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You had fun with us with the special Halloween page, now Christmas is coming, Heroes of Mariah thanks you to be there for the special Christmas page.

Christmas is coming, Santa meets the children...
- What do you want for Christmas my little boy?  Ho, ho, ho.
   - For Christmas, this year, I would like...  peace in the world and a Mariah cd.
- !!!
- And you little guy, what do you want that Santa gives you?  Ho, ho, ho.
   - For Christmas, I would like that you help my mom who is so ill to recover and a Mariah cd.
- !!!
- What a beautiful little girl!  Were you nice this year?  What must I bring?  Ho, ho, ho.
   - I've been so nice, please give a job to my daddy and a Mariah cd.
- !!!
- You seem so thin little boy, you need to eat more, look at me, ho, ho, ho, what would you like?
   - I would like that you give money to my family, so we can eat every day and a Mariah cd.

- !!!
- Ho, ho, ho, and you, what would you like?  My bag is full.
   - I would like that my illness disappears, so I can still be there next Christmas and a Mariah cd.
- !!!
- Yip, and you, come here, whisper in my ear and tell me what you want.  Ho, ho.
   - .....
- You don't say a word?  Oh!  You give me a paper, so you have a long list?  Ho, ho.
   - "I'm mute and I would like to talk and...  please bring a Mariah cd."

- !!!
- And you, you don't seem very happy, ho, ho, well then, what gift can make you laugh?
   - A smile, only a smile, 'cause I have a dark skin and at school they laugh at me...  a smile and a Mariah cd.
- !!!

And this year, Santa bursted in tears, then at this moment he realized that he couldn't give all the things the children asked him, except the Mariah cd.
Santa sobbed his heart out, he cried so much that the children sourrounded him and to comfort him they sang a Mariah song, except the little mute who begun to erase Santa's tears:
"I don't want a lot for Christmas
  There is just one thing I need
  I don't care about the presents
  Underneath the Christmas tree"
And then, only then, hugging the children, Santa begun to smile again.

Me neither, I don't want gifts, all I want is: peace in the world, tolerance, the joy and laughs of children and above all, what I would like for Christmas, it's Mariah's happiness.

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