights that, while creating a lovely chilled-out ambience, make is impossible for me to see my notebook. Mariah’s lovely assistant Jim appears and signals that my time is up. “No, Jim we’re not done! It’s my fault, I’ve been distracting her- we need five more minutes.”

A tipsy half an hour later, and we’re talking men. I ask MC if she has someone, and she responds: “I don’t know…do you have someone?”, which prompts a conversation into whether you ever really have somebody or if a relationship is merely a transient thing that is never assured. Fascinating stuff, even at 3am. Despite my being happily ensconced in a relationship, MC’s trying to set me up with her nephew. “He’s 33 and has just graduated from Harvard Law School. He was even voted one of the world’s most eligible bachelors…you’d be perfect together!” What I really want to know, however, is why, at 37, with beauty, brains and a wicked sense of humour, Mariah herself hasn’t been snapped up.

I ask her if she wants children.

“I do if it’s right, I don’t if it’s wrong. I’m probably so much more insecure than you. I don’t know that I’ve ever been loved or ever felt loved or fulfilled emotionally, and I know that I’m able to give that. But I don’t know if I’m able to receive it. Maybe I just don’t feel like anyone could ever care about me that way…I don’t know. I don’t mean to say that in a weird way, but I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ in my life. I’m so grateful for the Lord in my life. Because if you’re not ashamed to admit that you know God, you feel like, no matter what, you’re going to be Okay, ‘cos there is one who loves you. Maybe He’s not of this world, and maybe I’m not supposed to be loved by someone of this world, because maybe I’m too difficult. I can accept that I’m a bad girl…maybe I’m not worth it.”

Though we’ve just met, it’s hard to hear this beautiful woman speak about herself in this way, and the Pinot Grigo makes me want to give her a hug, and I feel my eyes welling up. This is certainly the most bizarre interview of my career, but also the most real. I remind her that the best things in life are hard work, while thinking how hard it is to be a woman.

She continues: “I wish I could be with a person who was exactly the same as me racially. Someone who would understand and not judge me. I believe that he’s still out there. But if there’s someone who just cares about me because I’m a famous person, it’s freaking ridiculous.”

Trust is a huge issue for Mariah, and so it was than when an interview with our very own Jasmine Dotiwala, who heads up MTV Base, resulted in a meeting of minds between the two inspirational women of colour, a very special friendship was born. When I mention I know Jasmine, Mariah instantly relaxes and touchingly explains: “She’s just such a good person. It’s so rare for me to find people that I feel close to. We met during an interview and we just had so much in common. She didn’t expect to like me, but we are so similar and I really care about and love her. We spend Christmas together now, we are family” She breaks into song: “I’ve got all my sisters with me!” She is my heart, and nobody can take her place. Do you want some more wine?”

Two more close friends of MC’s are Rachel, who sits in on our chat for the duration, and her nine-year-old daughter Sade. Rachel’s daughter is the coolest girl ever, and she’s one of my best friends. She’s a beautiful girl, she laughs at me ‘cos she knows that I’m eternally 12. She’s like ‘What are you talking about? MC’s not my auntie she’s my friend!’ We are like dumb and dumber, in fact, no, I’m dumber and dumber!”

I question whether it’s being well into her 30s that has allowed MC the confidence to revel in her sexuality on the new album. “Are you freaking kidding me? I’m 12!,” is all she’ll say, explaining that she no longer celebrates birthdays, preferring to view them as “anniversaries.” So how will she celebrate her imminent anniversary? “Honestly, I’d like to be 29 forever. I’m gonna be with Jasmine and friends somewhere fabulous. I’m so excited about that.”

Despite the insecurities that MC admits still dog her, the album itself, E=MC2, is a sure-fire winner, and an anthem for sexually empowered confident women in control. The first single, “Touch My Body” is a catchy send-up that sees a needy geek entranced by her svelte form as she invites him to “wrestle her to the floor” As diva-ish as they come (after all she thinks nothing of keeping the press waiting until the early hours of the morning for a 20-minute conversation), she’s a fabulous diva, famous for having no clue as to the number of bathrooms in her home. I wonder if the fact that she’s rarely spotted in the front row of the Milan fashion shows, or even alongside Beyonce and Jay-Z at the BET Awards, is a deliberate attempt to maintain the removed mystique of her stardom.

“I do award shows if they are all about me!” she laughs heartily. “I do them if I’m gonna have a promotional moment, but they’re a pain in the ass. When you’re on TV, you’ve got a camera in your face, and I don’t want to deal with that, it’s annoying. They’re in your face, they’re not even showing your waist, they’re right in your face with the worst lighting ever! It’s like…why? But it is what it is. Again, God had brought me a long, long way. I know it’s a lot to do with growing up in suburban America where you don’t feel that normal love.”

Whether or not there is a man deserving of Mariah’s love in her life, she’s adored by millions, has a yacht in Capri, a new home in the Bahamas, wealth beyond her wildest dreams, and a set of genuinely good friends. Then there’s the new album, which is full of club-banging summer anthems and sprinklings of T-Pain and Damian Marley to being the MC sound bang into 2008. It’s sure to meet, if not surpass, the dizzy success of the last record.

Her biggest blessing, however, is her relationship with God. I ask Mariah if she ever reflects on the strength of character it must have taken to overcome the breakdown she suffered years ago in such spectacular fashion. “I just look back and say, ‘Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord for getting me through my life and delivering me, for giving me strength when I almost lost it all.’ I can’t take credit for myself, you know why? In the word of the song ‘My Saving Grace’ on the Charmbracelet album. Whatever anybody else ever says, I say ‘I still exist because You catch my every fall.”

Ninety minutes after out interview began, we say goodbye, and I come face to face with the irate French journalist. Avoiding eye contact, I stumble back out into the brisk New York night air and smile. I’m not certain whether it was actually me who conducted the interview or Mariah herself. Regardless. I feel I’ve had an insight into one of music’s greatest icon. It won’t be an interview I forget- I shall always remember the night Mariah Carey got me drunk.

Source: Pride Magazine - Text and Scans: Mariah Connection UK
Posted on May 21

Mariah already on her way to Japan ?
Superstar Surprise on 'Idol!'
Who will it be? Everyone's buzzing about a super-secret superstar blowout on tonight's "Idol" finale! This star appearance is so secret -- even Simon doesn't have a clue! Today, the whole world is guessing on "Extra" -- who will it be?!
"Extra" got in touch with "American Idol" executive producer Nigel Lythgoe -- the secret-keeper -- who let a hint slip, saying, "I will say we've got some young brothers on." Sounds like it'll be sibling sensation The Jonas Brothers! The anticipation is building as the guesses keep coming. Miss Britney Spears is a possibility, but unlikely, as she just returned from a trip to Costa Rica. Newlywed Mariah Carey is a no-go -- sources say she hopped a jet to Japan this morning.
Source: Extra TV (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 21
US fans support E=MC²!!!!!

"E=MC²" flip-flops
Mariah Carey's Island Def Jam album "E=MC²" flip-flops with it, falling 5-6 with 59,000 (-33%).
Source: Billboard
Posted on May 21

Here ya go!!!
Bye Bye is #1 on Yahoo! Top 100 Videos chart.  It jumps from #17 to #1.  Keep supporting it!!!!
Thanks to Moony for the info
Posted on May 21
Mariah rumored to be on tonight's 'American Idol' finale
On the two-hour finale, guest stars typically show up to duet with some of the top contestants. Among those rumored for today's live broadcast: Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Seal, Donna Summer and ZZ Top. The 7 p.m. show airs live on Fox 6 from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.
Source: The Birmingham Entertainment staff
Posted on May 21
Heroes of Mariah shut down: I can't even know what to say 
I told you all the wedding pictures from People were removed upon request of People's lawyer due to copyrights infringement.  I posted the pictures 'cause they were up on Mariah's official site. Anyway, I removed them the same day they asked (May 9) and answered them I took them off, and yesterday at my great surprise, my site was shut down upon request from the DMCA for illegal use and copyrights infringement ..... yes, the People pictures..... the lawyers forgot to tell I removed them, so from now on guys, be very very careful with what you post somewhere on sites and blogs.
Posted on May 21
Mariah and Nick got their tattoos made by Zulu
On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I spoke with famed tattoo artist Zulu, whose celebrity clientele include newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Janet Jackson (who will begin her "Discipline" tour in September) Christina Aguilera, Bruce Willis, Rosie O'Donnell and Dennis Rodman. Zulu and his wife, Khani Zulu, own and operate the prestigious Zulu Tattoo studio, located in a fashionable west L.A. district. In the 15 years he's had the studio, Zulu has become a celebrity in his own right; as a tattoo artist, he is booked a year in advance, but you can always get a quicker appointment with members of his talented staff. He's been called in by major Hollywood movies studios to sketch temporary tattoos on actors such as Wesley Snipes on the set of the film "Blade." (He uses an alcohol based dye that won't sweat off). 

Ok, lets have the dish on Mariah Carey and her new husband, Nick Cannon.
Mariah was really cool. She didn't really want to talk about what was happening because I think she was calling before they got married. They said, this is very confidential, we don't want this to get out. Tattooing so many celebrities, you have to be discreet. They let me know what they wanted and I drew it up ahead of time and they approved some drawings and when the day came, we went out to their beautiful house in Beverly Hills. We sat and talked about refining the drawings and they gave me some lunch. Mariah was really mellow, real confident, not overbearing in the least, she was polite but she knew what she wanted. She was assertive, which was cool. She decided she wanted a butterfly because she's all about butterfly. It was her very first tattoo. She sat for it and didn't flinch. She's a tough cookie. She found me on the web, and probably through her celebrity circle. It was Nick Cannon's first tattoo as well. He got some script on his back. It was a really good experience for everyone, especially for the first tattoo, because that tends to make people a little bit nervous. They did well, like people who had a million tattoos.
Source: Shelah Moody for SFGate Culture Blog (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 20th.

E=MC² in the US
#6 with 57,860 copies solded.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on May 20th.
"M by Mariah Carey" wins Gold Award!!!
Online fragrance magazine,, has announced the results of its annual consumer led awards. The annual Basenotes Fragrance Awards offer the site's visitors a chance to vote for a range of products across 11 categories including both feminine and masculine fragrances.
"M by Mariah Carey" wins the Gold Award for Best Celebrity Women's Fragrance.
The awards were given as follow:
Gold Award: M by Mariah Carey
Silver Award: Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker
Bronze Award: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Posted on May 20th.
Message For Japanese Fans From Mariah Part 6
The 5 other ones were posted earlier this month.

Dear All my lovely lambs,
How is everything?
We are finally married and our wedding was simply amazing!!
I am truly happy that I am able to be with Nick..
Just recently, we had a gigantic wedding party at Six Flags Mountain theme park.
The event was beautifully decorated with pink balloons, pink cakes and everything else pink!
I was so happy!
And Nick told me that he wants to have this party for me every year! He is so cute!
Well, I am finally meeting all of you in Japan next week! Has it been already 2 years??
I am waiting for all my lovely lambs to greet me when I go there!
Hope you guys are waiting for me at the airport!! (laugh) 


Source : Tokyo FM Mobile  - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 20th.

"4 milly? On what Cake? Lol" 
Mariah Carey talks exclusively to MTV UK News about her ceremony...
MCC, Mariah Carey Cannon, reached out exclusively to MTV UK News to deny the rumours that she intends to spend $4 Million dollars (£2 million pounds) on a ceremony in New York to renew their wedding vows. 

MTV UK News posted a story earlier on and in response Mariah had to set us straight “4 milly? On what Cake? Lol”. 

Mariah referred to herself as MCC to mark her union and we’re guessing you’ll be hearing those initials a lot in the coming months. 

Mrs CC also told us that she was over the moon when hubby Nick Cannon rented out an entire Six Flags Theme park in the states to surprise her! MCC went on to describe her man as a “Stone Smash”. 

Stick with MTV UK for all of your Mariah news… 
Source: MTV UK
Posted on May 20th.

  "Come home!" 
Nick Cannon learned the meaning of "If you don't pay, you got no say" this weekend. Mariah Carey's new husband was trying to have a boys' weekend at Saturday's opening of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods with pals Sean Combs and Quincy Jones when he got a call from Carey. "He was summoned home by her at 1 in the morning," a source said. "He didn't look happy about it." A rep for Carey didn't return calls.
Source: PageSix (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 20th.
   Second wedding all over the net
It appeared first on UK gossips and today it's hitting gossips in other countries, it is now rumored Mariah and Nick will wed again in NY within 6 weeks, according to that latest rumor, 2,000 guests are invited and Mariah will have 14 bridesmaids. Naomi Campbell is already confirmed on the guest list, let's play a game and try to guess the 1.999 other guests 
Posted on May 19th.
Cri$tyle talks on new projects with Mariah
Rhyme & Reason recently had the opportunity to chat with Cristyle ‘The Ink’ Johnson the songwriter responsible for penning Mariah’s latest smash “Touch My Body”, along with several other cuts off E=MC2 including; “Side Effects”, “Cruise Control”, “Heat” and “Lovin’ U Long Time”.

“Touch My Body” is a very playful song, and perhaps Mariah’s most raunchy to date. Were there any apprehensions about taking that direction with the song?
Nah, Mariah loves to have fun and be sexy all at the same time. We laughed a lot during the writing process, so there wasn’t any hesitation with writing that one.

I understand you have just hit the studio with Mariah once again to work on a remix. What can you tell us about the track?
We’re working on a special project that I’m really excited about. I’m not really at liberty to talk about it right now, but Mariah fans are going to be in for a huge treat!

While you have forged a strong relationship with Mariah, there must be instances where you don’t connect with your collaborator on a personal level. How does this affect the creative process?
Everytime I work with an artist, I try to become them for that moment. That way I can write the song as if I am that person, going through whatever they may be going through. So as far as the music is concerned, I channel the artist whether there is a connection or not. But it was a lot more fun workin’ with MC because of the friendship that was developed. A lot more laughs than usual. [Laughing]
Source: Rhyme & Reason - Barecodecs (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on May 19th.

Mariah fan arrested 
A man who allegedly threw a bottle at another motorist who called him a derogatory name for blaring Mariah Carey music while stopped for a red light in North Naples was arrested on felony charges over the weekend, according to Collier County sheriff's deputies.

The 21 years old fan, was charged with shooting a missile into a vehicle and criminal mischief.

Arrest reports say the fan was a passenger in a silver Ford Mustang convertible that was playing Mariah Carey music loudly while stopped at a red light at Pine Ridge and Airport-Pulling roads around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

A black Honda pulled up next to them and the passenger, 22, yelled at the fan calling him a derogatory name for listening to Mariah Carey, reports said.

The guys exchanged profanities as both cars continued west on Pine Ridge, reports said.. While stopped at a red light at the intersection of Pine Ridge and Goodlette-Frank Road, the argument escalated and the fan threw a beer bottle at the hater, reports said.

The hater ducked, but the bottle struck the driver of the Honda, a 21 year old girl, on the right side of her head.. She was not injured, reports said.
Source: Naples Daily News (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: I edited out the name of the involved people.
Posted on May 19th.

"Bye Bye" officially impacts Belgian radios tomorrow, be ready to request!
Posted on May 18th.
Massive jump again for E=MC² on iTunes Belgium
In a week time the album bounces again on iTunes wallonie (French speaking part of Belgium) and jumps from # 46 to #15 which is 31 spots!!!!!!!!
Posted on May 18th.
"Touch My Body" on Belgian radios, congrats to the Heroes of Mariah e-team which keeps voting to hold the track in the charts 
Touch My Body holds spots on a lot of radios thanks to you!!!!
- #1 (+1) on City Music, keep requesting!!!!
- #10 (-4) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- #40 (=) Komilfoo Hitlist, request here!!!!
- #10 (+1) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #24 (-8) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #9 (+5) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here , the track is also in the "Sterren plukkers", request here, and in "De Blauwe Maan", request here.
- #9 (+5) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #20 (+4) on Vivacité Tip Top 40, request here.
- #5 (-2) on Radio M.i.G. Top 30, request here
- #15 (+1) on MIX FM Top 40, request here.
- #19 (-9) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
- #20 (-6) on Radio Antipode, request here
- #27 (-2) on Radio Victoria Halse 50
- #18 (+1) on Radio Bingo's Top 30
- #28 (+1) on Must FM Top 40
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, all link can be found on the promo page.
Posted on May 18th.
Mariah in Cannes or not????
A few days ago Entertainment Tonight reported a rumor that Mariah and Nick will be arriving at the Cannes film festival.
Remember also, the rumor from 3 weeks ago that Mariah and Nick will attend the party Lady Victoria Hervey holds in Cannes and Mariah is rumored to perform.
Well, today another info (rumor) comes in, Mariah could attend the bash on Diddy's yacht, he's also hosting a party on May 22, so who knows.....
Posted on May 18th.
Mariah's fashion style
Julio just started a blog on Mariah's fashion style, go take a look at the following link!
Source: Julio by e-mail
Posted on May 18th.
E=MC² commercial on Belgian TV 
On Belgian channel 2BE (old Kanaal 2), they broadcast a commercial for the album.
Posted on May 18th.
Great critic for Mariah in "Tennessee" by BBC reporter
BBC News entertainment reporter Mark Savage attended the premiere of "Tennessee" at the Marché du Film in Cannes yesterday.

Back in 2001, soul superstar Mariah Carey had a bit of a funny turn in the wake of releasing her box office flop Glitter - a film which put the word corny into, erm... popcorny. 
"Carey can act after a fashion, though dialogue gives her trouble," noted TV Guide magazine in the US. 

Well, despite that setback, the singer has ventured back onto the silver screen in a movie called Tennessee and, with a low-key Cannes premiere last night, there was really no other option for our evening's entertainment. 

Tennessee is a good old-fashioned road movie, where travelling along an actual highway is a metaphor for making progress along your personal journey of life. 

Mariah plays a waitress who - would you believe it? - wants to break into music. She gets picked up by the film's heroes and accompanies them to Nashville, where they hope to find their estranged father. 

Amazingly, Mariah is the best thing in it. Her understated, downbeat performance is so natural that pretty soon you stop wondering whether Busta Rhymes will pop up for a guest rap. 

And for someone famed as an image-obsessed diva, Carey has no problem playing a character who dresses down in dowdy clothes with greasy, toussled hair. She even carries a little extra weight compared to her normal svelte image. 

Carey is so good, in fact, that the film feels rather flat when she's off-screen. The denouement, which is presumably supposed to be a heart-rending tear-jerker, kind of passed me by. 

Maybe we wrote Carey's film career off too soon? 
Source: BBC (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 17th.

Mariah will not attend the Life Ball
Even if rumors pointed to a possible attendance of Mariah at the Life Ball in Vienna and her management would take the decision at the last minute, it has been officially confirmed by her management and the Life Ball that Mariah will not attend the event.
Source: Life Ball by e-mail
Posted on May 17th.
Vids for you
Extra TV, Extra TV Online, Access Hollywood, and E! News showed the arrivals of Mariah and Nick last night at the Operation Smile event in New York City. Access Hollywood reported that Mariah arrived one hour after Nick.
- Extra TV - Click here.
- Extra TV Online - Click here.
- Access Hollywood - Click here.
- E! News - Click here.
Entertainment Tonight reported Mariah's BET Award nomination and showed Mary J say congrats to Mariah and Nick - Click here.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 17th.
Guys, trust Mariah, "together we'll make history" 
Posted on May 17th.
Still a lil' chance for Austrian fans, Mariah in Vienna tomorrow?
As I reported a month ago, Mariah might attend the Life Ball in Vienna on May 17th. at the Vienna City Hall. 
Today, Yahoo! Austria posts the following:
"Still unconfirmed is a visit by music superstar Mariah Carey. Her management will announce definite decision only hours before the ball on Saturday, ball organisers said."

The 16th Life Ball blasts off into the vastnesses of outer space and uses this imagery to explore the social issues of Aids in all its societal aspects and, at the same time, to emphasize “universal” togetherness. 
Posted on May 16th.

Candid pics
At last night's Operation Smile After Party, Nick Cannon was on the decks and started mixing "Heartbreaker" while Mariah spent time among the guests. 

Click to enlarge
Source for the pics: Blackmag - CelebrityGossip (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 16th.
Mariah: "Married Life Is 'Fantastic, It's a stone smash!" 
Nick: ""It's a beautiful situation ... carrying on and on each day."
I'm not gonna post the article as I don't want People's lawyer to send me an e-mail again 
But you can click here to read it.
Posted on May 16th.
Mariah Mania in Manhattan!
Mariah Carey was bombarded by flashbulbs on the red carpet for an Operation Smile charity event last night in New York City.
When "Extra's" AJ Calloway asked MC about married life, she replied, "I'm feeling good, darling!"
Click here to watch the lil' vid
Source: ExtraTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 16th.
Mariah and Nick both on Vanishing Tattoos' website
On The Vanishing Tatoo's website, in the Celebrity Tattoos category, both Mariah and Nick are listed with pics under the letter C.
Source for the info: Alexandra by e-mail
Posted on May 16th.
Pfiouuuuu, I feel better
After an entire day walking in the streets of my city (Brussels) and enjoying the sun and people who don't care about the color of the skin, I'm back and more motivated than ever to fight the haters and the "fans" who hate, oh by the way I sang Ramona on the Place de Brouckère for real  and I feel damn better 
Posted on May 16th.
Disgusted and nauseated...
I wouldn't never thougth that "fans" could be so low, insulting Mariah and Nick's eventual future children is disgusting and revolting, when on a forum which I will not tell the name to not put shame on all the members of that forum, they use the "n****" word to talk about Mariah's future babies, we can clearly see that  racism is there even among some of Mariah's "fans".  Nauseating.
I'm gonna take some fresh air for the rest of the day, I really need it, and...  I'm gonna go sing Ramona on the place de Brouckère (only people living in Brussels will understand).
Posted on May 16th.
Mariah at Operation Smile
Mariah attended the Operation Smile's 5th Annual Event After Party at Skylight Studio, New York - May 15, 2008

Click to enlarge
More untagged pictures can be found on SweetMariah
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on May 16th.
Mariah in Cannes ?
Entertainment Tonight reported a rumor that Mariah and Nick will be arriving at the Cannes film festival.  Remember "Tennessee" is presented in the Marché du Film and will be broadcasted as follow:
16 May at 20h00
18 May at 12h00
20 May at 10h00
Remember also, the rumor from 3 weeks ago that Mariah and Nick will attend the party Lady Victoria Hervey holds in Cannes and Mariah is rumored to perform.
Posted on May 16th.
For vid collectors
 - Entertainment Tonight Part 2 - Click here to download.

Click to enlarge

- Usher announced Best Female R&B Artist Award nominees on 106 & Park - Click here to download.

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 16th.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy, Mariah is nominated for a BET Award
Mariah is nominated in the "Best Female R&B Artist" category.  Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
As reported earlier today, Mariah is set to perform live at the BET Award ceremony on June 24 in Los Angeles
Source: BET - Moony
Posted on May 15th.
According to US Weekly Magazine, at Ellen DeGeneres’ 50th birthday carnival bash in L.A., Mariah told fellow guest Pink, “Five minutes after I met Nick, I knew I’d marry him.”
Posted on May 15th.
Message For Japanese Fans From Mariah Part5 ( May13, 2008 )

Dear All my lovely lambs,
Hope you are all great!
I'm doing just fine! I am so happy right now.
I think you guys have already noticed OUR relationship.
I really wanted to tell you this for a long time, but I have been trying to keep this a surprise! sorry!
When I visit Japan, I will bring all my wonderful stories of my marriage.
I want to spread a little joy to all my fans in Japan, so just hold on a bit more!
In the meantime, check out my new video!

Source : Tokyo FM Mobile  - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 15th.

Nick And Mariah's Wild Ride
The romance between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey is one big roller coaster ride. 

Or at least that's the report from Entertainment Tonight's weekend anchor Kevin Frazier, who was along for the "ride," literally, when Cannon surprised his new bride with an evening at Southern California's Magic Mountain Amusement Park. 

In a preview of the story that will air tonight on "Entertainment Tonight, " Frazier told The Early Show viewers that Cannon has a reputation as a roller-coaster aficionado but that it appears Carey shares his passion. They rode six coasters, always sitting in the front car and sometimes repeating the trip a second time, he said. 

"This was Nick's surprise for Mariah," Frazier said. "It cost him the mid- to low-six figures to shut the park down for the night and have it all to themselves and Nick's friends. There were lots of signs up, saying: Nick and Mariah, a love story. It was for Nick's real friends, hanging with his buddies." 

The 38-year-old singer and the 27-year-old actor were married at Carey's estate in the Bahamas April 30, about six weeks after they met while shooting her music video. 

"A lot of people were surprised," Frazier said of the short romance, "but the thing that I noticed is that during the entire night at the amusement park she was very playful. She was jumping on Nick's back and he would carry her around. They were having fun; they were shouting and screaming; they were kissing. 

"You know that goo goo, gah-gah love you have when you first meet someone," Frazier asked, indicating that was one way to describe the relationship. "They are very happy. She was just hanging out with Nick. There were no A-list entertainers there." 
Source: CBS (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 15th.

Ellen DeGeneres about Mariah on KIIS
Ellen DeGeneres talked about her interview with Mariah with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS, click here to listen.
Source: KISS - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on May 15th.
Mariah set to perform on the live at the BET Awards in June
T-Pain's status as urban music's most frequent collaborator helped him nab a leading five BET Award nominations.

Kanye West and Keyshia Cole received three nominations, while Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and newcomer Flo Rida received a pair each. The BET Awards will be presented June 24 in Los Angeles.

While T-Pain has his own hits, including the chart-topper "Buy U a Drank," the singer and his electronically manipulated voice are often found on other people's songs. He received nominations for best collaboration for his work with Chris Brown ("Kiss Kiss"), West ("Good Life") and Flo Rida ("Low"), while he was also nominated twice in the video of the year category.

"T-Pain is everywhere," BET Executive Vice President Stephen Hill told the Associated Press. "He's got five nominations, none of them for his own work."

"He's had a great year; he's introduced a new element," Hill said, referring to T-Pain's vocoder-assisted vocals that have been replicated by other artists such as Snoop Dogg.

"Besides being the best black awards show that we have, also being one of the best awards show period, their ratings are through the roof," said Nelly, who is set to perform at the live awards show. "They're tuning in — black, white, Japanese, Chinese — you got it, they're tuning in, which says a lot."

Nelly and Usher were among those expected to announce the nominations on BET's "106 & Park" later Thursday. Usher is also set to perform on the live June broadcast, as well as Lil Wayne, Blige and Mariah Carey.
Source: Billboard (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 15th.

Guys, trust Mariah, "together we'll make history" 
Posted on May 15th.
Mariah and Nick at Six Flags
Among the guests and family were Nick's mom and his godfather.

Click to enlarge
Source: Rap-Up - Andrew by e-mail
Posted on May 15th.
Vids for you!
Wedding Party at Six Flags, Extra TV, TMZ, E! News, Insider & ET all in one.  Click here to download.

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 15th.
Malaysian fans!!!! Meet Mariah!!!!
Are you a big fan of Mariah Carey? If you are, then why don't you take part in Mix fm's Mariah’s Body Double contest. The winner will get to meet Carey in person in Tokyo, Japan.

The contest, which is on until May 20, requires listeners to call in and imitate Carey’s Touch My Body. The one who imitates her best will stand a chance to win the grand prize. All contestants will also receive a copy of the singer's album E=MC2.

Also, keep a lookout for Carey’s spanking new commercial on TV from now until May 27.
Source: The Star
Posted on May 14th.

US fans, support Bye Bye nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!
Posted on May 14th.
I know it's been a long time I didn't sing.... Laeticia asked me to sing for her boy Nicolas, so here ya go guys... 
Boy meets girl and looks in her eyes , time stands still and two hearts catch fire 
Off they go rollercoaster ride, up & down and around... 
Twisted all out they minds, and then his friends 
Said "its too soon to settle down", and then her friends 
Said "he's a playa, slow it down", they couldn't be who they was 
Cause it just seemed like love, wasn't on they side
But this isn't ... just another love story , together we'll make history 
Posted on May 14th.
While Mariah's official site hasn't still congratulate Mariah and Nick for their wedding and Benny Medina denied Mariah being pregnant, MomLogic, part of Warner Bros. Online holds a contest to win a baby blanket like the one Mariah and Nick reportedly bought, isn't that crazy?????? It's totally O.O.C.
Posted on May 14th.
UK fans!!!!!
E=MC2 Relativity of Mariah on BET in the UK 
Mariah performs for BET including songs such as "Touch my Body", "Migrate", "Love Story" as well as classic songs like "Shake it off" and "We Belong Together".

The show will air on: Channel 209-Sky Digital- BET on May 17th
Source: Dinter by e-mail
Posted on May 14th.

Apparently, Mariah will receive some new Hello Kitty stuffs 
Nick was spotted in the Hello Kitty Store.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 14th.
Inside Nick's Magical Night with Mariah
Only has all of the details:

Cannon shut down the park, at a cost in the mid-six figure range, so that he and Mariah could party with 100 friends and family. Nick had the park decorated in pink and purple balloons with Carey's signature butterflies also a fixture. Mariah's album was playing throughout the park the entire evening, and each guest received a pink or red Superman cape as a gift.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. and Six Flags security helped secure the 260 acre Theme Park from prying paparazzi, while Cannon, Carey and their guests played games and rode roller coasters, each time the new bride and groom riding in the front car.

The couple arrived a little after 8PM, greeted friends, then headed straight to the parks' flying rollercoaster, Tatsu. On the way Nick shot baskets with his buddies as his wife cheered him on. After a wild ride, the couple wanted to go again, but instead headed to the reception to greet guests. At the reception, they milled about with friends and family, all the while, holding hands and embracing in between conversations.

After about a 30 minute break the couple and about 20 guests headed off to enjoy more rides. Nick and Mariah were very playful and on more than one occasion he carried her on his back. They road 4 other coasters, multiple times, almost always sitting in the front seat, before finally calling it a night.

Kevin presented the couple with a blender as a wedding gift and Mariah said it was perfect for her protein shakes to lose weight and Nick's to gain.

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, May 14th to see all the romantic fun. 

Click to enlarge
Source: HipHollywood (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 14th.

Benny Medina: "Mariah is not pregnant"
Rumor alert: Nursery time for Mariah Carey 
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon could be infanticipating.

We hear the newlyweds are already planning a nursery. Yesterday, one of Carey's assistants called L.A.'s chic baby boutique Petit Tresor to talk about preparing for a little roommate. 

According to our eavesdropper, Mariah's office asked if the store could send fabric samples and if its designers could work with the theme of - you guessed it - butterflies! Word is the Petit crew is sending pictures of the nursery they just finished for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins. 

Mariah's manager, Benny Medina, assures us that the 38-year-old songbird, who wed the 27-year-old Cannon on April 30, is not pregnant. 

Three weeks ago, Carey told OK! magazine that she was in no hurry to start a family "because of childhood traumatic stuff." But since walking down the aisle with Cannon, she said having children is "part of the whole purpose of getting married." 

A friend of the couple tells us Carey had said she was working on a concept to make Cannon's L.A. home more comfy for a lady with a whole lot of shoes and dresses. But apparently, she's also thinking about cribs and changing tables. Her assistant asked if Petit Tresor could shut the store for a private conference next time she's in L.A. 
Source: New York Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 14th.

ET has the exclusive! US fans tune in to ET on Wednesday .....
Nick and Mariah's Rollercoaster Honeymoon!
Newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon enjoyed a magical night at Six Flags Magic Mountain in L.A. on Tuesday evening -- and the star couple invited only ET's Kevin Frazier and our cameras inside the theme park with them! Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday to see all the romantic fun.

Mariah couldn't believe her eyes when she and Nick arrived in a Rolls Royce at Six Flags, only to find it transformed into a private party palace just for them -- a special surprise arranged for her by Nick!

The normally packed theme park played host to the newlyweds and an exclusive guest list of 100 invitees, and the entire premises was decorated in purple and pink balloons, not to mention signs reading "Nick and Mariah: A Love Story."

Our own Kevin Frazier got in on the fun, too, taking a roller coaster ride with the lovely couple and offering them a unique wedding gift -- a blender! Mariah assured Kevin the present would be perfect for making protein shakes with, so she could keep her new sexy figure. 
Source: ETonline (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 14th.

Mariah and Ellen 
-Part1 - Click here to download.
-Part2 - Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 14th.
Reports on Mariah's Ellen Appearance, Mariah Sighting at LA Restaurant Last Night, etc.
Most of the shows today talked about Mariah making the first TV appearance on Ellen after the wedding, going to a restaurant in LA last night, and one show reported that Mariah is supposed to go to the Six Flags with Nick.
Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 14th.
Mariah Rents Out Magic Mountain
Hollyscoop can exclusively report that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have rented out Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. as a "celebratory post-wedding event." 
The park will be closed to the general public today so don't bother driving there to get a glimpse of Mimi in action, but do expect staged paparazzi shots to surface tomorrow! Hey, they did say they were "12 at heart."

Mariah Plans Theme-Park Party
The whirlwind that is the Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon romance refuses to die down, as the couple continue to make headlines with every public appearance. And sources close to the singer are telling OK! that the party will keep rolling on tonight with an invite-only party inside one of the nation's largest amusement parks!

"She's booked all of Six Flags Magic Mountain in L.A. for Tuesday night," the source reveals to OK!, adding that Mariah got the idea from Ellen DeGeneres, whose carnival-themed birthday party they attended over the weekend.

However, a source close to Nick tells OK! that the story is "inaccurate." 
Requests for comment from reps at Magic Mountain have not yet been returned. 

Mariah and Nick's Roller-Coaster Romance 
Still no word of a honeymoon, but newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are planning a big blowout tonight. 

A source tells E! News that the two lovebirds are renting all of Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park for a private party. 

All the roller coasters you can ride until you throw up...sounds romantic! Guess these two really are "eternally 12 years old" after all.

And this is just one stop on their busy schedule: Last Saturday, they were at Ellen DeGeneres' 50th birthday bash and then hit Villa on Monday night for some drinks and dancing. 

Coming up, Nick's jet-setting back to New York City to deejay at the Stoli Hotel soiree Friday.

No word on whether Mimi will join her man that night, but the way they've been attached at the hip lately, it wouldn't surprise us.

Source: Hollyscoop - OK! Magazine - E! Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 13th.

'Extra' Exclusive Preview: Star Spangled Mariah! 
Only "Extra" has your exclusive first look at Mariah Carey's cameo in "You Don't Mess with the Zohan," which opens in theatres June 6th.
In the film, Adam Sandler plays a Mariah-obsessed Mossad agent determined to escape war -- to cut hair in New York City.
Click here to watch it.
Source: ExtraTV
Posted on May 13th.
Important: Please just one click for Mariah in Poland
Just one little click here and now!!!!
Source: Marcin by e-mail
Posted on May 13th.
Watch Ellen part 2
Click hereto watch it 
Source for the link: Hot Tamale on our forum
Posted on May 13th.
Mariah Talks Nick Cannon, Wedding On 'Ellen'; Says She Got 'Gangsta' For Tattoo Session

Mariah Carey appeared on "Ellen" Tuesday (May 13) to talk about her recent wedding to Nick Cannon. 

She said the pair used a "video shoot" as camouflage for bringing friends out to the Bahamas for the beachside ceremony, and noted that very few people were invited. 

"It was mostly people to do my hair and help me with my dress ... and three of my friends and he had three people with him," she said. 

"We wanted to be at the beach, we didn't want other people taking pictures, because we both experienced the hoopla of trying to make something into, like, a publicity stunt, which is what everybody thinks and will think anyway," she said. "We don't really care about that mentality. Instead of trying to be like, 'You're invited, but shhh, don't tell anybody,' we're just going to have another wedding next year. Nick's plan is to have one every year." 

Host Ellen DeGeneres then held up photos of the pair's tattoos: Cannon's is a large "Mariah" across his back, while hers is a small butterfly on her lower back that incorporates the letters "MC" — which she said stood for "Mrs. Cannon," but DeGeneres quickly pointed out could also simply stand for the singer's initials, if the marriage doesn't work out. 

"That's so mean, Ellen!" Carey said. 

She continued, "I never had a tattoo before, and it's his first tattoo also — that's why it was a big deal. I fell asleep during my tattoo. People were like, 'What?' I was gangsta for that, a little bit." 

Carey also said Cannon is the man she wants to raise a family with. "My parents divorced when I was 3 and I didn't have many examples of what was the 'norm,' " she said. But "I found the right person." 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 13th.

C'mon US fans, support E=MC²!!!!!!!!!!
E=MC² in the US
#4 with 88,498 copies solded.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on May 13th.
OK Magazine out now in the UK, be sure to grab your copy!!!
It seems there will be new pics of Mariah and Nick's wedding in the magazine.
Posted on May 13th.
New voice message from Mariah
Go on Mariah's official site to listen 
Posted on May 13th.
Paps and some random "fans"go fuckin' insane and rude!!!!!
I'm not gonna post the video from X17 Online directly on my site, 'cause I'm not gonna give them credit for this, it's freaking insane and scary, Mariah's security staff will have a lot of work with these kind of psychos running around.
Click here if you wanna see how these psychos were acting.
Posted on May 13th.
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Cause Chaos at Restaurant
Mariah Carey stepped out with her new hubby Nick Cannon last night to grab some sushi at Gyu-Kaku restaurant in Beverly Hills. 
The newlyweds caused so much chaos, they had to have a police escort back to their car.

Source: Hollyscoop (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 13th.
Mariah Carey: 'I Had More Hair Stylists At My Wedding Than Guests'
Mrs. Nick Cannon reveals more about the small ceremony...
Mariah Carey admits that there were more people helping her do her hair for her wedding to Nick Cannon than guests at the actual ceremony itself.

Speaking to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that will air tonight, the E=MC2 songstress admits her nuptials were mostly attended by people "to do my hair and help me with the dress."

"And then, three of my friends and he had three people with him,” she adds. “It wasn't a lot of people taking pictures."

Disgruntled friends and family who didn’t get an invite to the wedding should not be upset. Carey admits she and her groom may hold a wedding annually so those closest to them can attend.

"His plan is to have one [wedding] every year. Instead of trying to be like, 'You're invited, but shhh, don't tell anybody,' we're just going to have another one [wedding] next year."
Source: Entertainmentwise (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 13th.

"Ok, this is such a freaking YouTube moment" 
Mariah on Ellen DeGeneres - click here to watch it on Ellen's YouTube.
Click hereto download it (thanks to Moony)
Posted on May 13th.
Ellen DeGeneres Pre-taping Clip
Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 13th.
Caps of Mariah at Ellen's taping
It was too late last night (this morning) to post the caps of Mariah at Ellen's show taping, when you look at empty seats for hours and finally Mariah arrives, you don't have time anymore to upload the caps
Anyway, here they are.

Click to enlarge
Posted on May 13th.
US fans, if you can, watch Ellen this week
To see Mariah tomorrow of course, but also to see the highlights of Ellen's birthday bash which took place on May 10 and as reported Mariah and Nick were there.  It appears she will show parts in her show and you'll probably be able to catch Mariah and Nick among the guests.
Posted on May 12th.
Mariah and Nick were indeed at Ellen's birthday bash
I told you 2 days ago that Mariah could attend Ellen's birthday bash, well she and Nick were there to celebrate. I'm not gonna post the picture as I don't want People's lawyer to send me an e-mail again 
But you can click here to look at the picture and read the tidbit.
Posted on May 12th.
Rumor alert: Mariah Carey Wedding Pictures: $2 Million
Rumors are flying around the net that People magazine paid $2 million for the exclusivity of Mariah and Nick's wedding pics.  OK! wanted it too but lost the bid.
Could be true, could be false, that's why it's called rumors....
Posted on May 12th.
"Touch My Body" single in France
It seems "Touch My Body" will be commercially released as a physical single after all in France.  Fnac France lists it for May 26 and Yoann received his pre-order notification with the same date.  French fans, make it a success now!!!!!
Source for the info: Yoann by e-mail
Posted on May 12th.
Bye Bye video on MTV Base
The video is now being played on MTV Base (UK)
Source: Taz on our forum
Posted on May 12th.
MC+NC=perfect pair 
So the world’s press have been falling over themselves recently, coming up with all sorts of completely fabricated stories about Mariah– and calling all of us who love her for a quote. So here goes: 
Congratulations to my New York cousin who has become a wife, and her new husband, Nick Cannon. MC is still an MC, as she’s now Mrs Mariah Carey-Cannon!

Before we get into the real talk, let's cut the silly stories dead: 

MC didn't buy her own ring and she wasn't given a second hand ring. In fact, I'm reliably informed that the ring Nick once offered someone else isn't even in the same league as the one MC is sporting. MC’s is 10 times bigger. 

MC's ring is the most beautiful ring ever with “pink yet lavender” diamonds surrounding the centre. 

Next: The flowers didn't come from the island of Eleuthera. They were flown in from Miami. Also, with regards to all the pre-nup rumous; All you need to know is they're both independent with their own thing going on and have both their respective heads screwed firmly on! 

MC has been friends with Nick since 2005 when he presented her with a Billboard Music Award. They kept in touch and let their friendship develop and the most beautiful thing is: Nick always used to say he was in love with MC and that one day he was going to marry her. It seems he spoke it into existence!! 

Nick went on to propose to MC– twice! Firstly on the Empire State Building, which she had just lit up publicly in pink– yet lavender– lights. 

Nick hid the ring in a candy wrapper amongst lollipops and lunchboxes, and then he re-proposed after whisking her off on a helicopter ride around New York so she could see her “pink and lavender Empire State Building.” 

Think that's beautiful? They've further cemented their love for each other with tattoos. Neither of them have ever had a tattoo in their lives but now MC is sporting a “Mrs Cannon” tattoo while Nick has “Mariah” across his back. 

I can say that of all the men I've seen MC with in the past, I've never seen her like this. I’m not sure she's ever truly been in love until now. And even better still, all of us who love her, love him, coz he constantly reminds us: "I am madly in love with my wife and it’s my life duty to make her happy.” 

I toast you Mr and Mrs cannon! 
Source: Jasmine for The Voice (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 11th.

Dubai concert
I've just been told that normally the concert in Dubai is rescheduled for November.
Posted on May 11th.
No dancing banana.....
The ones who visit Heroes of Mariah regularly know when there's a good news, I post the banana .  Some of you asked why I didn't post it, was it because I wasn't very happy for Mariah?  Of course I am, how couldn't we all not be happy if she finally found love.  The fact is like every fan, even if rumors were floating, I was surprised by that sudden news.  Everyone reacts in its own way, some are happy, some are in schock, others think they can control Mariah's life and choose the ideal man for her, some are worried for the success of the wonderful new album, others went so far and insulted Mariah and even Nick they don't even know.  This guy already dated a few girls, so what.... this doesn't make him a suspect.  I can admit it seems a lil' weird to use the same words to explain his relation with a woman: ""I was attracted from day one. How could you not be attracted to someone who has a great spirit on the inside and beautiful on the outside?" (this was in 2003 while talking about Christina Milian during an interview).  On another side, you can feel on this guy, son of a minister/preacher and raised by his grandma, social and politic convictions, a strong Christian spirituality, humor and kindness, if you look atthis it's no wonder Mariah and him clicked.
We all had an emotional moment when we read the news.  All that to explain why I forgot the banana.
If Mariah is happy, I'm happy too   And if.... no, no doubt, here's the banana 
Postd on May 11th.
Belgian fans, the i-D magazine is available in Belgium now!!!!
You can now pick up your copy in Belgium, I bought mine today at Waterstone (Boulevard Adolphe Max in the city center of Brussels) for 8,30 Euros (even if I already ordered one online on i-D's site ).  Be sure to pick up your copy, it's a great mag with wonderful pics!!!
Posted on May 11th.
The "OOPS" magazine
You were a lot to e-mail me since friday about the Fench magazine "OOPS" and a lot of non French speaking fans to ask me if I could translate the article.  I didn't buy it (the store were I usually go had already putted aside for me, no thanks ) and will not buy this crap magazine, that magazine is known for fake pics and fake facts, why should I buy it ???? because there's a fake picture on the cover????
Posted on May 11th.
May 10 E! News Nick's Brother's Interview 
Yesterday, E! News aired an interview of Nick's brother. He talked about Nick and how he learned about Nick's wedding. In addition, they aired a clip from the Bye Bye video at the end of the show.
Click here to download it.
Source: Moony
Posted on May 11th.
Help needed in Malaysia 
Please vote for Touch My Body and Bye Bye on:
- Hitz Urban 10
- Mixed Top 20
- Freaky Fly 30
Posted on May 11th.
Ad for Mariah on Ellen
Ellen's site has a preview of this Tuesday's show with Mariah, nothing new as this show will only be taped tomorrow, but it's nice to see.
Click here to access the "This week on Ellen" page and scroll down.
Click here to download it (thanks to Moony for capping it)
Posted on May 11th.
Mariah in LA ?
It seems Mariah and Nick are in LA to attend Ellen DeGeneres's birthday bash tonight in Burbank.
It could be, as we know Mariah will be on the taping of Ellen's show Monday.
Posted on May 10th.
C"mon, keep voting for Touch My Body while waiting for Bye Bye to hit Belgian radios, it will be soon as like I already told you the single will be in stores in June. 
Posted on May 10th.
From May 9 TV Shows: Mariah Going To Time 100 Gala & Waverly Inn 
Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 10th.
Nick & Mariah's Wedding Bling: A Closer Look.
Due to People'strict copyright rules, I'm not gonna post it, but you can click here to read it.
Posted on May 10th.
Touch My Body on Belgian radios, congrats to the Heroes of Mariah e-team, well done again guys, even with this emotional week 
Touch My Body holds spots on a lot of radios thanks to you, even with the emotional days we went trough, you kept doing your daily task!!!!
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Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, all link can be found on the promo page.
Posted on May 10th.
Upon request of People's lawyer, all pictures from the People issue with Mariah and Nick on the cover have been removed from Heroes of Mariah due to copyrights infringement.
Posted on May 10th.
A new lil' lamb is born 
A big congrats to my mate, he's father of a lil' lamb. Welcome Calvin
Posted on May 9th.
Video of Mariah and Nick leaving the Waverly Inn last night
Click here to watch the video.
Click here to download it. (Thanks to Moony)
Source for the first link: E!Online
Posted on May 9th.
Martha To Mariah: ‘Congratulations… You’re Fabulous’
Martha Stewart has offered her congratulations to her friend and commercial co-star Mariah Carey, for the singer’s nuptials to Nick Cannon.

Access Hollywood broke the news of Mariah’s wedding to the domestic goddess at the Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People party in New York City on Thursday night.

“I didn’t even know she got married. When did she get married?” Martha asked. “I live in a garden.”

Martha and Mariah were co-stars in an ad for Macy’s line of celebrity-endorsed products.

As a result of their connection, the domestic diva decided to share some words for the singing superstar via Access.

“Well congratulations,” Martha said. “Mariah, I hope you have a very lovely life. You deserve it. You’re fabulous!”
Source: Access Hollywood (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 9th.

Pal: Mariah's "Baby Would Be in Gucci, Chanel and Diamonds From Birth"
Now that Mariah Carey is married to Nick Cannon, could kids be next? 

Her pals wouldn’t object!

When asked if the singer would be a great mother, friend Tyler Perry told "Absolutely!"

"Her baby would be in Gucci, Chanel and diamonds from birth," the director said at Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World party in New York City Thursday.

Perry also joked he was "upset about this marriage" to Cannon.

"She didn't tell me she was married!" he said. "We've been talking and you don't tell me you're getting married? What's that about?"

But Perry won’t hold it against her.

"She is a wonderful, wonderful woman," he says. "So I'm just joking around."
Source: USMagazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 9th.

Tons of pics of Mariah and Nick leaving Waverly Inn
Click here to access MariahSource's gallery.
Source: Sihame from MariahSource on our forum
Posted on May 9th.
Mariah and Nick's night out in NYC
In addition to the plethora of beautiful people at Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” gala last night, onlookers got a special treat as Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made their first public appearance as man and wife.
Mariah and Nick looked happier than ever as they mingled with industry bigwigs and fellow celebrities during the gala, held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.
After the Time shindig, the newlyweds headed over to the celebrity-popular Waverly Inn for a late night dinner.  But not before Mariah had a chance to change into yet another fabulous dress.  She chose a strapless trench coat-inspired garment and she looked fabulous.

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossip Girls
Posted on May 9th.
Mr. and Mrs. Cannon Fire Up Manhattan
Call it the emancipation of the Cannons.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon stepped out publicly for the first time as husband and wife Thursday night in New York, making an appearance at the party for Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.

The newlyweds arrived at the bash, held at Lincoln Center, around 9:30 p.m. and eschewed the red carpet press, instead making their way inside to allow Mimi adequate prep time for her 10:30 p.m. performance.

Cannon, 27, and Carey, 38, showed off their blingtastic wedding rings, which the Grammy winner matched with her extremely form-fitting, short 'n' shimmery dress.

The duo stuck around long enough to pose alongside Oprah BFF Gayle King, music producer Antonio "L.A." Reid and Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons, before continuing on to a postparty pit stop at eatery du jour the Waverly Inn.

Next week will bring yet another first for Carey, namely her first televised appearance as a married woman. Well, a twice-married woman.

She's set to tape an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday. The episode will air on Tuesday.
Source: E! Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 9th.

More pics of Mariah at the Time 100 gala

Click to enlarge
More untagged pictures can be found on SweetMariah.
Source for the pics: SweetMariah
Posted on May 9th.
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Step Out For Time 100 
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon make their first public appearance together as a newly married couple at Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday.

Mariah performed at the event, which celebrated the most influential people on the planet, as selected by the the mag. Afterwards, Mariah and Nick posed alongside songwriter/music producer L.A. Reid, CEO of Time Warner Richard Parsons and editor-at-large for O Magazine Gayle King.

Click to enlarge
Source: JustJared
Posted on May 9th.

Mariah at Ellen's show on May 13th.
Ellen Worldwide Exclusive with Mariah Carey!
Next Tuesday, Mariah Carey will join Ellen to make her first TV appearance since marrying rapper Nick Cannon! Be the first to hear about the wedding, the reception, the honeymoon -- straight from Mariah herself! Mariah told People magazine, "We really do feel we are soulmates. I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me." Don't forget, Mariah the newlywed will be here next Tuesday!
(The show will tape 5/12 to air 5/13)
Source: Ellen - Pink Cow - Varun 
Posted on May 9th.
Don't forget to grab your copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go take a look to MariahDailyJournal for the full transcript of the People article.
Posted on May 8th.
Paps are already after Nick
Mariah and Nick are both back in New York, according to IN Daily, Nick was spotted living his hotel today (I guess Mariah was in that hotel too).  He proudly wears his ring (so, he has a ring and a tatoo).

Posted on May 8th.
Mariah, Fergie Dubai concert postponed
Dubai will be diva-less after it was announced the world’s number one-selling female artist Mariah Carey along with Black Eyed Peas songstress Fergie will not be performing in Dubai next week.

Mel Tyler, of Midas Promotions, said the cancellation was due to a tight schedule and problems with the logistics of the concerts.

Officially announced just 10 days ago, many people in Dubai were growing sceptical about the success of a concert arranged at such short notice however the organisers maintain they believe the ticket sales would have been impressive.

Tyler said: “The extremely compressed time frame along with unforeseen logistical complications compelled us to move the event later in the year to ensure a show commensurate with the level of success of these world class Artists and the people of Dubai.”

The news came just days after the tickets went on sale on a number of websites but fans who were quick to purchase will get their money back in full. 

All ticket purchasers should contact their respective on-line ticket outlet for a full refund.
Source: Gulfnews
Posted on May 8th.

Cannon says he clicked instantly with Carey
Mariah Carey really did get married to Nick Cannon in the Bahamas last week — and they have the tattoos to prove it.

The 38-year-old singer and the 27-year-old actor confirmed to People magazine that they tied the knot at Carey's Bahamian estate April 30 after a courtship that began in late March.

In an interview from the magazine's May 19 issue, Cannon said they clicked instantly when Carey cast him as a lover in the video for her new single, "Bye Bye."

"From the first time we sat down to discuss the video at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we connected," Cannon said. "We had so much in common spiritually, and we laugh at the same things. I didn't have to put on my Mac Daddy suave mode. I was able to be myself with her. We are both eternally 12 years old."

They began a whirlwind romance, and raised eyebrows when Carey was seen sporting a huge diamond ring on her finger at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her movie "Tennessee," in which she plays a waitress. Carey said she told "only about four people" about the wedding.

Were Carey's friends surprised?

"Some were, but some weren't," she said. "One thing (few people) knew was we got tattoos a few weeks earlier. So anyone who saw my (Mrs. Cannon) tattoo wasn't surprised."

Chiming in, Cannon said, "To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything. They're forever and ever. They professed our love."

A dozen guests attended their sunset wedding, where they served Maine lobster and Dom Perignon champagne. The bride wore a gown by Nile Cmylo that showed off her curves and faded from off-white to pale pink.

"My pastor Clarence Keaton flew in from New York," Carey said. "The whole wedding was really beautiful and sweet. Being there with loved ones under the sky ... it was a spiritual moment."
Source: MSNBC (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 8th.

Details about the wedding
It's official: Carey, Cannon are married
Less than two weeks after the wedding proposal, singer Mariah Carey, 39, and actor Nick Cannon, 27, are talking about their whirlwind affair. 
"It was a love-at-first-sight thing. Since we've been together, we've been inseparable," Cannon tells the next issue of People, on stands Friday.

On April 30, just five days after he popped the question on the rooftop of her New York apartment building, the two were walking down the aisle on a white carpet at sunset at the beach on her estate in the Bahamas. He wore Balenciaga. She wore an off-white dress by Nile Cmylo. "And (Christian) Louboutins — I can wear high heels with Nick because he's tall. Flats are not in my repertoire," she says. 

The two, who met at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, began dating in late March. At the time, they had begun shooting the video for her single Bye Bye. He was cast as the romantic lead. "From the first time we sat down to discuss the video at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we connected. … I was able to be myself with her," he says. "We are both eternally 12 years old." 

Some friends knew the couple were getting serious, she says. "One thing (few people) knew was we got tattoos a few weeks earlier. So anyone who saw my ("Mrs. Cannon") tattoo wasn't surprised," she says. 

"To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything. They're forever and ever," says Cannon, who has "Mariah" tattooed on his back.

And what about children? "It's part of the whole purpose of getting married," Carey says. "I'd just want our children to have the best childhood and upbringing they possibly could."
Source: USA Today
Posted on May 8th.

Videos about the wedding
- Showbiz Tonight - Click here.
- Access Hollywood, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Extra TV, The Insider, and MTV News - Click here.
- Inside Edition and Daily 10's coverage - Click here.

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
Posted on May 8th.
Mariah's mom nominated
Mariah's mom was among the celebrity moms from Long Island nominated for Mother's Day. It's a list of mothers from Long Island who have raised superstar children. Dina Lohan, mother of Lyndsay, Carol Baldwin, mother to acting brothers Alec, Billy, Daniel and Steven; Billy Joel's mum Roslind; Natalie Portman's mother Shelley; Ralph Macchio's mum Rosalie and Mariah Carey's mother Patricia."  Dina Lohan was chosen in an online survey asking voters to select Long Island's top 20 moms of celebrities.
Mariah's mom was sent an invitation to attend the evening.
Source: Mingling Moms by e-mail
Posted on May 7th.
Mariah Back From Bahamas and Ready to Warble 
Hollywood's hottest newlyweds are home.
A week after their under-the-radar Bahamas wedding, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have returned to the States and are primed to resume work.
Nick's 18-year-old brother, Reuben Cannon, says his newly hitched brother is currently in Los Angeles.
"He's here, and he is really happy," Reuben, an L.A.-based professional singer and dancer, exclusively tells E! News.
"I've never seen him so happy."
Reuben declined to comment on the whereabouts of his new sister-in-law, but a source says Carey was in the City of Angels as of Tuesday.
She's not staying long, though.
A rep for Time magazine's Time 100 gala, set for Thursday night in New York, confirms to E! News that the bash will be headlined by the new Mrs. Cannon.
Source: E!Online
Posted on May 7th.
Confused fans
I keep receiving e-mails and I can't reply to all of you.  I know many fans are confused, shocked or whatever, the wedding is so sudden, even if the rumors were flying around, we were not sure it would happen for sure.  Some of you congratulate Mariah, some others keep denying the facts, some others believe it but want to be 100% sure it isn't for that prank show.  Some suspected details appear on that People cover (thanks Kinou and Jack, you ruined my day  ),  I really don't know  what to think anymore, but it's not my business, all what matters is Mariah's happiness, it's all about luv and support.
If our girl is in love and married, I'm really really happy , Nick looks great and does an awesome work with kids and so on, take a look at this, don't hate on him.
On another side, what if we were all fooled and it really is for the prank show 
Posted on May 7th.
Oprah and friends confirms Mariah's wedding too 
Mariah has "Mrs Cannon" tatooed on her back.
Click here to watch the vid
Click here to download it.
Source for the links: Moony
Posted on May 7th.
CONGRATS Mariah and Nick!!!!!! 
Go take a look on People
Posted on May 7th.
I guess People's website is gonna crash today   by the way do they have google ads??? 

On another part
Andre Leon Talley was interviewed at the Costume Institute Ball (at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC) on Monday. Mariah was also scheduled to attend the gala but canceled it.
Click hereto download the video thanks to Moony.
I swear if he's lying, I'll go to NY with a bag of tomatoes
Posted on May 7th.

Bye Bye screen caps
You were a lot to e-mail me asking why I didn't make screen caps of Bye Bye.  the reason is very simple, how can you choose just some random moments out of such a strong message.  The video for the ones who found the clues is a pure jewell which can't be resumed by some screen caps.
Posted on May 7th.
Ouch...... c'mon US fans, support E=MC²!!!!!!!!!!
E=MC² in the US
#2 with 87,068 copies solded.
Source: HitsDailyDouble
Posted on May 6th.
I only post this 'cause I know US fans who collect videos don't want to miss it.
Mariah Carey's wedding shocker on Oprah tomorrow
It's the week in review, and viewers are speaking out about anything and everything—the Tom Cruise interview, Barbara Walters's bombshell, Mariah Carey's wedding shocker and more! 
Click here to watch the preview
Source for the info: Jayson
Posted on May 6th.
Celebrity Exposé 
Click on the links to download the files of Celebrity Exposé that aired last night.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 .

Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 6th.
Isn't this a bit too much for a publicity stunt??????
I tried not to post articles about the rumor, but it's really O.O.C., publicity stunt, prank show or whatever, it's now spreading from more reliable people (unless they are part of a plot...). Like Mariah already said, "don't believe all you read", but if this is part of a publicity stunt, they want us to play the game too, if not, Mariah is waiting for her fans to support her now!  We are all waiting for an official confirmation....

- From Liz Smith today:

- From Roger Friedman today:

- From Roger Friedman yesterday: 
Posted on May 6th.

"Bye Bye" video now!!!!!!
A great and very personal video of Mariah with tributes to her dad, members of her family, ODB, Luther Vandross, Pavarotti, Da Brat's grandma, even Clarence ... scenes from the London signing session, from the Press Conference in Paris.
Click here to watch it and support the track now!!!!!!
Thanks to the guys at our forum for the video link
Posted on May 5th.
New pics of Mariah in the Bahamas
New pics have surfaced (thanks to Sihame on our forum), I'll not post them 'cause they were taken without Mariah's consent by paps which invade her privacy and Josefine's, you'll probably find them somewhere soon.
While fans are debating about rumors, singles and so on, did it came in someone's mind Mariah is maybe exhausted with that diet and all that work day and night? I start to get really worried 
Posted on May 5th.
No MET for Mariah today
Another appearance was canceled, Mariah was expected to attend this year’s Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art today.  She canceled last week 
Source: E! Online
Posted on May 5th.
The Roots: "our future at Def Jam is in the hands of Mariah Carey"
At least it's what ?uest from The Roots claim in an interview with HiHopDX
DX: Speaking of, what’s The Roots future at Def Jam now that the man who brought you guys there is gone?
?uest: I think a better question would be what’s the future of Def Jam? At the rate where they’re expecting to sell one million Mariah units [in the first week] and only got 463,000… Right now our future at Def Jam is in the hands of Mariah Carey. So I hope she goes diamond. Heads are gonna fly if this album flops. So right now I’m praying that Mariah Carey outdoes Thriller.
Source: HipHopDX (extract)
Posted on May 5th.
Me And Mariah
by: Danyel Smith
Exclusive sneak peak and editor's note from our sizzling June issue!
Editor's letter

VIBE and Mariah do go back like babies and pacifiers. There was a Mariah cover in April 1996, around the time of Daydream. That excellent story was written by Elysa Gardner (now of USA Today). In 2003, around the time of Charmbracelet, Lola Ogunnaike (now of CNN’s American Morning) wrote another fantastic cover piece. 

As for myself, in 1998, when I was editor-in-chief the first time, I flew to San Francisco (on Mariah time, you have to be ready to get up and go anywhere at a moment’s notice) and then rode north to hilly Sonoma County, in Northern California’s wine country. Carey and I drank red wine until late into the night. She’d just left her marriage. I think she was releasing a greatest hits package (#1’s). She was in a good, if tough, space. That space from which good art and new beauty is sometimes born. She was fun. And open. Soon after, she went through some well-documented rough times. But she’s been back for a while, and the new album is an homage to Einstein’s theory of relativity, first introduced in a 1905 paper called, “Does The Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?” I thought you knew. 

People forget, because Mariah is so pretty and so about hair and boobs and antics, that she is a songwriter who will go down in history as one of the best, one of the most prolific, and one of the most successful. The sales and radio records she’s breaking are mammoth, and crucial too—because with every one she topples, it’s clearer that Miss Carey is the true People’s Choice. She writes and sings music that people sing to themselves, music that we move our bodies to. She is redefining—in these complicated cultural times, times in which niches are nich-ier than ever, times in which even the sale of creative content is in question—what it is to be popular (believed, embraced, or perpetuated by ordinary people). She’s buttah fly, for sure. 

The staff (Robyn Forest, Memsor Kamaraké, and Shanel Odum) and I got on Mariah Time, this time during the last week of March. First the shoot wasn’t happening. Then we were going to Paris. Then the shoot was going to be in Manhattan. Then we got on a plane to the West Indies, bound for a pearl of a private island off the coast of the exquisite isle of Antigua. Odum describes Jumby Bay beautifully in her second cover story (she wrote abut Mary. J Blige for the February issue), but be clear: Over and above the grass tennis courts, crystalline waters, the Cavalier Rum– glazed prawns, and the flawless, breezy-sunny climate, it’s the people of Antigua and Jumby Bay—Thelma, Lissue, Elaine, Glenroy, and everyone else—who make the place. They keep a staff blog, too: It’s as cool as they are. 

Click to enlarge
Source: VIBE (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 5th.

Mariah graces the cover of VIBE Magazine’s June 2008 issue
Mariah graces the the cover of VIBE Magazine’s June 2008 issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday. 
The steamy photos were shot on-location on Eagle’s Landing, a private Caribbean island off the coast of Antigua where VIBE joined Mariah for her lavish 38th birthday celebration.
To check out the entire shoot and story, pick up the new issue of VIBE when it hits stands tomorrow in the US.
Source: OK Magazine - VIBE (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 5th.
Front row Tickets in Dubai sell well
In several stores of the city, the front row tickets are already sold out, however there's not a big request (yet) for the other tickets.
Source: Hacène by e-mail
Posted on May 5th.
US fans: What's on TV today
8 p.m. (MyNetTV) "Celebrity Exposé." Mariah Carey gets the "Exposé" treatment tonight when the producers of "Access Hollywood" and host Tony Potts look at her life.
Source: NY Daily News
Posted on May 5th.
Dubai concert tickets on sale!!
On ShowbizME and on Time Out Tickets.

Midas Promotions, in association with On Golden Ponds Pictures multimedia entertainment company announces Mariah's concert in Dubai.

Mariah will premiere concert versions of new songs from her latest chart-topping album, "E=MC²."

Five-time Grammy winner Mariah, backed by her live band, will perform smash hits, fan favorites and concert surprises from an unparalled record-breaking best-selling repertoire running from her 1990 debut to this week's international charts.
Posted on May 4th.

Billboard revues "Bye Bye"
One "Touch" was enough to convince the masses that at 38, Mariah Carey is as much a chart tigress as anyone half her age. Sure enough, "E=MC2" launch single "Touch My Body" became her 18th No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single. That playful romp is followed by a reminder that Mimi is as capable of putting a weighty message in front without sacrificing melodic juice. "Bye Bye" offers comfort for anyone suffering loss: "This is for my peoples who just lost somebody, your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady/Lift your head to the sky, cos we will never say bye." A tinkly piano-driven groove escorts the lyrical embrace, with oozy synths, a flush of R&B via male shout-outs of "Eh!" and a vocal that builds to a fitting tour-de-force crescendo, though pushed down in the mix to maintain decorum. "Bye" seems poised to have Carey greet the top of the pops for a 19th time.
Source: Chuck Taylor for Billboard (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 4th.
Updates this evening
I'm going to enjoy a nice sunny day and many fans should do the same, when you see what people (don't call them fans anymore) write on a lot of forums and messageboards is just... hum, weird, I suggest to Mariah to reinforce her security staff with so much weirdos and psychos running around.
Posted on May 4th.
Belgian fans!!
The UK i-D magazine with the beautiful pictures will normally be available in Belgium at selected stores unless there's not enough in stock in the UK.
Posted on May 3
Mariah scheduled to perform at the fifth annual Time 100 gala
Mariah Carey will entertain the VIP crowd at the fifth annual Time 100 gala on Thursday along with jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and "SNL" stars Amy Poehler and Seth Myers.
Source: PageSix
Posted on May 3
Touch My Body on Belgian radios, congrats to the Heroes of Mariah e-team, well done again guys 
- #2 (+1) on City Music, keep requesting!!!!
-  #4 (+1) on Sud Radio's Top 30  keep requesting!!!!!
- #40 Komilfoo Hitlist, request here!!!!
- #11 (+3) on Canteclaer top 50 request here and choose "Studio"!!!!!!
- #17 (+3) on Radio VRD Toplijst, request here and choose "DJs", then enter "Request: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body" in the "opmerking" case.
- #13 (-1) on Radio 2 Top 30, request here , the track is also in the "Sterren plukkers", request here, and in "De Blauwe Maan", request here.
- #13 (-1) on Gaveromroep Top 30, request here.
- #23 (-1) on Vivacité Tip Top 40, request here.
- #3 (+1) on Radio M.i.G. Top 30, request here
- #16 (+3)) on MIX FM Top 40, request here.
- TBA (#13) on Radio Christina Bangelijke 40, request here.
- #14 (+2) on Radio Antipode, request here
- #15 (-10) on Radio Victoria Halse 50
- #21 (+3) on Radio Bingo's Top 30
- #32 on Must FM Top 40
The track is added on:
- Radio Contact since 4 weeks and also played on Total RnB
- Fun Radio Cat. A (most played tracks)
- Radio Antipode, Playlist A (most played tracks)
- Chic Radio
- Top Radio
- Q-Music.
- Radio Noorderkempen, enter "Mariah Carey" in "Zoek een artiest en/of titel in de playlisten" and you will see!!!! too bad they haven't a Top List.
- FM Brussel
Keep requesting too on all other radios and Tvs, most of them play the track, but it's not listed in a chart yet, all link can be found on the promo page.
Posted on May 3
    The news "Mariah on The View on May 5" disappeared from Mariah's official site 
Posted on May 2
Exclusive...never before seen Mariah footage!
Mariah invited Comcast into her studio to capture her behind the microphone as she recorded the tracks from her latest album, E=MC2. Check out the video in the Multimedia section now! Click the arrow in the Comcast player to watch. At the end of the video, you can click in the media box for more footage.
Posted on May 2
Download the video JD posted on YouTube
Earlier today, I posted the info, Moony capped it for us all, click here to download it. Enjoy!!!!
Posted on May 2
For vid collectors
- The Black Carpet featured footage from the lighting of the Empire State Building and Mariah and Lee Daniel's interviews on the red carpet of the Tennessee premiere, and reported the marriage rumor. Click here to download it.

- "M" by Mariah Carey Gold Edition Commercial, click here to download it.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 2
Dubai concert tickets
Tickets are coming, you can already sign up to pre order tickets on 1 of the 2 previously reported sites which have now posted banners.

On ShobizME, here.

On Time Out Tickets, here.

Posted on May 2

It's a plot 
Linda Cannon (family of Nick) confirmed the wedding to E! (well, well )
And Shawn (Mariah's nephew) reportedly posted on his Facebook he's in the Bahamas to be witness (but we don't know witness of who or what ), and that we don't need to believe all what's writen 

I'm out for the day, I'll reply to your e-mails this afternon/ evening, well the ones who are not related to the rumor 
Posted on May 2

New vid posted by JD
JD just posted a new lil' vid of him and Mariah in the studio, click here to watch it.
Posted on May 2
Mariah in UK i-D Magazine
“It’s incredible how much of my life is based on what size jeans I can fit into!”
The world’s BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST of ALL TIME talks hip hop, bagging more self-penned #1’s than Elvis and how her life is totally dictated by FASHION.
Mariah... You’re on fire!
Mariah Carey is a goddess and self proclaimed diva, known as much for her hair, her body, her boobies, her butterflies, her breakdowns, tears and tantrums as she is for being The BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME! Currently riding high on the crest of her 18th American Number 1 with Touch My Body, she secured the double whammy by going top of the Billboard 100 with new long player E=MC2, which sold 155,000 units on the first day of release.
On sale May 8th.

Click to enlarge
Source: i-D Magazine - Sam by e-mail
Posted on May 1st.
There can be miracles.....
During an interview on New York radio Z100, Madonna said she likes Mariah's new album and that Mariah is a legend.
Source: Garfield on our forum
Posted on May 1st.
Mariah on Chicago radio XM 156
Mariah did an interview with Gayle King on Oprah's channel at XM Radio.

Click on the cap to enlarge
Source for the info: Andrew by e-mail
Posted on May 1st.
"Touch My Body" #2 again on Belgian radio City Music
6 weeks at #1, then #2, then #5, thanks to your votes, it's #2 again.  Keep voting!!!! Just 1 click here.
Posted on May 1st.
Prank, publicity stunt, May Fool ?
If I receive one more e-mail alert in my e-mail box, I'll get insane 
Since a few days, THE rumor (you know which one) is all over the net, radios, TV channels, medias and this all over the world in all languages.
I stopped read it all, but unfortunately, Mariah gets a bad press for it.  Oh well, whatever our girl does or doesn't do she's always bashed anyway, so it's only one more time.

The latest evolution of the rumor is now that Mariah and a lot of celebs arrived at her house in the Bahamas, TMZ reports that according to residents of the island, there's even a boardwalk that could be a makeshift aisle has been erected from her pad to the beach.
Several sites report Mariah is now married 

They were maybe shooting a video, or it's part of a prank (maybe setted up by E! for their prank show).

If it's a publicity stunt, it works, it spreads like a virus, but not always in a good way. 
We may aswell, play the game and fake believing something, prank, publicity stunt, or whatever it is, with whoever it is, as long as Mariah is happy, I'm happy 

If it's a plot from the crap media against Mariah, then I'll hunt them down.
Posted on May 1st or April 1st, dunno anymore 

More than 22.000 pictures!!!!!!
Today is celebrating it's 1st anniversary!
In honour of that SweetMariah's team has uploaded lot's of new & rare & some never seen before pictures and videos.

To celebrate Elise also made a "preview" video, you can watch it here

At this moment you can find over 22 000 pictures on, and they are still not finished uploading! So if you're looking for a specific picture, you can find it there!
They also have a very extensive video section!
Source: Elise and Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on May 1st.

Message For Japanese Fan From Mariah

Part1 ( April 15, 2008 )
Dear All my lovely lambs,
I have just arrived in LA. I was actually shooting the new video for my 2nd single from E=MC². The track is Bye Bye, I'm not gonna tell you all about this yet, because we are still in middle of promotion for Touch My Body

The album E=MC2 will soon hit stores on April 15th

I want to talk a little about my album title. People will usually think of an Einstein equation when they see the title E=MC²

This is kinda silly, but this is a little equation that I came up with. E (Emancipation)=M(Mariah)C(Carey)2(Part 2). It means this is my 2nd part of my life, and I'm free to do whatever I want!

I will be appearing on many TV programs for the promotion of E=MC². I want my lovely lambs in Japan to check them out.


Part2 ( April 22, 2008 )
Dear All my lovely lambs,

How are my little lambs doing?

Last night I attended a TV show that is in search of a next superstar singer. 7 candidates sang in front of me, but they were all so amazing that it blew my mind!!
I really hope that they all will earn their dreams like me.

Anyways, all of you checking my emails, did you listen to my new album??
Did you like it? How was it?
I personally can't pick out a favorite, 'cause I like them all. However Touch My Body is a great track, especially it's a new record-breaking song! I'd like to thank Tricky Stuart and The Dream for producing such a beautiful song.

In two days, I will have an autograph session in LA! I'm looking forward to meeting all my lovely fans in Japan very soon!!

Announcement: I will be appearing in a movie Tennessee has a waitress. Not a singer! Check me out as an actress as well!

Part3 ( April 29, 2008 )
Dear All my lovely lambs,

How are my lovely lambs?

I had my autograph session recently. Of course it was for my new album E=MC² promotion.
A lot of my dearest lambs were at the event and they sang Touch My Body acapella in front of me!! I was so surprised and very grateful!
Can my Japanese lambs sing for me??

I had numerous questions from my lambs. But the hardest question was when they asked me: What is your secret to your beauty? Come on! I'm trying hard you know!!

I will let you in on my little secret to how hard I try stay in shape!

I heard from my staff that you guys in Japan are going on a vacation soon! Take my CD to your trip and have a good time!

Source : Tokyo FM Mobile  - Shino from LoveLoveJack
Posted on May 1st.

Mariah makes the "2008 Time 100"
Mariah is in the annual list of the world's most influential people: leaders, thinkers, heroes, artists, scientists and more 

Mariah Carey
By Stevie Wonder
I could never describe or measure the level of respect and love I have for Mariah Carey in just 300 words, but you know, I'll do my best. I've met only three people who had a truly wonderful voice and spirit to match: my first wife Syreeta, Minnie Riperton and Mariah. Obviously she is talented and has a great voice, but when a person has the opportunity to be heard and seen, at the end of the day she will also be felt. I think Mariah has enjoyed such success at 38 because she's a good person; her heart is good. I love her spirit. When I lost my mother, she was one of the first people to reach out to me. She was away, but she still found a way to call me up and say a prayer with me. It's easy to be friends when the lights are bright, but how is your love when there's none of that? I know how Mariah's is. 

She has the ability to be sexy, but not so much that you think it's getting too crazy. It's a sexy classiness. The whole thing with her song Touch My Body is that she keeps it acceptable and has fun with it. And Mariah didn't break all those sales records just because she's beautiful. She has perseverance and consistency. You need the two: the ability to keep going and the ability to keep doing the right thing. She once said that every time she makes a new record, she feels as if she's brand-new again, like a young person looking at a computer for the first time. By doing it and not thinking about it, she lets the magic come.

When people talk about the great influential singers, they talk about Aretha, Whitney and Mariah. That's a testament to her talent. Her range is that amazing.

I look forward to the time the two of us can do a song together. I'm rewriting a song for her. It's going to be a tribute to my mother.
Source: Time (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 1st.

For vid collectors
- April 30 AH, E! News, Daily 10 - Mariah Is Engaged - Click here.
- April 30 E! News Mariah VS Madonna - Click here.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on May 1st.
Mariah Carey surprisingly effective in "Tennessee"
It's slightly unfair to describe "Tennessee," which had its world premiere at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, as the new Mariah Carey movie, but that's the way most people will talk about it.

Carey is not the main character in this story of two brothers trying to make peace with their past, but her presence will give this road picture a whole other level of visibility. This is not necessarily a good thing because of Carey's notorious 2001 bomb "Glitter."

So the first surprise of "Tennessee" is that Carey gives an understated and very effective performance. Because her musical career is soaring higher than ever, the timing could be right to win an audience for this modest rural drama.

The picture has something else going for it: a religious undercurrent that could resonate in the heartland. Carter (Adam Rothenberg) and younger brother Ellis (Ethan Peck) fled an abusive father years ago and are living in New Mexico. But when Ellis is diagnosed with leukemia, they decide to travel back to Tennessee to see whether their father might be a match for the bone marrow transplant that Ellis needs. Along the way, they encounter Carey's Krystal, an aspiring singer who also is a victim of domestic abuse. The journey does not play out predictably because Ellis has a secret plan that might lead to redemption for the other characters.

The biggest problem with the movie is believing in Ellis' preternatural wisdom. He's a Christlike figure, and you either buy into his saintliness or you don't. But even nonbelievers might find themselves moved by the film's final scenes. This is partly a tribute to the performers.

Rothenberg, who's known mainly for his stage work (he played Stanley Kowalski to Patricia Clarkson's Blanche in a Kennedy Center revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire"), has a strong masculine presence. Peck, the grandson of Gregory Peck, exudes innocence and decency.

Director Aaron Woodley demonstrates visual talent, but the pacing is off, and the movie meanders until it reaches its unexpectedly powerful conclusion.
Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter (All rights reserved)
Posted on May 1st.

My annual May the 1st. post
I don't know in other countries, but here in Belgium, we offer lily of the valley on May the 1st. to bring happiness until the next May the 1st.  So today, Mariah, I offer you one year of happiness.

Je ne sais pas dans les autres pays, mais ici en Belgique, nous offrons du muguet le 1 mai pour porter bonheur jusqu'au 1 mai prochain.  Donc aujourd'hui, Mariah, je t'offre un an de bonheur.

Ik weet niet in andere landen, maar hier in België, geven we meiklokjes op 1 mei om vreugde te geven tot de volgende 1ste mei.  Dus vandaag, Mariah, geef ik je een jaar vreugde.
Posted on May 1st.


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