December 2009 - Heroes of Mariah
Happy New Year!!!

May all your wishes come true guys, love ya..... and know what?  For the year to come, be real, shake them hataz off, enjoy every moment life gives us, it's what I'm gonna do.  Due to a high request, I'll do my infamous lil' pickel dance again, it's a tradition now 

Posted on December the 31st.
Mariah's new direction : Multi-platinum singer switches gears with album, movie role
Where pop divas are concerned, thinking small is not usually a part of their DNA. Mariah Carey, however, has done just that, with her restrained performance as a plain-Jane caseworker in "Precious," the much-acclaimed independent film directed by Lee Daniels.

Carey's change-of-pace role won her positive reviews and helped erase memories of her hugely misguided star turn in the 2001 big-screen bomb, "Glitter."

"It was cool because a lot of people say they don't recognize me in the film," Carey told Rolling Stone about "Precious." "They don't know it's me and, to me, that was a great gift (Lee) gave me; to be able to really go that far away from who I am."

Carey, who makes the second stop on her North American tour at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Sap Saturday, Jan. 2, also shows a low-key side on her new album.

In "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" (Island), Carey pulls her trademark seven-octave pipes back, focusing on the "honey" in her voice.

The release, for which Carey co-wrote all the tracks, doesn't skimp on the presentation, however. It includes a CD with 17 tracks, including a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is"; a second CD with a video clip for the first single, "Obsessed"; and a 36-page magazine produced by Elle about Carey

Although some critics have found the new record to be too derivative of her successful 2005 comeback album, "The Emancipation of Mimi," Los Angeles Times writer Ann Powers found much to recommend in the project's change of pace.

"‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' will stand out in Carey's catalog as an experiment that illuminates her place in the pantheon without either boosting it or damaging it," Powers wrote. "I wouldn't be surprised if, a decade from now, Carey cites this effort as a personal favorite.

"It's that kind of wholly decent effort: a self-exploration that settles on its unpretentious insights by not pushing too hard."

Whether the general listening public will ever cotton to "Memoirs" is another story.

The new record has sold just 344,000 copies in the U.S., a small fraction of Carey's staggering career sales of 140 million albums and singles - the most of any female artist.

According to MTV News, a remixed version, to be sold exclusively by Target, is being prepped for a February release. Meanwhile, the possibility Carey will leave her longtime label, Island Def Jam, is circulating around the blogosphere.

Small may have brought Carey to this critical artistic juncture, but she's likely to return to form - and go big with her live show and beyond.

Mariah Carey

WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 2
WHERE: Event Center, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City
HOW MUCH: Tickets, priced at $165, $195 and $235, are available at the Borgata box office or through
Source: Press of Atlntic City (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 31

Mariah to attend the Black Tie Awards Gala in Palm Springs
As reported a while ago, Mariah was nominated for the Breakthrough Actress Performance Award for her role in "Precious." 
Several sources report Lee Daniels will be giving the Award to Mariah on January 5 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

This will be for sure a beautiful and emotional moment for both Lee and Mariah!
Posted on December 30

Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) will attend Mariah's MSG concert

OK, so you're here at the Duracell Power Lab helping power Times Square's iconic NYE ball -- but where will you be when it drops?
Gabourey: I'm going to be at Mariah Carey's concert. She's playing Madison Square Garden and I have a sick fascination with Trey Songz, who is opening up for her. Like [gasp] what if I meet him that night?

I'm sure Mariah can hook that up -- what's your favorite song of hers?
Gabourey: "Always Be My Baby." Wait, OK, no, she's got a million. My all, all-time favorite ... "Fantasy" is a really good one. Oh, and that song with Brian McKnight, "Whenever You Call" was amazing. 

Source: NY Post (extract)
Posted on December 30

Finally!!!!! On Dec.10, Jesse told me (on Twitter) he interviewed Mariah, now the interview is up....
On Twitter, he also said: 
"Mariah was one of the most engaging, funniest people I've spoken to in a minute, famous or not. F what you heard, totally cool girl."
"Her new album is real good, too. I don't get why people slept on it. The-Dream and Tricky Stewart killed it, production-wise."

Mariah Carey: The diva brings festiveness to the rest of us

Mariah Carey is having an interesting moment. After nearly two decades of ubiquity, for the first time her music feels sort of underrated. Released in September, her latest, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, is smart, mature and occasionally hilarious, but for an artist with more No. 1 songs than Elvis Presley, it’s been surprisingly smash-hit-free. Meanwhile, Mrs. Nick Cannon’s acting career, pronounced DOA the moment the first critic saw Glitter in 2001, is in the throes of vindication. Playing the frumpy, mustachioed welfare worker Mrs. Weiss in Precious, she has a breakout role in the season’s most talked-about indie flick. The Greenlawn, Long Island native phoned TONY from her Tribeca lair as she prepared for a busy holiday season, climaxing with a New Year’s Eve set at Madison Square Garden. 

How do you wrap your mind around the enormity ofheadlining the Garden on New Year’s Eve?
I have to be festive on New Year’s. A couple years ago I sang at Times Square right before the countdown. We had a police escort, ’cause you can’t get past the people otherwise, and I’m looking up at all this confetti and sparkly stuff like, Now, this is New Year’s. It was freezing and I was in a little ensemble, which I know is shocking to you, but it was just amazing. My goal is to make everyone feel as festive—I know I’m redundant with that word—as possible. I don’t want to give it away, but I’m thinking, What can we do at this show to re-create how I felt standing in the middle of Times Square onstage? Because some people are scared as hell to go there. 

A police escort might help. You know, I was listening to your album just before you called, and I actually got a little hungry.
[Laughs] Yeah, why?

You have all these foodmetaphors. There’s a line about Duncan Hines cake...
Duncan Hines yellow cake.

Sorry, Duncan Hines yellow cake. You also mention McDonald’s fries and gelato. Is there anything you like to eat before a show?
I have to eat a little, because otherwise I won’t make it through the show. I can’t give away my lovely new diet secrets, which are very intriguing.

They’re actually somebody else’s thing. 

I see. I read a gossip item that said you’re a cheese freak. Is that true?
I cannot believe that was written. What’s wrong with this freakin’ world? In an appropriate manner, yeah, I like cheese and wine together. But I probably wouldn’t eat cheese just randomly like, “Let me go get some cheeeeeese.”

Hey, I do that. So can you just stop on a dime and hit those whistle-register high notes?
Sometimes I wake up and that’s the easiest thing for me to do. Because I’m still kind of raspy. [Purrs in soprano] I like to do that.

It cleans out the pipes?
Yeah. But sometimes, when my middle register is more clear, those notes are harder to hit. I have a three-dimensional vocal cord situation. The breathy voice is its own thing. It requires a certain amount of sleep.

Did you base your Precious character’s accent on anyone in particular? You really nailed that motherly woman who’s from Long Island, or maybe the outer boroughs.
The person I was basing it on was sort of [Affects accent] lowa Westchesta. She probably goes to City Island, you know, for a little bit of seafood. [Laughs]

You mean someone from Yonkers? Mamaroneck?
[In accent] Ya, ya got Yonkiz… [In regular voice] It’s a combination. There’s one woman who’s not a social worker but works with kids. She doesn’t really have an accent like that—I was channeling her behavior. And then there’s this woman from… [In accent] lowa Westchesta.

Do you feel like you’ve atoned for your Razzie Award?
I never cared about that stupid thing. It just gets annoying when eight years later, they’re like, “The Glitter star, da-da-da.” I’m like, “Yeah, you’re current.” There have been worse movies. And I’m not sticking up for that movie. ’Cause it wasn’t my thing. I didn’t create it. But I do think the soundtrack is good.

Mariah Carey plays Madison Square Garden Thu 31.

Source: Jesse Serwer for Time Out New York
Posted on December 30

For vidéo collectors
This link is for Wendy Williams mentioning Mariah, how Mariah has not changed since 1990, and Mariah making the Best Celebrity on The Insider for her philanthropic work over this Christmas. 
Click here to download
Source: Moony
Posted on December 30
Mariah and Nick spotted at JFK airport in New York City yesterday

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Posted on December 30
Rumor: Mariah to Play Vanessa Hudgens’ Mother?
Mariah Carey is in talks to play Vanessa Hudgens‘ mother in a movie.

The Obsessed singer — who won critical acclaim for her role in Precious — is set to team up with the High School Musical star for a comedy flick based around the popular X-Factor and American Idol TV talent shows.

“Mariah is eager to capitalize on her acclaimed performance in Precious with another movie,” revealed one insider. “There is one project where she would play one half of a mother and daughter singing duo who audition for a TV talent show.

“Vanessa Hudgens has already been approached for the daughter role. The only sticking point seems to be whether Mariah feels comfortable playing mom to a teenager. She’s a little sensitive when it comes to her age.”
Source: ShowbizSpy
Posted on December 30

Official Spanish "Precious" poster
Precious will premiere in Spain early February 2010

Source: Mini from Mariah Connection España by e-mail
Posted on December 29
Capri yesterday

Goodbye Capri, hello Heathrow

Click to enlarge
Source: GossipGirls
Posted on December 29

Mariah to attend People's Choice Awards 2010 on Jan. 6

Extract of the Press Release
Peoples's Choice Awards 2010 announces star-studded lineup for first Awards show of the year

A star-studded selection of talent from film, TV and music including Sandra Bullock, Colbie Caillat, Mariah Carey, Steve Carell, Jackie Chan, Chevy Chase, Kaley Cuoco, Ellen DeGeneres, Jenna Elfman, Johnny Galecki, Ginnifer Goodwin, Tim Gunn, Taraji P. Henson, Josh Holloway, LL COOL J, Hugh Jackman, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, Taylor Lautner, George Lopez, Kellan Lutz, Kathryn Morris, Jim Parsons, Paula Patton, Ryan Reynolds, Nicole Scherzinger, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Sofia Vergara and Kate Walsh are scheduled to attend the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS 2010 to be broadcast live from the Nokia Theater L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Jan. 6 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network. The night will kick-off with an all-star musical number with host Queen Latifah and surprise guests and later will feature a dynamic performance by Mary J. Blige.
Posted on December 29

Mariah, one night queen of Capri

Click to enlarge
Source: Italian medias
Posted on December 29
Capri footage
Italian channel Rai interviewed Mariah in Capri.
Click here to download it in a zip file along with H.A.T.E.U that aired on BET.
Thanks to Moony
Posted on December 29
Wow, look at Mary J  .... and some fans complain Mariah is sometimes working with rappers 'cause there are "violent" 
Posted on December 28
Mariah is expected to pick up her Award this evening and may leave Capri tonight.....
Posted on December 28
Mariah at the Precious screening this morning

Click to enlarge
Source: Italian medias
Posted on December 28
Mariah, yesterday evening
Pizza, ravioli and mozzarella for Mariah yesterday evening at her favorite restaurant in Capri (probably Villa Verde), to welcome Mariah a gospel choir sang Christmas songs.

Click to enlarge
Source: Il Mattino (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 28
Mariah at Heathrow (London) today before taking her flight to Naples

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Posted on December 27
Mariah arrived in Capri
According to Italian medias, Mariah arrived by private jet at Naples' airport accompagnied by Nick and 10 people of her staff.
Due to the bad weather conditions all hydroplane flights have been cancelled and Mariah and her entourage defied the bad weather and embarked on a private yacht to go to Capri.
Mariah will attend the Capri International Film Festival and pick up her premium 'Capri Award '09 - Supporting Actress of the Year' for her performance in "Precious", tomorrow (Dec.28).  As posted yesterday, according to several sources, Mariah will stay at the Hotel La Palma (Via Vittorio Emanuele, 39 in Capri) 
Posted on December 27
US fans: More and more concert tickets to win
US fans, listen to your local radios across the country, lots of them are offering tickets. 
Important, ends today:  Hot 106: Text the word WIN to 68255 to win tickets to see Mariah Carey live in concert!

Not only many radios are offering tickets to attend Mariah's concerts, but also blogs and clubs got tickets to offer.
- Club Rush offered tickets over the week end
- Escuelita Club offered tickets over the week end
- Bloggers B. Scott, BoiParty and GaySocialites are offering tickets too, even (haters or ex-haters) Mediatakeout claim they will give tickets away with the help of Nick Cannon.
Posted on December 27

Update: Italian channel RAI, just confirmed Mariah is confirmed to attend the Capri Award ceremony

Mariah really confirmed to attend the Capri Award ceremony ? 
Accoding to several sources and Italian medias,  Mariah is confirmed to attend the Capri International Film Festival and pick up her premium 'Capri Award '09 - Supporting Actress of the Year' for her performance in "Precious", on December 28.  According to those sources, Mariah is said to be staying at the Hotel La Palma (Via Vittorio Emanuele, 39 in Capri) where all is ready to welcome her. 
Last week, I posted it seemed weird as we know Mariah will need some rest before her New Year's Eve concert., but it really seems Mariah will be in Capri.
Posted on December 26

Brave Mariah Carey is filmed without make-up 
Mariah Carey is UNRECOGNISABLE in this exclusive photo from her new film. 
She has ditched all the glam to play a dowdy social worker called Mrs Weiss in the feel-good movie Precious. 
And even though Mariah, 40, isn't exactly wowing the fellas, she's been attracting admiring comments from film critics.
Look out for Mariah's performance when the film is released in British cinemas next year - if you can recognise her that is. 
Source: News of the World
Posted on December 26
French fans: Merry Christmas Golden Edition at only 9.99 Euro
French fans, it's still time to buy this collector item at Cora and Fnac.

Click to enlarge
Posted on December 26
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" voted best Christmas song of all time in Belgium
All radios across the country held an annual Christmas poll, "All I want For Christmas Is You" came in at #1 in all polls.
Here's as an exemple the poll of Joe FM:

1. "All I want for Christmas is you" - Mariah Carey
2. Wham - Last Christmas
3. Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas
4. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Happy X-mas (War is over)
5. Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas
6. Robbie Williams - Angels
7. Bing Crosby - White Christmas
8. Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody
9. Urbanus - Bakske vol met stro
10. Bryan Adams - Christmas Time
Source for the info: Björn by e-mail
Posted on December 25

For video collectors
NBA commercial - All I Want For Christmas and Obsessed!
- NBA commercial with AIWFC in HD: click here to download and here to watch it on YouTube.
- NBA commercial with Obsessed in HD: click here to download and here to watch it on YouTube.
- Both in 1 link in DVD quality: click here to download.

Click to enlarge
Source: Moony
Posted on December 25

Mariah went shopping on Christmas Eve

Source: GossipGirls
Posted on December 25
French Skyrock's Planète Rap on Dec. 24
As reported a few days ago, during her one day promotional trip in Pariah last November, Mariah pre-recorded an interview on French radio Skyrock for the Planète Rap show.  What should have been the interview was broadcasted on Dec.24 between 20h and 21h , but they only broadcasted Mariah misic and talked a lil' about Mariah cooking for her husband, the Michael Jackson memorial and the Tour (Mariah will try to include a French date).  The broadcasted songs were:
- Obsessed
- Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
- I Know What You Want
- I Want to Know What Love Is (Skyrock Version)
- Get Your Number
- Touch My Body
- Standing O
- Bye Bye (Remix) feat. Akon & Lil Wayne
- Fantasy
- Heartbreaker

Kenny was so kind to share a compilation he made from the Planète Rap show for all collectors out there, click here to download.

Source for the infos and file: Kenny by e-mail
Posted on December 25

Mariah and Nick in Aspen, Dec.23

Click to enlarge
Source: JustJared
Posted on December 24/25
Christmas page: English - Nederlands - français
A fan e-mailed me asking why I didn't post the Christmas page this year, well it's because it's the same one every year, but this page is still THE Christmas page and I don't want to change anything on it 'cause anything has changed in the world,  all my wishes are the same as every year.
Posted on December the 24th.
Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas little sweetheart .
Posted on December the 24
Dolomite is the cutest puppy ever 

Click to enlarge
Source: Monsters and Critics
Posted on December 23
Star gives neglected kids a big gift
Mariah Carey rents Aspen rec center to throw a holiday party for 35 kids from Denver
When she wasn't dodging paparazzi while visiting Aspen on Monday, singer Mariah Carey was brightening the day for 35 abused and neglected kids.

Carey rented the city-owned Aspen Recreation Center for four hours Monday afternoon to throw a party that the invited youth probably won't forget.

“This is an opportunity they haven't had before,” said Judé Liguori-Oliver, child protection services administrator for the city and county of Denver. “Many of these kids haven't been out of Denver. A lot of them haven't been in the mountains.”

The kids scurried up the recreation center's climbing wall, swam in the pool and floated on the Lazy River, went ice skating, and were entertained by jugglers, magicians and storytellers, some of whom were dressed as elves. All of the kids were between ages 9 and 12. The child protection services department is working to get the children in safe and permanent homes — with their families whenever practical.

After playing at the ARC, the kids got a visit from Santa Claus, who was accompanied by Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon. The trio pulled up in a sleigh on wheels pulled by reindeer.

The children definitely knew their celebrity host. “Oh absolutely. As soon as she got off the sleigh they started screaming, ‘Mariah, Mariah, Mariah,” Liguori-Oliver said.

A specially decorated winter scene was created at the ARC where each child got to individually visit with Santa, flanked by Carey and Cannon. A professional photographer snapped their pictures, which each child will receive. On the bus ride home, the 35 kids and 15 staff members watched Christmas movies purchased by Carey. The 16-hour day was well worth it.

“It was just all about the kids,” Liguori-Oliver said. “We are very grateful. Mariah is a celebrity that gives back.”

Carey couldn't be immediately reached for comment Tuesday through her publicist. She has a history of throwing parties in Aspen for less fortunate kids. She has hosted children selected by Liguori-Oliver for three years. The previous two winters they congregated at Bumps Restaurant at Buttermilk and went tubing in a special area created by the Aspen Skiing Co. Some locals said Carey has been hosting parties for the kids for about 10 years.

Carey is a longtime Aspen visitor, particularly around the holidays. She is usually tracked by celebrity photographers. Numerous online gossip sites tend to focus on what she's wearing. There is rarely mention of her efforts to help underprivileged kids, and she didn't visibly seek publicity for this year's party. Word spread this year because it involved a public facility. Patrons were curious about why it was closed.

The recreation center was closed to the public between noon and 4 p.m., city recreation director Tim Anderson said Tuesday. Carey rented the facility for $1,000 per hour.

A man who helped Carey organize the party contacted the city about one week ago with an inquiry. Typically, the city wants to give ARC patrons more notice when there is a closure but Anderson and his staff felt the cause warranted the temporary inconvenience.

“It was a good thing. We felt a celebrity doing something for kids was a good thing,” he said.

City taxpayers benefited as well. The ARC's total revenues for Monday were about twice as much as on Dec. 21 last year, according to Anderson.

The community recreation center is available for rent on a case-by-case basis. There is no set fee, but Anderson said the rent is higher in the evening, when the facility draws more customers. Carey's party worked well because it was in the afternoon, which isn't quite as busy, Anderson said. Anderson and Carey's representatives negotiated a rent deemed fair to both sides.

“This was for some less fortunate kids so we held the price down a little bit,” Anderson said.
Source: Aspen Times (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 23

Nick gives us again a Christmas present 
Exclusive Video Stills Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo – Angels Cry
This video is going to be simplistically genius! No bells and whistles, just documenting history and brilliance. Two of the worlds greatest song writers in the studio crafting a masterpiece. I hope the world is ready to hear “Angels Cry”

Click to enlarge
Source: Nick
Posted on December 22

Is Twitter really that great?
You can see there's always beef with artists/people/fans, I know it's not only on Twitter, but also on the internet in general, the problem with Twitter is that everyone, everywhere is up to date in the minute, even the medias.  As long as some insane people don't attack Mariah by tweeting her obcene or irrespectuous stuff (yes, it happened), I don't care.  I noticed a few days ago, several fans dissed The-Dream on Twitter, what I don't get is that The-Dream dissed back in a mean and not very smart way, calling them "fake fans".  It made the press, is Twitter really that great????

A ‘bad’ Dream for Mariah Carey
Fans of Mariah Carey, have hit out at producer The-Dream for the poor reception and sales of album Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.
The-Dream, alias Terius Youngdell Nash, hit back, saying: 
"Pull your panties out your ass and calm down. It’s not the end of the world.  I’m sure if you ask Mariah the last person she would point to is me, you silly people."
Bit defensive, that
Source: Daily Star
Posted on December 22

For video collectors
Here is some Mariah footage that aired on the 9th and 16th of December.

2009 12-09 Access Hollywood - Mariah Interview on Red Carpet of VEVO Launch
2009 12-09 E! News - VEVO Launch Red Carpet Interview
2009 12-16 Access Hollywood - Mariah's NBA Commercial
2009 12-16 Daily 10 - SGA Nominations 
2009 12-16 E! News - Mariah's Year 2009
DVD: Click here to download
HD: Click here to download all of the above except the E! News on Mariah's Year 2009 andhere for E! News on Mariah's Year 2009
Source: Moony
Posted on december 22

Mariah and Nick went shopping yesterday in Aspen

Click to enlarge
You can see a lot of pictures on JustJared
Source: OK - Just jared
Posted on December 22
Mariah on French Skyrock's Planète Rap on Dec. 24

During her one day promotional trip in Pariah last November, Mariah pre-recorded an interview on French radio Skyrock for the Planète Rap show.
The interview will be broadcasted on Dec.24 between 20h and 21h .
Really weird if you ask me, who listen to the radio on Christmas Eve? oh well....
Posted on December 22
Up Out My Face video screen caps
Shared by Nick, it's Christmas baby!!!!!

Click to enlarge
Posted on December 21
First Up Out My Face pics!!!!
Like he said earlier today, Nick shared personal pics on his Twitter, fans (lambs, Barbz, Kenz) will go insane!!!!

Click to enlarge
Posted on December 21
Will Mariah really attend the Capri Award ceremony to pick up her Award? 
As reported last month, Mariah will receive the premium 'Capri Award '09 - Supporting Actress of the Year' for her performance in "Precious".  The Capri International Film Festival will take place in Capri from December 26 to January 2.  More and more Italian medias report Mariah will attend the Award ceremony and pick up her Award next week
We know Mariah will need some rest before her New Year's Eve concert., but maybe........
Posted on December 21
Pics from Mariah's new video coming soon! 
Nick just announced on Twitter he will soon share exclusive pics from Mariah's new video.
Posted on December 21

Click to enlarge
You can see more HQ and untagged pics on SweetMariah !!!!
Posted on December 21
Music Box re-released in France
French fans can now buy a 2009 ré-édition of Music Box at only 2.5 Euros.  The album comes in a cardboard sleeve.  Arno bought his copy in Carrefour. 

Click to enlarge
Source for the info and scans: Arno by e-mail
Posted on December 21
More pics of Mariah in Aspen

Click to enlarge
Source: GossipGirls
Posted on December 21
First pic of Mariah in Aspen

Click to enlarge
Source: Globo
Posted on December 21
Jump Smokers finished 2 more remixes
DJ Flipside (member of Jump Smokers) tweeted:
"In the lab finishing up @mariahcarey "More Than Just Friends" & "Ribbon" for the M.C. vs. J.S. Remix Album.".
"Jump Smokers in the studio right now!! Finished 2 Mariah Carey remixes today and now doing a third!
Posted on December 20
Mariah concert tickets to win all over the US radios
A lot of radios across the US are giving away tickets to attend the Mariah concerts all over the country, listen carefully to your local radios.
Posted on December 19
Some more news from the video shoots

Angels Cry feat. Ne-Yo
Another lil' picture surfaced (thanks again to Aski on Twitter)

Up out My Face feat. Nicki Minaj
- According to actor and singer Christian Keyes who has been booked to appear in the video (see yesterdays news), he was on the set for 13 hours and said that Mariah and Nicki Minaj both look great and are both cool as hell.

- The guys of RydazNRtist (Nick's group) were on the set and apparently will appear in the video too.

- Margareth was in charge of the stuffs for the video

Posted on December 19

No updates 'til tomorrow evening, I'm going to enjoy the snow 
Posted on December 18
Pasadena City College marching band in the Up Out My Face video 
The young guys from the Pasadena City College marching band were excited today as they were on the set to shoot the Up Out My Face video. 
You were a few to e-mail me about a marching band in this track/video.  If you didn't get it already at your first listen of the album, it's a reference to the movie"Drumline" in which Nick plays, especially the marching band battle, if you haven't seen it (yet) click here to watch the extract.
Posted on December 18
First little picture on the set of "Angels Cry"

Source: Aski on Twitter
Posted on December 18
Mariah invited at the "Show of Peace" concert in Beijing
It was already reported as a rumor a long time ago, now Mariah is really listed among the invited artists.  The first annual Show Of Peace Concert, a globally televised event that will take place April 17 before an expected crowd of 100,000 at the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, China.
Keep an eye on the Show of Peace official page for updates.
Posted on December 18
Some news from the video shoots

Angels Cry feat. Ne-Yo
- Ne-Yo was there and was "a sweetheart", see picture.
- A cast of young models was on the shoot yesterday, but it seems it didn't turned out very well, a member of the cast wrote:
"Just got in from Mariah's video pretty upset...I had the worst hangover all day and I toughed it out but we ended up not shooting our scene!" 
- "Mariah's assisstant just came in to buy her a helmet" 
Up out My Face feat. Nicki Minaj
- Actor and singer Christian Keyes has been booked to appear in the video.

Posted on December 18

Mariah performing "It's A Wrap" on Lopez Tonight

DVD quality - click here to download.
HD - Part1 -Part2- Part3.
Source: Moony
Posted on December 18
Full "All I Want For Christmas" commercial
Click here to watch it
Source: Jeremy by e-mail
Posted on December 17
Precious grabs nominations for the Sreen Actors Guild Award
Nominees for the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® for outstanding performances in 2009 in five film and eight primetime television categories and for the SAG honors for film and television stunt ensembles were announced.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role
Gabourey Sidibe/Precious - "Precious: Based on the novel by Sapphire"

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Mo'Nique/Mary - "Precious: Based on the novel by Sapphire"

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
Mariah Carey/ Ms. Weiss
Lenny Kravitz / Nurse John
Mo'Nique / Mary
Paula Patton / Ms. Rain 
Sherri Shepherd/ Cornrows 
Gabourey Sidibe/ Precious 

Source: SAG
Posted on December 17

Behind the scenes with Mariah Carey

She was scheduled to show up at 8:30 p.m.
But she's a celebrity, so we expected to wait a little bit. 

On a recent Tuesday evening on the Lower West Side of Manhattan, Carey was scheduled to record a music video to accompany ESPN's NBA Christmas Day coverage. The video features "All I Want for Christmas is You," her smash single that sold nearly 2 million copies and was downloaded a record 1 million times.

The crew, on the third floor of a warehouse, were setting up the colorful trees with NBA ornaments. They were getting all the camera angles ready. They were practicing opening and closing a holiday gift box that Carey would be stepping out of. They were decorating the set in holiday colors.

8:30 p.m. -- "We hear she's around the corner, walking up the street," someone from Carey's pre-production team said.
9 p.m. -- "She's just about here. She won't have to walk up these steps, will she?" another person from Carey's pre-production team said.
9:30 p.m. -- Carey's clothes for the shoot arrived. We wondered, is she going to be like Lindsay Lohan and show up 10 hours late for a photo shoot?
10 p.m. -- "She'll be right there," someone from Carey's pre-production team said.
At 10:14 p.m., two bodyguards and two managers walked in. They surveyed the situation, and requested that the video cameras be turned off.

Then Carey walked in.
Followed by three public relations people, a hair stylist and makeup artist, and a few other hangers-on.
Oh, and husband Nick Cannon.

"It's festive," Carey said as she walked in dressed to the hilt, in a black dress, wearing 4-inch heels, with perfect hair, a massive wedding ring on her left hand and a butterfly diamond ring on her right. She admitted being tired from a long day of promotional spots. Then she headed to the dressing room to get her makeup done before doing some interviews.

"Access Hollywood," and all had time to talk with her before the shooting of the video. Each was scheduled for two minutes. Yes, two minutes. But Carey does what she wants, and she allowed the interviews to go on as long as necessary.

"Access Hollywood" talked with Carey about her performance as a social worker in "Precious," a new movie adaption of the 1996 novel "Push" by Sapphire.
"It was an amazing movie and I was very fortunate to take part," Carey said. "I had to really dress down for the part and let go of my inhibitions. It was exciting." asked Carey about her thoughts on basketball. Carey, who sang her song "Hero" to honor Michael Jordan at the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, isn't a huge sports fan.
"I'm not that big into the NBA but I know my family is," she said. "I know my nephew will be watching the games on Christmas Day and he'll be forced to watch me!"

Since Carey isn't a big sports fan, decided, what the heck -- let's talk about Christmas.
"I remember as a little girl not having much money," said Carey, who was born on Long Island, the youngest child of Patricia Carey, a former opera singer. "Mom would wrap an orange in tissue paper and say it was from Clarence, the cat."

Carey's parents divorced when she was 3, and that's when Carey started singing. That led, as a teenager, to working as a demo singer, and eventually to a job as a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr. In 1988, Carey met Columbia Records executive Tommy Mottola at a party, and nearly 200 million album sales later, the rest is history.

For Carey, the song "All I Want for Christmas is You" has special meaning because Christmas is her favorite holiday.
"I wrote the song so long ago and I'm so proud that it's still popular," said Carey of the song she wrote with Walter Afanasieff and released in 1994. "I never thought it would be like this. I'm so glad people like it."

That's why Carey wanted to do the video. She loves the holidays, and it will help spark interest as she embarks on an eight-week, 19-city "Angels Advocate" tour starting on Dec. 31 at Madison Square Garden.

But before then, she and her husband are heading to Aspen, Colo., for Christmas.
"I want to make the holidays fun and exciting," said Carey, who has been married to Cannon for nearly two years. "I'm not into materialistic things anymore. I just want to be with friends and family."
Carey has already bought Cannon -- an actor, rapper and television personality -- a gift.
"I'm not telling you what it is," she said. "But it's something close to my heart."

Cannon didn't realize Carey had done some shopping.
"She got me one already? Wow! What is it? I know I need to get her something nice," Cannon said. "Holidays are special to us because we're always out there grinding. We can get together at the holidays and reflect. She has the most thoughtful heart of anyone I know."

So in the end, it didn't really matter to anyone that the shoot -- videotaping Carey walking out of a box singing her song, trying to jokingly place a basketball on top of a tree, and generally just getting into the holiday spirit -- ended at 2 a.m.

It was worth it.
Source: Lynn Hopes for ESPN (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 17

Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Is World's First Double Platinum Holiday Ringtone
Mariah Carey's contemporary yuletide classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You," already the best-selling holiday ringtone of all time, has now become the first seasonal ringtone to cross the RIAA Double Platinum mark in recognition of sales of more than two million units.
Click here to read the entire Press Release
Posted on December 17
For video collectors
Mariah on Lopez Tonight

DVD quality
- Show's First Segment: Obsessed - click here to download
- First Half of Show's 2nd Segment: Interview - click here to download
- 2nd Half of Show's 2nd Segment: click here to download
- Show's 3rd Segment: Interview: click here to download
Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4 - Part5 - Part6 - Part7 - Part8 - Part9 - Part10
Source: Moony
Posted on December 17
Mariah on Lopez Tonight
Last night, Mariah was on the George Lopez "Lopez Tonight" show.  According to many tweets, Mariah sang Obsessed and It's A Wrap, below you can already check the Obsessed performance and a few parts of the interview.
Obsessed - here
Interview 1 - here
Interview 2 (DNA test) - here
Posted on December 17
Mariah's All I Want For Christmas for the NBA 

Click to enlarge
Posted on December 16
iTunes Belgium update 
2 number 1 today
Top 100 singles - All I Want For Christmas Is You - #30
Top 100 Albums - Merry Christmas #17
Top 100 Holiday singles All I want For Christmas Is You - #1 (from the Christmas compliation) and #3 (from Merry Christmas)
Top 100 Holiday singles -Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - #12
Top 100 Holiday singles - Silent Night - #36
Top 100 Holiday albums - Merry Christmas #1
Posted on December 16
International fans, request Mariah!!!!!
Whatever the actual track is in your country (I know it's a mess and nobody knows exactly what the label is pushing or not pushing outside the US), but please request it everywhere you can in your country!!!!!!
Posted on December 16
Request H.A.T.E.U
Let's keep giving some buzz
US fans, keep requesting the track on your local radios!!!!
US and international fans, vote for Mariah's video on BET, both H.A.T.E.U and I Want To Know What Love Is are up in the voting list!
Source for the info: Roger by e-mail
Posted on december 16
Jasmine's Thanksgiving with Mariah
Can’t believe that in all the years I’ve been travelling to the United States, I have never witnessed Thanksgiving out there. So when Mr and Mrs Carey-Cannon recently requested the pleasure of my company out there, I knew it was extravagant but I couldn’t resist the chance to go and visit their new pad out in LA – as well as eat myself into oblivion. 

I weighed up the pros and cons and my belly won the argument. So there I was in the California Hills for two days. On my arrival, Mrs C showed me around their new home. We spent the first day in aprons preparing a lot of food that was going to be devoured the following day. Mrs C even showed how to ‘rock the apron so that it looks cute’!

Then, her bro Shawn sneakily videoed my ‘how to rock an apron’ lesson and posted it on my Facebook wall! 

Mrs C showed me how to make a real Thanksgiving dinner. I felt like I was on a Jamie Oliver/Gordon Ramsey TV show. She had me peeling armfuls of yam for the candied yam and chopping potatoes for the potato salad, which had many secret ingredients. (My eyes were certainly opened.) I mashed those potatoes until my arms went dead! 

Stuffing was prepared, macaroni cheese sampled, turkey marinade concocted, long island iced tea was boiling away in a giant pot, the delicacies of real cranberry sauce was discussed – it was deep. Mrs C taught me how to braise short rib before partnering it with the roast veg and then roasting it in the oven until it’s so tender the meat falls off the bone like butter. Get this: when you add red wine to the fat stock on the stove, it breaks down the fat and acid and tenderises the meat. (Or something like that.) I was trying to pay attention but it was all very technical! Maybe she should host her own cooking show in the future.

On Thanksgiving day, we spent all day cooking up a feast fit for a kingdom, which was a good thing as there were about 35 people in attendance for dinner. Mr C had us all say grace before we ate and we all went around the table mentioning a couple of things in each of our lives that we were thankful for. It felt special and for once, I thought that being American may be more fun than being British. 

The next day we took the family puppies for a walk to burn of all the food and listened to Mariah’s remix album, which features a host of legends dueting with her. I cant wait for you to hear it – it’s fire! 
Source: Jasmine for The Voice
Posted on December 16

I reported it here first on October 15 and as usual nobody believed me........
Mariah did a remix with Nicki Minaj
We now know via MDJ, the remix is for "Up Out My Face" and a video will be shot for it on December 18 in Los Angeles too.  Nick cannon will direct the video.  The current script requires a marching band in the video.
Posted on December 16
"Angels Cry" Remix Music Video directed by Nick Cannon
Mariah is scheduled to shoot the music video for "Angels Cry" Remix on Thursday, December 17 in an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.
Source: Andy - MariahDailyJournal
Posted on December 16
Mariah called a few radios and tickets to win all over the US radios
Today a lot of radios gave away tickets to the Mariah concerts all over the country, listen carefully to your radio, they will give more in the next few days!!!
Mariah also called some radios today!
Posted on December 15
"Forever" hot gift at Jingle Ball 2009

It’s all about the swag, baby!   Backstage, Jingle Ball 2009 was the place to be seen.  When the artists weren't mingling with press, they were making their rounds through the H&M sponsored Gift Lounge, picking up some great swag just in time for the holidays.  All the presenters, performers, and VIP celebrity guests were spotted scoring the hottest products for the holiday season.

The radiant new perfume from Mariah Carey has been doing extremely well on the market, so it was no surprise that all the celebrities made a pitstop at the counter to take a whiff.  With top notes of Neroli, Lotus Blossom, and Dewy Green Apple with a rich floral warmth makes this sultry perfume a must have for the holiday season. 

When dusting off the annual holiday albums there are always a few that you rush to overplay and most of the songs come courtesy of Mariah Carey.  The stars of Jingle Ball were asked to comment on their favorite Holiday song from MiMi herself.

Kris Allen (American Idol winner):  "All I Want for Christmas" and the rest of her Christmas album!
Jordin Sparks, Alison Ireheta (American Idol):  "Always Be My Baby"
Katrina Bowden (30 Rock(TV)):  "Fantasy," "Honey," and "Butterfly."
Source: Popstar
Posted on December 15

The NBA Wants Mariah For Christmas! 
Tune in Wednesday night to Access Hollywood (check local airing times) to see an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of Mariah's Holiday shoot for the NBA. You can also watch an exclusive interview with Mariah on Thursday, December 17th on

Nothing is hotter, sweeter, flashier, bigger or more eye-popping than the NBA on Christmas Day. A perfectly wrapped gift with the NBA's biggest stars, the Christmas Spirit & the #1 female recording artist of all time, Mariah Carey, singing her modern day holiday classic, "All I Want For Christmas Is You"! To watch the promo, you will have to wait until Christmas day and tune in to the NBA games on ABC!
Heroes note:  Remember the big box......

Posted on December 15

Precious grabs 3 Golden Globe nominations!!!!
I didn't expect Mariah to grab a nomination, but I seriously thought Lee Daniels would be nominated, oh well, go Precious!!!!!!
- Best Motion Picture, Drama
- Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama - Gabourey Sidibe
- Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, Drama - Mo' Nique 
The Awards ceremony will be broadcasted live on January 17 on NBC
Source pour l' info: Yahoo! - Golden Globe
"Angels Cry" Remix next single?
Like we all expected, "Angels Cry" could be the next single, what we didn't expect was it would unfortunately be the remix, Angels Cry deserved to be a single on his own and I see a lot of you expected it to be so, oh well, let's wait to see what Ne-Yo's collab will bring to the track. 
This is not officially confirmed (yet), but according to MariahDailyJournal, "Angels Cry" Remix featuring Ne-Yo from the upcoming Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Remix edition will be Mariah's next single.  The single is scheduled for radio adds on Monday, January 4, 2010.
Source for the info: Thomas by e-mail
Posted on December 15
Q&A: Jump Smokers Spill the Details on Their New Mariah Carey 'Memoirs' Remix Album

Muzo: Congrats on working with Mariah for the 'Memoirs' remix album, how did you get involved with that project?
Roman: Our manager is very close with Mariah's camp, so they gave us a shot at remixing her 'Obsessed' single. That remix just took off like crazy & not only was it included on her actual 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' CD, but it also got us hired to remix her 2nd single 'H.A.T.E.U.' The feedback on that remix has been absolutely unreal, which has led to us landing this entire remix album!

Muzo: Are you guys remixing the entire album or just a few of the tracks?
Roman: The Mariah Carey Vs. Jump Smokers Remix Album will feature 12 tracks off 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.' (Obviously 'Obsessed' & 'H.A.T.E.U.' are 2 of them.)

Muzo: I'm a huge Mariah fan (especially her remixes!), so I'm really looking forward to what you guys do. Any hints?
Roman: Our one & only mission with this remix album is to turn 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' into a KILLER dance record!!!

Muzo: Album is due out early 2010, have you guys already started working on it?
Roman: Yup yup...we're actually in the studio right now finishing up 'Candy Bling' and then we're gonna move on to 'Ribbon' 

Muzo: Favorite song off 'Memoirs'?
Roman: Well according to Roman, it's DEFINITELY 'Angels Cry,' but we're still lovin' our 'H.A.T.E.U.' remix!!

Muzo: What's next for the Jump Smokers?
Roman: We are currently in studio lockdown, cuz both our debut album 'Electro-Pop' & this Mariah Carey vs. Jump Smokers remix album are due by the end of the year...the pressure's on!!!!

Source: Muzo by Twitter - Muzophile
Posted on December 15

Can you help making a fan happy for Christmas?
Chung is looking for a footage or pictures of Mariah on stage with his friend during the Sweetheart performance in Antwerp during the Rainbow Tour.
He would like to make a Christmas surprise to his friend who unfortunately didn't found anything on the web since Mariah's concert in 2000.
Can you help??????  Thanks in advance!!!!
Posted on December 14 
Belgian fans VOTE!!!!
TMF Belgium is making their Top 100 best videos, please vote for Mariah at the following link!!!!!
Source: Björn by e-mail
Posted on December 14
About that new video...
I know you're all as curious as I am, I tried to look for some more infos but could only find a more traumatising one   and before you e-mail me about the "traumatising" side, maybe some of you don't remember Samantha Mumba (who is now more popular in the US then in the UK) covered and released All I want For Christmas Is You back in the day and long time fans will also remember she dissed Mariah.
Anyway, the only other mention is during last weeks interview on an Irish radio, where they say she recorded a music video directed by her brother and Mariah should be the one making a cameo appearance and not the other way.....
Let's wait for official news now.... 
Posted on December 14
New video on the way........ 
Prior to arriving in Dublin, Samantha Mumba and her beau spent some time in London, where they were on the set of the new Mariah Carey music video. 

The pop beauty explained how her younger brother, Omero, was involved in the production of the video and revealed that she will also be making an appearance in the much-anticipated production. 
Source: Herald Ireland
Posted on December 14

I already posted this here on December 6  and a picture 2 days ago 
Mariah in New NBC commercial
According to STL Today, tomorrow Dec. 15, at 9 a.m. Access Hollywood: The latest details on the Tiger Woods scandal; singer Mariah Carey’s NBA campaign.

Guess who's gonna be in the Christmas box ??????? no, not me 

Posted on December 14

Mariah Interviewing Nick at VEVO Launch
On Dec.9, Extra TV had a short segment of Mariah interviewing Nick on the red carpet of the VEVO launch party. 
Click here to download.
Source: Moony
Posted on December 13
iTunes charts in Belgium
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Top 100 overall songs - #32
Merry Christmas
Top 100 overall albums - #48
Top 100 Holiday Songs
All I Want For Christmas Is You #1 (Christmas compilation) and #3 (coming from Merry Christmas)
Santa Claus #29
Top 100 Holiday albums
Merry Christmas #4
Posted on December 13
It's almost Christmas time 
All I Want For Christmas everywhere!!!!! Wow, what a beautiful mystery present......

Posted on December 12
All Saint Nicolas presents have been sent out today 
Posted on December 12
Mariah going back to her Irish roots for a concert!  Ireland be ready!!!!! 
A very reliable source told me Mariah is scheduled to perform her first full lenght gig in Dublin at the end of Spring 2010.

So  or you choose!!!!!
Posted on December 12

Attention!!!  All unemployed haters desperately lookin' for a reason to exist, I'm now hiring!!!! Full and part time positions available 
Posted on December 12
  I saw it coming...
After my yesterday's post for international fans about a Tour, I was almost sure I would receive e-mails from some US "fans".  C'mon, how can you claim to be a fan and wish Mariah doesn't tour outside the US, be careful Karma is a bitch    I'm always happy for other fans wherever Mariah goes!!!!!

Let's be clear, if (according to some US people) Mariah only needs to tour where Memoirs was well received, she certainly doesn't need to tour in the US either!
Let me explain... I'm not a math genius but ..... take a look at those stats!
First week sales in the US - Population: 308 million - Memoirs - 168,000 copies sold = 0.054%
First week sales in the UK - Population 61.4 million - Memoirs - 26.500 copies sold = 0.043% 
Difference - 0.011% AND don't forget the album was out everywhere in the world almost 2 months earlier than in the UK and a lot of international fans bought the US album, do the math now!!!!! (and no, I'm not English...)
Posted on December 12

Angels Advocate, Angels Advocate, Angels Advocate........
I kept searching for the meaning, it could be the opposite of Devil's Advocate, but shouldn't it be written Angel's Advocate then????
There's also a book called Angels Advocate, but the story doesn't fit....
Errrrr, I don't find it, any ideas??????
Posted on December 11
International fans!!!
Don't be sad or mad without knowing for sure there won't be a Tour outside North America.
Did you read carefully the Press Release?  It says "the international superstar announces her first major tour itinerary"......
Also, here's our chance, just like Charmbracelet, Memoirs isn't a massive success in the US and the Tour goes in small venues, mostly theaters (with the exception of MSG and Canada).  I'm almost sure, international dates will be announced later.  The dancing banana told me so
Posted on December 11
Now that dates for the "Angels Advocate" Tour are announced, let's cross the fingers for an European date, even if the latest infos seem to point to a London date, I will not uncross my fingers until the tickets are on sale and even until Mariah will be on stage....
Posted on December 11
Mariah announces her ''Angels Advocate'' Tour (North America dates)
Mariah Carey Back on Tour!

The "Angels Advocate" Tour opens Jan 2 at Borgata in Atlantic City and ends Feb. 27 at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas.
Tour in support of #1 R&B album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
8-week, 19-city tour preceded by New Year's Eve kick-off at
Madison Square Garden -- The World's Most Famous Arena!!!

Dec 31, 2009 New York City NY US Madison Square Garden 
Jan 02, 2010 Atlantic City NJ US Borgata Event Center 
Jan 15, 2010 Mashantucket CT US MGM Grand Theatre @ Foxwoods 
Jan 16, 2010 Mashantucket CT US MGM Grand Theatre @ Foxwoods 
Jan 19, 2010 Atlanta GA US Fox Theatre
Jan 21, 2010 Hollywood FL US Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Jan 25, 2010 Detroit MI US Fox Theatre
Jan 27, 2010 Washington DC US DAR Constitution Hall
Jan 30, 2010 Boston MA US Wang Theatre
Feb 01, 2010 Philadelphia PA US Tower Theatre 
Feb 04, 2010 Montreal QC CA Bell Centre
Feb 06, 2010 Ottawa ON CA Scotiabank Place
Feb 09, 2010 Toronto ON CA Air Canada Centre
Feb 10, 2010 Columbus OH US Schottenstein Center
Feb 13, 2010 Chicago IL US Chicago Theatre
Feb 16, 2010 Minneapolis MN US Northrop Auditorium
Feb 18, 2010 Dallas TX US Nokia Theatre
Feb 20, 2010 Phoenix AZ US Dodge Theatre
Feb 23, 2010 Los Angeles CA US Gibson Theatre
Feb 26, 2010 Oakland CA US Oracle Arena 
Feb 27, 2010 Las Vegas NV US The Pearl Concert Theater
Please check Mariah's official fan club for presale dates and infos for HBF members
Posted on December 11

Mariah's We Belong Together" as #1 Hot song of the decade on Billboard
Billboard published the best of the 2000s, the decade in charts
We Belong Together
- #1 on Hot100 Songs, the most popular songs of the decade ranked by radioairplay audience impressions, sales data and streaming activity data
- #2 in R&B/Hip Hop songs
- #17 in Pop Songs
- #1 Radio songs
- #2 Most weeks at number 1 with 14 weeks
The Emancipation of Mimi
- #27 on the Billboard 200 albums, top selling albums of the decade across all genres ranked by sales data
- #6 on the R&B/Hip Hop albums
Artists of the Decade
- Mariah Carey, #11 
Hot 100 artists
- Mariah Carey, #13
Billboard 200 artists
- Mariah Carey, #30
Radio Songs Artists
- Mariah Carey, #12
Digital Songs Artists
- Mariah Carey, #31
Artists with the most #1's
- Mariah Carey, #3 with 4 number 1's (Thank God I Found You 1/19/2000, We Belong Together 6/4/2005, Don't Forget About Us 12/31/2005, Touch My Body 4/12/2008)
All number 1 albums this decade
- The Emancipation of Mimi ( 2 weeks at #1)
- E=MC² ( 2 weeks at #1)
Ringtones chart
- All I Want For Christmas Is You, #63
- Touch My Body, #70
Dance Club charts
Dance/Club play songs decade and most popular songs played in dance clubs
- Don't Forget About Us - #10
Dance/Club play artists
- Mariah Carey, #5
R&B/Hip Hop artists
- Mariah Carey, #15
Catalog Albums
- Merry Christmas, #40
Holiday albums
- Merry Christmas, #14
Source: Billboard
Heroes note: Congrats Mariah!!!!  However there's a "bad" surprise in the Digital Songs chart, none of Mariah's songs made the chart, maybe someone could make a "Piracy chart"........
Posted on December 11
When Calvin goes "Obsessed"
Take a look at my good friend Taz's baby boy going "Obsessed".  How cute is this!!!! 
Posted on December 10
Mariah vs Jump Smokers coming early 2010
Chicago Dance guys Jump Smokers just tweeted:
"OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Mariah Carey vs. Jump Smokers Remix Album coming out in early 2010 on Island Def Jam."
Posted on December 10.
Mariah on Regis and Kelly
The segment was pre recorded on November 10
Posted on December 10
For video collectors
Mariah on Regis and Kelly
DVD quality - Part1 - Part2
HD quality:
Part1- 1 -2
Part2 -1 -2
Source: Moony
Posted on December 10
Nick Talks About Trying to Keep Up with Mariah
Even though there’s a 10-year age difference between Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon, the actor/comedian/singer reveals to OK! that he’s the one who has trouble keeping up with her. 

“I work out at least five or six times a week just to stay in shape,” Nick tells OK!. “But we don’t really work out together too much because her stuff is way too hard for me.”

Adds Nick, “She does all of this core body stuff, it’s crazy. I just lift weights and hit the boxing ring a bit.” 
Source: OK magazine (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 10

Video of Mariah and Nick at the Halo Awards
Click here to watch it
Posted on December 10
Pictures of Mariah and Nick at the Halo Awards
Click here to see the pics.
Posted on December 10
I'll reply to your e-mails tomorrow night
Posted on December 9
Mariah and Nick at the Halo awards tonight
According to many tweets, Mariah and Nick just arrived at the Halo awards.
More about this will be posted tomorrow.
Posted on December 9
Sony Legacy to release The Very Best of Mariah Carey (Original Recording Remastered)

This album will be released on January 26, 2010 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. (no info yet for the European release, but we will know it soon)
Product Description
Welcome to the Playlist series. We've fished through hundreds of tracks to cherry pick the perfect playlists. Not just the hits, but...the life-changing songs. The out-of-print tracks. The fan favorites everyone loves. The songs that make the artists who they are. You'll no doubt enjoy the sound of the beautifully remastered songs on this CD, unlike the compromised sound of an MP3 file. You might also like the fact that the packages are environmentally-friendly (no plastic, 100% recycled paper). But we think the thing you'll appreciate most about this Playlist is that even though you didn't make it, you might wish you did. This package has been created with the environment in mind. All of the paperboard is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Of course, we would prefer that you not throw this package or CD away. We would prefer that you keep it in your collection to enjoy for many years to come! Full liner notes, photos, and more included as a PDF file on this CD. Enjoy
Source: Amazon - Jona by e-mail
Posted on December 9
Mariah and Nick: Vevo Night Out
Mariah and Nick were spotted leaving the Skylight Studios yesterday evening

Click to enlarge
Source: Gossipgirls
Posted on December 9
H.A.T.E.U video up on Mariah's official site!!!!!
If you haven't seen it yet in good quality, go quick take a look on Mariah's official site.
Posted on December 9
Saint Nicolas presents 
If you're not a winner don't be sad, I'm sure Santa will let presents for you for Christmas 
Voting Team:
- 1 autographed "Forever" fragrance bottle - Laura B. - Woluwé St Pierre (Belgium)
- 1 autographed copy of "Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel" - Nathan G. - Caen (France)
- 1 autographed official picture of "Obsessed" - Joëlle D - Gent (Belgium)
- 1 autographed official picture of "Obsessed" - Jose A. - Girona (Spain)
- 1 autographed official picture of "I Want To Know What Love Is" - Pascal (France)
Other winners:
- 1 autographed official picture of "Obsessed" - Adam L. - San Diego  (USA)
- 1 autographed official picture of "I Want To Know What Love Is" - Anna L. - Fiorenza (Italy)
- 1 autographed official picture of "I Want To Know What Love Is" - Gunther W. - Munchen (Germany)
Posted on December 9
H.A.T.E.U video
Wow, Vevo works really well, the H.A.T.E.U video has 311 views on their special Mariah channel on YouTube since last night........
As we are not allowed to watch the video outside the US, fans uploaded it on YouTube for us all to watch, thanks guys 
Search for it on YouTube, you'll find several links (hopefully Vevo doesn't delete it to quickly...)
Posted on December 9
Mariah at the Vevo launch party

Click to enlarge
Posted on December 9
No video outside the US
If this will be the next for the music industry, in my opinion it will only encourage piracy even more!
I can understand it's all about making money with ads and commercials, but they forgot internet shouldn't have frontiers and they underestimated (again) the international market!

Anyway, US fans can watch Mariah's H.A.T.E.U video at this link (I think ).  I'm going to bed now, maybe I will see the video in my dreams 

According to people who are inside the launch party and tweet:
It is a big launch party with lots of honchos, label bosses, industry people, billboard people and many, many artists, Queen Rania of Jordania did a speech too.

Posted on December 8 (no, December 9 already, I stayed up for nothing...)  I'm gonna sing Thanks 4 Nothing to Vevo 

'H.A.T.E.U.' Video to Premiere on

New premium music video site is set to launch on Tuesday, December 8th with a coming out party in New York City that includes Mariah taking the stage to premiere her new video, "H.A.T.E.U." The video for "H.A.T.E.U." was shot last month in California by renowned filmmaker Brett Ratner, whose videography with Mariah Carey stretches back more than a decade, to 1998's "I Still Believe." Along the way, Ratner has directed videos for Mariah including "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" (from The Emancipation Of Mimi), "Touch My Body" (from E=MC2) and, most recently, for her platinum selling # 1 single "Obsessed" (from Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel).

Check out tonight, December 8th to watch Mariah's new video, "H.A.T.E.U." 
Posted on December 8

I'm gonna wait the official announcement to post the dancing banana 

Mariah UK Tour Spring 2010
I know Jack and met him enough to know he wouldn't made it up so here ya go....

Mariah Carey has already started to announce dates in the US for her "Angels Cry" tour including a NYE show at Madison Square Gardens in NYC and Jack can exclusively reveal that the tour will be working its way to England in 2010.

Dates at the moment are just being tied up with tentative dates booked in for the end of Spring (April/May) and back-up dates in October dependent on scheduling and routing for the tour in the rest of the world.

Tickets are currently being set at the price of 60GBP, which considering the prices a lot of the artists have been charging recently is definitely value for money! An official announcement is scheduled soon, with tickets planning to go on sale just before Christmas.

Source: Jack by Twitter and on his blog
Posted on December 7

Mariah already back in New York
After her one day trip in the UK, Mariah is now back in New York.
Posted on December 7
For the ones who criticised Mariah for being stiff on some shows/inteviews, read carefully!!!!!

Up Close and Personal
Mariah Carey wore no makeup for her breakout role in Precious. And she's finally starting to speak out about the abuse in the past.  The queen diva may be getting serious, but girlfriend still loves her some gold lamé.

Getting just a moment with Mariah Carey takes exactly as much effort as you would think. It involves standing outside a maze of private partitions during her photo shoot, waiting for the small window of time in which you can say hello. It also involves phone calls from an ever-increasing number of assistants and publicists until you're so confused, you don't know who is connecting you to whom and how. But this is Mariah -- one of the biggest-selling recording artists of all time, a one-namer up there with Elvis and Aretha. So you do it. And at the end of it all, you are glad you did, because when the protective cloud of managers, bodyguards and publicists disappears and you finally do speak to her, she is sometimes naked. Literally. 

"I'm in the bathtub, did I tell you that?" She says to me over the phone on a recent Friday afternoon. "It's not a bubble bath but it has one of those buttons so it sends bubbles and makes the water all fuzzy. I have a little bronchitis thing right now." She also had a pain in her side. Doctors had ruled out appendicitis but she was going in for an MRI the next day just to be safe. She attributes this dip in health to all the traveling and handshaking she has been doing to promote her new album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which came out in October, and now the release of the film, Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push' by Sapphire, in which she has a very noticeable supporting role that proves once and for all that she has the acting talent to go along with the songwriting genius and powerful pipes. 

Directed by Lee Daniels (Shadowboxer), Precious is about an overweight girl in '80s-era Harlem who is living with an abusive mother while carrying her father's child. "I read that book so many times it really changed my life," Carey says, "Not to sound like a buffoon." Carey plays Mrs. Weiss, Precious's social worker. In the film she wears no makeup, looks tired, and tries to keep her empathy in check -- pretty much the opposite of her offscreen personality. "Hideosity! They gave me a mustache!" she says about the role. 

During one scene, Precious, played by Gabourney Sidibe, asks Miss Weiss what color she is, and Mariah shoots back, "What color do you think I am?" "Lee Daniels is a trickster," Carey says, "He told [Sidibe] to say that. Much of what we did was improv. He was definitely pushing my buttons, knowing I am caught between black and white. But I love him. He calls me kitten, and I call him cotton and I don't know why." 

It was a canny move on Daniels' part to cast Carey, who had her own share of struggles growing up. Her parents divorced when she was young, her father was estranged (they later reconciled before his death in 2002) and her mother raised her while working multiple jobs. She moved 13 times when she was a kid, eventually settling in Huntington, Long Island. Her biracial appearance has always been an issue. "It still is," she says, "even though it's ridiculous. I mean, we have a biracial president!" 

A classical singer, Carey's mother recognized her daughter's talent and often played opera records and songs on the piano to accompany the budding vocalist. She helped her develop her famous voice from an early age, making up for a lack of inspiration at school. "I don't know if it's a racist thing or what, but a lot of teachers did not encourage me." Carey went on to work as demo singer in high school, as backup for freestyle singer Brenda K. Starr, and recorded a tape of her own songs. Then, one famous night, she handed her demo to music mogul Tommy Mottola, her future ex-husband, at a party. "I knew I had that in me, that I was going to, quote make it... I just knew... it was not going to be otherwise." 

The woman works hard. When I first meet her on the set of the cover shoot for this story, Carey is decked out in bronze lamé, her hair, as well as her décolletage perfectly in place. She prepares for the shoot while listening to dance remixes of her new album. "I just have to listen to make sure there isn't, like, a cymbal out of place or something," she says, her Chanel earrings dangling. 

For her fans, this is an exciting time, but also a worrisome one. The last time Carey released an album and a film at the same time, it didn't go so well. The semi-autobiographical film Glitter, along with its companion soundtrack released on September 11th, 2001, was a commercial flop and catnip for criticism. Carey suffered a breakdown and retreated from the public eye to recharge.

In many ways, one could argue that her breakdown marked the beginning of our 24/7 celebrity coverage culture, as America went into denial of its deeper problems. Photos of her recovering at her mom's house in pajamas made their way into the media stream, and her infamous appearance on TRL proliferated on YouTube. When she talks about that time, it's in the abstract. "I didn't have the right support system around me at the time," she says like someone who knows her words may be misconstrued. She does think there was something deeper at play in terms of how she was treated by the media. "It was after September 11th. A lot of people taking shots at me had no place to go," Carey explains. "We are friggin' ADD, this country. There's a huge ADD situation." 

But in the end, if she hadn't gone through all that, we might never have gotten The Emancipation of Mimi, the 2005 comeback album that is widely regarded as one of her best. Despite a few hiccups along the way, this is an artist who has stayed relevant from cassingles to the iPod. Her career has survived much publicized ups and downs, the ruthless, fickle music business, various weird incarnations of MTV and countless proclamations that her pop star career is waning or over. 

Her new album has stirred up the typical mixed reactions, as well. Carey mostly sings in her lower register, and its breathy-voiced, slow-jam approach has some critics saying it's uninspired, and others celebrating it as classic Mariah. 

Love her or hate her, there is no denying her impact on music in the past two decades. Carey, who celebrated her 39th birthday in April, is second only to The Beatles in number one singles (18 and counting), and her songs are almost as ubiquitous as the Fab Four's. Sure, she wears tiny outfits that would make your mother blush; yes, sometimes it seems like her cleavage arrives before the rest of her; and OK, maybe she has over 1,000 pairs of shoes -- but that's Mariah. None of it has ever seemed cynical or contrived. She is who she is: the super-talented Long Island girl with a premium manicure and a perfect blow-out. "I always say I am eternally 12. I was a tease, that type of girl. Once I learned how to put my hair and makeup together, I was like, 'I'm on a roll.'" I asked her what types of clothes she feels uncomfortable in. Her answer: "loose ones." 

But perhaps what makes Carey such an original is that her body-hugging tube-dresses, cutesy camera-ready smile and flirtatious persona don't seem to be about her diva status or getting attention. Unlike other stars who spill out of their tank tops, there is a compelling, plangent vulnerability to the singer. And Carey herself is still trying to understand her own motivations. "I have had very low self-esteem my whole life. When I was 12 or 13, I remember walking up the driveway, and this guy who was 20 -- which may have been highly inappropriate -- said to me, 'I like your pants,' and I was like 'Oh, that looks good? Oh, OK, I will wear tight pants now.'"

There's a lot more inside her that she has yet to reveal to the public, and to herself. Look past the familiar hits and you can catch glimpses of her trying to work things out. (She cites the song "Languishing" on her new album as a "sad song" about a crisis of faith.) "Something happened to me when I was 12. A couple things that were not so great," she says carefully. "One day I want to write a book about it." 

Not only is she beginning to articulate childhood trauma, but on a recent episode of Larry King Live, Carey said she could relate to Rihanna's abusive relationship with Chris Brown and spoke vaguely of her own history of emotional and mental abuse without mentioning anyone's name. 

On the phone with me, she talks about her past with the same careful detachment. She discusses her early career as if there were other forces in control. "For a pretty long time, I was, quote, 'not allowed to wear an open neck.'" 

She goes on, "My relationship to my work has been the strongest. Even in my first marriage, it was very much about music. We had a strong connection. Sometimes it was cool," and then in a rueful tone, she adds, "and sometimes we didn't agree." 

Her newfound courage to speak up makes sense, because this time she seems to have a better support system, one that includes her new husband, actor-rapper Nick Cannon. In pure Carey fashion, their courtship sounds like a deleted scene from Glitter: "The first time we met, he was giving me an award in 2005. He told them unless he was allowed to give me the award, he wouldn't do it." All Carey's friends told her that Cannon was going on and on about her, saying how much he was drawn to her. "I was like, 'Yeah, right.' I have always been very protective of myself. Trusting people is very difficult for me. I have seen examples of people's lives getting trashed by other people who never should have been in their lives to begin with." 

So she stayed aloof, until they met again at yet another awards show. "He was definitely giving me the look. It wasn't a phoney one." In the bathtub, she sounds very happy when she talks about him. "All we do is have fun together. I don't know what his eternal age is but maybe it's more like 16." 

Cynics may balk, but it seems like a match. Also, he owes her his life. For Valentine's Day last year, they had candles all over their house. "We had flowers all over the bed, a very romantic moment." Suddenly, a gift caught fire from one of the candles and the flames traveled to the drapery. "Nick was standing there. I took control. He had given me an enormous amount of roses so I picked up the vase and poured out the roses, and went back and forth from the bathroom putting out the flames with water," she says. "You know, I'm good in a crisis."
Source: Papermag by Twitter (All rights reserved)
Posted on December 7

H.A.T.E.U video ready!
Brett Ratner's tweet:
I just delivered the final version of Mariah's H.A.T.E. U video to Island Def Jam. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it?
Posted on December 7
As previously reported...
Mariah is scheduled to attend the Vevo music-video Web site launch tomorrow
Universal Music Group Chief Doug Morris, head of the world’s biggest record label, is playing ad- man to lure marketers to the Vevo music-video Web site in the latest bid to rebuild the industry. 

Morris, 71, has split his time the last few months courting advertisers for Vevo, he said in a Dec. 2 interview. The site will be introduced tomorrow at an event in New York where Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are scheduled to attend. AT&T Inc., McDonalds Corp. and MasterCard Inc. have agreed to advertise, according to New York-based Vevo. 
Click here to read the full article
Source: Bloomberg (All rights reserved) (extract)
Posted on December 7

Mariah is in London!
According to her tweet, Mariah arrived in London this afternoon.
Maybe to record the song with Westlife or..........? 
Posted on December 6
Mariah in a NBA commercial
Or Mariah will be in it or they will use on of her songs in the NBA commercial, it's still unclear at the moment.  Stay tuned!
Posted on December 6
Belgian fans!
Please send an e-mail or comment on this "article" and tell them to check the rumors (that were denied since last week) and to stop copying the French crap, as their source is Yahoo France 
Posted on December 6
Good for you if you had still the innocence of a child!
I'm very happy to see a lot of you still have the innocence of a child 
Saint Nicolas left a few presents for you last night (and guess what? the glass is empty )
Man, look at the picture, Saint Nicolas really met Mariah in London, well of course we knew it, he never lies and if you believe in him....
Let me a day or 2 to pick at random the nice kids who e-mailed and the ones from the voting team.
 Posted on December 6
"Precious" Box Office update
After four impressive weekends, Lionsgate’s “Precious: Based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”  showed serious signs that its momentum has stalled considerably.  The film, stagnant on 664 screens, fell 67% from Thanksgiving weekend, a sharper drop than any film in the top 10, including “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”  The film, which received five Spirit Award nominations last week but was snubbed by the National Board of Review, grossed an estimated $2,310,000, averaging $3,469 and taking its total to $36,280,000.  Sharp drops aside, though, thats a substantially impressive cume - the highest for a specialty platform release this year.
Source: indieWire
Posted on December 6
Saint Nicolas
Here in Belgium, it's Saint Nicolas (Saint Nick) who brings toys and gifts to all the kids, the night of Dec.5 to Dec.6. So, this night is THE night. 

I saw him today in the city center of Brussels (my town) and he told me he went to Westfield to see Mariah too  and Mariah gave him stuffs for the ones who have been really nice this year....

I prepared his plate with a lil' something to eat and a lil' glass to keep him warm during his long night like I always do since I'm a lil' boy   (how strange, in the morning the glass is always empty )

Send me an e-mail (until tomorrow evening) with the subject "Saint Nicolas", you never know, maybe he will give a lil' present for a few of  you. This is open to worldwide fans, but only nice ones.  Don't cheat, Saint Nicolas knows everyone of you.....
Oh, he promised me he would give special prizes for my voting team!!!!!

Posted on December 5

Mariah talks marriage and music with Rick Edwards video
It's not every day that you find yourself in the presence of a genuine pop superstar.

But, Rick Edwards was lucky enough to catch up with the legend that is Mariah Carey for a very special edition of Under The Skin, which you can catch on 4Music on December 9th at 7pm and December 16th at 9.15pm. (UK time)

As a special treat, we've got hold of an online exclusive preview, courtesy of Monkey, the new pay-as-you go mobile package from Orange and 4Music. (in the UK)

In this clip, Mariah talks about how her marriage to America's Got Talent presenter, Nick Cannon, influenced her latest chart-topping album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

If that's not quite enough Mariah for one day, then why not take a listen to some of her classic tracks in the Monkey player. Our favourite? It's got to be We Belong Together...

Click here to find out more about Monkey and to grab your free SIM.
Source for the info: 4music - Jasmine on Twitter
Posted on December 5

Blog and Twitter reports....  I hope we will see the info posted soon on Mariah's official site!
Mariah Carey ready to hit the road with the “Angels Cry” tour
The Prophet Blog exclusively reveal that Mariah Carey is planning to hit the road next year for the official “Angels Cry” tour.

Named after the ballad from her new album Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel, the Angels Cry tour will see the diva performing hits from her new album as well as her extensive back catalogue.

The first official show of the tour will be Mariah’s special New Years Eve concert at Madison Square Garden, which features Trey Songz.

As of now the tour will remain in the States, but Mimi is looking into international dates with possibilities of extending it to a world tour, though nothing has been 100% confirmed yet.

The opening act has been confirmed as RydazNrtist, a new R&B group signed to Nick Cannons NCredible Entertainment. They recently released their first single “Sorry Ass Apology” which is currently being played on MTV.
Source: The Prophet Blog - many tweets
Posted on December 4

Press Release
Mariah and Nick to host Newseum Screening of TeenNick HALO Awards
Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey visit Washington DC's Newseum for TeenNick Halo Awards Screening, Wednesday Dec.9

Nickelodeon, along with TeenNick Chairman, Nick Cannon, and Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Mariah Carey will host an invitation-only screening of the TeenNick HALO Awards at Washington, DC's Newseum.  Photos and interviews will be available on the orange carpet with Nick and Mariah who will be joined by Senators, Members of Congress and the TeenNick HALO Award honorees. 

The TeenNick HALO Awards is an hour-long TV special conceived, hosted and executive produced by Nick Cannon, that recognizes and celebrates real teens who are "Helping and Leading Others" (HALO) and working to make a significant difference in the world.  The TeenNick HALO Awards premieres Friday, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m. (ET), on TeenNick, followed by an encore at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nick at Nite. 

Nick Cannon, TeenNick Chairman, TeenNick's HALO Awards Host/Executive Producer 
Mariah Carey, Grammy award-winning recording artist 
Brryan Jackson, HALO Award Honoree 
Megan Kilroy, HALO Award Honoree 
Darrius Snow, HALO Award Honoree 
Leah Stoltz, HALO Award Honoree 

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009 , 6:30 p.m. ET Arrivals Begin; Approx. 7:30 p.m. ET Screening Begins 
NEWSEUM , 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 

TeenNick, Nickelodeon's 24-hour TV network exclusively for and about teens, unveils the first-ever  TeenNick HALO Awards-a new concept in awards shows featuring four mega-celebrities who don't receive the awards themselves but give them out to deserving teens in support of their philanthropic causes.  LeBron James, Alicia Keys, Hayden Panettiere and Justin Timberlake join TeenNick Chairman Nick Cannon in this presentation that recognizes and celebrates real teens who are helping and leading others and working to making a significant difference in the world. 

Conceived, hosted and executive produced by Cannon, the TeenNick HALO Awards, in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, also features an exclusive personal message from First Lady Michelle Obama.  The TeenNick HALO Awards highlights the unique stories of four teens who have make enormous service contributions in their communities.  Each teen is surprised with a visit by Nick Cannon and awarded a grant for their organization, scholarship funds and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and trip to meet and connect with a celebrity who shares their a similar passion for their cause. 
Posted on December 4

No dancing banana for us (yet 
More "casino" concerts have been added to Ticketmaster
Mariah is now announced at the the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT on 15 and 16 January.  If you want to go, buy your ticket starting December 11, it's an intimate 4,000 only seat. 
US fans: Keep checking regularly on Ticketmasterfor more dates.
Posted on December 4
Mariah is in Orlando 
Our girl seems to have fun as she tweeted:
"Helooo Dahhhlings! Just got off the Tower of terror@ Disney..So festive! Happy Holidays to all the Lambs in the land..LYM X0x0"
Mariah is probably there to be with Nick as he was spotted at various locations in the Magic Kingdom taping "man on the street" segments at the ABC Disney Parade taping.  The taping continues today with various singers for teens.
Posted on December 4
Trey Songz guest at Mariah's MSG concert and DJ Suss One official DJ
According to Ticketmaster, Trey Songz is gonna be special guest at Mariah's MSG concert.  DJ Suss One announced he will djing at the concert (and maybe the after party).
Tickets to the Mariah's concert are still available.  Click here to buy.
Source: Ticketmaster - DJ Suss One
Posted on December 3
Mariah at the 2009 UNICEF Snowflake Ball at Cipriani in New York on December 2, 2009
Mariah and Nick attended the UNICEF Snowflake Ball which celebrate the lighting of the UNICEF Snowflakes and honor those whose philanthropic commitments support its mission to save children’s lives.
Mariah presented the Spirit of Compassion Award to Antonio 'LA' Reid.

Click to enlarge
Source: UNICEF Snowflake
Source for the pics: Contactmusic - Daylife
Posted on December 3
"All I Want For Christmas" goes #1 on the iTunes Holiday charts in Belgium

Both the original track and the remix package are #1 and #8 in the Top 100 Holiday songs chart.  The album is #8 in the Top album Holiday chart.
Posted on December 2
I'm so mad!!!!!
Why are Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Mika's albums advertised on Belgian TV several times a day while we had absolutely nothing for Mariah.  They are all under Universal. 
That's insane.....
Posted on December 2
Don't tell me it's recession anymore, nor that it's a bad moment for the music industry!
Don't take me wrong, I'm not a bad player and I respect the woman and her fans, but when in the US an artist like Susan Boyle opens with 701,000 copies sold in its first week and Mariah opened with 168.000, you can say something it's definitely wrong !!!!!!
Posted on December 2
For video collectors
Yesterday the German show Leute Heute showed some news about Mariah.
It was about Mariah's London visit, her being known as a diva and having huge entourage but also a lot of fans wherever she goes, her doing the Christmas lightning in London, a new cd out and beside the fact that IWKWLI is a cover song, she is writing many of her songs on her own.
Click here to download the video
Source: Elise for the video, Cat for the translation (both on our forum)
Posted on December 2
Mariah's diva demands: "it's not her, it's her people"
Here's what Alan Carr has to say about Mariah's diva demands 
"It's not her, it's her people, the last time I was told she had to have an ostrich feather ( Alan and his humor ). When I asked her about it she didn't have a clue what I was talking about.
Someone needs to tell her she's surrounded by nutters."
Source: Mirror News & Gossip - Josh by e-mail
Posted on December 2
Contest for German fans!
German fans can enter here to wil a fan package, the contest ends on December 14.
Go get it, good luck guys!!!!!  Warning the question is a difficult one 
What's the name of Mariah's husband?
- Nick Cannon 
- Ed Nikkon 
- Tom Olympus 

Source for the info: Curt by e-mail
Posted on December 2
Mariah may go to Germany later
Universal Germany tells Mariah will probably come to Germany later, but no date could be fixed yet.
Source for the info: Curt by e-mail
Posted on December 1
NRJ Awards commercial
French sites/channels have posted the video for the NRJ Awards, click here to watch it.
Remember, Mariah is nominated in the "Artiste Féminine Internationale de l'Année" (International Female Artist of the Year) for the 2010 NRJ Music Awards. 
Please vote for Mariah at this link.
Posted on December 1
"Precious" takes big nominations for the Spirit Awards
The nominations for the 25th Anniversary Spirit Awards have been announced in Los Angeles. 
“I am blown away, as is the entire cast and crew of ‘Precious,’ that the film is being embraced by so many,” Lee Daniels told indieWIRE. “We are all touched, honored and extremely grateful for this very special recognition by the independent film community.” 
The ceremony will air live and uncut on Friday, March 5, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. PST/11:00 p.m. EST on IFC.
Precious is nominated in:
Best Feature (Award given to the Producer)
Best Director
Best First Screenplay
Best Female Lead (Gabourey Sidibe)
Best Supporting Female (Mo'Nique)
Source: indieWire
Posted on December 1


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