April 2003 - Heroes of Mariah
Update on Tour Dates and Pre-sale! 
A variety of the shows on the tour will have a pre-sale for tickets, but due to ticket agency restrictions, we are limited to the regions we can offer the pre-sale. All US dates and a select number of other shows will have pre-sales for Fan Club members. If tickets are already on-sale, then there is no pre-sale for that show. The pre-sale is only open to Honey B. Fly members and is limited to a total of four tickets over the entire tour. Tickets are available in all price ranges and seating locations offered by the venue for your convenience. 
There will be other amazing opportunities exclusively for Honey B. Fly members, stay tuned for more detailed info.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 30th.
New concert date officially confirmed
6/21/03 Seoul 88 Green Grass
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 30th.
Christina Aguilera Turns Down Robbie Williams Duet
Peoplenews.com reports Christina Aguilera has turned down Robbie Williams' request for a duet, as the Brit pop star is desperate to crack America hoping the pairing would boost his profile. "I think he's cute," she said. "But our styles are so different. We would not gel." Aguilera suggested, "He should try [Mariah Carey] - she loves to duet."
Source: Popdirt.com
Heroes comment: Hey Christina, if you don't want him, it's your problem, but don't involve Mariah in that, 'cause after the "so nice" memories in Sweden and the "so nice and polite" vocabulary of Robbie towards Mariah, I doubt there would be a possible future collaboration.
Posted on April the 30th.
Check the contest page. 
Posted on April the 29th.
Congrats to Mariah for her TTR success on Radio Contact
TTR is still number 30 out of 50 this week in the Hit Contact on Radio Contact (for the French speaking part of Belgium).
TTR's best spot on this chart was 3 out of 50. 
Note: Remember that this chart is voted by the Belgian listeners only, and only one vote per Belgian listeners per week is allowed, so, these stats are REAL ones.  TTR is now in this chart since about 4 months. 
Posted on April the 29th.
Mariah dans le Voice magazine
Dans le Voice magazine numéro 13, vous pourrez trouver un excellent article sur Mariah et de très belles photos.
Posted on April the 29th.
Apparently the tickets for the Köln concert aren't on sale anymore.   Maybe they started to sell the tickets to early and they needed to stop temporarly the sale.  In any case, people who phoned in the morning and early afternoon have their tickets. 
Posted on April the 29th.
No concert for Australia.
No concert for Brazil.
Source: mariahdownunder.com and mariahsrod at FOMM.
Posted on April the 29th.
Köln concert tickets are on sale
Quick guys, if you want to go to the Köln concert and have the best seated places possible it's now!!!
From Belgium call Kölnarena at 00 49 221 8020, the people there are very nice. 
Posted on April the 28th.
3 new European concert dates (not officially confirmed)
10/10/03 Hamburg Colorline Arena
10/13/03 Köln Kölnarena
10/16/03 München Olympiahalle
Source: MTV.de
Posted on April the 28th.
I don't recommend you to go to the Zurich, 'cause I phoned to the hall to have more details and they told me that you're not able to chose your seating area, once you're in the hall, it's first come, first served and when there are no more seated places, you need to stand.
Posted on April the 28th.
Mariah at Divas 2003?
Here's what we read on Eurweb:
The RU Report is happy to be the first to report that superstar Whitney Houston and Rock & Roll princess Lisa Marie Presley are in final talks to be a part of this year's VH1 "Divas 2003" festivities, which will be broadcast live on May 22 at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel. Their spokespeople aren't talking (or at least not at press time)...but we do know what we know. That's why we were the first to report about previous performers on the bill of the show, which is still having its final line-up worked on. The latest additions will join the likes of previously announced divas Queen Latifah, Jewel, Chaka Khan and Queen of hip-hop soul Mary J. Blige. Don't be surprised if next week's "Billboard" magazine chart-topper Kelly Clarkson, Grammy winning R&B legend Patti LaBelle and the "diva" with the most #1 pop records Mariah Carey, who has appeared on two previous "Divas" TV specials, are announced shortly.
Source: Eurweb (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 27th.
2 new European concert dates (not officially confirmed)
10/8/03 Rotterdam Ahoy
10/22/03 Zurich Hallenstadion
Source for Rotterdam: Yorin.
Source for Zurich: Ticketcorner.
Posted on April the 27th.
Mariah to perform at Zootopia! 
It was announced today on Z100 that Mariah will perform at Zootopia to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Z100. Zootopia will take place at Giant Stadium on June 1st 2003.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 27th.
Mariah Carey Comes To Corey Clark's Rescue
After 'American Idol' Corey Clark felt down and out being ousted from the program for his misdemeanor assault charges, Mariah Carey has come to the singer's rescue. Mariah was so impressed with his singing, and looks, that she wants to sign him to her MonarC record label. Carey is getting the fallen 'Idol' legal help and is hunted for a song they can do as a duet.
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on April the 26th.
My e-mails are working again. 
Posted on April the 26th.
Check the contest page. 
Posted on April the 26th.
Mariah Carey Turns On the Charm
By Lia Haberman 
Mariah Carey's spreading her wings. The singer, who's been grounded by personal and professional problems for the past few years, is launching her first world tour in more than three years in support of her recent release Charmbracelet. The two-time Grammy winner kicks off the Charmbracelet World Tour June 24 in Osaka, Japan before returning to North American for the 47-date Stateside segment of her tour, launching July 18 in Anchorage Alaska and wrapping up in Manchester, New Hampshire, September 23. Carey then cashes in her air miles to continue touring in Europe and the U.K. 
For the low-low price of $35, the cost of admission to Carey's fanclub Honey B. Fly (the singer's nickname), members can get a five-day jump on ticket sales, starting Monday. Everyone else will have to cool their heels until tickets officially go on sale May 3. The roadshow is meant to promote Carey's latest musical effort Charmbracelet, which has sold 1 million copies since it's December release, and, no doubt, prove once and for all that the Dreamlover is fully recovered from her emotional breakdown suffered in 2001. Carey's very public problems, which began with a bizarre strip-tease on MTV's TRL, were compounded by the dramatic flop of her first feature Glitter, prompting EMI/Virgin to scrap its $80 million, four-record deal with her and pay her to leave. Carey eventually signed a reported $20 million, three-record deal with Island Records that allowed her set up her own imprint label, MonarC, which offers additional back-end profits. Charmbracelet has resembled a comeback of sorts for Carey. The album opened at number three selling 241,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan numbers, which gave the once-flickering star the second best first-week sales of her career. Carey scored her best first week in 1999, when Rainbow sold 322,000 copies at number two; her last chart-topping bow came courtesy of 1997's Butterfly, which moved 235,000 in week one.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Remember that the presale has been pushed back to May the 5th.
Posted on April the 26th.
Mariah Carey Tour Takes Flight
By Ray Waddell
NASHVILLE - Mariah Carey (news) will embark on her first tour in more than three years June 24 in Osaka, Japan. The North American segment of the 47-date Charmbracelet World Tour begins July 18 at the Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska, and wraps Sept. 23 at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, N.H. The tour will also include stops in Asia, Europe, and the U.K. before wrapping in early November. The full itinerary is still being nailed down, but on Monday (April 28), members of Carey's fanclub, Honey B. Fly, can take advantage of ticket presales five days ahead of the general public. The national on-sale begins May 3. The tour comes in support of Carey's most recent Island Def Jam/MonarC album, "Charmbracelet," which debuted in December at No. 3 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 1 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Carey's collaboration with Busta Rhymes, "I Know What You Want," is No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. Carey's last outing was in 2000, when she grossed $7.1 million from just nine dates reported to Billboard Boxscore.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Remember that the presale has been pushed back to May the 5th.
Posted on April the 26th.
New dates officially confirmed
Here's the entire list until now:
6/24/03 Osaka Jo Hall 
6/26/03 Osaka Jo Hall 
6/29/03 Fukuoka Marine Messe 
7/1/03 Fukuoka Marine Messe 
7/3/03 Hiroshima Sun Plaza 
7/6/03 Tokyo budakan 
7/8/03 Tokyo budakan 
7/10/03 Tokyo budakan 
7/13/03 Nagoya Rainbow Hall
7/15/03 Nagoya Rainbow Hall
7/18/03 Anchorage, AK Sullivan Arena 
7/26/03 Mineapolis, MN XCEL Center
7/29/03 Chicago, IL United Center 
8/1/03 Auburn Hills, MI Palace at Auburn Hills
8/4/03 Washington, DC MCI Center
8/7/03 Toronto Air Canada Centre
8/10/03 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall 
8/13/03 Cleveland, OH CSU Convention Center 
8/16/03 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center 
8/19/03 Phoenix, AZ American west Arena
8/22/03 Sacramento, CA Arco Arena
8/24/03 San Jose, CA HP Pavillion at San Jose
8/27/03 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
8/30/03 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Center
9/3/03 Fort Lauderdale, FL Office Depot Center
9/6/03 Tampa, FL Ice Palace
9/9/03 Duluth, GA Gwinnett Arena
9/14/03 Philadelphia, PA First Union Center
9/17/03 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
9/20/03 Nassau, Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum
9/23/03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
11/4/03 Paris Bercy
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 25th.
Busta Rhymes Stops By TRL
Busta Rhymes stopped by MTV's Total Request Live on Wednesday with his kids and Spliff Star from the Flip Mode Squad. Busta talked about his beef with Ja Rule, joining Eminem and 50 Cent. He also talked about 'I Know What You Want' and how he hooked up with Mariah Carey on the track. Read on for a transcript. - TRL: Good to see you, my brother. - Busta: What's good, what's good? - TRL: I'm hearin' -- - Busta: I just broke the mic by accident. - TRL: That's okay, that you are like family. - Busta: We breaknecks, mics, stages. - TRL: I'm hearing a lot of really good thing about you, eminem, 50 cent you guys headed to the studio together, hearin' awesome things about that. How did you guys all hook up? - [Cheering] - Busta: Uhm,. - TRL: You and 50 have the same management. - Busta: Yeah, no doubt big up to the whole [Inaudible] Movement. Mos def I've been cool with eminem for a long time and i got cool with 50 once heame to violator. The whole situation about us hookin' up together in the studio hasn't actually happened yesterday but ready to down, gettin' ready to do things together. But as far as work we have done together, we have done a little song together. - Busta: It's a little song than a little a battle track called "hail mary" we know why em and 50 have a beef with gentleman but a lot of people surprised to here about you but -- - Busta: Big up to my kids, 'cause i brought my kids today so you know what I'm sayin' the whole spring break situation my kids hangin' out with me today but what happened was me and splif just finish ad movie "blood money "i an [Inaudible] Flip mode film and when we was out there doin' this film, i -- i was in a club in L.A.. I saw black chile from murder inc and mentioned something happened with ja rule going to the studio and made a disrespectin' gesture to me and had nothin' to do with it. When i got home -- i didn't actually hear the song when i got home my older son said why ja rule dissin' you - [Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh. - TRL: Will y'all stop. - TRL: Let him finish. Break it all down. - TRL: Drama queen all of you. - Busta: I couldn't really explain to my song because me and ja was cool, in L.A., In studios, we worked together, did a lot of summer jams together, did a lot of clubs together, we cool. Reached out several times to make an attempt to understand the trouble. Couldn't get through. Tried to get through mutual people that he knows and he knows that has relationships with both of us that maybe they had better luck gettin' through, no luck. I thought the issue had to be addressed especially i got my son dressin' me wha'ssup so you know i just addressed issue and I'm glad people like it but the focus is, the focus is music. And the thing is we havin' fun. No i don't want to compromise my moral integrity in the process because I'm a cool dude. If I give you love and embrace you and open your arms give it back, if not just [Inaudible] Keep it on wax. - [Cheering] - TRL: Yes, that video right there, no. 4, joined by busta rhymes is [Inaudible] From the flip mode squad. The kids. Nice little family vibe happenin'. - Busta: They is spring break so this week the kids off from school hang sdeg out with they pops and the extended flip mode family. Talk to 'em. - TRL: He gonna learn to rap one of these days. Busta you guilt this new individual where with mariah carey doin' real well on this counseldown. You could basically work with any diva on this planet. Why did you pick her. - Busta: They through a whole bunch of suggestions around, split came up with suggestions, but ultimately the best was the one we didn't make, which was let's just see how, you know, -- let's just see who the best person would be to sing the part and it's without question that mariah is one of the best singers period, hands down. - Spliff Star: She's voila, voila. - TRL: Well said. - Busta: And she's sexy and -- - TRL: You ain't gonna get no argument with me. - Busta: What 'up, mariah. - TRL: Talk about this tour, 50 and jay-z doin' a rock the mic tour probably the best hip-hop show we've seen all year. - Busta: Right, it's good. - TRL: I heard you down for it. - Busta: For sure flip mode gonna be there runnin' the circuit with the line-up. You will matly i think the most important part no. 1 we ain't been accommodatein' the fans thoroughly because we gettin' caught up with the beef records and the spits and spats between each other takin' away not only from us havin' an opportunity to make money but the kids enjoyin' what we doin' and for the venues get a show worthwhile puttin' in their building, ha-ha but ultimately it is ju g good to see, you know [Inaudible] Maturing putting differences aside, get together, and not only a thorough representation of official street hip-hop for people but make money together, man and be able to raise the stakes another standard level. - Spliff Star: Have some fun. - Busta: Have some fun. - Busta: You know what i mean. - TRL: Always good to have you on the show. - Busta: Thank you. Word 'up. 
Source: Rapdirt.com (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: "Busta: And she's sexy and --" Sexy and what???  C'mon Busta tell us!!!
C'mon guys, let's sing: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it".  Let's sing again: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it". 
C'mon Busta, sing with us: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it".  Let's sing again: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it". 
C'mon Mariah, join us too: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it".  Let's sing again: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it". 
It's an exclusive private concert broadcast by Heroes of Mariah.

Posted on April the 25th.
Sorry guys, my site and e-mails were down due to technical difficulties from my .com company, my site is fixed now, but I still can't access my e-mails, but they said it will be fixed soon.  So, sorry if you sent an urgent mail and that I don't answer.
Posted on April the 25th.
New contest
Universal Belgium and Heroes of Mariah give you the chance to win one of the 10 cardboard sleeve cd single of Boy (I Need You).  Click here to access the contest.  Many thanks to Universal Belgium for these cardboard cd singles. 

Nouveau concours
Universal Belgium et Heroes of Mariah vous donnent l'opportunité de gagner l'un des 10 cd single de Boy (I Need You).  Cliquez ici pour accéder au concours.  Un grand merci à Universal Belgium pour ces cds single. 

Nieuwe wedstrijd
Universal Belgium en Heroes of Mariah geven je de kans om een van de 10 cd single van Boy (I Need You) te winnen.  Klik hier om naar de wedstrijd te gaan.  Veel dank aan Universal Belgium voor deze cd singles. 
Posted on April the 24th.

Great picture of Mariah in the IKWYW video
In the Bizarre exposed section of The Online Sun, you can see a beautiful picture of Mariah in the IKWYW video.  The picture is beautiful, but the little comment is "Sun style".  Click here to see the picture.
Posted on April the 24th.
MC in lots of UK mags!
This week Mariah is featured a lot in the UK press!!

Mariah Carey - Will her real lover please stand up
Mariah Carey has denied that she ever got hot and heavy with rapper Eminem and is furious at him for saying so. She has reiterated her claim that he's lying if he says they were together. ' i spoke to him on a regular basis, but it was not a relationship', she say's ' I find it pretty surprising that he would misrepresent something like that.' But during an interview last year, Eminem did say that they'd had a relationship. 'There's truth to that,' he claimed at the time. 'I respect her as a singer, but don't like her as a person. she doesn't really have it all together.' At the time, Mariah's people called the claims 'laughable'. Indeed, Mariah says she hasn't seen anyone since she broke up with Luis Miguel nearly two years ago and has had less than 5 lovers in her entire life. 'I've never had a one night stand or a fling with someone i didn't really know'.
Mariah's after Ant
He might be taken but that's not stopping Ms Carey from lusting after the Geordie lad. Boy she wants you - singer Mariah Carey has fallen for an unusual heartthrob. Antony Mcpartlin, 27, one half of the presenting double act Ant and Dec. On her most recent trip to the UK to promote her new single, the 33 year old met the two geordie presenters of Ant and Dec's saturday night takeaway. She was so smitten that she asked the former Byker Grove star out to a romantic meal at her hotel that night. However, Ant's long term girlfriend, Lisa Armstrong, will be relieved to know that he refused the pop- diva's advances, and didn't join her for dinner - which could well have ended up with the singer having him for breakfast!
It was the second time that Mariah - who recently split from rapper 50 cent - had met Ant and Dec. Two years earlier she joined them when they were saying goodbye to SM:tv. She even played a part in thier final Chums sketch on the programme. 
Both Ant and Dec warmed to the superstar at the time, saying what a good sport she had been. 
It's no wonder, however iof she goes chasing after already taken men, that Mariah complains about not having sex for 2 years. She recently claimed she had been celibate since splitting up with her last boyfriend, latin singer Luis Miguel, shortly before her infamous breakdown. 
Mariah, who has just celebrated her 33rd birthday on the paradise Carribbean island of St Barts, complained 'A lot of people i meet are only interested in me as a notch in thier belt, a celebrity. They don't want to know me as a person.' she said she could count the number of men she had ever slept with on 'less than one hand'. 'I've never had a one night stand in my life or a fling with someone i didn't know' she added. ' Tomorrow i could meet someone and off we'd go, but i doubt it'. We doubt it too, Mariah - especially when you go after men who are already spoken for.
Mariah is featured in an article about boob jobs. They use a large photo of Mariah on the first page and say she has had them done. However, they used a picture in which Mariah's chest doesn't look as large as it could have done. They could have chosen a worse picture so that's one good thing! They quote Sharon Osbourne's introduction to Mariah at the American Muisc Awards and Mariah's response about the gel filled bras.
There is a small picture of Mariah in their 'who is the least supported star' article - again about her boobs!
A picture of Mariah  is featured and mentioned her choice of shades.
They use a picture of Mariah outside Claridges on Thursday 20th March and list stores that stock boots similar to hers!
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 24th.

A few ppl have been trying to say that jack doesnt appear in the boy video lol so i took a cap.
Source: Leo by e-mail.
Heroes comment: Of course Jack is in the Boy video, but I understand that some people didn't recognize him without his sunglasses. 
Posted on April the 24th.
Mariah on MTV Europe
- April the 25th - MTV Europe, THE TRL AWARDS 2003 - 17h00 (5h00pm CET)
- April the 27th - MTV Europe, THE TRL AWARDS 2003 - 17h00 (5h00pm CET)
Note: Here are the countries receiving MTV Europe: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israël, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.
Posted on April the 23rd.
I Know What You Want video
If you wanna see this great video, go on MariahCarey.com, in the news section.
You can also see this video on MTV.com.
Posted on April the 23rd.
RPN interviews Pink Noise
RPN has had has the great pleasure in getting a short interview from Pink Noise.  Sound familar - well this is because he has just done a remix for The Mariah Carey track " The One."
If you want to read the interview pop into the news section of RPN.
Source: RPN - Ashes by e-mail.
Posted on April the 23rd.
BINY debuts in Australia
"Boy (I Need You)" has debuted at #29 on the Australian Recording Industry Association singles chart.
Source: Neil from MariahDownunder.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 23rd.
IKWYW release in Germany
According to the music store WOM and Amazon Germany, IKWYW will be released in Germany on May 12th!
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Heroes note: Remember that IKWYW will be released on May the 12th. in Belgium. 
Posted on April the 23rd.
RPN talk to widelife
RPN have had the pleasure to ask the team of Widelife questions about working with Mariah Carey. They have been kind enough to reveal opinions and spend time answering questions.  Below are highlights from a very informative interview:
What do you think of mariah?
What can you say about Mariah... she has one of the most undisputed voices of our era.   Working on "the one" remix is an opportunity we could not have forseen a year ago.   Mariah has always supported the dance scene through her illustrious collaborations with David Morales, amongst others, and to be given the opportunity to be part of that history is truly an honor.
What do you think of the track the one?
Ironically enough this song really touched home, making the project even more meaningful for us.     The message contained within is something that all of us have gone through at one time or another.   It is one of the strongest songs on the album and should do well when released.
For more information about widelife, visit thier online home at www.widelifeonline.com
To read the rest of the article visit : www.mariahconnection.com/english/news.asp
Source: RPN - Ashes by e-mail.
Posted on April the 23rd.
Singapore concert postponed
Mariah Carey's June 11th concert at the Padang is being delayed. Mariah, with the assessment of her management team, has decided not to proceed with the Singapore concert on the June 11th date after taking into consideration the latest developments of SARS and that there is still a travel advisory recommending against traveling to Singapore from both World Health Organization and US State Dept. The Singapore concert will proceed either in July following her Japan tour, or in November after her European Tour. Her China and Hong Kong tour dates had already been cancelled, with Seoul and Singapore pending. The new concert date will be announced on May 5th 2003. Ticket sales are suspended until May 5th 2003. If a re-scheduled date either in July or November is being confirmed, all existing purchased tickets are still valid and ticket sales will continue. Asian pop superstar Nicholas Tse who had agreed to be the special guest and to do a duet with Mariah for the June 11th date is expected to be available for any new date. In the case that a new date cannot be confirmed on May 5th, all existing ticket holders will be given a full refund and the concert treated as cancelled since there would be no fixed date for re-schedule.
Source: M2us.com - Shaynefly at FOMM - MariahBuzz.com
Heroes note: Remember that the China, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore dates were never officially confirmed.
Posted on April the 21st.
GOED Mariah nieuws uit Vlaanderen
De Radio Contact Vlaanderen Supertip is "I Know What You Want".
Source: Elise by e-mail.
Heroes note: C'mon guys, let's sing: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it".  Let's sing again: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it". 
Posted on April the 21st.
Happy Easter lambs.
Posted on April the 19th.
Excellent article in UK's Blues & Soul magazine
(April 15-28th - Lisa Maffia on the front cover) page 42.
"LL Cool J's "Love U better", Mariah Carey's "Boy I need you", Whitney Houston's "Whatchulookinat", Toni Braxton's "Hit the Freeway",  and TLC's "Girl Talk" would have all been big hits had national radio and more ILR stations supported them. All these tracks made reasonable chart positions with little or no love at national or commercial radio level. I think that there is a vendetta against Mariah Carey in the UK and, to be honest, I dont' know why. That egotistic sad case from the Sun was intent on writing about what Mariah had got up to whilst in the country and the week of her release of her current single. She is persecuted by Mr Mohan because she brought her own chef to cook her a meal of chicken and vegetables. With what is going on in the world today, is that such a crime? This piece was written by the same man that virtually hung, drew and quartered Mariah for that most ghastly of crimes 'depression'. Yep, because she was depressed, Mr Mohan decided it was his duty to kick her while she was down a couple of years ago and he has not given up in his relentless battle to try and wreck this stunning vocalist's career. Mariah has been given a ride worse than that of Michael Jackson and R Kelly...and they have both been linked with child sex allegations. You know my thoughts on both of these cases: they have appeared in print on these pages and you know I think these guys will always remain innocent until proven guilty. But surely what they have been accused of should attract more bad press than 'depression'. I also believe that radio has a hidden agenda against Mariah - had Jennifer Lopez recorded "Boy" with Camron, radio would have been all over it like a rash. Which is rather sad because, although Ms Lopez is good at what she does, it is like comparing Division 1 with the Champions League...there really is no contest!"
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Heroes comment: Thanks for this great article guys.  Finally a magazine which undestood it all.   Thanks. 
Posted on April the 19th.
For the fans who wonder if they will join Honey B. Fly, don't hesitate, it really worth the subscription fee. 
Posted on April the 18th.
Luther Vandross Recovering From Stroke
Grammy-winning singer Luther Vandross was recovering in a hospital Thursday after suffering a stroke, his spokeswoman said. The veteran R&B performer, who turns 52 on Sunday, suffered the stroke Wednesday, according to a statement from his business manager, Carmen Romano. "Family and friends are hopeful for a speedy recovery," the statement said. No further details about his condition were included.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Get well soon Luther 
Posted on April the 18th.
Mariah on UK TV
Fri 25th April - 11.30pm / ITV Yorkshire - The Buzz
Wed 30th April - 3.00pm / VH1 UK - Greatest Hits: Mariah Carey
Wed 30th April - 6.00pm / VH1 UK - Wannabe: Mariah Carey
Wed 30th April - 6.30pm / VH1 UK - Mariah Carey... Show Us Your hits
Wed 30th April - 8.00pm / VH1 UK - TV Moments: Mariah Carey
Wed 30th April - 9.00pm / VH1 UK - What's It Like: Mariah Carey Around The World
Thur 1st May - 12 noon / VH1 UK - What's It Like: Mariah Carey Around The World
Thur 1st May - 3.00pm / MTV Base - MTV Presents: Mariah Carey
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Heroes note: For the lucky ones who can receive these channels in Belgium  Don't forget that all the hours given are UK hours.
Posted on April the 18th.
Mariah Carey: Bouncing Back
You talk about how you get only a few hours' sleep a night and used to go without it altogether. How does that happen?
I learned to say no only this year. I was talking to Oprah Winfrey the other day and she was echoing what I was saying... saying, unless you're in the business or you are famous it's really hard to explain to people because you just dont' get the intensity of living under a microscope 23 hours a day. Magnify that by me being in New York doing a phone interview with Australia in the morning because of the time difference and getting maybe an hour of sleep and getting up and doing a photo shoot and 20 more interviews, then going on TV. It was so intense. Nobody was caring for the human being inside the machine.
You went on Oprah talking about your breakdown. Do you think the general public can relate to it?
Well, there was a woman with four kids and she was saying how she was exhausted all the time and after hearing my story she realised she had to make some changes in her life because it's just not healthy. That makes it all worth it. You have to talk about stuff that goes on so the public can understand it, apply my larger-than-life situation to their circumstances. If it has helped one person change their life, then mission accomplished. 
You talk about how you have a very special relationship with your fans. Can you describe it?
My hardcore fans really did stay with me (during the breakdown). They've always been there for me. I kind of consider them an extended family, which is a strange thing to say because most people don't have that kind of relationship with their fans, but I really do. I think my fans understand me a lot more than the press writing about me. People who follow your every move and understand inside jokes get it.
You have had a lot of control over your music. Do you think the Glitter movie went wrong because you handed over that control?
I was naive in assuming it would be a similar process because it was an idea I brought in. But they changed writers in the middle of the movie because it was going too edgy, which is what I wanted, something with some substance to it. But everything happens for a reason. I did an independent movie right after that, Wisegirls with Mira Sorvino, which was really edgy. My character was a drug-dealing waiter. We went to the Sundance Film Festival and got great reviews, a standing ovation. That was a great moment of validation. I'd just come out of a horrible experience and then got to feel a different side of the movie business. I have other independent projects in the works, to showcase that I do like to do character roles, I don't need to just be a singer to be accepted. I always wanted to do independent, edgy roles, but people were saying it was too controversial and might harm my career, or they'd say nobody will be able to look at you as other than anything but Mariah Carey the singer.
Toni Braxton recently came out and gave your credit for mixing diva R&B with hip-hop way before it became cool.
Yeah, I saw that, that was nice of her. I love hip-hop. I grew up on hip-hop in New York. I experienced the birth of hip-hop. It's organic for me. But people don't understand. Take Dream Lover. It's a cute little pop song, but it's based on a sample of a record called Blind Alley which has been used by so many rappers just freestyling - Ain't No Half Steppin' by Big Daddy Kane for one. The average public hears Dream Lover and has no clue. But Q-Tip said to me, "You realise you're a catalyst for what's happening in music right now. You used Blind Alley, you sang over that loop." It takes someone knowledgeable about old school hip-hop to know that. I love ballads, they're therapy for me. But doing Boy I Need You with Cam'Ron or You Got Me with Jay Z, that's part of me too.
You recorded with Justin Timberlake for Charmbracelet but didn't use it on the album. Why?
We didn't get it finished in time, so it'll have to be a remix. It's actually really nice. It'll come out.
You've also covered a Def Leppard song, Bringin' on the Heartbreak. Is there a rock chick inside you trying to get out?
That's the smallest part of me, but when I love a song and I'm passionate about it, I think a song can stand up to any arrangement. I did love that song when I grew up.
Does it bother you that your past few albums haven't sold as well as previous releases?
What matters is expressing myself creatively, feeling as if I've put everything I have into my music. Obviously it matters to maintain a level of success, but the one message that comes across on the album is hope and faith, celebrating life and not taking it for granted.
You've never been an artist who tours a lot. Will that change with this record?
I'll definitely tour this album, but I have to conceptualise the show. I'm itching to get back on stage.
Source: HiT - Neil from MariahDownunder.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 18th.
Tour dates officially confirmed on Mariah's official site in the Tour section
6/24/03 Chuo-ku Jo Hall
6/26/03 Chuo-ku Jo Hall 
6/29/03 Fukuoka Marine Messe 
7/1/03 Fukuoka Marine Messe 
7/3/03 Hiroshima Sun Plaza
7/6/03 Tokyo budakan
7/8/03 Tokyo budakan
7/10/03 Tokyo budakan
7/13/03 Nagoya Rainbow Hall 
7/15/03 Nagoya Rainbow Hall 
11/4/03 Paris Bercy
Source: MariahCarey.com
Heroes note: At this moment these dates are the only ones officially confirmed.
Posted on April the 17th.
Ashanti To Duet With Justin Timberlake
Groovevolt.com reports Ashanti has recruited *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake to duet with her on her upcoming sophomore album. "Justin has taken an interest in Ashanti," says a close friend of the singer. "He was planning to release his duet with Mariah Carey but Jive will not let up. The track with him and Christina may also never see the light of day. Ashanti, on the other hand, is said to be in place."
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on April the 17th.
Allez jeter un coup d'oeil à un très sympathique forum lancé par le non moins sympathique Olivier.  Ce forum est centré essentiellement sur Mariah et la Belgique et est en français.  Cliquez ici pour accéder à ce forum. 
Posted on April the 16th.
Mariah at the "Toyota Concert Series on Today"
We read on NYPost.com in the Entertainment section that Mariah will appear on May the 9th. in the "Toyota Concert Series on Today", the show will be on a Friday from 7am to 9am EST.
Posted on April the 16th.
Mariah's concert in Italy

Apparently the organisator D'Alessandro&Galli has revealed the poster for the Milan concert.
However the seller of the tickets "ticketone" don't sell the tickets yet.
Heroes note: There are still no concerts officially confirmed on Mariah's official site.
Posted on April the 16th.
Boy (I Need You) in the Official Belgian sales charts:
Official Belgian sales chart on April the 4th.
Ultratop Singles
For the French speaking part: Mariah Carey - Boy (I Need You) - 59 (entry)
For the Dutch speaking part: Not in the chart.
Posted on April the 15th.
Mariah Carey May Get Weekly Radio Show
Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com reports that Mariah Carey is in talks with Infinity Broadcasting to have a show - most likely a weekly one - on the new Blink 102.7 in New York. Read more.
Source: Popdirt.com
Heroes note: Very interesting article, but I didn't posted it on Heroes due to copyrights rules.
Posted on April the 15th.
IKWYW ringtone now available for the subscribers of Mobistar (Cell phone operator in Belgium).

Sonnerie IKWYW maintenant disponible pour les abonnés Mobistar.

IKWYW ringtone nu verkrijgbaar voor de Mobistar klanten.
Posted on April the 15th.

Only one news today and it's a major one: Opening of Honey B. Fly - Mariah's Official Fan Club

Une seule news aujourd'hui et elle est de taille: Ouverture de Honey B. Fly - Le Fan Club Officiel de Mariah

Slechts een nieuws vandaag, maar zeer belangrijk: Opening van Honey B. Fly - Mariah's Officiële Fan Club
Posted on April the 14th.

German GQ article translation
Pop History tells of Mariah Carey's River Deep, Mountain High. In Mariah Carey's world everything was always gigantic: she had the biggest hits (Without You), the most unbelievable flops (Glitter) as well as suffering the most catastrophic nervous breakdown in the Showbusiness. For more than one year she was overtaken by that life, now she is back, and radiating again. For GQ she placed her self before the camera of the photographer Richard McLaren, where she represented the history of the Pop Music. Decade for decade, float for float, feeling for feeling. Critics, who bashed her, will realize : Mariah Carey is again at the top of Pop. 
Ms. Carey, I am honered, to speak with you. I am a big fan.
- Thank You, I'm very glad to hear that. I'm happy to be here as well.
I admit however: Many of my friends dislike your music, respectively, because it's too cheesy. I always tell them "What is a disadvantage about expressing your feelings?"
- Naturally nothing - The soul is always concerned with feelings.
Nevertheless, they, and I still think you have the best voice in the world.
- You are very kind to me. How do your friends react when you support me like this.
They say, I should also dislike your music, but I never would.
- Ha! I really don't believe that you can convince these boys to like my music.
What must you do, to sound like you do ?
- I only can take two days to relaz and rest my voice, between work. Also, it is important to eat healthy, get enough sleep... and best not to give any interviews. Being a singer is a very hard job, you must discipline yourself, and only people with a strong will can do that. Since my 18th birthday, I live almost like a competitive athlete.
Are you constantly enjoying, and partying, as a famous TV quote: "sex and drugs and skirt 'n' roll" Is that why you had a breakdown?
- In the opposite. My Ex-husband Tommy Mottola worried that I functioned my whole life like a machine. I put out my first record at 18, the first number-one-hit at20. Then almost every year an album or a world tour. I wasn't aware of the word 'rest'. Monthly I worked 20 hours in a day. Also, It would happend that I flew within 24 hours from Paris to London to Madrid in order to give interviews or to appear on television. I always had 15 people around me, that always expected too much of me. Believe me: if I had a free minute in my life, I would slept immediately.
No sex? No skirt 'n' roll? At least a little joke?
- Only so much how my husband allowed.
Now however it, you are known to have a party reputation; and since you joined the record company DefJam under contract, you are regularly invited to all the parties, and you are named the rappers "girl". Additionally, it's rumored that you host the best Hip Hop parties of the city in your house. Is that true ?
- I know nothing of this. Maybe when I'm not there, haha. No, really, I live in an apartment, how could I ?
Too bad, I though I would stop once.
- Unfortunately these parties will not find place in my apartment. Sorry, this rumor is totally false.
Yet more rumors: Have you've slept with Eminem?
- We are very FAR from the truth, it never happened.
That you don't usually wear underwear.
- That a journalist must be crazy.
Therefore you do wear underwear?
- Yes! Of course. I wear totally normal underwear, just as any other women.
Source: iMariah
Posted on April the 13th.
Exclusive Official Fan Club Info

Mariah Carey's new official fan club "Honey B. Fly" is going to be back on Monday, April 14th.
Check out some of the fan club details: Members of the fan club will receive: - Introductory Letter From Mariah Carey - 8 x 10 Autographed Photo - An Exclusive Membership Card - Limited Edition Fan Club T-Shirt
Fan club members will have "members only" access to the Honey B. Fly website located at www.mariahcareyfanclub.com
Members will be able to: - Download Instant Message Icons - Access Rare/Unreleased Music and Video - Use the Honey B. Fly Messageboard - Take Part in Live Chats with Mariah Carey
During the year fan club members will also receive: - Glossy Newsletters (Twice Yearly) - Email Newsletter Subscription - Exclusive Contests and Giveaways - Discounts on Official Mariah Carey Merchandise
Subscription costs $35 for US residents and $45 for international lambs.
Source:Tahi from MariahConnection.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 11th.
New pics from German GQ Mag

Source: GQ (All rights reserved) - DivaMC_de at FOMM.
Heroes note: For the ones who understand German, you can read the article here.
Posted on April the 11th.
Launch of 102.7 - April 10, 2003 - Powder - New York City, New York United States

Source: WireImage (All rights reserved) Thanks guys 
Posted on April the 11th.
Go on Universal Music Switzerland's website, to download high quality pictures of Mariah in Zurich on March the 14th.
Thanks a_dee84 at FOMM for the info.
Posted on April the 11th.
About Mariah's new fanclub
Hi everyone! I'm sure you've all heard about Honey B.Fly by now so I won't quote the fanscape email that went out earlier! Just thought I'd point out that the first time the new fan club's logo was seen was in London on Friday 21st March. The mariahcareyuk.com team met Mariah in her London hotel when she first wore the pink top with the logo and I remember it jumping out to me and I told Mariah I liked it. Later that day Mariah held her fan party and there have been many pictures of her entering the party bearing the logo. I have attached a couple for you. The very next day Mariah recorded CD:UK and all her dancers wore tops with the logo on it! I've attched a picture of this too. Just wanted to point out that we've been looking at the logo in pictures for a few weeks already! lol Take care,
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Heroes note: Please go see the pics on Matte's site.
Posted on April the 11th.
AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, can't wait until Monday, Official Fan Club, stuffs, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH

Posted on April the 11th.
Mariah in US Weekly magazine 
Pick up a copy of the April 14th issue of US Weekly magazine for a few additional photos of Mariah.
Source: MariahCarey.com
Heroes note: Go see the picture on Mariah's official site and remember that you can buy this magazine in Belgium. 
Posted on April the 10th.
Mariah Carey is urging fans to help her get a duet with Justin Timberlake released. She recorded a track called Yours for her Charmbracelet album - but Justin's label Jive won't give her permission to release it. Now Mariah is asking fans on her website to e-mail Jive in a bid to persuade them. She says: "I'd love it to be released. Justin did an amazing job."
Source: BizBites (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Where does Mariah asked that?  'Cause here's exactly what was posted on the official site in the section "Ask Mariah":
- Q: MC- Will "Yours" with Justin ever be released?
- A: I would love for it to be released! We need to ask Justin's label Jive Records for the answer to this question... lol Mariah www.jiverecords.com
Read again Mariah's answer, I don't see anywhere in this answer that Mariah is urging fans to persuade Jive to release the single.  READ PEOPLE, READ 
Posted on April the 10th.
Mariah going to an NYC party tonight
102.7 in NYC is changing to a format that will play all kinds of music and Mariah is expected to be at the launch party in Chelsea with Shania and Lisa Marie.
Source: Webby28 at FOMM.
Posted on April the 10th.
Mariah in Italy
Valentina from Mariah Carey Sunlight received this e-mail yesterday:
"The only confirmed date is November the 7th., Milan, Filaforum.  The tickets will be on sale via ticketone starting next week. Regards D'Alessandro e Galli".
Translation of the e-mail: Gilles
Posted on April the 10th.
RIAA Sues Students for File-Swapping
The Recording Industry Association of America has sued four university students who allegedly ran file-sharing networks on their school's local networks. The students, two at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and one each at Princeton University and Michigan Technological University, operated "local area Napster networks," the RIAA said in a statement Thursday. File-swapping pioneer Napster was shut down by the entertainment industry two years ago. The RIAA had previously identified campuses as a hotbed of music piracy, but the lawsuits are the first the organization has filed against students. Before, the RIAA's legal fire was aimed mostly at companies offering file-swapping software such as Kazaa and Morpheus.
Sharing Songs
According to the RIAA, the students operated Napster-like networks "designed to enable widespread music thievery." The students allegedly used software called Flatlan, Phynd, and Direct Connect to index files on the campus network and process search requests, according to the RIAA. In addition to setting up the networks, the RIAA accuses the students of making available hundreds, in some cases thousands, of copyright protected works on the networks. The answer to file sharing is not lawsuits, but making file sharing legal while artists get paid, Fred von Lohmann, senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation said in a comment posted on the civil liberty organization's Web site. The lawsuits are an example of how the music industry is treating music fans like criminals, Lohmann said in the statement.
Antipiracy Campaign
Napster indexed files and facilitated searches and downloads. The campus file swapping networks are different, because access is available on campus only, not to all Internet users. Last year, the RIAA sent a letter to 2,300 college presidents, urging the schools to tell their students to respect copyrights when using the universities' networks. The industry is stepping up its antipiracy campaign in going after the biggest individual file sharers. In January a federal judge ordered Verizon Internet Services to turn over the name of an individual music downloader to the RIAA. That ruling is being appealed. The RIAA and other entertainment industry organizations have been battling online piracy in court for years. They compare online sharing of copyright protected music, movies, and software to shoplifting.
Source: PC World (All rights reserved)
Posted on April the 10th.
Mariah is Top's on BBC
Top of the Pops have made Mariah Carey's performance of Boy available online. 
Click below to check it out. Top of the Pops
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 9th.
C'mon guys, let's sing: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it".  Let's sing again: "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want, You know I got it". 
Posted on April the 9th.
I Know What You Want in Belgium
BMG Belgium confirmed us today that the single of  IKWYW will be release on May the 12th.  Yes, yes, yes!!! 

I Know What You Want en Belgique
BMG Belgium nous a confirmé aujourd'hui que le single de IKWYW sortira le 12 mai.  Youpiiiiiiiiiie!!! 

I Know What You Want in België
BMG Belgium bevestigde ons vandaag dat de single van IKWYW op 12 mei zal uitkomen.  Joepiiiiiiiiiiie!!! 
Posted on April the 9th.

Bloopers in Mariah videos
In the Love Takes Time Video, Mariah goes into a phone booth where the phone is off the hook. She goes inside and hangs it up. Later when she is singing, "And I know that you do, and I feel that you do inside" when she sings "inside" she turns around and leans against the glass in the booth, and when she is turning around, you can see that the phone is once again off the hook! 
In the Vision Of Love Video when it starts out, you see Mariah sitting on a window sill. Outside there is a swing hanging from the tree. When the sun comes up and it is much brighter, the swing disappears. At the very end of the video, the swing pops back up again!
Source: Tushboy at FOMM.
Posted on April the 9th.
I know what you want is up 4 spots this week and becomes #1 on the official French airplay chart.
On the same time Boy loses 2 spots (from 52 to 54) on the sales Chart.
Source: Sylvain from Mariahfanclub.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 9th.

Summary and translation of what we received from the French Fan-Club - Mariahfanclub.com
This success is welcome 2 weeks before the release of the IKWYW single and the re-release of Charmbracelet.  However, BMG France (which release the single) told them that the single market is very strange these last times.  Only the Star Academy (kind of American Idol in France) style singers sell singles.  Their contact at BMG France told them too that the pre-orders from the stores is very low.

Résumé de ce que nous avons reçu du Fan Club Français - Mariahfanclub.com
Ce succès est bienvenu à peine deux semaines avant la sortie du single de IKWYW et la réédition de Charmbracelet. Cependant BMG France (qui sort le single) leur indique que le marché du single est assez bizarre ces derniers temps.  Seuls les groupes du genre Star Academy parviennent à vendre des singles.  Leur contact chez BMG France leur dit aussi que la demande en approvisionnement pour ce single de la part des magasins est faible.

Samenvatting en vertaling van wat we ontvangen hebben van de Franse fanclub - Mariahfanclub.com:
Dit succes is zeer welgekomen 2 weken voor de release van de IKWYW single en de re-release van Charmbracelet. Maar BMG Frankrijk (die de single uitgeeft) zei dat de single markt nogal raar is de laatste tijd. Alleen groepen in de stijl van "Star Academy" en "Idool" verkopen zeer goed. De (vooraf)bestellingen van de winkels zijn erg laag. 
Dank aan Elise voor de Nederlandse vertaling. 
Posted on April the 9th.

No news, except trash.  So, as we don't post trash, guess what?  Yeah you're right, we gonna eat pasta tonight.
Posted on April the 8th.
When the fans do the promo of Boy (I Need You), 
click here.

Quand les fans font la promo de Boy (I Need You), 
cliquez ici.

Wanneer de fans de Boy (I Need You) promo maken, 
klik hier.
Posted on April the 7th.

Giant street promo for Boy in Brussels this Saturday April the 5th., there's still time to join. 

Promo de rue géante pour Boy à Bruxelles ce samedi 5 avril, il est encore temps pour vous joindre à nous. 

Reuze straat promo voor Boy in Brussel deze zaterdag 5 april, het is nog tijd om mee te doen. 
Posted on April the 4th.

New voice message transcript
Mariah: Yeah ......I just wanted to say, I haven't called  in a minute and I wanted to thank everybody out there for all the fabulous anniversary gifts and festivities and things of that sort . Now I have a special guest waiting to talk to you , let me see if he's still available? Hold on one second
(Mariah in Background Calling Trey)
Big Nasty (Trey): Yeah here I am "( mumbles something like hey man???) " Let me let you know the anniversary was absolutely wonderful and we just wanna say that we love ya. Were thinking' bout ya and your always on our minds. But now I'm gonna pass the Mike, the phone over right now to Mo . Otherwise known as Mo Toka. Come on Baby
(Passes phone to Mo)
Mo Toka  says something in which  may be Japanese while Mariah and Trey Laugh in the Background! The only recognisable word she utters is " Nasty Boy!" Probably referring to Trey? Then Mariah takes the phone .......
Mariah: Anyway......(Giggling) We love ya much, We appreciate ya and we enjoy ya  ! Were having a lovely time, just trying to take a little vacation , some little fun moments, but um, still thinking' about you and goin' through this whole box of fan stuff I have and just wanna say THANK YOU, thank you much again and I love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya,. Bye Bye!
Big Nasty: Bye.
Source: Matte from mariahcareyuk.com by e-mail.
Posted on April the 4th.
Mariah Carey Makes Fan's Prom Dream Come True
Star magazine reports that Mariah Carey gave a female fan the literal dress off her back when she taped the 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak' video in Los Angeles. A girl who was gushing about Mariah's dress said, "Can I wear your dress to my prom?" Mariah said, "What size are you?" When the fan said "zero", Mariah shot back, "I'm sorry, this is NO zero! But if you want to get it altered for your prom, I'll give it to you when we're done. I promise." Well Mariah came through on her promise.
Source: Popdirt.com
Posted on April the 4th.
SARS threatens to cancel Mariah concert
Paranoia is fast spreading in Singapore as health authorities here desperately battled the deadly respiratory illness "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)" which is raging like wild fire. The scare is so real that you panic when the person next to you in the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) coughs or sneezes. Singapore's concert scene is the latest casualty in the war against SARS. Tuesday, two big names in the music industry -- legendary guitarist Carlos Santana and UK singer Craig David, postponed appearances here this month. Fans of artistes like divas Mariah Carey and Dionne Warwick are keeping their fingers crossed. There are no plans to reschedule their concerts, slated for the coming months.
Source: Bernama - MariahDownunder.com
Posted on April the 4th.
Interview with Punjabi Hit Squad.
Who is Panjabi Hit Squad?
We are a London-based team of DJ/Producers, comprising of members Markie Mark, Rav, Dee and Amo. Our background is in the Asian music scene, we've released two hit Bhangra albums, but have moved into the Hip-Hop / R'n'B field in the past two years.
Who have you worked with before?
We did a remix for Ashanti, on the track 'Baby'. One of our favourite tunes from her album. 
Who are you major influences?
From the R'n'B arena we respect people like Timbaland, Dre, Neptunes and Just Blaze a lot... our biggest Asian influence is probably the Panjabi producer Charanjit Ahuja. 
What do you really think of Mariah Carey?
She's someone we have grown up listening to, so it's kind of a weird feeling producing a track for her! I think our favourite time (before now) was when she pulled out 'Fantasy' with ODB. That track just blew everyone away. The 'Charmbracelet' album has some wicked moments, especially 'You Got Me', and the tune that uses Ice Cube's 'Today Was a Good day' sample (name escapes me).. Her standing in the music industry speaks for itself. 
Did you talk to her about the remixes you have done for her?
Not directly, but she had to personally OK all the mixes. Mariah is involved in all areas, she has to like a remix if it's going on her single. So we would go straight from the studio and email her mp3's of the remix while it was in progress. She was really into the whole Indian and Arabic-sound going on, she wanted more of it.. 
What can we expect from your remixes [for those who don't know your work]?
Our sound is pretty wide-ranging, it's probably best described as 'Urban Asian Flava'... we have grown up listening to R'n'B and Hip-Hop but at the same time we always had traditional Indian music goin' on in the background.. It's great that we can now bring those Indian influences into our work. 
Have you showcased any of the remixes at any of your giggs, if so what is the next venue you will play?
We play in clubs around four times a week at the moment, throughout Europe. Too many to name! 
What other projects are you working on and what other releases can we expect from you?
Quite a few projects but most of which we're having to keep on the downlow...  we have produced something for the next Ashanti album and Keith Murray single. There will be another Panjabi Hit Squad album later this year.
For any more info just log onto www.panjabihitsquad.com
Source: www.mariahconnection.com - Ashes by e-mail.
Posted on April the 4th.
Rumors are flying around about European dates for Mariah's upcoming Tour, as it was posted on a messageboard on April the 1st.... wait and see.
Posted on April 3rd.
Read the transcript from 60 Minutes interview in Australia
Mariah sat down with Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes in Australia to talk about Charmbracelet, future plans and what its like to be Mariah. To read the transcript please visit 60 Minutes Australia
Source: MariahCarey.com
Posted on April the 3rd.
The Atomium news posted on April the 1st. was an April Fool.  We love that. 

La news à propos de l'Atomium postée le 1 avril était un poisson d'avril. 

Het Atomium nieuws gepost op 1 april was een april grap. 
Posted on April the 3rd.

Mariah Is Carey-ing On
Liz Smith of the New York Post was full of compliments for Mariah Carey today. She writes, "Mariah Carey is all over Europe these days, performing and soaking up adulation. Mariah loves being a star. She does not disdain perks. She does not hide from her fans. She does not pretend to be the girl next door. The other night in London, Mariah experienced a first -- she sang and shook everything the good Lord gave her in a gay club. The boys, who appreciate all aspects of Mariah's career, including the hilarious "Glitter," went crazy for her. Her reception was so enthusiastic that she plans to pit-stop at other gay spots, abroad and over here. These little miniconcerts are a preparation for her world tour, which kicks off in Southeast Asia in June. Remember when Mariah was "all washed up" because she had one record and a movie that flopped? Mariah, following her own drummer, has also not heeded the advice of industry experts who advised her to tone down the scanty clothes and sexy ways, and instead focus on her amazing voice. I guess Mariah figures she has a number of assets, so why can't she be a great singer with a great shape? It seems to be working for her."
Source: Popdirt.com
Heroes comment: Liz said "she sang and shook everything the good Lord gave her".  I say thanks Lord. 
Posted on April the 2nd.
Glitter girl sparkles
Europe is having a love-fest with Mariah Carey. The star has been performing there while preparing her world tour, which kicks off in June. In London the other night, Carey did some sexy singing in a gay club, a first for her. The boys were verrry appreciative. According to the New York Post, her hilarious "Glitter" number was a huge success with the audience. It was such a positive experience, Carey plans to drop in on other gay spots at home and abroad. This singer has ignored advice to tone down her sexy clothes and ways, and it's working for her. She's got it, she's flaunting it and it's working for her. Go girl! (Seattlepi.com)
Source: MariahWorld.com Email List.
Posted on April the 2nd.
No Australian Tour mention
Disappointing news for fans downunder. There was no mention of a possible Australian tour during Mariah's interview on 60 Minutes last weekend. The interview was fairly standard, with questions about Mariah's exhaustion and the new album. All-in-all, some good promo for Mariah in Australia. The "Boy" video also premiered on Australia's most watched video show last weekend, "Video Hits".
Source: MariahWorld.com Email List.
Posted on April the 2nd.
Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway TV Show Britain - 22 Mar 2003

Source: Rex Features (All rights reserved) Thanks guys 
Thanks Olivier for the link.
Posted on April the 1st.
Street promo for Boy in Brussels this Saturday April the 5th., please contact us to join. 

Promo de rue pour Boy à Bruxelles ce samedi 5 avril, svp, contactez-nous pour vous joindre à nous. 

Straat promo voor Boy in Brussel deze zaterdag 5 april, aub, mail ons om mee te doen. 
Posted on April the 1st.

Mariah Carey On 'CD:UK'

Mariah Carey recorded a set for cd:uk which aired over the weekend. Check out pictures of the London television appearance from WireImage.com.
Source: Popdirt.com
Source for the pictures: WireImage.com (All rights reserved) Thanks guys 
Posted on April the 1st.
Mariah in the Atomium?
The Atomium, well known site of Brussels, build in 1958 for the "Expo 58", is in complete renovation.  The top sphere S will remain a panoramic restaurant.  The spheres M2 and I13 will be devoted to cultural exhibitions.  The sphere M3 will have a room called "Legends of yesterday and today", we will be able to see exhibitions regarding Belgian artists: like, Hergé (author of Tintin), Peyo (author of the Smurfs), Emile Verhaeren (poet), Jean-Michel Folon (painter artist and water colorist), René Magritte (painter artist), Salvatore Adamo (singer), Will Tura (singer), Annie Cordy (singer) and the unforgetable Jacques Brel (singer).  Another area of this room will be dedicated to foreign artists: like, Elvis Presley (singer), Andy Warhol (painter artist), Mariah Carey (singer), Federico Garcia Lorca (poet), Marilyn Monroe (actress and singer), The Beatles (singers) and Madonna (singer).  For more details about the Atomium, go on the site: Atomium - http://www.atomium.be
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Heroes comment: WOOOOOOOOOW  I want to be one of the first to visit this room.

Mariah dans l'Atomium?
L'Atomium, célèbre architecture de Bruxelles, construite en 1958 à l'occasion de l'Expo Universelle, est en complète rénovation.  La sphère de sommet S restera un restaurant panoramique.  Les sphères M2 et I13 seront consacrées à des expositions culturelles.  La sphère M3 contiendra une salle nommée "Les légendes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui", on pourra y voir des expositions concernant des artistes Belges: on cite, Hergé (auteur de Tintin), Peyo (auteur des Schtroumpfs), Emile Verhaeren (poète), Jean-Michel Folon (artiste peintre et aquarelliste), René Magritte (artiste peintre), Salvatore Adamo (chanteur), Will Tura (chanteur), Annie Cordy (chanteuse) ainsi que l'inoubliable Jacques Brel (chanteur).  Une autre partie de cette salle sera consacrée à des artistes étrangers: on cite entre autres, Elvis Presley (chanteur), Andy Warhol (artiste peintre), Mariah Carey (chanteuse), Federico Garcia Lorca (poète), Marilyn Monroe (actrice et chanteuse), The Beatles (chanteurs) et Madonna (chanteuse).  Pour plus de détails sur l'Atomium, allez sur le site: Atomium - http://www.atomium.be
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Heroes comment: WOUAAAAAAAAAA  je veux être un des premiers à visiter cette salle.

Mariah in de Atomium?
De Atomium, beroemde architectuur van Brussel, gebouwd in 1958 voor de "Expo 58", is in volledige renovatie.  De topsfeer S zal een panoramisch restaurant blijven.  De sferen M2 en I13 zullen dienen voor culturele tentoonstellingen.  De sfeer M3 zal een zaal bevatten genoemd "Legendes van gisteren en vandaag", we zullen daar tentoonstellingen vinden over Belgische artiesten: zoals, Hergé (schrijver van Kuifje), Peyo (schrijver van de Smurfen), Emile Verhaeren (dichter), Jean-Michel Folon (schilder en aquarellist), René Magritte (schilder), Salvatore Adamo (zanger), Will Tura (zanger), Annie Cordy (zangeres) en de onvergeetbare Jacques Brel (zanger).  Een andere gedeelte van deze zaal zal opgedracht worden aan buitenlandse artiesten: zoals, Elvis Presley (zanger), Andy Warhol (schilder), Mariah Carey (zangeres), Federico Garcia Lorca (dichter), Marilyn Monroe (actrice en zangeres), The Beatles (zangers) en Madonna (zangeres).  Voor meer details over de Atomium, ga maar op de site: Atomium - http://www.atomium.be
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Heroes comment: WOOOOOOOOOW  ik wil een van de eerste zijn die zaal te bezoeken.
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Mariah Carey Back To Movies?
Now that Chicago's received the Oscar for best picture, musicals are in and it seems producers are hunting for real-life singers to cast on the big screen. Fortunately for at least one failed actress, studios desperate to release the next big musical might be willing to overlook a singer's past box-office bombs, should the project require a substantial set of pipes. According to the New York Post, Mariah Carey might get a chance to redeem herself for Glitter, which tanked at theaters and sent the singer into a tailspin of depression. Says Carey's publicist, "Producers are calling Mariah now because they all want to do musicals. They figure they can help her with the acting if she sings the songs right." -- Donna Moran, New York
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