September 2003 - Heroes of Mariah
Ok guys, here's another article soooooo much better, I translated it and re-wrote it in a fluent way (I hope so ), so here it is:
Mariah Carey is going for the knock-out with the help of her trainer
Yesterday the (couldn't translate this word) singer gave the second and last concert in Moscow

Such ads on the walls of the Kremlin palace have not been seen since a long time.  The presented show worth these costs.
The concert began with the appearance of three merry clowns, who made saltos and walked inside a wheel.  Only later appeared the singer herself in her traditional super short outfit with a large cleavage.
The singer thanked the audience for their applause and then she began to sing Heartbreaker from her album Rainbow that she chosed as intro song.  Between her songs, Carey interacted with the audience, but mostly in English:
- "You know, my Russian is so distant from the perfection!" modestly said Mariah.
During two hours, Carey alternated old and new songs.  The grateful audience didn't get tired of applauding and screaming out the words of love, because Mariah shown all the possibilities of her rich voice.  The singer barely left her hotel since her arrival in Moscow.
On Sunday, Mariah Carey has twenty-four hours of free time.  A good nigh of sleep after her first concert, helped the singer to make approximatively one hour of boxing.  She's training for the shooting of her new movie, where she will play a female boxer.  So, even on tour, she didn't stop her training.  In Moscow, the organizers of the concerts saw Carey while she trained showing her boxe capabilities.  Capabilities which were really credible said the people who saw it.
After her boxe training, the singer continued her visit of Moscow.  Friday evening, Carey had time to walk at the Red Square, and on Sunday, she visited Moscow's Kremlin.  After a few visits of the city, enjoying the Russian architecture, Carey left for her hotel to get some sleep.
Today, before flying to St. Petersbourg where she will make a concert, Mariah Carey told "Komsomolke" (The Russian newspaper who wrote the article in Russian) that she already began to write lyrics to new songs, in the plane on her way to Moscow.
Vasiliy Brodzkiy
Source: Komsomolke (All rights reserved)
Translation: Gilles
Posted on September the 30th.

Article about Mariah's Moscow concert
I just translated and read an article from a popular Russian newspaper, it took me about 1 hour to be able to read this trash.  You will not find this article here as it's the most insulting and disgusting article I've ever read.  So for now, I need to calm down.  If you want to know how I feel, look at the smilies. 

Posted on September the 30th.
Kiss Mariah
Click here to kiss Mariah !!!
Source for the link: George by e-mail.
Posted on September the 29th.
Don't forget the Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon.  Click on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak banner to see all the details.
This time guys, you really need to be involved in this.
I know that I can count on you to support Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Mariah in Belgium.
C'mon, do it now!!!
Posted on September the 29th.
The Hamptons are the playground for America's rich and famous but, writes Jim Keeble, ordinary people can
have a great time too
Instead of snobby restaurants with valet parking, there's the 1950s Plaza Diner, Mr John's Pancake House, and Ronnie's Deli. And, my new favourite eatery in the world - the Lobster Roll on Highway 27. 
We stop for lunch. The parking lot is packed. You sit on benches, table mats are paper and the cups are plastic. This wooden shack is home to the eponymous lobster roll and fish and chips that would make Harry Ramsden weep into his vinegar. But don't take my word for it - the restaurant's client list speaks for itself. Richard Nixon, Woody Allen, Mariah Carey, Barbra Streisand, even Pele have all munched a lobster roll at the Lobster Roll. As one of the waitresses admits: 'We're simple, but some people like that.'
Source: The Observer (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 29th.
Rock stars' odd requests revealed
US rock band Limp Bizkit insist that all the lamps in their rooms be dimmable, while Mariah Carey insists on having bendy
straws as she will not use straight ones.
Source: BBC News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 29th.
The links effect 
Golf gets a sexy new image as celebrity fans head for the fairways
By Julia Hunt
Celebrities play it, trendy young women watch it and designers base their collections around it.
It may have been around for hundreds of years but thanks to an image revamp it's fast becoming the hottest game around.
It's golf. I joined the new `in' crowd at St Andrews Old Course for the Dunhill Links Championship last week.
Stunning young women with Chanel shades and Prada handbags lined thefairways. This was Ascot without the hats, Cowes without the boats and Wimbledon without the tennis.
Golf was once only popular with middle-aged men and women in frumpy clothes and ugly shoes.
But thanks to celebrity golfers such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Cindy Crawford, Mariah Carey and Claudia Schiffer whoeven spent her hen weekend golfing women now see it as a fun way to get fit.
Source: Sunday Mail (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 29th.
Double Owen Seven
By Rick Fulton
At a Press conference at Pinewood Studios in January or February 2004, Pierce Brosnan will reveal his last outing as 007 will be Bond 21, to be made next year and released in 2005.
So what of Pierce's last outing? The name of the film seems to be The Man With The Red Tattoo. It's based on a book by Raymond Benson, the official author who took over from Ian Fleming and takes Bond to Japan to stop a killer virus outbreak.
The book, published last year, is topical because of this year's SARS outbreak.
Another name is Everything Or Nothing, but that's the name of a new Bond computer game, so would seem unlikely.
Michael Kitchen will return as MI6 man Tanner, as will Michael Madsen as Falco. Names for thenew Bond villain include Willem Defoe and Jon Voight. Mariah Carey will do a Madonna and get to sing the title track of the film for a cameo role.
Bond girls include Shannon Elizabeth, Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Heidi Klum.
Source: Daily Record (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 29th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Moscow, Russia - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on September the 28th.
Meet and Greet after the first Moscow concert
Russian fans were very happy to meet Mariah and they gave her gifts.  Group photos with Mariah were shot and Mariah signed autographs.  Mariah was very happy too and thanked them for the gifts.  When Mariah left she waved at them and was smiling.
Source: Mariah.RU's forum.
Summirized and translated by Gilles.
Posted on September the 28th.
Allez voir Mariah en concert à Rotterdam
Le site belge Skynet organise un concours.  Cliquez sur ce lien pour voir les détails.

Naar Rotterdam om Mariah te zien
De Belgische site Skynet doet een wedstrijd.  Klik op de link om alle details te lezen.
Posted on September the 27th.

Milan concert
Warning to the fans who planed to go to the Milan concert, the venue changed, it's now in the "Teatro Manzoni", the details can be found on my Heroes of Mariah Charmbracelet Tour Europe special page.
Source for the new venue:
Posted on September the 27th.
Mariah in Moscow on the Red Square

Click on the second pic to enlarge.
Source: Vassiliska - MariahDaily.
Posted on September the 27th.
Mariah in Russia
- Mariah arrived in Moscow yesterday at the Sheremetyevo Airport. She was greeted by the press and fans, who delivered flowers to their favorite singer. 
- Following her arrival, Mariah held a press conference at the Baltchug Kempinsky Hotel. 
- Mariah performed "My All," her biggest hit in Russia, at the 2003 Tafy Awards of the Academy of Television (the Russian
equivalent of the Emmy Awards) 
- Fans showed their support by presenting Mariah with a fanbook from her Russian fans at the Red Square Plaza. Television crews were on hand and were very interested in what was inside the book. 
- Pictures from the events above have been added to our temporary photogallery. Check them out! 
Source: Vasily from Mariah.RU - MariahDaily.
Posted on September the 27th.
Mariah in Moscow pictures in a Danish newspaper

Click on the second pic to enlarge.
Source: MariahCareydk at FOMM.
Posted on September the 27th.
Mariah in Moscow
Entertainer Mariah Carey visits the Red Square in Moscow, Friday, Sept. 26, 2003, with one of the Red Square landmarks, St. Basil's Cathedral, in the background. Carey will give two concerts at the Kremlin Palace. (Mikhail Galustov)
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 26th.
Mariah Carey Talking To Publishers About Autobiography
Book would focus on her childhood and overcoming adversity.
Mariah Carey has been shopping a proposal to New York publishers with the hopes of turning her life story into a book that would include some of her poetry.
According to Carey's 30-page proposal, the book would focus on her childhood and overcoming adversity. A spokesperson for the pop star said the proposed book would not be a memoir per se, because the singer isn't done living yet. Carey herself kept the project tighter to her chest, preferring to play coy.
"There's always a possible something in the works with me. You never know," she said Wednesday, the very day publishing sources claimed the singer was taking meetings with them to discuss the proposal. "[But a] memoir? No, I think it's a little early for that. We'll just have to wait and see."
And don't expect anything like a trashy tell-all book — for instance, ex-husband Tommy Mottola's name only comes up once in the proposal, sources said. The book is to be authored with music journalist David Ritz, who has written biographies on Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. Carey is reportedly looking for a seven-figure deal.
— Jennifer Vineyard, with additional reporting by John Norris 
This report is provided by MTV News
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 26th.
Singing Through Storms, Pop Diva Visits Moscow
By Sergey Chernov

A consummate pop diva with a sexy image, millions in the bank and a troubled love life that rivals the drama of her songs, Mariah Carey remains a hugely popular artist despite some recent setbacks in her career. 
Proclaimed the world's best-selling recording artist of the 1990s, the singer with the five-octave voice broke the Beatles' record for the most weeks spent at No. 1 on the American singles chart back in 1999, and more hits are probably on the way.
With her melodic songs and revealing music videos playing constantly in Russia, the singer is almost guaranteed to sell out all her Russian dates, two in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg. 
The concerts will open the European leg of her world tour, which started in Seoul, South Korea, on June 21. As well as presenting hits from Carey's new album, the new show involves dance routines and a kaleidoscope of costume changes.
Released in December, "Charm Bracelet" is Carey's ninth album and the first on Island/Def Jam, where she launched her own MonarC Music label in 2002. The album represents a comeback for the 33-year-old singer, after a cool reception in 2001 for her first major movie "Glitter," and for the soundtrack album.
Even if Carey's music sometimes fails to hit the mark, her personal life remains a powerful draw for the press. Confirming her sensual image, the singer has confessed to a sex session in a closet, and was until recently married to head of Sony Tommy Mottola, although she's now single. 
Although known for cover versions, such as the Jackson Five song "I'll Be There" (a hit in 1992), Carey also writes her own material, unlike Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, her closest competitors in the diva stakes. This, along with a close relationship with her fans, many of whom Carey knows by name, may explain her enduring appeal, with 15 No. 1 hits and 150 million albums sold in the 1990s. 
Carey's next album, "Remix," which contains remixes of her songs, will be released on Oct. 14.
Mariah Carey performs at 7 p.m. on Saturday and Monday at the Kremlin Palace. Enter through the Borovitsky Gate. Metro Alexandrovsky Sad. Tel. 917-2336. Reservations: 928-5232. Tickets are available at city theater kiosks.
Pic quote: Singer Mariah Carey will give her first ever Moscow performances at the Kremlin Palace this week.
Source: The Moscow Time (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 26th.
Mariah in the Russian Lifestyle

You can download the magazine in .pdf on The Russia Journal Daily's site.  Don't forget to download the cover.
Great for collectors !!!!!!
Source for the pic: The Russia Journal Daily (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 26th.
Mariah in Russia
Pop star Mariah Carey is seen at Sheremetyevo airport shortly on arrival in Moscow, Thursday, Sept. 25, 2003. Carey will give two concerts at the Kremlin Palace. (Mikhail Galustov)
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 25th.
MC has arrived to Russia!
MC has arrived to Russia! She was magnificent:-) we met her at the airport today! Has given all of us autographes:-)
Source: antropchik at FOMM.
Posted on September the 25th.
Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon is started.  Click on the Bringin' On The Heartbreak banner to see all the details.
This time guys, you really need to be involved in this.
I know that I can count on you to support Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Mariah in Belgium.
Posted on September the 25th.
Mariah's Image Control
WENN reports director Brett Ratner has created 'Hillhaven Lodge: The Photo Booth Pictures', a new book containing shots his A-list pals have taken of themselves in the black-and-white photo booth he bought for his Hollywood home. Most of the pals, including includes Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler, Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, Colin Farrell, Paris Hilton, Kim Cattrall, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Jude Law and Heidi Klum, were OK with him releasing the book, except Mariah Carey had some issues. Ratner laughed, "Everybody in the book is a personal friend, so I didn't have to contact anyone for permission. But some people had vanity issues. I had to send Mariah Carey - who's a very good friend of mine - the pictures to let her know which ones I would use. Some of them have to have image control." 
Heroes comment: Hey Brett, maybe you should have told your friends that you were gonna publish these photos in a book before they went in your black-and-white photo booth.  To me, seems like you traped your friends to make money .
Posted on September the 25th.
192: Gossip Directory
Lonely songbird Mariah Carey has set herself a 12-month deadline to find a man. A friend of the sexy 33year-old, who will play at Glasgow's SECC next month, says: ``Mariah really wants to have kids and she feels the clock is ticking. She says she is going to find her man in 2004, otherwise she thinks she will be single for good.''
Source: Daily Record (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 25th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Manchester, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page update, click here.
Posted on September the 25th.
Pen Pals
MariahAfrica is launching a printed newsletter later this year and we would like to include an international pen pals section in it. Anyone who is interested in finding a pen pal in South Africa please send a short description of yourself along with your name, age, country, and postal or email address to:! Also visit for pictures of some South African fans...
Source: Ramon from MariahAfrica by e-mail.
Posted on September the 25th.
Mariah in Russia
Mariah will arrive in Russia tomorrow, September the 25th.
Source for the info: Alex from Mariah.Rossy.Ru by e-mail.
Posted on September the 24th.
"The Remixes" in Belgium
"The Remixes" will be in stores on October the 6th. here in Belgium.  Good news, stay tuned for street promo and contest.
OMG, it will be a very hard week: the Rotterdam concert, the Bringin' On The Heartbreak street promo, the "The Remixes" street promo and packing my stuffs for the Munich concert  so many work  but it's cool, we love that .
Source for "The Remixes" release date: Sony Music Belgium by phone.
Posted on September the 24th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Manchester, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Atlantic City, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page update, click here.
Posted on September the 24th.
Mixed reviews for Mariah Carey show
By Carol Robidoux - Union Leader Staff

About halfway through last night’s concert at the Verizon Wireless Arena, Mariah Carey found her groove. 
The good news is, she’s still the diva with the golden cords. 
And yet, for whatever reason Carey’s been professionally struggling to rekindle the star power that made her the top-selling female vocalist of the 1990s. 
Much of her 13-year career has been as disjointed as last night’s production. 
It didn’t help that the night began with some organized chaos in the lobby, as some 700 ticket holders had to swap their original seats for a relocation pass. An additional 700 had been relocated in advance. 
According to Verizon spokesman Jason Perry, the changeover from full-blown world tour to a scaled-back U.S. version of intimate venues after tickets initially went on sale meant blocking off about half the seats inside the arena for last night’s show. 
“We moved the stage forward and dropped what we call a half-house curtain from the ceiling to block off the seats from behind, basically so you don’t see the 5,000 empty seats,” said Perry last night. 
He estimated the crowd at about 5,000, plus or minus, adding that the tour had been scaled back at Carey’s request for a more intimate experience. 
The show was supposed to start at 7:30 p.m., but for the first 90 minutes fans were patient and polite as an unbilled stand-up comic took the stage.
It felt like a distraction from the stalled relocation process. 
Carey finally emerged from a side entrance just before 9 p.m. and sang her way through the crowd. 
She looked stunning, hair blonder than ever and rivaling the glimmer of her plentiful wardrobe, a parade of glittery ensembles that accentuated Carey’s dangerous curves throughout the night. 
She delivered for fans with renditions of “My All,” “Through the Rain,” “Dreamlover,” and “Can’t Take That Away.” 
But the persistent three-ring circus atmosphere did nothing for fans. 
During one song, three masked men on stilts were pulling the strings of a floppy marionette while Carey sang from the side, seated on a circus pedestal while images of cartoon money bags floated on a hanging screen to the rear. 
What was up with that? 
And during “Honey,” despite Carey’s brilliant multi-octave delivery, dancers upstaged her with kung-fu moves. Ditto during “I Know What You Want,” her recent MTV-worthy duet with Busta Rhymes, performed last night along with a canned video and lots of dancers. Clearly, the 33-year-old singer should let her vocals do the crowd-pleasing. 
In fact, the lack of singable hits was one constructive criticism Chris and Maria Mastriano of Atkinson offered as they made their way to their car after less than an hour of watching the show. 
“I thought it would be more entertaining,” said Chris Mastriano. “I didn’t even hear a hit song.” 
His wife agreed, adding that according to their ticket, rising R&B singer Ashanti was supposed to be on the bill as well. As it turned out, their ticket was purchased back in May — before the change in venue plans. 
“It would be a perfect concert to take your 12- or 13-year-old to. Nothing offensive about it. It just wasn’t what I expected,” said Maria Mastriano.
Others, including Mike Khouri of Boston, followed the star to New Hampshire, after catching two shows earlier this month in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 
“Her voice is unbelievable — stronger, more incredible than ever. If anyone had any doubts, this show proves differently. She doesn’t leave fans wanting for hits. It’s a great show,” said Khouri.
Pic quote: Pop star Mariah Carey performs last night at the Verizon Wirless Arena in Manchester.
Source: The Union Leader (All rights reserved)
Credit for the picture: David Lane/Union Leader
Posted on September the 24th.
Mariah to make a concert in the Philippines?
Here's what you can read on
"Mariah Carey is coming for a concert on Nov. 21 at the Old ULTRA open field. Stand by for more details."
Source for the info: (All rights reserved) - CoCoLambMC at FOMM.
Posted on September the 23rd.
Stay tuned for the Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon, starting on September the 25th.
This time guys, you really need to be involved in this.
I know that I can count on you to support Bringin' On The Heartbreak in Belgium.
Posted on September the 23rd.
Mariah posters on the walls for the St. Petersburg gubernatorial elections
Here's what I found on Radio Free Europe:
"Just days before the ballot, images of Matvienko were difficult -- if not impossible -- to avoid. Judging by street posters alone, her main competition appeared to be not Markova, but U.S. pop singer Mariah Carey, who is advertising a concert to be held the first week of October. All that remained of Markova were the shreds of posters that had been ripped down dangling from building vents and distinguishable only by her trademark yellow hair. Belyaev, who started the race with little hope of succeeding, promoted himself as the male alternative: his campaign slogan -- "Being governor is a man's job." But Matvienko made it clear from the beginning that she was not to be left fluttering alone without a strong man at her side. Unlike those of Carey and Markova, Matvienko's posters prominently feature a strong male escort -- President Putin. Strolling side by side with broad smiles, they promised St. Petersburg voters, "Together we can do anything.""
Source: Radio Free Europe (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 23rd.
Kate in Paris with Mariah
Kate from Butterflies Are Free came back from her trip to Paris and here's what she posted:
"Yeah, my week in Paris is already over and the news will be updated daily again. And below I also have a photo for you that I just had to take and nope, it's not the Eiffel Tower LOL"

Posted on September the 23rd.
Fans of Mariah Carey launch e-mail salvos
A primer for and from the singer's supporters on the meaning of criticism, which involves listening as well as talking
I was flamed.
From around the world, Mariah Carey fans e-mailed me their rage. They questioned my credentials: ''I find it interesting that someone who can probably not even hold a single note can find so much to criticize about one concert!'' sneered one. Some wrote at great length. Others were succinct. ''Jealousy breeds contempt,'' read a typical subject line. ''You are nasty,'' said Dubravko from Croatia.
How did I become the Mariah pariah? I wrote a mostly negative review of the singer's Sept. 1 show at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, which got posted on a fan website. The article generated more e-mail than any other single thing I've written, even my defense of Hillary Clinton -- and you stir a hornet's nest when you write about New York's junior senator.
Hate mail outpaced love letters about 50 to 1, although, like my review, not every letter was entirely negative. The e-mails are still trickling in; they must number about 70. I'd make a joke about that meaning everyone who bought Mariah's last album weighed in, but I think I've caused enough trouble already.
E-mailers whose critique was couched in reasoned appreciation got my attention. THE E-MAILS WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND LACED WITH EXPLETIVES AND PERSONAL INSULTS -- deleted. My attack on Carey was not ad hominem, so I didn't see the need to be so attacked myself.
The response did raise an interesting issue: How the changing nature of media has changed critics' job, and how they remain the same. In an age of interactive technology, everyone can be a critic. The Internet is a great leveler, giving all those Mariah fans a way to aim their slingshots at media Goliaths. That's one of the things I like about American Idol; it (supposedly) put judgment-making authority in the hands of American viewers. Power to the people, right on!
Not just ranting
But the fact is, not everyone is a critic. It's a profession that's more than paid opinionating. Critics are needed more than ever these days, as watchdogs against the growing entertainment-industrial complex that hustles celebrity hype. We're the protector of art consumers. Even if sometimes those consumers wish we would shut up.
The No. 1 job requirement for critics is a love of argument. I say that instead of conceit, chutzpah or balls because I think it's a stereotype to say all critics are egotistical. The good critic listens as well as she talks. Yes, we have the audacity to believe our opinions are worth publishing. But the goal is to shape tastes, not dictate them.
The second requirement is knowledge. If you're going to make your opinion public record, you'd better speak with authority. I've studied musical theory and history, listened to thousands of records and attended thousands of shows. I read books and magazines about music. I'm not a musician but I can read music and play a few instruments. Of course, I wish I had Carey's voice. If I did, I think I would use it to better ends than she does. But I'm content with my writing talents. Besides, my son thinks I sing just fine, and he's all the audience I need.
Critics can be wrong. I was in my Mariah review. I misinterpreted a song, as believe me, many writers pointed out.
I forgot that Clown is about Eminem; it's in fact more clever than I gave Mariah credit for. I'm glad those readers set the record straight.
But usually, critics know whereof we speak. It's our job to point out when the emperor has no clothes, even when fans have paid hundreds of dollars to believe she's decked out. Many e-mailers refused to accept what was plain to my ears: that Mariah has pushed her storied voice beyond its limits. Exposing cultural denial is a crucial critical task.
True critic
Jeremiah, a 16-year-old from California, loves Mariah. He said he listened to a couple of MPEGs from the current tour, and he agreed with me: ''I really hope she takes some time out to rest her voice before she decides to do another tour,'' Jeremiah wrote.
''The article about Carey was harsh, but I get that you're only being honest,'' the subject line in Jeremiah's letter said.
I won't deny that there are critics out there who hate musicians, but I swear I'm not one of them. In fact, I have a secret soft spot for Mariah. The fact that she rarely lives up to my hopes keeps me from being a fan. His ability to see those failings, but love her anyway, makes Jeremiah a critic.
Evelyn McDonnell
Source: The Miami Herald (All rights reserved) - Jonas by e-mail.
Heroes comment: The ones who sent hateful and insulting e-mails where not Mariah fans, they were probably newbie wannabee fans, 'cause true Mariah fans will never insult anyone, this is not the way Mariah learned us to act.  It's common sense, it's simply a matter of tolerance, manners and savoir-vivre.
Posted on September the 23rd.
C'mon guys, let's sing: "You're bringin' on the heartbrea~~~ea~eak (dum~dudum~) bringin' on the hearta~~~~~~~~che" 
Posted on September the 22nd.
Many, many work...
Guys, I have a lot of work: updating the site, planning the street promo for BOTH, making the BOTH promo page, planning my trip around Europe to see Mariah in concert, finishing the Belgium Fan-Bracelet Book and... this night... THE CHAT!!!
Don't forget that for us Belgians, the chat will start at 1h00am on September the 23rd. 
Posted on September the 22nd.
With Suzanne Rozdeba, Zoe Alexander and Spencer Morgan
Mariah Carey, in a sequined bikini top and jeans, danced till almost 5 a.m. at the Canal Room Thursday after her concert at Radio City Music Hall. Cam'ron, with a diamond the size of a walnut pinned to his ear, ordered two $500 bottles of Cristal and hung with Tyson Beckford and Maxwell...
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 22nd.
Jose Mari Chan: His every song has a story
By Boy Abunda - The Philippine Star
Diva of divas Mariah Carey, who is also a singer and songwriter like Jose Mari Chan says that each song she makes has a story behind it. "It’s not like if I write a song, nothing was happening inside me. Songwriting is a catharsis and talk to any composer he or she will tell you something profound that has happened to him or her." The same goes for Jose Mari Chan. Each song is a story....each story has a song.
Source: The Philippine Star (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 22nd.
Ivanka Decoy
Richard Johnson with Paula Froelich and Chris Wilson
Ivanka Trump is a budding master of disguise. When the model/real estate heiress showed up at Mariah Carey's post-concert party at the Canal Room Thursday night, she told photographers, "I'm not here to be photographed, I'm here to meet a friend." Once inside, Ivanka made sure she wouldn't be recognized on the way out by changing from a preppy white polo shirt and sweater into a black lingerie top. Though Ivanka was happy to sit in a secondary VIP area with Pras, Philip Bloch and Janice Dickenson, Denise Rich "threw a fit" when she realized Mariah had a more private VIP section across the room, spies say.
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 22nd.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Atlantic City, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - New York, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page update, click here.
Posted on September the 22nd.
WiseGirls in de videotheken
Ik heb gisteren ontdekt via mijn videotheek in Vilvoorde dat WiseGirls uitkomt rond 29/9.
Source: Patrick by e-mail.
Posted on September the 22nd.
Mariah: Me and the sex thing
By Barbara Davies
Mariah Carey sat down alone in her hotel room, turned on the television and selected a film to watch.
It was Disney's The Little Mermaid, the poignant story of the fish-tailed girl who sacrifices her beautiful singing voice to go off in search of the man she loves.
"I don't know if that's funny or sad," she says.
In real life of course, she has no intention of giving up the singing career which has made her the world's best-selling female artist.
But there's still no sign of a man on the scene since her split from Mexican singer Luis Miguel two years ago.

Single: Mariah
Not that the lack of a man on her arm appears to be a problem for the 33-year-old star.
"When I'm not in a relationship I hardly ever think about it," she says in the middle of a conversation about "the sex thing".
"That's why when I was alone last night, I ignored the adult channel and watched The Little Mermaid. I'm the exception to the rule in that I can turn it off.
"Don't get me wrong, I can click back into it immediately."
Listening to her confessions about life behind her bedroom door, in an interview with men's magazine Maxim, she sure can.
In one breath she describes herself as "a Mary Poppins type", in the next, she is admitting to having phone sex, making love to the sound of her own songs and debauched wardrobe sex sessions.
"Oh my goodness," she says laughing, "I did have phone sex when I had a boyfriend. To be honest I found it all a bit ridiculous.
"I felt so stupid but he started it and I just went along with it to keep him happy."

On Top: The diva is back with a new tour and a new outlook
Of making love to the sound of her own voice, she says: "It was a while back, but I remember it didn't freak me out. It was the guy's idea to put it on because he was a fan of mine before I met him."
That paled into insignificance alongside the occasion when she had sex in a wardrobe.
"It was in Florida," she recalls, "And in the closet of someone else's house. What you guys call the wardrobe. It was totally debauched but what I find so outrageous is it was in the closet."
And then there are the shoes she has worn in bed.
"I love my high heels," she admits, "I made sure they were clean so the sheets survived."
She also enjoys dressing up in sexy outfits for parties.
"My Halloween parties are the best and I'm going to throw one in London this year.
"At previous parties I've dressed as a sexy nurse, a cavewoman, a mermaid, a kitten, a lamb... a sexy version.
"The one that got most attention from the guys was the sailor suit and the black vinyl catwoman outfit."
But if she can switch off all thoughts of sex, Mariah makes no secret of the fact that when she brings her Charmbracelet tour to the UK next month, she will be looking for a boyfriend here.
"Men think I'll never be interested in them because I'm a star and can have whatever I want," she says. "I'll take whatever as long as they're tall.
"I'm pretty tall so I usually end up with guys smaller than me. So it's got to be a guy that's bigger than me. A nice Englishman would be good too."
She denies reports she had a fling with Jamie Theakston, despite the fact that he fits her description perfectly.
"That's another big fat lie that I have to nail," she retorts, "I never went out with Jamie.
"We merely made a joke about it once and the next thing I know, we're supposed to be getting married.
"I do like Jamie but nothing ever happened."
Judging by the recent photoshoot she did to mark her new tour, Mariah is unlikely to have any problems finding a suitable man to fill the vacancy in her life. The images of the star in a white bikini and silver stilettos are her raunchiest to date.
Her oft scrutinised 5ft 9in figure looks slim and honed, a look she attributes to sheer hard work.
"I've been working out loads doing water aerobics," she says. "I have a trainer who really cracks the whip - she's very forceful with me and that's what I needed."
Mariah won't rule out getting a tattoo, but stops at that.

Stunning: In white bikini and silver stilettos
"I guess a tattoo could be cute so I'd go for that," she says, adding: "I wouldn't want to get abusive to my nipples. I'll leave the nipple and genital piercings to the likes of Janet Jackson."
In Japan, where she has just finished the Far East leg of her tour, Mariah has been voted the sexiest woman in the world.
She is also worth a reputed £150million and admits she has no idea what her credit card limit is.
"I get all my money from my accountant," she says. "I ring him up and he'll call round with a big bag of cash whenever I need it. He's my cashpoint."
But despite her perfect figure and lavish fortune, life hasn't always been so straightforward.
Her first marriage, at 17, to Sony music mogul Tommy Mottola, who was 20 years older, made her claustrophobic.
"My marriage to Tommy was confining," she says. "I had to wear turtlenecks and long pants it just wasn't me. And I had the unique position of being in the business and hearing the way people talk about artists behind their backs.
"Everybody wants to be a big power couple in Hollywood but at the end of the day who really cares?
"The one thing marriage has taught me is that I should stay away from it."
Mariah has suffered from accusations she is a diva, with reports she once demanded puppies be delivered to her dressing room and told assistants "I don't do stairs".
"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I never said that," she insists.
"There are so many of those stories. There are rumours that I refuse to walk on grass or carpet.
So how do people think I get from A to B? I guess I must hover. I'm just not one of those people who demands things just because they can.
"If I need something, then let's get it. Otherwise I'm pretty easy going."
She is also keen to remind her fans that life wasn't always so rosy, and has vivid memories of the worst job she ever took on.
She said: "I used to sweep up hair in a salon and quit after one day. It was one of those places where they change everyone's name to be more showbiz.
"They tried to give me the name Echo. I told them, 'if Mariah isn't exotic enough for you, then I'm out of here'."
Her career hasn't always run smoothly. The 2001 film Glitter bombed at the box office and Mariah was admitted to a clinic suffering from exhaustion.
Then last year, her record label EMI dropped her, buying up her contract for £38million.
But on the eve of her UK tour things are looking up. She stars in a comedy film Sweet Science, as a boxer opposite Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila.
And her UK Charmbracelet tour has proved so popular an extra date has now been added.

Her Tour dates
Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet Tour starts in the UK in October. The dates and venues are as follows:
Glasgow - October 25 - SECC 
Birmingham - October 28 - NEC
London - October 30 - Wembley Arena 
Manchester - November 1 - MEN Arena 
Mariah's Remix Album is released on October 13 on Columbia Records.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 21st.

By Dan Aquilante

IZZY didn't make anyone dizzy around here, but hurricane Mariah blew her fans away at Radio City
Music Hall Thursday night. 
During Carey's nearly two-hour concert supporting her "Charmbracelet" album, the sexy singer worked a program that tested the full range of her remarkable multi-octave pipes. She hit everything from low purrs to notes so high, dogs in Elmhurst were howling. 
And she looked terrific, modeling more than half a dozen outfits just slutty enough to make the boys lust and glamorous enough to make the girls envious. 
Those impressed with Carey's recently honed hip-hop edge would have been disappointed with this ballad-heavy R&B concert. Most of the tunes were bump 'n' grind numbers that began with slow-burn arrangements that got hotter and faster as they progressed. 
One of the best of that style was "Through the Rain," which Carey introduced as a piece about perseverance.
That's a theme that emerges in many of Carey's numbers, a theme that her fans connect with. Near the end of the show, for "Make It Happen," she reiterated that notion, dedicating the tune "to those who ever reached for a star." 
Despite how perfectly she looked and sang the other night (granted, there were some canned vocals used in this performance), Carey isn't perfect. She's had personal problems played out in public, from dating dilemmas to divorce and emotional breakdowns.
On stage, she projected an endearing vulnerability. 
Barbie-doll looks aside, she was the girl next door who made good. 
At midshow, during one of her chatty, between-song breaks, she had her male hairdresser come out to help her take off a headset mike without messing up her locks. 
"If they're gonna call me a diva," Carey quipped, "I might as well act like one." 
She could have easily taken the headpiece off herself - but then, the hairdresser's mom, who happened to be in the audience, wouldn't have gotten to see her boy on the stage of Radio City Music Hall with Mariah Carey. So much for her being a diva. 
Throughout the performance, Carey shared the stage nicely with her 11 dancers, four backup singers and five-man band. Not that she ever let the house's attention slip from her - but during nearly every tune, the singer made room for her supporting ensemble to strut. 
As for Carey, she was at her best stuff in a midshow cover of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There," and during versions of her own "Vision of Love" and "Hero," both of which were delivered during a well-deserved encore. 
Pic quote:Sexy songstress Mariah Carey brought down the house at Radio City Music Hall.
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 20th.
Mariah's charms & legs
Carey's a Brit of all right
POP diva Mariah Carey looks absolutely stunning in a sexy new photoshoot ahead of her UK tour.
The singer admits she is on the comeback trail after a tough couple of years, in which her debut movie flopped and her record company, EMI, axed her.
But her UK gigs are so popular she's had to addan extra date and she's in the best shape ever.
The 33-year-old, who will play Glasgow's SECC on October 25, said: ``I've been working out loads, doing water aerobics.
``I have a trainer who really cracks the whip that's what I needed.''
The images of Mariah in a white bikini and silver stilettos to promote the Charmbracelet tour are her raunchiest yet.
She also revealed she loves to have sex in unusual places. She giggled: ``I've made love in a wardrobe at a friend's house. It was totally debauched.'' And the goodnews is that she's looking for a boyfriend in the UK.
A full version of this interview and more photographs appear in the November issue of Maxim, on sale from September 25.
Mariah's Remix Album is released on October 13, on Columbia Records.
Source: Daily Record (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 20th.

Sparkling ... Carey at Radio City Music Hall 
Gym Carey is looking fit
POP diva Mariah Carey delivers a flashy performance wearing a skimpy silver outfit — and a broad grin.
Mariah, 33, slipped into the bling-bling mini and bra to play New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall.
Next month the fitness fan brings her Charmbracelet tour to Britain.
And she has vowed to wear a kilt at her Glasgow show — so fans can check out those dazzling legs.
Source: The Sun (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 20th.
Mariah: The Complete History
Mariah: The Complete History is a complete and totally honest look at the life and career of the biggest selling female artist in popular music history. From her musical but turbulent childhood to her meteoric rise to fame, Mariah: The Complete History unflinchingly covers it all. We’ll raid the VH1 and MTV archives to look back at Mariah’s record breaking successes (#1 hits, multi-platinum selling albums, Grammy wins) and how she has triumphed over adversity. We’ll look back with respect for her accomplishments, appreciation for her one of a kind voice and sensitivity (and sense of humor) for her human frailties.
Mariah: The Complete History will conclude with an in depth look at the latest chapter in the singer’s unprecedented career; a re-mix album combining her two musical loves, R&B and Hip Hop. In VH1’s brand new, one-hour interview we’ll get all the specifics on the new project, find out who the key players are, and what inspired Mariah to first delve into hip hop collaboration on her groundbreaking ’95 album, “Daydream.”
Where, when and how did it all start? What happened along the way? What does the future hold? It’s all here in VH1’s 1 hour special, Mariah: The Complete History.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: You can watch a little footage of the show on this page, click here.
Posted on September the 20th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - New York, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on September the 19th.
Charmbracelet Tour New York After Party

Source: Rex Features (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 19th.
Mariah Carey "Charmbracelet Tour" After Party in New York City - September 18, 2003
September 18, 2003 - Canal Room - New York City, New York United States

Source: WireImage (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 19th.
Mariah Carey at Radio City

Source: London Features International Ltd (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 19th.
New York concert pictures

Pic 1, 2 and 3: Mariah Carey performs at Radio City Music Hall Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 in New York. (Chad Rachman)
Click to enlarge.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 19th.
She can still Carey the day
By Mac Randall - Daily News Feature Writer

You can say one thing for Mariah Carey: She sure knows how to make an entrance.
The Long Island-born songstress opened her concert at Radio City last night with a leisurely strut down one of the theater's center aisles, flanked by 10 dancers pretending to be photographers.
Clad in the first of what eventually would add up to eight outfits on the night — all of them as skimpy as they were shiny (which is to say, very) — Carey took the stage to the bouncy strains of "Heartbreaker" and wasted little time getting to one of her signature vocal moves.
Putting a hand to her right ear, she cut loose with a trademark wail that rocketed somewhere up into household-pet frequency. The jubilant crowd, in turn, screeched out their best attempt at a response.
There was a subplot to this bravura display, and if you've been following Carey's recent career, it's not so hard to figure out. Simply put, Mariah's trying to prove that she's back.
Back from a dismal couple of years, that is. In the public eye, the nadir of that dark time was her 2001 flop movie "Glitter" and its accompanying flop soundtrack album. But her professional struggles were also coupled with personal troubles, including a nervous breakdown.
Of course, triumph over adversity is a big part of any diva's personal myth, and Carey is nothing if not a diva.
Her latest CD, "Charmbracelet," practically screams that she has weathered the storm and has come out the other side a stronger person.
But the quality of her singing on the album seemed to suggest otherwise. Even on pointedly inspirational numbers like "Through the Rain" and "My Saving Grace," her normally heavyweight pipes sounded rusty.
At Radio City, however, Carey soon put to rest any belief that she'd lost her vocal firepower. On showcase ballads like "My All" and "Can't Take That Away," she milked the big moments for all they were worth, frantically pacing the stage, even dropping to her knees in the middle of a crucial line.
Clearly, glitzy self-affirmation was Carey's main order of business. And sometimes the glitz got overwhelming.
Early on, the sheer spectacle of dancers, gaudy sets and props (including a drapery contraption — part curtain, part swing — that held Carey in midair during "Subtle Invitation") threatened to eclipse the music.
But by the end of the night, the singer's own performance was the center of the action.
Finishing with a trio of guaranteed crowd-pleasers ("Make It Happen," "Vision of Love" and "Hero"), the top-selling female artist in pop music rolled out a few more glass-shattering high notes and basked in the love of her fans.
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 19th.
Here's what a guy sell on eBay
The legendary Mariah Carey's 1987 High School Yearbook from Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, Long Island, New York. This 220 page yearbook is a MUST HAVE for any serious Mariah fans! See her bio which lists: Nickname: Mirage, Macroona, Miss Mod. Activities: Sleeping late, signing in, do or die. Likes: Hanging with Patti J + KF, Corvettes, guidos, disco. Fond Memories: Gram-bag's boat, Fri 13th, Beach with Craig, and Chippendales!

Source for the link: TornadoPotato on FOMM.
Posted on September the 19th.
Mariah showcases a new dimension:Hip-hop
A few minutes into the 10-minute interview Mariah Carey granted recently to promote her "intimate" theater tour, the vocalist with the skyscraper pipes explained the hip-hop forays on her current "Charmbracelet" this way: "I am not a cardboard cutout that stands up on stage and sings 'Hero' every day. ‘.‘.‘. I'm a multidimensional person. I grew up listening to hip-hop, and it was important to me to share more sides of myself."
Carey, 33, whose career stats include an incredible 15 No. 1 singles, said that her approach to musicmaking changed after "Glitter," the 2001 movie and soundtrack bomb that was followed by a run of physical and mental problems - first labeled exhaustion, then described as a "nervous breakdown." She formed her own label, the Def Jam-distributed MonarC Records, and began writing with several established hip-hop producers, with the desire to exert more control over the final product.
"In the past, I'd have to give the songs to the record company people and producers, who would then sometimes homogenize them," Carey said. "I learned I could be more involved, and recognized what was happening on the industry level - basically that I wanted to grow and a lot of people wanted me to stay the same."
For Carey, the tour - her first in three years - represents another stage in her embrace of independence. She has invited those attending the shows to request songs from "Charmbracelet" and "Butterfly" at her Web site,
"I know when I go to a show, I get annoyed when the artist doesn't perform songs I really want to hear," Carey said.
- Tom Moon, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Source: The State (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: I already posted this article from Tom Moon on September the 5th., but here , there's a sentence more.
Posted on September the 19th.
The Remixes US Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. My All Morales - "My" Club Mix 
2. Heartbreaker/"If You Should Ever Be Lonely" - Junior's Heartbreaker Mix 
3. Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise) - Fly Away Club Mix 
4. Anytime You Need A Friend - C&C Club Version
5. FANTASY Def Club Mix 
6. Honey Classic Mix
7. Dreamlover Def Club Mix 
8. EMOTIONS 12" Club Mix 
9. Through The Rain HQ2 Radio Edit 
Disc: 2
1. Fantasy Feat. O.D.B. 
2. Always Be My Baby - Mr. Dupri Mix featuring Da Brat and Xscape 
3. My All/Stay Awhile - So So Def Remix Featuring Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
4. Thank God I Found You - Make It Last Remix Mariah Carey (Featuring Joe & Nas) 
4. Breakdown - Featuring Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone 
5. Honey - So So Def Mix Featuring Da Brat & JD 
6. Loverboy - Remix 
7. Heartbreaker - Remix Featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott 
8. Sweetheart - Album Version 
9. Crybaby - Album Version Featuring Snoop Dogg 
10. Miss You - Feat. Jadakiss 
11. The One - So So Def Remix Featuring Bonecrusher 
12. I Know What You Want - Album Version Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey (Featuring Flipmode Squad)
Heroes comment: The disc 2 has two track 4  and look at the disc 1, track 9 and the disc 2, track 10, 11, 12 
Posted on September the 19th.
On June the 28th. 2002, I posted this news:
In an interview with ex-Atomic Kitten and wife of Bryan from Westlife, Kerry Katona...
What's the best present you've ever received from another celebrity?
Two big silver photo frames from Mariah Carey, for our wedding. Bryan did some recording with Mariah [Against All Odds, #1 in August 2000], that's how we know her. Anyway, one of the frames has mine and Bryan's names engraved on it and the other has the date we got married.
On September the 15th. 2003, here's what the "nice" Kerry Katona said:
"Mariah Carey is “weird”, “immature”, “diva-ish” and “childlike” and she has lost sight of reality."
Source for Kerry Katona's quote: Anorak (All rights reserved) (extract)
Heroes comment: How can people change so quickly?
Oh well Kerry, 'cause now you're a celebrity columnist you think you can trash people who were nice with you last year? 
Posted on September the 18th.
Side dishes
Mariah Carey made some instant friends at Steamers Landing Restaurant in Battery Park City. A couple of guys treated her and a girlfriend to a $200 bottle of Perrier Jouet. Carey will get the star treatment tomorrow night at Marcus Linial's Canal Room, where party guru Preston Bailey is creating butterfly motifs to celebrate her sold-out Radio City Show...
Source: NY Daily News (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 17th.
Will Hurricane Isabel affect the New York and Atlantic City concerts?
It seems that the city of New York should not be majorly impacted by the Hurricane, the city of Atlantic City should be impacted Thursday night to Friday morning, so this should not affect the concert either.  However, there could be a problem for traveling to Atlantic City after the New York concert, as Mariah would need to travel through the Hurricane.
So, let's cross the fingers.
Check this page for the latest news updates on the Hurricane, click here.
Posted on September the 17th.
Five Questions With Kiley Dean
By Caryn Rousseau
4. Brandy is featured in your first video. Who are some of your other inspirations? 
Dean: I have five women who, growing up, were just it. That's Basia, Mariah, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Taylor Dayne. Those were the five women I totally emulated. I never had a vocal coach, but I give Mariah Carey the credit. When I was a kid I would pop her CD on and she was my vocal coach. She taught me how to riff. She taught me how to use my head.
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 17th.
Go on Mariah's official site
There's no stopping Mariah Carey -- except for her own show-stopping voice.
The Cincinnati Post
By Wayne Perry
Carey, the top pop singer of the last decade, demonstrated her amazing high-octane, high-octave range and her astonishing vocal gymnastics in a 90-minute spectacle Sunday night at the U.S. Bank Arena. 
Times have been tough for the 34-year-old Carey in the last few years but she proved she is a survivor as she sang and danced through her extraordinary show. 
Although the huge U.S. Bank Arena was cordoned off into a smaller, more intimate setting, Carey didn't hold back on the glitz and glitter. She featured elaborate staging, with 10 dancers, four backup singers and musicians both on and off stage. 
She made her entrance from the back of the arena, coming through the crowd singing "Heartbreaker" and proving from the very start that she can still hit those high notes. "Dreamlover" followed as she came onstage to a Moulin Rouge-type lounge. In the first of her seven costumes for the evening, she wore a skimpy, pink-spark-ling number that proved in looks and body she was in fine form -- and so was her music.
Carey's songs fall into two basic categories: inspirational power ballads about overcoming all the odds and hip-hop, upbeat dance music.
One of the former is "Through the Rain," the first song she sang from her latest album, "Charm-bracelet." She seemed to smile slyly during this song about having "the strength to carry on," letting her audience (lambs, as she likes to call them), know she continues to maintain that strength. 
The stage was turned into a circus as Carey sang her new song "Clown," a sexy "Honey" and a hard-rapping "I Know What You Want." She also sang the song her fans picked on her Web site for the day (fan club members vote on a favorite song which Carey then sings at her concert). The winner in Cincinnati was "Can't Take That Away' (which, as her theme song, almost always wins the poll). 
Many of Carey's recorded hits were duets. She sang those with her original partners via a large video screen -- but she performed "I'll Be There" with one of her backup singers, Trey "Big Nasty" Lorenz. A hot "Fantasy" was next, followed by a rousing "Make It Happen."
In a single encore, Carey sang what has become her trademark song, "Hero," then ended the show with a fade-out of "Butterfly." 
For more of Wayne Perry's review pick up a copy of the Cincinnati Post.
Posted on September the 17th.
Total Request Live Mission will be sponsoring a request campaign to get Mariah's video for "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" onto the Total Request Live music video countdown. If the video debuts within the Top 10 the day Mariah is in town for her concert at Radio City Music Hall, several fans will receive copies of the "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" promotional advancement single featuring remixes by Junior Vasquez, Mike Rizzo, and Ruanne Emmenes and a photo autographed by Mariah herself! Details can be found at
Total Request Live is an influential program that is viewed by millions of people every day and the exposure of Mariah's new music video is crucial to the success of the single itself.
Source: Will from Mariah Daily by e-mail.
Posted on September the 17th.
Heroes of Mariah contest closed
There are moments where I regret to not be rich, not only for me, but that way I could give a ticket to the Paris concert to all the fans who gave the good answer and the good link.  Sorry guys, but I needed to pick one at random.  Congratulations to our big winner .

Le concours de Heroes of Mariah cloturé
Il y a des moments où je regrette de ne pas être riche, pas seulement pour moi, mais de cette façon j'aurais pu donner un ticket pour le concert de Paris à tous les fans qui ont donné la bonne réponse et le bon lien.  Désolé les gars, mais je devais en tirer un au sort.  Félicitations à notre grand gagnant.

Heroes of Mariah wedstrijd gesloten (sorry voor de fouten, maar ik doe mijn best )
Er zijn momenten waar ik spijt heb van niet rijk te zijn, niet alleen voor mij, maar als het zo was geweest zou ik een ticket voor de Parijs concert kunnen gegeven hebben aan alle fans die de goeie antwoord en de goeie link gaven.  Sorry jongens, maar het moest er een per loting aangeduid worden.  Proficiat aan onze groote winnaar .
Posted on September the 16th.

Def Leppard True to their stripes - Hard rock veterans defy detractors
Heath McCoy - Calgary Herald
Def Leppard performs tonight at the Saddledome. Tickets are $45 plus service charges at all TicketMaster outlets. Phone
777-0000 or order online at
Def Leppard is back in the spotlight. Well, kind of. 
A Def Leppard song is back in the spotlight at least, now that Mariah Carey has covered the 1981 power ballad Bringin' On The Heartbreak, with the accompanying video getting heaps of play on video stations such as MuchMusic and MTV. 
Carey's diva-fied version of the tune is not sitting well with some of the Leps's hardcore fans, however. 
"They've really reacted weirdly to it," Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen said Friday in a phone interview to promote the U.K. hard rock band's concert tonight at the Pengrowth Saddledome. 
"They'll say 'It sucks. You shouldn't let her do it.' Jesus, man. She's an icon. She's one of the most influential singers of the last decade. I mean, someone like Christina Aguilera is trying to imitate what Mariah did. . . . 
"(The fans) really get it wrong sometimes. She's on our side and it's an honour she's done it. Really, that's the only way we're
getting played." 
Actually, Def Leppard's '80s material gets played all the time -- constantly, it seems -- on classic rock radio stations the world over.
Which makes sense, considering the fact the Sheffield quintet's biggest album, 1987's Hysteria, sold 16 million copies worldwide. 
It's the new stuff that's not going over so well.
According to Collen, the band's latest album, X, which was released in the summer of 2002, has yet to go gold (500,000 copies sold) in the United States.
"It didn't do great," Collen admits. 
But Def Leppard is still doing better than most '80s hard rock bands, he adds.
While most of them have been relegated to smaller venues, and even nightclubs, Leppard is still able to play at the Saddledomes of the world. Even if the band is only playing to a portion of the 'Dome -- the Saddledome Concert Bowl -- rather than the whole arena. 
"I think it's because we've always believed in what we do and we never went away," Collen said. "Most of these bands were kind of fair weather. They split up in the '90s and then they came back and expected people to be there waiting. But us, we've been working our asses non-stop for 20-some years. That pays off after a while. 
"I think the fact that people are still coming around is a huge testament to our fans' loyalty." 
That loyalty was put to the test on X, however. While Leppard was always a chick-friendly, pop-oriented rock band, many felt the band had gone too bubblegum on X in its quest for a hit. The biggest uproar came when the group collaborated with Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson -- the team that had produced hits for the likes of Britney Spears and 'N Sync -- on the syrupy ballad, Unbelievable. 
But Collen stands by X, maintaining it's the band's best release since Hysteria. Just as with the Mariah Carey incident, he says, certain fans want the band to live in the past. 
Collen also insists Mutt Lange, the producer who worked with the band during its heyday, isn't far removed from hit-makers such as Aldeheim and Carlsson. 
"People would dismiss it, saying 'Oh, those guys have worked with Backstreet Boys and Britney and Celine Dion. But look at Mutt.
The last artists he's worked with have been Backstreet, Britney and Celine, and, of course, his wife Shania Twain. We just want the best songs." 
According to Collen, the music industry is in a bad way these days and the climate isn't one where rock bands can flourish. 
"It's so rare that you get absolute artists like the Beatles or the Stones or Nirvana anymore," he says. 
"There's very little integrity. It's more about 'How can we get famous?' It's more like the American Idol mentality now, and I think that's kind of dangerous. It takes all the substance out of the music. It's karaoke now. And the (music industry) loves it. 'You consume what we tell you to consume.' " 
But all fads aside, as long as there's a market for the band's music, Collen says Def Leppard will continue to tour and record. 
"We're still having fun and we still enjoy each other's company," he says. "When I was in my 20s, I thought 'Once I'm in my 30s, that's it.' But I'm 45 now, and I feel like I'm 16. I don't know what's going on, but I'm not complaining. 
"I'll keep going until I start hobbling around or something. When I start feeling like I'm 25, perhaps then I'll think about packing it in."
Source: Calgary (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Look at this guys: "They'll say 'It sucks. You shouldn't let her do it.' Jesus, man. She's an icon. She's one of the most influential singers of the last decade. I mean, someone like Christina Aguilera is trying to imitate what Mariah did. . . .  "(The fans) really get it wrong sometimes. She's on our side and it's an honour she's done it. Really, that's the only way we're getting played."
This quote is also true for Mariah fans:  "certain fans want the band to live in the past".
Posted on September the 16th.
Carey busy on comeback trail - Maybe a little too busy
By Chris Varias - The Cincinnati Enquirer
Mariah Carey is still digging out from the disasters of the last few years. Had it not been for a chain of personal travails and career missteps, Carey could very well be performing to packed arenas.
She did play U.S. Bank Arena Sunday, but less than half of the venue's seats were made available for the show, and the biggest-selling female pop singer of the 1990s still couldn't manage a sellout. 
After her movie Glitter and its soundtrack (date of release: Sept. 11, 2001) both cemented their legacies as all-time flops, and after her record label handed her millions of dollars just to go away, Carey was selling the idea of not giving up to the crowd during her 90-minute show. 
"This song is about perseverance and pressing on and all that stuff," declared Carey, introducing the whispery ballad "Through the Rain." She made her fortune singing dance songs and ballads in a pristine, multi-octave voice, but now she's cementing a persona as the tragic figure who won't back down. 
Such material endears her to fans. Carey later performed "Can't Take That Away," another ballad in the same theme of perseverance. The song was chosen for the show through a vote on her website. 
Carey probably did enough over the course of the night to keep diehards happy, but she needs to tighten up her act if she hopes to recapture larger-scale success. 
There were no less than seven wardrobe changes (averaging to a new outfit every 13 minutes), as Carey went through a succession of cocktail gowns, tank tops and short-shorts. 
All of the off-stage dressing and undressing made for plenty of down time for the concertgoer, and it was filled by video clips, dance routines, backup singers and the five-piece band. 
It would have been nice if one time Carey could have stood at center stage and simply sang songs for a period of, say, 10 minutes. 
Instead, there was way too much going on, and Carey wasn't always the focus. During one song she sat in a chair off to the side as clowns and men on stilts had the spotlight. 
The best moments took place when the stage was cleared out, and Carey made like a vocalist instead of a ringleader. A version of "I'll Be There" sung as a duet with a backup singer comes to mind.
Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Don't worry if you didn't understand it all Chris, but Mariah's concert IS for die-hard fans.  Also, if you had made a few research, you would have known that Mariah wanted a cabaret style show .
Posted on September the 16th.
Yesterday on MTV Europe, I Know What You Want was still number 12 in the European Top 20 .
Posted on September the 16th.
Don't forget the Heroes of Mariah contest, last day to enter.

N'oubliez pas le concours de Heroes of Mariah, dernier jour pour participer.

Vergeet de Heroes of Mariah wedstrijd, laatste dag om mee te doen.
Posted on September the 15th.

Mariah's support act in Germany

It's now been confirmed that the German singer Yvonne Catterfeld will be the support act for Mariah's 3 Germany concerts. Here's the information from the website of the Hamburg Colorline Arena:
 "On October 10 Mariah Carey (...) will perform in the Color Line Arena. 
Tour promoter Carlos Fleischmann: "The fans can already expect an amazing show." 
Special guest: Yvonne Catterfeld 
The world star with the amazing voice invited the shooting star 2003 for her 3 exclusive live shows in Germany: Yvonne Catterfeld. 
Mariah Carey is amazed and decided to invite the 23-year old singer and actress as a special guest for the German part of her "Charmbracelet World Tour 2003". Mariah Carey and her music have always been a great motivation and inspiration for Yvonne Catterfeld. Yvonne Catterfeld and her band will present her current No.1 album "Meine Welt" ("My World" in English) in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich and she's already looking forward to her encounter with Mariah Carey!"
If you want to listen to a sneak preview of Yvonne's song "Gefühle" (which would be "Emotions" in English), you can click following link:
Source: Honey and Kate from Butterflies Are Free by e-mail.
Posted on September the 14th.
Beautiful tickets for the Wembley concert
Some UK fans start receiving their tickets, so for non-UK fans it should start soon.  These tickets will become collectors for sure.  Look at them !!!!!!

Source for the tickets scan: eBay
Posted on September the 14th.
September the 23rd issue of the Star magazine scans

Source for the scans: Janel by e-mail.
Posted on September the 14th.
Lyrics of Mariah's part in Damizza's Mizza
It was a coffee and cream gelato
I'm a hundred and 20 percent mulatto
So my speaker can bump a lot though
The papparazzi can catch the yacht so
I take the boeing and map to Cabo (*San Lucas*)
Stay on the low like Greta Garbo
And catch a contact where purple trees blow
I sleep in diamonds like Marylin Monroe (Oww Oww)
But I'm just messin' with y'all right now though
Damizza's packin' the beats like Kilos
I juss be playin' but they don't come close
It's Betty Crocker incase ya don't know
Now ya know
*Later on in the song it goes:
"Mizza been dope since MC first sang" errrthang stops and Mariah says "Oookaaaaay" 
Source SuperLoverboy at FOMM.
Posted on September the 14th.
Mariah in Russia
I just came back from Russia, so I've got a few things to say on this issue.
I think Russian really like Mariah, and praise her whenever they write about her in newspapers, or whatever (which isn't too
often, ...). Most Russians like the old Mariah more, all the ballads, and soft hits, ... but I wouldn't be surprised, if the new HIP youth group likes all the new material.
I went to a few record stores, and each had like a full collection of Mariah CD. I also spoke to a few people, who told me that, the CD's are selling pretty well.
My last thing to add, us that BOTH is AMAZINGLY popular there ... the video is always playing on the music channels, and I often heard the song on the radio.
SO, I hope all of that helps with the ticket sales. 
Source: iMariah at FOMM.
Posted on September the 14th.
La Bamba' star visits Breck
Kimberly Nicoletti
After that, Lou Diamond Phillips has a couple of months off before he starts shooting his first romantic comedy with singer Mariah Carey in November.
Source: Summit Daily (extract) - MariahDownundercom at FOMM.
Posted on September the 14th.
German Tour dates commercial on Viva
Well she said something like:
"Hi Viva watchers, this is Mariah Carey and I can wait to see you on tour in Germany in Hamburg, Berlin or Munich. See you soon."
Something like that. She was smiling and looked awesome.
Source: DivaMCde at FOMM.
Posted on September the 14th.
Charming Mariah
With her incredible glass-shattering seven-octave range, Mariah Carey remains one of the most talented singers in all of modern music. This sexy singer was born and raised on Long Island, but with worldwide sales exceeding 150 million albums, she's truly an international star. 
Despite her popularity, Carey doesn't play New York City that often, which makes this performance in support of her recent album "Charmbracelet" so special. For this homecoming concert, expect plenty of vocal gymnastics as the singer covers her many No. 1 hit ballads and pop tunes and demonstrates her credible hip-hop skills. If Busta Rhymes is in town next week, don't be surprised if the man drops in to the Music Hall as Carey's special guest. Tickets for this show range from $50 to $130. Radio City, Sixth Avenue at 50th Street; (212) 247-4777.- Dan Aquilante
Source: New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 14th.
So many work to plan our Bringin' On the Heartbreak Belgian Marathon, but that's cool .  So, I plan it all while singing: "You're bringin' on the heartbrea~~~ea~eak (dum~dudum~) bringin' on the hearta~~~~~~~~che"
Posted on September the 12th.
A woman of style
By Michael Klein - Inquirer Columnist
If Mariah Carey looked good in her costumes, all eight of them, last night at the Tower Theatre, it was Blair Levin who helped make it happen.
Levin, a 1988 grad of Cherry Hill East High with a master's in fashion design from Drexel, has been Carey's personal stylist for three years, and costumed the singer and her two dozen singers and dancers from head to toe. (The tour stops again at Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal on Sept. 20.)
How'd she get the job? "I was in the right place at the right time," says Levin, who knew Carey's previous stylist.
"She's really sweet," Levin says of the boss. "You couldn't do what I do if you didn't like the person. My job's 24 hours a day. She loves clothes [short skirts, tight jeans, tank tops], and she loves to dress up." And travel. The L.A.-based Levin hasn't had a day off this year. Later this month, she'll accompany Carey and company when the tour goes to Europe.
While Levin won't spill Carey's sizes, she did let on that she works with a minimum heel height of 4 inches.
Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 12th.
Don't forget the Heroes of Mariah contest and the Belgium Fan-Bracelet Book.

N'oubliez pas le concours de Heroes of Mariah et le Fan-Bracelet Book de Belgique.

Vergeet de Heroes of Mariah wedstrijd en de Belgische Fan-Bracelet Book niet.
Posted on September the 12th.

Go on Mariah's official site
Chat w/ Mariah!!!!
On September 22nd at 7pm EST Mariah will conduct the first ever Honey B. Fly chat. This chat is only open to Honey B. Fly members. Members will have a chance to submit their questions for Mariah on September 22nd and then at 7pm EST Mariah will be live on answering them. 
The Chat Room Doors will open for the chat at 6pm EST.
Heroes comment: As now it's in the news of, I posted it on Heroes of Mariah .  The chat will begin at 1h00am CET and The Chat Room Doors will open for the chat at 0h00am CET.
Posted on September the 12th.
Check these great pictures of Mariah.  They were taken backstage at the Dallas concert with the winners of the KLFI radio station contest.  Click here.
Source for the link: jojeter at FOMM.
Posted on September the 12th.
Lucie S. impresses Mariah, called for encore
By Staci Sturrock, Palm Beach Post Fashion Editor
Local stylist Lucie S. has attracted a loyal clientele to her upstairs space at Harvey C. Salon, but she also prettifies the rich and famous.
Songbird Mariah Carey experienced pampering à la Lucie last week at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach.
In South Florida for her Charmbracelet tour, Carey looks every inch the star, Lucie S. says. "Her skin was flawless, like silk. She looks more beautiful in person than in her pictures."
Lucie began Carey's two-hour pedicure with a soak in water infused with green tea and lavender aromatherapy extract, and followed it with a green-tea exfoliant and sea-salt massage.
To soothe Carey's hard-working gams (have you seen the heels she favors?), Lucie applied a therapeutic mask of Dead Sea mud and wrapped her feet in hot towels.
Carey was so pleased that the next day she summoned Lucie to her suite for more -- a paraffin wax hand treatment, more green tea exfoliant, rose-oil massage and a manicure.
For the non-divas among us, Lucie S. (also known as Lucie Soussana) will continue to craft her cut-and-color magic at Harvey C., on the corner of Olive Avenue and Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 11th.
Today, I Know What You Want was 4 in the Dag Top 5 on TMF (Belgian music TV channel for the Dutch speaking part).  Also, today I was shopping and I heard I Know What You Want on the radio in a store, and I heard a guy who also in the store singing "Baby if you give it to me, I'll give it to you, I know what you want" and when I looked at him, with a big smile,  I saw a man of about 40 years old.  That's great !
Posted on September the 11th.
Mariah's greatest hits
Mariah Carey has had an astounding 18 No. 1 singles on Billboard's chart, including one of the top songs of all time, "One Sweet Day," which spent 16 weeks at No. 1 in 1995, a record-breaker. 
Her No. 1 hits include (year is followed by number of weeks at No. 1 in parenthesis): 
•  One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men) -- 1995 (16) 
•  Dreamlover -- 1993 (8) 
•  Fantasy -- 1995 (8) 
•  Can't Take That Away (Mariah's theme) 2000 (8) 
•  Vision of Love -- 1990 (4) 
•  Hero -- 1993 (4) 
•  Thank God I Found You (with 98 Degrees) -- 2000 (4) 
•  Love Takes Time -- 1990 (3) 
•  Emotions -- 1991 (3) 
•  Honey -- 1997 (3) 
•  Loverboy (featuring Cameo) -- 2001 (3) 
•  Someday -- 1991 (2) 
•  I Don't Wanna Cry -- 1991 (2) 
•  Always Be My Baby -- 1996 (2) 
•  My All -- 1998 (2) 
•  Heartbreaker (with Jay-Z) -- 1999 (2) 
•  I'll Be There -- 1992 (1) 
•  Never Too Far -- 2001 (1) 
Among Carey's other hits are "Can't Let Go," "Make It Happen," "Without You," "Endless Love" (with Luther Vandross), "All I Want For Christmas Is You," "Forever," "Butterfly," "When You Believe" (with Whitney Houston), "Sweetheart" (with JD), "Whenever You Call" (with Brian McKnight), "I Still Believe," "Anytime You Need A Friend," "Underneath The Stars," "Crybaby," "Through The Rain," "I Know What You Want" (with Busta Rhymes).
Source: The Cincinnati Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 11th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Boston, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on September the 11th.
Mariah Carey back in the light
From staff and wire reports
It's mystifying why Mariah Carey doesn't do more live appearances in the United States. The two most defining moments in her career were live ones.
Though she'd already had a string of No. 1 hits, it was her MTV Unplugged version of "I'll Be There" that helped make her a household name in 1992.
And it was her stunning return to form singing "Hero" on the post-Sept. 11 "A Tribute To Heroes" that erased much of the recent bad publicity. Forget breakdowns and contracts and movies that didn't shine; in four minutes on Sept. 18, 2001, Carey reminded fans why they fell in love with her (and her voice) in the first place.
Now Carey has been touring in Japan and the U.S. (she'll be at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati on Sunday night), promoting her new album, "Charmbracelet." 
The obstacle, she says, is properly resting and taking care of her legendary five-octave voice. It makes it impossible for her to do long strings of back-to-back shows, which makes touring more expensive and logistically complicated. 
"I need one or two days off between shows," she says. 
The Tribute to Heroes benefit found her on the same bill as Bruce Springsteen, U2, Tom Petty, Neil Young and more, all still shell-shocked by the terrorist attacks. 
"It was a very intense moment. I live right by Ground Zero. When I was called to do the show, I said of course I would," she says.
"'Hero' was the song they wanted and it seemed like the most appropriate song to do. It was intense to be in that room with all those talented people for one cause." 
It was also the end of a dark era. A decade of hits -- "One Sweet Day," "Butterfly," "Someday," "Love Takes Time" -- along with a marriage and a nasty divorce from record exec Tommy Mottola made her among the most famous people on the planet for reasons other than her voice. 
By 2001, Carey had run herself ragged and was on the brink of collapse. She made bizarre TV appearances and posted rambling notes on her Web site that had fans genuinely scared for her well-being. With a movie bomb in "Glitter" and a falling out with her record label, Carey was in the worst trouble of her career. 
That made it especially meaningful to her when she came out and shone. 
"Of course it would be" a vindicating moment, she says. "It's so difficult to live in the public eye. People just believe everything they read and what they see on TV." 
Fans also fear that she's lost her way. She has been accused of letting others call the shots, rather than following her own instincts.
At times she seems to be trying to mold herself to whatever's hot at the moment. 
"I don't feel that way with the 'Charmbracelet' album at all. I have a wide variety of influences," she says. "I love hip-hop music and always have. I've been doing collaborations with hip-hop artists since 'Old Dirty Bastard' in 1996 with Fantasy. 
"I have the capacity to do a gospel-influenced ballad or a hip-hop- influenced record. I don't feel I should be limited into doing one or the other. This album, 'Charmbracelet,' is the closest I've gotten to pleasing both sides of the spectrum, as well as myself." 
It has been a prolific time for Carey, who already is in the middle of her next album, along with an album of remixes due out later this year. 
"I'm writing right now. The remixes are coming out regardless. That's a contractual Sony thing. So those are coming out either way," she says. "I don't know about a (new) album this year." 
Fans can go to her Web site to vote on what songs they want to hear in each city. And she has learned, she says, from the mistakes she has made in the past. 
"I'm in a very good space in my life," she says. "This is so much fun touring. I've learned so much about just having to slow down and take rests and stuff like that. 
"It's about treating myself like a human being and not just an object."
Source: The Cincinnati Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 11th.
Here's what we read on the Boston Herald site
Diva Mariah Carey's two private jets - one, we're told, for her luggage - were grounded for a few hours at Logan International Airport yesterday afternoon after mechanical glitches.
Mariah, who had previously sampled the eats at Davio's, repaired to Bricco in the North End to wait out the repairs. Carey's ``Charmbracelet'' tour is due to shake things up in Upper Darby, Pa., tonight.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 10th.
Carey mostly glitter, some substance
By Sarah Rodman - Tuesday, September 9, 2003
Although the flame burned consistently, Mariah never quite caught fi-ah last night at the Wang Theatre. 
Carey gave her all in a solid B set that ran just shy of two hours. But the admirably gracious Long Island diva often ceded the focus from her powerhouse pipes to the glitzy business of a show packed with the eye candy of eight clingy costumes, 10 dancers, four singers, five band members, one clown/mime/dancer and a parade of set pieces recalling a circus and backstage at the Moulin Rouge. If this is downsizing, then the format for the arena shows originally planned for this tour must have been ambitious, indeed. 
Part of the problem was the show never really found a satisfying groove to balance the 33-year-old singer's sassy, hip-hop-spiked dance tunes and her facile yet effectively soaring adult contemporary ballads. Curiously, much of the crowd - including many shrieking, sign-waving, flower-offering diehards - refused to rise to dance to the former, remaining seated for the buoyant ``Honey'' for instance, and wildly applauded the latter, especially those stratospheric high notes. This crowd was making Carey work. 
And work she did, bouncing onto the stage through the audience to the playful rhythms of ``Heartbreaker'' descending from the ceiling to belt out ``Subtle Invitation'' while preening atop a grand piano in an anything but subtle curve-hugging silver minidress, skittering around with ultra-girly aplomb in towering heels while skewering Eminem and her former overly demanding handlers with her song ``Clown,'' and earnestly promising everyone in the crowd that they could realize their inner hero. 
That triumph-through-perseverance narrative so rampant in her writing is her own story, of course. And Carey reminded the crowd of that.
The first was the piano ballad ``My Saving Grace,'' which features Carey's best-written lyrics on her survival theme and the song's gospel underpinnings shone through in a poignant vocal, aided by video tracing her trajectory from childhood to her recent breakdown and beyond. (Alas, there were no clips from her film flop ``Glitter.'') She then sweetly sang cute intros for each of her band members - whom she clearly appreciates in a very welcome and un-divalike show of gratitude - and then really let her guard down for a comfortable duet with back-up singer Trey Lorenz on the Jackson 5 hit ``I'll Be There.'' 
Carey brought it all home with ``Hero.''
( Mariah Carey, at the Wang Theatre, Boston, last night. )
Source: BostonHerald - The Edge (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 10th.
Mariah Carey Dines In Boston
The Boston Herald reports Mariah Carey was spotted chowing on spinach salad, porcini pasta and beef filet at Trattoria a Scalinatella ahead of her performance at Wang Theatre on Monday night.
Posted on September the 10th.
Guys, as you're Mariah fans, you're members of Honey B. Fly and/or you receive the free newsletter of, so you all know the great news .
Posted on September the 10th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Phoenix, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page update, click here.
Posted on September the 10th.
Go on Mariah's official site
Phoenix, AZ Aug 23rd Meet & Greet! 
Here are the members of HBF that had a chance to go backstage to see Mariah after the Phoenix show. Many fans had a chance to bring gifts, say hello and see Mariah up close for the first time. Maybe you will be next. 
Congratulations to: Marissa, Megen, Raquel, Maria, Jillian, Lydia, Stacey, Alex, Gabriel, Kelly

Posted on September the 10th.
Mariah talking about the VMA kiss
They asked her about the VMA's and she said she watched it after her Houston concert... then they asked about the Madonna-Christina-Britney kiss and she said she saw it. "Madonna and Britney's goal was to appear more in the media and it looks like they got what they wanted"
She also said she would never do anything like that because she's not that type of a woman, but if they are happy with that good for them. 
The interviewer asked Mariah if she would kiss Madonna and she said: "Haha, I really don't see that happening..."
Source: Aftonbladet (Swedish newspaper) - MariahsRod at FOMM.
Posted on September the 10th.
ODB Living It Up And 'Blending In' With His Food
McGirt is also getting plenty of help from people outside of his clique. Swizz Beatz, the Neptunes, Mariah Carey ("We ain't worked yet, but we're getting ready to do it right now; another party joint," Dirty said of Carey), Busta Rhymes and Ludacris have either already laid tracks with McGirt or are about to.
—Shaheem Reid
Source: (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on September the 10th.
Elise let us know that in the store "Boekenvoordeel" of Antwerp, you can buy the Glitter VHS in English with Dutch subtitles for 7.49 euro.  Also, in the Free Record Shop of Antwerp, at the moment, they sell Charmbracelet and Glitter (the cd) for 5.99 euro.

Elise laat ons weten dat in de winkel "Boekenvoordeel" in Antwerpen, de Glitter video in het Engels met Nederlandse ondertitels te koop staat voor 7,49 euro.  Anderzijds, in de Free Record Shop van Antwerpen, staan voor het moment, Charmbracelet en Glitter (de cd) aan 5,49 euro.

Elise nous signale que dans le magasin "Boekenvoordeel" d'Anvers, la cassette video de Glitter en anglais avec sous-titres néérlandais, est en vente au prix de 7,49 euro.  D'autre part, le Free Record Shop d'Anvers, propose pour le moment, Charmbracelet et Glitter (le cd) pour 5,49 euro.
Source for the info: Elise by e-mail.
Posted on September the 10th.

Special page from's Beach Bonanza
Please take a look at their page, it seems they had fun .  Click here.
Source for the link: Matte from by e-mail.
Posted on September the 10th.
Yesterday I posted the article "Sued for a song", today here's the settlement of the case
Girl, 12, Settles Piracy Suit for $2,000
By Ted Bridis
Washington - A 12-year-old girl in New York who was among the first to be sued by the record industry for sharing music over the Internet is off the hook after her mother agreed Tuesday to pay $2,000 to settle the lawsuit, apologizing and admitting that her daughter's actions violated U.S. copyright laws. 
The hurried settlement involving Brianna LaHara, an honors student, was the first announced one day after the Recording Industry Association of America (news - web sites) filed 261 such lawsuits across the country. Lawyers for the RIAA said Brianna's mother, Sylvia Torres, contacted them early Tuesday to negotiate. 
"We understand now that file-sharing the music was illegal," Torres said in a statement distributed by the recording industry. "You can be sure Brianna won't be doing it anymore." 
Brianna added: "I am sorry for what I have done. I love music and don't want to hurt the artists I love." 
The case against Brianna was a potential minefield for the music industry from a public relations standpoint. The family lives in a city housing project on New York's Upper West Side, and they said they mistakenly believed they were entitled to download music over the Internet because they had paid $29.99 for software that gives them access to online file-sharing services. 
Even in the hours before the settlement was announced, Brianna was emerging as an example of what critics said was overzealous enforcement by the powerful music industry. 
The top lawyer for Verizon Communications Inc. charged earlier Tuesday during a Senate hearing that music lawyers had resorted to a "campaign against 12-year-old girls" rather than trying to help consumers turn to legal sources for songs online. Verizon's Internet subsidiary is engaged in a protracted legal fight against the RIAA over copyright subpoenas sent Verizon customers. 
Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., also alluded to Brianna's case. 
"Are you headed to junior high schools to round up the usual suspects?" Durbin asked RIAA President Cary Sherman during a Senate Judiciary hearing. 
Durbin said he appreciated the piracy threat to the recording industry, but added, "I think you have a tough public relations campaign to go after the offenders without appearing heavy-handed in the process." 
Sherman responded that most people don't shoplift because they fear they'll be arrested. 
"We're trying to let people know they may get caught, therefore they should not engage in this behavior," Sherman said. "Yes, there are going to be some kids caught in this, but you'd be surprised at how many adults are engaged in this activity."
Source: Yahoo! News (All rights reserved)
Heroes note: Brianna added: "I am sorry for what I have done. I love music and don't want to hurt the artists I love."
Posted on September the 10th.
Sued for a song
By Soni Sangha and Phyllis Furman - Daily News Writers
A shy Manhattan schoolgirl who gets a kick out of nursery songs and TV themes was among 261 people sued yesterday for downloading music from the Internet.
Brianna LaHara, a curly-haired 12-year-old honor student who started seventh grade yesterday at St. Gregory the Great Catholic school on W. 90th St., couldn't believe she's one of the "major offenders" the music moguls are after. 
"Oh, my God, what's going to happen now?" she asked after hearing of the suit. "My stomach is all in knots." 
Told she may have to go to court, Brianna's eyes widened behind wire-rimmed glasses and she said, "I'm just shocked that of all the people that do this, I'm on the list." 
The Recording Industry Association of America said the suits filed yesterday included about 60 that targeted suspects in New York who downloaded more than 1,000 songs. 
The group blames computer users such as Brianna, who use software programs to trade music with others on the Internet, for a 30% drop in music sales. 
Each person sued yesterday could be liable for fines up to $150,000 for each poached track. 
'Appropriate action' 
Experts had predicted a large number of the suits likely would name youngsters. 
"Nobody likes playing the heavy and having to resort to litigation, but when your product is being regularly stolen, there comes a time when you have to take appropriate action," said Carey Sherman, president of the recording association. 
Sherman warned that the group may file thousands more lawsuits against people who use programs like KaZaA, Grokster, Gnutella, Blubster and iMesh. 
Brianna's mother, Sylvia, 40, director of a nurse placement agency, said her daughter was helping her 9-year-old brother with his homework when the Daily News arrived at their apartment on W. 84th St. with word about the suit. 
"For crying out loud, she's just a child," the mother said. "This isn't like those people who say, 'My son is a good boy,' and he's holding a bloody knife. All we did was use a service." 
The mother said she signed up for KaZaA, paying a $29.95 fee. "If you're paying for it, you're not stealing it, so what is this all about?" she asked. 
She said Brianna downloaded music by Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, along with the themes to television shows like "Family Matters" and "Full House" - and even the nursery song, "If You're Happy and You Know It."
"That's really threatening to the music industry," she scoffed. 
"If this was something we were profiting from, that's one thing. But we were just listening and sometimes dancing to the music," said the mother. 
She vowed to get a lawyer to fight the suit, which she termed "ridiculous." With Robert Gearty Originally published on September 9, 2003
Source: Yahoo! News  - New York Daily News (All rigths reserved)
Posted on September the 9th.
Top 10 at ten on MTV Europe
Today was the Top 10 at ten entirely dedicated to Mariah.  Here are the results:
1. Dreamlover - 2. Honey - 3. Fantasy - 4. I Know What You Want - 5. Heartbreaker - 6. Emotions - 7. Always Be My Baby - 8. Butterfly - 9. My All - 10. Without You
Heroes comment: Where's Through The Rain  !!!!  But, let's be happy that MTV Europe made a Top 10 at ten entirely dedicated to Mariah .
Posted on September the 9th.
Mariah's Kiss-off of Kid brings on the Heartbreak
by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa - Tuesday, September 9, 2003
It was a Fantasy come true for KISS-108 Music Director - and budding pop star - ``Kid'' David Corey: A shot at opening for dippy diva Mariah Carey at her Wang Theatre gig last night. But, alas, all that Glitter(s) is not gold! Because Mariah decided to disinvite Kid David because she felt his Meffa pop station was dissing her new single!
``KISS didn't add her new release, `Bringin' On The Heartbreak,' to the station's playlist,'' said Someone Who Knows. ``So she told David not to bother to show up for the gig!''
Talk about a Heartbreaker!
Corey declined to dish. But our station spies say when he was first approached to open the show, he was told Mariah really liked his new single, ``Now That I Love You,'' a romantic ballad getting a lot of airtime on KISS and other Boston stations.
``If they had told him that the gig was conditional on him adding her song to the playlist, he would have said no,'' said our spy. ``But that was never mentioned.''
Corey, who hopes to launch a pop music career, wrote nine songs with Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union of Souls, and released a CD on his own.
So Mariah probably figured that giving the budding artist a break would be good karma.
Ah, no.
Station sources say Corey and KISS got behind ``Through the Rain,'' Carey's last single off the ``Charmbracelet'' album, but it bombed.
So they were reluctant to play the new one.
``Nobody in the pop world is playing it, she's having a tough time,'' said our spy. ``People don't think it's a hit and the prevailing wisdom is that Mariah's lost it.''
Source: BostonHerald (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: I think it's interesting for us Europeans to see how some American radios see Mariah.  For me, it's totally normal to disinvite a supposed local "star", if the radio he work for doesn't support Bringin' On The Heartbreak.  Also here's what I find funny: "KISS-108 Music Director - and budding pop star - ``Kid'' David Corey, his new single, ``Now That I Love You,'' a romantic ballad getting a lot of airtime on KISS"  of course he receive good airplay, he's the Music Director of KISS.  You know what Mariah, if you want to receive good airplay on the US radios, create your own one .
Posted on September the 9th.
Charmed Carey won't clam up when discussing love of performing
By Sarah Rodman - Monday, September 8, 2003
Since many of the female contestants on ``American Idol'' clearly see Mariah Carey as their American idol, it's a little surprising that Carey herself hasn't seen Fox's little talent contest. 
``I have never even watched the show. Isn't that bad of me?'' asks Carey with a throaty laugh. Especially naughty when you consider her former bass player and current arranger Randy Jackson is one the judges.
``When it started, I was in Capri making the `Charmbracelet' album and Randy was like, `Man M, you've gotta watch the show, dawg! You're not going to believe it!' '' she says, doing a perfect Jackson impression on the phone from a tour stop in Nagoya, Japan. ``I love Randy. He really is one of the nicest people I know.'' 
Carey - who reassures us that she is taking her vitamins and getting her rest - comes to the Wang Theatre tonight on the ``Charmbracelet'' tour and is looking forward to playing the smaller confines of the theater as opposed to the cavernous arenas of past tours. 
``It was cool because people got to see me and got to listen to my voice as opposed to some hype-y, hoopla-ish thing,'' she says of the pyrotechnics and glitz demanded by arenas. In theaters, Carey says, she can focus on singing. ``We have different fun things, but it's more of a cabaret-type, very intimate feeling.'' 
Of course, the last time Carey was supposed to play Boston, she got sidelined by some bad shellfish and ended up at Mass. General instead of the FleetCenter. 
So when the diva is told she might want to lay off the clams this time, she laughs and says, ``I will. You don't have to tell me that one twice.''
Source: BostonHerald - The Edge (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 9th.
Mariah Reminds Foxwoods Crowd How Talented She Is
By Katrina T. Gathers - Day Staff Writer
Mashantucket — Mariah Carey can sing. Let's rephrase that — Mariah Carey can sang.
I would never lump myself into the “fan” category, but after her performance Saturday night at Fox Theatre, I can honestly say that I am no longer a hater, but an appreciator.
Admittedly, everyone got fed up hearing about Mariah Carey's drama with her record label and her less than stellar debut on the big screen with “Glitter.” Some of us might even have felt bad when she entered a clinic two years ago to be treated for exhaustion, but there was always that “What now?” thought when more news emerged about the thousand-octave vocalist.
None of that mattered when she hit the stage. Or should I say moseyed through the crowd and sashayed onto stage. She emerged from a side door and to the delight of her fans, touched hands and waved, while a half-dozen dancers and an equal number of security guards kept pace.
As part of her “Charmbracelet” world tour, Carey performed an 80-minute set at Foxwoods' small venue, but she didn't leave the big-time show production at the door. The sound system was amazing, her back-up singers were phenomenal, the musicians were off the chain and the three huge screens gave the audience a sharp picture of a handful of videos and close-ups of her ever-changing outfits –– including the barely-there opening outfit, a dress so short that the two girls sitting next to me gasped when Carey dared to cross her leg.
“Heartbreaker” was the first number and Carey immediately launched into those high notes that could break glass, maybe as confirmation that she was, in fact, back. But there was never any question of that. “Dream Lover” had the same vocal range, which she hit with little effort, before segueing into “Through the Rain,” the first single off her recent album.
She came out in a short, blue Oriental print dress for “Honey,” where she did her first bit of dancing. Let's just say Carey is definitely a singer; she doesn't dance well and shouldn't have to, but she tried, nonetheless. A sexy hip gyration, done in a pair of cutoff shorts to “I Know What You Want,” sent up howls from the audience.
To pay homage to her supporters, instead of simply naming them, Carey used an impromptu melody to introduce the band and singers. At one point, she sang the phrase “Skinny heifers” to a nice melody when telling a story about one of her singers chewing out several admirers of her man, who happens to have a wandering eye. 
For the encore –– she sang “Hero” and a few bars from “Butterfly” – Carey emerged in a glittery, gold floor-length gown that was adorned with feathers from the waist down. The dress was beautiful and marked a fitting end to an excellent show. Carey performed more than a dozen songs and utilized a stellar band and talented dancers and singers to keep the audience entertained. 
Billed as an “intimate evening” for those attending the show, at $82.50 for the least expensive seat, it was money well spent.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 8th.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Tampa, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Orlando, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page update, click here.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Houston, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on September the 8th.
Note From Leo!
Dear Mariah Fans,
As a lot of Honey B. Fly members know, my Mother is very ill and in danger of dying. She has had many, many health issues and now her heart is bad on top of it. Monday morning she will be going into surgery for a bypass. The reason you are reading this, is because my 13 year old Brother and I are deeply touched from the many, many touching e-mails and posts we have been receiving from Mariah fans. Lambs, that don't even know my last name, nor have they ever met me or my Brother. Your prayers and kind words are appreciated and I deeply thank everyone for being so supportive. Mariah is the basis of our unity and to see everyone embrace each other in a time of need makes me smile in such a hard time of my life. Mariah has been my foundation, inspiration, and healer through many situations in my life (including my Mother's many issues). I thank you all so very much for everything and you all are appreciated so much. Thank you for your prayers and words of sympathy.
"I've grown numb to the madness and blocked it away, I left the worst unsaid let it all dissipate and I try to forget orange clouds roll bye, still I feel like A child as I look at the moon; maybe I grew up a little too soon" - Mariah Carey
God Bless all of you,
Leo Porter and Jonathan Porter
P.S. Please take a minute and tell everyone that you love, how much they mean to you, because you never know when one day you might not have that chance.
Heroes note: If you want to send a support message to Leo, click here.
Posted on September the 7th.
Hé guys, Mariah already wore a Kilt, ok, not a traditional one, but it's Kilt style .
Posted on September the 6th.
Don't forget the Heroes of Mariah contest and the Belgium Fan-Bracelet Book.

N'oubliez pas le concours de Heroes of Mariah et le Fan-Bracelet Book de Belgique.

Vergeet de Heroes of Mariah wedstrijd en de Belgische Fan-Bracelet Book niet.
Posted on September the 6th.

Go on Mariah's official site
Orlando, FL Aug 30th Meet & Greet!
Here are the members of HBF that had a chance to go backstage to see Mariah after the Orlando, Florida show. Many fans had a chance to bring gifts, say hello and see Mariah up close for the first time. Maybe you will be next. 
Congratulations to: Lenny, Stephanie, Lora, Andy, Andrea, Keely, Chris, Amy, Gerald and Jeanette.

Posted on September the 6th.
Go on Mariah's official site
Houston, TX Aug 28th Meet & Greet!
Here are the members of HBF that had a chance to go backstage to see Mariah after the Houston show. Many fans had a chance to bring gifts, say hello and see Mariah up close for the first time. Maybe you will be next.
Congratulations to: Robert, Alicia, Jessica, Verenda , Ashley, Lux, Matthew, Tia, James and Alisha 

Posted on September the 6th.
The Kilt story, true or false?
Here's what I read on FOMM posted by mariahsweb:
September 4th, 2003
Mariah's Sexy Kilt
Source: The Mirror, 09-03-2003, page 12. 
Posted By: Stephanie
POP diva Mariah Carey can't wait to wow Scots fans with a special eye- popping kilt. 
Stunning Carey, 32, aims to wear the sexy gift, designed by world- famous kilt-maker Moira George, for her SECC gig in Glasgow on October 25.
Moira, 34, from Portsoy, Morayshire, said: "I have come up with something a bit different." 
And Carey's agent said: "Mariah's really excited. It's just what she wanted." ."
Heroes comment: I did some research and I found a lot of incoherence in this article:
- The word "Kilt" is always written with a capital.
- A Kilt is never sexy, as they are traditional clothes. (But, of course, Mariah would be sexy wearing a Kilt )
- A Kilt is only for men, woman may wear Mini-Kilt, Hostess Skirt, Straight Skirt or Ladies Tartan.
- The word "Kiltmaker" must be written in one word.
- I only found the city "Portsoy" in the county of "Aberdeenshire".
- The "famous" Moira George is unknown, at least on the internet, strange for a world famous Kiltmaker.
- This article is not in the archives of "The Mirror" website.
- As far as I know, Mariah doesn't have an agent.  Usually, newspapers use the words: publicist, rep, spoke person, insider, source.
Also, a lot of journalistic mistakes are made in this article, as it doesn't fit the newspaper English and the House Style of The Mirror, but they are too many to list them all here.
So, true or not, wait and see.
Posted on September the 5th.
Pop diva lives up to image
By Gina Vivinetto, Times Pop Music Critic - St. Petersburg Times
TAMPA - Mariah Carey may not be at the top of the charts these days, but you'd better believe she's still pop's reigning diva as she proved Wednesday to a nearly sold-out crowd at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. 
Carey, 33, was the best-selling female pop artist of the 1990s. Now she gets more press for her well-publicized nervous breakdown two years ago that followed a harrowing list of travails: the megaflop of her movie Glitter, the humiliation of having her record label Virgin spend $28-million to end her contract.
Carey's recent material from last year's Charmbracelet is about triumph after tragedy. (Initially the tour was booked in arenas, but after dismal ticket sales, Carey began to play smaller venues.) 
Nearly 2,500 fans Wednesday got to see Carey in fine form. Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio presented the singer with a key to the city during the show. Fans didn't seem to mind that Carey went onstage 40 minutes late. Why would they? The singer's entrance was spectacular: With lights dimmed, the band began and Carey surprised the crowd by strutting in through one of the venue's side doors, singing Heartbreaker in a flood of spotlights and bodyguards.
Carey's ensemble would have made Siegfried and Roy drool: a flashy fuchsia mini dress doused in sequins and heels that showcased her famous gams. But it's Carey's voice that made fans squeal. How many octaves does she command? Five? Six? Carey's voice trilled in the famous vocal acrobatics that have inspired too many American Idol contestants.
Flanked by a troupe of dancers and four backing singers, Carey moved across the stage in feline grace, shimmying a bit, letting the professionals handle glitzier moves. The singer fares best when she's singing her spirited, hip-hop-flavored tunes. Carey sang Clown - a dig at ex-paramour Eminem? - in a circus atmosphere echoing "The Eminem Show," his last tour. The R&B jam Honey sounded fine, pumped by squishy old school synths and Carey's magnificent singing, and Carey sang with the video version of rapper Busta Rhymes on the duo's steamy I Know What You Want. Another highlight: Carey and singer Trey Lorenz dueting on her soulful rendition of I'll Be There by the Jackson 5.
The ballads may be what fans clamor for, but they're bland. Carey's slow songs, like the tepid Through the Rain, are muddled by juvenile lyrics and formulaic arrangements. Here a wind chime, there a tastefully plucked acoustic guitar, now comes the bombastic drums and voila! The big crescendo. Carey even dropped to her knees, her hands out, "testifying" at the close of Can't Take That Away From Me.
Still, Carey charmed, gabbing with the audience while stage hands "primped" her after one vigorous number. "They call you a diva," Carey wisecracked, grinning, "you might as well act like one."
Source: St Petersburg Time-Artsandentertainment (All rigths reserved)
Posted on September the 5th.
Discovering the dimensions of her muse
Tom Moon - Philadelphia Inquirer
A few minutes into the 10-minute interview Mariah Carey granted recently to promote her "intimate" theater tour, the vocalist with the skyscraper pipes explained the hip-hop forays on her current Charmbracelet this way: "I am not a cardboard cutout that stands up on stage and sings 'Hero' every day. . . . I'm a multidimensional person. I grew up listening to hip-hop, and it was important to me to share more sides of myself." 
Carey, whose career stats include an incredible 15 No. 1 singles, said that her approach to music-making changed after Glitter, the 2001 movie and soundtrack bomb that was followed by a run of physical and mental problems - first labeled exhaustion, then described as a "nervous breakdown." She formed her own label, the Def Jam-distributed MonarC Records, and began writing with several established hip-hop producers (including Philly's own Andre Harris and Vidal Davis), with the desire to exert more control over the final product. 
"In the past, I'd have to give the songs to the record company people and producers, who would then sometimes
homogenize them," Carey said. "I learned I could be more involved, and recognized what was happening on the industry level - basically that I wanted to grow and a lot of people wanted me to stay the same." 
For Carey, the tour, her first in three years, represents another stage in her embrace of independence. She's invited those attending the shows to request songs from Charmbracelet and Butterfly at her Web site, "I know when I go to a show, I get annoyed when the artist doesn't perform songs I really want to hear," Carey said.
The 33-year-old singer, who's been both role model and competition for the wave of young female pop singers led by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, considers Charmbracelet her most personal record, partially because it followed the protracted battle with stress and mental illness. 
"I feel like we go through everything as a life lesson, and it was just my time to learn. I'm grateful for the fact I've gone through things. I had a difficult childhood, I've had difficulties in my career that people don't know about. A couple of years ago, it got very public and pretty distorted, and one way of addressing it was the honesty I put into the lyrics of this record. And the honesty that I think comes through in my singing." 
She mentioned "My Saving Grace," a gospel ballad, as one example of this honesty: "It's like my background singers tell me during 'My Saving Grace,' they say it feels like we're going to church. To me that's important. I've grown comfortable letting loose and expressing like that again. It's been a while."
Source: The Philadelphia Enquirer (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: "I am not a cardboard cutout that stands up on stage and sings 'Hero' every day", Mariah, little sweetheart, that's a classic .
Posted on September the 5th.
Great, great, great news!!!!!!!!!
Bringin' On The Heartbreak will be in the Belgian stores on October the 6th.  Stay tuned, be ready for our great Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon.  Request page, promo page, street promos, contests are planned.  All details will be posted soon.  C'mon guys, let's do the Bringin' On The Heartbreak Belgian Marathon dance and let's sing the Hymn: "You're bringin' on the heartbrea~~~ea~eak (dum~dudum~) bringin' on the hearta~~~~~~~~che"
Do I need to tell you that I'm happy? 
Source for the release date: Universal Music Belgium by phone (Thanks, you made my day and I promise you to do all I can to promote and support Bringin' On The Heartbreak in Belgium ).
Posted on September the 4th.
Read this!!!!!
Click on the little scan to see it bigger and... surprise, you will discover the most scary comparison I've ever seen.  Hum, in fact, it's scary but also hilarious.  This scan is taken from the current issue of the In Touch magazine.

Source for the scan: - Lover 22 Girl at FOMM.
Heroes comment: "Both are hugely successful singing stars" Thalia????????? Yeah I heard this name here in Belgium several years ago and she was and is not hugely successful here, she's not even successful.  You know what guys?  It's scary, it reminds me of the movie "Vertigo" 
Posted on September the 4th.
Carey confirms her diva-ness, makes rafters hum
By Leslie Gray Streeter, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
"They call me a diva. I might as well act like one," Mariah Carey calmly explained as her hairdresser re-perfected her 'do, onstage and between songs at her elaborate, amazing Labor Day appearance at Fort Lauderdale's Broward Center.
Yes, it must be said that the ever-glittery Carey came equipped with your requisite accoutrements of diva-dom -- the scores of dancers, eight costume changes, that warm smile that says "I'll wait to speak until the adoring applause ceases," a complicated set and hordes of well-dressed fans screaming "Mariahweloveyouuuuuu!!!"
But there's supposed to be more to being a diva than a well-stocked staff of worshipers and attitude. "Diva" is an operatic term that refers to a singer of amazing talent and presence, of commanding voice and personality. This may inspire said singer to act high and mighty and start firing people at will, but the diva -- and her fans -- understand that her talent is the point.
Make no mistake. Mariah Carey's talent is the point, and it's a multi-octave, effortless wonder. And it was in full effect Monday night, in a production that was slightly overwrought, a wee self-referential but intensely human. It also helped that Carey, looking healthy and rested after her well-publicized emotional and career troubles, seemed to be enjoying herself. And that always makes a concert better.
Actually, maybe "concert" is too small a word for the grand production that Carey put on, on a pink-hued set that was equal parts Moulin Rogue and Circus Of The Stars. Backed up by a bevy of dancers, impressive backup singers, band and a clown (!), Carey took the stage in a protective cloud of bodyguards, trilling the upbeat Heartbreaker.
Right away, it was obvious that whatever emotional or mental issues the singer once had left her voice untouched. During Heartbreaker, she stepped to the edge of the stage, held her ear in a Carol Burnett-like stance and let loose with one of those rafter-scaling high notes she's known for. Those rafter-dwellers were on full display, through up-tempo hits like Dream Lover and Fantasy, as much as her less-celebrated but equally impressive lower range was during the torchy My All.
Pro that she is, Carey did a seamless job of weaving her considerable cadre of hits like Always Be My Baby in with such new material as the faith-protesting My Saving Grace and the recent hit Through The Rain. In fact, it was her turn on Through The Rain, a seemingly treacly ballad she described as "a song about pressing on," that showcased why Mariah Carey's not fading into that good night anytime soon.
Lyrics like "I can make it through the rain, I can stand up once again/On my own and I know that I'm strong enough to mend" sound saccharine on the radio. But settled into a plush red chair, Carey closed her eyes, clenched her fist and opened a vein -- and the tabloid memories of her bad marriage, career downturns and public freak-outs all came pouring into her voice. 
Simultaneously vulnerable and steely, Carey rose for the key change and planted her feet like she was willing the strength of the words into life, as her singers' voices melded like a church choir behind her. The crowd applauded adoringly. The diva paused and smiled. 
If getting your hair checked onstage ensures a show as vocally satisfying and sweet as this one, I'm all for installing a salon next to the drum kit at every concert I attend.
Source: PalmBeachPost (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 4th.
In goal to make the best promo possible for Bringin' On The Heartbreak when it will be released on radio here in Belgium (THIS WEEK), could you please send me the links, e-mails and phone numbers of the radios you listen to in your area.  Thanks .

En vue d'assurer une promotion maximum pour Bringin' On The Heartbreak lorsqu'il sortira en radio (CETTE SEMAINE), pouvez-vous m'envoyer les liens, e-mails et numéros de téléphone des radios que vous écoutez dans votre région.  Merci .

Om een maximum promotie te kunnen maken voor Bringin' On The Heartbreak wanneer het lied naar de radio's zal gestuurd worden (DEZE WEEK), zou je me de links, e-mails en telefoon nummers van de radio's dat je luistert in je regio, kunnen opsturen.  Bedankt .
Posted on September the 3rd.

Top 10 at ten on MTV Europe
On September the 9th. there will be a Top 10 at ten entirely dedicated to Mariah.  You can vote for your Mariah Top 10, be sure to choose your favs Mariah songs here.
Posted on September the 3rd.
Mariah Carey delivers an impressive musical variety show
By Deborah Hirsch - Sentinel Staff Writer
Mariah Carey proved that she can still sing like she used to, with a glitzy Vegas-style show and catchy new alternative rock and rap-influenced songs used in her act at Carr Performing Arts Centre Saturday night.
Lighting effects, themed videos and eclectically costumed dancers galore turned the 33-year-old New York-born singer's Charmbracelet tour into an impressive musical variety act. Carey maneuvered her elastic voice easily from full-out belting to breathy, super-high-pitched trills soaring through octaves far above the average person's range.
The mostly middle-aged audience and the fact that Carey didn't sell out the Carr, a small venue compared with places she has playedbefore, could suggest a decline, but she still put on a fun, theatrical, music experience for her followers.
A few performance elements seemed a little random, such as a marionette circus pantomime and an artist-mime who displayed various paintings every so often. For the most part, though, Carey and her talented musicians were the focus. Synthesized sound occasionally overpowered the guitars, but Carey's voice always rang out loud and clear. Her four backup singers revealed their equally tremendous vocal abilities in their own soulful number.
Carey covered a range of songs from her nine albums, although most of the repertoire came from her more popular earlier work such as "Vision of Love," from her 1990 self-titled debut and "Dreamlover" from Music Box (1993). She performed sentimental ballads while lounging on sofas, a grand piano and even a swing that dropped down from the ceiling, and introduced the band in a creative sing-song jazz improvisational style.
Her interactions with the audience -- singing back to their cries of adoration, sending out beach balls and dedicating "Always Be My Baby," to a couple with a "Just Married" sign -- added a cute personal touch to the show. The newer songs provided nice interludes to her traditional pop, such as her part in Busta Rhymes' "I Know What You Want" which she performed along with the music video. Other crowd favorites included "Fantasy," from Daydream (1995) and "Honey" from Butterfly (1997).
She topped off her two-hour set with the exuberant "Make It Happen," from Emotions (1991) and "Hero" from Music Box.
Almost everything on stage had a feminine touch, which fit Carey's persona (although the butterfly symbols everywhere were a bit excessive.) It was strange to see the drums, keyboard and guitars spaced so far apart. But Carey filled up the central aisle, going through a fashion show of at least seven outfits. With the exception of a couple of ensembles such as a short glittery pink thing reminiscent of a trapeze-artist leotard, she looked classy in elegant dresses.
Apparently, diminishing crowds haven't dampened Carey's prima donna ego, though. Besides making a show of having water brought to her onstage, which she sipped delicately through a straw, a video homage to Carey that included photos from her childhood played while she sang "Saving Grace."
"Just a little primping, you know," she said, when attendants rushed up to fiddle with her mike and offer another drink.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Finally a journalist who understood that Mariah makes her show for the fans.
Posted on September the 3rd.
Be sure to take part in the Mariah Daily's festivities, the Mariahbration week.
Posted on September the 2nd.
Carey hoping to meet Mancunian fans
After a tough couple of years, Mariah Carey is going against the diva image by asking to meet her Manchester fans. 
In an exclusive chat, the singer says she is looking forward to bringing what she believes is her best show to the Manchester Evening News Arena on November 1. 
And, unlike the extravagant demand she made before her last visit for the Top Of The Pops awards two years ago - decorating the whole dressing room in blue velvet - this time Mariah's request is simply to meet some of the crowd. 
"I'm looking forward to it because I really love this particular show," she tells me. 
"It's the best show I've ever done, production-wise and everything. It's very tight and together. All the dancers and the singers are very talented and I really feel like everybody on stage is there to support me and enhance the show. It gives me an opportunity to shine as best I can and sing my heart out. 
"I've given it a cabaret-type feeling because I looked at my life, and it's like a circus. But I'm a very positive person and I want to make it an enjoyable circus and to emulate that with the show." 
At the peak of her career, Mariah was the world's top-selling female artist of the 1990s. However, with her success came a reported high-maintenance attitude. 
But, after being dropped from her record company, EMI, last year, it appears that Mariah has stepped down from her pedestal and is now happy to get closer to the people who once put her there. 
"I've been touring since May and meeting my fans so I'm pretty sure I'll see some people in Manchester," she adds. 
"They usually bring me really sweet gifts like cute, stuffed animals and fan books with different pictures and stories about their lives, stuff like that. Last night, someone asked me to sign their shoulder and said they were going to have my autograph tattooed on. I thought it was a strange thing to do but I did it because I figured it's their body." 
I'm sure with two months to go, Manc fans can think of something more weird for her to remember them by. 
Source: Manchester Online - Mariah Daily
Posted on September the 2nd.
Mariah Carey Laughs At Media Stories
Pop superstar Mariah Carey laughs off most of the stories about her in the press - because they are so far-fetched.
The Honey singer says being in the public eye can be strange - but she's still the same person "internally" she always was.
She says, "The private life they create for me is, like, bizarre and I read the stuff and sometimes it makes me laugh.
"They once wrote this thing about me and a fat farm breakdown: 'Her staff were forced to go on the same diet and then they snuck out to eat cheese burgers, then took breath mints so she wouldn't know.'
"I'm sitting there thinking, I wasn't in a fat farm, I was in a spa with fattening food there that I could've eaten. I don't even care about fast food, and if they had wanted to eat hamburgers until the cows came home, I wouldn't have cared.
"I put that story up on my kitchen wall because I thought it was just so funny.
"It's weird to be in the public eye, but I feel like I'm the same person internally as when I started.
"I notice how a lot of people change after they're successful. Fame really twists them, and I think it's because I didn't feel famous until lately that it didn't do that to me."
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 2nd.
Mariah and Stevie set for duet
Mariah Carey will record a duet with soul legend Stevie Wonder in an audacious bid to return to the top of the charts.
The sexy singer is on her way back after a traumatic past 18 months, which saw an album and film flop, a rumoured breakdown and a change of record companies.
And she sees a collaboration with the signed, sealed, delivered I'm Yours star as the launchpad to take her back to the top.
A source close to Mariah tells British tabloid the Daily Star, "Mariah has always been a huge fan of Stevie. But she'd never dared to try and set something up.
"Recently the office phone went and it was Stevie Wonder himself on the end of the line."
Source: Contactmusic (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 2nd.
The Remixes in Belgium will normally be released on October the 13th, this date could be subject to change, so wait and see .
Source for the release date: Sony Music Belgium by phone.
Posted on September the 2nd.
Usually, I rarely post negative articles, but I wanted to post this one, as I think it's interesting for us Europeans to see how some American critics see Mariah.
Mariah brings her circus to town, but the music becomes just a sideshow
By Evelyn McDonnell
When Mariah Carey took the stage Monday night at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts surrounded by dancers dressed as clowns in front of a circus backdrop, the question was: Was she there as the queen of the tonsil trapeze, or to star in the freak show?
Carey became the top-selling female star of the 1990s primarily thanks to multi-octave vocal acrobatics. She, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion virtually created the juggernaut vocal style that tends to value technical virtuosity over pathos, drama over depth.
But since she had a public breakdown in 2001 and got dumped by her record company, Carey has aroused as much prurient curiosity as fan interest. The career turnaround has her reduced to playing theaters. On the other hand, the Broward Center was filled with fans whose cheers indicated they love Carey through sunshine and Through the Rain (as one song says).
Carey worked the circus imagery (same theme, by the way, ex-beau Eminem used for his last tour). For one number, a clown performed a crazy loose-limbed dance while controlled by strings held by men in suits, as dollar signs flashed on a screen.
But it's hard to feel a great deal of sympathy for Carey as a puppet. She married her Svengali, record mogul Tommy Mottola, of her own free will, and rode his largess through a stunning streak of No. 1 singles. Her songs have been more of the -- and I quote -- ''I need you so desperately'' type plea than You Don't Own Me declarations. Not to mention that one of Carey's selling points has always been that she writes most of her own material. Mariah controlled by marionettes? I doubt it.
She has always worked a survivalist streak: the biracial daughter of divorce whose voice was her salvation. But when she sings breathy, little-girl falsettos, it's hard to see her as an icon of strength. Resilience, yes: ''My saving grace pulls me through,'' she sang on a song from her last album, Charmbracelet.
My Saving Grace makes explicit the gospel underpinnings to Carey's vocal style. Monday night, she drew heavily on the over-the-top ballads that make her an American Idol contestant favorite, and little on the hip-hop and pop collaborations for which she helped create a radio format. When she did play more dance-oriented numbers, the beat was often lethargic.
Music was a second thought in the almost two-hour show. Carey paid more attention to her eight tight-fitting costumes and tiresome dance skits. She appeared on stage about 15 seconds for her latest hit, I Know What You Want, with rapper Busta Rhymes: just long enough to show off her biker tube top and cutoffs number. The rest of the song unfolded as a video screened on curtains, with more ersatz choreography.
For much of the show, the band was hidden behind curtains. The sweetest part of the evening was when Carey sang little introductions about each of her players, including a wonderfully told story about the backing singer whose husband has a wandering eye. It was a modest, uncanned segment, absent of dancers. More singing like this please, Mariah, and fewer outfits.
The last player Carey introduced was a special guest: Trey Lorenz, the singer she first collaborated with in '92. They performed their cover of the Jackson 5's I'll Be There. He then sang one overly long number himself. Unfortunately, Lorenz's full tones showed how strained Carey's voice is.
The band intros demonstrated that if Carey relaxed with her vocals, instead of trying to fill each song with flips and cartwheels, she could be an entertaining song stylist. But by trying to always do it all, Carey winds up doing little at all. Her voice is as damaged as her reputation; it's nowhere near as big as the sound she would like to create, and as the drama that surrounds her.
Beautiful, talented, eager to please, Carey wants desperately to be America's sweetheart. Perhaps she has tried too hard. With her theatrics and her sometimes hyperfemininity, she veers dangerously close to a camp parody of herself. On Always Be My Baby, for instance, she wore hot pink shorts while her dancers threw beach balls. A drag queen, at least, would probably be more fun.
Source: The Miami Herald (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Usually, I rarely post negative articles, but I wanted to post this one, as I think it's interesting for us Europeans to see how some American critics see Mariah.  You know what Evelyn, and if the entire show was a parody of the music business?  Only my opinion.
Posted on September the 2nd.
Charmbracelet Tour 2003 - Orlando, USA - Heroes of Mariah special page, click here.
Posted on September the 2nd.
More news about the after party in Moscow
Alex told me that at this moment there are not many details.  The party will begin at 19.00 in club B-2 on September the 29th. and Russian fans hope that Mariah will come at this party, as it is written on the ads, but not guaranteed.
Many thanks to Alex from for these details.
Posted on September the 1st.
Wise Girls in Belgium
No guys, don't be happy too early, of course we know that sadly it's not released in movie theaters here in Belgium and I need to tell you a long story about that, as soon as my anger is gone.  Oh well.  Wise Girls with Dutch subtitles will be in video clubs in September 2003 and in stores in November 2003.  Wise Girls with French subtitles has no release date at this moment.  End of story.
Posted on September the 1st.
After party in Moscow?

Source for the scans: Alex from
Heroes note: I'm waiting for news from Alex to tell you more .
Posted on September the 1st.
Hamptons diary
With DJ Funkmaster Flex spinning in the background, BET's AJ Calloway celebrated his "20-something-and-another" birthday at Resort in East Hampton on Friday night. 
While a few of Calloway's musical pals couldn't attend, they still picked up some gifts. R. Kelly took Calloway shopping at the Nike shop, Missy Elliott picked up a diamond bracelet for him and Mariah Carey said she'll hand over a gift at a Manhattan after-party for her Sept. 18 show.
Source: Yahoo! News - New York Post (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 1st.
Ok guys, I already have a few answers for the Heroes of Mariah contest, don't forget that you have until September the 15th to submit your answer.

Déjà quelques réponses... concours Heroes of Mariah... n'oubliez pas... date limite le 15 septembre.

Al enkele antwoorden... Heroes of Mariah wedstrijd... vergeet niet... tot en met 15 september.
Posted on September the 1st.

Prince & Mariah??
Tabloid whisperers are speculating that Prince is bidding to be the new man in Mariah Carey's life.
The pop legend has reportedly been bombarding the singing sensation with bouquets of flowers and has also attended a number of gigs on her Charmbracelet US tour.
Source: (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 1st.
Carey can't find a man
Mariah Carey says she doesn't know why she can't find a man.
She has also admitted there have only ever been three men in her entire life.
The 33-year-old singer told German newspaper Bild: "There have only been three men in my life.
"I was married to Tommy Mottola, then I was together with US footballer Derek Jeter and after that I went out with singer Luis Miguel."
Her relationship with the Mexican singer ended in the summer of 2001 and Carey said since then she hasn't had sex.
She said she didn't know why no-one was interested in her and the only explanation she could come up with was because of her fame.
"I think that must be it. My stylist, for example, is always meeting people and goes on loads of dates. I'm always asking myself why I never meet anyone. But that's how it is. Most men believe that I'm not interested in them."
Source: Ananova (All rights reserved)
Posted on September the 1st.
Mariah Carey hopes to play a round at the city’s Royal Burgess club, but its rules say she must be accompanied by a man.
We don't Carey . . she'll have to book
Chris Mooney
AS the world’s biggest-selling female singer and an international sex symbol, Mariah Carey has grown used to getting her own way. 
But the pop superstar is set to face some unfamiliar difficulties when she makes a flying visit to golf courses in Edinburgh and East Lothian. 
The enthusiastic golfer is planning to take advantage of a forthcoming concert in Scotland to stop off in Edinburgh and play on some of the region’s famous courses. 
However, rules regarding "lady players" mean she will be banned from the bar at one club house and forced to take a male partner before she is allowed on some courses. 
Nor will she be able to squeeze in a game at any time to suit her busy schedule - due to restrictions on "women’s tee-off times". 
One of the region’s most prestigious clubs was so unimpressed by her fame and fortune that they warned she would have to book soon if she wanted to get a game during October. 
The 33-year-old New Yorker plans to visit Edinburgh for a few days’ golfing before she performs at the SECC in Glasgow on October 25. She also intends to meet the producers of a play to discuss appearing at the Fringe in a new drama next year. 
But, at Muirfield Golf Club, in Gullane, East Lothian, the venue of last year’s British Open Championship, club secretary John Prideaux was distinctly unimpressed. 
Mr Prideaux, who admitted he had never heard of the singer, said the club refused to bend its no-female-members rule for anyone. At £100-a-round, the singer would be able to play the famous course, but only under strict conditions. 
"If the lady wants to play, and has a gentleman to accompany her, then there is no problem. We do have ladies’ changing rooms," said Mr Prideaux. "She will be able to play provided there are visitors’ tee-off times available, so I would suggest she gets booked up well in advance to make sure." 
It was a similar story at the prestigious Royal Burgess Golf Club, near Barnton, which also has a no-female-members rule. 
Club secretary Graeme Seeley said Carey would be welcome and could even make use of the club’s new changing
facilities for female golfers - but there were conditions. He said: "Mariah Carey could certainly come here if she were to phone the professional and book a time. She would also have to be accompanied by a male." 
Bruntsfield Links Golf Club offered Carey a warmer welcome, insisting she could play without a male partner and was free to drink in the bar. But she would have to avoid the men-only playing times from 4pm-6.30pm during the week and before 3.30pm on a Saturday. 
Bruntsfield club secretary Ian Armstrong said: "She can just pitch up, we’d be delighted to see her. As long as she checks that there are no competitions on." 
Strict dress codes at all the courses mean the four-inch heels, tight T-shirt and hot pants she wore for a recent lesson in Los Angeles would be off limits. She was unfazed by raised eyebrows at the time, saying: "I went on to the course in high heels and barely anything on and they didn’t mind." 
Asked about the potential problem of turning up without a male partner, one of her representatives told the Evening News that the rule was unlikely to trouble the superstar. "She has bodyguards so there will be plenty of people with her," said the singer’s spokeswoman. 
She added: "She just wants to go to Edinburgh and relax and play golf because she has heard that there are so many fantastic courses in the area."
Source: - Edinburgh Evening News (All rights reserved)
Heroes comment: Thanks to the nice people of the Bruntsfield Links Golf Club, Mariah will be allowed to play without a male partner .
Posted on September the 1st.


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