December 2011 - Heroes of Mariah
Happy New Year!!!

May all your wishes come true guys!   I'll do my infamous lil' pickel dance again, it's a tradition now 

Posted on December 31
Random Twitter contest
WOW, WOW and WOW!!! Record broken again!
Last night we broke the record again, 32 countries were in to support Mariah:

Barbados,Austria, Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Mexico, China, Uruguay, Spain, Serbia, Canada, Nigeria, Holland, Wales, Turkey, Venezuela, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, US, France, Denmark, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa, England, Philippines, Lebanon, Ireland, Italy,Belgium.

Fans from Barbados and Sweden were picked at random.
Posted on December 31

Mariah in Aspen yesterday

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Source: GossipCenter
Posted on December 31
Picture of Dembabies' first Christmas
Head over to to see the adorable little faces
Reminder: The pictures posted on need to stay there!
Posted on December 30
Random Twitter contest
WOW!!! Record broken again!
Sometimes, when I have a min,  I ask on Twitter who's in da house for Mariah, last night we broke the record again, 29 countries were in to support Mariah:

Singapore, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden,Denmark, Argentina, Switzerland, Uruguay, Nigeria, Italy, Peru, Germany, Canada, Serbia, Holland, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, England, USA, India, Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, Wales, Belgium

Martine from Denmark and Kevin from USA are the lucky winners picked at random by Kinou
Posted on December 30

Official Belgian sales charts 

Christmas 2011 official sales chart

Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (original) is the most downloaded Christmas song in Belgium in the French speaking part of our country and second spot in the Dutch speaking part of the country.
It's here baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on December 29

Mariah's "All I want For Christmas is You" used as soundtrack on Spanish TV Commercial 
Click here to watch it!
Source: MariahConnection ESP on Twitter
Posted on December 29
Belgian radio JoeFM has kids singing Mariah 's AIWFCIY as commercial for the Holidays
Posted on December 29
Many requests for the FUSE interview
Unfortunately, our Moony who record it all for all of us hadn't access to that channel.
Posted on December 29
Scram Jones talks about Mariah in new interview

 Moment when you knew you had made it?
- On another level, I was working with N.O.R.E.—engineering for free, doing beats for free—and Mariah Carey walked in. I had put one of my beats CDs in on the low, while we were hanging out. She heard one of the beats and basically she liked it. I got on her The Emancipation of Mimi album. That was the most surreal thing ever because she wasn’t supposed to hear my beats, I wasn’t even supposed to be in that room. The song is called “Your Girl.”

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
- My greatest accomplishment would probably be landing a song on Mariah Carey’s album. My greatest accomplishment in life would be having my son.

Read the full interview on Scram's projects on Rap-Up

Heroes note: You will remember when Mariah and Scram met from the video in the "What Up 2 Da Hood" DVD
Posted on December 28

Children from St Jude Children’s Hospital's Thanks!

You will remember Mariah designed a Christmas ornament sold on HSN and all profits went to the St Jude Children’s Hospital, the kids gave their "Thanks" to all people who support the Hospital.  Watch their touching video here.
Posted on December 28
Mariah most beautiful Mrs.Claus!!!!
It took the voting team 1 day to make Mariah the most beautiful Mrs. Claus.  A winner was picked at random yesterday (posted on the contest page), keep voting!!!!!!
Posted on December 28
Contests results and winners
It's posted on the contest page!  Congrats guys 
Posted on December 27
Voting Team, let's make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote for Mariah as most beautiful Mrs.Claus, she's currently #3, VOTE now and if we reach #1 and stay #1 today, I'll give a prize away   Tweet me or e-mail me to tell you voted!
Source for the info: Ashir by e-mail
Posted on December 26
Lil' video of Mariah and Nick inside a store in Aspen
Click here to watch it at 1:40 mark
Posted on December 26
New commercial for Jenny Craig!
Watch Mariah's latest JENNY commercial, set 2 Make It Happen C&C remix.."you can make it.. go!"
Click here to watch it
Source for the info: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on December 26
Mariah Carey Opens Up About Her Twins' Distinct Personality
Moroccan is the life of the party, while Monroe is 'miss independent

Featured in a new interview titled "Mariah Carey: On The Record with Fuse" on Sunday, December 25, the "We Belong Together" hitmaker described her baby boy as "the life of the party", and calls her baby girl "miss independent".

Speaking of her son Moroccan, Mimi gushed that she can already relate to him. "It's so funny ... there's a picture of the two of us together and we look identical and we have the identical smile," she said. "I recognize the joy that's in him. There's something that was always free about me, it just got stifled as things grew in my career." She claimed that if one were to approach him, "he would just smile and be your best friend".  When talking about her daughter, she revealed that she called her Miss Monroe. She further explained that her little girl is "very dainty and she holds her own bottle," adding, "She's Miss Independent, definitely Miss Independent."

Source: Compilation of different infos
Posted on December 26

Mimi's Adventures in Aspen: The Sleigh Ride Drama 
Click here to watch it
Posted on December 26
Mariah's Christmas e-card for the fans
Click here to watch it
Posted on December 26
Be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurricane Mariah is coming!!!!!!! Merry Mariah Christmas! 
Merry Christmas y'all !!!!!!!

Merry Christmas little sweetheart 
Posted on December the 25
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, tomorrow, it's Christmas and guess what...  I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree, all I want for Christmas is Mariah's happiness .
Posted on December the 24th.
Mariah and Nick in Aspen 

Click to enlarge
Click here to visit Just Jared for lots more pics
Posted on December 24
Merry Mariah Christmas contest closed
Winners will be picked at random asap
Posted on December 23/24
Mariah in Aspen 
"In Aspen, wearing the outfit I wore for my first ever Christmas video!!"

Click to enlarge

You can watch the video Mariah is talking about at this link, 1994 with Bill Bellamy (thanks to my bro V for the link)
Source for the pics: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on December 23

VEVO News: Happy Holidays!!! Video by Various Artists including Mariah
Click hereto watch it.
Source for the info: ILoLoI 
Posted on December 22
Parts of Mariah's interview with Touré are now up on Fuse
Click here to watch the several parts
Posted on December 22
Mariah's contribution to Pencils of Promise
Check out Mariah's contribution to Pencils of Promise "A Hero Comes Along"
Source: MariahAlerts (official Mariah team)
Posted on December 22
Mariah and Kris (her make up artist)

Kris posted a pic on his Twitter.
Click to enlarge
Posted on December 21
Mariah on Fuse TV all day on Dec.25
Yesterday Touré from Fuse posted it on Twitter (see below), now we know it's all day!

Mariah takes over @fusetv Christmas day (December 25) ALL DAY including an exclusive interview with @Toure at 8pm!
Source: MariahAlerts (official Mariah team)
Posted on December 21

Wooooooooooo gorgeous Mariah in Aspen 

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Source: Daily Mail Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on december 21
Merry Mariah Christmas contest 

Question: Which celebrity once cooked Mariah's dish on TV?
Prizes: New signed pic of Mariah, keychains and pendant.
Deadline: December 23
Please e-mail me your answer at , 4 winners will be picked at random and will win 1 of the prizes above.
Good luck everyone!!!!
Posted on December 20
New picture on Mariah's twitter 
Posted on December 20
Mariah on Fuse TV
Touré from Fuse tweetedthe following: 
My interview with @MariahCarey premieres on @fusetv on Sunday at 8pm: Mariah Carey On The Record With Fuse. 
Posted on December 20
Mariah in Aspen on Dec 18

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Source: CU - CelebrityGossip
Posted on December 19
Polish basketball Trefla Sopot ligue goes all Mariah 

Polish basketball team goes all Mariah with their All I Want For Christmas Is You surprise for their fans.
Check it out at this link

Source: TVN24 - Marcin by e-mail
Posted on December 18

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" as jingle on French TV channel
French TV channel "JUNE" (channel for teens) has chosen All I Want For Christmas Is You as Holidays jingle.
Thanks to Jonathan for the info
Posted on December 17
"I'm humbled by popularity of the song... it's great people even use it as a ringtone" 
YOU can't go anywhere at the moment without a Christmas song blaring out.

But one being played more than any other is the Mariah Carey smash All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Since it was first released in 1994, the classic track has spent more than 50 weeks in the UK Top 40 and sold millions of copies worldwide.

And that's before you factor in Mariah's new version with Justin Bieber along with Michael Bublé's reworking of the hit on his No1 Christmas album.

Luckily she doesn't get sick of the song as she is a massive fan of Christmas — and not just because it signals another huge payday.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Mariah, 41, said: "I start planning my Christmas in June.

"It's absolutely my favourite holiday and I've always loved everything about this time of year. I love cooking and I'm a smash-hit wonder in the kitchen.

"I'm going to be making the turkey, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings this Christmas. I cooked at Thanksgiving and it was a real success with everyone asking for seconds."

Mariah's love of festive anthems, including Bing Crosby's White Christmas, led her to write All I Want. 


And even she is surprised by its lasting appeal.

She said: "I'm amazed and humbled by its popularity, even all these years later. And I think it's great that people have the song as a ringtone.

"Who'd have thought, all those years ago when I wrote it, that it would still be having an impact today?" 
This year the song has been kept in our heads — and charts — by the star's duet with teen sensation Justin Bieber who has released a Christmas album of his own this year.

It was a no-brainer for Mariah to work with him as it introduced an army of young Beliebers to her famous Crimbo track.

She said: "Justin's definitely a young phenomenon — fun, cute and very talented. That's why I wanted to work with him."

But it's not just pop stars who have added to the song's popularity this year.

Earlier this month sailors on the HMS Ocean warship uploaded a video of themselves miming to the track to celebrate their return home after serving seven-and-a-half months in Libya. The ship initially set off on a seven-week training exercise before being diverted to support the UN air mission during the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi. The now-famous sailors returned home last week.

Their video went viral on YouTube scoring the heroes over 2.5million views.

Even an impressed Mariah is a fan of the clip.

She tweeted: "This is the best thing I've ever seen, you guys just made my day!"

She told us: "I love their take on it. I think it's the cutest thing ever. Very good lip-synching too.

"If I'd had more time, I would have liked to have gone down to Plymouth to meet the singing sailors and their families.

"Sadly, my trip to London is so short, I just don't have time. But I'm very glad that they've all made it home for Christmas." Mum-of-two Mariah, who has sold more than 200million records in the last 20 years, will spend the festive period with friends and family in snowy Aspen, Colorado. 

Mariah, who has been married to TV presenter Nick Cannon, 31, for three years, said: "Luckily Nick is almost as over-the-top festive as me. One year we hired Santa Claus to come round with real reindeer who looked as if they were going to fly off into the snow at any moment. Everyone loved it."

This year the couple will spend their first Christmas with their eight-month-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.


Monroe is named after superstar Marilyn and her brother's name comes from the Moroccan Room in Mariah's apartment where Nick proposed to her.

The children feature in the video for her new single When Christmas Comes, which is a duet with John Legend. She said: "I actually wrote that song when I was pregnant. There's a line in it that says, 'We can laugh together as the children play'. So it was special having the twins with me for the recording of the video."

During her pregnancy Mariah regularly posted pictures of her huge baby bump online and kept her fans updated about "dem babies" as she refers to them.

She explained: "I had a tough pregnancy. Because I was carrying twins, I was super-heavy and I think my bones just weren't used to holding up that much weight.

"I don't think I understood the enormity or the magnitude of what being pregnant does to your body. By the end I could hardly walk.

"But I don't want to dwell on that really, or sound as if I'm complaining, because I know I'm very blessed. I'm loving motherhood. It's a beautiful place to be and they're very good kids." Mariah credits her own mother, Patricia, for getting her interested in singing when she was a toddler.

The pair sang a duet last year, O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus, which was released last year on Mariah's second festive album, Merry Christmas II You.

And she hopes she can pass a love of singing on to her kids, too.

She said: "I started singing at home with my mom when I was four. I've always talked about her influence on me for my whole life. And with our duet, I felt as if we had come full circle.

"I certainly can imagine singing with the children round the tree when they're older because they really respond to music and love me to sing to them.

"And I do feel that musical ability is something that's handed down. We shall see."

Mariah has quickly shed her baby weight and credits the Jenny Craig Diet Plan — a company which ships special healthy ready meals to you — for helping her to slim down.

She said: "I had a lot of weight to lose because I'd retained so much water. Someone recommended the "Jenny" programme to me and it was exactly what I was looking for.

"It's quick but also very nutritious. I also did gentle aqua exercise as often as I could."

Mariah was so impressed with the "Jenny diet" she has become its US ambassador.

She said: "I wanted to help create awareness about healthy eating and losing weight. My pregnancy and weight gain made me realise what some women grapple with all their lives. At one point I thought I would never see my bone structure again."

Mariah was in London to pick up a Noble Gift Humanitarian Award for her charity work.

The singer said: "Several years ago I co-founded Camp Mariah, which is part of the Fresh Air Fund. This enables inner-city kids to look at their educational and career opportunities while enjoying camping adventures outside of the city.

"I'm planning on going camping with the kids again next summer." 

Source: The Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 17

"When Christmas Comes" in HQ 
You saw it already on BET's link, but it's way better on VEVO.  Click here to watch and enjoy!
Posted on December 17
Mariah's video message to her fans

Click here to watch it!

Posted on December 15

Mariah Carey Vid-icates To Her Baby(s)
A glowing Mariah Carey vid-icates a special song to her new duo, Roc & Roe. Check out what she has to say here! And for more Mariah, make sure to watch her Music Choice Christmas special on Music Choice On Demand.
Click here to watch it
Posted on December 15
Brand new signed pic of Mariah..................
Think you're a REAL fan (in Mariah's meaning), join now our lil' fam where we share love and tenderness for Mariah, it's a TRASH FREE forum, be careful it's Kinou who moderates it and she's not easy, positive criticism is allowed but NO trash.  What's the point of having a forum with a few thousands members with only 10 bashers posting. We are looking for quality, not quantity!  Wanna join and try your luck to win this brand new signed pic (rare for some reason), I have a few to give away and the first one will be given away on our forum.  Looking forward to welcome you.
Posted on December 15
iTunes Belgium
iTunes Belgium is so slow we don't have a Holiday chart yet, however Mariah 's AIWFCIY (original) is already  #29 in the Top 200 songs (the general one) 

Posted on December 14

Mariah on X Factor US and the saga goes on   but this time it's the end!

Mariah and Justin Bieber Were Too Expensive for “X Factor”
Last week I (Roger Friedman from Showbiz411)  reported that Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber would be performing on “X Factor.” They were scheduled to sing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on December 15th. But now I’m told that Carey’s set up — band, dancers, back up singers, make up, lighting, not to mention nannies (just kidding!) etc– was just too rich for the “X Factor” budget. The price would have come in around $300,000. Hey, it’s tough times for everyone!

“Mariah hasn’t performed live in about a year,” says a source. “She wanted to make sure everything was perfect. She certainly doesn’t sing to a track.”  And so a dream dies. But the possibility still exists of Carey singing on next year’s premiere, Meantime, I am told also that Mariah’s album with under-the-radar manager Randy Jackson is proceeding well. This could be her last album for Universal Music Group if she decides to join L.A. Reid at Epic/Sony. And Justin Bieber? Despite his enormous teen popularity, his Christmas album is being outsold by Michael Buble at a rate of 2 to 1.

Source: Roger Friedman for Showbiz411 (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 14

Mariah Carey's holiday special premiering Dec. 19 only on Music Choice On Demand 
It's the holiday season and who knows more about the holidays than Mariah Carey. Music Choice caught up with her to talk about her new Christmas collabo with John Legend, pecan pies and parties. For more Mariah, be sure to check out her holiday special premiering Dec. 19 only on Music Choice On Demand. MC on MC... Perfect together! 
Click here to watch the lil' video
Source: Music Choice On Demand - Eamon
Posted on December 13
When Christmas Comes screen caps
My bro V (@cutelamb) took the time to made them, enjoy!!!!

Click to enlarge
Source: my bro V (@cutelamb)
Posted on December 13
Watch the When Christmas Comes video in HQ on BET's site
Click here to watch it.
Source for the info: my bro V (@cutelamb)
Posted on December 13
At least those thieves have good taste.....

Men arrested for trying to steal Mariah Carey perfume
Read the story by clicking here.
Posted on December 12

"So much fun in London"!

Mariah just tweeted and posted a video on YouTube- Mimi's Adventures in London (December 10, 2011) . at the Scrooge moment.

Posted on December 12

Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Spike Lee get 2012 BET Honors

BET will announce Monday an A-list lineup for its fifth annual Honors show in D.C. next month: Maya Angelou, Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee and Mariah Carey will be celebrated next month in D.C. for lifetime achievement to African-American culture, the network announced Monday. Also on the 2012 roster: The Tuskegee Airmen and track coach Beverly Kearney.

The night is BET’s equivalent of the Kennedy Center Honors: A black-tie tribute hosted by actress Gabrielle Union with a glitzy red carpet, VIP presenters, big-name performers, and lots of after-parties. The award show takes place Sat., Jan. 14 at the Warner Theatre. 

Source: WashingtonPost (All rights reserved) - Janel
Posted on December 12

Watch When Christmas Comes now!!!!
Finally a link to watch it, it's poor quality but at least we can see how it looks like.  Cute and festive!!!
Click here to watch it (at 6 mark)
Posted on December 12
When Christmas Comes premiered on BET
Last night, the video for When Christmas Comes debuted on BET, unfortunately international fans weren't able to watch it live, I didn't find any stream this time.
At the moment of this update, the video is nowhere to be found yet.
Here are some screen caps from the video:

And 1 pic taken during the shooting of the video who surfaced:

Source for the caps: NickCannonArchives
Source for the pic: 2space - Shino
Posted on December 12

Mariah in London!  Mission accomplished 
I met my old school crew in front of The Dorchester and also met great other fans for the first time.  We were all frozen but had lots of fun while waiting for Mariah to arrive.  Laughs, hugs kept us warm (well, not really ) and when Mariah arrived nobody felt the cold anymore, all fans were singing to welcome her.
It was very well organized and the hotel security guys were not rude this time.

There was an area for photographers and paps, an area for the fans and on the opposite side, an area for the passers by and tourists.  Great idea!

Anyway, you've probably seen the pics and YouTube video, it was a festive moment!!!!!

Gorgeous and radiant Mariah took time to greet her fans in this freaking cold.

I was able to accomplish my mission.... giving her the giant Christmas card was my only goal, not my card, YOUR card 
I don't care about autographs when I have a mission!

As for the Gala, I know I got bashed and hated for it, haters if you read this (and I know you will), get a f*cking life, it was a Christmas gift and it was for a noble cause, CHARITY!
Don't expect me to make a report from the Gala, it was a private event and I'm not sure what can be made public or not, I will only say Mariah looked gorgeous (as usual) like you've probably all seen it on the official pictures.

Jermaine Jackson said really really nice things about Mariah in his speech.  Way to go man!!!!
Dionne Bromfield (Amy Winehouse God daughter) was called on stage for an impromptu.

As for the ones asking about Leona Lewis, she came too late and kind of f*cked up the end of the event. #majorfail

Posted on December 12

No more updates 'til Sunday night or Monday, for all infos about Mariah in London, please check MariahConnection and/or UKAsh's tweets.
Posted on December 9
Mariah in London update
Last minute update, Mariah is landing at 9:45am as of now
Posted on December 8
Hectic updates as I'm working a lot for the 2 days I'll be away and I'm making the giant international card for Mariah
Posted on December 8
Mariah on X Factor US and the saga goes on 

Mariah Carey To Perform new song on ‘X Factor’ Finale
A source close to Mariah Carey tells exclusively the powerhouse is planning on belting out a new hit on ‘The X Factor’ finale Dec. 22
The five remaining contestants on The X Factor are all competing for a $5 million recording contract, but they’ve already caught the eye of one of the biggest music divas in the world, the one and only Mariah Carey. In fact, has learned exclusively the 41-year-old performer is planning on supporting the new singers at The X Factor finale in a couple weeks.

An insider tells us, “Everyone is really excited. Mariah will be performing a new song which hasn’t been disclosed yet. The producers are tight lipped and want it to be a surprise.”

The source adds, “Mariah has been watching the show religiously and doesn’t know who to vote for. She thinks all the contestants are truly gifted. She says if she could, she would have them ALL win!”

Source: HollywoodLife via BBC News time
Posted on December 8

Mariah in London update
Mariah will be arriving sometime after 8am Saturday! More details will be known later on Friday...
Source: UKAsh
Posted on December 8
I'm gonna give a GIANT Christmas card to Mariah in London.  If you want to be featured on it, send me your first name, city, country to
Posted on December 7
The All I Want For Christmas Is You video with Bieber is now on iTunes
Check your countries, if Belgium has it, everyone has it 
Posted on December 7
Send your Holiday Greetings with MC's Festive Christmas music
Click here and send it to your friends, co-workers, etc...
Posted on December 7
Mariah to receive the 2011 Nobel Gift Humanitarian Award in London

Mariah will receive the Nobel Gift Award on Dec.10 at the ceremony held at The Dorchester in London.
All complementary infos, can be found at the Nobel Gift Gala website.
Posted on December 6
British soldiers from the Royal Navy get massive press after Mariah's tweet
The video posted yesterday is getting massive press after Mariah tweeted to the link, the Royal Navy even thanked her!
Posted on December 6
Mariah in London update 3
For all the fans planing to try to go meet Mariah, there's no need to spam me with e-mails, there's nothing more I can tell by e-mail than I already tweeted or posted here.
Mariah is expected to arrive in London Saturday morning for a short visit, she will stay at The Dorchester hotel: Park Lane, London W1K 1QA

Please keep in mind this is not a promo visit, also wear scarfs, hats, warm clothes as The Dorchester hotel is a wind hole!

Posted on December 6

Mariah On New Album & Balancing Kids With Music
Seven months after giving birth to twins, Mariah Carey sat down with Touré to discuss life after children and the status of her as-yet-untitled 14th album. Taking multi-tasking to the next, prenatal level, Carey discussed one song she wrote while pregnant. "I was in so much pain. I was laying on this bed and we had a studio set up in the room," Carey said. "I want to get back in and get going. It's just right now, the music business goes on this hiatus and you have to get back in there in January." Translation: don't expect any more maternity leave from the singer in 2012.

Click here to watch the lil' video
Note: Mariah says she was laying on a bed and they had a studio set up in the room, JD and Randy Jackson were there and Randy was playing bass.

Source: Fuse
Posted on December 6

Premiere of "When Christmas Comes" with John Legend on BET on Dec. 11 at 8pm
“A Very BET Christmas” Special Will Premiere Mariah Carey and John Legend's “When Christmas Comes” Video 

It's that time of year to spread Christmas cheer. Mariah Carey called on John Legend to revamp "When Christmas Comes," a song that was featured on her second holiday album Merry Christmas II You that was released this time last year. 

We are excited to announce that the world premiere of the video for this holiday track will drop during A Very BET Christmas special, airing Sunday, December 11th, at 8P/7C.

The special will also include performances from Jacob Lattimore, Robin Thicke, Elle Varner, Monica, Mindless Behavior, Jawan Harris, Lloyd and Robin Thicke.

The whole world feels love when Christmas comes, so make sure you tune in so that BET can help you get in the holiday spirit!

Source: BET
Posted on december 5

Must see!

- Give tons of hits to those great British soldiers from the Royal Navy who were deployed for 214 days and are coming home for Christmas.  They did a video on Mariah's All I Want For Christmas Is You on their way home.  Click here to watch it.

- Santa's video message to Mariah, cute and funny one made by @Ayliiiiiiiiiiih , click here to watch it.

Posted on December 5

Mariah in London update 2
During her short visit in London, Mariah will stay at The Dorchester hotel: Park Lane, London W1K 1QA
Posted on December 5
Mariah in London update
I'll try to update everyone here or on Twitter.
Mariah is definitely going to London to attend a private event, however if you want to try to catch a glimpse, she's arriving on Saturday morning.

More infos will be added as soon as possible.
Keep in mind, it's subject to change.
Posted on December 5

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, It's tonight !!!!!!!

Saint Nicolas
Here in Belgium, it's Saint Nicolas (Saint Nick) who brings toys and gifts to all the kids, the night of Dec.5 to Dec.6. So, this night is THE night. 
His plate with a lil' something to eat and the alcool to keep him warm are ready.  I'm sure he will bring some nice Mariah items for the nice fans only. 
Posted on December 5
Mariah Carey’s "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is featured on today's episode of 'At Your Request' on

Last month, I posted and tweeted: Request your Mariah song on Idolator's Twitter!
Idolator just launched @Your Request, a video series that let’s viewers request their favorite song to be played on the site, along with commentary and fun facts about the song.

Today, they paid a great tribute to Mariah's "All I want For Christmas Is You", very well done and requested by Mari from spain.

If you have a Mariah Carey song you love — request it via twitter (@idolator, #AtYourRequest).

Source: M Collelli from buzz media by e-mail
Posted on December 5

My e-mail box is ready to explode, I understand how much you guys want to see Mariah, but I don't know any hours of arrival and departure yet, all I know is that it's a private event.
Posted on December 5
Mariah in London soon...
As the info leaked and I keep receiving many e-mails, I may as well post it for everyone instead of replying individually.
Yes, Mariah will be in London end of the week for a private visit/event.

There's nothing more to add at the moment.

Posted on December 5

Exclusive: Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber Set “X Factor” Date (non officially confirmed at the moment)

Exclusive: Mariah Carey and little Justin Bieber are set to perform on “X Factor.” Their December 15th performance will be of their new duet on Mariah’s classic hit, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Carey wrote the song and released it 17 years ago, in November 1994. (Wait! November 1994 was seventeen years ago? OMG.) Since then, “All I Want” has become a Christmas perennial. This year she re-recorded it with Justin Bieber, who sings back up in his new low register. He isn’t Perry Como or even Steven Tyler, but the keeps up with Miss 8 Octaves and doesn’t do too badly. Carey has said she will make a number of appearances on “X Factor” this season, largely because it’s controlled by her record company, Universal Music. Also, her former and future label chief, L.A. Reid, a is a judge. This is complicated because her unofficial manager and music director Randy Jackson is a judge and mainstay of “American Idol.” At any rate, set your DVRs to see the newly slimmed down Mariah.

Source: Roger Friedman on Showbiz 411
Posted on December 5

French fans!!!!!  Precious is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray in France! Go grab it and if you can read (which I know you can) watch it in VO.
Source for the info: Renaud by e-mail
Posted on December 4
"When Christmas Comes" duet video coming soon!

"In the edit, finishing up the video for "When Christmas Comes" duet with John Legend. yayyyy!! #MCChristmasCountdown"
Source: Mariah on Twitter
Posted on December 4
MCChristmas countdown

Mariah posted another pic on Twitter
"taping a nice Christmas special for the lambs.. hint: "MC"! #MCChristmasCountdown"
Posted on December 4
Soooooooooooo cute 
Roc N Roe
With Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon as parents, it's no surprise that 7-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe are already showing signs they've inherited the musical genes.

In fact, you'll never believe just how talented "dem babies" are...

"My son knows how to play the drums," Cannon gushed to us last night at Skyy Vodka's Spice Up the Holidays party at the Palihouse hotel in  West Hollywood. " He actually knows how to keep the rhythm and time. It's really crazy. They'll definitely have some skill in that area."

He gushed some more, "They're little baby geniuses. They're already singing and talking. They're both saying 'dada' and 'mama' and 'papa.' They're amazing. My daughter's already trying to walk."

Cannon dished that he and Carey will head for Aspen like they usually do for Christmas. Gifts for the little ones may not be as extravagant as you would think.

"This year there's no point because they won't remember it so all the toys are just going to be for me," he said.

As for more kids, he laughed, "I think we're good with two. That's what my wife says: 'I'm done! You got two out of me at once.' "

Source: E! Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 3/4

Heroes of Mariah Saint Nicolas contest (closed)
Here and on Twitter, the winner will be picked at random tomorrow!
What U2 song did Mariah once sang live? where? with who? and at which event? e-mail your replies to
Posted on December 3
Rumors are flying around again.....
The Sun UK posted Mariah was asked to replace Adele on the finale of X-Factor UK, until it's officially confirmed, a rumor stays a rumor.
Posted on December 3
MCChristmas countdown
Mariah posted a pic on her Twitter and added: "So many festive moments coming up... stay tuned!! 
Posted on December 2
The Queen of Christmas!!!
At this moment, Mariah has 11 of her songs featured in the US Top 200 Holiday songs on iTunes!!! 
At this moment, Mariah has still 6 of her songs featured in the US Top 300 on iTunes (the general one)
Posted on December 2
Mariah helping "Pencils of Promise"
As Pencils of Promise thanked Mariah on their Twitter, maybe (probably) Mariah did something to be sold for their charity auction, like some other artists.  Be on the look for it and while you're there visit the site, they are doing a good job!
Posted on December 2
Mariah's "When Christmas Comes" feat. John Legend on iTunes almost everywhere
Look for it on iTunes in your country and support it!
Posted on December 1
Like the video or not, at least admit Mariah is hella cute, gorgeous and hot AND she has fun and seems happy, which for me is the most important!
Posted on December 1
And more beautiful caps, we can't get enough of them!

Click to enlarge
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on December 1
More beautiful caps made by Moony are coming later today, I'm too tired now, only slept 3:30 hours last night
For video collectors!
Moony's surprise, click here. (and no, it's not what will be on sale)
Posted on December 1
More beautiful caps

Click to enlarge
Big thanks to my Canadian bro V
Posted on December 1
Watch the All I Want For Christmas Is You video (duet) ONLY on VEVO
Please guys, watch it only on VEVO 'cause it counts for the charts!!!!!
International fans who can't access Vevo can watch it on their YouTube channel, it counts too.

Posted on November 30 (errr no, December 1)
OH WOW!! Absolutely gorgeous Mariah Carey in the All I Want For Christmas Is You video (duet)
The video premiered tonight on NBC, Mariah is.......... I have no words, she's simply THE best!!!
Sanaa Hamri did a great job, the fantasms of a young boy.
Enjoy the caps   and for the video it will be up on VEVO in a few 

Click to enlarge
Posted on November 30 (errr no, December 1)


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