January 2008 - Heroes of Mariah
Video about the album on Billboard
It's gonna be Mariah's sexiest album, click here to watch it.
Source for the link: Denieced on HBF
Posted on January the 31st.
"Touch My Body" info in the rumor section of Hits Daily Double
THIS JUST IN: The new Mariah Carey single is titled "Touch My Body," HITS snoop Jeff McCartney has learned. "It's classic midtempo Mariah with a BIG hook," says the Jeffster. The track, written by The-Dream and produced by Jermaine Dupri, will be delivered to Top 40, Rhythm and Urban next Tuesday at precisely 6:30 pm EST and will officially go for adds 2/11-12.
Source: Hits Daily Double  (rumor mill) - Denieced on HBF
Heroes note: Always keep an eye on Mariah's official site for officially confirmed info
Posted on January the 31st.
REID: 'I Never Gave Up On Mariah or Janet'
Record executive Antonio 'L.A.' Reid is confident he can revive the careers of R&B singers Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson - because he never stopped believing in their star power.
The Island Def Jam boss was eager to sign both artists to his label - despite the commercial failure of their respective albums released by Virgin Records.
After signing Carey in 2002, her subsequent debut with Island, The Emancipation Of Mimi, has gone on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide - and Reid is convinced Jackson's upcoming album Discipline will have similar success.
He says, "I firmly believe in truly talented people, particularly talented superstars. I believe if you have the talent, it's just a question of someone refining it and helping to make the right creative decisions.
"Talent always wins in the end; you're never over. As a matter of fact, I find that the marketplace generally is much healthier for icons than it might be for new artists, and I think that has been proven for many artists.
"When you look at the Eagles' success or the recent Led Zeppelin success, it tells me that people who grew up on these artists always love them, they just want them to make the right record. So I never really give up on them."
Source: PR Inside (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: With all respect due to Mister Reid's comment, Mariah never gave up either and she's a talented, genious hard worker!!!
Posted on January the 31st.
Mariah and Rhydian: Duet booked
According to Manchester Evening News, X Factor finalist Rhydian's people have already spoken to Jim "Meat Loaf" Steinman's people about penning original material, a duet has been booked with Mariah Carey.
Posted on January the 31st.
Videos keep comin'
More vidz of Mariah shopping
- Flynet
- X17
Posted on January the 31st.
The buzz is really startin'
Mariah's new single already makes buzz, every radio claims/ wants to be the first to play it, it's a good sign, it's gonna be big 
Even if we know it's gonna premiere on a big radio, local radios want their part of the cake....
- KISS FM in Arizona thought they played the new track.... but it was "Secret Love"  (very professional...) (thanks to fomm for the info)
- Stockton's KWIN FM posted the following:
Mariah Carey's New Single on KWIN!
Not Yet.  The record company legal department has us waiting to play the new song.  When we get the official ok, we will be the first station to play her new song.

Let's say they will maybe be the first ones to play it in Stockton.
Posted on January the 30th.

And 2 more 
X17 has 2 videos up of Mariah at Van Cleef and Gucci.
Posted on January the 30th.
One More vid from Mariah in the Hills
Hollywood TV - Click here to download.
Source: Moony and Alex
Posted on January the 30th.
Ok guys, this is ridiculous 
I know some of you are mad about the whole single situation, but c'mon no need to insult Mariah, they know what they are doing, we will have official news when it's time to get it.  Always keep an eye on Mariah's official site!!!!!!  It's for a reason they didn't post anything until now.
Also, regarding all the hateful e-mails I receive criticising my "Moral Contract", let me tell you that I don't care at all, keep them coming, it's fun! 
On the whole situation I'll quote Kelly Rowland (I just read that today while searching Mariah infos and it's damn true):
"You know what’s so sad to me is that when people don’t know what’s going on, then they are basically entitled to their own opinion; opinions are like buttholes, everybody’s got one" 
Posted on January the 30th.
Some vids
- TMZ - Mariah shop in the Hills
- TMZ online
- EXTRA TV's segment about Benny's birthday party
Click on each link to download
Source: Moony
Posted on January the 30th.
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Posted on January the 29th.
Mariah, a modern Pretty Woman
Spanish media published a few pics of Mariah and calls her a modern Pretty Woman 'cause of a day out to shopping

Click on the pics to enlarge
Source: Manolo by e-mail
Posted on January the 29th.
Kelly Rowland about Mariah
From a recent interview
- You’re obviously enjoying a lot of success this year with ‘Work’, with the upcoming re-release and whatnot, but there are also a few releases from other female heavy-weights this year– including Janet and Mariah. Whose projects are you looking forward to this year?
Kelly: I love Mariah. I really can’t wait to see what Mariah does. I was really looking forward to Alicia Keys as well and I’m definitely satisfied with the album that she brought. Janet Jackson, I can’t wait to see what she’s gonna bring.
Source: TheLittleLamb on our forum
Posted on January the 29th.
"Hi, I'm Mariah and I'll be your hostess for the night!"

"Hi, I'm Mariah and I'll be your hostess for the night!" announced songbird Mariah Carey, who got revelers like music producer—and Janet Jackson's significant other—Jermaine Dupri  into the spirit of the evening at Benny Medina's birthday bash. After Carey wheeled out the guest of honor's Moroccan-inspired cake, Medina surveyed the room and declared himself "the happiest man in the world." 
Click on the pic to enlarge
Posted on January the 29th.
According to several US radios, the single will "probably" premiere next Tuesday 
For the ones who don't understand anything anymore, "premiere" means being played for the first time and "impact" means added to playlists (I think...)
Posted on January the 29th.
New single now impacting on February 12th.? 
According to AllAccess, Mariah's new single is now previewed to impact radios on Feb 12.
Note: This needs to be officially confirmed
Source: AllAccess
Posted on January the 29th.
EA hopes on further growth for the 'M' fragrance
The company has an extensive portfolio of prestige fragrances and has achieved particular success with a range of celebrity fragrances. 
In November last year the company reported positive first quarter results which they attributed to the successful launch of Mariah Carey's new fragrance 'M'.

November also saw a further celebrity fragrance deal, this time concerning rapper Jay-Z, reflecting the company's wish to attract a younger consumer.
Under the agreement with Iconix, Elizabeth Arden will produce cosmetics, fragrances and skin care products for the Rocawear brand, which was co-founded by Jay-Z in 1999.

In addition Elizabeth Arden counts the fragrances of Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Danielle Steel amongst their brand portfolio. 

Although the company experienced success with its Mariah Carey fragrance, and reported positive results in emerging markets, its figures for North America were disappointing. 
The company hoped the second quarter (results to be released early February) would be considerably better for its North American division, pinning its hopes on further growth for the 'M' fragrance, as well as the launch of its Prevage night cream.
Source: Cosmetic Design (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 29th.

Mariah Carey’s Rodeo Drive Shopping Spree
When you’re one of the world’s most loved pop singers, you pretty much have everything you want at your fingertips. And Mariah Carey took full advantage of her celebrity during a recent trip to Rodeo Drive. 
The “Always Be My Baby” singer was spotted by the paps spending money like it was going out of style yesterday.  It was like a scene out of “Pretty Woman”… well, minus the whole hooker thing. 
Carey, along with her dog, stopped in to the Gucci boutique for some new clothes before heading over to Van Cleef & Arpels for some serious bling and champagne. 
And it sounds like yesterday’s retail romp was the end of a long weekend for Mariah.  According to a source, this past Friday, “Mariah Carey flew into L.A. just for Benny Medina’s birthday bash and gave a toast, before helping present Medina with his birthday cake.”
A lot of untagged pics are posted on this site
Source: The Gossip Girls
Posted on January the 29th.
From Van Cleef & Arpels to Gucci, paps follow Mariah

Mariah Carey is such a big fan of upmarket jewellery label Van Cleef And Arpels the company designed a gem-studded butterfly ring especially for her. And the exquisite result was on display as the singer dropped by the jewellers Rodeo Drive outlet in Beverly Hills.

With her new studio album, That Chick, wrapped and ready for its April release and filming finished on big screen drama Tennessee, Mariah had clearly decided she deserved a treat a two. 

The 37-year-old - chic in a black pencil skirt and shirt outfit accessorised with sunglasses and a wide, obi-style belt - has long been a fan of the firm, which designed the tiara worn by Grace Kelly when she became a princess of Monaco in 1956. 

And it wasn't only herself the star was indulging. After leaving Van Cleef And Arpels, Mariah hot-footed it over to Gucci where she picked up a new coat and dog lead for her beloved Jack Russell terrier Jackson P Muttley.
Source: Hello! (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 29th.

Download the vid of Mariah shopping at Gucci
Click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 29th.
Video of Mariah shopping at Gucci
Click here to access The Sun's page where you can see a vid of Mariah at Gucci yesterday
Posted on January the 29th.
Mariah shopping at Van Cleef & Arpels in Beverly Hills on January 28

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony on our forum
Posted on January the 29th.
Nicole and Joel's Friday Night with Mariah and Prince
In what may have been their first night out since becoming parents earlier this month, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden hit megamanager Benny Medina’s 50th birthday party on Friday night.

The couple was among the 200 or so who filled Medina’s Hollywood Hills home for the splashy shindig. Mariah Carey flew into L.A. just for the bash and gave a toast, before helping present Medina with his birthday cake, sources tell me. 

Prince, I’m told, showed up late in the night and was quickly escorted to the second floor of the house, where Carey retreated after the cake was served. 

Ashley Olsen spent most of her time chain-smoking. Also there were Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg, Mischa Barton, Kevin Connolly, Cuba Gooding Jr., model Karolina Kurkova and director Brett Ratner. “The theme was Casablanca Fly,” one guest reports. “It was ‘40s-inspired decor, and you had to dress to impress.”
Source: E! Online (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 28th.

Mariah at Benny's birthday

Mariah and Al Walser, Goodwill Ambassador from the Principality of Liechtenstein, attending Benny Medina's 50th birthday party at his mansion in the West Doheny Hills, Beverly Hills, on Jan. 25.
Click on the pic to enlarge
You can find untagged HQ pics on SweetMariah.
Source: Cat from SweetMariah on our forum
Posted on January the 28th.
That's hilarious  It's NOT gonna happen tomorrow on KHOP
Sorry guys, I know a lot of you are disappointed or mad, but the whole situation makes me laugh , this is the best pre-Era we have since a long long time and I'm not joking.
How exciting is this!!!!!! 
Anyway, here's the latest news, Murat recorded a second ad in which that radio announces they will play the track next week, click here to download it and save the links from earlier today and this one, these are collectors 
Also, several fans called the radio station and they said IDJ just contacted them and changed it to next week.
Posted on January the 28th.
For the ones who have time..
Obviously KHOP will not be the only ones who will premiere the track, so if you have time (don't miss your work or school ), here are some links of radios where you can listen live from any country in the world:
- Z100
- B96
Click here to choose more stations.
Posted on January the 28th.
Download KHOP's ad for the new track
Click here to download the ad announcing the new track, of course you don't hear any excerpt of the song and when the song will be played and will hit the net, you'll not find any download link here on Heroes of Mariah!
Source for the link: Murat - thelittlelamb on our forum
Posted on January the 28th.
KHOP WILL premier the track tomorrow 
Jenifer called the station and according to Jack (the morning DJ), the radio will play the track as soon as it comes in tomorrow.
Source for the info: jeniferbfly on HBF
Posted on January the 28th.
Will the track premiere tomorrow???? KHOP claims it!
It could be true, but we don't know it for sure.....
Here's what they write on their website:

KHOP @ 95-1 breaks the hottest new music first!
We just heard from Mariah's team that KHOP can expect a copy of her new single Tuesday, long before other radio stations and iTunes will have it!
So be listening Tuesday for Mariah Carey's new single.  And to other radio stations around the country, be ready to record it from K-HOP since you won't have it!
Source for the info: KHOP - Dennis by e-mail
Heroes comment: The comment towards other radios in the country is kinda weird!
Posted on January the 28th.
Jas the jetsetter
So after the snowy Christmas antics of Aspen, we lived up New Year in Vegas and then MC (Mariah) took us on the third and final part of our adventure

Except it wasn’t. 

We flew out of Vegas on New Year’s Day to spend a few days in the Bahamas at Mariah’s new, yet still uncompleted beach-front home. As we landed at the privately owned international airport, and were whisked from the plane through customs, I decided that I could get used to feeling this VIP-ish! This annual taste of the good life is the best!

However, my joy was short lived as we got to customs and realised that we’d arrived at the wrong airport! All of MC’s Escalades were waiting for us at the island’s other airport, an hour away. So we drove to them, catching a great tour of the island en route, before arriving at what can only be described as paradise. 

MC’s home is like a more fabulous version of Richard Branson’s Necker Island (which she was inspired by when I took her there three years ago, when I was filming Sir Richard’s crib out there). 

Complete with an infinity pool to rival all infinity pools, and an open air dining area poolside, with a banquet-sized dining table and a turquoise colour theme scattered throughout its pure tropical bliss! As if that wasn't enough, the beach is covered in… wait for it… pink sand! Very appropriate for our Princess, right? 

But alas: All isn't always peace in heaven and moments later, the rain came and it was actually cold. Being optimistic, we thought it would clear up soon. It didn't. The following day was as wet and cold as England! 

Most people would try and make the most of a wet vacation. But Mariah isn't "most people". She, not wanting our festive annual vacation to end on a downer, decided we would go to wherever the sun is. “I know,” she declared, “let’s go to Jack’s favourite spot: Puerto Rico!” So we re-packed, jumped back on her jet and whizzed off to San Juan, Puerto Rico, pretty much in the same way I'd catch a 207 bus from Southall to Shepherd’s Bush. 

We sailed out to one of MC’s favourite places in the world: the island where she filmed the video for her classic hit, Honey. We always refer to the deserted island as the “Honey Island.” It was tiny, tranquil and the turquoise sea around it reminded me of one of my favourite places in the world: Trinidad! 

MC’s personal trainer (Patricia from St Barts), had me, MC and Da Brat in the water doing hours of water exercises until the moon came up. At one point, the captain blew his whistle real hard and insisted we get back in the boat due to his concerns about the dark and a possible storm. You know I was the first one outta that water. I've watched way too many Jaws-like movies to know that whistle at sea equals danger! Back on the boat, we laid on the deck watching millions of shooting stars go by, and played our favourite boat game: Concentration. 

Now that my three weeks of VIP-dom were up, I practically had to be pulled off MC’s jet as I gripped onto the plush, padded leather seats. But after much soothing and coaxing from her that we would see each other again soon, calm was restored and I reluctantly wafted down the jet steps back to my normal life. The next day I left the islands and flew to New York for a day before heading back to London. 

Back in London, my neck smells of Mariah, my wrists smell of P Diddy and my feet smell of Usher. Not because I've been having a rambunctious threesome with hip-hop superstars, but because I'm trying out all their fragrances: body lotions and foot creams. Call it a bizarre need to use up all my goodie bags at once. I’ve turned into Willamina Slater from Ugly Betty; I want it all and I want it now! What a fabulous way to begin the year: by losing my mind!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on January the 28th.

Another Australian review, new lyrics

Mimi vs. Janet - The Showdown
A chart battle is looming for Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson . Jackson will release her new album Discipline, on Feb 26, Carey’s long player, tentatively titled I’m that chick is due on April 1. 
And judging by new tracks previewed at a Melbourne listening session last week, Mimi will blitz. 
Carey beats, lyrics, and vocal delivery are superior. Mimi’s new songs are about love, lust, being played and her breakdown - or her "breakthrough" as Carey describes it. 
Touch my body, shortlisted as the first single, hints at a new celebrity must have - a sex tape. "If there’s a camera up in here then I’d best not catch this flick on YouTube" Carey warns. "If you run your mouth and brag about this secret rendezvous I will hunt you down." 
Collaborating producers include Jermaine Dupri, Polow Da Don, Stargate, Danja, Tricky Sterwart and The Dream.
Source: The Herals Sun - SexForYaStereo on fomm
Posted on January the 27th.

Carey chooses Stargate
Stargate's producer Mikkel Storleer Eriksen talks about "That Chick".
Eriksen who worked with Mariah on "That Chick" in New York, says he's fascinated by Mariah as she's an incredible artist and a funny woman.
According to Mikkel, the album will be a hit and he was only able to talk and reveal some details to the Norwegian publication last Friday, as the label is very protective to avoid leaks.
Both tracks Stargate produced on Mariah's album are very Stargate-esque with addition sounds like we are used to hear by Mariah.
It's a "feel good" impression to be with Mariah, she's a hard worker and a famous vocalist, we worked from late at night to the early hours with a few glasses of champagne, says Eiksen.
I'm really excited by "That Chick".
Source in Norwegian: Adressa
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on January the 27th.
Mariah: "You girls know how to party."
The 3am girls quits The Mirror.  You may know them by reading their column in The Mirror, they met Mariah numerous times and were even invited to the Mariah and JD's Grammy after party.  In their "3am Favourites", they write: "Mariah Carey is best mates with Caroline - and they always go out on the town together. Mariah told us: "You girls know how to party."
Source: The Mirror
Posted on January the 26th.
Taiwan gets listening party
Sina Entertainment, a Chinese news site, reveals the following information:
Spring 2008 will mark dual western music releases for Carey and Janet Jackson.
In order to prevent the outflow of sound files, Island Def Jam president Matt Voss personally came to Taiwan yesterday (24 Jan, 2007), two days after the media preview, to preview new songs. Those attending the event found that it was mandatory for phones to be switched off. An alternative new songs policy was also put into action so that it could be immediately identified from what region any potential leak originated from. 
Source: Sina - Thanks to Choi - Translation: Mariah Connection International.
Posted on January the 26th.
Mariah to promote her new album in Australia?

Divas are heading our way
Two of the world's biggest music divas will be heading to Australia this year on the back of their latest album releases.
Mariah Carey, who has racked up 17 number-one hits in the US alone and has sold more than 150 million CDs and DVDs worldwide, is preparing to release her album That Chick in April. 

Meanwhile, the release of the Janet Jackson album Discipline is imminent.

"We definitely want to get them out here at some point during the year,'' says a rep from their US record label who flew to Australia to unveil five tracks from each album. 

Insider had a private preview of tracks from both albums - two of the year's most anticipated releases. 

Carey's sound is more polished than Jackson's, and there's no doubt her album will get plenty of radio and television airplay. 

Timing is everything in this game, so Carey is yet to set an exact date for the release. The expected drop in April will be around the time Madonna's latest album is due.

Although Carey's lyrics leave little to the imagination, there's no denying she has an amazing voice. 

Stand-out tunes include Love You Long Time, Touch My Body and I'm That Chick That You Want. 
Source: The Daily Telegraph (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 26th.

HBF members! Mariah's Holiday Vacation Gallery Is Up Now! 
Posted on January the 26th.
Some infos, well not really new for us Mariah fans, but.....
MySpace is a great place, I have a lot of DJs among my friends, one of them is a well known DJ in the UK, (I'll not give his name for now) he was at the listening party in London.  He does not give details about Mariah's tracks as there was a confidentiallity clause (It seems not everyone respected it...).  Here's what he has to say.

" It's always a big occasion when Janet drops a new album, even if the last two were pretty poor and basically unsuccessful in comparison to all of her previous albums but for me I always wish the best for her and hope that she'll be back on top making more timeless music. I was at the play back for her and Mariah's new albums hosted by Island Def Jam Chairman - L.A Reid last week in Central London, so I've heard 80% of the album and from what I remember most of the album was up tempo with a massive club sound, but Janet's vocals never stood out over any of the tracks apart from the slower ones where she puts on that super sexy voice. I dunno maybe when I hear the album again I might feel differently about it but for the now the memories are not that great I'm sorry to say. 
As for Mariah OMG! She done did again - whooo hoooo! Wait till to hear that."
Posted on January the 25th.

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Posted on January the 25th.
Busta hosts best RnB collabs

I thought the cover of this mixtape looks great, even if the picture doesn't fit with Era of the track 
MarkXclusive presents Busta Rhymes RnB collaborations
The mixtape is hosted by Busta and among all the tracks, we can of course hear the great joint, "I Know What You want".
Click on the pic to enlarge
Posted on January the 25th.
Only 36,160 US fans bought "The Adventures of Mimi" DVD 
Source for the info: Soundscan - fomm
Posted on January the 25th.
New Damizza interview
Nothing we didn't already know, but still always interesting.  Click here to read it.
Posted on January the 25th.
Mariah's candid pic in the Caribbeans
The beautiful picture was shot by Jason Fraser on January the 21st..  So guys 3 days ago Mariah was in the Caribbeans and is maybe/probably still there
A big thanks to Cat for the info
Posted on January the 24th.
Mariah's "That Chick" played in L.A. Reid's office
Yesterday, several reports were posted on the net, saying L.A. Reid played tracks from Janet's upcoming album to medias. Mariah's "That Chick" track was played while people were leaving the office.  Nothing good, nothing bad is reported, just that the joint never stops bouncing.
Source: VH1 and a guy on fomm 
Posted on January the 24th.
First single still not chosen
As of yesterday, Island Def Jam US had still not chosen the first single of Mariah's upcoming album.
Source: Several European Universal offices by phone
Posted on January the 23rd.
JJ's name was Ashton

Ashton - Sold - Mariah Carey/Marc Sudack
Sweetheart & Playful
Date of Birth: 9-3-07  CKC Registered
Celebrity pet parents!
We are extremely excited to know that we have placed one our puppies in such a great home! Ashton-Jack Russell puppy-will live in complete luxury!
On Nov. 21st, Mariah Carey flew into Tulsa International Airport via private jet to pick up Ashton-Jack Russell puppy!  Her massive bodyguard Rob Payne came into the lobby and picked up Ashton from me. He was super nice and very proud of our little Ashton.  I hope to receive pictures from Mariah's personal assistant but understand she is busy. 
Source: Hunter Ridge Kennel - LoveLoveJack - ccallisto1 - Moony on our forum
Posted on January the 23rd.
Lil' video of TMZ Reporting Mariah Was Spotted In The Caribbeans
It's the pic at their site and a guy saying he is impressed how pretty Mariah looks in the pic.
Click here to download
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 22nd.
Mariah poses on the beaches of the Caribbean 
Finally!!!!! Finally we can enjoy a candid pic of Mariah relaxing in the Caribbeans.  TMZ say the pic was taken yesterday.... is Mariah back in the Caribbeans to work? to shoot a video?  or was it a picture from her recent holiday?  After all, we don't care. 
Mariah looks absolutely great and happy 
Click on the pic to enlarge.
Source: TMZ
Credit for the pic: enewsbuzz.com
Posted on January the 22nd.
German media Bild.de was at the London listening party and will exclusively present songs
L.A. Reid talking about the albums: "The whole situation is fun to me, I would like to bring both albums out the same day, but Janet and Mariah wouldn't allow it."
Janet's "Discipline" is set for end of February and Mariah's "That Chick" for April.

According to the Bild peeps who were at the party, Mariah's new album is a set of HipHop sounds and features artists like T-Pain ("Migrate") and Damian Marley ("Cruise Control").  "Lovin' You Long Time" and "For the Record" are a true pleasure for the ears.  "That Chick", "Touch My Body" and "Thanks for Nothin'" have the potential to become hits. "Bye Bye" shows a very personal side of Mariah.

Warning: The ones like Beyoncé, Rihanna and co need to be careful this year.  With their albums, Janet and Mariah will make it difficult for the new generation, but could there be a danger they could steal the show mutually from themselves?
At this question, LA Reid answers: "They are both icons worldwide. They will not stand in the way of eachother. A little competition can't hurt".

Soon, Bild.de will exclusively presents the songs for your pleasure.
Source in German: Bild 
Translation: Heroes of Mariah
Posted on January the 21st.

Heroes of Mariah samples contest answers and winner 
- Honey (Bad Boy Remix) / Treacherous Three "Body Rock"
- Always Be My Baby (JD Remix feat. Da Brat) / S.O.S. Band "Tell Me If You Still Care" 
- Loverboy / Cameo "Candy"
- Make It Happen (Remix) / Alicia Myers "I Want To Thank You "
- Honey (So So Def Mix) / Jackson 5 "It's Great To Be Here"
- Boy / Rose Royce "I'm Going Down" ( Original )  /  Cam'ron " Oh Boy "
- Fantasy / Tom Tom Club "Genius Of Love"
- Dreamlover / Emotions "Blind Alley"
The winner picked at random among the 92 good answers is a girl again, Ula S. from Dresden (Germany) wins a Pinko t-shirt too,  similar as the one which was the prize of the previous contest, you can check the scans here.
Posted on January the 21st.
"That Chick" still not officially confirmed but....
As usual, UK online stores already list the album under that title (it's now only 3 times they change the title ), anyway, Play UK list the release date on 31/03/2008, HMV UK list it for 25-2-2008 (this ain't gonna happen peeps ), and MTV Italy talks about a March 28 release date in their title and March 29 release date in their article .  Every media tries to update and nobody has the official as of now, many speculations, many mistakes (Damien Marley instead of Damian, a reggaeton artist instead of a reggae artist and so on... ).  We simply need to wait patiently for an official statement or press release .
Posted on January the 21st.
Viva Las Vegas!

As Mariah, her nearest and dearest and I flew into Vegas on December 30, it was a buzz to see the blazing lights of the Vegas strip beneath us.

Seeing the height of the infamous fight location The Mandalay, the fake Eiffel Tower, the view of the choreographed fountains of the Bellagio, the Roman silhouettes at Caesars palace– I was high, both mentally and literally (but not chemically!) 

We left the jet and headed straight to our rooms at The Venetian, with enough time to pee, pack and party! We showered and then hit Jay Z's party at the 40/40 club in Vegas's Palazzo Hotel. It was like an SAS mission getting in– unless you were on MC's guestlist! So we swanned through the escalator security, the door security, the red carpet lane and into the club. 

It was great timing as we arrived alongside Jay and Beyoncé, who made their way straight to the stage to thank us all for being there and to wish us happy holidays. Then, Jay wanted to say happy birthday to a special friend of his, basketball player Lebron James who was celebrating his 23rd born-day there. Lebron took the mic as a girl popped out of a giant birthday cake, and then Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige and countless basketball players (I have no idea who) passed through. DJ Clark Kent killed it on the decks with a set so fly and retrospective we didn't stop dancing and screaming until 4am! 

Then it was back to MC's suite where we hung out with a variety of MC's true friends and celebs, while listening to her new album and dancing about as if we were 12-year-olds at a slumber party! Da Brat retired at 5am whilst I made it till 7am. 

Next day, myself and first time Vegas-goer Tracy Cloherty (former head of Hot97, now at K Rock) did a quick diva tour of the strip, where Paris is just across the street from Italy and u can buy sweat-suits for a dollar each. We spotted ads for “as much as u can eat– more than u could ever imagine," which made me laugh. Only in Vegas where the folks are so fat you can jog around them for exercise, would we see that! 
(The above statement is the opinion of this writer and not any American superstar in our presence.) 

That night it was MC's New Years Eve party in club Tao. With all our pre-NYE celebration antics in her suite, we only just hit the club seconds before she had to countdown to midnight! She was rushed onstage to join DJ Suss One and we brought the New Year in as we meant to continue the rest of the year: rushed! 

In VIP with us were Mario, Randy Jackson, head of BET Stephen Hill, Da Brat and– wait for it– Death Row legend Suge Knight! Even though I was slightly nervous about hanging with hip-hop’s most notorious villain, I am obsessed by the story of Death Row so it was only seconds before me and Suge got chatting after MC did the introductions. The conversation was fascinating. Suge: “I love that girl– I will hurt a n****r for her.” Me: “Yeah, me too. That's my sis and I love her too." Suge then said: "Ok good– so I got both of you.” Woo! Head rush! Suge Knight’s got me. So don’t mess readers, or you could get hung over a balcony– ya heard! 

Then, Nas and Kelis and ex-sports star now actor Rick Fox passed through the party and we all danced until 5am with Suge on one side of me and MC and Brat on another. It was a legendary hip-hop dream! We kept hitting the DJ with our track choices, which included all old school hits from Tupac, Biggie, Jacko, Run DMC. It was a jamdown! And Suge said the DJ better play MC's wish-list or it could get ugly!

We staggered back to MC's suite, and I mean staggered, as my feet were done. Can you believe MC's security didn't want to carry me? Something about being here to look after MC not my feet. Outrageous! 

Just as I was about to collapse on the bed, MC who had only eaten “morsels” for the past 24-hours, decided to order a little breakfast: Maine lobster breakfast at 8am (“coz Jazzy’s from London and hasn't tasted Maine lobster”!) We listened to MC’s new album again, with a superstar line-up of celebs, who all joined us in the suite and raved silly about it. 

Then I staggered to bed for three hours, before we all jumped on a flight to the Bahamas, where we literally chased the sun! You can read that installment in next week’s Juice! Oh, I know I'm a little late but... Happy New Year!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on January the 21st.

Fingers crossed for Nate, get well soon Dogg!!!
Maybe you know it, maybe not, but Nate Dogg had a cerebrovascular accident just before Christmas, he's better now but he's paralysed on the left side of his body.  He's now recovering in a rehab center, it also seems his vocal chords have not been affected.  Get well soon dogg, we love your smooth voice...
You can watch a video of him performing "What Would U Do" with Mariah on 12/17/2003 in Los Angeles during the Charmbracelet Tour, Damizza, and Shade Sheist also joined Mariah on stage for the performance.
Video courtesy of Damizza, Shade and StreetRenegade
Posted on January the 19th.
CNN: Special Investigations Unit Chasing Angelina 
This show originally aired on CNN on May 13, 2006. 
Mariah appeared a couple of times. Mariah was featured as one of the clients to a publicist, Cindy Berger, and interviewed about a celebrity photographer, Kevin Mazur in this show.
Click on the screencap to enlarge
Click here to download it
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 19th.
Gold Limited Edition "M" at Macy's for Valentine's Day
The special Gold Limited Edition bottle of "M" will be released in the US around Valentine's day, this limited edition will only be sold at Macy's.  Price $75
Source for the info: luvmariahcarey on Mariah's official messageboard
Posted on January the 19th.
New Mariah fragrance in Autumn - Mariah-Ireland.com Exclusive
My buddy Taz from Mariah-Ireland let us know a NEW Mariah Carey fragrance will be launching in the Autumn.
Also, a special Gold Limited Edition bottle of Mariah's Perfume "M by Mariah" will be launching exclusively in Debenhams (UK & Ireland) on 16th March and then they will be giving away an M by Mariah Carey Bag in Arnotts (Dublin, Ireland) from 13th April.
Source: Taz from Mariah-Ireland on our forum
Posted on January the 18th.
Other single option: "Touch My Body"????
According to Dutch radio Juize's site, the first single should be "Touch My Body" and Mariah is shooting the video at this moment.
Or that site messed up all the infos coming up on an impressive list of non fan sites (and good news, on a lot of Rap, HipHop sites and forums), or Europe will maybe have another single, who knows???? 
Source for the info: Juize FM - B-Fly on our forum
Posted on January the 18th.
The Verdict
Red hot divas Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson  are going head to head this spring by releasing comeback albums just weeks apart. 
The curvy twosome have scheduled their make or break collections around the same time to maximise their impact. 

Music Biz have had an exclusive listen to both of the records and reckon they’re both strong efforts. 

Mariah’s LP, That Chick, features a string of collaborations with the hottest rappers around. 
Migrate featuring T-Pain is a titanic future crunk smash. 

Not so successful is the diva’s duet with Damian Marley called Cruise Control, where she slips into a cringeworthy Jamaican accent, singing: “Me say no man, tink I’m jokin’?” 
Source: The Sun (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 18th.

Some more info
For Mariah it’s more of the same from the world’s biggest-selling recording artist. 
If anything there’s less schmaltz this time as the Long Island babe concentrates on blowing bass bins.
The brassy Lovin’ You Long Time’s riff gets more uplifting by the second while Mariah, 37, does a mean R Kelly impersonation on Touch My Body.
Pick of the bunch is the Janet-like title track That Chick, with its “taste me, gotta flavour like ice cream” hook. 
Mariah’s That Chick follows on April 1.
Source: Daily Star (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 18th.
Mariah Rolls With T-Pain, Dupri On New Album
Mark Sutherland, London
Mariah Carey has set an April 1 release date for the follow-up to her mega-selling album "The Emancipation of Mimi," which was the biggest selling album of 2005. Dubbed "That Chick," the set features production from Jermaine Dupri, will.i.am and Rodney Jerkins, plus collaborations with the likes of T-Pain and Damian Marley.
The album veers between breezy pop tunes like "Lovin' You Long Time" and the title track, ballads like "Love Story" and urban club bangers like the standout "Migrate." 
The latter features T-Pain in a guest slot, providing the counterpoint to Carey's anthemic "single girls on the town" lyrics with the killer line: "Don't wait for me to buy drinks, or you're going to dehydrate."
Other highlights include the frisky R&B of "Touch My Body," with Carey cooing, "If there's a camera up in here then I best not catch this flick on YouTube," and the catchy "OOC" -- short for "out of control." There's also a new sound for Carey on "Cruise Control," which features Marley and sees the artist try her hand at Jamaican patois.
"It's kind of strange but I heard a lot of her records and it sound like the album is better than the last album," Dupri recently told Billboard.
Additional reporting by Clover Hope

Here is the track list for "That Chick":
"Lovin' You Long Time"
"Touch My Body"
"That Chick"
"Thanx for Nothin'"
"For the Record"
"Cruise Control"
"Love Story"
"Bye Bye"
Source: Billboard (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 18th.

I don't get it!!!!!!
Since 2 days, most of Mariah's fans reached a level of dumbness rarely reached until now.  We all know that a lot of fans have the bad habit to criticize (and even more) most of the things Mariah do. I don't say that everyone need to always like everything, that would not be normal (and still...), thank god, we all have different tastes, otherwise we would only be a group of robots, the thing is there are ways to express what you feel, but the dumbasses will always be dumbasses, we will never be able to change them.
All this to mention what happens since 2 days:
- How can they judge/criticize the unconfirmed title of the album?  I don't get it.
- How can they judge/criticize the tracks' titles without having heard the tracks?  I don't get it.
- How can they judge/criticize Mariah's voice?  I don't get it.
- How can they judge/criticize a picture which will probably not be the album's cover?  I don't get it.
- How can they judge/criticize a few leaked tracks' lyrics without knowing the meaning of the tracks?  I don't get it.
And I could go on for hours.
Seriously, I already said it and will say it again, next time you will be in front of Mariah, show yourself like you really are on the internet, spit all your bullshit in her face!
Pfiouuu, I feel better  and you?????
Like I already said before, il would be so great that Mariah does one day like Prince and makes a track to criticize some of her fans, she could even mention nicknames, that would be funny 
Posted on January the 18th.
Nothing is confirmed!!!
All the European Universal offices I contacted until now, say nor the title, nor the cover are confirmed.
Posted on January the 18th.
The gorgeous picture, but is it really a new one?

Several fans sent me an e-mail telling the beautiful picture posted on the UK blog yesterday was maybe from the photo shoot for the book Visionaire "Private" by Marc Jacobs, Mert Alas, and Marcus Piggott.  This could indeed a pic of that shoot, just wanted to share what the fans sent (thanks guys).  Anyway, new one or not, it's a never seen before 
Remember (posted on Heroes of Mariah last September):
The 168-page oversize book, sponsored by Louis Vuitton, includes nude photographs of a bevy of models, actors and celebrities, including Jacobs, this edition's guest editor. Visionaire co-founder Stephen Gan said the concept was conceived more than two years ago and most of the photos were taken late last year. "The idea was to do personal nudes of famous people. We came up with a list of who are considered the most beautiful people in the world," he explained. That list includes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Christy Turlington, Gisele Bündchen, Jamie Dornan and Selma Blair, all shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Though most of the images are quite revealing, "not everyone is stark naked," Gan said.
Posted on January the 17th.
Mariah And Janet: The Return
Def Jam/ Island CEO Antonio 'LA' Reid jetted into London yesterday afternoon to present new releases from Ms Janet Jackson and Ms Mariah Carey.

Two of the world's most iconic have been busy squirreling in the studio and return with Jackson's Discipline and Carey's That Chick.

Reid identified both artists as having a whole lot of 'swagger' - before dropping a little dig to EMI. "That's a music company. Well, it used to be," he grinned before showcasing a bit more bitchiness. Or truth, depending on your POV! "We realised that it would take some work with Janet after her last two EMI album weren't successful. Just like the last Mariah EMI album..."

Once that was done, it was on with the music. Reserving full opinion until we've had the chance to sit down properly with both records, we can however say that we think MC won out. 

Luckily, Mariah kept it a whole lot cleaner (but not squeaky, that would be dry!)

The first few tracks were big, but MC really hit hard with absolute banger Migrate featuring T-Pain. Oh my daze!!! "We sippin' Grigio slow," murmurs Mariah over some serious dirty south bounce. Not too sure about her dropping a bit of patois on the Damian Marley assisted Cruise Control ('Me say no man... tink I'm jokin'), but we'll forgive her such strangeness considering the tune packs heat. 

Vocally and sonically, this is yet another outstanding release from the world's biggest selling superstar. 

Watch out for a full review once the records are in for review...

Janet is out February 25 and Mariah drops April 1st...
Source: RWD (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 17th.

Listening party compilation
- The album is tentatively titled "That Chick"
- Cruise Control with Damian Marley (Mariah sings in Jamaican patois and raps throwing down new MC slanguage)
- Heat produced by Will I Am
- For Real, For Real feat. T-Pain
- Migrate feat. T-Pain
- That Chick
- Love You Long Time
- Love Story
- Bye Bye 
- O.O.C. (Out Of Control)
Posted on January the 17th.
L.A Reid invites an exclusive VIP audience to hear the new albums
Last night in a central London hotel theatre, Def Jam head L.A Reid invited a very exclusive VIP audience to hear the new albums from both his 2 top divas Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. 

With stringent rules laid down at the top of the evening about not leaving the room for a bathroom visit , handing over all gadgets and returning song word sheets, we knew it was about to go down.

Beginning with Janet's new material which sees Janet reworking her old sounds from the days of ''velvet rope and ''control'' Janet's material was quite sexually overt and a little gross (''real heavy like my first period''!) but it was really Mariah's new material that blew everyone away.

Ms Carey's new album, tentatively titled ''that chick'', saw collaborations with T Pain , Young Jeezy and Damien Marley with production by her long time friend and producer Jermaine Dupri, Will I Am, Rodney Jerkins and The Dream.

The new music with catchier hooks and melodies than ever, even sees Mariah taking on an exciting new musical adventure where she sings in Jamaican patois on her Damien Marley duet ''Cruise Control'' where she references ''dramas'' and ''baby mamas'' and like your favourite rap star Mariah throws down new MC slanguage (‘’you love yourself some me!’) that will have the teens adopting as soon as the album gets into the public domain..

Urban music lovers in the house were really excited about that track as well as hip-hop banger ''Heat'' produced by Wll I Am,'' For Real ,For Real'', and ''Migrate'' where 2007s hitman T Pain hooks up with Mariah but it was the title track ''That Chick'' with its double entendres which includes a tip of the hat to Michael Jackson with references to his Of The Wall Classics that had pop chart taste-makers excited claiming it was the number 1 track on the album closely followed by likely international pop hit '' Love You Long Time''

In typical Mariah fashion there were the legendary ballads ''Love Story'' and tear jerker ''Bye Bye'' (an ode to people who have passed away) that will have reality pop contestants singing away for decades to come!

One track titled ''O.O.C'' summed up the night and the return of Mariah- once the albums out it's gonna be '' Out Of Control!''.
Source: MTV UK (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: It's of course Damian Marley and not Damien.
Posted on January the 17th.

Last day to enter the Heroes of Mariah samples contest
Here are all the Mariah tracks titles and you need to find which song they sample.
- Honey (Bad Boy Remix) 
- Always Be My Baby (JD Remix feat. Da Brat)
- Loverboy
- Make It Happen (Remix) 
- Honey (So So Def Mix)
- Boy
- Fantasy
- Dreamlover
You may enter your answers until today Jan.17 at midnight, a winner will be picked at random.
Posted on January the 17th.
Album infos: Need to be officially confirmed
European label office representatives come back from London today and some tomorrow.  The title of the album is still to be confirmed until there's an official confirmation by the label and not a random blog written by a guest at the party.  All infos will become available probably later today.
Posted on January the 17th.
That Chick or not, it's all good for me, don't make your opinion based on infos posted by a guest at the listening party.  You have a brain, use it to make your own opinion once you will hear the songs .  Anyway, it's clear the dude from the blog doesn't appreciate Mariah and her career that much ...... 
Posted on January the 17th.
New album: "That Chick" ? 
First review

So, Def Jam were showing off the two female jewels in their crown today with playbacks of the new Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey albums. 

Label Boss Antonio "LA" Reid seemed very excited about both of them, although that is his job, and mentioned plans for six singles from Mariah's That Chick, which hits the stores in April.

Their old diva (in terms of contract, not age, of course) is Mariah, who is riding high after the 7xPlatinum-selling Emancipation Of Mimi.

We got to hear 10 tracks from the follow-up, That Chick, which I have to say sounded more polished and commercial than Janet's effort. 

One track in particular is set to make big bucks, and that's Bye Bye - a torch song for people "who lost they grandmothers". I guarantee that Simon Cowell will be sick of hearing badly-realised auditions of it by the end of the year. 

Lyrics were never Carey's strong point, mind you, so her paean to loss is summed up with not-very-insightful Hallmark platitudes like "I'd give the world to see your face" and "Life goes on". 

Still, at least it's better than when she desperately attempts to prove how bang up to date she is. In Touch My Body, she purrs to her lover: "If there's a camera up in here then I best not catch this flick on youtube (youtube)". Not exactly the sexiest boudoir come-on you've ever heard, is it?

But there are plenty of good tunes to counter the awesomely bad lyrics. Migrate, about a night out with Mariah while she wears jeans ("yeah, they fit", she informs us) is sure to be a candidate for heavy MTV rotation, although I hope to god they excise T-Pain's hopelessly strained vocals. Lovin' You Long Time, meanwhile, is a strutting uptempo number very much in the style of It's Like That.

So, what have we learnt from this listening "event"? Well, I wasn't overwhelmed by the music - despite (or perhaps because of) the fact it was played so ear-splittingly loud that it felt like I was being punched repeatedly in the ears by a cyberman. Both artists have turned in a tuneful, competent set of R&B songs, but I'm not sure that any of them have the charisma or vitality to compete with the Rihannas and Beyonces of this world.
Source: Discopop Directory
Heroes note: Obviously, that person was at the listening party, let's now wait for the official Press Release.
Posted on January the 16th.

Street promo in Belgium and France
You can already let me know if you would like to take part at the Heroes of Mariah street promo for the album in Brussels and Paris.
Universal Belgium and Universal France will support our street promo.  Belgian fans you know how it goes, however for french fans it will be a premiere, Universal france will support it to the fullest and will help us with stuffs.  If you want to take part, send me an e-mail 
Belgian fans: As usual, there will be a street promo for the singles too, I'll let you know.
French fans: This is a second street promo and is not the one for the perfume, we already have a team which is ready to walk in the streets of Paris as soon as we have the confirmed date.
Posté le 16 janvier
Listening party took place
Universal Music Spain confirmed there was indeed a listening party today in London for worldwide label offices representatives.
Source: MariahConnection Spain - Manuel by e-mail
Posted on January the 16th.
The listening party in London
I don't know where, with who, etc... all I know from a friend who works in the UK medias, is that the guest list was closed yesterday.
Let's patiently wait for some reports from the media and/or officially confirmed infos.
Posted on January the 16th.
Adam Rothenberg about working with Mariah in "Tennessee"
In an interview with Movieweb, Adam Rothenberg who plays the character of Carter Armstrong (the oldest brother) in "Tennessee" talks about his experience working with Mariah.

One last question. You have an upcoming movie called Tennessee. How was that experience and what was it like getting to work with Mariah Carey?
Adam Rothenberg: That, again, was great. I am always surprised when I meet super famous people. It is not that exciting. Well, it's not that. It's just that they are so real. Everyone on set is very nervous on that first day. We want people to like us. So you generally come together pretty perfectly, because you have a common goal. Mariah Carey was really nice. She was great. And I'm sure we will hear more about the film as it gets closer to its release date. 
Source: Movieweb (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 16th.

Official "Zohan" poster
Here's the official poster for "You Don't Mess with the Zohan".
Click to enlarge
Source: Columbia TriStar by e-mail
Posted on January the 16th.
The listening party
You were a lot to e-mail me for more details about the listening party/session which will take place in London.  All I know is what was posted yesterday.
Posted on January the 16th.
LA Reid to present the album to the press in London
It seems LA Reid will hold a listening party for all the big future releases, apparently Mariah's album will be presented tomorrow night.
Source for the info: UK Mix and Pulse messageboards.
Posted on January the 15th.
Mariah featured on Randy Jackson's album with "I Understand"
Randy enlists famous friends (inc. Idols) for new album.
March 11 is the release date for the album, which Randy produced and covers a multitude of styles; here's that track listing in full:
1. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - featuring Paula Abdul 
2. Something To Believe In - featuring Jason Mraz, Van Hunt & Jon McLaughlin 
3. What Am I So Afraid Of - featuring Keke Wyatt, Trisha Covington & Kylie Dean 
4. Just Walk On By - featuring Joss Stone & Three 6 Mafia
5. Home - featuring John Rich, Anthony Hamilton & Sara Watkins (Daughtry song? Just asking.)
6. Wang Dang Doodle - featuring Sam Moore, Keb' Mo' & Angie Stone 
7. Like A - featuring Crunk Squad
8. Who's Gonna Love You Now - featuring Kelli Selah 
9. My R&B - featuring Barbi Esco 
10. Real Love - featuring Katherine McPhee & Elliott Yamin 
11. Willing To Try - featuring Richie Sambora, Travis Tritt & Lucy Woodward 
12. I Understand - featuring Bebe Winans, Kim Burrell, Rance Allen, Mariah Carey & Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church Choir 
Source: USA Today
Posted on January the 14th.
Grammy Style Studio 2008 : Mariah listed on Nominated artists invited to attend
In Recognition Of The Recording Academy's 50th Celebration, Grammy Style Studio 2008 Doubles In Size At A New Home - Smashbox Studios, West Hollywood.
The fifth annual GRAMMY Style Studio is The Recording Academy's official styling suite where nominees, performers, and presenters are invited to select one-of-a-kind pieces from leading international red carpet and lifestyle brands to wear to the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards (airing on CBS live from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008) and other GRAMMY Week events.

Nominated artists invited to attend the suite include: Akon, Alicia Keys, Angie Stone, Amy Winehouse, Beastie Boys, Beck, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, Chaka Khan, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Common, Corinne Bailey Rae, Daughtry, Eve, Faith Hill, Feist, Foo Fighters, Green Day, India.Arie, James Blunt, Jay-Z, John Legend, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Keyshia Cole, KT Tunstall, LeAnn Rimes, Lilly Allen, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, Michael Buble, Miranda Lambert, Mary J.Blige, Missy Elliott, Nelly, Nelly Furtado, Ne-Yo, No Doubt, Plain White T's, Pink, Prince, Queen Latifah, Rhianna, Seal, Shakira, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Snow Patrol, T.I., The Black Eyed Peas, The Dixie Chicks, The Pussycat Dolls, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, The White Stripes, Timbaland, U2 and 50 Cent just to name a few. 
Source: Grammy - Top 40 Charts (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 14th.

Mariah back in New York City
Mariah Carey and her pet pooch Jack arrive back at her NYC apartment after a warm and beautiful vacation at St. Bart's in the Caribbean. Mariah was also accompanied by female Hip Hop female artist Da Brat.

Click to enlarge
More untagged pics can be found on SweetMariah
Source: Cat from SweetMariahon our forum
Posted on January the 14th.
New single now impacting on January 29? 
According to AllAccess, Mariah's new single is now previewed to impact radios on Jan. 29.

Note: This needs to be officially confirmed
Source: AllAccess - Chopare on fomm 
Posted on January the 14th.
Mariah and Boyz II Men sung by the same guy!!!!
Nick Pitera is singing Mariah and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day".  Click here and enjoy!
Posted on January the 14th.
Heroes of Mariah samples contest 
I know I listed twice the same track, that's what's happens when you don't get enough sleep 
Here are all the Mariah tracks titles and you need to find which song they sample.
- Honey (Bad Boy Remix) 
- Always Be My Baby (JD Remix feat. Da Brat)
- Loverboy
- Make It Happen (Remix)
- Honey (So So Def Mix)
- Boy
- Fantasy
- Dreamlover
You may enter your answers until January the 17th.at midnight, a winner will be picked at random.
Posted on January the 14th.
German fans, this is for you!!!!
ProSieben is offering a chance to win the DVD of "The Adventures of Mimi".  Click here to enter, the contest ends on January the 18th.
Posted on January the 13th.
Heroes of Mariah samples contest last part
If you missed the details and rules for the contest, just scroll down a lil' bit 
Here are today's songs:
- Fantasy
- Dreamlover
- Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
You may enter your answers until January the 17th.at midnight, a winner will be picked at random.
Posted on January the 13th.
The fabulous life

Christmas represents the birth of Christ.

It also makes us think of snow, reindeer, Santa, fireplaces, Christmas trees, hot cocoa, skiing, snowboarding, gifts, horse-pulled sleigh rides and other Christmas card visuals. And thanks to Mariah, this is ALWAYS my experience of the holiday season! 

I began my adventure in New York at Mariah’s home, where seven Escalades picked us– and our huge amount of luggage– up, and sped us to a private air-field. There, two private jets (G5's) awaited our arrival, and eggnog with champers was served to get us into the spirit. 

Also joining us on our annual adventure was a new addition to MC's family: JJ (Jack Junior), a new Jack Russell puppy. (MC's original, and already famous Jack (recently voted 3rd most famous dog in the world), this year decided to hang out in the Bahamas at MCs new house, where he enjoyed the warmth of the hot tub and rolling in the pink sand, whilst waiting for our New Year arrival. 

We arrived in Aspen to deep powdery snow and the biggest house I've ever seen, with 10 bedrooms, complete with huge flat-screen TVs, real fireplaces, en suite sunken tubs, showers and walk in wardrobes. In addition, there was a 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains right outside my bedroom. On a few mornings, I watched real reindeer just chillin’ outside my window! 

On our first day, we were in our pyjamas, relaxing with Christmas music, (that’s an MC Christmas tradition) and movies and hours in the hot tub, which was outside this year, in the centre of snowy hills and four huge fire-places. 

The second day saw us eating all the good things that our chef whipped up– all in front of MC, who wasn't allowed to indulge at all, as she's shooting a video this fortnight for her new album, which is totally off the hook! I spent all holiday listening to it as MC sang parts to me and explained other more slick verses and choruses with double entendres. It really was like the best kinda listening party you could ever wish for! 

By Day three, MC threw all the diva rumours out into the snow (and we all know that she can surely diva it up), by sitting me in her make up chair and giving me a facial. Yes, really! From cleansing and scrubbing to moisturising with finesse, it was making me hysterical to see her pampering me, whilst saying, “Sit back and relax dah-ling. I can give you the best facial you'll ever have– you know I have 500 hours at beauty school!” 

That evening, we did the annual Denver Children’s Charity evening that MC does, where 100 under-privileged kids are treated to snowboarding, skiing, dinner, games and fun, before MC arrives with Santa and his sleigh of reindeer and gives them all gifts and takes photos with them. Many of them have heartbreaking stories and this always makes us count our blessings and put our own lives in perspective. 

On day four, we began our annual Brits versus the Yanks cussing session, where I was told that we Brits love us some Americanisms. I informed them that we taught them to speak English and until they could cuss me in their own language, they better keep quiet! Still, I was severely out-numbered so on this occasion, so the UK had to put up the white flag!

On day five, I encouraged our drivers to take me on a picturesque mountain walk, which was stunning! I wanted to take JJ on his first mountain walk like I do with his brother Jack, but he's too small right now. 

On day six– Christmas Eve– MC's Pastor Clarence Keaton and his wife Eartha flew in from NYC to give us some Brooklyn flavour, bring us the realness, pray with us and host a midnight service at the local church. (Mind you, by the time we arrived it was around 1am! Oops! He forgave us though.) After that, we spent hours wrapping gifts until 8am, when the kids in the house (nieces, nephews and friends’ kids) awoke and got beyond over-excited at the incredibly authentic ‘Santa’s arrival’! 

Finally, on day seven Christmas Day– we slept in until noon then hit the hot-tub for some Christmas morning champers, as it snowed on us in our bikinis, shades and santa hats. Later, we dressed for dinner at 9pm. The theme was ‘red’ and we donned long ruby red gowns and diamonds– and bare feet! (No one is allowed to wear shoes on the expensive carpet covering the hard wood aspen floors!) 

We opened most of our gifts on Christmas day, but didn't finish finally until 1am Boxing Day! (“Santa” was kind enough to bring me and Mariah an abundance of goodies, including some very nice boots that we both modeled in front of the Christmas tree, that very moment!) 

On Day eight– boxing day– there was post gift excitement, more hot tub costumed shenanigans, and our traditional sleigh ride with hot cocoa underneath the stars. Bliss.

On Day nine, I went on a two-hour snow trail along Rio Grande, where I saw beautiful icy rivers and snow capped giant truffles, along mountain waterfalls, which had to be seen to be believed. That evening, we all watched an ice hockey match (my first) and embarrassed ourselves with a cheerleading chant and routine! 

Later that night, we opened all MC's cards and gifts from her fans, which were as creative and as thoughtful as ever. (Quick note for MC fans: Please don't write “Merry Xmas” to MC instead of “Merry Christmas,” as she doesn't like to take the “Christ” out of “Christmas.”) 

Then we packed our bags and got ready for Vegas, where MC was hosting our New Years Eve party. Flying into Vegas was phenomena! The view flying in on the jet over-looking the Vegas strip was spectacular. As ever, loads of SUVs were lined up on the private field waiting our arrival… You’ll get all that juice next week. Vegas, here we come!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 13th.

2 files
These are not new ones, but many of you haven't maybe seen them yet.  Enjoy!
- 30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds - Mariah Vs.Christina Aguilera from November 27, 2006, click here to download.
- 40 (More) Crimes of Fashion - The black dress by Karl Lagerfeld Mariah wore to the 2006 Golden Globes was featured in E!`s 40 (More) Crimes of Fashion that initially aired on August 25, 2007, click here to download.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 13th.
Heroes of Mariah samples contest part 2
If you missed the details and rules for the contest, just scroll down a lil' bit 
Here are today's songs:
- Make It Happen (Remix) 
- Honey (So So Def Mix)
- Boy
Last songs tomorrow.
Posted on January the 12th.
Heroes of Mariah samples contest part 2: stay tuned for the new titles tonight as I'm now gonna enjoy my city center for the first time since my very bad flu.
Posted on January the 12th.
It's contest season  HBF members this one is for you!
'The Adventures of Mimi' Trivia Contest: New Winner Every Day!
Every day from Monday January 14th through Friday January 18th, MariahCarey.com will be giving away autographed Mariah items to Honey B. Fly fan club members. 
Source: Mariah's official site
Posted on January the 12th.
Leo Porter Photography & Heroes of Mariah Contest Winner
Dennis Dougherty, won the contest. He has selected "Frozen Butterfly" from the Leo Porter Photography Collection. "Frozen Butterfly" was an artistic photo concept initializing the idea from the "Butterfly" cutouts from Mariah Carey's The Adventures of Mimi Tour. 

To see the Print that Dennis won: http://www.leoporter.smugmug.com/gallery/4095027#239098928
To view the entire Leo Porter Photography collection visit: http://www.leoporter.com
Source: Leo by e-mail
Congrats to Dennis!!!
Thanks to Leo Porter for the contest.
Posted on January the 12th.

Ok guys, here's another lil' game/contest to help you pass your time while waiting for the new single 
We will call it the samples game, I'm gonna give you titles of Mariah songs and you need to find which song it samples.  I'll post a few today, and others in the days to come, don't e-mail me yet, e-mail me with all answers when the game is over. Once the contest is over, a winner will be picked at random.
So here are today's songs:
- Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
- Always Be My Baby (JD Remix feat. Da Brat)
- Loverboy
Posted on January the 11th.
From now on, I'll only post track titles when we are autorised to do so by an official source.  I'm not sure, they kept it all so secret since so long to see all the titles leaked one by one on the net.  The new single will be out soon, so it's enough to be focused on it for now 
Posted on January the 11th.
Fans in shock
Some fans still live in their lil' world and don't accept Mariah like she's today.  Some have discovered with horror the title of a new Mariah song will be "I’m That Chick You Like". I'll not loose my time to give explanations, but at this point these fans are so boring.  What surprises me is that the word "chick" bothers so many people.  Sometimes, fans don't hesitate to give names and insult Mariah and they are now bothered by that lil' "chick" word which is so common in Rap and HipHop.  It's maybe time to realise that Mariah loves Rap and HipHop, she always loved it and if now at this time in her life, she's not allowed to do what she likes, when will she?  Look, like it or not, Mariah is a HipHop chick and if you don't like it.... bye, bye.  But I'm sure as soon as you will hear the new songs you will like it, c'mon, it's Mariah!!!!!!!
Posted on January the 11th.
"The Adventures of Mimi" DVD in Korea
Finally, Korean fans will be able to buy their copy of the DVD on January the 15th.  The DVD will contain Korean subtitles.
Source: Jack from MariahCareyKorea by e-mail
Posted on January the 11th.
New single on January 22?
According to AllAccess, Mariah's new single is previewed to impact radios on Jan. 22.

Note: This needs to be officially confirmed
Source: AllAccess - kittykow105 on fomm - Ricardo on our forum
Posted on January the 11th.
Can you believe a blog got the info first 2 days ago.....
New track: “I’m That Chick You Like"
Sources tell The YBF that Mariah’s brand new single is a track named “I’m That Chick You Like”.  L.A. Reid very recently had the folks at Def Jam vote on 2 singles of hers, and “I’m That Chick” won. It’s a mid-tempo record, and the date it’s impacting radio is still TBD.  However, sources say Mariah isn’t feeling that track for her lead single and is hell bent on preventing it from being released first.  And L.A. only threw the track in the ring just to prove a point.  Even though the lead single has been chosen, we’ll see who actually has the say in the end when her first single hits the airwaves.

Heroes note:  It's true!!!!!
Posted on January the 11th.

How strange....
I searched for more or at least some info, but it's too late to keep searching, maybe when I'll wake up tomorrow, the mystery will be solved...
The following comes from the well known "craiglist", they always have tickets for shows, concerts, etc... 
Mariah Carey in Las Vegas on March 1, 2008 - Sold Out tickets
Reply to: sale-531358524@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-07, 10:34AM PST
I have 8 tickets for Mariah Carey's sold out show on March 1. I got them from the promoter and do not know how much the face value is normally. Accepting best offer. 
I am in the Las Vegas area by the way. If you're in town you can call me and look at the tickets before you buy. I got a lot of emails asking about the show and they have a face value of 0.00 and it says promoter comp, 1 night with Mariah, March 1, 2008 at 8:00pm 
Source: Craiglist - mimi247
Posted on January the 10th.
Please help Mariah in Spain
los40.com, the largest Spanish music web published the right Mariah-Jlo article.  They've a link to vote and to promote that good article, we can help Mariah in Spain (cuz medias usually are bashing her). All you need to do is going on this link and click on "VOTA NOTICIA" (it's written in very lil' letters in the grey line just under the title).
Source: Omar from MundoMariah by e-mail
Posted on January the 10th.
If some of you are interested to read the severe health problems of the clown, you can by clicking here.  I'm not gonna laugh, nor say anything bad 'cause health is not something to joke about.
Posted on January the 10th.
Happy New Year to my favorite unabashed diva!
It just wouldn't be a winter wonder land if not for the annual Mariah Carey-in-the-snow photo op. This year the darling girl was snapped in Aspen, Colo., for the new special double issue of People magazine. 

The star wore a green camouflage jumpsuit, unzipped to the waist, exposing a low-cut black T-shirt. She is carrying an adorable little dog in a matching outfit, but the pooch shows no cleavage and is zipped up. And, of course, on Mariah's feet - 4-inch wedgies - perfect for those dainty treks from the limo to the lodge.
Happy New Year to my favorite unabashed diva!
Source: Liz Smith for the New York Post (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: at JJ showing no cleavage 
Posted on January the 10th.

Deny of the rumor on TV
Extra TV and Daily 10 reported that Mariah denied the rumor she said she would rather be on stage with a pig than duet with J. Lo.
- Click here to download the Extra TV segment.
- Click here to download the Daily 10 segment

Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 10th.
For when an unique European download chart?
Apple would like to set up a single iTunes store for all of Europe. What would happens with each countrie's download charts?
Posted on January the 9th.
Please vote for Mariah
Mentors we’d like to see on ‘American Idol’
Mariah Carey
If there’s one thing pop goddess Mariah Carey loves more than charm bracelets, unicorns, rainbows and butterflies, it’s riffing.  Yes, she’s the queen of the scale-jumping vocal gymnastics and it would be hilarious to watch her suggest a riff to an Idol, like “Why don’t you go ‘laa-laaaa-oooh-oooh-aaah’?” and then watch the poor contestant butcher it. But more than singing, I would love to see Mariah go outfit shopping with the “Idol” girls and teach them, for example, how a bandana can be worn as a top.
Click here to vote.
Source: MSNBC - Hot Tamale on our forum
Heroes note: At this moment Dolly Parton is winning.
Posted on January the 9th.
Lil Wayne Wrapping Up LP, Writing For Dr. Dre -- But He's Got Mariah Carey On The Brain
'She might need a dude like me,' says the tireless collaborator, whose new album features production by Timbaland, David Banner and Just Blaze.
"Call me by a new name: 'Featuring Lil Wayne,' " he joked about all his guest appearances. But while he has more names on his résumé than you can count, he did say there's one MC he hasn't worked with but with whom he really wants to. Actually, that's "M.C.," not "MC." 

"I have never done nothing with Mariah Carey, and I would like to, because I love older women," the 25-year-old said. "I'm attracted to older women. It's my thing. Mariah Carey, she might need a dude like me. I do my thing." 
Source: MTV (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on January the 9th.

Let's now hope all the ones who spread that old rumor will correct it.  If you guys, still find links who report it, forward them this link.
Posted on January the 8th.
Mariah Carey: Gossip Is 'Complete Untruth' 
Mariah Carey is fighting back against a new Internet report that suggests she is feuding with Jennifer Lopez. 

The report, which has spread in the blogsphere Tuesday, includes a quote – supposedly from Carey – saying that she would rather appear on stage with a certain animal than ever share a stage with Lopez. The story, Carey tells PEOPLE. is "a complete untruth."

Carey insists that the quote did not, and would not, come from her.

"This is just some Internet gossip and it's pathetic that people actually entertain the thought that this could be real," Carey adds. "This is another sad example of two strong women being pit against each other." 

Carey has a new album due out in the spring, shortly after Lopez is due to give birth.
Source: People (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 8th.

Syd Curry Mariah's former hair stylist
Here's what he says in an interview with Shannon from Pierce Public Relations:
Shannon: Did you ever think that it would take you all over the world?
Syd: No never. Who thinks that someday you’ll be going all over the world because you have a talent for doing hair? I had traveled all over the United States but when I worked for Mariah Carey I was lucky enough to travel all over Europe and to Japan. Billy B who was her make up artist at the time introduced us so it was amazing getting to see the world with my best friend.
Posted on January the  8th.
It's all over the net in all languages
The very old rumor of Mariah dissing JLo resurfaces from nowhere after so many years.  Don't ask me why, I really don't know, maybe the medias, gossips, tabloids people who report the rumor were living under a rock at the time it first came out.
Posted on January the 8th.
E! News - Fashion Police
Mariah at New Year's Eve party was featured in the Fashion Police segment of E! News yesterday. 
Click here to download the lil' vid
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 8th.
From Aspen to St. Barth
X17 compliments Mariah and they are damn right!!!!
Mariah sure does love to travel! After spending the holidays in Aspen, she switched gears - and her wardrobe - for some fun in the sun in St. Barth! Check out Ms. Carey and co. feeding her little pooch some hamburger. Lookin' hot in that skirt, Mariah!
Posted on January the 7th.
While waiting for the new single, there will be another contest, after all,  9 years online is a cause of celebration 
Stay tuned for a new contest.
Posted on January the 7th.
Pinko t-shirt for the winner 
1 fan was picked at random and as it's a girl, the prize is a Pinko t-shirt, a beautiful new one still sealed in a plastic (that's why you see "Pinko" written on the side, it's not written on the t-shirt, it's part of the plastic,  the "Heroes of Mariah" tag is not on the t-shirt either ).
Congrats to Sheryl P. from San Francisco!!!!!!

Click on the scans to enlarge
Posted on January the 7th.
Jasmine's column 
Questions I found myself asking over the holiday season were: With June Sarpong leaving T4 will she find success in the USA? With Jay Z always returning from retirement, will we ever trust his word again? With Beyoncé having a quiet 2007, isn't she just ready to explode again in 2008 - and will that be musically or with Jiggas baby? 


Will Dizzee Rascal continue his global domination with his quick fire spit? Will Craig David rise again with his comeback? And will Mariah Carey fulfill all our expectations with her much anticipated new album, which is about to drop any week now? (I'm sure it will - I've heard it. This girl just goes from strength to strength.)

I will hit you with all my Mariah Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's week adventures next week. Yes, it was crazy!
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on January the 6th. (dammit, no I forgot again, it's the 7th. already here )

Winner announced tomorrow 
First of all, please don't bother the girl with spamming her by e-mail or on her MySpace.  Thanks for her.
As 6 fans found the correct answer today, the contest is closed, a winner will be picked at random tomorrow and the great prize will be announced.
(3 US fans, 1 Spanish fan, 1 German fan, 1 Japanese fan)

The mysterious girl is Cristyle aka Cstyle.

Here are some infos
In less than 2 years she has gone from a new unknown writer just entering the game to an A-list writer penning songs for such superstars as: Mariah Carey, J. Lo, Akon, Usher, Monica, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Natasha Beddingfield & Bobby Valentino.

She writes, she raps, she sings, she arranges, she remixes, the girl is talented.  If nothing has changed, she has 2 songs on Mariah's upcoming album.

Here's what Big Jon Platt, EVP/Head of Urban, EMI Music Publishing has to say about her:
"We have Cristyle, a writer we signed with Jermaine Dupri. She has songs on Jennifer Hudson's upcoming debut. She represents the future of lyric and melody to my ears".
Here are the untagged pics (all credit to Cstyle)

Click on the pics to enlarge
Posted on January the 6th. (hum, no already the 7th. here)

Heroes of Mariah contest part 3: The mysterious girl
You were a lot to e-mail me again about the mysterious girl, no good answers at this time.
I give you more clues today. So the mysterious girl was in studio with Mariah last October working on her new album, she was also in JD's South Side studios working on Mariah's album. If nothing has changed, she has 2 songs on Mariah's upcoming album.

Click on the pics to enlarge
Note: As I said before, I'll post the untagged pics, once the contest is over.
Posted on January the 6th.
9 years this month
Time to celebrate, I offer you some champaign .  Time to party .

Here's my webmaster résumé:
- 1999 - MariahBelgium - It was my first site.  A little one, very little  and then my PC crashed and it was a complete and total mess, all was gone .
- 1999 --> 2000 - The Mariah Zone - This one was a lil' better, but will not stay in History .
- end 2000 - Conception of Heroes of Mariah .
- 2001 --> 2007/2008 (and years to come) - Heroes of Mariah - The Belgian Club, fan site, news, tenderness, humour (for the ones who get it) and undying support.
What Heroes of Mariah already did - click here.
Posted on January the 6th.
No comments
On This Day:
1996 - O.J. Simpson called a Los Angeles radio station to request the Mariah Carey hit One Sweet Day for his murdered wife, Nicole.
Source: News Shopper
Posted on January the 6th.
Other contest brought to you by Leo
Long time Mariah fan and friend Leo is a professional photographer who is already well known in his state, he offers you a signed Leo Porter print of your choice.  Please make your choice among the beautiful photos (one of pictures is even Mariah related), you only need to send Leo an e-mail saying you enter. Closing date is January the 10th.  Click here to access the contest and visit the galleries to make your choice.
Posted on January the 5th.
Heroes of Mariah contest part 2: The mysterious girl
You were a lot to e-mail me about the mysterious girl, almost everyone thought it was Mariah's backup singer Sherry.
I give you another clue before I post new pics tomorrow, I said yesterday our mysterious girl was in studio with Mariah working on her new album.
Here's today's clue: she's a song writer.
Posted on January the 5th.
Love Love Jack Airlines with JJ as co pilot
Go take a look at Shino's site Love Love Jack, it's really cute.  Way to go Shino!!!! 
Posted on January the 5th.
E! News and Daily 10 footages
- E! News featured a few artists whose albums are scheduled to be released in 2008. They said that Mariah was back in studio for that.
Click here to download the segment.
- Daily 10 has a segment called Hollywood Rap-up in which they "rap" about recent events the NYE party at TAO.
Click here to download the segment.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 5th.
Ok guys, here's a lil' game/contest to help you pass your time while waiting for the new single
The girl on the pictures has worked in studio with Mariah on her new album back in October, if you find who she is, drop me an e-mail, there will be a lil' surprise prize for one of you   (and no, don't e-mail me "Rachel" ).  I'll give clues every day, until someone finds it (or you already know it...).  Once the contest is over, I'll give you the untagged pics and the credit, 'cause I didn't took them myself  (I wish )

Click to enlarge
Posted on January the 4th.
Mariah's album pushed back
Looks like the 2007 trend of artists' getting their albums pushed back will continue in 2008. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Mariah Carey's new album has been pushed back. The album, which was tentatively scheduled to be released in February, has been pushed back to mid-April at the earliest.

And she's not alone. MediaTakeOut.com is hearing that Ashanti's new album The Declaration is getting pushed back also. The album, which was originally set to be released on March 25th is now tentatively scheduled for release in "late spring/early summer" - according to a Universal Music exec.
Source: MediaTakeOut
Posted on January the 4th.

Holiday in St. Barthelemy 
Mariah Carey was spotted feeding her puppy some hamburger after dining at Le Select restaurant in St Barthelemy. The singer, dressed in a revealing denim mini skirt and high heeled shoes, walked with her entourage and fed the hungry puppy some of her lunch before going for a lunchtime cruise on a waiting boat.
A lot of untagged pics can be found on SweetMariah, enjoy 
Posted on January the 4th.
Mariah in St. Bart 
When We Belong Together singer Mariah Carey stepped ashore during a Caribbean holiday this week, for once all eyes weren't on her. Instead, centre of attention was her cute new puppy who got treated to a snack before mistress and pet boarded a luxury yacht.

The animal-loving diva, who'd dressed up a casual summer outfit with her trademark sky-scraper heels, clearly can't bear to be parted from new furry friend Jack Jr. Bought as a companion for her beloved 13-year-old Jack Russell Jackson P Mutley, the pampered pooch also joined Mariah on her annual festive break in snowy Aspen two weeks ago. The pair are now enjoying a sunshine break on the island of St Barts, which seems to be especially popular with famous faces this year. 

Click to enlarge
Source: Hello! (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 4th.

Please stand up for Mariah!!!!!!
This is absolutely disgusting, AskMen is claiming Mariah disses the paralyzed.  Stand up for her!!!!!
Click here to access that garbage (and scroll down a lil' to post your comment).
Additional info, scroll down on the same page (not on the 
Posted on January the 4th.
Extra TV Snowy Vacation 
Mariah appeared in Extra TV again, this time in a segment about snowy vacations. It's a new interview segment. 

Click on the caps to enlarge.
Click here to download the vid.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 4th.
Local Tempeature 104 degree
No, I'm not in the Carribean, it's my body temperature...... I have a freaking bad flu.  That's why I'll reply to your e-mails as soon as I'm getting better.
Night, night guys, see ya tomorrow.
Posted on January the 3rd.
UK fans!!!!!!!!
BBC's The One & Only: Tribute Acts
Remember, the UK BBC requested for Mariah fans, for their tribute show, which now starts this Saturday night. Cerys contacted the studio last month and is now in the shortlist for the Mariah Carey 'superfan'  judges. The Mariah Carey tribute act is not in the final 10, however she/he will be performing on Saturday night along with two other different tributes to compete for a place in the main competition. 
It would be cool if we could vote for them, so all fans in the UK have a bit of Mariah fun every Saturday night.
Obviously nobody wants to encourage rigging the voting, but a bit of promotion can't hurt.

Heres the proper details of the show:

"In addition to the ten acts selected by Superfans in the first two shows, viewers will also be able to pick two additional Tribute Act entrants. They can choose one female and one male Tribute Act to join our finalists on the live shows by voting for them in a special one-off telephone vote.

These additional female Tribute Acts will be featured in the first episode and the phone lines will close at 9pm on the night of the show, Saturday 5 January"

It's on Saturday, 5 Jan, on BBC1 at 9.25pm
Source for the info: Cerys by e-mail
Posted on January the 3rd.

Mariah's wish to have a "voice machine" is everywhere in all languages, it's weird it's the only stuff medias took out of the Q magazine.
Posted on January the 3rd.
Mariah #3 on 2007 Top 10 Selling Artists of Soundscan Era
- 1 Garth Brooks   67,402,000
- 2 Beatles             55,695,000
- 3 Mariah Carey   49,937,000 
Click here if you wanna see all the stats published by Nielsen SoundScan and very interesting download vs physical cds facts.
Posted on January the 3rd.
Compilation videos of the New Year's Eve Party (not mine of course )
This link is for a compilation videos of the following 5 shows: 
- Access Hollywood (January 1),
- TMZ, (Jan 2)
- E! News, (Jan 2)
- E! Daily 10, (Jan 2)
- The Insider. (Jan 2)
Click here to download the compilation.
A big thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 3rd.
New album: Spring/Second Quarter release ???
Spring/Second Quarter Album Releases: 
Mariah Carey, TBA 
Usher, TBA 
Gnarls Barkley, TBA 
Alanis Morissette, Flavors of Entanglement 
Ashanti, The Declaration 
Lil Mama, Voice of the Young People 
Aimee Mann, Smilers 
Tom Jones, TBA 
Source: Billboard - thebigham on fomm
Heroes note: The 25 March release date announced by Spain could be accurate.
Posted on January the 3rd.
Tao New Year 
TAO Las Vegas was hosted by music superstar Mariah Carey. 
People waiting in lines to get into TAO  burst into screams as she made her way to the press wall. Mariah moved right to the TAO stage and helped get everyone revved up along with DJ Suss One who was spinning at Mariah’s request. 
As Mariah led the countdown and the clock struck 12 the packed house screamed as balloons fell from the ceiling. Mariah made a toast to everyone and was escorted to her VIP section. 
Her table had about 30ppl, including rapper Da Brat and "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson. Singer Kelis had the table across from Mariah with a group of 10ppl including her husband Nas. 
DJ Suss One had a special surprise for all the Mariah fans, he debuted Mariah’s upcoming new single with T-Pain titled "Migrate," a mid tempo jam that got everyone dancing. 
Afterwards Mariah was presented with a cake and showered in sparklers from TAO wishing her the best of luck for 2008. Mariah and her friends stayed until 3am celebrating the new year. Also spotted at TAO: model Cindy Margolis, NBA star Rick Fox, R&B singer Mario, Camille Gauty from "Las Vegas," Vanessa Simmons from "Runs House" and music band Earth Wind and Fire.
Source: TheVegasEye (All rights reserved)
Posted on January the 2nd.
Extra TV footage with the Denver Kids in Aspen

Click on the caps to enlarge
Click here to download the vid
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 2nd.
Download: Video of Mariah at Tao on New Year's Eve
Click here to download the video.

Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 1st.
24 Untagged HQ pics of Mariah at Tao can be found on SweetMariah.
Posted on January the 1st.
Still no title for the new album?
Mariah Carey is starting off the new year with high hopes. 

"The album is probably my favorite album that I've ever done," Mariah told "Extra" at a charity event on the slopes of Aspen. "I don't want to brag, I am am just humbly grateful that I was blessed to be able to make this record, because I love it."

The Grammy-winning pop diva is talking about her upcoming effort, her follow-up to the smash hit "The Emancipation of Mimi." It's still unnamed, but Mariah said to expect a surprise. 

"Honestly I have not named my new album yet," she confessed. "After 'The Emancipation of Mimi,' which is something that came so naturally to me, the title, I really want to think about it because it might be something the complete opposite of that."

But when is she going to find time for a title? The singer has two movies on the horizon, including Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess With the Zohan." 

She added, "I know I'm working a lot, but I want to incorporate fun into that. I just want '08 to be a really fun year." 
Source: Extra TV
Posted on January the 1st.

It's the New track: "Migrate" feat. T-Pain 
Posted on January the 1st.
Mariah Carey Rings In 2008
Mariah Carey is back with a new body and hot look. The pop diva rocked club TAO last night in Las Vegas, where she counted down to 2008. Mariah arrived sporting a white cocktail number and for once her dress actually looked like it fit her.

When asked what her New Years resolution was she responded, "I should have them, but I've already done them. Mariah told reporters that she had reached her diet goals. That explains why she looked so good in the tight dress. 

Mariah attended the bash with an entourage of 30, which included Rapper Da Brat,"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson, Kelis and Nas. Others that attended the party included Rick Fox, R&B singer Mario and the music band Earth Wind and Fire. Mariah closed the night by playing her new track “Migrate” which features T-Pain. 
Source: Hollyscoop
Posted on January the 1st.

Pics of Mariah at Tao

Source for the pics: Sihame from Mariah-Source by e-mail
Posted on January the 1st.
Video of Mariah at Tao on New Year's Eve
Click on the pic to play the video and hear Mariah make the countdown and singing (no, not the new single ).  Don't pay attention to the text (and comments), there are haters everywhere in the world....

Source: TMZ
Posted on January the 1st.
"Shake It Off" New Year's Eve

Click here to download the performance (from the DVD)
Thanks to Moony
Posted on January the 1st.


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