October 2011 - Heroes of Mariah
Tonight, Halloween!!!!!!!
Me scared!!!!!! 
Posted on October 31
Mariah is killing me on The Warning remix 
"How can I explain the fact that I don't know where my sock drawer is, I don't know, ok, let's stop the questions there."
Posted on October 31
Download legally Uncle Murda's "The Warning" feat. Mariah
You can legally download the track at this link.  Enjoy!!!!!
Source: Angie Martinez from Hot 97
Posted on October 31
First listen to Uncle Murda's "The Warning" remix feat. Mariah Carey, 50 Cent & Young Jeezy (now Jeezy)
Click here!!!!!!
Posted on October 31
Mariah is rumored to call Ryan Seacrest tomorrow
US fans be on the look for it and keep us updated!
Posted on October 31
MCIIU De Luxe edition to be released!!
Ryan Seacrest announced Mariah is releasing a Deluxe edition of MCIIY 
Needs to be officially confirmed
Source for the info: Daniel 
Posted on October 31
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" remix/duet, 3rd single, video AND performance
Be ready for THE Queen of Christmas (I'm not talking about Bieber of course), Mariah is confirmed to have a Special One Night performance with Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, "All I Want For Christmas.." duet/remix with Bieber is confirmed as 3rd single of Justin's Christmas album and a video will be shot for the single (as reported here on Oct. 26 and on Twitter on Oct. 24).

Hurricane Mariah is coming!!!!!

Click here to enter to attend the Special One Night performance in LA. Good luck!

Posted on October 31

Debbie Allen in NY for Mariah
Debbie Allen headed from LA to NY to meet Mariah.  We all know what it means right?
Posted on October 31
Mariah on Twitter a few mins ago 

Jimmy Paul just did Mariah's hair and she shared memories, go read it!
Posted on October 30
Halloween is near...
Had to deal with trolls and some weird creatures on Twitter today.  You don't like me? it's fine as I don't care, you don't like my site?  it's fine as someone special to me likes it since 1902, but what I do care about is honesty, if you have something to say, spit it in my face and not behind my back!
Posted on October 30
Premiere of the AIWFCIY duet with Bieber tomorrow in the US
Tune in 10/31 at 7:30am PST for the Ryan Seacrest premiere of the All I Want For Christmas Is You remix/duet!
Posted on October 30
Uncle Murda's remix for The Warning update

This is gonna be very interesting, Uncle Murda's remix for The Warning will feature Mariah, 50 Cent and Jeezy, woooooooo

Source for the info: Uncle Murda's artist Yung Gemini - Kenny
Posted on October 30

Mariah working on something PIP
Kris, Mariah's make up artist, just tweeted the following:
"MC and I R working on something PIP today that we both think U R gonna LOVE! MC wanted me to tweet u that xoxoxoxo"
Posted on October 29
iTunes Belgium
The Holiday season hasn't started yet over here, so there's no specific Holiday chart at the moment, however Mariah's "All I want For Christmas Is You" is the second most Mariah downloaded track just behind "Touch My Body".

Released in April 2008, Mariah's E=MC² is still in the R&B/Soul Top 200 at #85 

Posted on October 29

USA Holiday/Seasonal Digital Songs November 5, 2011
Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is #2 & "Oh Santa!" re-enters at #45
Source for the info: Dan by e-mail (found on UKMix)
Posted on October 29
Mariah en route for a photoshoot
Earlier today, Mariah's makeup artist tweeted for Mariah while she had her hair done.  Now, Mariah just tweeted:

- Its snowing?!!! Yayyyyy,!! Christmas. EARLY. On my way to a photo shoot(bk). driving thru NY in the snow-the best regardless!(NYC)
- Ooooooooooo! Listening to a VERY FESTIVE SUPRISE(not what ur thinking) but OOooooooooo lovers of music-especially Christmas!!!

Posted on October 29

Seriously, some Bieber fans should check the Classics
Some Bieber fans are so ignorant, they post the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" lyrics with credit to Bieber, some also think it's song Bieber wrote, c'mon 
Ok they were not born when Mariah's Classic was released but still.... maybe they are living under a rock!
Posted on October 29
Casting call for extras for the Mariah and Bieber video
Ha! (again ).  I posted it on Twitter on Oct. 24 and here on Oct. 26 and it's a go!!!!!

Backstage NY made a casting call for the video, Marcell got his call to be part of it.  It is asked to not reveal details atm for obvious reasons.

Posted on October 29

Big shoot with Mariah this week!!!
Ha! Look at the Oct.26 info below 
According to Kris (Mariah's makeup artist) on Twitter, there will be a big shoot with Mariah.
Source for the info: Kenny on Twitter
Posted on October 28
Heroes of Mariah - Mariah Christmas Force
It's almost that time of the year again.  Like evey year I'll put up the "Mariah Christmas Force".
Please contact me already if you want to be part of  it.
Updates will come later.
Posted on October 28
Have you noticed since yesterday, Bieber's camp talk about a remix and not a duet anymore.....
Posted on October 28
Bieber and his manager about the "All I want For Christmas Is You" remix
Braun said that the remix of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" with Mariah Carey on Bieber's new Christmas album was a bit difficult for him to sing, because Mariah wanted the song sung in her original key.

"That was the hardest song to do," Braun tells. "A year ago that would have been no problem."

Bieber agreed that it "was high," but that he was eventually able to hit the notes.

"Yes, that was high, but I grinded it out and we got it down," the singer said.

Source: UK EOnline
Posted on October 28

Mariah on The Rosie Show on Nov.8 ?

Mariah is listed as guest on Rosie O'Donnell 's show "The Rosie Show" for November 8 at 7pm and 10pm on channel OWN

Source: TV Guide - Andy - Twitter
Posted on October 28

More pics of dembabies soon!
Check regularly Mariah & Nick's site for Roc n Roe, Nick says he plans to post pics every week on dembabies.com
Posted on October 27
Mariah's duet with Justin Bieber "All I Want For Christmas Is You Remix first listen
First listen for the ones who didn't illegally download the song nor went on some "fan" sites earlier today.  It seems to counter the leaks, the label sent the song to several legit sites.  As I'm not used to listen to leaked songs, I'll not post links, 'cause I wouldn't know where it's legit or not, just google it. 
The song will be on sale worldwide on Nov. 1 and don't forget part of the benefits go to charity!
Posted on October 27
Mariah's duet with Justin Bieber "All I Want For Christmas Is You Remix - Extra Festive 2.0" has been released to Australian radio
Universal Australia rushed its release after a QLD radio station played it this afternoon. 
The song is available to buy here. (Australian fans only)
Source: MariahDownUnder
Let's hope no one leaks it, would be a shame as parts of the benefits go to charity!
Posted on October 27
Mariah et Bieber, video and performance in talks
The ones who follow me on Twitter know that a few days ago I posted there was probably a video or some shooting of Mariah and Bieber for the All I Want For Christmas Is You remix to appear on Bieber's Christmas album.

Now, Nick hints at it and even says there's a performance in the talks.
Click here to watch/listen.

Posted on October 26

Jerohn Garnett is recording with Mariah
Drummer Jerohn Garnett is currently recording on tracks with/for Mariah.  Garnett was Mariah's drummer on several Tours and is credited on several albums which the latest were Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel and Merry Christmas II You.
Posted on October 25
Justin Bieber talks about Mariah on Capital Radio 2
At 1 minute mark into the audio, you can hear Bieber talk about the AIWFCIY remix with Mariah.  He says it starts with a kind of Disney intro then Mariah sings and he comes in for the second verse.
Source for the link: Twitter
Posted on October 25
Big Jim Wright and Randy Jackson worked on Mariah tracks
Less than an hour ago, Big Jim Wright tweeted:
"Trying to sleep but can't grrrrr Was in the studios late with @YO_RANDYJACKSON working on some @MariahCarey tracks."
Posted on October 25
"The Warning" remix Uncle Murda feat. Mariah Carey

Uncle Murda's track "The Warning" is already a hit on the East Coast and particularly New York.  Radio countdowns, airplay, clubs you name it.
Nick already has his own remix with Uncle Murda dissing Eminem and Charlamagne Tha God (for fun people, for fun), the remix features an audio clip of Eminem and Nick raps "You said it Marshall, that’s all you had to do! Slim Shady is “forgiven"

Anyway, Uncle Murda told in a new interview on Friday that Mariah went on the hood and all gangsta at his studio and recorded a re-remix with him on "The Warning".  Can I say I'm excited!!!!! 
Posted on October 23

Twitter record broken! 
Mariah, Nick, Roc & Roe broke a twitter record yesterday.  Which parents were TT along with their children?  None!  Which children were TT along with their parents?  None! 
Posted on October 22
8 million viewers in the US (without all the international fans streaming it live)

In the US, 8 million non-fans discovered many infos about how Nick proposed to Mariah, the miscarriage, Mariah's high risk pregnancy....  as fans we already knew it all except the fact that Mariah only trust Nick sometimes  "he's a man Barbara!" 
It was all worth to stay up so late and discover dembabies 
Posted on October 22
Mariah, Nick and dembabies are already in French magazine Closer

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Suzie for the scan
Posted on October 22
Dembabies.com, let's hope everyone respect Mariah and Nick's wishes
As EVERYONE in the world is able to access the site and it is asked to not spread the content, you will not see ANY pics of the dembabies site posted here.  Please don't spread them around, benefits go to Fresh Air Fund!!!!
Posted on October 22
Mariah, Nick, Roc & Roe TT
Last night, Mariah and Nick, Roc & Roe were TT worldwide and #dembabies were even TT in some countries 
Posted on October 22
Video: 20/20 interview - just click here.

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on October 22
What a night!
As I was without internet connection (and this 'til Monday), I was still able to watch the 20/20 interview on the balcony (better reception) at almost 5am here in the freezing cold, but it was all worth it!!!!
Gorgeous mummy Mariah 
How cute is this 

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony for the caps
Posted on October 21
International fans, live stream 20/20
Here in Europe you will be able to catch it at 4am CET.  Try this link and hopefully......
Thanks to Jennifer by e-mail
Posted on October 21
I'll try my best to update my site, but I have internet connection problems.
Mariah and Nick gave the fans a great gift today!!!!
Go check it out at dembabies.com
It is asked to not post any content of the site "All funds will be donated to the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah"
Posted on October 21
US fans, don't miss those shows!!!
Please tune in to the following programs tonight for clips of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters in anticipation of tonight’s show.
Network:    WNBC
Date:           10/21/2011
Time:           7:30pm EST

Show:          EXTRA
Network:    WNBC
Date:           10/21/2011
Time:           7:00pm EST

Show:          Entertainment Tonight 
Network:    WCBS
Date:           10/21/2011
Time:           7:30pm EST

Show:          The Insider
Network:    WCBS
Date:          10/21/2011
Time:           7:00pm EST

Show:          E!
Network:    E!
Date:           10/21/2011
Time:           7:00pm EST and again at 11:30pm EST

Posted on October 21

For video collectors
- Clip from the View: here
- TV advertisements : here
Thanks to Moony
Posted on October 21
Roc n Roe are tooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Earlier today, The View showed a short clip of Mariah, Nick and dembabies with Barbara Walters.

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on October 20
US fans: Mariah Carey Quilted and Vented Sunglasses on sale now on HSN

Click hereto order.
Posted on October 20
Dembabies on The View
A short clip of Nick and Barbara Walters feeding RocnRoe was shown on The View.
Source: several US fans on Twitter
Posted on October 20
Uncle Murda Talks Mariah Carey Collabo
Earlier this morning, Uncle Murda swung by Sway In The Morning and reveiled to Sway and Devi Dev, he has a Mariah Carey collaboration on the way.

Click hereto listen to the interview

Remix on the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

Source: RapRadar
Posted on October 20

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s ‘Scary’ Pregnancy News
Go on ABC 20/20 's site for the article and 2 new lil' vids.  Give them hits to show interest!!
Posted on October 20
Every fan will remember that awful attempt from the hospital employee......... Mariah will address it in the 20/20 interview
No Post-Birth Beer for Mariah Carey

After giving birth to not just one baby but two, you might excuse a new mom for wanting a drink … but singer Mariah Carey is quashing earlier reports that she had a beer after her twins Moroccan and Monroe were born last spring at a Los Angeles hospital.

The beer allegation prompted the involvement of California Child Protective Services, who, Carey said, investigated whether the babies were subject to “neglect.”

“It just doesn’t make any sense,” Carey told Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview airing on “20/20? Friday.

Carey said that, at the time, the newborns — who are now six months old — were being cared for in the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit.

“The babies were in the most protective environment because it’s the NICU,” she said.

Carey said the beer story started with a suggestion by a nurse who brought the singer a beer, saying it would help improve lactation.

But, Carey said, “I didn’t even drink the beer.”

Watch Barbara Walters’ exclusive interview with Carey and husband Nick Cannon, plus see their babies’ faces for the first time, on “20/20? Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

Source: ABC by Twitter (All rights reserved)

Posted on October 19

Mariah posted a cute lamb plush pic on Twitter
Go check it out!
Posted on October 19
Twitter madness today 
Everyone was speculating after Mariah's tweet and LA Reid tweeting her back, we all know it's been since March it was announced Mariah would probably move to EPIC Records next year.  As for now 

Posted on October 19

Mariah posts a sweet message on Twitter and finally reaches 5 million followers!

"5 million followers & we haven't even scratched the surface of what's about to happen. Epic surprise coming up!"
Click to enlarge
Posted on October 18
AIWFCIY Bieber feat.Mariah is super festive and part of the benefits will go.....
As previously reported a part of the benefits of Justin Bieber's Christmas album will go to various charities, including Pencils of Promise and the Make-A-Wish Foundation (they hope for 10 million). He appears on a "super festive" version of Mariahs classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You". 
Posted on October 18
ABC 20/20 
"The full reveal Friday when the world will see their faces - we can tell you this now though, #DemBabies are ADORABLE."
Posted on October 18
Beautiful family!!! Precious Roc n Roe
Click to enlarge
Source: ABC (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 18
Good news!!!!!
International fans will be able to watch the exclusive 20/20 interview on ABC's website from Oct. 22

Source for the info: MariahConnection by Twitter

Watch the preview in HQ on ABC's site
Note: The interview will probably be 30 mins as there's a scond subject in the 20/20 hour.

Posted on October 17

Go Mariah, go AIWFCIY, goooooooooooooooooo!!!!
Mariah Opens The Holiday Season at #1!
The 2011 holidays season has barely started and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is already topping charts again!

Mariah's holiday classic is #1 on Billboard magazine's Holiday/Seasonal Digital Songs chart (issue dated October 22, 2011).

Of course, that's not all Mariah has up her sleeve for this holiday season. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" will appear on Justin Bieber's holiday album as an exclusive duet with Mariah.

Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on October 16

Video!!!!!!  Mariah Carey on 20/20 October 21st, 2011 preview
Click here and enjoy!!!!!!
Thanks to alnmedia
Posted on October 15
Tooooooo cute!!!! First pic of 1 of dembabies (probably Roc)
Click to enlarge
Thanks to Sara via Twitter
Posted on October 15
Mariah, Nick and Dembabies on ABC Oct. 21 
Mariah and Nick recently sat down with Barbara Walters in their New York apartment to discuss Mariah's pregnancy, their marriage, their beautiful baby twins Monroe and Moroccan and much more. Tune in to ABC next Friday, October 21st at 10:00pm to watch the exclusive interview including #DemBabies for the first time ever!
Source: MariahCarey.com

Guys, if you have a Twitter account be sure to add #DemBabies to your Mariah tweets
Posted on October 15

Video: Simon Cowell anouncing to contestants Mariah couldn't make it to St Tropez
Las August, Simon Cowell was in the boot camp in St Tropez for X Factor US.  We all know Mariah couldn't make it due to hurricane Irene.
Click hereto watch the video where he announces it to the contestants.

It seems many US Mariah fans live under a rock as they watched the show yesterday to see Mariah as we all knew she wasn't set to appear (at least in that show).

Posted on October 14

errrrr, confused....
I keep receiving e-mails about Mariah working with classical guitarist Nilko Andreas.
Where does on the NY Post "article" say they worked together?  If the story is true (which probably is 'cause Nilko posted the link), it doesn't say anywhere Mariah and him worked or plan to work together.
Posted on October 13
Mariah's "All I want For Christmas Is You" on Glee Christmas album
Mariah's All I want For Christmas Is You will be featured on Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 out on November 15
Sony just announced the first Glee album release for season 3, a follow-up to last year's Christmas album.
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
2. Extraordinary Merry Christmas
3. Santa Baby
4. Christmas Eve With You
5. The Little Drummer Boy
6. River
7. Do You Hear What I Hear?
8. Let It Snow
9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
10. Christmas Wrapping
11. Blue Christmas
12. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
Source: Tommy2net - Shino on Twitter
Posted on October 13
Mariah and Nick enjoyed a private gig from classical guitarist Nilko Andreas
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were so taken with classical guitarist Nilko Andreas after his performance during their dinner that they invited Andreas back to their downtown loft for a late recording session.

Carey and Cannon had dinner at Tolani, the supper club at TriBeCa’s Theater Bar, while Colombian-born Andreas performed with his band. Afterward, the celebrity couple went backstage and invited Andreas and his band back to their house for a private jam session.

Source: NY Post
Posted on October 13

US fans, great item for the holidays and a great way to support a cause!!!!

HSN Cares Mariah Carey 2011 Heart Ornament
Interested in adding a pretty winged creature to your holiday decor? Try this beautiful ornament featuring goldtone glitter surrounding a pretty butterfly that's sure to draw admirers. Designed by Mariah Carey, this stunning orb is hand-painted in a matte satin finish and studded with Swarovski® Elements, topped by blue and pink bows. What a great way to add an element of fashion to your holiday decor, while supporting a worthy cause this season.

What You Get
* Ornament
* Red gift box with sateen lining

HSN Cares Mariah Carey 2011 Heart Ornament Features
* Limited Edition: 400, numbered
* Designed by Mariah Carey with her signature imprint on each ornament
* Handcrafted
* Opaque glass ball shape embellished with goldtone glittered scrollwork and butterfly design on one side
* SIlvertone ornament cap
* Double pink and blue bows 
* Attached blue ribbon loop; ready to hang right out of the box
* Try it on a wreath, a garland or a centerpiece
* Lightweight; tree branches don't sag
* Gift box lets you just bow and go
* Proceeds benefit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®
* HSN Exclusive

HSN Price: $14.95
Shipping & Handling: $5.20

Click hereto order

Source: HSN - MariahConnection - Robert Salley
Posted on October 12

Woooooooooooooooooooow Da Brat working with Mariah
During an interview at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards, Da Brat said she's working with Mariah.
Click here to watch/hear it.
Sourece for the info: Andy by e-mail
Posted on October 12
Mariah on HSN on November 21 and 22
Marilyn got an e-mail back from HSN telling her Mariah's schedule for November:
Nov 21 - 9 pm.,10 pm. 
Nov 22 - 9 am,10 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm
A big thanks to Marilyn aka Under60
Posted on October 12
X Factor US: Mariah guest judge in the latest round of competition?
And the X Factor saga goes on, according to "People", Mariah will act as guest judge in the latest round of competition. 
Posted on October 12
Vote "We Belong Together"on VH1
The Greatest Song Of The 00?s: What Should It Have Been?
Please for Mariah's "We Belong Together" here!!!!!
Let's hope VH1 blocks bots!
Source for the info: MariahConnection
Posted on October 12
Mariah gave Nick his best birthday ever 
Nick told on his radio show it was his best birthday ever.  Mariah, him and the twins were all dressed as the"Incredibles" (like the one Nick posted on his Twitter).  They had cakes and ice cream and they took pics of Nick blowing the candles with the twins.
Mariah got him a great gift, a masculine locket with a picture of Mariah, him and the twins and on the back it says "Happy Birthday, we love you daddy", he will wear it every day forever.
Source for the info: Aneisha by e-mail
Posted on October 11
Justin Bieber mentions Mariah in Brazil
During an interview with Brazilian show TV XUXA, Justin Bieber mentioned Mariah as being part the artists who he will sing duets with on his upcoming Christmas album to be released on November 1.
Click here to watch it.
Source for the info: Cleiton
Posted on October 9
Fuse poll, quarter finale
Thanks to your votes, Mariah made it to the quarter finale, it's now time to go further (hopefully without bots).
Vote for Mariah now!!!!!
Posted on October 7
Mariah in next Lee Daniels movie? "too early to say"
Salaam who's working with Lee Daniels and who's updating most of the infos about Lee's projects, said he was on the phone with Mariah for Lee's new movie (I checked, it's Valley of the Dolls).   When I asked him if Mariah was set to play a character in it he replied "too early to say bro".  Let's cross the fingers!
Posted on October 7
Exciting news!!!!

As posted this morning, Mariah was in studio with Uncle Murda and DJ Suss One.  They apparently made some good stuff together, DJ Suss One just tweeted:

"Just leaving the studio!! Going on #nosleep!! Crazy some of the stuff that happened 2night!! Shout to @MariahCarey & @UncleMurda!!"

Posted on October 7

New Mariah pic

Nick posted a pic of Mariah, him and Uncle Murda.  Remember, last year I posted the info about a possible Mariah/Uncle Murda collab, it will happen now....................... woooooooo, that's exciting!!!!!  DJ Suss One also tweeted he was in studio with Mariah and Uncle Murda, I can feel it woooooooooo
Posted on October 7
Mariah's duet with JB will be track 7
Mariah and Justin's duet for Mariah's classic original song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is reportedly track 7 on Bieber's Christmas album " Under The Mistletoe." set to be released on November 1
Posted on October 5
Mariah TT worldwide today
Click to enlarge
Posted on October 5
Justin Bieber about Mariah
"One of the greatest voices ever, one of the greatest songs of Christmas ever"
Posted on October 5
The Mariah & Justin Bieber collab is indeed AIWFCIY
Mariah, JB and Universal tweeted the link to this Mariah video message.  Click here to watch it!
Posted on October 5
Help needed: MC fan loses her home in SA tornado – help by donating
My South African Mariah fans and friends Sieraaj, Justin and Denzil call for help, details are up on their site.
Local and international fans who wish to donate can do so via the Gift of the Givers organisation (international and SA) or the South African Red Cross (SA only)

They are also trying to locate the Mariah fan, known as the girl with the poster, as soon as we have more info how to help her directly, I'll let you kow. 
Posted on October 5

Fuse poll: New round
Dumb and naïve me thought Fuse had banned bots and voting programs, they didn't....  the Lavigne fans were cheating again.
Each day until Friday, Fuse will elimiate 3 artists, the last ones will do to the quarter finale, then half finale and then finale.

We will probably make it to the finale but winning honestly is another story.

Keep votingfor Mariah!!!

Posted on October 4

Young girl recovers her Mariah Carey poster from where her room used to be after a tornado hit Duduza township

Click hereto read the story.
Source for the pic: Timeslive (All rights reserved)
Posted on October 4
Fuse poll, it seems we can vote fairly again
You have all seen the suspicious votes in the last few days.  As soon as the new poll started today Mariah was leading but not for long..... in 5 minutes, yes exactly 5 minutes, the "others" went up to 60%, there's NO way human voting can go that fast.

After many tweets and RT to Fuse telling them if they don't do anything to ban bots and voting programs we would boycott them, it seems (at the moment) they did something to make it fair!

Let's give it a try and VOTE for mariah!

Posted on October 3

The Mariah feat. JB song may be AIWFCIY
Nick hinted on his radio show the song for JB's album may be "All I Want For Christmas Is You", weird as that album was announced with only original tracks.
Let's hope in a few years, kids will remember it's a Mariah song!!!!
Source for the info: Aneisha by e-mail
Posted on October 3
Camron talks about Mariah
Fans may remember Camron once got to Harlem with Mariah in his car (I think I remember it was a Lamborghini) and they lost Mariah's bodyguards who were kinda in panic.  Camron talks about it in this videoand it's funny and cute.
Source for the video: Nigel
Posted on October 2
Something pretty special.....
Mariah and Justin Bieber are planning something pretty special for his charity Christmas album.  A part of the proceeds of the album will go to charities and the goal is 10 million going to charity!!!!
Posted on October 2
Should I go on strike? 
Funny how I was the first one to confirm the Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber work together for his Christmas album and still people e-mail me the news 
Posted on October 2
YES!!!!!!  Finally!!!!
Belgian fans, you can now finally buy Mariah's videos on iTunes
Posted on October 1
One year ago..... Oh Santa!
Mariah's "Oh Santa!" premiered one year ago 
Thanks to Sierraj
Posted on October 1
Mariah feat. JB or JB feat. Mariah confirmed
Justin Bieber just confirmed what his manager and his friend hinted on Sept. 28.  He tweeted "Honored" to Mariah, that's way better than what he said in an interview a while back.
Forgot to add, it will be a special thing for Bieber's Christmas album.
Posted on October 1


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